📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

V4 My Girlfriend Cheated on Me With a Senior, so I’m Cheating on Her With His Girlfriend Chapter 1

Yuu, Having Drinks with His Campus Friends

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Chapter 1 – Yuu, Having Drinks with His Campus Friends

“This summer, I’m definitely going to lose my virginity!”

With that declaration, a tall-hatted man with glasses clinked his beer glass on the table.

“Me too. I’ve started getting close to a girl at my workplace. I’m going to make it happen this summer.”

The man with sleek hair also declared his resolve.

As for me… while watching those two, I quietly sipped on my ginger ale.

Beside me was Ishida, who was searching for summer doujinshi events.

This is an izakaya near the campus.

After the last lesson of the day, I was invited out for drinks. The tall-hatted man, named Nishihama, seems to have good grades in general subjects. The sleek-haired man, named Yamauchi, is skilled in drawing and practical subjects. Since he also likes to collect figures, he has a lot of conversations with Ishida.

I excel in programming and information processing subjects, while Ishida is an expert in his specialized subjects.

So, we often gather like this and help each other out before exams.

Though more than half of the conversation is complaints about classes and talks about women.

Today, we initially discussed exam material, but an hour later, we switched topics to “how to spend this summer (with women).”

“Anyway, most friends from my hometown already have experience.”

Nishihama complained.

Yamauchi continued.

“Even in high school, it was understandable, but many from elementary school already had girlfriends. Almost all the delinquent kids had girlfriends. Some even live together.”

“It’s not that I’m in a hurry, but when you see someone who makes you think ‘why can he have a girlfriend?’ it does make me curious.”

(Oh dear, you’re definitely in a hurry)

In my heart, I gave such a retort.

“So, although I’m twenty years old, not having any experience is a bit…”

Yamauchi’s words made Nishihama glare at him sharply.

“Are you, picking a fight with me? Just because you’re still ten years old.”

“I said it casually, but you get it, right?”

“I’m really annoyed. It’s time for Yamauchi to pay up.”

“You’re really petty. That kind of selfishness is why you can’t get a woman.”

“I had a girlfriend until last year. Don’t say things like that to someone who’s always alone.”

“But you’re still inexperienced, right? There’s no big difference between me and you.”

Laughing, I reached for the skewers in front of me.

Of the four of us here, Ishida and Nishihama are twenty years old, while I and Yamauchi are nineteen years old.

(By the way, when the exams are over, it’s also Toshiko Senpai’s birthday. …I was born on August 3rd. Right in the middle of the summer holiday. So, I’ve never celebrated my birthday with friends or had such experiences…)

(…Then, I’ll celebrate your next birthday…)

(…Yes, I’m looking forward to it…)

That was a promise made when I celebrated “Christmas just the two of us” with Senpai in February.

Senpai, do you still remember that?

“Ishiki, why have you been silent for so long?”

With Nishihama’s words, my reminiscing was interrupted.

They both stared at my face sharply.

“It’s nothing, it’s okay.”

But they both kept pressing.

“It’s not a serious matter. The lucky guy from the first class at Joshi Kosei!”

“Yeah, you who were once by the side of Sakurajima Touko, who won Miss Muse and became the runner-up, Mitsumoto Karen, your ex!”

“Really envious, how do you manage to befriend beautiful girls like that one after another? Teach me your secret!”

They approached me eagerly.

“If there was such a secret, I’d rather you told me.”

Gasping for breath, I responded like that, and Ishida, who was beside me, looked at me with a suppressed laugh.

Ishida knows that my relationship with Touko-senpai hasn’t progressed at all.

“This guy, seems like he just wants to enjoy his own happiness!”

“Damn, what’s the difference between me and Ishiki!”

Ishida, who had been silent till now, finally spoke up.

“Yuu has been popular since high school. That’s our difference, right?”

“Eh, really?”

Unconsciously, I responded like that myself.

I don’t recall ever being popular among women.

Actually, during junior high and high school, those popular among women were more conspicuous and prominent individuals, like Kamokura…

“Maybe Yuu wasn’t the type to be popular from the start,” Ishida commented while holding his highball.

“But starting from around before the summer holiday, his popularity began to rise, and by fall, he had become quite popular among the female students in class. Though not the most popular, his position was likely favorable in the eyes of women thanks to his kindness and friendliness, I believe.”

“But me, I’ve never once been approached or asked out by a girl.”

“Indeed, when the atmosphere in the class begins to improve, it’s hard to formally acknowledge one’s feelings. Acknowledging feelings, whether successful or not, can damage the pre-existing human relationships.”

Hearing this, Nishihama looked puzzled.

“But that means, Yuu has always been in the position of ‘more than friends, but less than lovers’, right?”

“You could say that,” Ishida easily admitted. Looking unbothered, he returned to his smartphone.

But actually, I wanted him to refute it a bit.

“By the way, Ishiki, were you actually dating Sakurajima Touko?”

Nishihama asked directly. This guy is somewhat impudent.

“We were not dating.”

I said without enthusiasm.

“But you even gave a support speech at Miss Muse, right? On Christmas Eve last year, rumors spread that you two went to a hotel together.”

Last fall, I found out that my then-girlfriend, Karen Mitsumoto, was cheating.

The person she cheated with was a senior in the same club, Tetsuya Kamokura.

Kamokura’s girlfriend at the time was Sakurajima Touko-senpai.

I told Touko-senpai, “I want you to cheat with me as revenge.” But at that time, she proposed, “Not like that, we should carry out a revenge that’s significant enough to shake those involved,”

Thus, Touko-senpai and I devised a meticulous revenge plan, and on Christmas Eve last year, we revealed Karen and Kamokura’s infidelity in front of all club members.

Setting aside the confused Kamokura, Touko-senpai and I went to a hotel together.

But we only “went to the hotel,” nothing more happened between Touko-senpai and me.

After that, a lot happened, but our relationship did not progress.

In the spring, we both even participated in the university beauty contest, Miss Muse.

We worked together to defeat Akane, the former campus queen.

Our relationship, of course, was not just a senior-junior relationship.

But even so, we haven’t reached a clear stage like lovers.

“I saw you both together in the cafeteria recently, but it felt like there was a wall, or maybe a stiff atmosphere. At least, the way you talk doesn’t seem like a couple.”

Startled, Yamauchi, that kid, hit me in a sore spot.

“Even so, I’m envious. Sakurajima Touko, really on par with idols or actresses. Also with a smart and clean appearance.”

“Moreover, her body style equals that of a gravure model. How can Ishiki get close to beautiful women like that one after another? Did you accumulate goodness in a past life?”

Nishihama and Yamauchi freely talked about Touko-senpai, and I just listened with a blank mind.

…Just like now, merely being near Touko-senpai. It seems I’m not much different from others.

Seeing this, Ishida occasionally threw glances at me in between his smartphone checks.


“You got teased by Yamauchi and the others earlier,” Ishida suddenly said on the train home.

“You heard that, huh. You pretended not to notice. Then, you should have defended me.”

“If I intervened there, they would have teased more about Yuu and Touko-senpai, right?”

Ah, so Ishida was silent earlier so the conversation wouldn’t escalate further.

“Maybe so. Nishihama and Yamauchi do like to tease people.”

I sighed tiredly, and Ishida looked at me.

“But the current situation between Yuu and Touko-senpai, it’s really nonsensical, isn’t it?”

“What do you mean by ‘nonsensical’?”

“Well, yeah. You successfully took revenge on the cheating couple. That night, you even went together to a hotel. The snowy weather also felt nice. And you even managed to work together and win in Miss Muse.”

Ishida counted by touching his fingers.

“With so many romance-sparking events, but you’re still not dating and haven’t even kissed, it’s nonsensical. If it were an adult game, you would have done it at least three times.”

“Don’t compare adult games with reality!”

I sighed deeply.

“But I also want to get closer to Touko-senpai. But when I try to get closer, it feels like Touko-senpai keeps her distance. I’m worried that if I push too hard, even the current relationship could be ruined…”

“Yuu has understandable feelings… But you’ve been saying that for more than half a year.”


“What I’m worried about is, if you keep being ‘the subordinate who obeys anything to the idolized senior,’ it will end up like that.”

It felt like a lead ball pierced my heart.

Actually, deep down, I was also afraid of that.

“It seems like the relationship between men and women needs timing. If you miss that moment, you might just become friends who can talk about anything.”

“Just becoming friends who can talk about anything…”

“Currently, it’s most likely going to end up like that. What Yuu aims for isn’t to be beer-drinking friends when you’re 30 years old, right?”

Of course, as Ishida said.

What I hope for isn’t to become Touko-senpai’s best female friend. I want to be her boyfriend, to make her solely mine.

“Maybe this summer is the right time to change course?”

I didn’t answer Ishida’s words, just remained silent.

But in my heart, I strongly agreed.

Yes, it’s meaningless if we continue like this.

Indeed, losing the current relationship with Touko-senpai is scary, but staying in the current position isn’t what I wish for.

“Actually… I’ve been thinking about something.”

“What is it, what are you thinking about?”

I hesitated for a moment, then finally revealed it.

“In February this year, when we both ‘repeated Christmas,’ we promised to celebrate birthdays together.”

“Oh, really?”

Ishida asked enthusiastically.

“And, I thought, maybe then I’ll confess my feelings to her.”

“Wow, finally!”

Ishida cheered exaggeratedly.

But seeing his reaction, I immediately said in a hurry.

“But it doesn’t mean I’ll definitely say it. I just want to see the situation and atmosphere with Touko-senpai, and if possible, I’ll say it…”

I ended the sentence hesitantly.

“That’s good too. Indeed, it might not change so quickly. But if you’re thinking of saying it ‘this summer,’ it will definitely be better.”

As Ishida said.

I don’t want to continue this kind of relationship for too long.

This summer, it must… it must be this time…

I motivated myself with that thought.

[POV Touko] Girls’ Pajama Party.

“Today, let’s drink until we’re drunk, yeah~!”

Mina exclaimed with full enthusiasm.

In front of me, there were donuts mixed with chocolate and cakes, accompanied by cheese, bacalao, karupasu, persimmon seeds, and atarime.

These snacks might seem mismatched for such an occasion, but this is a girls’ pajama party: the spicy food lovers group with Kazumi and Mina, as well as the sweets lovers group with me and Manami.

“Touko-san, will your first drink be beer? Or perhaps a canned soda?”

Mixing drinks with ramen also sounds interesting. Maybe it’s better to have one can here.

“Do you have Grape Sour?”

“Yeah, we do.”

“Okay, I’ll have that.”

Mina took a can of Grape Sour from the shopping bag and handed it to me.

Today, the third-year girls from the club have gathered for a pajama party.

“The exams are over, right? Before the summer holiday, let’s talk all night. It’ll be at my place.”

This plan was proposed by Mina.

Although it was just the four of us as usual: Mina, Manami, Kazumi, and me.

I thought we would gather in cute pajamas, but it turns out Kazumi and Mina wore more casual clothes than I imagined. Mina even wore thin socks she uses daily, while Kazumi looked totally like a guy in a T-shirt and shorts.

Only me and Manami were in pretty cute pajamas.

It was a bit embarrassing.

“Today was scheduled as a pajama party, wasn’t it? Are those your pajamas, Kazumi, Mina?”

Mina looked at me with a puzzled expression, while Kazumi just stared at me with a confused face.

“These are the thin socks I wore in high school. They’re comfortable, so I always wear them at home.”

Mina pulled up the hem of her sweater and said “Right,” exposing her stomach and even her bra.

“I’m also wearing a shirt I bought somewhere. Oh, and the bottom is men’s underwear. This summer is the best without feeling damp.”

High school sweaters and men’s underwear…

With that lack of femininity, I lost the spirit to say something.

However, according to Kazumi, “Touko-san’s ladylike score is 40,” he said.

But this time, Mina responded.

“Touko-san and Manami-san are wearing quite attention-grabbing pajamas. Are they for a summer event?”

“Huh? A summer event?”

As I was slightly confused, Manami chuckled softly.

“Maybe that’s also true. If we don’t get a guy this summer, it might be difficult in the future.”

“Right~. After the second half of the third year, we might have to start job hunting.”

“Of course. This summer, club trips and seminars might be the last chance in college.”

Hearing their conversation, Kazumi smiled bitterly.

“No, it seems like this is the last chance.”

However, Manami quickly countered it.

“We can’t say that so lightly. We don’t know if we’ll get a job before the summer of the fourth year or not. Once we become workers, there might not be any more time for us to find a lover.”

“Oh, is that so? Maybe we can find a partner among fellow students in the same year as us.”

“But it’s not that easy. Fellow students just compete with each other. Besides, workplace relationships aren’t always reliable.”

Mina also agreed with Manami’s words.

“My cousin’s older sister also said the same thing. ‘If you want to marry early, it’s important to find a partner while still a student.'”

“Yeah, I hope to marry around 25, at the latest by 29.”

… Marriage, huh…

I listened to Manami’s words and felt somewhat bewildered.

Actually, I tend to have a desire for marriage. I also dream of wearing a wedding dress.

When I talk to others, they would say, “Eh, I thought Touko-san would definitely be the type ‘not interested in marriage'”, so I don’t talk about it much…

“Kazumi, where will you work after graduation?”

Mina asked Kazumi. Mina and Kazumi are both from the economics faculty.

“I’ll work at my father’s office. My father is a certified accountant, so initially, I wanted to get a tax accountant qualification. I plan to pass the ledger and financial report exam while still a student.”

“That’s nice, having it decided already. I might just look for a regular job. If possible, I’d like to enter a trading company, but the competition is high.”

Then, Mina looked at me.

“Touko-san, how about you?”

“Eh, me? Hmm, for now, I plan to continue to the next level, maybe a Master’s…”

Manami grabbed a piece of cake while speaking.

“In your Miss Muse speech, you said, ‘I want to be someone who can contribute to the world. I want to work in the energy field.’ So, after college, maybe work in a multinational company?”

Graduate school… that’s one of the things confusing me right now.

And in response to Manami’s question, it turns out Kazumi was quicker than me.

“Touko-san once said she wanted to go to graduate school, right?”

“Eh, Touko-san, are you planning to study abroad?”

Mina was surprised.

“I haven’t fully decided yet…”

“Graduate school and then working at a multinational company, huh. It seems like Touko-san is far from thoughts about marriage.”

I looked at Manami with a mild expression.

“Hey, don’t make random assumptions.”

Mina seemed to ponder for a moment with a teasing look on her face.

“Touko-san, how is your relationship with Ishiki-kun?”

My heart raced.

Yes, another matter that’s been confusing me.

“The relationship between Touko-san and Ishiki-kun has a strong atmosphere, but it feels like there’s no further development.”

Mina said, and Manami also joined in.

“I feel that too! Ishiki-kun is interested in Touko-san, that’s for sure, but somehow he seems hesitant. Although Touko-san doesn’t distance herself from Ishiki-kun, there’s a feeling of keeping distance between you two.”

Ibuki looked at me without saying anything. But he didn’t show signs of wanting to speak.

“Even at club parties, I doubted if there really is a relationship between you two. It feels like an unanswered question.”

“Yeah, Touko-san seems a bit awkward about it.”

“When it comes to ‘adult-themed’ topics, Touko-san always dodges them excessively. Like talking with a serious high school girl.”

“A reaction of a college student, right?”

Although I felt slightly annoyed, I was inexplicably restless.

“That’s not something you should just casually reveal to others!”

But this time, Mina said in a relaxed tone.

“If Touko-san isn’t interested, how about I try approaching Ishiki-kun?”


“I’ve been interested in him since we were freshmen.”

Manami also chimed in.

“That’s true. He’s handsome and well-proportioned, his personality is gentle and very friendly.”

“If you want a boyfriend, he’s the right type. It seems he would listen to anything his girlfriend says, can cook as well. Maybe I should also try approaching him.”

“What are you talking about!”

I shouted unconsciously.

“No need to talk about it so casually! As if Ishiki-kun is an object!”

“Hahaha, it’s rare to see Touko-san panic like this!”

Mina said while laughing.

It seems I just became their laughing stock.

“But even if I don’t approach him, maybe other girls are interested in him. In fact, this year a new female student who joined the club seems to like Ishiki-kun.”

“Yes, that’s true. The new members and freshmen might approach him without hesitation, because they don’t know about the previous cases,” Mina and Manami said, unsettling my heart.

Indeed, Ishiki-kun was originally quite popular among women.

As my friends said, he has a handsome face with a cute style, his personality is gentle and not forcing someone.

He is a humble man to be around.

And more importantly… I was the one who guided him to become ‘that type of man.’

“But, in the club, we, the third-year girls, are considered ‘untouchable’, right? The men’s eyes are already set on the fresh new female students.”

Mina said that with a half-astonished and half-regretful expression.

“Not like Karen, but this year there are also some pretty attractive girls.”

Manami nodded in agreement, touching her lips to the beer can.

“If Touko-san takes too long, maybe Ishiki-kun will be taken by someone else.”

“I’m not taking too long or anything…”

“In the end, men tend to be drawn to women who are easily approachable,” thought Mina.

(Of course, Ishiki-kun wouldn’t do something like that…)

However, that rebuttal only stayed in my heart.

If I say something now, most likely I would just become a joke to them.

After mixing their drinks with ramen, somehow, Mina and Manami were already lying on the floor before the date changed.

Only Kazumi and I remained.

“About the conversation earlier…”

Kazumi began to speak while holding some food.

“I respect your wishes, but I’m still curious about your current relationship with Ishiki-kun.”

“My relationship with Ishiki-kun?”

While still holding the first can of wine in my hand, I asked back.

Kazumi, holding a piece of frog meat in his mouth, seemed thoughtful.

“Ishiki-kun appears weak as Manami said, but I think he’s trying hard to get Touko-san. That weakness might be because he’s considering Touko-san’s feelings.”

Indeed, I also felt it.

Maybe the reason he hasn’t gotten too close is that he respects my feelings.

(But, sometimes he’s too weak…)

It seems I don’t want him to be like Tetsuya or others, but if he really likes me, I hope he could show more spirit.

“How does Touko-san herself feel about Ishiki-kun?”

“What do you mean by ‘how’?”

“In this context, the only meaning it has is ‘Does Touko-san like Ishiki-kun or not’. Of course, as the opposite sex. Answers like ‘as a friend’ or ‘as a junior’ are not needed.”

I hesitated for a moment before answering.

Of course, if asked whether I like him or not, the answer is definite.

However, there’s something inside me that doesn’t want to acknowledge it.

Not because of pride or anything like that.

But to make it clear… feels scary.

Is it because my past love experience has made me timid?

“Well, it’s not something that should be forcefully revealed. It’s better to happen naturally, the ups and downs of one’s own feelings… After all, the feelings of the other party are also involved…”

“Oh, I see. Well, I’ve understood enough from Touko-san’s words now.”

Kazumi only spoke while swallowing the frog meat.

“Wait a minute. Don’t assume you understand so freely!”

“You and I have been friends for a long time. I think I understand enough.”

But Kazumi’s words are not acceptable to me.

I firmly reject it.

“I know that Touko-san is not the type to intend to do something like that. But, what if others see it that way?”

“People who see it that way are strange!”

“Well, I want to ask, will Touko-san date Ishiki-kun in the future? Regardless of whatever happens, even if you meet someone else in the future?”


“Ishiki-kun clearly likes Touko-san seriously. Yet, he respects Touko-san’s feelings and waits for Touko-san to accept his feelings. So, will Touko-san reciprocate his feelings?”

“That… if he always likes me…”

“Really? Even though you don’t know who you will meet in the future? Even if there’s someone who matches you perfectly?”

“I can’t date someone else while waiting for him like that.”

“So, you will open your heart and date Ishiki-kun when that time comes? I think that’s disrespectful to him. But if so, why not now?”

I inadvertently bowed my head.

What Kazumi said had a pinch of truth.

If I really want to date Ishiki-kun, why not do it now?


“Just because of that, it doesn’t mean I can date anyone. There’s also the matter of timing that needs to be considered.”

“I understand about there being a right time. Though so far, I think there have been several opportunities.”

Yes, there should have been several opportunities.

Yet, among them all, he never dared to confess his feelings to me.

“Maybe Ishiki-kun is not serious enough to confess his feelings to me…”

“Or maybe Touko-san cunningly never gave him a chance to say it?”

I stared sharply at Kazumi.

He’s been too meddling in our relationship today. It feels strange for Kazumi, who usually rarely talks about love, to speak like this.

And… if he continues speaking like this, I might become more conscious when meeting Ishiki-kun next.

“Why is Kazumi speaking like this, especially today?”

Kazumi had already reached for his third can of drink.

“Honestly, I feel sorry for Ishiki-kun. And I’m curious about what Touko-san is holding back.”

“What I’m holding back?”

Kazumi opened his can of drink while speaking.

“Previously, has Touko-san ever been obsessed and failed once… that’s what you’re thinking, right?”

I bit my lower lip.

It was a memory that I myself didn’t want to remember.

“Can’t you still forget that man?”

Kazumi’s words stirred up memories that have been a restraining stone in my heart.

The location was a local café. When we arrived, Kazumi-san and Touko-senpai were already there.

Touko-senpai, for some reason, avoided eye contact with me, seeming hesitant.

Is something wrong? Did I do something?

“Alright, now that everyone is here.”

Kazumi-san opened an Okinawa guidebook and said that.

“This villa is located in the central part of the Main Island of Okinawa. My father is also responsible for managing the asset, so this time, it’s a mix of using it for our vacation. And we’ll be checking it first.”

“When you say checking it, is there something we need to do?”

I don’t have knowledge about evaluating real estate value, so I felt anxious.

“No, it’s nothing. Just checking things like damaged parts, leaks, and deterioration. I’ll do that, and I’ll take the necessary photos of the building and garden. And the villa management itself should be fine since my father has hired someone locally.”

“That’s a relief. I was worried if I had to do something.”

“If there’s something I can’t handle myself, I might ask for your help. But it shouldn’t be a big deal. Just enjoy your trip to Okinawa.”

If that’s the case, it should be fine.

“We’ll depart on August 5th for 5 days and 4 nights. There’s an LCC flight from Narita Airport at 8 am, so let’s go at that time.”

Then Ishida raised his voice.

“About that, I have plans on August 5th.”

“Hah? When I talked about it last time, you said it was okay.”

“Not until now. An event for my favorite anime is scheduled for that day.”

“How long does the event last?”

“Just until August 5th. But I’ll go in the morning to buy goods, and the event will end at night.”

Hmm, Ishida’s passion for otaku subculture is indeed high. Well, it can’t be helped.

“So, can I depart in the afternoon and join you at night?”

“That’s fine. Then, on the first morning, the three of us – me, Touko, and Ishiki-kun – will meet at the airport. Ishida-kun says he will join at night, but can we have dinner together?”

“Yes, I’ll take a flight from Haneda around 4 pm, so I’ll arrive at Naha Airport around 7. I think I can join for dinner.”

Ishida answered while checking his phone.

“Then, on the first day, we’ll tour around Shuri Castle and its vicinity, and around night, we can go to Naha City. Then, Ishida-kun can join us for dinner there.”

Touko-senpai, looking at the Naha page in the guidebook brought by Kazumi-san, suggested.

“Yes, let’s decide on a restaurant in advance that’s easy for Ishida-kun to find. Do you have any places you want to visit from the second day onwards?”

“This is my first time in Okinawa, so I’ll leave it up to Touko-senpai and Kazumi-san. I think anywhere will be fun.”

I said that, and Ishida followed.

Or maybe I’ve done something that makes Touko-senpai uncomfortable?

(From before, was asking her out yesterday a mistake? Or did Kumi-san say something again?)

I felt somewhat anxious.

“Well, how about two days for sightseeing and two days for beach activities. We should enjoy the Okinawa sea since we’re here. Marine activities are also popular in Okinawa, so that would be fun too.”

“I want to try Flyboard!” said Ishida.

“Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) also looks interesting. Like walking on the sea,” said Touko-senpai.

Of course, there’s no objection to their opinions. Both activities are popular sea activities recently.

After that, for a while, we planned the Okinawa trip by finding out places to visit and restaurants on our phones and guidebooks.

Planning a trip like this among friends is indeed fun. Expectations and excitement also rise.

However, what caught my attention was Touko-senpai’s demeanor today.

There was something unusual, like she was restless or uneasy…

I was especially concerned because it’s close to Touko-senpai’s birthday.

On the last day of the midterm exams, August 3rd, is Touko-senpai’s birthday.

And six months ago, I promised her to celebrate it together on that day.

Now, I intend to tell Touko-senpai about it today.

After deciding on the rough schedule and places we want to visit, today’s meeting ended.

When we were leaving the café, with a soft voice that couldn’t be heard by those around, I called out to Touko-senpai.


Even though my voice was soft, she looked startled.


Apparently, Touko-senpai seemed a bit tense, like she was bracing for something.

With such an attitude, it indeed becomes hard to ask her out.

But if I miss this moment, I feel it will be difficult to talk about it again.

Now or never!

“On the last day of the midterm exams, that’s August 3rd, it’s Touko-senpai’s birthday, right?”


“Have you ever remembered our talk about the day after ‘that Christmas revenge’? I said I would celebrate it for Touko-senpai on her next birthday.”

“Ah, yes… Of course, I remember.”

Touko-senpai started to mumble and rubbed her hands together.

Really not like her usual self.

“And, isn’t August 3rd the last day of exams? I want to celebrate Touko-senpai’s birthday, what do you think?”

“I-Is it… just the two of us?”

Touko-senpai asked back. She cast a quick glance at me.

I felt uneasy.

“Yes, that’s the plan… Does Touko-senpai dislike it?”

But, she seemed to panic and turned towards me.

“No, no! Not at all, not at all!”

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
My Girlfriend Cheated on Me With a Senior, so I’m Cheating on Her With His Girlfriend

My Girlfriend Cheated on Me With a Senior, so I’m Cheating on Her With His Girlfriend

Kanojo ga Senpai ni NTR-reta no de, Senpai no Kanojo wo NTR-masu, Kanojo NTR (LN), 彼女が先輩にNTRれたので、先輩の彼女をNTRます
Score 7.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
“Touko-senpai! Please have an affair with me!” “Calm down, Isshiki-kun… I won’t be satisfied unless we make those two who cheated on us experience hell itself!” Isshiki Yuu was shocked by his girlfriend cheating on him, so he decided to cheat on her with the girlfriend of the boy who stole his girlfriend, Sakurajima Touko, who also happened to be the senpai he admires. As part of their plan, Touko proposed to have the greatest possible ‘payback’, and so she started to make Yuu into an attractive and popular man with girls!? His choice of clothes, the conversation topics, etc… Yuu finds himself in the middle of a crazy increase in his reputation with the girls; however, his feelings for Touko only continue to grow. As their plan continues to progress, the relationship between the two of them suddenly grows intimate… What is this ‘payback’ that the two who were cheated on will carry out on Christmas Eve?! What is the conclusion that awaits the two of them!? The curtains rise on a love comedy of revenge!


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