📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

When I Lent 500 Yen to a Friend, He Sent His Sister as Collateral, but What Should I Do? Chapter 5

The Day I First Went to Work After My Friend's Sister Came to My House


Chapter 5: The Day I First Went to Work After My Friend’s Sister Came to My House

Ever since Akari came to my house, a few days had passed.

Initially, I was worried about the sudden cohabitation and the potential issues it might bring. However, once we actually started living together, I found we could adapt slowly. Learning from past failures and establishing proper rules prevented the unexpected incident that happened the previous morning from repeating. At least, that was the case for now.

“The answer to this question should be…”

As for Akari, who quickly integrated into our home, she was now concentrating on the question bank laid out on the low table.

Being a senior in high school with a goal to enter university, this summer break was crucial for her exams. She really shouldn’t be here as a collateral for debt – no, rather, helping with household chores.

So, seeing her using this free time to study made me feel a bit relieved, though I felt I had no right to say that.

Akari was as excellent as I had heard. Without relying on me, a university student, she was quietly solving the problems by herself. Even though she said she bought this question bank before coming here and this was her first time opening it, her fluency in answering was as if she was reviewing.


“Hmm? Have you finished?”

“Yes. Could you please grade it for me?”

Akari handed me her notebook and the answer book with a smile.

Right, this was my current task.

Since Akari was the one taking care of me, making me feel guilty for not being able to repay her, I presumptuously told her, “If you have any questions, just ask me,” after finishing my exams in February, despite not having studied for nearly half a year. Consequently, I ended up with this job of grading her work.

However, she probably didn’t need my help. This girl never made a mistake, making me fully realize that both the rumors about her excellence and what Subaru boasted about his sister were true.

When I offered to teach her, her eyes lit up with joy… Thinking about this made me a bit sad as I continued to mark her notebook, correct that, continuously ticking correct answers.

“Hmm, you got everything right again.”

I had graded her work several times now and had not seen her make a single error. Her level of excellence was almost exaggerated.

“Senior! Senior!”

After receiving her notebook and answer book, Akari’s face turned red, her eyes shining with anticipation, reminiscent of a happily wagging puppy. I placed my hand on her head.

“Really, Akari, you’re amazing…”


I gently patted her head, making her smile brightly.

Her smile was charming, making me feel embarrassed, but Akari, oblivious to my feelings, rubbed her little head against my hand.

“Does it really feel that good?”

“Mhm… it feels really good…”

“Well, that’s good then.”

There wasn’t much I could do for Akari. Even if it was just patting her head, if it could help her in some way, I’d be happy. But this disproportionate effort to the outcome still felt strange to me.

Not knowing when to stop, I continued to pat her head, lost in thought, until my phone in my pocket vibrated, bringing me back to reality.

It wasn’t a call, but an alarm I had set earlier.

“Ah… Akari, sorry.”

“What’s wrong…?”

“I think I mentioned yesterday that I have to go to work today. It’s about time to leave…”

“…Ah, you did say that.”

Strange? Why does her voice sound a bit lower…?

“I remember you work at a café, right?”

“Yes, yes. What about it?”

“Nothing, just asking. It’s going to be hot today, so be careful not to get heatstroke, okay?”

“Thanks for your concern. Oh, and feel free to treat this place like your own home. You can turn on the air conditioner as high as you want.”

“Thank you, Senior. But, I think I’ll go for a walk…”

“Then, I’ll give you the spare key. Be careful not to get lost… Ah, sorry. I forgot, with a phone to look at maps, you won’t get lost.”


“Still, try not to come back too late.”

“Okay, thank you for your concern, Senior.”

Although Akari Miyamae showed an unusually radiant smile, I found it a bit strange. But since I was pressed for time, I hurriedly prepared to leave, leaving Akari alone at home.


Café “Knot” – this quiet, standalone café nestled in a residential area is where I work.

I’m not sure if it’s considered trendy, but I adore the café’s retro yet serene ambiance. It feels like stepping into a scene from a movie.

Since starting university in April, I’ve been working here. Although it gets busy during lunchtime, the café is frequented by regulars who know the ropes, making it a fairly friendly environment for a rookie in the service industry.


“Hm? You just sighed heavily, is something wrong?”

After the lunch rush, the café was momentarily free of customers.

While I was busy cleaning tables and tidying up, I couldn’t help but sigh, which was noticed by a fellow employee, the beautiful Ruri Koi.

Ruri is the daughter of the café owner and perfectly embodies the café’s atmosphere.

However, it seems many of her suggestions were taken into account during the café’s decor phase, so perhaps it’s more accurate to say the café complements her.

Dressed in a crisp shirt, khaki pants, and a plain apron, Ruri wore the same uniform as me, but it looked far better on her.

There are quite a few regulars who visit the café just to see her in that uniform.

“How dare you ignore me? Let’s see how I deal with you~”

Ruri hugged me from behind, pressing her impressively shaped chest, noticeable even through the apron, against me while playfully teasing me in a soft voice.

She also poked my cheek with her index finger, which hurt.

“Ruri… even if there are no customers, aren’t you getting a bit too close?”

“It’s fine, right? There are no customers, after all. And besides, my relationship with you, Motomu Shiragi, isn’t ordinary.”

“Who are you calling Motomu?”

“Don’t you think that nickname sounds like a mascot, cute, right? It can even evolve from ‘Motomu’ to ‘Little Motomu’, and then to ‘Little Motomu-Motomu’.”

Having my name so whimsically altered, I couldn’t decide what was supposed to be cute about it. I just felt like I was being treated like a fool.

“Hey, Little Motomu~ When will you evolve into Little Motomu-Motomu~?”

“You’re so annoying…”

Ruri sister poked my cheeks with her fingers haphazardly, causing me to complain in a low voice.

In front of guests, she always pretends to be a mature woman, wise and dignified, but in private, she often teases me with these childish acts.

No, she’s just a child at heart, always doing whatever she pleases.

I remember she’s 26 this year. She’s not young anymore, yet she doesn’t find a proper job—

“Motomu, are you thinking something rude right now?”

“…No? Let’s not talk about that, hurry back to cleaning. If we’re too slow, the customers will start arriving.”


Ruri sister said this listlessly, as if she was sulking, while picking up the cloth on the dining table.

“Motomu is still as bossy as ever~ I have to do both inside and outside jobs, you know. Let me at least rest during these free times.”

“The inside job is not busy right now, right? And you just took a break.”

“Hmm… Strange? Motomu, why does your face look better?”

“You’re clearly trying to change the subject…?”

“Not at all. I’m just relieved—I’ve always been worried about your health. After all, you’re not used to living alone, and I’m afraid you’re eating weird things.”

“If you’re worried about that, please let me have some normal staff meals from now on…”

Regarding the meals served in this shop, the coffee is managed by the manager alone, and the cooking is mainly handled by Ruri sister. However, since the manager can also cook, when Ruri sister is not around, the manager has to take care of both the bar and the kitchen.

I, of course, am solely responsible for the front of the house. I can’t cook at all.

Working here not only provides an hourly wage, but the shop also offers staff meals. However, for some reason, Ruri sister always gives me trial dishes that are yet to be officially released.

Since they are trial dishes, there are naturally hits and misses.

If I get a successful dish, I can taste food that’s beyond imagination. Sometimes they even become the signature dishes of this shop.

But, as there are homerun successes, there are also catastrophic failures. When I get those failed dishes… ah, just thinking about it is terrifying.

The chances of success and failure feel like they’re split fifty-fifty… No, it feels like there are more failures. Because of this, every time I face a staff meal, my heart races with nervousness, and even when I get a successful dish, it’s more of a relief than joy.

Rather than a reward after hard work, Ruri sister’s staff meals feel more like a trial of luck.

“Eh? Don’t you always eat them happily?”

“Who are you talking about? When did that happen?”

“It’s you, Motomu. You always seem to enjoy your meals.”

“Ruri sister, I think you need to get your eyes checked.”

“Meanie, you’re too harsh.”

Ruri sister laughed happily and started humming a song. It looks like she plans to feed me something even more disgusting—no, something more challenging…

Ah, I’m already missing the dishes made by little Akari. In fact, if Ruri sister is not mistaken, and my complexion really has improved, it’s undoubtedly thanks to little Akari.

“By the way, Motomu, why aren’t you using polite language anymore?”

“…Does it matter? There are no customers in the shop anyway.”

“Hmm—just stealing the excuse I used, Motomu is learning bad habits. I should downgrade you from Motomu to just ‘Motomu’.”

“Uh… Can you please speak normally?”

Ruri sister laughed happily, and I sighed.

Although Ruri sister is older than me, I don’t speak formally to her unless we’re in front of customers. After all, our relationship isn’t so distant that we need to be so polite all the time.

“By the way, Motomu, you said I deliberately changed the subject, so don’t you need to explain why you sighed just now?”

“There’s nothing to explain… It’s just a habit.”

“If sighing becomes a habit, it’s better to break it quickly. Did you know? Every time you sigh, happiness runs away.”

“Is this from some internet news article?”

“It’s common sense. Although the sigh you just let out didn’t seem so negative. If I were to describe it… it’s more like ‘happy fat’.”

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about at all…”

Ruri sister occasionally… no, often says some incomprehensible things.

The reason I sighed was all because I was thinking about little Akari, who is left alone at home.

She always seems happy in front of me, but she’s the kind of person who is very considerate of others’ feelings. I’m worried that she might feel uncomfortable being alone at home.

Yes, that’s right. Because I can’t stop worrying about little Akari, I won’t have the staff meal today. I’ll rush home right after work. That’s decided.

“Hey, Motomu, let me tell you some good news.”

“No need—Woah!”

“Don’t be so presumptuous!”

Ruri sister forcibly wrapped her arms around my shoulders, burying my face in her bosom to shut me up.

Who does this to make someone shut up!

“Motomu, listen carefully, it’s very impolite to think of other girls in front of a girl. A good man should always focus his mind completely on the girl in front of him.”


“Hey, you’re not thinking that a 26-year-old can’t be considered a girl anymore, right?”

(She, how does she know!)

Unable to refute because my mouth was covered, and feeling that the more I struggled, the deeper I would sink into her soft bosom, I tried to behave. But Ruri sister still saw through my thoughts. She shouldn’t even be able to see my expression.

…No, this means she’s self-aware. She knows she can’t be considered a girl anymore—Ow!

“Ouch ouch ouch!”

Because Ruri sister tightened her grip on my hand, I was in so much pain that I forgot the softness of her bosom. This is like a headlock in wrestling…!

“I feel like I’ve been offended. I can sense it near your hair whorl.”

“Please don’t read my mind from such angles!”

“Hmph, since you’re not denying it, it means you were really thinking something rude, right?”

“Uh… well…”

“Not denying it, huh? You’re quite bold, aren’t you?”

“Ugh…! It’s so uncomfortable…!”

“But my heart aches more than yours, you know? Sigh, why is this brother of mine so unadorable—no, wait, your arrogant attitude is kind of cute in its own way. It’s like a slightly smug tsundere brother entering adolescence—”

Just when I was about to suffocate and my consciousness started to blur, the bell hanging on the store’s door rang.


Ruri sister released me at a speed almost invisible to the naked eye, greeting the incoming customers with a perfect professional smile and a loud voice.

Saved at last…! Ruri sister’s facade is first-class; she would never let the customers see her mistreating a colleague.

Seeing her pretending as if nothing had happened just now, with that cheerful professional smile, made me feel a bit annoyed… but I was still grateful to the timely customer.

I even thought about treating them to a coffee from my own wallet—Huh?

After I regained my breath, I turned my head towards the store entrance—and then I was stunned.

That girl had a strong presence, making even the perfectly pretentious Ruri sister whisper, “Wow, such a cute customer.”

She blended into the retro atmosphere of the shop perfectly, making the moment seem like a scene out of a TV drama.

The girl was dressed differently from the morning, in a pure-looking dress, and wearing sandals I saw for the first time. The wind from the half-open door gently swayed her black hair. Seeing little Akari like this, I was completely dumbfounded.

Although it was partly because her appearance, almost divine, dumbfounded me, the main reason was that I couldn’t understand why she was here.

“Tha… that… may I ask if you are…”

When Ruri sister was at a loss for how to react to the sudden appearance of a beautiful girl in the shop, little Akari stuttered. She wasn’t looking at me but at Ruri sister—Huh…?

I felt she seemed a bit distracted, with a pale face—



“Little Akari!”

Seeing little Akari suddenly lose her balance, I immediately rushed over.

I dashed past Ruri sister, who was blocking the way, and managed to catch little Akari just before she hit the ground.

Luckily, I had practiced track and field in junior and high school. Without that burst of speed, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to catch her—but no, that’s not the point!

“Little Akari, are you okay? Little Akari!”


Hearing my call, little Akari responded dazedly. She seemed to have trouble breathing, her body was burning up, and she looked terrible…

“Ah… she must have heatstroke.”

Ruri sister peered over from behind me.

“Motomu, I heard you call her name, is she your friend?”

“To say she’s a friend isn’t quite right… It’s more like…”

“Why are you beating around the bush? You’re not a cheating husband caught in the act.”


“Ah, better not talk. Motomu, take this girl upstairs. There might be more customers later, let her rest here.”

“Eh, ah… I’ll, I’ll take care of it!”

“Dad! Please help look after the shop for a bit! Motomu, let’s go!”

Honestly, I was completely confused, but right now, little Akari’s well-being was my top priority.

I picked up the limp little Akari and quickly followed Ruri sister, who was leading the way.


That happened last night.

I’ve been here for several days now. Although it’s still within the range of counting on one hand, coming to Senpai’s house and staying here for this long was a big step for me.

Even just a few days were a huge achievement. This time has been so blissful… but also troublesome.

And that trouble is—now.

“Wuwu… Wuwuwuwuwu…!”

The faint sound of a shower from behind the wall troubled me greatly.

It was a very subtle sound, but that made it impossible not to pay attention.

Just thinking about Senpai showering in the bathroom made me inadvertently imagine him naked—

“No, Akari! Banish those evil thoughts! Banish them!”

I squatted on the floor, hugging my head, but the fleeting image of his bare skin lingered in my mind.

But, come to think of it, why is it called ‘showering’?

It’s not the bathtub that’s showering on you, but the hot water from it. If the bathtub were to shower on you, it would be hard and painful, hardly relaxing at all.

So, technically, it should be… No, pondering this won’t help me escape reality!

No, I can’t have such thoughts. I can’t have such thoughts.

I need to think of something else… In my haste, I suddenly saw something, grabbed it without thinking, and rushed out!

“Is that so.”

The girl on the other end of the phone responded uninterestedly, with a short reply.

“You’re calling suddenly, I thought it was something important…”

“Please don’t sigh like that! I can only discuss this kind of thing with you!”

I had to do this because of what happened on the first day I came to Senpai’s house.

When I went to take a bath, Senpai was outside talking to his brother on the phone.

Right, if hearing Senpai showering makes me uncomfortable, just stepping outside would solve it.

But now it’s night, and it’s dangerous to wander around in an unfamiliar place, so I decided to make a call just outside my room, like Senpai did.

The person on the other end is little Ruri. She’s my best friend.

Actually, we only met in high school.

Since we spent almost all of our high school life together, we definitely qualify as best friends.

But even though little Ruri is my best friend, it still makes me shy to tell her that I have someone I like, that’s why I’ve been hesitating to say it.

I only told her that I wanted to settle things this summer.

Having made such a declaration, I had to report the results to her, so calling her isn’t strange at all!

“I thought your ‘decide this summer’ meant your exams.”

“That’s because you’re too serious.”

“I never thought I’d be told that by you.”

Little Ruri sighed in disbelief.

She doesn’t look serious. She always seems lethargic, has darker skin, and looks a bit like a gyaru.

But I know she’s a serious girl. She obeys the school rules against wearing accessories and just trims her nails. Her darker skin is because she likes outdoor activities.

“Come to think of it, I can’t believe you’re thinking about romance.”

“Why not? I like shoujo manga, right?”

“But when someone confesses to you, don’t you always reject them immediately?”

“Because they’re not the person I like.”

“That makes sense, I guess.”

Even though little Ruri said that, I know she’s also been confessed to several times, and she always rejects them.

She’s probably been confessed to more times than me.

After all, little Ruri is both cute and cool. Even I, as a girl, sometimes feel like I’m about to swoon.

“So Akari, when you said you wanted to make a decisive move, you meant throwing yourself into the arms of the person you like.”

“Throwing myself into his arms… Although that’s pretty much it, isn’t that a bit too straightforward of you to say?”

“Isn’t that what it boils down to, based on what you said?”

Ah, this frank way of speaking… Even over the phone, little Ruri hasn’t changed a bit.

Thinking about this inevitable fact gives me a strange sense of comfort.

My heart, agitated by these days of cohabitation, seems to have calmed down a bit…

“Also… I don’t know who he is, but is the person you like really that great?”

“Of course!”

“Too loud!”

Oops, I accidentally raised my voice. I’m outside; I need to be quieter…!

But my heart just can’t stay calm.

“Akari, why do you sound so excited?”

“Because I’ve never talked about this kind of topic with anyone else…!”

“Right, your brother would probably be quite naggy if you had someone you like.”

“Well… maybe…”

In fact, the most annoying thing about my brother is that every time I come home a little late, he keeps asking if I have a boyfriend. It’s just a bit irritating.

But ever since he went to university and left home, he seems to have gotten a girlfriend and has become more mature. And besides that…

“What was the result?”


“What huh? Didn’t you just throw yourself at him? Did you get anything out of it?”

“Get anything… Yes! Of course!”

I try to lower my voice, but I nod vigorously.

I certainly got something. That is…

“Little Ruri, let me tell you. If I wake up earlier than Senpai, I can slowly admire his sleeping face and even wake him up myself!”


“Senpai rubbing his sleepy eyes is as cute as a little animal!”


“I cook for Senpai every day, and he eats with great enjoyment, saying my cooking is delicious. Every time, I feel so happy and excited inside… You must know that feeling!”

“I don’t.”

“It’s practically like experiencing newlywed life! But I don’t feel tired at all! Instead, I feel every day is getting better and better! Do you think we’ll soon walk down the aisle? What if he suddenly pulls out a wedding ring later? What should I do?”

“That’s not going to happen.”

She denied it so bluntly!

Little Ruri’s somewhat stunned voice made me feel like I had a bucket of cold water poured over me, pulling me back to reality.

That was dangerous. Maybe because I’ve been so repressed lately, I couldn’t help but daydream. Of course, little Ruri would be shocked.

“Hehe, sorry, little Ruri.”

“You know, although it might be weird for me to ask this, since I don’t know who your crush is, hearing about your love story with that unknown guy, I don’t know how to react.”

“You’re right… But, if I say who he is, I’d feel embarrassed…”

“No, I think what you just said was even more embarrassing.”

“Ugh… You’re right…”

But to say who I like still feels embarrassing.

Because right now, my relationship with Senpai is not like that. It’s just me liking him one-sidedly.

The possibility of Senpai giving me a wedding ring is something I’m very clear about.

“But, if my relationship with Senpai could progress a bit further and become something special, I’m sure I’ll gain more confidence and tell you who he is!”

“Then I’ll wait without expectations.”

“What! Please look forward to it!”

I mustered all my courage to say such words, but little Ruri’s reaction seems a bit lukewarm.

“Ah, sorry. I just blurted out the truth. But, after hearing what you just said, I think it might be a bit difficult.”

“Why… why would that be?”

“Because Akari is very cute.”


Is she praising me?!

Although little Ruri has complimented me before, it’s not often. She’s a bit gloomy and often teases me for fun.

“Akari, you’re still a virgin, right?”


“And you’ve never had your first kiss, right?”

“Yes, that’s right…”

“Then Senpai hasn’t made a move on you, right?”

“Move…! Little Ruri! That kind of thing…!”

Just as little Ruri said, of course, nothing like that has happened.

It’s a lie to say I’ve never imagined it, but little Ruri’s sudden comment left me at a loss for words.

“Frankly, even I, as a girl, sometimes find you very cute. Now you’re living under the same roof as Senpai, but he’s shown no intention of making a move. Isn’t that abnormal?”

“Well, it’s not that he’s shown no intention…”

“No intention? But the sweet little moments you just told me about don’t give me that impression.”



Little Ruri’s words, sharp as a blade, struck me hard!

“Senpai is a friend of your brother, right?”

“Yes… He used to come to our house several times during high school, and now he’s at the same university as my brother.”

Little Ruri seems to be confirming the information I just told her.

Although I realize that telling her this might give her a clue about who Senpai is… Little Ruri probably isn’t interested in my brother and doesn’t know his friends.

“Akari, you managed to stay at Senpai’s house because your brother spoke for you, right?”


“Doesn’t Senpai think he’s just looking after his friend’s sister?”

“You mean…?”

“Senpai probably sees you as a sister.”

“Sees me as a sister…?”

This means that my relationship with Senpai, in his view, is similar to that between me and my brother…



I found myself momentarily lost in thought.

Although I wished Ruri would phrase things more delicately, her blunt way of saying it somehow resonated with me.

Senpai’s gaze towards me is incredibly gentle, utterly different from the way other men look at me.

He must have been this way since we first met, which is why I started to feel this way about Senpai—

“But, it’s hard to say! Even if Senpai used to see me as just a sister, he might suddenly realize I’m a woman! It’s quite possible! After all, we’re not related by blood!”

“…That’s true,” Ruri responded, her tone oddly ambiguous. She’s usually a straight talker, but now she seemed to struggle to articulate her thoughts.

She gave me the impression of a parent who, despite knowing in their heart that ‘Santa Claus doesn’t exist’, has to play along with a child who believes in Santa.

“He’s not gay, is he?”


“I didn’t mean it weirdly, just… you know, people are more open-minded about these things nowadays.”

“I, I don’t think Senpai is like that.”

“You think?”

“Because I haven’t directly asked him, nor do I plan to ask such a question… But, if Senpai was, I think he would tell me. After all, we’re living together now. If he was, to make me feel comfortable, he surely wouldn’t hide it.”

“Heh, you really trust him, don’t you?”

“If I didn’t trust him, I wouldn’t have made the first move… nor would I have fallen for him.”

“I guess so.”

Just saying ‘I like him’ makes my heart race and my cheeks flush… but it also makes me realize how genuinely I like Senpai.

This is just my one-sided feeling, but Ruri seems to understand… although she can’t help but smirk a bit.

“Does he have a girlfriend?”

“Huh? I, I don’t think so…”

“But he’s a great guy, right?”

“Of course! Senpai is—”

“Stop, stop, stop. Please, no more gushing. What I mean is, if he’s really that great, wouldn’t it be normal for him to have one or two girlfriends… no, two would be weird. But having a girlfriend wouldn’t be strange, right?”

Ugh… She makes a good point.

“But my brother said Senpai doesn’t have a girlfriend, so I can relax—”

“Can you trust what your brother says?”


Even though Ruri doesn’t usually speak ill of others, she doesn’t have much faith in my brother.

I understand her feelings. While my brother isn’t a bad person, he’s frivolous and often acts impulsively… thinking of this suddenly makes me doubt him.

But then, that means Senpai might already have a girlfriend…!

“After all, once you’re a university student, you meet more girls. You see, there are opportunities in clubs, part-time jobs, and even inter-school events, right?”

“Part-time jobs… Ah! Ruri! Now that you mention it, Senpai said he works at a café!”

“Ah… cafés are bad news. Those places are filled with people looking to hook up.”

“Is that so!”

“Most of the time I worked at a café, I got hit on a lot. But I rejected all of them.”

“I see… typical Ruri…”

Ruri has worked in many places and is quite experienced.

And she’s still an excellent student, so cool.

“But, based on what you’re saying…”

“It’s likely that Senpai might have gotten a girlfriend where he works… even if it hasn’t progressed that far, he might have met someone interesting.”

“How could this be…!”

That’s a blind spot. After all, my brother might not know everything about Senpai’s social life at his part-time job.

But, if that’s the case, I’ll have to…!

“But this is just my speculation. Sorry, Akari, just forget what I said—”

“No, it’s okay… I’ll go check it out.”


“Senpai said he’s going to work tomorrow, so I’ll go and see what’s happening!”

I declared my decision resolutely.


“Ugh… Ugh…”

“Ah, she’s awake. Hello, beautiful miss.”


When I came to, I found myself lying in a fragrant, soft bed.

In this room, where the evening sun’s red glow shone through the window, there was only me and another person—

“Beautiful big sister…?”

“Wow! Why are you suddenly complimenting me~?”

The big sister was startled but had a joyful, silly smile on her face.

Her silhouette against the setting sun seemed even more beautiful… No, that’s not the point!

“Why am I here? Why are you here, big sister…?”

“Don’t you remember? You walked into our café and then suddenly fainted, so we brought you here. Oh, by the way, this is upstairs from the café, my home.”

“Fainted… Ah!”

I remembered it all.

After chatting with Ruri last night, I decided to check out the place where Senpai works. This morning, after seeing Senpai off, I changed into a different outfit so he wouldn’t recognize me, applied sunscreen, and then stealthily followed him.

I spent too much time preparing to tail Senpai, but since he doesn’t have a bicycle and as long as the destination wasn’t too far to require a train, finding the café where he works based on the information that “Senpai works at a café” wasn’t too difficult.

I know sneaking around to watch Senpai at work isn’t praiseworthy, but I had no reason to visit his workplace, and if I insisted on helping him, it would be foolish to clear my brother’s debt.

Of course, I had prepared many excuses to keep my brother in debt forever and had no intention of letting Senpai easily send me away… Ugh, but this whole setup of living at Senpai’s place to pay off a debt is based on his kindness…


“Why… why are you holding your head! Are you still feeling unwell?”

“Ah, no, it’s not that…”

Thinking of things I shouldn’t, I inadvertently held my head in distress, causing the beautiful sister to lean in with concern.

The guilt of worrying her and the aura of a mature beauty made me shut my mouth.

Yes, this person… this person is dangerous.

—Senpai might have gotten a girlfriend where he works… Even if it hasn’t gone that far, he could have met someone nice.

I recalled Ruri’s words from before.

Although I couldn’t imagine what that “nice person” looked like, I didn’t expect such a beauty at Senpai’s workplace.

She could show an impeccable smile in front of customers, perfectly handling her work.

Just that was enough to exude the charm of a mature woman, posing a significant threat. When there were no customers, she was so close to Senpai, even suddenly hugging him, showing a coquettish smile completely different from the one she showed customers!

There must be something between those two. But what if there really is something between them? What should I do?

Because she is an adult, and so beautiful that even I, a girl, am mesmerized…

“Here, drink some sports drink.”

Her voice was incredibly gentle.

I couldn’t help but suspect if the half bottle of sports drink she gave me had some special meaning.

“What’s wrong?”

“This bottle… it’s only half full…”

“Yes. It wasn’t opened until before noon? But half of it is gone now.”

“Who drank it?”

“You did. Didn’t I give it to you before you lay down?”


Now that she mentioned it, I sort of remember…?

To be honest, I don’t clearly remember what happened before I fell asleep… I remember staring at Senpai—no, closely monitoring him, and then my head started to get foggy from staying out in the sun too long, and lastly… I don’t know why I staggered into the café where Senpai works.

Even if my head was foggy, walking into the café was too much… Ah, what kind of fool am I!

And then Senpai discovered I came here on my own, causing unnecessary trouble for him.

I had decided no matter what, not to trouble him…!

“Wow! Why are you crying? Uh… you’re Akari, right? Please don’t cry! You need fluids right now!”

Ashamed and regretful, I couldn’t help but cry, and the sister panicked, wiping away my tears with a handkerchief.

Ah, she must be a good person, perfectly matching Senpai with her gentle and handsome nature, and her sunny smile. I even think she feels similar to Senpai.

“I’m sorry… Thank you so much.”

“It’s okay. Actually, I’m using taking care of you as an excuse to legitimately slack off♪”

“Is that really okay?”

“Don’t worry. There won’t be many customers after lunchtime. Usually, I either chat with regulars in the shop or have idle talks with Motomu in the back.”

Motomu… Hearing the sister casually mention Senpai’s name made my heart ache.

“By the way, you know Motomu, right? I asked what your relationship was with him, but he didn’t answer and just made a complicated face.”

“Well, Senpai and I are…”

What is our relationship?

I didn’t want to think about this question, only able to vaguely respond.

I’m afraid it would clarify the distance between Senpai and me, making me even more aware of the gap between her and me.

“Senpai? Are you Motomu’s junior?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Hmm? So you’re not university classmates… But that’s strange. Isn’t Motomu a first-year university student? He didn’t retake a year, so if he has a junior, it should be from high school, but this place isn’t close to his hometown… Ah!”

Sakurai Misaki held her chin, murmuring to herself.

She’s so sharp, and it seems she knows a lot about Motomu. It’s not strange that she knows his age, but knowing about his high school is weird.

“…Ah, sorry! I’m the one asking all these questions. You must find me really strange.”

Sakurai Misaki seemed to realize my mood had fallen and smiled wryly with concern.

“I’m Shiragi Ruri, the daughter of the café owner downstairs. Working in the shop is pretty much like helping out at home. But it also means I don’t have to find a regular job after graduating from university, living a leisurely life.”

“Shiragi Ruri… I’m Miyamae Akari.”

“Miyamae Akari! I thought your name was cute, and even your surname is adorable.”

Sister… no, Ruri smiled warmly.

I had never been complimented on my name before, and I suspected she might just be joking to lighten the mood.

“Speaking of which… I never knew Motomu had such an adorable junior like an angel. I’ve never heard him mention this.”

“Ugh…! That’s because I didn’t interact much with Senpai before…”

“Eh? Then why are you at this café? Did you just happen to move nearby? No, you said ‘before’, right? Which means, although you didn’t interact much before, things have changed now… Ah! Sorry! I’m the one asking all the questions again!”

“No, it’s okay…”

“But I can’t help it. I’m just a curious person.”

“I see…”

“And seeing such a cute girl, it’s abnormal for anyone to remain indifferent! Isn’t it natural to want to dig deeper and fully understand such a cute girl?”

Ruri became excited, breathing heavily, and leaned closer.

Just moments ago, she was like a mature older sister, but now her eyes sparkled with a childlike quality.

“I’m glad I didn’t leave this task to Motomu. If he were here instead of me, he might have already made a move on you.”

“A move…! No, no way! Senpai would never do that!”

“You never know? Men are… Ah, but Motomu is surprisingly decent, so maybe he really would take good care of you. He pretends to be mature and acts cool in front of girls. After all, he’s a stubborn guy.”

“I didn’t mean it like that…”

Although I said so, I was sure Senpai would never act as Ruri suggested towards me.

Because when we slept in the same room, he showed no intention of doing such things.

…It sounds like I wish he would. But actually, if he showed a bit of that intention, I might be happy.

But there’s someone like Ruri around Senpai. Compared to her, I’m just a child. He certainly wouldn’t think of me that way.

“Motomu has always been like this since we were kids. He always wants to be the good guy. Once, I accidentally broke his toy, and he spoke up for me even though he was about to cry… But I don’t know whether to find this aspect of him annoying or adorable…”

“Is that so…”

Ruri said this with a gentle look, making me imagine a young Motomu holding back his tears.

He must have been as cute as Ruri described.

I didn’t know this side of Senpai. From the first time we met, he has always been kind, reliable, and handsome… he’s always been someone I admired.

“Ruri knows Senpai very well…”

“Of course, I do. After all, I’m his cousin.”




“Whoa! What’s wrong? Why are you shouting all of a sudden?”

“How could I not! So you’re Senpai’s cousin!”

“Yes, I am. Didn’t I mention it?”

“No, you didn’t!”

I shouted out loud, then something clicked.

She had introduced herself as Shiragi Ruri. And Senpai’s full name is Shiragi Motomu… Their surnames are the same!

“Motomu’s father is my dad’s younger brother. Though there’s a bit of an age gap between us, it’s not that much. In any case, he’s like a younger brother to me. Motomu works at my family’s café because his university is close by.”

“So that’s how it is…!”

I couldn’t help but emphasize my response.

If not for the fatigue from the heat exhaustion, I would have jumped for joy.

Ruri is a sophisticated and attractive adult woman, with an appealing figure.

But, even if Ruri is an outstanding woman, she’s still Senpai’s blood relative.

In other words, they couldn’t possibly be a couple…!

“That’s great…”

The gloom that had been weighing on my heart vanished in an instant. I suddenly felt much better!

I gently touched my chest and, without thinking, let out a deep sigh.

“Hmm? Why did you react like that?”


“Heh, why did you look so happy after hearing that Motomu and I are cousins?”

“Ah… It’s not that. It’s because…”

Ruri looked at me with the same curiosity as a child who had found a new toy.

(I’ve been found out…!)

I was certain of it.

I’m a high school girl, just like any other girl who loves to talk about romance.

And not to brag, but I often find myself at the center of such topics. I frequently hear people say, “Someone likes Akari,” or they come to ask me, “Akari, do you really like someone?”

The glimmer in Ruri’s eyes was filled with the same curiosity as those who talk about love, and even more certainty than those who have looked at me in the past, making me fully realize this fact.

Still, she’s Senpai’s family. I couldn’t just nod and admit it, even though I knew it was futile resistance, and all I could do was let out a silent cry of distress.

“Heh, I can’t believe such a cute girl actually likes Motomu! You guys aren’t dating already, are you?”

“What! No, nothing like that!”

“I see… So you’re not dating. It looks like you haven’t confessed to him yet.”


My vehement denial of her guess ended up confirming that “I like Senpai.”

My face felt hotter than it did under the sun.

“Tell me, what attracts you to Motomu! Is it his looks? Although it might be because of the family filter, I think he’s quite good-looking!”

“It’s not just about his looks! Well, his appearance is… quite nice.”

“I see. Looks aren’t the main reason, then. What about him attracts you? Hehehe, come on, tell me everything. Don’t worry, I won’t tell Motomu, and I won’t harm you♪”


Ruri’s smile deepened.

The seed of anxiety planted by Ruri hadn’t sprouted, but it had bloomed into another incredibly dangerous flower.

As beautiful as it was, this flower, which could turn poisonous if not handled carefully, now cornered me mercilessly.

I was completely trapped, with nowhere to run, clutching the bottle in my hand.


“Thank you for coming.”

I deeply bowed as I saw off the last young female customer and then brought out the ‘CLOSED’ sign.

Since it’s summer, the sky still had a hint of red, but our café ‘Yui’ closed before dinner time began.

So, even though I started working from lunchtime, my work hours weren’t actually that long, but today felt exceptionally long for me.

“Motomu, your smile seemed a bit stiff.”

“Uh… I’m sorry.”

Hearing this comment from the café owner standing at the bar, I quickly bowed my head in apology.

Seeing me like this, the owner, my Uncle Hideji, gave a troubled smile.

“You don’t have to be so nervous. The café is closed now; I’m just your uncle at this point.”

“Okay… But, I still have to apologize. I also think my performance today was a bit off.”

“It’s okay; we all have those days. Would you like some coffee?”

“Ah, yes, please. Thank you.”

Uncle Hideji, who usually asks me to quickly clean up, today asked me to sit down beside the bar.

His simple and steady appearance very much fits the style of a café owner, but he’s actually quite cheerful and kind.

The coffee Uncle Hideji makes seems first-rate… I can only say this because my own palate isn’t mature enough to distinguish the subtleties of coffee flavors.

“Motomu, you take sugar and cream in your coffee, right?”

“I’m sorry…”

“Hahaha, I’ve told you many times, there’s no need to apologize. Everyone has their own way of enjoying coffee. Here, please drink.”

While saying this, Uncle Hideji placed a glass of iced café au lait in front of me.

By the way, café au lait is drip-filtered coffee with warm cream added in approximately a one-to-one ratio. ‘Lait,’ meaning milk in French, gives the drink its name.

Since I work in a café, I’ve made it a point to remember these details. Despite not being able to discern the differences in coffee tastes, having this knowledge is better than none at all.

This iced café au lait made by Uncle Hideji, specially sweetened, was much easier on my immature taste buds. The bitterness of the coffee was significantly reduced thanks to the milk and sugar, making it sweet and delightful to drink.

“By the way, I was really startled earlier. You know that girl, right?”

“Yes, her name is Akari, she’s my…”

I could say she’s the sister of a friend of mine, but mentioning she’s living at my house seems problematic.

It might worry Uncle Hideji, or worse, he might call a family meeting…!

“Um… how should I put it…”

Struggling to find an excuse and still thinking about Akari’s condition, I was not in the mood to come up with one.

Because Ruri said Akari had sweated a lot and needed someone to help her dry off, it seemed more appropriate for a woman to take care of her, so I had to leave Akari in her care.

Even though I helped cover Ruri’s work during that time, I was still worried about Akari and pondering why she appeared here. Though I made no obvious errors, the details probably weren’t perfect.

If Akari suffered from heatstroke, it meant she had been walking a long time under the harsh summer sun and the glare of the asphalt roads.

Maybe she came out to find me. Leaving her alone at my house might have made her uneasy.

Thinking about it, staying alone in someone else’s house isn’t common. Even if I asked her to treat it like her own home, she couldn’t possibly relax there.

Moreover, she’s all alone in this town. My brother Subaru is currently in Saipan—no, at a driver’s training camp location, and our hometown is far from here.

Thinking I might have inadvertently cornered Akari, who always smiled kindly at me and saw me as her support, plunged me into deep regret.

“Could it be… she’s someone important to you?”

Uncle Hideji looked at me with gentle eyes, asking this question.

The term “someone important” sounded like it meant a lover, almost making me instinctively shake my head in denial.

But if I denied it, that would mean Akari isn’t important to me.

That would be an even worse lie. She couldn’t possibly be unimportant to me.

A friend entrusted his sister to me because he trusted me—and more importantly, she herself was willing to trust me. Given that, I wanted to reciprocate their trust.

So, facing Uncle Hideji’s question, I nodded affirmatively. Then, I needed to clarify my relationship with Akari—

“But Uncle…”

“Ah, to be young! That’s wonderful!”

“No, wait, I haven’t finished—”

“That girl will be fine. Ruri is taking care of her. You know Ruri’s hobby is traveling, right? She’s used to dealing with heatstroke. ”

“Ah… although that’s true—”

“Thinking about it, I remember when I first met Junko… It’s been decades since then. We were high school students at the time—”

“Uncle, please listen to me—”

He’s completely lost in his own world, reminiscing about his romance with Aunt Junko.

By the way, since I started working here in April, I’ve heard this story five times already.

I don’t even know my own parents’ love story. Why do I have to listen to my uncle and aunt’s romance so many times?

I don’t want to hear about my parents’ romance, either!

But once Uncle Hideji starts this story, he can’t stop. He just can’t.

If I could make him stop, I wouldn’t have heard it five times.

“No choice… I’ll wait for him to finish, then try to clear up the misunderstanding—”



The café door, which I had marked ‘CLOSED,’ suddenly swung open. Ruri came in, holding Akari’s hand tightly.

“Sorry to keep you waiting~! Akari, Motomu’s beloved, has completely recovered!”

“Ah… that’s good… um…”

“That’s a bit of a tepid reaction, isn’t it?”

Ruri looked at me suspiciously.

Maybe after resting, Akari felt better, standing steadily behind Ruri. Her complexion was… odd? She wasn’t pale, but her face seemed a bit flushed. Did she have a fever? Or did Ruri do something embarrassing to her?

“Hey, Ruri, you didn’t do anything strange to her, did you?”

“How rude. Why would I do anything strange to her? Right, Akari?”

“Ahaha… yes…”

Akari gave a resigned smile. When our eyes unexpectedly met, she quickly looked away. Why is that?

“Speaking of strange things… Motomu! Akari has just fully recovered, why didn’t you give her a hug!”

“A hug?”

I inadvertently repeated the word when I heard it.

Akari, of course, widened her eyes in bewilderment.

“Ruri, what are you talking about…?”

“What I’m saying isn’t strange, right? Two people approaching each other, embracing, caressing each other’s cheeks, and then kissing directly! Isn’t that common in foreign movies!”

“This isn’t a movie. We’re in the real world.”

“Isn’t that obvious? But a little hug to celebrate her being safe and sound isn’t bad, right? Yet you’re acting so indifferent… Akari, you must be angry too, right?”

“Eh? No, that… I’m not angry at all…”

Suddenly singled out, Akari blinked in surprise.

It seems the two of them have gotten quite familiar with each other—no, it’s more likely that Ruri is just acting familiar. After all, she’s known for being a bit too forward.

“Akari, if you’re too nice to Motomu, he might take advantage of you.”

“Don’t teach her weird things.”

I felt uneasy about Akari getting too close to Ruri, who loved to talk nonsense.

To rescue Akari from Ruri’s clutches, I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her towards me.


“Akari, are you okay? Did she do anything weird to you?”

“Hey, I heard that!”

Ignoring Ruri’s protest, I looked straight into Akari’s eyes. She was still a bit red in the face and nodded slightly.

“By the way, have you even been working? The café doesn’t look cleaned up yet.”

“…Look for yourself.”

I gestured towards Uncle Hideji, who was still engrossed in his monologue about his love story with his wife.


Ruri immediately understood the situation and groaned in annoyance from the bottom of her heart.

She hates listening to Uncle Hideji talking about this topic.

After all, it’s her parents’ love story, which probably doesn’t make her feel comfortable. And it’s even worse that she has to share it with others.

“Motomu, don’t bother changing, just go back. I’ll clean up the shop.”

Ruri suddenly changed her tone, speaking calmly, though barely containing her anger, and tossed my backpack, which was under the cash register, at me.

“Make sure to take Akari home properly. Even if she’s regained her spirit, she’s still exhausted. Carry her back if you have to. After all, you both are going back to the same place, aren’t you?”

“Eh…! How do you know…”

Her words clearly showed she knew Akari was living at my place.

I reflexively looked at Akari, but she awkwardly turned her gaze away.

I knew it. The only way Ruri could have known was if Akari told her. No, judging by Akari’s reaction, she must have been coerced into confessing.

…It seems I have to thank Uncle Hideji. If Ruri hadn’t shifted her focus to him, she probably would have kept teasing us for a while longer.

Now that the situation was clear, there was no need for me to stay here any longer.

“…Thanks for your kindness, I’ll be leaving first. Good work, everyone. Akari, let’s go.”

“Ah, okay!”

Since Ruri was likely to continue bothering us, causing unnecessary trouble, I quickly said goodbye and left the shop, holding Akari’s hand.

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
When I Lent 500 Yen to a Friend, He Sent His Sister as Collateral, but What Should I Do?

When I Lent 500 Yen to a Friend, He Sent His Sister as Collateral, but What Should I Do?

Yuujin ni 500-en Kashitara Shakkin no Kata ni Imouto wo Yokoshite kita no dakeredo, Ore wa Ittai dousureba iindarou, 友人に500円貸したら借金のカタに妹をよこしてきたのだけれど、俺は一体どうすればいいんだろう
Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
“I’m here as the collateral for my brother’s debt. I will be in your care from now on” Miyamae Akari suddenly came barging in into Shiragi Motomu’s apartment. Giving off the impression of a good girl who cares for her brother, and a beautiful girl who would be gossiped about throughout the school, Akari suddenly offers herself as collateral for her brother’s loan. And that’s just for 500 yen. “Until my brother pays off his loan, I will gladly be your possession, senpai!” so she declared happily, for some reason. Motomu was bewildered by the overly wild development, but Akari pushily cajoles him and steadily goes forward with the preparation to freeload. And of course, this whole “collateral” thing has another motive――. It’s the start of a single-room cohabitation with a beautiful proactive girl!


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