📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

V4 My Girlfriend Cheated on Me With a Senior, so I’m Cheating on Her With His Girlfriend Chapter 9

The Heavenly Beauty of Okinawa's Beaches

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Chapter 9 – The Heavenly Beauty of Okinawa’s Beaches

The sun shone brightly, the sky was a cloudless blue, and the marine blue sea was refreshing, complemented by the white sandy beach.

“Is this Okinawa, isn’t it?”

Before I could say it, Ishida-kun took the lead and said it.

The beach, reachable by a short walk from the villa, was quite populated. It was quite nice.

Like the southern beaches, it was crowded enough that there was no space to spread a picnic mat, and on the other hand, a completely deserted sea was somewhat scary in case something happened.

“There are many families here, but also a lot of young girls, right? Yes, the view is also quite a sight.”

“Don’t talk like an old man.”

I gave a wry smile and said that, then heard a voice, “Yuu-san,” from behind.

When I turned around, it was Meika-chan.

She wore a light pink bikini with lace decorations on the chest and waist.

“Yuu-san, how do you think my bikini looks?”

Meika-chan asked shyly, her hands clasped behind her and she slightly twisted her body.

Each time she did, the lace on her chest and waist fluttered.

“Yes, it’s beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!”

Meika-chan blushed and smiled sweetly, “Ehehe.”

Seeing us like that, Ishida-kun sighed.

No, I understand, Ishida-kun. But I can’t act cold now.


Geh, this sweet voice!

Without much thought, Karen clung to my arm from behind.

“It feels like it’s been a while since we went to the beach together!”

“Hey, Karen!”

“Last summer we went to the sea and the pool together, right? Karen is happy to come to the beach with Yuu-kun again this year!”

Karen said so while pressing her chest closer.

Karen, however, wore a strapless rainbow-colored bikini.

Her breasts were covered by something like a soft, elastic belly band.

“Don’t joke. I’m not happy at all being with you.”

“And this year, we can come to the beautiful Okinawa beach like this! It feels like the red string of fate between Yuu-kun and Karen might not be cut yet, right!”

Karen spoke while pressing her chest closer.

Seeing us like that, Meika-chan looked at us with a blaming gaze.

No, not blaming.

It’s more like a gaze that could kill if she had a sword.

“I don’t need a red string with you! Keep your distance!”

I tried to forcefully pull my hand from Karen when suddenly Karen whispered in my ear.

“Better not ignore me like that. You might not want me clinging to you in front of Touko, right? It seems Touko is very jealous.”

I stared at Karen. Karen smiled mischievously.

“Even so, I have no feelings towards you. I just want to stay in this villa until tonight. Because tomorrow I have to go to that hotel for a photography job. Please support me to stay here until morning.”

“You don’t want me here, I understand, right?”

“Even so, if you cause trouble like last night, I will interfere with your relationship with Touko. Shall we talk about our first night here to everyone?”

I felt my face pale.

“Eh, stop!”

“Then, you should also meet my request. If we do that, there’s no problem and we can be happy together.”

I thought for a moment. But I didn’t want to make Touko-senpai angry here.

“Alright. At least I won’t interfere.”

“Not just not interfere, but support as well. Understand?”

“Wait a minute, why is Yuu-san involved with you like this!”

Meika-chan interrupted between me and Karen.

And I released Karen’s hand.

“Karen-san, have you cheated and been dumped by Yuu-san? Now pretending to be a girlfriend again, that’s really shameless!”

However, the way Meika-chan said it seemed to ignite Karen’s pride.

“It’s because I’m a student. It’s not strange if there’s a fling once or twice besides a boyfriend, right? Life is long, but interesting times might be short. People in the past also said it, ‘Life is short, love, girls.'”

“Those words, they’re not used in that sense, are they? It’s impossible for a girlfriend to cheat, especially with a man who already has a girlfriend!”

“Maybe Meika-chan doesn’t understand yet. With a child-like bikini you’re forced into, is that as far as you can tempt?”

“Child-like bikini?!”

Meika-chan’s face reddened.

“This is bad. It seems Meika is really angry. It looks like Karen-chan and she really don’t get along.”

Ishida-kun teased me like that.

“Can Karen-san comment on me? Even though you try to hide it with colors and stripes, it seems impossible you have breasts that big!”

After hearing it, Karen also seemed to change her facial expression.

“At least, maybe bigger than Meika-chan. Don’t worry about me, worry about yourself. Make sure it fits, don’t let the top of the bikini come off in the water!”

“It won’t be that bad!”

“Hey hey, why are you making so much noise?”

Kazumi-san appeared.

Kazumi-san hid her slim and firm body with a white string bikini.

With just a bit of cloth, her light abdominal muscles were visible up to the lower belly.

I knew that Kazumi-san had a good body shape, but when she wore a swimsuit like this, she looked even more attractive. It’s really the body shape that women model desire.

And behind Kazumi-san was Touko-senpai.

Touko-senpai wore a tropical flower-patterned bikini, with a pareo of the same pattern tied at her waist.

On top, she wore a long-sleeved jacket type parka.

But those beautiful breasts… protruded from the front of the open jacket.

Indeed, because of wearing the parka jacket, it was as if emphasizing how the breasts protruded.

Seeing that, Karen and Meika-chan momentarily lost their words.

Both of their eyes widened.

“…Let’s stop this conversation here,” said Karen.

“…Yes, I feel defeated,” Meika-chan.

Seeing that, Ishida-kun laughed softly.

“It seems both of you realize that this is a ‘futile argument’ in front of Touko-senpai.”

I also nodded silently. Exactly right.

‘Which is higher, Mount Takao or Mount Tsukuba?’ and debating about it, suddenly Mount Everest appeared.

“Touko, sorry but I will apply sunscreen on your back.”

Kazumi-san said so to Senpai.

“I understand. After that, I will also ask for your help.”

Touko-senpai took the sunscreen that Kazumi-san held and started applying it on Kazumi-san’s back.

At an unnoticed moment, Karen approached and said in a sweet voice to me.

“Hey, Yuu-kun. Can you apply sunscreen on my back too?”

Saying that, she turned her body around and made a mischievous eye while looking at me.

(This is surely Karen’s provocation to Touko-senpai.)

“Why should I do it? Just apply it yourself.”

But Karen added in a more sweetly tone.

“Eh~, because last year Yuu-kun also applied it nicely, right? Karen felt so comfortable, so please, please again~!”

“Idiot! You, what are you saying.”

Unconsciously, I checked Touko-senpai’s expression.

Of course, she looked at me with cold eyes.

Damn. This is definitely Karen’s warning that ‘if you don’t cooperate, I’ll make you suffer more’.

“I will do it, Karen-san!”

Meila-chan who entered between me and Karen, firmly said so.


With a surprised face, Karen turned her body around, and Meika-chan had already taken the sunscreen.

“Because I’m used to applying sunscreen in sports club, just leave it to me.”

Saying so, she began to apply the sunscreen with force to Karen’s back, rubbing it vigorously using her fist.

“Ouch! Painful! Sa, sa, painful! M-Meika-chan, why are you applying it?”

“I’m applying it properly with my hands. Stay still. I will rub it in so that nothing is missed, like rubbing it into the skin!”

Saying so, Meika-chan continued to apply the sunscreen by pressing her fist to Karen’s back.

“Ow, painful! I, I, it’s really painful! Meika-chan, stop!”

“Not done yet! I will apply it properly until the end! Be patient!”


While bending her body and moaning, Karen continuously made sounds of protest, and Meika-chan angrily continued to apply the sunscreen with her fist.

Meika-chan, good job!!!

After that, as I moved away from the two of them, Touko-senpai approached carefully.

“Now, shall we go to the sea together?”

With a slightly mischievous smile, she whispered.


I grabbed the float and ran to the sea with Touko-senpai.

“Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Painful!”

Karen’s voice still continuously echoed behind.

We both swam out a bit from the shore.

Since Ominato Village is on the East China Sea side, the waves here are relatively calm.

“Phew, I feel a bit tired after swimming for so long.”

I said so to Touko-senpai while showing the float I brought.

“Please sit here. Let’s rest for a bit.”

“Aren’t you going to rest, Isshiki-kun?”

“I’m fine just holding onto the float.”

“Alright, I’ll take you up on that.”

I thought it would be difficult to get onto the float from the water, so I pressed down on it.

But Touko-senpai energetically pushed herself up and lightly lay on top of the float.

I was quite surprised.

“Aaah, this feels nice.”

“Of course. The weather is great and the sea is beautiful.”

Touko-senpai peered into the sea.

“Right, it’s truly beautiful. I can clearly see the coral below. Maybe there are fish?”

I pointed toward a slope on our left.

“Maybe there’s more coral over there. Possibly a lot of fish too?”

“Yeah, let’s try going there?”

“It’s okay if Isshiki-kun stays holding onto the float. I’ll pull it.”

I started to swim, pulling the float Touko-senpai was lying on.

She said, “Hehe, this is easy,” with a cheerful expression.

After moving about a hundred meters, though it was shallower than before, we arrived at a place abundant with rocks and corals.

“Maybe we can see fish here?”

Touko-senpai, as before, leaned over from the float into the water.

“Right. Small fish are swimming among the corals. I wonder if they are damselfish?”

“There are various things down there. That one, for instance, has a very striking color.”

“Which one? Where is it?”

“Look, it’s on the rocks, especially those swimming slowly.”

Touko-senpai leaned in further, focusing in the direction I pointed.

“That’s not a fish, it might be a nudibranch.”

“Nudibranch? After you mention it, its shape does indeed look odd.”

TL/N: Nudibranchia or Nudibranchs are the largest marine snail group from the order Opisthobranchia. They have more than 3,000 species.

“Yes, there’s something like flower petals fluttering from behind. Those are the gills.”

“Gills, huh? They stand out with bright colors on them. I wonder what species it is.”

“Nudibranchs are a type of sea snail. They have a shell that’s already broken.”

“Huh, so like a snail without a shell?”

When I made a displeased expression, Touko-senpai laughed.

“Come to think of it, you don’t like snails, do you? But you don’t need to dislike them too much. Even the sea angel Clione, which has lost its shell, is a type of sea snail.”

Saying that, Touko-senpai rested her cheek on the float and looked at me with gentle eyes.

Unexpectedly, with her face so close, I felt my heart racing.

“Isshiki-kun, you’re really muscular, aren’t you? It doesn’t show with the clothes you wear.”

Touko-senpai complimented me like that.

After the university entrance exams, I worked hard on muscle training to tighten my somewhat flabby body. I continued it, especially since deciding to “go to Okinawa,” I tried even harder.

“I thought that when you carried me yesterday. Isshiki-kun’s body is solid and strong.”

Touko-senpai said that with a slightly embarrassed expression.

No, at this distance, and wearing a bikini, being told things like that, it made me embarrassed too.

“Touko-senpai, you’re also good at swimming.”

I said that as a way to change the subject. Earlier, her form was clean, and she matched my speed.

I’ve always thought Touko-senpai was a beautiful girl all around, but I didn’t expect her to be sporty too.

“You might think I’m bad at sports, right?”

With a smile, she made a slightly annoyed face.

“No, I didn’t think you were bad at sports. But you swim fast and gracefully. You were in the literature club in high school, right?”

“Yes, that’s right. By the way, the first time I met you was also in the library, right? I was the literature club president and also a library committee member.”

“Do you remember?”

It was a pleasant surprise. I had assumed that Touko-senpai didn’t care about someone like me.

“Yes. I remember because the name ‘Isshiki’ you wrote on the reservation card was unusual.”

(Oh, so that’s why.)

I felt a bit disappointed… but,

“And besides, the way you stood in the library felt so natural. In the library where it was just you and me, standing in front of the bookshelf, Isshiki-kun looked very handsome…”

Hearing that, I felt shy.

It seems she realized it after saying it, Touko-senpai looked at me with a slightly embarrassed expression.

“Ah, it’s not like I was stalking you or anything!”

She hurriedly denied, flustered.

(But since then, I’ve been interested in Touko-senpai… all this time.)

We both fell silent in a meaningful silence.

However, somehow, the silence felt pleasant.

And it seemed like something was flowing between us both.

(Touko-senpai, I…)

Just as I was about to say that.


A loud voice called from behind.

Turning around, it turned out to be Meika-chan.

After calling, she swam towards us with all her might.

When she arrived in front of us, she clung to the floating float, gasping for breath.

“What’s the matter? Why are you in such a hurry?”

When I asked, Meika-chan looked at me with dissatisfied eyes.

“Because when I was applying sunscreen on Karen-san, you and Touko-san went somewhere alone! That’s not fair!”

I was thinking about how to respond when Touko-senpai spoke first.

“Sorry. But if we left Isshiki-kun there like that, I don’t know what Karen-san would say again.”

While her jaw was submerged in water, Meika-chan pouted.

“But it’s not fair if it’s just the two of you. That’s not fair. Even I…”

When Meika-chan started to say that, Touko-senpai raised her upper body.

“Hey, it looks like Kazumi is calling us from the beach. She’s waving at us.”

After saying that, she looked at me.

“Isshiki-kun, let’s go back to the beach for once. If Meika-san is tired, you can rest on this float.”

Saying that, Touko-senpai smoothly entered the sea and swam towards the beach.

However, Akane-chan did not get on the float and continued to pout.

As I started swimming, following Touko-senpai, Meika-chan quietly followed us.

Back at the beach, Kazumi-san called us over cheerfully.

“Let’s split a watermelon! I bought three watermelons over there!”

Prepared with a sturdy stick in each hand, Kazumi-san looked ready.

Hmm… a stick in each hand?

“It’s fine, but why do you have two sticks? Shouldn’t one be enough?”

Then Kazumi-san smiled.

“It wouldn’t be interesting if we just split watermelons the usual way, right? Let’s make this a competition.”

“Competition? You mean not just splitting the watermelon with our eyes closed, right?”

That would be very dangerous.

But then Kazumi-san dramatically waved her right hand from left to right.

“No, no. We’ll do ‘Guruguru Bat’, then split the watermelon.”

Guruguru Bat, is that something they often do on variety shows on TV?

Kazumi-san planted her stick in the ground and placed her forehead on it.

“Like this, at the starting point, place your forehead on the bat and spin around about twenty times. After that, walk towards the watermelon.”

She said, then raised her upper body and pointed her stick about twenty meters ahead.

“Start at the same time, and the first to hit the watermelon wins.”

I understand, if you split the watermelon while feeling dizzy, speed doesn’t matter.

“That sounds fun!”

The first to react was Karen.

“But isn’t that too simple?”

“Too simple?”

“Yes, wouldn’t it be more interesting if there was a prize? Or maybe a penalty for the loser?”

“Then, how about this?”

Touko-senpai took out her phone and stepped forward. Unusually, she seemed motivated.

“There’s a shaved ice called ‘Mango Mountain’ at the nearby station road I’ve been wanting to try.”

Everyone peeked at the smartphone she pointed at.
“So, shall we bet something besides dessert?”

“Alright. The choice is up to Kazumi-san.”

“Okay, so the loser will pay for Okinawa soba for the winner. How about that?”

“Okay. With this, one meal is saved for me.”

Ishida smiled casually.

But I wasn’t sure that Kazumi-san would suggest a bet that made her look like she would lose.

Touko-senpai signaled to start.

“Alright, let’s both go back to the starting position. Ready, go!”

Ishida and Kazumi-san planted their sticks in the ground and began to spin with their foreheads on the sticks.

After twenty turns, Ishida was the first to finish spinning.


He shouted and tried to run with his stick… but ran in the opposite direction of the watermelon.

Moreover, he quickly fell and slipped, both hands supporting his body.

“Eh, what’s that?”

Meanwhile, Kazumi-san also finished spinning twenty times. She ran while holding the stick.

And surprisingly, Kazumi-san ran straight towards the watermelon.

(Hey, how can Kazumi-san run so straight?)

Thinking that, there was a “thwack” sound as Izumi-san hit the watermelon, breaking it apart.

On the other hand, Ishida hadn’t even reached ten meters from the starting point, still staggering around.

Seeing Kazumi-san like that, Touko-senpai smiled.

“As expected of Kazumi, she used to take ballet, so she can do that.”


Both I and Ishida almost simultaneously turned towards Touko-senpai.

“Kazumi took ballet from kindergarten until the second year of junior high. She even participated in several performances.”

Ishida, who was just upset with Kazumi-san, exclaimed.

“Kazumi-san, that’s cheating!”

Kazumi-san laughed, handing her stick to Touko-senpai.

“Ishida-kun is confident with rugby, but I’m confident with ballet. That’s all.”


Ishida was still swaying as he handed his stick to me.

“Know thy enemy and know thyself, and you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles. Isn’t that what they say?”

Kazumi-san laughed out loud.

The second match was between me and Touko-senpai.

“Isshiki-kun, I won’t lose, you know!”

Touko-senpai was brimming with spirit.

She is quite stubborn when it comes to losing.

“Ready, go!”

Along with Izumi-san’s shout, I started spinning clockwise, while Touko-senpai spun counterclockwise.

We both finished spinning almost at the same time. We both tried to run towards the watermelon.

However, my legs felt like they were bending, making it hard to run straight.

It seemed like the ground was also spinning.

Just like Ishida, who ran in the wrong direction earlier, it was because of this ground.

(Why could Kazumi-san run so straight?)

With that thought, we both nearly reached the watermelon.

Touko-senpai, as if pulled by me, got closer.

“Aaah, Isshiki-kun, don’t come closer! Don’t come closer!”

“No, it’s not me, Touko-senpai is the one getting closer to me!”

I tried to avoid Touko-senpai. However, my legs didn’t move as I wanted.

It seemed like the same thing was happening to Touko-senpai.


When I thought she would scream like that, she collided with me, and I fell sitting on the sand. My face was right under Touko-senpai’s breasts.

(This situation…)

However, Touko-senpai didn’t care about it and reached out her right hand holding the stick.


There was a light sound like “plock.” It seemed she barely reached the watermelon.

“Yatta! I won!”

Touko-senpai declared satisfied while on top of me.

“Alright, this is Touko-senpai’s victory. So, can you move off me?”

As I grumbled underneath her, she seemed to finally realize it.


With a small shout, she rolled over and hurriedly moved off my body.

Well, you could say I was quite lucky.

I actually intended to give the dessert to Touko-senpai from the beginning.

She didn’t need to go through all that trouble.

The third match was between Karen and Meika-chan.

Karen, ready to dash at any moment, while Meika-chan raised her hand and stretched her body. Both were serious.

“Yo~i, start!”

With a signal from Kazumi-san, both started to spin.

Karen finished spinning first.

It felt like one or two turns short.

But, as expected, Karen also couldn’t run straight.

She moved back and forth, adjusting her direction by walking like crawling.

Meika-chan followed her. She has exceptional reflexes and was a member of the athletic club in high school.

Even in the rules of this game, her exceptional speed could not be leveraged.

However, as they neared the finish line, Meika-chan caught up to Karen.

Meika-chan tried to overtake Karen.

But Karen was not the type to let it happen so easily.

She forcefully pulled on the bikini string that tied around Meika-chan’s back.

“Hey, hey! What are you grabbing there!”

Meika-chan protested loudly.

“Yaa~ Karen seems dizzy. My hand accidentally touched Meika-chan’s bikini string there in front.”

“Ah, no! My bikini will come off! Let go! Please let go!”

Struggling, Akane-chan tried to hold onto her bikini top.

“Oh yeah~ The bikini string got caught in my hand~. Sorry about that~”

Speaking with a transparent excuse, Karen did not let Meika-chan pass her.

The two remained entangled as they moved forward.


Finally, Karen pulled on Meika-chan’s bikini string from behind, and in her moment of confusion, she pushed her with the stick from the opposite direction.

A “thump” sound was heard as the watermelon was hit.

“Yatta~! Karen wins!”

Meika-chan glared at Karen while holding her chest.

“That was really dirty play! You slut!”

“Mianhae~. But it was an unfortunate accident. Besides, there’s no rule that prohibits contact with the opponent, right? Meika-chan being careless is also to blame~”

Seeing Karen like that, I, Touko-senpai, and Kazumi-san all looked at her with shocked expressions.

After that, the six of us went by car for lunch.

First, we headed to a hamburger shop. It’s a famous store that also received many positive reviews on the internet.

Here we enjoyed delicious American-style hamburgers.

After that, we moved to a rest area (actually similar to a market), and ordered the long-awaited Mango Mountain shaved ice the girls had been looking forward to.

Feeling sorry for Meika-chan, I decided to buy it for her.

Oh yes, since I and Ishida were already full from the hamburgers, we just ordered fruit juice.

Since the table was only for four people, the girls sat separately from us, Touko-senpai and me.

“Mmm, delicious~,” Touko-senpai said happily after taking a bite.

“This really knows a girl’s taste. It’s topped with a lot of mangoes, and enough Passion Fruit sauce is poured,” said Kazumi-san.

Meika-chan added with a smile, “There’s also a lot of pineapple in the back! Like shaved ice, it’s crunchy and very delicious!”

“Truly, feeling happiness~,” said Karen.

Meika-chan glared at Karen, “You get to enjoy a dessert obtained through dirty means!”

“Well, it was an unfortunate accident. Besides, the method has nothing to do with the taste. Meika-chan should also be satisfied since she can enjoy this shaved ice now.”

“No! It’s delicious because Yuu-san bought this shaved ice for me thinking of me!”

Meika-chan stuck out her tongue and said, “Oh my, saying that. So the result is good, right!”

Seeing them, I spoke to Ishida, “After eating the hamburger earlier, it’s hard to imagine being able to eat a shaved ice that big.”

“Women often say ‘sweets have their own place.’ Besides, they might have saved room for this and chose a simple hamburger,” said Ishida.

Ishida was right. We ordered double burgers, while the girls only ordered regular hamburgers.

“But still…”

I glanced at Karen.

“Karen, that was too much. To treat a high school girl like that.”

“Don’t underestimate a woman’s obsession with desserts. Meika also often eats my desserts at home,” said Ishida.

“But still…”

“And even Touko-senpai, though she could win by pressing you, she still tried to win. It’s not strange, right?”

Yes, that’s right. It was really surprising. Just for that big a shaved ice.

Maybe it’s better to accept that “that’s how girls think.”

“Hey, what are you whispering about over there?”

Suddenly, Kazumi-san warned me and Ishida.

“No, it’s just a normal conversation.”

“Really? You’re not talking bad about us, right?”

“We’re not speaking ill.”

“It sounded like you were a little bit mocking, you know!”

“Kazumi-san, your hearing is really sharp~,” said Ishida.

“You really said it, didn’t you?”

I panicked, “No, we didn’t say that. Really. Absolutely.”

Kazumi-san smiled thinly while glancing at us from the side.

Meanwhile, Touko-senpai just cast a fleeting glance my way.

Her gentle facial expression made me curious.

After finishing the shaved ice, we returned to the beach.

“Shouldn’t we give the girls a chance to talk by themselves, Karen-chan?”

Karen said while hugging Meika-chan’s shoulder, leading her away to a slightly distant spot.

“Is it okay? Just the two of them… Should I go check?”

I said so, and even though Ishida seemed hesitant, he stopped me.

“At the very least, we can intervene if there’s a commotion… But it might be better for the girls to talk it out themselves. Maybe Karen-chan has something on her mind.”

As Ishida said, they both came back shortly, but by then, Meika-chan had calmed down her anger. She still looked at Karen with suspicious eyes, though.

After lunch, it was time for the SUP (Stand-Up Paddle Boarding) we had booked.

Standing on a large-sized surfboard and moving forward using a long paddle.

Since I had never surfed, I was worried whether I could stand on the board, but after about thirty minutes of practice, I managed. As long as there were no waves, it seemed not too difficult.

Ishida, Kazumi-san, and Meika-chan felt the same way.

Touko-senpai was able to stand easily after kneeling, but she seemed a bit afraid to stand fully.

Karen also stayed on her knees like that.

Seeing us like that, the instructor gave instructions, “Now, let’s set sail. We’ll go slowly, so just follow behind. If it feels difficult, don’t hesitate to tell me immediately.”

“Ahh, Karen, I’m scared of this, I can’t~”

Karen made a “difficult plea” with a loud voice.

“Touko-senpai, could you go with Karen?”

Karen said while hugging Touko-senpai.

“Eh? E-eh. I’m also scared of standing up fully, but going together slowly might be okay…”

Touko-senpai seemed a bit confused.

I was surprised, too. Karen asking for help from Touko-senpai…

After that, for some reason, I often found myself spending time with Meika-chan.

Every time I tried to talk to Touko-senpai, Karen was always near Touko-senpai.

(Although Karen shouldn’t like Touko-senpai that much…)

I found it strange.

But inserting myself between women who were enjoying their time together seemed a bit rude.

I felt somewhat puzzled, but I didn’t say anything.

With feelings like that, we who had enjoyed ourselves to the fullest until the afternoon returned to the villa.

When everyone finished bathing, the barbecue ingredients we had ordered arrived.

“Alright, let’s head to the yard for the barbecue. Ishida-kun, please take these ingredients to the table in the yard.”

The villa was equipped with a barbecue grill and a set of garden tables in its yard.

Following Isumi-san’s instructions, Ishida and I placed the foam boxes of food ingredients on the garden table in the yard.

We prepared the charcoal in the barbecue grill and lit the fire.

By that time, everyone had gathered in the yard.

Ishida opened the box of food ingredients.

“Wow, this is really luxurious!”

Inside, there were beef and pork, Okinawa’s special large fish and shrimp, and also nightlight clams.

Various types of vegetables were also prepared.

“Really, this is luxurious. With this, it should be enough for six people even though Karen and Meika-chan are joining, I was worried the food might not be enough.” I worried.

Kazumi-san answered, “This morning, I had already ordered food supplies to be delivered. We anticipated two extra people, so I ordered enough for six.”

“I’m sorry. I will pay for Meika.”

Ishida said so, and Kazumi-san waved her hand.

“It’s no problem, don’t worry about it. Initially, I had already received more money from my father.”

Karen next to her cheered quietly, “Yay!”

…You could be a bit more humble and offer some money.

While I frowned, Kazumi-san looked into the box.

“Even though I ordered on short notice, they delivered the ingredients as per the first order. This pork looks like island pork, and these turtle shrimps are large, and this crab is a mud crab.”

“These clams are really big. It seems like a real Okinawa specialty.”

Meika-chan said so while pointing to the nightlight clams.

“Meika-chan, this is called a nightlight clam,” Touko-senpai explained.

“Actually, unlike regular clams. Both nightlight clams and clams like rose clams are in the same family, but…”

“Isn’t there any coconut crab? I’ve wanted to try eating coconut crab once in my lifetime,” said Ishida.

“Coconut crab seems to have become scarce on Okinawa Island, right? It’s become an endangered species, and because it can’t be caught in large numbers with nets, it seems rare in the market.”

Kazumi-san picked up a large crab.

“This Mad Crab is also very delicious. Well, let’s start cooking.”

I cooked the beef and Fuefukidai fish. The beef was turned into roast beef, while Fuefukidai was made into instant aqua pazza. Aqua pazza turned out to be quite simple. Just place the white fish sprinkled with salt and pepper on aluminum foil, add olive oil, grated garlic, and small tomatoes or vegetables to taste. Then, just place it on the barbecue grill and serve.

Touko-senpai cooked pork back ribs that she had served at last year’s Christmas Eve party. It was a memorable dish I had tried a few times.

Kauzmi–san was mainly responsible for cooking the seafood.

Although Kazumi-san seemed rough, she was skilled in cooking, especially seafood dishes.

She skillfully cut the fish and night crabs, making sashimi. Some were processed into carpaccio.

Mad Crab was boiled in saltwater, and shrimp were grilled whole.

Ishida made a salad, while Meika-chan and Karen cut French bread and made garlic toast.

All dishes were finished almost simultaneously.

The food was arranged on the garden table.

“Let’s eat!”

Everyone began to eat together.

By chance, the seating arrangement was Ishida-Akane-chan-me, and opposite them were Kazumi-san-Touko-senpai-Karen.

“Touko-senpai’s pork dish is really delicious. You’ve gotten even better.”

“Thank you! Since then, I’ve also learned the sauce on my own. But Isshiki-kun’s aqua pazza is also delicious. It’s not like the usual outdoor cooking.”

“Yes, right. I knew Isshiki-kun was good at cooking from last year’s 1-Day Camp event, but Touko has really become an expert in cooking now. An unexpected progress from before.”

“What do you mean by ‘that’? Did you think I couldn’t cook?”

“No, not like that. Oh, this crab, I’ll take it, okay?”

“Oh, this Mad Crab is amazing, isn’t it? I’ve never eaten a crab this delicious before.”

“True. Especially when eaten with this chili sauce, it’s extraordinary.”

“Well, let’s see, the taste rating will be determined by Karen-chan. Let’s get a dish each~”

With the sunset over the sea as the backdrop, enjoying food together was an extraordinary moment.

Suddenly, I looked to my side, where Meika-chan appeared to be seriously struggling with her crab.

She seemed to have difficulty opening its shell.

“Meika-chan, let me help.”

When I took the crab from Meika-chan, I forcefully cut open the shell using the prepared kitchen scissors. I handed the crab with its white flesh exposed back to Meika-chan.

“Thank you, Yuu-san!”

Happily replying, Meila-chan began to chew on the crab meat very cutely.

(Turns out Meika-chan is really cute. If I had a sister like her…)

As I pondered this, I realized two pairs of eyes were sharply looking at me.

One was Touko-senpai, and the other was Karen.

Karen smiled weirdly with a creepy smile.
“I always felt, Yuu-kun has a bit of a lolicon aura, you know~”

“Me, a lolicon? Based on what do you say that?”

“Well, look, during dates, Karen always changed her clothing style up to the third time. Remember?”

I shook my head. I don’t remember the dressing style during dates with this girl at all.

“I don’t remember at all.”

“First, I dressed like a clean female student. Second, cute attire with a soft Lolita touch. And the third, looked a bit casual. Of course, the makeup was also adjusted.”

“Why would you go through such a complicated thing?”

“To know the type liked by the opponent. By changing appearances like this, the opponent will be surprised, and from that reaction, it can be known which type is most liked.”

“What’s the use of going through all that trouble?”

“A serious match between men and women in romance. You will win better if you gather a little information. And more than that, Yuu-kun gave the best reaction when I dressed Lolita style. So I thought, ‘Yuu-kun likes the lolicon type, likes younger girls.'”

Touko-senpai, who was beside Karen, stared at me sharply.

I panicked. Unconsciously, my voice raised.

“Don’t make conclusions just because of that!”

“Why are you so panicky? It’s no problem, this is just Karen’s view that ‘Yuu-kun seems like that’. Besides, most men are lolicons. Men always want to be on top. They like girls who sincerely admire him, rely on him. It’s a man’s instinct.”

“Such things can’t be generalized.”

“That’s why I said don’t panic. This is an answer based on my personal experience. And to add, men who are only children or have brothers tend to lean more towards this tendency. They hope in their hearts, ‘I want a younger sister who admires me, a cute girl who wants me!’ They carry excessive fantasies onto girls.”

I was silent. Actually, I had thought like that before.

“Women tend to be the opposite. Women who are only children or have sisters want a ‘reliable older brother’. Indeed, men who provide comfort and can be relied on are very attractive.”

‘Reliable older brother’… those words made me feel constricted again.

“So, what are the incompatible combinations?”

Meika-chan asked enthusiastically.

“Single child men with older sisters. Single child men have received full affection from parents, tend to demand a younger sister who admires them. Older sisters who have sisters tend to long for a reliable older brother who can accept everything. The opposite ideal. In my experience, the worst pair is this pattern.”

Karen, proudly saying so, then looked at me.

“Types like you, rather than dating an idolized older sister, it’s better to date a younger girl. Forcing yourself is hard, right.”

(She… even though she said she wouldn’t interfere, still…)

I stared at Karen sharply. But Karen seemed to not care.

Meanwhile, Touko-senpai beside her, unconsciously, turned her gaze away from me and ate with a gloomy attitude.

After that, Touko-senpai did not try to make eye contact with me for a while.

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
My Girlfriend Cheated on Me With a Senior, so I’m Cheating on Her With His Girlfriend

My Girlfriend Cheated on Me With a Senior, so I’m Cheating on Her With His Girlfriend

Kanojo ga Senpai ni NTR-reta no de, Senpai no Kanojo wo NTR-masu, Kanojo NTR (LN), 彼女が先輩にNTRれたので、先輩の彼女をNTRます
Score 7.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
“Touko-senpai! Please have an affair with me!” “Calm down, Isshiki-kun… I won’t be satisfied unless we make those two who cheated on us experience hell itself!” Isshiki Yuu was shocked by his girlfriend cheating on him, so he decided to cheat on her with the girlfriend of the boy who stole his girlfriend, Sakurajima Touko, who also happened to be the senpai he admires. As part of their plan, Touko proposed to have the greatest possible ‘payback’, and so she started to make Yuu into an attractive and popular man with girls!? His choice of clothes, the conversation topics, etc… Yuu finds himself in the middle of a crazy increase in his reputation with the girls; however, his feelings for Touko only continue to grow. As their plan continues to progress, the relationship between the two of them suddenly grows intimate… What is this ‘payback’ that the two who were cheated on will carry out on Christmas Eve?! What is the conclusion that awaits the two of them!? The curtains rise on a love comedy of revenge!


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