📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

V4 My Girlfriend Cheated on Me With a Senior, so I’m Cheating on Her With His Girlfriend Chapter 6

A Picnic in Okinawa, Just the Two of Us

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Chapter 6 – A Picnic in Okinawa, Just the Two of Us

The first day of our trip to Okinawa…

Only Touko-senpai and I were present at the airport as scheduled.

“Hasn’t Kazumi-san arrived yet?”

When I asked this, Touko-senpai glanced at me briefly with the corner of her eye.

“Now, I’ll try sending a message to her.”

She said this while holding her phone.

(What an awkward situation this is.)

Seeing her like that, I let out a sigh quietly.

Two nights ago, encouraged by Kazumi-san, I sent an apology message to Touko-senpai.

As expected, there was no reply from Touko-senpai.

And in such a state, we welcomed the first day of our trip to Okinawa.

Touko-senpai still looked upset.

Since earlier, she refused to look at me.

Even though we were in the same place, it felt like we were somewhat keeping our distance.

Being together in such a condition was quite painful.

The aura attack from Touko-senpai had already reduced my SAN (Stress and Sanity) by half.

(Kazumi-san, please come soon~)

I shouted in my heart.

Finally, Touko-senpai picked up her phone again.

When she looked at the screen, her eyebrows knitted together.

“What happened?”

I asked hesitantly, and Touko-senpai answered while looking at her phone.

“Kazumi said she can’t come now.”

“Eh, why?”

“She said the documents for the villa investigation haven’t arrived. They say it will arrive by this afternoon.”

“So, what do we do? After all, it’s important that Kazumi-san isn’t here.”

“Kazumi will join later with Ishida-kun. So, she wrote for us to go ahead first.”

“But, don’t we not have the villa’s key?”

“It seems she will join by evening. Besides, the villa’s password seems to be an electronic key, so she has heard it. Originally, we planned to tour around Naha in the daytime, so it won’t affect that plan.”

With that, Touko-senpai took her suitcase.

“We have no other choice. We’ve passed the time that can be changed for the LCC flight… it’s time to check in. Let’s go.”


I also picked up my sports bag.

Touko-senpai had already walked out ahead.

I chased after her with a light jog.

“Hey, I can carry your stuff, you know.”

“It’s fine. I can carry my own things.”

Touko-senpai replied without looking back at me.

Yes, it seems this started from the beginning and feels very deep.

On the plane, Touko-senpai remained silent.

Even though we were sitting side by side, she continued to read a magazine or look out the window without turning towards me.

There was a very tangible “Don’t talk to me” aura.

(Ah, this trip to Okinawa wasn’t supposed to be like this…)

I spontaneously lamented in my heart.

Touko-senpai and I were supposed to talk about the tourist spots we would visit while looking at magazines together, planning our meals, joking around, and laughing together.

With such a pleasant atmosphere, if it could make the mood more intimate, maybe it would create a moment to confess my feelings.

I gently touched the sling bag near me.

Inside, there was a birthday present necklace that I hadn’t been able to give yet.

(With the mood like this, could I possibly give it to her?)

Doubt suddenly arose.

…This is your chance, Isshiki.

Kazumi-san’s words when she first invited me on this trip flashed through my mind.

(Yes, I must not feel pessimistic. I have to try to bring back Touko-senpai’s feelings and try to give this necklace.)

That might be my main mission on this trip.

We arrived at Naha Airport around noon.

The journey from Narita took about three hours. It felt longer for a domestic flight.

This was my first time in Okinawa.

“Naha Airport is quite large for a regional airport, isn’t it?”

I said this while looking around the airport.

Although I rarely visit airports in the region, Naha Airport seemed quite large.

“Naha Airport is an international airport, so even though it includes Haneda Airport, I feel it’s in the top five in terms of user numbers.”

As Touko-senpai said.

When looking at the flight information board, there were quite a lot of international flights in addition to domestic ones.

Most of them are routes from China and Taiwan.

“Are we going to rent a car here?”

When I asked, Touko-senpai shook her head.

“Today we’re only going around Shuri Castle and the Naha prefecture center. So, it’s better to use ‘Yui Rail.'”

‘Yui Rail’ is the nickname for the Okinawa city monorail. It seems to go from Naha Airport through downtown Naha and Shuri Castle to ‘Tedako-Uranishi Station’ near the University of the Ryukyus.

That’s the surrounding information I could find beforehand…

“But, isn’t the villa located in the middle of Main Okinawa? So, wouldn’t it be difficult to go without a rental car?”

The 17-kilometer-long ‘Yui Rail’ definitely won’t reach the central part of Main Okinawa.

Even though there are buses, it might be more practical to use a rental car from the start.

“Naha city often gets congested. So, ‘Yui Rail’ is more convenient for today. Besides, I think Kazumi will rent a car. We don’t need two cars for four people.”

I’m completely a novice about Okinawa. It seems better to follow Touko-senpai’s advice on this matter.


Both of us bought a full-day ticket for ‘Yui Rail.’

The train came quickly. According to the schedule, it runs every five minutes during the morning and evening rush hours, and it seems it will be quite suitable for our trip today.

‘Yui Rail’ is also famous as a tourist transportation method.

The monorail running at a high place offers a good view and is very suitable for sightseeing.

However… Touko-senpai’s mood remained bad.

She looked out with a sullen expression.

I haven’t seen Touko-senpai’s smile today.

(With the mood like this all day, I can’t take it anymore.)

I hope Ishida and Kazumi-san arrive soon.

(Oh yes, Kazumi-san said, ‘I’ll talk to Touko from my own side.’ I wonder what she has said.)

I felt somewhat worried about that.

We arrived at Shuri Station.

“We’ve arrived, let’s get off.”

When I said this, Touko-senpai silently took her carry-on.

We put our belongings in the station lockers, then headed to Shuri Castle Park.

“Shuri Castle is currently in the reconstruction phase, right?”

“Yes, that’s right. But Shuri Castle has been burned down several times. The Shuri Castle that existed until recently was rebuilt after the war, even that happened in the Heisei era.”

“Hey, Shuri Castle is a World Heritage Site, isn’t it? Why does it need to be rebuilt?”

“The World Heritage Site is the ruins of Shuri Castle. The rebuilt Shuri Castle is not included.”

“What a shame. I thought the vivid red of Shuri Castle would look good in photos.”

“The original color of the entire Shuri Castle is not known. According to history, its roof used to be gray.”

“Then, why is the Shuri Castle guide red? I’m sure the roof is also red.”

“Who knows, maybe for tourism purposes?”

While talking like this, we headed towards Shuri Castle.

Although Touko-senpai’s way of speaking still felt cold, maybe it had become a bit more friendly compared to this morning?

We couldn’t see the Main Hall that burned down, but the following gate was very majestic.

After circling Shuri Castle, we headed to the nearby Tamaudun. This place is the tomb of members of the former Ryukyu Kingdom royal family.

“This place is called Gyokuryo, so it looks more like ruins than Shuri Castle, doesn’t it?”


Touko-senpai looked at me with a puzzled expression.

After a moment of thinking, she suddenly laughed while wiping away her tears.

“It’s written as ‘Tamudun’ and read as ‘tamau-dun.'”

“‘Tamau-dun’? How can it be read like that?”

I couldn’t imagine the reading.

Touko-senpai still laughed.

“It doesn’t mean you have to laugh that hard. If read normally, this would be ‘Gyokuryo,’ not ‘Tamau-dun.’ I thought ‘Tamau-dun’ sounded weird.”

“Stop with that ‘Tamau-dun.’ It feels like udon noodles with egg.”

She laughed even harder after that.

I felt like I was being made fun of.

After Touko-senpai laughed for a while, she wiped her tears and said, “This Gyokuryo can also be written as ‘Tamugodin.’ It’s just my guess, but maybe ‘godin’ from ‘goden’ turned into ‘udon’?”

Although it felt like explaining something bizarre, I had no intention of arguing.

The important thing is, if this could slightly improve Touko-senpai’s mood, it’s good.

After briefly touring around Shuri Castle Park, we headed south, to the Royal Stone Road.

This is also a famous tourist spot.

However, because of the old stone road, it was a bit difficult to walk due to the stones.

Additionally, it seemed to have rained last night, making it slippery.

“This is called ‘Shuri King’s Akagi.’ Let’s go.”

“What is ‘Shuri King’s Akagi’?”

“It’s a sacred tree over two hundred years old. It’s a famous place as a power spot.”

As we approached, it felt like entering a tropical rainforest, surrounded by lush and dense trees.

As expected from a place of spiritual power, there was a calm and mysterious atmosphere.

The sacred tree stood within, and nearby, there was something resembling a stone wall named Kumejima-Taki. In the middle of the stone wall, there was an iron net.

“This is Mount Kumejima-Taki, with the east side called Ōdake and the west side Kodake, where the legend of demon hunters still lives.”

“Wow, what’s that story?”

Then, Touko-senpai suddenly looked embarrassed.

“W-well, that, find out about it yourself later.”

When Touko-senpai said that and turned around.


She screamed like that, then quickly backed away and fell.

“What happened?”

When I tried to help her up, Touko-senpai pointed forward, trembling.

“Hiii. A snake, a snake! There, there…”

When I looked in the direction Touko-senpai pointed, there was a large brown snake with black patterns.

It was quite large, possibly more than a meter?

“M, maybe it’s a venomous snake…”

Touko-senpai said, trembling.

The snake slowly approached us.

I observed the snake.

Then I took a nearby tree branch and shooed the snake away with a whistle.

“I, Isshiki-kun. It’s dangerous, if you get bitten…”

While Touko-senpai clung to my arm.

“It’s okay, this might not be a habu, but a non-venomous cobra. Look, the scales on the head are large, there are no fins on the head, and the pattern on the body is larger than that of a habu.”

I explained so.

When I came to Okinawa, I seriously studied about habu.

Of course, I’m not confident enough to identify just from the body pattern, but it seemed not to miss.

The snake raised its head slightly, hesitated for a moment, but eventually disappeared into the bushes on the opposite side.

TL/N: Habu/Snake

Translated from English-Protobothrops flavoviridis is a species of venomous snake endemic to the Japanese Ryukyu Islands. No subspecies are currently recognized. Local common names include habu, Okinawa habu, and Kume Shima habu.

“Are you okay?”

When I tried to help Touko-senpai stand.


Touko-senpai groaned softly and winced.

“What happened?”

“My leg… it seems to be sprained.”

It seems when she backed away, she got tangled by a tree root and fell.

“Can you walk?”

“Yes, it doesn’t seem that bad. If we rest for a bit…”

But, is this a suitable place to rest in this dense forest?

There’s no place to sit, and maybe the snake will appear again.

“There’s a rest area just down here, right? It’s listed in the guide. Let’s rest there. I’ll carry you there.”

“Hey, no need, I can walk by myself.”

“Someone who’s sprained should not move too much. If forced, it will only get worse.”

I said so and bent over, Touko-senpai leaned her body on my back.

“Ugh… are you sure this isn’t too heavy?”

Touko-senpai asked with a worried look on her face.

“It’s okay. It’s much lighter than I imagined.”

I truly felt that way. Turns out girls are indeed light.

In such a condition, we could easily cover a few hundred meters on the stone road.

However, that answer seemed not to satisfy Touko-senpai.
“Does ‘lighter than I imagined’ mean I’m actually fatter?”

“No, not at all. I just find you lighter in general.”

I answered anxiously. I didn’t want her mood to worsen again here.

“If I’m too heavy, just say it.”

“Don’t worry. It’s not too heavy for me.”

Besides… since both of us were wearing thin clothes, I could feel Touko-senpai’s full breasts on my back.

This was an unexpected advantage.

I walked on the stone road thinking, “It would be better if the rest area was further away.”

“Isshiki-kun, physically you seem slim, but like this, turns out you’re quite muscular.”

“Do I, appear that slim?”

“Yes, you seem to have a slender body.”

“Even so, in high school, I played basketball and trained quite a bit. Even now, I still exercise regularly.”

“Oh, that’s not what I meant. I just feel like you’re a real boy.”

(…Touko-senpai’s body, warm, soft, and flexible…)

“It’s my first time being carried by a man like this…”

When I heard her words, I suddenly felt embarrassed.

I continued walking with my head down.

The rest area named ‘Gushikimura-ya’ resembled a local resident’s house, and although it was originally used as a community meeting place, it was also open to ordinary tourists. The building exuded the atmosphere of a traditional Okinawan house.

After making Touko-senpai sit on the veranda, I took out a compress medicine from my waist bag.

“You were prepared?”

“Since I’m a basketball team member, I often get injuries like tripping or spraining. So carrying compress medicine has become a habit when traveling far.”

I said so while applying the plaster to Touko-senpai’s sprained right ankle.

“Thank you. Isshiki-kun, you seem more reliable than usual today…”

She said that, and I felt awkward. I hadn’t done anything great though.

“But, even Touko-senpai, who’s usually calm, can be startled that panic.”

Trying to hide my embarrassment, I said, and that was another minefield.

“Of course. In such a situation, suddenly a snake appears, anyone would be startled.”

She replied with a pouting expression.

I quickly acknowledged that mistake.

“Well, of course. Although Touko-senpai surely knows the difference between habu and other snakes.”

“Don’t expect me to pay attention to a snake for that long! Is there something you don’t like, Isshiki-kun?”

“Me? Hmm, I’m not too fond of snails or leeches.”

Touko-senpai thought with a sharp and dismissive expression.

“Hey, wait a minute. I think earlier when I was carried, there was something on Isshiki-kun’s head…”


“Show me the back.”

After she said that, I turned my back towards Touko-senpai.

“Oh yes, it’s true. It seems like there’s a mountain leech on the back of your head.”


“I’m sorry, I really don’t like touching leeches directly.”

“Wah, wah, wah!”

I stood up quickly and harshly rubbed the back of my neck.

“Does leech fall from trees after the rain or what?”

I tried to shake it off, but the leech didn’t fall.

(Could it be that the leech has entered my clothes?)

I lifted my shirt and checked further.

However, the leech didn’t fall. There were no leeches on the visible areas of my body.

When I looked to the side, Touko-senpai was bent over, holding back laughter.

No way…

“Hahaha, no, it’s a lie. There’s no leech on your body. I was just teasing you!”

Touko-senpai took her long hair and moved her hand to the back of her head.

“I caressed the back of your neck with my hair. Who would rush like that…”

While laughing like that, Touko-senpai seemed to relish her victory.

“Why does the joke feel a bit mean?”

“Sorry. But, Isshiki-kun teased me about the snake, so I thought I’d get back at you… it’s a draw.”

(That wasn’t a fair way to settle it…)

Although I still felt annoyed, I sat next to Touko-senpai.

In my ear, she whispered, “But, Isshiki-kun panicking was also cute.”

Unconsciously, I fell silent.

With words like that, I couldn’t get angry anymore.

Suddenly, I looked at the sky, clouds were growing rapidly.

It was dark, and heavy rain quickly poured down.

It might turn into a storm.

“It looks like it’s going to rain. We should take shelter here for a while.”

Touko-senpai whispered like that.

Touko-senpai and I sat on the veranda, watching the rain.

It felt like time was passing leisurely.

Now, in this place, there was no one but the two of us.

No sign of people around.

Just me and Touko-senpai, it felt like we were wrapped in a different dimension.

It made me feel very comfortable. I wanted it to continue like this…

(Is now the chance to give the gift?)

I thought about it, but suddenly giving a gift and saying, “This is your birthday present” would definitely feel weird.

(Is there a good topic related to birthdays?)

I searched for words while watching the rain.

But the right topic did not come up.

In a deadlock, Touko-senpai started the conversation first.

“Hey, Isshiki-kun, do you know about the story of the boiled frog?”

“The boiled frog?”

“Yeah. ‘A frog, if placed directly into boiling water, will be shocked and escape, but if placed in water at normal temperature and the water’s temperature is raised gradually, it will lose the time to escape and ultimately die…’ that’s the story.”

I’ve heard that story before. A business class lecturer once mentioned it in college.

It seems to be a metaphor for criticizing “employees who are satisfied with the current situation and avoid crises.”

“I know that story. But in reality, if you put a frog directly into boiling water, it will die instantly. And if the water’s temperature is raised gradually, the frog will escape just in time.”

Then, Touko-senpai said carefully.

“Yeah, that’s right. Moreover, frogs don’t know whether the water in the pot is boiling or normal.”

I was confused by what she meant…

Before I could ask, Touko-senpai’s phone rang.

She checked her phone and exclaimed in surprise.

“Tokyo’s weather is bad, and my flight is delayed!”


At that moment, my phone also rang.

I read it, and it was a message from Ishida.

It seems the content was “The flight from Haneda is delayed due to bad weather.”

“Kazumi says she might not be able to leave today.”

Indeed, a storm was approaching, but the forecast stated it wouldn’t hit Japan directly.

“Is it safe without her? Even though she said, ‘Tell me the villa’s lock code. I’ll feel secure knowing you have it,’ this morning.”

“The place is already known… but entering the villa without Kazumi might be impolite…”

Touko-senpai looked confused.

(…But, if that happens, tonight I will be alone with Touko-senpai…)

Unconsciously, my heart rate surged.

Perhaps one could consider separate rooms if we were staying at a hotel, but if it’s a villa…

(No, the rooms in the villa are already separated from the beginning, so there’s no need for strange expectations.)

“It looks like the rain is about to stop.”

With that, Touko-senpai gazed at the sky.

It seems it was just a brief shower; now the rain had subsided, and sunlight began to shine through the clouds.

“It’s almost evening, how about we head towards downtown Naha for now?”

With Touko-senpai’s words, I quickly nodded, coming back from my daydream.

After waiting for the rain to stop completely, we left Kumejimaya.

Although I wanted to help her again, she refused, saying, “I’m embarrassed to go to the station like this.” When I suggested calling a taxi, she said, “I’ve rested, so I’m fine.”

So, we walked while holding hands, and it seemed light for Touko-senpai as she said.

We returned to the Yui Rail from Shuri Station and got off at Makishi Station.

We walked straight along Kokusai Dori. It’s the main street in Naha.

The cityscape felt different from Honshu.

While walking and looking at the shops on Kokusai Dori, Touko-senpai stopped in front of a souvenir shop. It seemed there was a particular character there.

“What’s this?”

When I asked, she pointed to one of the small items displayed in the shop.

“This is Shisa, cute, isn’t it?”

“Eh, this is Shisa?”

In my mind, Shisa was a creature like a lion-dog with a face like a temple guardian dog.

TL/N: Shisa (シーサー, Okinawan language: siisaa) (shishi or shisaa) is a traditional decorative statue of the Ryukyu people, usually a pair, resembling a mix between a lion and a dog, from Okinawan mythology. Typically, people place a pair of shisa on the roof of their house or flanking their gate.

“It looks cute in souvenir form. How about we buy one as a memento?”

To be honest, I wasn’t too fond of the cuteness, but it might become a memory with Touko-senpai.

“Alright, I’ll also take one as a memento.”

“Since we’re here, how about we select and exchange them?”

“I’ll choose Touko-senpai’s Shisa, right?”

“Yes. I think it will be a good memory if we exchange.”

(In a place like this, we seem quite like children.)

I answered with a slightly weird smile while looking at the Shisa statues.

“Make sure to choose one that suits me.”

Saying that, Touko-senpai also looked carefully at the rack. I also chose something so she couldn’t guess my selection.

Touko-senpai and I each bought the Shisa we selected and left the shop.

“Now, let’s exchange. Here, this is your Shisa!”

“Yes, this is Touko-senpai’s Shisa!”

With that, we exchanged the Shisa we bought for each other.

When we opened the bag…


We both exclaimed at the same time.

What we chose turned out to be a pair of Shisa for each other.

A blue Shisa with an open mouth and a pink Shisa with a closed mouth.

Both of them smiled with heart-shaped tails.

“We both chose the same pair of Shisa, huh.”

“Yes. But somehow, I’m glad.”

“True also. These Shisa might also be happy to be together.”

Touko-senpai and I smiled at each other while making eye contact.

It felt somewhat happy.

As we laughed, my stomach suddenly made a “rumbling” sound.

I realized the sound of my stomach.

“Oh yeah, I’m feeling hungry. We don’t know when Kazumi and the others will come, so how about we eat first?”

Touko-senpai said.

“Yes, it seems like a good idea.”

“Isshiki-kun, what do you want to eat?”

“I don’t have any specific desires, but if possible, I want to try something typical of Okinawa…”

“Steak, hamburger, Okinawa soba… There are many options, but how about we try the famous Makishi Public Market? They say there are many rare seafoods that can only be eaten in Okinawa.”

Makishi Public Market is quite famous. I also wanted to try it.

“That’s a great idea. There, we can choose ingredients on the first floor, then have them cooked and served on the second floor, right?”

“Yes, it’s called ‘Mochiage,’ I think. Then, let’s go to the market. There might still be a chance to try Okinawa soba.”

With that, we went to Makishi Public Market.

The first floor was filled with various food ingredients.

Not only pork, but also various parts like mimiga (pig’s ear), chiraga (pig’s face skin), and pig’s feet were neatly arranged. There was also hanging goat meat, either in pieces or a whole leg.

Fish were also colorful, with striking bright colors.

As someone who is used to seeing fish with neutral colors on the mainland, I hesitated, “Can this be eaten?”

“Is there something you want, Isshiki-kun?”

Touko-senpai asked, but the fish I usually eat like tuna, bonito, amberjack, salmon, sanma, aji, and the like. I didn’t know which of these brightly colored fish would be delicious.

“Please choose, Touko-senpai.”

At least she must know more than I do.

Touko-senpai selected fish like irabucha (a type of pomfret), miibai (a type of fish), gurukun (a type of fish), and haisenbon (a glowing sea snail).

After ordering, we headed to a restaurant on the second floor.

After a while, the fish we selected on the lower floor were served.

There was irabucha sashimi, miibai an-kake, tori-age gurukun, and haisenbon, along with fish bone soup.

Everything was much more delicious than I imagined.

I had heard that fish in the southern sea had a strong taste, but that wasn’t true.

“Looking from below, I was anxious about the taste, but this is delicious.”

“Yes, brightly colored fish like this, we definitely can’t eat this in Tokyo.”

“Eating here was the right decision. It seems in tourist places, we should try the local food.”

“Everything adds to the experience, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, right. Oh yes, Westerners often say, ‘It’s hard to believe Japanese people eat octopus.'”

“Conversely, Japanese people in the Edo period couldn’t even imagine eating beef.”

“But, thinking about someone who first tried to eat sea cucumber or hoya, that’s amazing, isn’t it?”

“Isshiki-kun, you’re always cautious. I think, even in prehistoric times, you wouldn’t eat something you’ve never tried before.”

After saying that, Touko-senpai seemed to remember something.

“What’s wrong?”

“Hmm, Isshiki-kun, now I’ll give you a quiz.”

“Eh, a quiz?”

I thought it was a bit sudden.

“When we went skiing before, you gave me a psychological test, right? So, now it’s my turn.”

“Is this a psychological test again?”

“No, it’s not. This is a real question. I think it’s a university exam question from abroad or something.”

“Can I answer a question like this here?”

“It’s okay. It’s not a question that requires special knowledge or calculations.”


“Well, let’s start. How do you measure the height of a building using only one tool, a barometer?”


I thought for a moment. One answer immediately came to mind, but this is Touko-senpai. It couldn’t be such an easy answer like that.

“The answer to this question is not just one. It’s also not a question seeking the correct answer. So, you’re free to answer as you wish.”

She made it clear that this question is similar to Fermi questions like “How do you move Mount Fuji?”

More than the answer itself, this question evaluates logical thinking ability.

So, it might be best to voice the common answer first. But it has to be a more specific answer than the common one.

“Well, starting from the common answer. We can measure the height of the building by measuring the air pressure on the ground floor and the roof, and then calculate the difference.”

“The common answer. With that method, we can measure the height of tall buildings, but what about buildings as tall as five floors? And if the weather changes, we might not be able to measure it again, right?”

Her response was as I expected.

The challenge now is how to find a trace of solutions to answer her question from here.

However, at that moment, another idea did not come to my mind.

“You don’t have to answer now. If you can find the answer during this trip, that will be enough.”

With that, Touko-senpai smiled mysteriously.

What answer is she expecting from me?

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
My Girlfriend Cheated on Me With a Senior, so I’m Cheating on Her With His Girlfriend

My Girlfriend Cheated on Me With a Senior, so I’m Cheating on Her With His Girlfriend

Kanojo ga Senpai ni NTR-reta no de, Senpai no Kanojo wo NTR-masu, Kanojo NTR (LN), 彼女が先輩にNTRれたので、先輩の彼女をNTRます
Score 7.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
“Touko-senpai! Please have an affair with me!” “Calm down, Isshiki-kun… I won’t be satisfied unless we make those two who cheated on us experience hell itself!” Isshiki Yuu was shocked by his girlfriend cheating on him, so he decided to cheat on her with the girlfriend of the boy who stole his girlfriend, Sakurajima Touko, who also happened to be the senpai he admires. As part of their plan, Touko proposed to have the greatest possible ‘payback’, and so she started to make Yuu into an attractive and popular man with girls!? His choice of clothes, the conversation topics, etc… Yuu finds himself in the middle of a crazy increase in his reputation with the girls; however, his feelings for Touko only continue to grow. As their plan continues to progress, the relationship between the two of them suddenly grows intimate… What is this ‘payback’ that the two who were cheated on will carry out on Christmas Eve?! What is the conclusion that awaits the two of them!? The curtains rise on a love comedy of revenge!


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