📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

V4 I’m Gonna Live with You Not Because My Parents Left Me Their Debt But Because I Like You Chapter 2

Summer Homework Crisis

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Chapter 2: Summer Homework Crisis

Several days after the eventful summer festival, only about two weeks of the enjoyable long vacation remained. Next year around this time, I’d be in the throes of university entrance exams with no time for fun, making these remaining two weeks effectively my last summer vacation as a high school student. Despite this, the following message was posted in our usual six-person group chat:

“Wh-what should I do, Kaede-chan! I haven’t finished my homework at all!”

“Me too, Kaede! I haven’t completed a single thing, I’m in big trouble!”

These messages, needless to say, were from Akiho Otsuki-san and Yui-chan. These two had barely started on the “summer vacation homework,” the bane of all students and a perennial summer feature. Kaede-san suggested we all get together to study, and it was quickly decided. Shinji and Ai Nikaido expressed their intention to join, and it was decided to meet not at a library or a family restaurant, but at a café near our school, starting in the morning.

The current time was almost snack time. Since morning, we had been occupying a table, desperately scribbling in our textbooks and notebooks. We might have been a nuisance to the café, but it was allowed because this place was a regular spot for Kaede-san and Otsuki-san.

“Still, I’m surprised… I didn’t expect Otsuki-san and Yui-chan to have literally not started their homework at all. Don’t they have the word ‘planning’ in their dictionary?”

I said this in amazement, addressing Yui-chan and Otsuki-san sitting opposite me. They were currently taking a break with their ordered orange juice and ice cocoa. I wondered if they really understood that they didn’t have the luxury of time.

“It’s harsh, Yoshi! But it can’t be helped! We have to play as much as we can this year since we can’t next year, right? It’d be a loss otherwise!”

“That’s right, Yuya Yoshizumi-senpai! The summer of our first year of high school is once in a lifetime! We must live it without regrets!”

The two were like barking puppies. I could understand their feelings, but as a result, they were suffering now. They should have outgrown such lack of planning since elementary school.

“But Yuya, you were panicking around this time last year, right? I haven’t forgotten how you came crying for help after the vacation was over.”

Ai Nikaido, sitting next to Yui-chan, brought up an embarrassing past memory with a piercing gaze.

Kaede, sitting next to me, seemed surprised as she sipped her iced coffee.

Last year, I was so exhausted from juggling club activities and part-time jobs that I couldn’t think about homework. I was clueless about where to start and inefficient in my approach.

Learning from that experience, I planned better this year. I managed to balance my job and club activities while spending a lot of time with Kaede. We even planned a trip to Okinawa, which I pushed through despite her concerns.

Thanks to that effort, I can now leisurely enjoy a café latte.

“Right, Hitotsuba-san? Yoshizumi was so overwhelmed last year, he ended up doing his homework in school, crying. Higure knows about it too, right?”

“Yeah. So I’m also surprised. He’s already almost finished with his homework, even though there’s still nearly two weeks left. The power of love is great, huh?”

Haha, Shinji continued working on his homework while laughing and talking. How he could solve problems while talking was a mystery to me. Wait, isn’t that calculation wrong? Is he just solving it carelessly?

“The power of love indeed. Kaede has always been super cute, but now she’s even more so.”

Yui-chan nodded repeatedly while crossing her arms, and Otsuki-san agreed,

“Since she fell in love with Yoshi, Kaede-chan’s cuteness has been polished even more. Before falling in love, she was like a swordsman fighting with talent alone, strong enough but after falling for Yoshi, she started working hard to develop her talent, becoming like the strongest hero.”

As a result, Kaede was chosen as the cutest high school girl in Japan. Wait, does that mean she started taking care of her skin using beauty electronics after her bath every night just about a year ago?

“Actually, yes. I started last summer when I fell in love with Yuya-kun. I worked hard, dreaming of the day Yuya-kun would call me cute! Ehehe”

Kaede said, blushing shyly. What a cute creature she is. I wanted to hug her and stroke her head right away. If only this table weren’t in the way. Should I climb over it?

“Hey, no flirting here! Do that at home! Waitress, can we order?”

I almost forgot, but we were at a café called “Heritage” near our school. It’s a place of relaxation that any student from Meiwa High School would have visited at least once. The menu includes old-fashioned Napolitan and pizza toast, as well as generous servings of pork cutlet curry and hamburgers, perfect for hungry students. Plus, the prices are reasonable, so it’s kind on the wallet.

“Yuya-kun and Kaede-chan are more lovey-dovey than I heard. Watching them is making my face hot.”

Yui-chan called over the waitress, who is the master’s wife and the eternal poster girl of this café, Mrs. Oyama. She’s probably in her fifties but looks much younger.

Mrs. Oyama is an alumna of Meiwa High School and was the captain of the basketball team. Her generation is said to be the strongest in the history of Meiwa High School’s basketball team, being the only one to have participated in the national tournament. As soon as Mrs. Oyama came over, Ai Nikaido straightened up nervously. Yui-chan didn’t seem to know.

“Mrs. Oyama, could I have the famous jumbo parfait?”

Yui-chan ordered the “Heritage” specialty jumbo parfait. It’s a bit pricey, but its visual impact and taste are guaranteed. The top layer is stacked with classic fruits like strawberries and bananas, chocolate mousse, and waffles almost spilling over. The middle layer has flakes and vanilla ice cream. The bottom layer again has a lot of fruits and chocolate sauce, a luxurious item worthy of a parfait specialty shop.

“I’ve always wanted to eat the jumbo parfait but never had the chance! Hahaha… Since Yoshizumi-senpai is treating, I won’t hold back!”

“When did I say I’d treat?”

“Eh! Didn’t you promise as soon as we entered the shop? If we flirt while doing homework, you’d treat us to anything we want! Did you forget?”

“Don’t make up promises that sound plausible. Seriously… Kaede-san, can you say something?”

I turned to Kaede for help against my overbearing junior, but unfortunately, she was engrossed in a conversation with Mrs. Oyama.

“Mrs. Oyama, what were the words of your proposal? I’d like to know for reference!”

“Ah, I’m curious about that too. What did the taciturn master say to propose to you, Mrs. Oyama?”

“Me too, please tell us, Mrs. Oyama!”

Not only Kaede but also Ai Nikaido and Akiho Otsuki joined in, pressing Mrs. Oyama for answers. Who would have thought they’d ask about proposal words?

“Oh, it’s been so many years, I don’t remember well. All I remember is that it was a cheesy line.”

“Please tell us, Mrs. Oyama! It’s for our future reference!”

Despite not believing Mrs. Oyama’s words, Kaede leaned in eagerly, with Ai Nikaido, Akiho Otsuki, and Yui-chan also looking forward with shining eyes. Under the pressure of the girls, Mrs. Oyama sighed and finally spoke up.

“I think he said, ‘I love you more than anyone in the world. Will you marry me?’ Ah, it’s hot! The lingering summer heat is severe today.”

Mrs. Oyama blushed as she finished speaking, then laughed awkwardly, as if trying to hide her embarrassment. The girls sighed in admiration at the straightforward and lovely proposal. I thought it was a great proposal, expressing feelings directly without any embellishments.

“That’s a wonderful proposal… I’m moved.”

“I also… felt my heart race when I heard about the master’s straightforward feelings. Someday, I hope someone says something like that to me…”

Ai Nikaido murmured softly, and for a brief moment, I felt her gaze drift towards me, but maybe it was just my imagination.

“Yeah. But Yoshi’s pretty much the same, isn’t he? The things he says are so sweet it’s like he’s spitting out sugar.”

Why did Akiho suddenly bring me into this, I wonder. I don’t think I frequently say sweet things like that?

“Hehe. Akiho is right. Yuya, do you remember what you said when you confessed to me?”

Kaede’s cheeks tinted slightly as she asked. Of course, I remember every word I said to her under that starry sky. But wait a minute, Kaede. Do you realize what will happen if we discuss that here and now?

“Hmm… I’m curious about what Yoshizumi confessed to Hitotsuba-san. I’d really like to hear it.”

“I agree with Nikaido-senpai! Kaede, please tell us! How did Yoshizumi-senpai confess to you!?”

“Hehe, well, it was like this───”

“───Yuya Yoshizumi loves Kaede Hitotsuba more than anyone in the world. That’s what he said. Please don’t make me say it in front of everyone.”

Instead of letting Kaede say it, I spoke the words myself because I didn’t want her to have to. My confession to Kaede was something I approached with the resolve to stake my life on it. I didn’t want it to be turned into a joke. But it was so embarrassingly hot I felt like my face was on fire.

“This is… quite something. Maybe I shouldn’t have heard it.”

“Yes… I didn’t expect it to be this much.”

“Yoshi… That’s both a confession and a proposal.”

“I respect you, Yuya. If I ever have trouble, will you advise me?”

“Yuya-kun… Are you really a high school student?”

With varying reactions from everyone, my embarrassment meter broke its limits and I slumped onto the table. What’s with this embarrassing play?

“Alright! Let’s end this conversation here and get back to homework, Yui-chan!”

Saying this, Akiho clapped her hands together to tighten the relaxed atmosphere. Isn’t she the one who started this conversation in the first place?

“Eh!? What about my jumbo parfait!? At least let’s eat it before we start again!”

“No, Yui-chan! We don’t have that kind of luxury! We have to quickly finish and escape this Strawberry World!”

As Yui-chan’s eyes welled up with tears, Akiho sternly encouraged her, then shifted her gaze back to her notebook, rapidly moving her hands.

“If you work hard on your homework, I’ll treat you to a jumbo parfait, Yui-chan. Let’s do our best. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to try hard───”

“Yes! Yui Miyamoto will defeat her homework with all her heart and soul!”

Yui-chan was easily lured by Kaede’s sweet bait. She straightened up, saluted, and began her battle with her formidable foe, homework. I wish she had been this focused from the start.


“By the way, has anyone thought about their future?”

About two hours had passed since then, and as the day began to wane, Akiho brought up the topic in a serious tone as we were preparing to head home.

“Future, as in what to do about university? Or something beyond that?”

Nikaido also asked seriously.

We’re only second-year high school students, but it’s time to start seriously considering our paths.

“Well… Then, let’s broaden the scope to our future dreams. Ai-chan, do you have any thoughts?”

“I do, but… Why the sudden interest, Akiho? I didn’t think you were the type to worry about such things.”

“How rude! I think about a lot of things, you know? Now, tell us about your dream, Ai-chan! What do you want to do in the future?”

Akiho poked Nikaido in the ribs, making her squirm and giggle. The cheeks of Nikaido, who was already blushing slightly, became more attractive. Please keep such interactions for when it’s just the girls.

“Ugh, I’ll talk… Ah, umm… stop poking my ribs, Akiho.”

“Ah, a weakness in the ribs, good to know…”

“Enough already!”

Nikaido, about to be tickled by Akiho, silenced her with a sharp chop to the head. After a deep sigh,

“My dream is to become a sports trainer. I want to be in a supporting role and stay involved in sports.”

“Really? I thought you’d continue basketball and aim for the Japanese national team… Are you quitting basketball?”

“I’m not sure yet. Whether I continue as a player is still undecided. But I know my own abilities better than anyone else.”

Saying this, Nikaido looked at me with a fleeting smile. I remember talking about this with Shinji in the spring. At that time, the conversation was about whether I would go pro, but it seems Nikaido had similar thoughts.

“But I still love basketball, so I hope to have a job related to sports.”

“I think that’s very fitting for Nikaido-senpai! If she becomes a trainer, the players’ motivation will skyrocket, and even a gold medal wouldn’t be a dream!”

Yui, rewarded with a jumbo parfait from Kaede for her hard work, said this while eating.

“Yui is probably right. Adult Ai-chan will undoubtedly become a handsome beauty. Being coached by someone like that would make anyone work hard.”

“Yes! I am confident that I would give 120% effort!”

Yui, munching on a banana, argued passionately. Even now, Nikaido, who captivates both men and women, will likely remain unchanged as an adult. Being coached by such a person might indeed help one exceed their limits.

“Next, Yoshi! What’s your dream, Yoshi? Or is it needless to ask?”

“What do you mean, needless to ask? Do you think I’m going to say ‘My future dream is to marry Kaede’?”

“Eh? Aren’t you?”

As I asked, Akiho looked genuinely surprised. Glancing sideways at Kaede next to me, I saw her eyes brimming with tears.

“No, that’s not what we’re talking about right now, right? Of course, I want to be with Kaede forever, and in fact, it’s already decided that my family name will become Hitotsuba.”

My deadbeat father left a debt, and part of the condition for Akiho’s family helping me was my marrying into Kaede’s family. I’ve already expressed my commitment to her parents. Unlike an unattainable dream, marrying Kaede is a done deal.

“Hehe… That’s right. We’ll register our marriage after graduating from high school.”

Kaede, clinging tightly to my arm, sweetly dropped a bombshell. Naturally, the others, hearing this for the first time, were so surprised they didn’t know what to say, their eyes darting back and forth. Only Yui, understanding the situation, continued eating her parfait nonchalantly.

“Um… Let’s save this discussion for later. Back to the topic. Please, Yoshi.”

“Well, unlike Nikaido’s specific dream, I want to study business management and administration in college. It’s almost certain I’ll be involved in that kind of work. So, I want to absorb everything I can learn.”

Kaede’s father, Kazuhiro-san, said to me, “Take good care of Kaede.” I can’t betray his expectations and trust. To make Kaede happy, I’ll do anything.

“Yuya-kun… Thank you. I’m really happy.”

“It’s only natural to want to make the person you care about happy with your own efforts. I can work hard endlessly for Kaede.”

As I gently stroked her head, Kaede pressed her cheek against my arm and smiled happily, her expression incredibly endearing. I couldn’t help but admire her repeatedly.

“Ahem! No Strawberry World allowed! Really, you can’t let your guard down for a second around here…”

Yes, I got scolded by Akiho. But Kaede clung to my arm, sandwiching it between her soft, ripe-like arms. It’s blissful, but could you please let go for a moment?

“Mmm… let me replenish my Yuya quota a bit more. I deserve it after working hard all day!”

Kaede hugged my arm even tighter, seemingly entering her affectionate mode early due to exhaustion.

“Hey, Hitotsuba-san. I understand wanting to cling to Yoshizumi, but this is a café, you know? It’s better to choose the time and place for such things.”

Nikaido sighed dramatically and spoke in a strong tone. I couldn’t argue back, and Kaede sheepishly withdrew as if retreating.

I’ll let you be affectionate as much as you want when we get home, just bear with it for now. I thought this to myself as I continued to pat Kaede’s head.

“Hey, Akiho. Can I go next? My dream is similar to Nikaido’s; I want to become a sports journalist. I’d love to be involved in various sports, not just soccer but also baseball and basketball.”

“Sure, that sounds perfect for you, Shinji.”

“Thanks, Yuya,” Shinji replied, smiling shyly.

“Well then, it’s my turn! My dream is… to become a school teacher! I love kids, and I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. Of course, having a cool teacher I admired also played a part.”

Akiho chuckled shyly, scratching her cheek, but her voice was filled with earnestness. Having someone to admire and striving to be like them is common. Teaching is a tough job, but I’m sure Akiho will be fine. With her inherent cheerfulness, she’ll overcome difficulties and be a great teacher who connects with her students.

“Akiho as a teacher… it’s unexpected, but it suits you. If you were my homeroom teacher, every day would be fun.”

“Thanks, Ai-chan. I’ll work hard to become just like that! Well, that’s enough about me. Your turn, Kaede-chan!”

The grand finale belonged to Kaede, the cutest high school girl in Japan. I realized I had never asked her about her dreams, even though we’re together every day. Kaede is a girl of many talents, excelling in both studies and sports without resting on her laurels. What could her dream possibly be?

I remember hearing that during an interview after winning the Grand Prix, she answered that her dream was to become “an ordinary housewife,” but that couldn’t be serious, could it?

“? My dream is, of course, to become Yuya’s wife. Nothing else.”


Our voices, except for Yui who continued to eat her parfait nonchalantly, overlapped in unison.

“Um… you’re joking, right, Kaede-chan? The answer you gave in the interview was just a pretext to refuse entering the entertainment industry, right? Being Yuya’s wife can’t be your only dream.”

Akiho asked with a trembling voice. Shinji looked incredulous, and even Nikaido frowned.

“It’s not a joke. I want to become Yuya’s wife and be happy with him, and supporting him both at home and at work is my dream.”

“Wow… as expected of Kaede. Her love for Yuya never wavers…”

Akiho smiled wryly at Kaede’s firm assertion. While it’s flattering, it feels somewhat wasteful that someone like Kaede, who could have been given anything, dreams only of being a housewife since high school.

“Hey, Hitotsuba-san. Don’t you have anything you want to do?”

“Something I want to do? Well… maybe cook delicious meals for Yuya every day?”

“Yoshizumi aside, what do YOU want to do, Hitotsuba-san? Don’t you have any personal desires?”

Nikaido’s voice held a slight edge of anger as she pressed on. Her questions were ordinary, asking about Kaede’s personal aspirations, much like Akiho’s teacher dream or Nikaido and Shinji’s sports-related ambitions.

But Kaede seemed unusually flustered, her gaze drifting aimlessly. She’s usually so confident, so why this reaction?

“I, um… don’t really have anything in particular… just being with Yuya is enough…”

Kaede’s words were barely audible, her voice thin and lacking vigor. Nikaido softened her expression and offered a suggestion.

“It’s a shame. If you want to support Yoshizumi both inside and outside the home, maybe you should think about how specifically you’d like to do that.”

I’m not much different from Kaede. The difference is that I might be responsible for managing a major corporation, so I want to study management and business. I believe my efforts will lead to making Kaede happy.

“Right, Kaede-chan! You still have time, and I’m sure you’ll find something you want to do. Don’t just focus on Yuya, consider what you enjoy! Being just a housewife is too modest!”

“My favorite thing is… laughing and spending every day with Yuya, but what I want to do is… um, what should I do, Yuya? I don’t know what I want!”

Kaede shook my shoulder in her turmoil. It’s been a while since I’ve seen her this shaken. I soothed her, trying to calm her down as she teetered on the brink of panic.

“Are you done talking? I just finished my parfait, so how about we wrap up? It’s almost dinner time.”

Yui, who had been silent until now, finally spoke. She managed to finish that gigantic parfait all by herself? Where does it all go in her tiny frame? It’s a mystery.

“By the way, Yui, do you have any dreams for the future?”

“Me? My dream is, of course, to become a glamorous, busty beauty like my mom, what about it?”

Yui confidently responded to my question as if it was the most natural thing in the world, leaving us all with a wry smile. Well, it’s a delicate topic, so let’s not touch on that.

“No, no, everyone. What’s with that reaction? That was obviously a joke. Don’t take it seriously.”

“Eh, it’s not true? But I thought you said, ‘I’m going to be like my mom!’… Are you really not serious?”

“Too rude, Nikaido-senpai! My dream is to become a career woman like my mom, traveling the world! I admire her for more than just her bust!”

Yui growled at Nikaido, who apologized with a “sorry.” Although it was a joke, she admits her admiration. After all, Mary-san has a fantastic figure. And aren’t all the mothers around me a bit too beautiful?

“By the way, what does your mother do, Yui?”

“My mom works as a freelance consultant. She works with CEOs of various companies all over the world. She’s always busy but very cool. She’s my pride and my role model.”

Yui’s lips curved into a smile as she spoke, her eyes filled with firm determination.

A consultant’s main job is to help solve a company’s problems. It’s a demanding job requiring extensive knowledge and the ability to accurately identify issues and propose solutions.

Oddly, I can’t imagine Mary-san doing anything else. Being British and having lived in Japan for a long time, she must have a wide range of insights. If she attended the same university as Kaede’s parents, Sakura and Kazuhiro, she must have been serious about her studies. I can imagine her being sharp and assertive when needed, yet also capable of guiding others to find their own answers.

“Actually, my mom and Kaede’s dad have business dealings as partners. I don’t know if Yoshizumi and I will end up like that, but at least I want to be a career woman like my mom.”

“…You’ve thought this through more than you let on, Yui-chan. I’m impressed. Want me to pat your head?”

“Yay! I’m happy! …But if you think I’d say that, you’re greatly mistaken! I wonder what face Kaede would make… Ah!”

It seems Yui has realized. Normally, if someone other than herself had their head patted by me, Kaede would get teary-eyed and angry. But now, Kaede was silent, looking down despondently. Why is she so downhearted?

“Kaede-chan… are you okay?”

“Hmm… what I want to do… my own desires…”

Kaede was so lost in thought that she didn’t seem to hear Akiho’s concerned voice. I didn’t expect a simple conversation about dreams to trouble her this much. Deciding that pushing the topic wouldn’t help, I signaled Akiho with my eyes. She understood and nodded slightly, then announced:

“Well then, since Yui finished her parfait and we’re all cleaned up, let’s call it a day for now!”

As everyone started to get up, I gently took Kaede’s hand, which was still lost in thought.

“Let’s go home, Kaede. We’ll have dinner, take a relaxing bath, and then think about this slowly, okay?”

“Yuya… I…”

Kaede weakly responded, and I pulled her hand firmly. Perhaps her struggle stemmed from her rare talent to achieve anything and the diligent effort she put into reaching her goals. This pain was unique to Kaede. As a mere ordinary person, I might not fully understand her true feelings, but I could certainly think alongside her.

“It’s okay. You’re not alone, Kaede. I’m here to worry with you. Two heads are better than one, and we can also talk to your parents, Sakura-san and Kazuhiro-san.”

“My parents?”

“Yeah, they’ve got plenty of life experience. Maybe they had dreams when they were high school students, or reasons why they chose their current jobs. It’s worth asking.”

“That makes sense… You’re right, Yuya. I never asked Mom why she became a lawyer. I should call them as soon as we get home!”

Kaede’s spirit seemed to lift, and she suddenly looked up with renewed energy. Gripping my hand tightly, she started to lead the way.

“Look, Kaede is back to her energetic self! That’s our Yoshizumi-senpai!”

Yui cheerfully approached and hugged Kaede. However, Kaede, with a gentle smile yet chillingly cold voice, said:

“Thank you for worrying about me, Yui. But we’ll need to have a long talk later about trying to get Yuya to pat your head, okay?”

“Ah, that wasn’t my idea! Yoshizumi-senpai was the one who offered… Wait, that’s too tight, Kaede!”

Yui yelped in mock pain, but Kaede just smiled ominously. Honestly, it was quite scary.

“Yoshizumi-senpai, help me! It’s all your fault to begin with!”

“Blaming others isn’t a good look for you, Yui. Yuya was only joking, but you took him seriously…”

“I was joking too, you know!?”

Yui’s cries echoed sadly under the evening sky. Seeing Kaede’s mood improve, Nikaido and Akiho also relaxed.

“Somebody help me! At this rate, I’ll turn into a shrimp!”

Yui’s voice sounded almost too happy to be in distress. Her cheeks flushed, probably from the evening sun. For the sake of our adorable junior, let’s leave it at that.


As soon as we got home, Kaede immediately called her mother Sakura, or so I would like to say, but first, we decided to prepare dinner together.

After all, Sakura was also busy. Normally, Kaede would have messaged her on the train home to explain the situation briefly and confirm a suitable time to talk, but perhaps due to her anxiety, she hadn’t thought that far ahead. I had messaged Sakura instead.

Given the situation, I told Kaede she could leave everything to me, but she insisted on staying by my side during the call. Sakura had specified a time just after 8:00 PM, and it was just past 7:00 PM.

Checking the fridge, we found chicken, onions, potatoes, carrots, and leftover curry roux, so we decided on curry for dinner. The cooking time was a bit short, but we would turn a blind eye tonight and look forward to tomorrow.

We worked quickly together. I didn’t want Kaede, in her fragile state, to handle a knife, so I cut the ingredients while she took care of the frying. We microwaved the potatoes and carrots, which take longer to soften, before adding them to the pot. Just add water and let it simmer; the timer will take care of the rest. By the time we finished, it was just about time to call Sakura.

Sitting side by side on the sofa, Kaede held my hand tightly, took a few deep breaths, and then called her mother.

“Hello? Ah, Kaede. How was your day?”

“Good. Thanks for asking, Mom. I know you’re tired from work, so I appreciate you taking the time.”

“Don’t worry about it, dear. I wasn’t too busy today, and even if I were, I would always make time to listen to your worries. That’s what parents are for.”

Sakura’s voice, warm and comforting, came through the phone. You’re in good hands, Kaede.

“I heard from Yuya about what you wanted to ask. You’re curious about what dreams or aspirations I had when I was in high school, right?”

“Yeah. When my friends asked, I couldn’t answer right away… Even Yui said she wanted to become a consultant like Mary-san, and I was the only one with nothing…”

Kaede’s voice was frail as she spoke, her shoulders slumping.

“Is your dream perhaps to become Yuya’s wife?”

“Um… yeah. I answered that when asked… But, Mom, is that really okay?”

“Well… wanting to be a wife isn’t strange. But that’s what you want to become, not what you want to do, right?”

That was a valid point. Sakura’s precise words seemed to shock Kaede so much that she almost dropped her phone, her face turning pale as if her soul was about to leave her body.

“Of course, I understand your dilemma, ‘not knowing what I want to do.’ In fact, it’s special for Yui and your friends to have a clear idea of their futures.”

Sakura explained that Kaede’s current state was what psychology calls a “moratorium period” – a grace period for becoming an adult. It’s an important time to deeply question and ponder one’s identity and future aspirations, leading to the establishment of one’s identity.

“Psychology says people grow throughout their lives. What you want to do now might not be the same in five or ten years. You’ll encounter various experiences and meet new people.”

Interactions and experiences can change one’s thoughts and values. In my case, meeting Kaede significantly changed my life, and I started to put more effort into my studies. Sakura referred to these as turning points.

“Meeting Yuya was a turning point for you. Since then, you’ve become more attentive to your skin care, started exercising, and even won a national beauty contest. But what if you hadn’t fallen in love with Yuya?”

“I might have been even emptier than now…”

Kaede muttered softly. I wanted to deny her words, but I restrained myself. This was a time for her to think.

“I realize now that before meeting Yuya, I was empty. I just went to school, talked with Akiho, and came straight home to study. It was a repetitive cycle.”

“Kaede, you were a very good girl from a young age, never asking for anything. But we were worried you might be suppressing yourself.”

This was the first time Kaede heard about the slight anxiety her parents, Sakura and Kazuhiro, had.

“But then you fell in love for the first time, said your first real whim, and changed… Hehe. You’ve become quite a spoiled and whimsical girl.”

“Mom! I admit I’ve become a bit more spoiled around Yuya, but I haven’t become whimsical!”

“Really? I heard from Mary that you were very clingy to Yuya in Okinawa. You even insisted he apply sunscreen on you at the beach… Isn’t that whimsical?”

“That was… Yuya, was that whimsical? Please tell me it wasn’t!”

I was put on the spot. “Well… it was a happy and cute whim.”

I laughed as I responded. Kaede may have various whims, but they always made me happy. Although they sometimes made me feel embarrassed or tested my self-control, I never thought of them as troublesome.

“Sakura-san, please continue spoiling Kaede for us. We couldn’t give her that luxury, so please, a lot more.”

Kaede’s whimpering was cute, and even over the phone, I could feel Sakura’s smile.

“Hehehe. Mom gave her approval, so I’ll keep spoiling myself with you, Yuya!”

Kaede clung to my waist with a bright, blooming smile, like a kitten cuddling up to its master. I caught her firmly, nearly tumbling off the sofa from her sudden embrace.

“Let’s save that for after the call, okay? Now, back to our conversation,” Sakura said with a sigh, her voice laced with mild exasperation.

“Living with Yuya has filled your once empty heart with the dream of ‘wanting to be with this person forever.’ If you’re unsure what you want to do, try gaining some experience,” she advised.

“What kind of experience should I have?”

“It’s important to adopt a ‘try first’ attitude. It’s called an enlightening experience, but let’s not get into that. So, Kaede, why don’t you try doing a part-time job for the rest of the summer?”

Sakura’s unexpected suggestion left both me and Kaede with a sea of question marks over our heads.

“Mom, why a part-time job? How will that change anything?”

“Because you lack a point of contact with society. Stepping out from the shelter of school into the unknown world of society, where there are no familiar faces or reliable parents. You’ll inevitably have to interact with strangers,” Sakura explained.


“Anxiety is natural. I’m sorry to say this to two students working so hard in high school, but what you learn in school doesn’t always apply in society. That’s why people grow. Encountering the unknown and interacting with new people leads to discoveries and learning. This can help you find what you want to do.”

Kaede listened intently, digesting each of Sakura’s words, occasionally nodding in agreement.

“If you keep thinking about what you want to do, an answer might not come easily. Of course, you’re still in high school, so it’s not that serious, but if you want some hints, you need to take action.”

“An action to change myself… through a part-time job? I never thought of that, Mom.”

“Usually, people don’t. Although, some, like Yuya, who have been exposed to many adults and societal struggles from an early age, are rare. That’s why his mentality is so mature for a high school student.”

Praise from Sakura made my back itch with awkwardness. My situation was a result of having a father who constantly incurred debts and a mother who, rather than stopping him, encouraged him. This connection led me to meet Taka and his colleagues, who often told me about their hardships and repeatedly warned, “Don’t end up like us, Yuya.”

I remember someone I knew as a brotherly figure through my dad and Taka. The last I heard, he was studying abroad; I wonder how he’s doing now.

“But the summer break is almost over, isn’t it? It might be hard to find a job now… Ah, but there might be one place.”

Indeed, finding a part-time job at this stage of the summer break would be difficult.

“My summer job was at a general store frequented by Taka’s wife, Harumi. The owner, a middle school classmate of hers, was looking for help, so she introduced me. She even asked me to keep working on weekends after the summer, but that’s a secret for now.”

But let’s get back to Kaede’s potential job. Sakura seemed to have a place in mind.

“Don’t worry. I’ll introduce you to a café well known to both you and Yuya, ‘Éritage.’ It might seem contradictory to our earlier discussion, but if they’re willing to hire you for even a short period, it’s the best option.”

Kaede and I were astonished at the unexpected choice of workplace. Éritage was the café where we had spent the entire day, and where Kaede often hung out.

“Wait, Mom. How do you know about Éritage? Are you acquainted with the master?”

“The master’s wife, Motoko Oyama, was my senior in college. She was a brilliant and beautiful person, even crowned as Miss Campus.”

Kaede’s reasonable question was met with an answer that further shocked us.

“I’ll contact Motoko. Even if it’s just for a week, I’m sure they’ll hire you.”

“Thank you, Mom. I’m nervous since it’s my first time, but I feel a bit relieved knowing it’s Motoko’s Éritage.”

“Don’t let your guard down just because you’re familiar with the place. As a customer, you might have been friendly, but working there changes the dynamic to that of a boss and subordinate. Understand?”

“Understood. I’ll keep that in mind and do my best!”

“Don’t stress too much. Remember, the job itself isn’t the goal. It’s just a means to an end.”

Changing oneself through action – the purpose of the part-time job. If it became the goal, it would be counterproductive. Sakura firmly reminded us of this.

“Finally, I want to say this. Your lives are long ahead. There will be worries, failures, and successes. That’s all right. Worry. Fail. Succeed. It’s through these cycles that people grow stronger. So, Kaede, go for it. Together with Yuya.”

“Okay, Mom. Yuya and I will work through it together.”

“Yes. We’ll continue to strive together with Kaede.”

Sakura chuckled contentedly at our responses.

“You two will be fine. If anything happens, don’t hesitate to consult me, like today. Alright?”

“Really, thank you, Mom. I love you.”

“Now, now, Kaede. You should save that line for Yuya. Well, I think that covers everything. I’ll contact you once I’ve spoken with Motoko. Good night.”

“Good night, Mom.”

The call with Sakura ended, leaving us with the new prospect of Kaede doing a part-time job. It was unexpected but not a bad idea, especially compared to sulking and worrying. Taking a bold step into the outside world might be the right choice.

“I’m a bit scared, but it’s for myself. I’ll try my best to find what I want to do.”

“Don’t rush and take the pressure off. We’ll figure it out together,” I reassured her, gently hugging and stroking her head. Just as Kaede once saved me when my life was crumbling, I now wanted to support her in her quest for the future.

“Thank you, Yuya. After such a tough day and feeling so uncertain about the job, your embrace fills me with energy.”

“That’s good to hear. Feel free to lean on me whenever you’re tired.”

“Hehe. Then I’ll lean on you a lot tonight! Can we take a bath together, have you dry my hair, and then… hold me in bed until I fall asleep?”

Her sultry breath and sweet voice whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. How could I refuse such a request?

“Alright, it’s a deal. Maybe I should even wash your back tonight? I’ve always been the one receiving, so it’s only fair.”

“Eh? Why are you so calm, Yuya? You’re supposed to panic here!”

“I just want to be there for you. Or would you rather I didn’t?”

“No, I want you to… please.”

Kaede’s voice quivered as she hid her face in my chest, though her cheeks flushed a deep red.

“Then let’s eat dinner first. You must be hungry, right?”

“Yes, I’m starving.”

“Great, I’ll get the plates ready. Can I serve the food too?”

“Sure, and could you prepare the bath? It’s been a while since I’ve given you a massage… I’m actually looking forward to it.”

“Eh? Did you say something, Yuya?”

“Yeah, about the massage… and how I’d like to see you in that white bikini from Okinawa again.”

As I stirred the curry, muttering to myself, Kaede appeared beside me with a mischievous smile.

“If that’s what you want, Yuya, should I wear it? Or would you prefer… something else?”

Caught off guard by her teasing, I could only stammer in response.

“Hehe. Don’t worry. I’ll wear it for you. But first, let’s eat. I prepared everything.”

And with that, we sat down to our curry dinner, the tension and worries of the day slowly melting away in each other’s company.

After a conversation that felt both long and short with Mrs. Sakurako, it was decided that Kaede would take up a part-time job. Though an unexpected development, it’s not a bad choice to venture out into the world when troubled and at a loss.

“It’s a bit scary, but it’s for my own good, isn’t it? I’ll give it a try to find out what I really want to do,” said Kaede.

“Like Mrs. Sakurako said, let’s take it easy and not rush things. I’ll think it through with you,” I replied, gently hugging Kaede and stroking her hair. Just as Kaede once saved me when my life was falling apart, I now want to be the one to support her as she ponders her future.

“Thank you, Yuya. Ehehe… I’ve been feeling down today, and the thought of the part-time job is a bit scary, but getting a hug from you really cheers me up,” she said with a bright smile.

“That’s good to hear. If it makes Kaede happy, I’m always ready to give you a hug. Don’t hesitate to lean on me when you’re tired,” I reassured her.

“Ehehe, then tonight, I’ll lean on you a lot! Let’s take a bath together, then you can dry my hair, and in bed… will you hold me until I fall asleep and pat me gently?” she asked, her voice a mixture of excitement and sweetness, sending shivers down my spine. There was no way I could refuse such a request.

“Sure, Kaede. Maybe I should wash your back once in a while? And give you a massage too. I always feel bad for having you do so much for me,” I suggested.

“What? How come you’re not panicking like you usually do?” she asked, caught off guard by my unexpected proposal.

“Don’t hold back. I want to ease the day’s fatigue for you, both physically and mentally. Or do you dislike it when I do these things for you?” I asked, trying to reassure her.

“No, I don’t dislike it… I’d actually like that very much,” she replied, her voice small and embarrassed, hiding her face in my chest, though her red cheeks were still visible.

“Alright, it’s settled then. It’s been a while, so I’m looking forward to it. But first, let’s have dinner. You must be hungry, right?” I asked.

“Yes, I’m really hungry…” she responded.

“I’ll go get the dishes ready. Could you wait for me at the table?”

“Then, I’ll prepare the bath. I can’t believe Yuya is going to give me a massage… I’m so nervous and excited!” she exclaimed joyfully, rushing out of the living room. I had to admit, I was quite bold with my words today, but days like this are necessary sometimes, especially after everything we’ve been through. We deserve to comfort and heal each other without any reservations.

“But I should probably tell her to wear a swimsuit. I’d love to see her in that white bikini she wore in Okinawa again…” I mused to myself while stirring the curry, which was just about ready. Maybe next summer, we could go to the beach together again.

“If you want, Yuya, I can wear that swimsuit for you,” Kaede offered, having overheard my thoughts.

“Really? I’d really appreciate that… Wait, did you hear that?” I asked, surprised to find her standing next to me in her casual clothes, a mischievous smile on her face.

“Hehe, I heard everything. If you want to see me in a swimsuit that badly, just ask. I’ll wear anything for you, Yuya,” she said confidently, her ample chest heaving slightly, igniting a storm of thoughts in my mind.

“So, you’d really do that for me?” I asked, trying to keep my composure.

“Of course. For you, Yuya, I’d do anything,” she replied, leaning in to whisper in my ear.

My mind went blank, and my rationality nearly flew out the window.

After dinner, we took a bath together, with Kaede wearing the promised white swimsuit. The sight of her voluptuous curves nearly caused a nosebleed for me. Her embarrassment was clear, but the tan lines from the swimsuit added an indescribable charm. The contrast between her porcelain skin and the sun-kissed tan was perfect.

“Please make me feel good, Yuya,” she requested as I washed her back and later massaged her. My self-control was truly tested.

Just one thing to note: Kaede’s body was incredibly soft.

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
I’m Gonna Live with You Not Because My Parents Left Me Their Debt But Because I Like You

I’m Gonna Live with You Not Because My Parents Left Me Their Debt But Because I Like You

Ryoushin no Shakkin wo Katagawari Shite Morau Jouken wa Nihon’ichi Kawaii Joshikousei to Issho ni Kurasu Koto Deshita., 両親の借金を肩代わりしてもらう条件は日本一可愛い女子高生と一緒に暮らすことでした。
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
The main character, Yoshizumi Yuya, was being pressured into paying off the debt left by his parents who had fled abroad. It was his classmate, Hitotsuba Kaede, chosen as the cutest schoolgirl in Japan, who saved him from this crisis of life and death. However, there was a catch. The condition required to fulfill in return for taking over his debt was — “In return for the loan, you have – to live with me.”“Why did that happen?!”Yuya’s daily life collapsed on this day.“Yuya-kun. Let’s take a bath together.”“Yuya-kun, please be my hug pillow.”“That’s enough, Hitotsuba-san!”The slapstick love comedy between the beautiful, but easy-going Hitotsuba Kaede and the serious and hard-headed Yoshizumi Yuya, starts now!


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