📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

When I Lent 500 Yen to a Friend, He Sent His Sister as Collateral, but What Should I Do? Chapter 6

On My Slight Understanding of a Friend's Sister


Chapter 6: On My Slight Understanding of a Friend’s Sister

When I put up the sign, the sunset hadn’t completely disappeared, but by the time I stepped outside again, the night had completely enveloped the surroundings.

Under the streetlights, I walked with Akari, holding her hand.

We hadn’t gone far from the café and hadn’t spoken during this time, creating an inexplicably awkward atmosphere between us.

“Um… Akari, Ruri told me everything. Are you still feeling uncomfortable?”


Akari looked around nervously, gripping my hand a bit tighter, and nodded slightly.

“I see.”

Her reserved response was very much in her style, making me smile involuntarily.

“Then, if the princess doesn’t mind, let this steed carry you home.”


“Ah… sorry, if I said I’d carry you, it sounds like I’m treating you like a child.”

“Or, or maybe that’s right! But calling me a princess makes me feel even more like a child!”

“You’re right… I realized it as soon as I said it. Anyway… hop on.”

I let go of Akari’s hand and knelt in front of her.

She hesitantly rested her hands on my shoulders and then wrapped her arms around my neck.


I felt the weight of a person pressing down heavily on my back.

Akari was slender, not heavy, but she wasn’t as light as a feather either. And she had a softness and warmth that men don’t have… No, I shouldn’t be too aware of that.

“Motomu, am I too heavy…?”

“No, not heavy at all.”

Though she wasn’t heavy, the relentless softness pressing on my back was dangerously distracting.

But if Akari realized I was so concerned about that, I might lose her trust.

So I tried to pretend I was unaffected, calmly responding… No, I just wanted to appear calm. Actually, my voice had already cracked.

Speaking of which, why was Akari holding onto me so tightly…?

“Motomu, I’m sorry.”


“I came to where you work on my own. No matter how I think about it, I’m just causing trouble for you…”

“That’s not true at all. Even if Ruri had to leave for some reason, I could handle everything today, and she seemed quite happy… I wanted to ask you, did she offend you in any way?”

“Well… we just chatted a bit.”

Akari smiled bitterly. Though it didn’t seem like nothing, they might have discussed something sensitive, so I didn’t dare to pry further.

“You might have heard, but the owner of that café is my uncle, and Ruri is my cousin.”

“Ah, yes, I heard.”

“Ruri usually helps out in the café. Whenever she saves enough money, she’ll suddenly go on a photography trip. She’s quite a free spirit.”

“Photography trip?”

“Photography is her hobby. She must have lost some screws in her head during her travels, that’s why she’s so thick-skinned. I often get teased by her too…”

“Motomu, you seem to have a good relationship with Ruri.”


Her comment sounded a bit petulant, making me turn my head to look at her face.



Our eyes met at that moment, so close that our noses almost touched.

I could see my own reflection in Akari’s eyes. Akari must have seen the same…


“It’s okay, I should apologize!”

We quickly turned our faces away. Although it was just a moment, it felt like a long time.

I could feel Akari’s rapid heartbeat from behind. Perhaps because of nervousness, Akari was gripping me tightly, making that feeling even clearer.

I might be blushing right now. If that’s the case, even though it’s night, Akari might notice.

“Uh… why do you think I have a good relationship with Ruri?”

“Because… I saw how casually you talk to her.”

“Just being casual means a good relationship…?”

“You and my brother are like that, aren’t you? You interact without reservations, unrestrained, showing your true selves.”

Maybe when I’m around Ruri or Subaru, I really don’t hold back much. We understand each other well and don’t need to be cautious.

“Motomu, you’re always so kind to me, very polite… You’re always considerate of me, and you’re willing to carry me like this if I act a bit spoiled.”

Akari’s voice kept getting lower, as if her mood was sinking.

Simultaneously, as if losing confidence, she gradually relaxed her grip around my neck.

“Although you agreed to let me stay at your place, you might feel I’m a bother… I was worried that you might have a very close partner at work and didn’t know if I was getting in the way…”

As she spoke, she almost started crying.

“So, you came to check?”

Akari’s body jerked at my words. But she just reacted that way, without answering my question.

Although it might not be the only reason, if she came because she felt guilty about me, lingering outside the café in the scorching heat, peering in through the window…

“Akari, I’m sorry.”



Chapter 6: On My Slight Understanding of a Friend’s Sister

“I owe you several apologies. First, for having my back to you while speaking.”

Actually, I wanted to face Akari while speaking, but she probably didn’t want me to see her crying.

Without facing each other, yet close enough to feel each other’s warmth—I thought some words are best expressed in such a moment.

“Also, I’m sorry for causing you to misunderstand. It’s because of my foolish actions that you felt upset.”

“Don’t say that, it’s not your fault, Motomu.”

“No, it’s all my fault. Because I like you.”

Akari gasped at my confession.

Saying the word “like” aloud made me feel embarrassingly awkward.

But once said, I didn’t feel resistance in my heart. After all, nobody would want to live under the same roof with someone they dislike.

Although it was her initiative that led to our cohabitation—it’s only been a few days—but those days were filled with a fulfillment I never experienced living alone.

“Even though I say I like you, I don’t know much about you yet. I realized that only today. I’ve been quite thoughtless.”


“May I talk a bit about the past? It happened when I was in elementary school.”

“Something from when Motomu was in elementary school…”

“Yeah, I remember it was during a summer when I was in the upper grades… I’ve almost forgotten it all.”

Even though I excitedly started to tell a story from the past, there wasn’t much I remembered.

It was about a summer camp I attended as a child.

For me, joining the camp was just a change of scenery for play. Many of my school friends were going, so there wasn’t much novelty in it. Despite some anticipation, I didn’t expect any surprises.

However, on the day of the camp, I met a girl.

It was my first time seeing her, so I quickly realized she was from another school. She sat alone on the bus, looking uneasy and silent.

“I felt I had to do something for her.”

“Do something for her…?”

“Yeah. I had this vague feeling. Although the camp was just two days and one night, if I ignored her, these days might become her worst memories. So, I mustered up the courage to talk to her.”


“I’m not the type to be shy. But until I boarded that bus, I had only played with my usual friends. I couldn’t imagine making friends with someone I didn’t know.”

I knew my regular friends well.

I knew what topics they liked to talk about and what games they enjoyed playing.

I knew what would make them angry and what they disliked.

I also knew their favorite foods and colors, and the TV shows they liked to watch.

But I knew nothing about the girl sitting alone on the bus.

I’m a boy, and she’s a girl. Even if I talked to her, I might not be able to win her over.

— I kept thinking about these unanswerable questions.

The more I thought, the more anxious I became, filled with negative thoughts.

“I was just a kid back then. After all, I was still in elementary school, so it was inevitable. I pondered a lot and finally decided to go for it.”

“Weren’t you afraid since you had all these negative thoughts?”

“Of course, I was afraid. But I went for it. I guess I was more ignorant back then… and felt I had to do it.”

“Why did you feel you had to go?”

“Because I knew that girl was very lonely. Even if I ignored her and played with my friends, I’d still think of that lonely girl.”

Ignoring her would have left me restless.

So even if she harshly rejected me, I had to take the risk.

“In the end, she turned out to be a very sweet girl, and we quickly became friends. And coincidentally, we were assigned to the same group.”

I remember we were grouped based on the color of the wristbands we received upon registration. As she and I had the same colored wristbands, I immediately approached her.

If not for that coincidence, I would have been at a loss… It was a great help.

“And that camp turned out to be our first and last meeting… Back then, there were no mobile phones, and we never met again. Now, I can’t even remember her name… But I remember having more fun than usual at that camp.”

Suddenly hearing this from me, Akari must have found it odd.

But she listened attentively. Her sincerity made me very happy.

“It takes considerable courage to do something you’ve never done before, as it can be frightening. Honestly, when you came to my house, I was also confused and a bit scared.”

“Ahaha… I can imagine.”

“But that ‘fear’ quickly faded into the background. The more I got to know you, the more I realized you’re a good girl, and I could understand why Subaru is so proud of you. The meals you cooked for me were delicious, and our chats were enjoyable… Although I still don’t understand the logic of using one’s sister as collateral, I still don’t know much about you.”

If we’re going to live together for several more days, misunderstandings like today will probably happen again.

I might make mistakes and regret them, causing Akari sadness. Nobody can say for sure that won’t happen.

“But right now, I’m looking forward to it. Whether it’s the process of getting to know you or living together, I’m really looking forward to it.”


“Of course, if we’re to live together, I hope you’ll gradually get to know me too. Though I can’t confidently say I’m an interesting person.”

“I think Motomu is a great person!”

“Ahaha, you’re so direct, it’s embarrassing.”

I almost wanted to scratch my cheek to hide my blush, but since I was carrying Akari, I could only use laughter as a cover.

“My mistake today was not telling you where I work and leaving you alone at home, making you anxious. And your mistake today was being too polite to ask me about it, and not preparing adequately for the heat before going out for a long time… Is that about right?”

“Uhh… right…”

“Stop, let’s not apologize anymore. The more we apologize, the less meaningful it becomes… And it’s because we both made mistakes that we have this chance to talk heart-to-heart.”

I said this with a smile. Although Akari couldn’t see my expression as long as she didn’t peek over, my sentiment surely reached her.

“Akari, maybe you’re right; I can be more open with Subaru and Ruri. But the way I treat Subaru isn’t exactly the same as how I treat Ruri. The same goes for you. I don’t know how much longer we’ll be living together, but if you stay with me, I’m sure I’ll make many more mistakes. Through this process, I’ll gradually understand who you are and shape the ‘me’ who is with you.”

“The ‘Motomu’ who is with me…”

Akari buried her face in my shoulder and whispered these words.

Her arms around me trembled slightly—her breathing revealed she was crying.

I moved forward silently, letting her release her emotions.


“Yes? What is it?”

“I was thinking. That lonely girl you approached must be really grateful to you.”


I expected her to talk about herself, but she surprisingly reflected on my past story.

This caught me off guard—but I faintly understood what she was trying to convey…

Even though it’s a meaningless assumption, it’s probably thanks to that day’s events that I could understand a little about Akari, and she could understand a bit about me.

“I want to understand you more, Motomu, and I want you to understand me. Even if it takes time… one day, I want to let you know everything about me, even the things I’m scared to reveal.”

“Yes, I hope for the same.”

I’ve never intentionally hidden anything from Akari, and I believe she’s done the same.

If she’s hiding anything, it’s probably just “why she agreed to be collateral for a mere five hundred yen debt.”

“What am I like, then?”

“Hehe… that’s a secret!”

Akari hugged me tightly, pressing her body against mine, and let out a cheerful laugh.

She must be wearing a smile unique to her, full of charm.

Although I feel the urge to see that smile… I’ll refrain for now.

Because there’s no need to rush; understanding her slowly is enough.

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
When I Lent 500 Yen to a Friend, He Sent His Sister as Collateral, but What Should I Do?

When I Lent 500 Yen to a Friend, He Sent His Sister as Collateral, but What Should I Do?

Yuujin ni 500-en Kashitara Shakkin no Kata ni Imouto wo Yokoshite kita no dakeredo, Ore wa Ittai dousureba iindarou, 友人に500円貸したら借金のカタに妹をよこしてきたのだけれど、俺は一体どうすればいいんだろう
Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
“I’m here as the collateral for my brother’s debt. I will be in your care from now on” Miyamae Akari suddenly came barging in into Shiragi Motomu’s apartment. Giving off the impression of a good girl who cares for her brother, and a beautiful girl who would be gossiped about throughout the school, Akari suddenly offers herself as collateral for her brother’s loan. And that’s just for 500 yen. “Until my brother pays off his loan, I will gladly be your possession, senpai!” so she declared happily, for some reason. Motomu was bewildered by the overly wild development, but Akari pushily cajoles him and steadily goes forward with the preparation to freeload. And of course, this whole “collateral” thing has another motive――. It’s the start of a single-room cohabitation with a beautiful proactive girl!


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