📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

V4 I’m Gonna Live with You Not Because My Parents Left Me Their Debt But Because I Like You Chapter 1

Untouchable, Beautiful Fireworks

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Chapter 1: Untouchable, Beautiful Fireworks

“I love you, Yuya Yoshizumi. More than anyone else, I love you,” Kaede Hitotsuba said with a fleeting smile, revealing her long-held feelings as a single tear traced down Ai Nikaido’s cheek.

The brilliant, ephemeral fireworks burst in the night sky. In their fleeting brilliance, her figure, illuminated for just a moment, was breathtakingly beautiful, surpassing any goddess depicted in the finest paintings.

“…Thank you, Ai Nikaido.”

While enduring the pain in my heart, the words I uttered were ones of gratitude.

For becoming friends with someone unremarkable like me. For noticing my efforts. For encouraging me on the winter rooftop during lunch break. And for saying that she loved me more than anyone else.

To all these, I could only say, “Thank you.”

“But I’m sorry… I can’t return your feelings, Ai Nikaido.”

If it had been a year earlier, maybe my answer would have been different. But now, there’s only one girl I can truly say I love, and it’s not Ai Nikaido.

“Hello, Yuya Yoshizumi. I’ve come to help you.”

The divine encounter with the goddess who appeared in the direst moment of my life. She saved me from the dark world I was cast into after being abandoned by my parents and even gave me light. She stood by my weak and pathetic self, reassuring me that she wouldn’t go anywhere.

Ai Nikaido used to say she was a girl “high above the clouds,” but that wasn’t true. She laughs over simple things, pouts, blushes boldly yet shies away in embarrassment when I retaliate. Just an ordinary girl.

“I’m clumsy and don’t know how to say this without hurting you, Ai Nikaido. So I’ll be clear.”


My heart pounded painfully, but I couldn’t let this agony win. The girl quietly shedding tears in front of me was suffering more. I had to look her in the eyes and speak my truth, my only form of redemption.

“For me, the ‘special’ one is Kaede, and the only one I can say I love is her. I believe that won’t change in the future. So, my feelings for you are—”

I was about to tell her to give up and forget me, but Ai Nikaido gently placed her finger on my lips, stopping me. The tears stopped, a smile spilled across her face, and brightness returned to her expression.

“You don’t need to say any more, Yuya. Actually, I’d rather you didn’t.”

“Ai Nikaido… But I…”

“I can’t just forget my feelings for you, Yuya. It’s not that simple.”

Why does she care so much about me? I can’t reciprocate her feelings. Someone as wonderful as Ai Nikaido should find someone better than me. She should forget about me and move on to find true happiness.

“I’m not skillful enough to just end things by confessing. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have loved you for nearly a year, right?”

“That might be true, but…”

“I’ll always cherish my time loving you, Yuya. But it’s not a sad memory.”

With that, Ai Nikaido tapped my chest with her fist. I had the urge to take her hand for a moment but clenched my teeth and resisted. I had no right to hold her hand anymore.

“My first love might be unrequited, Yuya, but you’re still an important friend. So, it might sound strange, but can we continue to be friends? Please, Yuya.”

Her face was a complex mix of hope and anxiety as she looked at me. Her eyes shimmered, barely holding back tears.

Unrequited love often ends friendships, but if our relationship was so fragile, it would have already ended when my relationship with Kaede became known.

“Please don’t say such sad things, Ai Nikaido. You’re an important friend to me, and that won’t change. Probably never.”

I replied to her, feeling a warmth in my eyes. Whether it was the answer Ai Nikaido hoped for, I didn’t know. But a smile graced her face.

“…Thank you, Yuya. Then, let’s start anew. Please take care of me from now on.”

With a bittersweet smile, Ai Nikaido extended her hand, which I gently held.

Before I knew it, the summer night sky was ablaze with fireworks nearing their peak. After this would be the climax set to music, where nearly a hundred large fireworks would be released. We still had time to see that moment with Kaede.

“Everyone might be worried, so we should head back soon.”

“Yeah. Watching the fireworks alone with you wouldn’t be bad, but I can’t imagine what Kaede would say. Let’s hurry.”

Ai Nikaido’s smile returned, and she ran up the stairs. Following her, I ran after the girl who looked even more radiant than usual.

“Hey, Yuya. Can I ask you one last thing?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“If both Ai Nikaido and Kaede confessed to you at the same time, who would you choose?”

Faced with the ultimate question, I hesitated for a moment before giving a clear answer. My choice would be—


“Yuya and the others are taking a long time to return. Maybe they got lost?”

I, Kaede Hitotsuba, waited for the fireworks to start with Akiho Otsuki and Shinji Higure, worried about Yuya Yoshizumi and the others who had gone to drop off our belongings and hadn’t returned.

We had already communicated the location and received a response saying “we’re on our way,” so I didn’t think they were lost. Could something have happened to them?

“Kaede───! Sorry to keep you waiting!”

A girl, hopping and waving her hands, appeared. Yui Miyamoto, with her doll-like beauty and yukata, created a stunning contrast. Her golden hair, like the moon in the night sky, caught the eyes of passersby.

“Welcome back, Yui Miyamoto. Where are Yuya Yoshizumi and Ai Nikaido?”

Yui Miyamoto had gone with Yuya Yoshizumi to drop off the bags but returned alone. They had gotten separated because Yui had won so many prizes at a shooting gallery run by a man Yuya respected like a brother.

“Ahaha… Sorry, Kaede. We were together initially, but I lost track of them. Aren’t they back yet?”

“Not yet. The fireworks are about to start… Could something have happened? An incident, maybe?”

“Kaede, you watch too many detective shows. Incidents don’t happen that often. But, in a way, there might have been an incident…”

I couldn’t hear Yui Miyamoto’s last words as the sound of fireworks launching drowned them out.

“Wow! They’re so beautiful! Let’s watch together, Kaede!”

“But I wanted to watch with Yuya Yoshizumi…”

The night sky blossomed with vibrant flowers, their transient beauty lying in their fleeting existence. Everyone was captivated, forgetting to breathe.

“I hope Yuya Yoshizumi arrives soon…”

I was the only one not gazing at the sky but searching for a boy yet to arrive. The continuous booming sounds and the dazzling fireworks elicited cheers.

As the opening ended, the Music Star Mine began, set to a mix of trendy and nostalgic summer hits, upbeat and ballad songs. The crowd’s excitement rose to a fever pitch. Akiho Otsuki, more thrilled than anyone, jumped around. Every time she did, her ample figure drew the embarrassed gaze of Shinji Higure, who tried to look away.

“I’ll grow up to be like that too, damn it!”

Yui Miyamoto watched enviously, cursing under her breath. If Yuya Yoshizumi were here, he’d likely say with a wry smile:

“Don’t worry, Yui Miyamoto. Size isn’t everything!”

I could see the future where Yui Miyamoto would get angry again. Yuya Yoshizumi often made things worse instead of comforting her, but I think he was trying to close the gap with Yui Miyamoto, who was like a sister to him. He’s just overdoing it right now.

“───Yuya Yoshizumi! Kaede!”

Amid the quiet before the climax, I finally heard the awaited voice. I waved my hand to signal our location.

“Haah, haah, haah… Sorry, Kaede. I’m late!”

Yuya Yoshizumi, unusually, was catching his breath, sweat beading on his forehead. Maybe he was tired from running in unfamiliar yukata and geta.

“…I was so worried something had happened to you, since you were taking so long to come back…”

“Hahaha… We arrived in this area when the music started, but the crowd was so thick. It was tough to make our way through…”

Yuya Yoshizumi spoke with a wry smile. As I patted his back, Ai Nikaido, who had also arrived late, teased:

“I wanted to show it to Kaede too. When I suggested to Yoshizumi that we should find a detour because of the crowd, he was adamant about cutting straight through, saying, ‘No, time is precious.’ He wanted to see his beloved Kaede as soon as possible.”

“It couldn’t be helped. I thought we wouldn’t make it in time if we took a detour. Well, it’s true that I wanted to meet up with Kaede quickly.”

“Yuya, you’re such a… Here, use this to wipe off your sweat. Oh, look! The fireworks are starting! This is where the thrilling hundred shots begin!”

Against the pitch-black sky, a streak of light raced quietly. A large firework blossomed, casting a purple oval in the sky. That set off a second and third explosion. Large circles of gold and small circles of cherry blossoms, blue and green – the vivid flowers decorated the night sky.

Even that alone was beautiful, but with the unique whistling sound of the fireworks, a particularly loud boom signaled the release of various large fireworks blooming chaotically, illuminating the pure black sky without pause.

Watching such a beautiful scene with the person I love made me feel incredibly happy.

“The fireworks are so beautiful, aren’t they, Yuya?”

“Yeah… They’re really beautiful. Let’s come to see them again next year.”

I turned to Yuya, curious about his expression, and found him looking at me intently. His face, illuminated by the flash of light, seemed more dignified than usual, quickening my heartbeat.

“Sure. Let’s not just next year, let’s come every year with everyone.”

“But someday, just with Kaede…”

His sweet, yet somewhat melancholic murmur was drowned out by the roar of the fireworks, and I couldn’t hear the end of it.

I looked up at the sky, gently intertwined my fingers with Yuya’s next to me, and he immediately squeezed back. But his hand was slightly trembling.

“Are you okay, Yuya?”

“Hm? I’m totally fine, as usual.”

Despite his attempt to appear calm, Yuya’s true feelings were apparent. He’s really wanting to be spoiled by me, isn’t he? Smiling, I wrapped my arms tightly around his arm and leaned into him.

“Whoa, Kaede? What’s sudden this about?”

“Hehe. I just thought Yuya looked like he wanted to be spoiled, so I decided to spoil him instead. Is that okay?”

“…It’s not bad.”

Yuya responded with a gentle voice and rested his head on my shoulder. Normally, he would just blush and be shy, but today he was unusually compliant, leaning on me as if a wounded bird resting its wings. This is the first time I’ve seen Yuya so emotionally vulnerable since the night he was abandoned by his parents.

“It’s okay, Yuya. I’m here for you, so relax.”

“…Thank you, Kaede.”

With that, Yuya leaned even closer, entrusting his body and heart to me, and slowly closed his eyes. Yes, Yuya being a bit clingy is nice. More of that, please!

“Ahem! Kaede, Yuya. Could you save that for when you’re alone at home?”

Yui Miyamoto’s voice, tinged with a bit of annoyance and dismay, brought our private world to an end. Looking around, I noticed the crowd had begun to disperse. When did the fireworks even finish?

“Seriously! You’re missing the best part of the finale to get all lovey-dovey? Is it because of the extraordinary atmosphere of the festival?”

Yui vented her frustration in a peculiar mix of anger and annoyance. Ai Nikaido, a senior in our club, comforted her:

“Don’t be so mad, Yui. Nights at summer festivals are meant to be special.”

Ai Nikaido patted Yui’s shoulder to calm her down, which was unusual since she often had a word or two for Yuya. Wait, upon closer inspection, Ai’s eyes seemed slightly red?

“Yuya, how long do you plan to cling to Kaede? Are you trying to say, ‘Kaede is my girl’ or something? Damn it!”

Yuya and I were arm in arm, intimately close. Realizing this after Yui’s comment, Yuya blushed and hastily pulled away.

“I-I’m sorry, Kaede! I just got carried away with sentimentality… Sorry!”

“It’s fine. I’m always the one being spoiled, so I don’t mind if you do it sometimes. As I’ve said many times, I’m always welcoming!”

I said proudly, and Yuya quickly looked away. However, I noticed his gaze linger momentarily on my chest. His innocence is also quite endearing.

“Really… You two get so lovey-dovey all of a sudden…”

Ai Nikaido shrugged with an air of resignation. Maybe I’m overthinking it, but Ai’s atmosphere seemed a bit different. Like she had been freed from some burden and felt relieved. Perhaps the distance she used to keep from me was gone. Could it be related to why Yuya and Ai were late?

“Alright, alright! The festival is over, so let’s head home. If we stay any longer, it’ll be too dark to walk!”

Akiho Otsuki suggested we go for a test of courage, which Yui vehemently refused, leading to our departure.

We walked to the station together, and on the train, Yuya and I found ourselves alone again. Unlike usual, he held my hand the entire way home.

“Phew… The festival was fun! The fireworks were beautiful, but dressing up like this is tiring.”

As soon as we got home, I dove onto the bed in my clothes. Walking around in a yukata in the crowd had worn me out. If I’m not careful, I’ll fall asleep just like this.

“You can’t, Kaede. If you’re going to sleep, at least change into pajamas. You’re sweaty, and you’ll catch a cold if you sleep like this.”

Yuya sat down beside me and gently stroked my head with a tender smile. His hand was warm and comforting, making me feel loved.

“…Kaede, there’s something I need to tell you. Will you listen?”

Yuya murmured softly. I sat up to face him and nodded.

“Today, before the fireworks, Ai Nikaido confessed to me.”

Just as I thought, Ai Nikaido had confessed her feelings to Yuya. Normally, I might be upset that someone confessed to my boyfriend, but strangely, I felt no such emotions.

“Ai knew that I love you… that I only have eyes for you. She confessed because she didn’t want to have any regrets…”

I understood Ai’s feelings painfully well. I couldn’t bear the thought of parting ways with the first boy I truly loved without even talking to him.

“Of course, I turned her down. The girl I love now and in the future is you, Kaede. That will never change.”

“Thank you, Yuya. It must have been hard for you.”

Yuya tried to speak through tears, and I embraced him gently, holding him close to my chest.

Confessing takes courage, but so does rejecting someone’s feelings, especially when it’s a close friend like Ai Nikaido.

“I’m sorry, Kaede. I’ve been so needy today…”

“Hehe. You can be needy as much as you want. In fact, I wish you’d be needy more often!”

I always depend on Yuya, so it’s only fair he does too. Balance is key in everything.

“Then, I’ll take the opportunity to be spoiled by you tonight.”

“That’s what I want to hear! I’ll wash your back in the bath, brush your teeth, and before bed, I’ll give you a lap pillow and hold you until you fall asleep. How about that for a full course?”

“Wow, that’s thorough. But if you do all that, I might become useless. Though, I wouldn’t mind the ear cleaning with a lap pillow.”

“Hehe. I’ll do it later. But don’t hold back, okay? Don’t carry everything by yourself, like I always tell you.”

I stroked his head gently, just as he always does for me. After a while, he calmed down and said, “I’m okay now. We can continue this when we go to bed.”

And we resumed our conversation.

“Ai Nikaido said this too. She couldn’t step forward because she didn’t want to ruin the friendship with someone she could talk to. But Kaede, you didn’t hesitate and jumped right in. That was a crossroad of fate.”

I finally understood. Ai Nikaido and I were like mirrors reflecting each other.

If Yuya’s parents hadn’t left behind debts and fled overseas, if my mother hadn’t listened to my whims, if I weren’t living with Yuya now… perhaps it would be Ai Nikaido, not me, who would be by Yuya’s side.

“But now, it’s you, Kaede, beside me, and that’s what I truly wanted. Maybe it’s a bit too romantic to say, but I think this was our destiny.”

“Hehe. I like it when Yuya becomes a bit of a romantic.”

I laughed too, seeing Yuya scratching his cheek, embarrassed. Feeling a little sorry to ask as the mood lightened, I ventured one last question.

“Um… Yuya, what are you going to do about Ai Nikaido now? It might not be my place to worry, but… it’s not like you won’t be friends anymore, right?”

“Yeah, nothing like that will happen. I can’t say if things will be exactly the same, but at least Ai Nikaido and I will remain friends. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have watched the fireworks together.”

Yuya said this with a wry smile. Ai Nikaido is impressive. If I were in her shoes, I doubt I could have watched the fireworks together without crying.

Being able to do so probably means her confession was really about putting things to rest for herself. I couldn’t confess just to settle things, let alone remain friends afterward… Ai Nikaido is strong.

“Understood. If that’s what Yuya says, I will continue interacting with Ai Nikaido as usual. And I won’t do any weird consideration…”

“I think it’s better not to. Knowing Ai Nikaido, she might get angry and say, ‘Not being lovey-dovey in front of me is actually more provocative, you know?'”

“Hehe. Yes, Ai Nikaido might say something like that and get mad at us for not being lovey-dovey. It’s strange to be scolded for that, though.”

Yuya laughed and agreed. That’s good. It seems like the heavy air has finally cleared.

“It got a bit long, but thank you for listening, Kaede. It’s late, so let’s change out of our yukatas and get ready for bed.”

Yuya’s usual brightness seemed to return. If he’s okay now, then it’s my turn.

“Yes. Could you start by untying my yukata sash?”


“My mom said to push you down with my chest exposed, but that’s a bit too much for me. So, I was thinking I’d like Yuya to untie my yukata… Is that okay?”

“No, no!? What are you saying, Kaede! That approach is even harder to handle!? It’s like the difference between Mt. Fuji and Everest!”

Yuya quickly backed away, but unfortunately for him, he’s up against a wall.

“Please, Yuya. Untie my sash. I can’t hold back anymore.”

“Hmm!? What exactly can’t you hold back?”

I crawled slowly towards Yuya, who was blushing and looking back and forth between my chest and the ceiling.

“Hehe. Don’t be too shy to look. In fact, I want Yuya to look more.”


While swallowing hard, Yuya shyly looked down from my face. Encouraged by his gaze, I deliberately opened my yukata further. My pure white underwear and the fruits they contained became visible, causing Yuya’s facial temperature to rise even more, coloring his neck red.

“Yuya… please hurry and untie it. It’s tied so tightly, it’s hurting my stomach… I want your hands to relieve me.”

“…Okay, Kaede.”

Yuya bowed his head, took a deep breath, and then looked up, his face set with determination. His expression was so dignified and cool that my heart fluttered and my cheeks warmed.

Unaware or not of my feelings, Yuya gently hugged me, crawled behind me, and quickly untied the sash. But Yuya wasn’t finished yet.

“…It’s your fault, Kaede.”

“What? Yuya, what are you…!?”

Yuya, to my surprise, gently pushed me down onto the bed. I let out a pathetic squeal in shock.

“Teasing me by opening your yukata like that is unfair, Kaede. Even I can’t hold back anymore.”

“What will you do when you can’t hold back, Yuya?”

Faced with my question, Yuya didn’t answer immediately. Instead, he gazed intently into my eyes, likely filled with a mix of anticipation and anxiety.

On this summer night, in the quiet of the bedroom, we stared at each other. Was it a second, or a minute? After what felt like an eternity, Yuya slowly opened his mouth.

“I can’t hold back anymore… so I’ll do this.”

No sooner had he spoken than, with a deftness that belied his previous stillness, he fixed my disheveled yukata. Then, like a rabbit fleeing, Yuya got out of the bed and headed towards the door. “Wait, Yuya! You’re leaving me hanging after all this? That’s too sly!”

“Kaede, there’s a proper order for things. Now’s not the time.”

“…What? Yuya, what do you mean…?”

Yuya’s surprising statement, a departure from his usual pattern of either running away angry or fainting. If one were to read between the lines, it implied that when the time comes, Yuya would be willing to make a deeper commitment of love with me.

“Alright! That’s the end of this discussion! Come on, let’s quickly take a bath and get ready for bed! You’re going to clean my ears while I rest on your lap, right?”

“Yes! I’ll gift Yuya with the ultimate ear cleaning experience! But first, I’ll wash your back. Don’t worry, I’ll wrap you in a bath towel!”

As I hopped onto his arm, Yuya gently patted my head with a face brimming with kindness and affection.

“Thank you, Yuya. I love you.”

“I love you too, Kaede.”

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
I’m Gonna Live with You Not Because My Parents Left Me Their Debt But Because I Like You

I’m Gonna Live with You Not Because My Parents Left Me Their Debt But Because I Like You

Ryoushin no Shakkin wo Katagawari Shite Morau Jouken wa Nihon’ichi Kawaii Joshikousei to Issho ni Kurasu Koto Deshita., 両親の借金を肩代わりしてもらう条件は日本一可愛い女子高生と一緒に暮らすことでした。
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
The main character, Yoshizumi Yuya, was being pressured into paying off the debt left by his parents who had fled abroad. It was his classmate, Hitotsuba Kaede, chosen as the cutest schoolgirl in Japan, who saved him from this crisis of life and death. However, there was a catch. The condition required to fulfill in return for taking over his debt was — “In return for the loan, you have – to live with me.”“Why did that happen?!”Yuya’s daily life collapsed on this day.“Yuya-kun. Let’s take a bath together.”“Yuya-kun, please be my hug pillow.”“That’s enough, Hitotsuba-san!”The slapstick love comedy between the beautiful, but easy-going Hitotsuba Kaede and the serious and hard-headed Yoshizumi Yuya, starts now!


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