📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

V4 My Girlfriend Cheated on Me With a Senior, so I’m Cheating on Her With His Girlfriend Chapter 8

Bedroom Allocation at the Villa

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Chapter 8 – Bedroom Allocation at the Villa

“Oh, I see.”

Kazumi-san nodded.

As the lights came on, me, with my upper body exposed, and Touko-senpai, only wearing a shirt and underwear, were hiding behind the sofa.

Explaining this situation to Kazumi-san and the others, who found this situation suspicious, I recounted the events that happened earlier.

Touko-senpai, who had changed clothes, looked extremely embarrassed, blushing and shrinking ever since. Somehow, it looked pitiful.

Kazumi-san seemed convinced, but the other two did not.

Meika-chan, with an annoyed expression, kept turning her face away and did not utter a single word. Occasionally, she threw blaming glances at me.

On the other hand, Karen, smirking, said, “Really? It seems like you were doing something naughty and got caught.”

“I’ve said, I didn’t do anything! And why is Karen here?”

I glared at Karen as I said that.

When they entered this room, both Akari-chan and Karen were completely soaked.

So, before explaining the situation, Touko-senpai, Meika-chan, and Karen changed into dry clothes.

Then Ishida joined, and I began explaining the situation.

“Karen came to Okinawa for a bridal exhibition photoshoot as part of her part-time job as Miss Muse. The actual shoot will start the day after tomorrow, but since she came all the way here, she thought to tour Okinawa a few days earlier.”

Karen, crossing her arms and raising her right hand, answered proudly.

I knew, she came to Okinawa for a model job. Then, why is she here?

“Then, you must have booked your own hotel, right? You could have stayed there. Why come to this villa?”

“Well, I also made plans to hang out with a friend I met online from Okinawa. But that person turned out to be really different from his photos, like a very old man. Can you believe it?”

Karen expressed her dissatisfaction by raising her voice at the end of her sentence.

“So basically, you met a man through online dating, but when you met him, he wasn’t your type. Why didn’t you just stay alone in your hotel room?”

“Well, you see, they only provided me with a crappy business hotel. Besides, it seemed like an old man was going to break into my room. So, I hurriedly left and, while I was panicking in the hotel lobby, this girl approached me.”

After saying that, Karen pointed towards Meika-chan.

In other words, she let a man take her accommodation, and that’s why she ended up here, fleeing.

“And why did Meika-chan come here?”

“Women’s intuition.”

Meika-chan immediately answered without turning towards me.

“When you taught me before, I asked about your summer plans, and you dodged the question. It made me suspicious. Yuu-san, you planned to go somewhere with Touko-san, right? So, when I investigated it with my brother, I found out you would come to Okinawa.”

Hearing that, I looked at Ishida. Ishida has a loose mouth.

But even Ishida looked surprised as he said, “Didn’t you say you had a prep school training camp? What happened with that?”

“So, I’m here, aren’t I? Okinawa is the location of the training camp!”

Saying that, Meika-chan glared at me this time.

“When I heard that Yuu-san and the others were going to Okinawa, I remembered that one of the prep school’s training camps was in Okinawa. So, I signed up and came here.”

“Then did you run away from that camp? Isn’t that bad?”

“It’s okay. The training camp classes ended today. Besides, I told the prep school teacher from the start that I would meet my brother in Okinawa.”

“That far?”

I was surprised by Meika-chan’s determination.

“So, the hotel where Meika-chan stayed was the same hotel as the one Karen was supposed to stay at. Isn’t it horrible staying in the same hotel as your prep school’s training camp?”

Well, it’s not that bad, is it?

“Karen-san, I was the one who greeted you. At the Miss Muse final, I remember you being the runner-up next to Touko-san. I thought if Karen-san is here, maybe Touko-san and Yuu-san are also here.”

“So Karen found out that Yuu-kun and the others were in the Okinawa villa. She came here thinking to stay with us.”

Karen continued with her explanation.

I glanced at Karen and asked Meika-chan.

“How did you know about the villa’s location?”

“I asked my parents. Our rule is to inform the parents of the lodging place when traveling.”

So, there was no other way. I also told my parents about the trip’s destination.

Even so, Ishida gave an apologetic pose with one hand raised.

“I got here by bus. But I knew the address of the villa, just didn’t know which building it was… So I looked around for a building that seemed like there were people.”

“So, it was Meika-san who looked into the bathroom earlier?”

For the first time, Touko-senpai opened her mouth. She was still a bit red.

“Not looking exactly… Since the window was high, I just wanted to see if there were people or not. But because the lights were out, I couldn’t see anything.”

“Karen tried to look inside from that window. But it was indeed dark, so she couldn’t see.”

So, the handprints on the window glass earlier were Karen’s. But was it not a usual criminal act?

And, Kazumi-san continued her explanation.

“We arrived right there. We knew that everything around here was out of power. I asked Ishida-kun to turn on the electricity generator switch located in the back storage, and we opened the door with a key. That’s why we encountered the situation as before.”

“I tried to call before arriving here, but it seems there’s no signal in this area.”

Ishida added.

Okay, even though the story is long, I finally understand everything.

As Touko-senpai still looked embarrassed, Kazumi-san said to her.

“Touko is quite a scaredy-cat, so when she heard such a story amid the blackout, of course, she got scared.”

“Is the story about the ‘family murder’ really true?”

I asked at that point.

“It’s nonsense. There might have been a similar incident, but at least in this villa, there was no such event. The developer of this villa went bankrupt and it was left abandoned for a while. That’s why so many rumors circulated.”

Just as I suspected, then.

Karen looked around the villa happily and said, “But this is a nice villa, isn’t it? Close to the sea, the building is nice and stylish. Spending time in a villa like this is Karen’s dream!”

What she decided just like that? How arrogant.

“Karen, you can’t stay here. There are only two bedrooms and four beds.”

Karen looked at me with wide eyes.

“How cruel! Would Yuu kick Karen out in the rain like this?”

“The rain will let up soon. I’ll drive you.”

“I said earlier. There might be a man who will attack Karen at the hotel!”

“You chose your fate yourself.”

Karen placed two fingers under her chin and said while tearing up.

“Karen wants to be with Yuu-kun. Now I know how precious Yuu-kun is to me… I think meeting here is a second chance given by God.”

“What’s precious to you isn’t me, but a place to stay, right? And does the second chance given by God mean a chance to stay in a luxury villa?”

“Do you not believe me?”

“To say such a thing at this moment, you’re truly something.”

Touko-senpai looked at Karen with a stunned expression, while Meika-chan regarded her with a suspicious gaze.

Finally, Meika-chan opened her mouth.

“Even though you talk so familiarly, what is Karen-san’s relationship with Yuu-san?”

Ishida responded.

“Karen-chan is Yuu’s ex-girlfriend. They dated from last summer until Christmas Eve. Despite some issues, they broke up.”

Meika-chan’s eyes widened in shock upon hearing this.

“Does that mean she’s the woman who cheated with Yuu-san’s senior in the club?”

“Oh, perhaps so.”

Meika-chan glared sharply at Karen.

“You’ve deceived me!”

Karen replied casually.

“I didn’t deceive you. What was there to talk about?”

Meika-chan’s face reddened, and her cheeks puffed up.

With a condescending tone, Karen said, “When I spoke with Meika-chan, I immediately knew that Meika-chan liked Yuu-kun. I didn’t want her to hate me for being a rival there.”


Meika-chan glared even more sharply at Karen.

Disregarding Meika-chan with an indifferent look, Karen said to me, “Kicking Karen out means kicking Meika-chan out too, right?”


I stuttered.

“It’s not like you’d kick Karen out but give Meika-chan a place to stay, right? Yuu-kun isn’t that cruel, is he?”

“Meika-chan is Ishida’s sister and still a high school student. Asking her to stay alone in a hotel…”

“Everyone’s hearing this, right? Anyway, that would be too cruel, wouldn’t it?”

Karen sought approval from everyone as if this was the right moment.

Kazumi-san, Touko-senpai, even Ishida looked puzzled.

Has this atmosphere made me look like the villain?

Finally, Kazumi-san said with a sigh.

“It’s unavoidable. It’s too late tonight, and with the rain like this outside. There’s no choice but for the both of you to stay here.”

“Great, Kazumi-san! You understand the situation well!”

Damn it… But since Kazumi-san had given her approval, it made no sense for me to argue.

“But what about the sleeping arrangements? There are only two bedrooms, and each has only two beds.”

That was my last stand, but Karen casually answered.

“Oh, Karen doesn’t mind sleeping in the same bed with Yuu-kun. And Meika-chan shouldn’t have a problem sleeping with her brother, right?”




Touko-senpai, Meika-chan, and I almost simultaneously let out a sound.

“Since there are only two beds, it can’t be helped. Yuu-kun, after so long, Karen will sleep with you again!”

She mocked me so blatantly. Touko-senpai stood up and knocked on the table.

“This is unacceptable! It surely cannot be allowed!”

“Touko-senpai, what are you misunderstanding? It’s just sleeping in the same bed, right?”

“But that… a man and a woman sleeping together in the same bed…”

Karen grinned while looking at Touko-senpai.

“Ah, what are you thinking right now. Touko-senpai, how old are you?”

“What are you saying! Mentioning such a thing in front of high school students!”

“I think teenagers these days are already aware of such things. Or do I need to tell you both about the memorable night Karen and Yuu-kun had.”

“You! What are you saying!”

“Wear what, You! Is it appropriate for you to say!”

Touko-senpai’s anger suddenly turned towards me.

Meika-chan, not just me, even Ishida looked panicked.

“Stop this, please!”

Kazumi-san clapped her hands together.

“Karen and Meika-chan will use the other bedroom on the second floor. Yuu-kun and Ishida-kun will sleep on the sofa in the living room. How’s that, good, since we don’t need blankets at this time.”

Everyone stared at Kazumi-san.

Indeed, there was no other way.

“So, Yuu-kun and Ishida-kun, sorry, remove your things from the room and hand it over to Karen and Meika-chan. Dinner’s finished for everyone, right?”

Kazumi-san concluded the discussion by saying that.

Karen showed a victorious face, while Meika-chan looked unsatisfied.

And Touko-senpai… once again, she gave me a gloomy look.

Perhaps because everyone was tired on the first day, after coming out of the bathroom, they immediately went to bed.

Ishida and I slept together on the sofa.

The sofa was L-shaped and quite large, so sleeping together wasn’t too inconvenient.

A while after the lights were turned off, Ishida asked.

“How was Touko-senpai today?”

“At first, it seemed like she was still angry… but at least we made peace, I guess. Although I couldn’t give the gift.”

“Did you apologize?”

“No, there was no apology or the like. There was a bit where I carried her earlier because Touko-senpai suffered an injury, but we could talk well.”

“That’s good then.”

“But in the middle of it, she asked a weird question.”

“What question?”

“How to measure the height of a building with a barometer.”

“A mysterious question?”

“Not a riddle, it seemed like a serious question. It seems like it was a Fermi estimation problem.”

“Why would Touko-senpai ask such a question?”

“I don’t know. She said, ‘You have to find the answer during this trip.'”

“What kind of exchange happened before? It might give a clue, but…”

“An exchange about food. Things that can be eaten differ depending on the region and culture… oh, she also said, ‘It seems like Yuu-kun wouldn’t eat something for the first time even in prehistoric times.'”

“A conversation about food? Maybe it’s not relevant.”

“But it seems like she was thinking about something. Even if it’s Touko-senpai, I think she wouldn’t speak without reason.”

“Maybe so. But, Yuu, don’t forget the mission during this trip.”

“Of course, I remember. ‘To strengthen the relationship with Touko-senpai,’ right?”

“You still say it like that.”

Ishida said with a surprised expression.

“This time’s mission is ‘To confess your feelings to Touko-senpai.’ Just strengthening the relationship is not a clear goal.”

I was silent.

Of course, if Touko-senpai agrees, I want to confess my feelings as soon as possible.

But when it comes to a situation where I have to say it directly…

“Yuu, all this time, there have been many events that brought you and Touko-senpai closer. Now it’s time to make a decision. Without entering the final step, no matter how close you are, it won’t mean anything.”


“Even if your confession is rejected, I think your relationship won’t change. Perhaps, continuing like this will one day spoil your relationship. Like the proverb says, ‘a frog that’s being boiled.'”

“A frog that’s being boiled… Touko-senpai also said the same thing.”

However, her tone of voice… it wasn’t like she was blaming me.

“I understand. Thank you. I’ll make a decision during this trip.”

“If I can help, I’ll support you.”

And that’s how our first night of the Okinawa trip ended.

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
My Girlfriend Cheated on Me With a Senior, so I’m Cheating on Her With His Girlfriend

My Girlfriend Cheated on Me With a Senior, so I’m Cheating on Her With His Girlfriend

Kanojo ga Senpai ni NTR-reta no de, Senpai no Kanojo wo NTR-masu, Kanojo NTR (LN), 彼女が先輩にNTRれたので、先輩の彼女をNTRます
Score 7.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
“Touko-senpai! Please have an affair with me!” “Calm down, Isshiki-kun… I won’t be satisfied unless we make those two who cheated on us experience hell itself!” Isshiki Yuu was shocked by his girlfriend cheating on him, so he decided to cheat on her with the girlfriend of the boy who stole his girlfriend, Sakurajima Touko, who also happened to be the senpai he admires. As part of their plan, Touko proposed to have the greatest possible ‘payback’, and so she started to make Yuu into an attractive and popular man with girls!? His choice of clothes, the conversation topics, etc… Yuu finds himself in the middle of a crazy increase in his reputation with the girls; however, his feelings for Touko only continue to grow. As their plan continues to progress, the relationship between the two of them suddenly grows intimate… What is this ‘payback’ that the two who were cheated on will carry out on Christmas Eve?! What is the conclusion that awaits the two of them!? The curtains rise on a love comedy of revenge!


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