📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

V3 My Girlfriend Cheated so I’m Cheating To Chapter 4

I Understand Tohko Senpai's Charm the Best!


Chapter 4 : I Understand Tohko Senpai’s Charm the Best!

That night, Ishida and I met at our usual family restaurant along the national highway.

The topic of discussion was “What Karen said during the day.”

“I see, so Karen-chan said something like that,” Ishida commented while devouring a tuna donburi.

“Yeah, she said things like ‘It’s not about the person, but the clothes’ and ‘Do fashion magazine-like photos appeal to guys?'”

I had French toast. Since I had dinner at home, I opted for a light meal.

“True. Women’s fashion magazines often feature skin-exposing photos, but you don’t hear about people using them as erotic books,” I mused.

It was an odd comparison, but accurate. Models in photos are there to showcase clothes, not to be the center of attention, just as Karen had said.

“So Yu, are you planning to discuss this with Kazumi-san and Minami-san tomorrow?” Ishida asked.

“I intend to. And I want your support too, Ishida…” I trailed off, lacking confidence.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I could persuade Minami-san, who was confident in her photography skills.

“Hmm, just saying ‘Let’s focus on the person, not the clothes’ might be tough. Minami-san probably doesn’t see it that way.”

“That’s why I’m thinking of proposing a concrete alternative.”

“What kind of alternative are you considering?”

“I’m thinking of more natural photos of Touko-senpai, or her everyday life, something like that.”

“That might be hard to get Minami-san and the others to change direction. They think ‘ordinary is not good enough.'”

“That’s the problem. Minami-san totally sees herself as a popular photographer now.”

As I leaned forward in frustration, Ishida put down his bowl and said, “By the way, what kind of photos does Karen-chan post?”

I pulled out my tablet PC from my bag.

I showed Ishida Karen’s Instagram page.

“Wow, classic Karen-chan, she looks cute. Almost 50% cuter than in real life, huh?”

“Of course, there’s some editing and enhancement in the photos. But even so, the way the photos are presented is impressive.”

“I see. Oh, look at this one. It seems like her chest is almost visible.”

Ishida leaned forward excitedly. But no matter how much he leaned in, the view in the photo wouldn’t change.

“That’s part of Karen’s calculation. She goes for this ‘natural yet slightly risqué’ look,” I explained.

Ishida looked up in surprise. “So, this ‘wet T-shirt showing a see-through bra’ and ‘pajama pants slipping to reveal a bit of panty’ are all calculated teaser shots?”

He excitedly turned the tablet toward me.

“Quiet! Don’t shout. It’s embarrassing.”

I pushed the tablet back. To others, we must have looked like two perverts in conversation.

But he had a point. I hadn’t noticed the pajama shot revealing underwear.

“Sorry. But still, it’s scary how Instagram girls are always so mindful of these things. Most guys would be easily deceived.”

“That’s standard for them. Karen is even considering incorporating cosplay,” I added.

“Hmm, now that you mention it, the way her bust is framed in this photo is just like my favorite game character.”

Ishida murmured, impressed.

“Either way, we’re at a dead end with our current approach. In the next meeting, we need to present ‘a different aspect of Touko-senpai, as we see her.'”

As I said this, Ishida took another look at the tablet.

“But, man, suggesting ‘slightly risqué photos’ to Touko-senpai will definitely be rejected. Kazumi-san would oppose it too.”

“Obviously. I couldn’t post such photos of Touko-senpai either.”

“What kind of photos would be acceptable, then…”

We both fell into deep thought.

That night, alone in my bed, I pondered.

What kind of photos would attract attention and bring out Touko-senpai’s charm?

In my mind, the answer was vague but present.

Touko-senpai’s greatest charm lay in her casual gestures and expressions, different from the image others had of her.

Her spontaneous expressions and little gestures, contrasting with her beauty, felt endearing.

But translating that into photos and videos…

My gaze drifted to the desk.

There were photos of Touko-senpai and me from our “Boso mock date.”

Touko-senpai smiling casually, looking satisfied eating an ice cream.

…That mock date was fun…

Suddenly, an idea flashed through my mind.

“That’s it! I’ll go with this idea!”

I blurted out without realizing.

The next day, after the fourth period ended, I headed to a small empty classroom.

It was a space that could fit about twenty people, more like a meeting room than a classroom.

Ishida and I waited there for Touko-senpai and the others.

About ten minutes after we entered the room, Kazumi-san, followed by Touko-senpai, Minami-san, and Manami-san, came in.

“Ah, did we keep you waiting?”

Kazumi-san said as she entered and took a seat.

Touko-senpai, Minami-san, and Manami-san followed, sitting in order from left to right.

I faced Touko-senpai directly, with Ishida facing Minami-san.

“No, we just got here too.”

“Alright, what’s the topic you guys want to discuss?” she asked.

I had sent a group message beforehand saying, “Tomorrow, there’s a topic I want to discuss first.”

“First, please look at this,” I said, showing them a graph on my laptop.

“This is a graph of the follower increase for the Miss Muse contestants. As you can see, Touko-senpai is currently in third place, but in the past month, she hasn’t closed the gap with the first place, Rindo Akane, and the second place, Karen. In fact, looking at just the past week, the gap has slightly widened. Moreover, the gap with the candidates below the fourth place is also closing. Honestly, I’m feeling quite anxious about this. They say the number of followers correlates with the number of votes.”

All four of them were looking seriously at the monitor.

“I think our current PR strategy of ‘showing the cool Touko-senpai’ is good. But I don’t think that’s all there is to Touko-senpai’s charm,” I explained slowly, sharing my concerns.

Hearing this, Minami-san looked displeased.

“That topic again? I told you before, Touko’s charm is about being the ‘cool beauty of the shadowy Miss Metropolitan University.’ Do we need to disrupt that?”

“I’m not denying that one of Touko-senpai’s charms is being a ‘cool beauty.’ But I think there’s more to her, like her natural expressions and the cuteness that’s really like her,” I continued.

Ishida then added, “The current SNS photos and videos feel like they belong to some apparel brand’s website. It’s more about showing the clothes than Touko-senpai.”

“Are you dissatisfied with my photos?” Minami-san asked, looking even more displeased.

“Easy, easy,” Manami-san intervened, trying to soothe her. “I can understand what Ichishiki-kun and his friends are saying… But what kind of photos do you actually want? Can you give us an example, like what other candidates are doing?”

I operated the computer again.

“For instance, this is Karen’s Instagram page. She says she tries to give her photos a story.”

At that moment, I thought I saw Touko-senpai’s eyebrows twitch, but she quickly returned to her calm expression.

The other three girls leaned in to look at the monitor.

“Hmm, so Karen is posting photos like this?”

“Hey, in this photo, her eyes and pupils are enlarged, aren’t they? She didn’t have such eyes.”

“Aren’t the pupils just enlarged along with the eyes?” I asked.

“No, no, the pupils are enlarged too. Bigger black eyes look cuter. This isn’t image editing, she’s probably using colored contacts,” Minami-san corrected.

“And the eye color is slightly brownish too,” she added.

There’s a lot of techniques in SNS photos.

But the girls’ ability to spot these details immediately is impressive too.

As Minami-san scrolled through the page, she exclaimed in shock.

“What’s this? Karen is posting such photos? You can see her underwear.”

Exactly where their eyes would go.

“This one is deliberately showing cleavage. Wow, so lewd, typical of her,” Manami-san commented, looking disgusted.

“Karen includes these kinds of photos to attract male students’ attention. She said that this makes followers check her Instagram daily,” I explained.

Then, Kazumi-san glared at me sharply.

“Ichishiki-kun, are you saying Touko should do this?”

“No, of course not! I would never ask Touko-senpai to do such a thing!” I quickly denied.

“What I’m saying is, ‘Let’s take photos that appeal more to male students too,'” I clarified.

Hearing this, Minami-san looked up.

“But our university has more female students. Isn’t it natural to aim for female appeal rather than male appeal?”

I inwardly grinned, having led them into this line of questioning as planned.

“Indeed, as Minami-san says, our university is unusual for a comprehensive university in having more female than male students. The ratio is about forty-five to fifty-five.”

I paused there, looking around at the four of them.

“However, I’ve heard that one in four female students says, ‘I oppose all forms of beauty contests.’ This means there are girls who wouldn’t vote from the start.”

I quickly wrote a formula on the whiteboard: “55 × 0.75 = 41.25.”

“So, in terms of potential votes, ’45 boys versus only about 41 girls.’ Therefore, shouldn’t we reconsider the premise that ‘since there are more female students, we should focus on appealing to them’?”

I pointed at the formula with a pen, seeking their agreement again.

Kazumi-san, Minami-san, and Manami-san fell silent.

I was showing off, but this was just a debating technique.

In reality, there are men and women who wouldn’t vote in a beauty contest.

So, it’s impossible to know how the actual votes will turn out.

But by presenting numbers and logic like this, it’s hard for people to argue back.

And the numbers themselves have a solid basis.

If the other party disagrees, they need to counter these numbers with their own evidence and logic.

Moreover, Kazumi-san and Minami-san are from the economics department, so a logical argument based on numbers should be more persuasive.

“Understood that male appeal is also necessary. So, how is the SNS of the top candidate, Rindo Akane, doing?” Minami-san asked logically. I had already researched this point.

“Rindo Akane doesn’t focus on male attention as much as Karen. However, she boldly posts underwear and swimsuit photos.”

I operated the computer to show Rindo Akane’s Instagram page.

“True. She’s posting underwear photos without any hesitation.”

“It looks like an underwear commercial from a women’s magazine, doesn’t it? It doesn’t feel lewd at all,” Minami-san and Manami-san observed as I nodded.

“Yes, it seems Rindo Akane is tied up with swimsuit and underwear manufacturers. She posts comments about the products and includes links to the manufacturers’ pages.”

“I absolutely refuse to do that! I won’t post underwear photos!” Touko-senpai declared firmly.

Touko-senpai, who had been silent until now, interjected hurriedly.

“I understand. I’ll never post Touko-senpai in her underwear!”

I want to enjoy such a sight all by myself.

After Minami-san and the others finished browsing through the SNS, I proceeded with my next statement.

“Rindo Akane doesn’t focus on male students’ attention as much as Karen. However, she has the title of ‘Miss Metropolitan University’ for two consecutive years. She’s been in the spotlight from the start, so it’s easy for her to gather followers. Even freshmen will check her out. Still, like Karen, Rindo Akane consistently incorporates stories and themes into her photos and posts.”

Manami-san looked at me.

“So, Ichishiki-kun, what do you want to do with Touko’s SNS? You seem to emphasize storytelling.”

…Finally, we’ve reached this point.

I looked at Ishida, who nodded. It was a sign that everything was going as planned.

“We have several ideas, but first, we’d like to start with the theme ‘A Day Date with Touko-senpai’ for the photos.”

“‘A Day Date!?'”

Minami-san and Manami-san exclaimed in unison.

I glanced at Touko-senpai. She also looked surprised.

Probably, like me, she was reminiscing about our “Mock Date Around Boso.” That atmosphere is what we aim to recreate on SNS.

“What exactly does that entail?” Minami-san asked.

“Well, it starts with a photo at the station saying ‘Good morning,’ then maybe a shot of her in class, ‘Listening during the lesson,’ or in the cafeteria, ‘Eating together with Touko-senpai’,” I suggested.

Ishida continued.

“Or ‘Stopping by a café after school’ or ‘Touko-senpai singing at karaoke’ could be good too.”

“Touko-senpai singing at karaoke?” she reacted in surprise.

“Just for the photo shoot. Of course, you can actually sing if you want,” Ishida replied.

“But really, can such an approach garner attention?”

Minami-san voiced her doubts.

“I think it can, especially now. Until now, boys might have felt distant from Touko-senpai. But what if the cool beauty shows her cute side? And in her everyday life. That will surely strike a chord with guys. This is where your work, Minami-san, comes into play!”

I lightly praised Minami-san. Aligning with her could make her more agreeable to my proposal.

“Yu is right. A cool beauty being a bit clumsy is endearing,” Ishida added.

Touko-senpai reacted to his words.

“Hey! What do you mean by ‘clumsy’? Are you going to capture my weird moments and spread them on the net?”

I hurriedly clarified for him.

“No, no, that’s not what Ishida meant. Just cute little blunders.”

Touko-senpai seemed to accept this explanation, though she still eyed Ishida suspiciously.

Ishida could be a bit tactless at times. Dangerous, dangerous.

Minami-san turned to Touko-senpai with a question.

“What do you think, Touko? I think the final decision should be yours.”

Asked thus, Touko-senpai showed an anxious face.

“Um, I think the current way is fine too…”

…Minami-san, asking Touko-senpai at this point is a foul…

Touko-senpai is reliable but always considers her friends.

If she said, “Ichishiki’s proposal is good,” it would be like saying all Minami-san’s past efforts were in vain.

Touko-senpai would never say such a thing.

Even if she really thought, “I want cuter photos…”

This is where I had to step in.

“Minami-san. Touko-senpai thinks your photos are good. That’s why she’s never complained, right? But I’m not saying they’re bad. I’m proposing ‘a different perspective, considering male students’ in our photos. The coolness and the gap with cuteness.”

Everyone fell silent, but the atmosphere shifted. It seemed my persuasion was successful.

Touko-senpai looked relieved.

After a while, Kazumi-san spoke up.

“Thank you for the passionate presentation, Ichishiki-kun. I see your point.”

I felt relieved. This would allow us to change direction.

But Kazumi-san’s answer was different.

“However, the current direction wasn’t a failure. We’ve been getting results. How about this? We continue with Minami’s direction and also start posting photos with a story, as Ichishiki-kun suggested. We can use hashtags for clarity. Ichishiki-kun and Ishida-kun can handle the storytelling part. How does that sound?”

“I have no objections,” I replied. This two-pronged approach was something I had considered myself.

“That might appeal to both genders,” Minami-san agreed.

“The idea of a ‘story’ sounds interesting,” Manami-san said.

“Leave it to us! We’ll create photos and stories that will make everyone melt with cuteness!”

Ishida was excited and enthusiastic.

Then Touko-senpai murmured softly.

“When Ishida says it, I can’t help but feel anxious…”

Having received permission for our “Showcasing Cute Tohko-senpai on SNS” strategy, Ishida and I decided to start shooting right away.

First up was the “One-Day Imaginary Date with Tohko-senpai” plan. I had already thought up the scenario.

And then… there was something else I had to do before the shoot.

The night before the shoot, I called Ishida.

“Sorry, but can you let me do the shoot alone tomorrow?”

“Huh? Why? Shooting together gives us more chances for a good shot, and we can choose better angles, right?”

Ishida is right in what he says.

But I don’t want to miss the chance to be alone with Tohko-senpai.

Even if it means being called a traitor…

“Tohko-senpai might get nervous being photographed by both of us. She’s quite shy, you know. I think it’s better if I do it alone.”

I smoothly gave the excuse I had prepared beforehand.

“That’s just a front, isn’t it? The truth is you want to be alone with Tohko-senpai and I’m in the way, right?”

Damn… he saw right through me…

“Well, can’t help it. I’ll consider this a favor. But in return, treat me to both Indian curry and ramen.”

Ishida named a popular local Indian curry place and a well-known ramen shop known for its spicy ginger flavor.

But compared to the time I get to spend alone with Tohko-senpai, it’s a small price to pay.

“Alright, good luck tomorrow then.”

Ishida said and hung up the phone.

Thank you, Ishida!

With that, one mission was cleared.

So today, I’m going to spend almost the entire day with Tohko-senpai.

First thing in the morning. Since the setting is ‘lovers’, we start with the scene ‘going to school together’.

I board the train at Makuhari Station, my nearest station, and get off at Funabashi Station.

Initially, I thought of going to Tohko-senpai’s nearest station, Shinkemigawa, but she opposed it.

“If you come all the way to Shinkemigawa, it’ll be the opposite direction from the university. There’s no need to go that far.”

“It’s okay. It’s just one station.”

“No. Also, posting photos on Tritter and Linstragram means that people can figure out my nearest station, right? I don’t like the idea of unknown people finding out where I get off, especially since they don’t know who might be watching.”

Tohko-senpai said, looking worried.

That made me realize something.

Or rather, as the person in charge of publicity, I should have realized it before being told.

Nobody wants their personal information to be unintentionally leaked. It’s disturbing and anxiety-inducing.

Especially for Tohko-senpai, a woman. She should be extremely cautious with her personal information.

The university’s name is public, so the station we get off at can’t be helped, but we must be careful not to reveal anything that leads to her home.

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t considerate enough. Should we cancel the ‘going to school together in the morning’ photo?”

“No need to cancel it. Why not just take it at a different station? Like an intermediary station where a lot of people get on and off?”

“That’s a good idea. How about Funabashi Station? It’s a transfer station for other lines.”

“That’s good. Then let’s meet tomorrow morning at the first platform of the local train at Funabashi Station.”

That’s why we decided to shoot at Funabashi, a station along the way.

When I got to the front of the up-bound train platform at Funabashi Station, Tohko-senpai was already there.

She stood quietly in the morning sun, her long hair gently swaying in the wind… waiting for me.

For a while, I was entranced by her, just like when I saw her in high school.

“Good morning, Ichishiki-kun.”

A few seconds later, Tohko-senpai, who noticed me, greeted me with a smile.

“Good morning, Tohko-senpai.”

I snapped back to reality and hastily returned the greeting.

“What’s up? You seemed to be lost in thought.”

“No, not really. But I’m sorry, it seems I made you wait.”

I arrived at the meeting spot five minutes early, as promised.

“It’s fine. I just got here on the previous train too, so I didn’t wait long,” she replied with a smile.

Ah, what a blissful morning, meeting up with my admired senior with a smile.

“Where shall we take the photo? There seems to be quite a few people around,” noted Touko-senpai, quickly scanning the surroundings.

We were at the front of the platform, where fewer people were, but taking a photo would surely attract attention.

“Right. Let’s quickly take it after the train leaves, when there are fewer people,” I suggested.

I had a pre-planned composition in mind, but after seeing Touko-senpai earlier, I thought of a different photo.

“Understood. What should I do then?”

“Just stand as you were when you were waiting earlier.”

“Eh, is that all?” Touko-senpai looked at me, surprised.

“Yes, just stand facing forward as usual. Then for the next photo, please turn to me and give a light wave as a greeting.”

“Got it! Like this, right?” Touko-senpai stood facing forward, just as she had done before.

The photo would capture her from a side angle.

Touko-senpai, quietly contemplating and waiting for someone, her long black hair shimmering in the morning sun, swaying in the breeze.

I quickly took about five shots of her.

“Now, please turn this way and greet as if you were saying hello.”

Touko-senpai turned to me with a smile, raising her right hand slightly at her chest level.

It was a reenactment of how she greeted me earlier.

I captured this moment in another five shots.

Perfect, just as I imagined.

Placing the first and second photos side by side would convey the atmosphere.

The title could be “Good Morning, Let’s Go to School Together.”

Touko-senpai and I got off at the station near our university.

Once inside the station, she stopped by a convenience store to buy a café latte from a coffee machine.

“Do you always buy coffee here?”

“Yeah, in the mornings, it’s like a wake-up ritual, or the start of my day. I often buy coffee.”

While securing the lid on her café latte, Touko-senpai responded.

“Then, let’s capture this scene in a photo.”

“Taking a photo of such a mundane place?”

“Yes, if it’s part of your typical day.”

“Well, okay then.”

Touko-senpai held the café latte cup beside her face, forming a smile.

It made a perfect picture of “the beginning of a day.”

Then we entered the classroom for the first period.

Arriving early for the photo shoot, the classroom was sparsely populated.

The subject was “French.”

Touko-senpai is taking two second foreign languages – Chinese and French.

Our university places significant emphasis on language studies, offering a wide range of foreign language courses.

Moreover, Touko-senpai believes in the motto, “You can never have too much language proficiency. Communication’s foundation lies in language,” aiming to master as many languages as possible.

For someone like me, who barely manages with English, her linguistic skills seem almost superhuman.

I sat next to Touko-senpai and quickly activated my smartphone’s camera.

“Could you take a pose as if you’re talking to me, Touko-senpai?”

“Hmm, what kind of pose should I take for ‘talking’?”

“We’re pretending to be a couple, so maybe something like, ‘Let’s attend the class together today’ or ‘Have you done the assignment?'”

“So, I should just look like I’m saying that, without actually speaking?”

Touko-senpai’s face turned slightly red.

Man, her doing that is making me blush too.

“Yes, no need to actually say anything for the photo.”

Touko-senpai opened her textbook, leaning on the desk with her elbows and smiling at me. I captured several shots of this scene.

“Ahh, this is embarrassing,” she said, fanning her flushed face with her hand.

After the shoot, I remained seated, which made Touko-senpai frown.

“Aren’t you attending your first period class, Ichishiki-kun?”

“I haven’t registered for any classes during this time slot, so I’m fine.”

“That’s not something to be proud of,” she said, knitting her brows. “The first class usually includes guidance. If you don’t attend, you might face problems later. Second-year courses are packed. You could even repeat a year because of just one missed class.”

Her concerned expression was also something I wanted to capture.

“Yes, I understand. Can I take a photo of you like this, with that expression?”

“Now? With this expression?”

“Yes, I thought it looked good when you were advising me.”

“Really… Were you even listening to my advice?”

I snapped a photo of Touko-senpai, looking somewhat exasperated as she lectured me.

I also captured her serious demeanor during the class.

After class, I got up.

“Next, let’s head to the first student cafeteria.”

I had to attend my compulsory class in the second period.

“Got it. Let’s find a seat quickly.”

Touko-senpai said, waving her right hand lightly with a smile.

Ahhh, I felt incredibly happy. My first class ever with Touko-senpai.

I wished I had been born a year earlier to always experience this feeling.

After the second period, I dashed to the cafeteria.

The teacher had stretched the class until the last minute, so I worried about finding a good seat for the shoot.

However, Touko-senpai was already there, having secured a window-side circular table labeled “Reserved for Couples.”

“Sorry, I’m late,” I said, catching my breath.

“It’s okay, you didn’t have to rush. My class just ended early. You should get your meal, shouldn’t you?”

She already had her meal – a sandwich, salad, and coffee.

“I’m waiting to start eating until you take the photo.”

“Sorry, I’ll be right back!”

I dashed to the counter again and chose a fried chicken set meal.

Before taking out my smartphone, I asked Touko-senpai, “You said you have classes until the fourth period today, right? Will a sandwich be enough?”

“I can’t really order something heavy for a photo shoot. I don’t want to be seen as a big eater.”

“I think people won’t judge you for that these days. Even idols are shown eating a lot on TV.”

“Still, I’d rather not. Plus, for a photo, I can’t choose messy foods like curry, rice bowls, or pasta. Slurping noodles is out of the question too.”

“It seems like I’ve put quite a burden on you. I suggested this ‘pretend date’ photo shoot casually, but has it been a bother?”

But Touko-senpai shook her head.

“No, not at all. After all, I was the one who decided to participate in the Miss Muse contest. And, you know…”

Touko-senpai paused and looked at me.

“I was actually happy when you said you wanted to capture ‘the usual me’. I was feeling a bit lonely with only those fashion magazine-like photos.”

“The pressure from Minami-san was quite intense at that time, wasn’t it?”

“It’s not that I disliked Minami’s photos. But when you said you wanted to take ‘cute photos of me’… I thought I could trust you with that.”

Her saying this made me feel nervous.

We both fell silent for a moment, but soon Touko-senpai spoke again.

“Can I start eating now?”

“Wait a moment, please. Let me first take a photo of you with the untouched sandwich.”

Touko-senpai posed, spreading her hands as if presenting the sandwich on a plate.

Then, she delicately bit into one, and I captured that moment.

Such simple gestures felt incredibly cute.

I had taken the planned “lunchtime photo,” but I didn’t want to miss any more candid shots, so I quickly finished my own meal.

Suddenly, I noticed Touko-senpai watching me intently.

Oh no, did I eat too greedily? Did I make any noises while eating?

“Sorry, was my way of eating unsightly?”

When I asked nervously, Touko-senpai shook her head.

“No, not at all. It just made me think, ‘Ah, he’s really a boy’. You looked so energetic and seemed to enjoy your food.”

I looked down, a bit embarrassed.

“I like people like that.”

She said, gazing at me with a gentle smile.

After the fourth period, I met up with Touko-senpai in front of the engineering building.

Of course, it was to take a “date after university” photo.

“Where are we going?”

“Let’s go to Harajuku today.”

I had hesitated a bit about the location. Shibuya, Shinjuku, Roppongi, Ginza…

But I chose Harajuku for its “girly cuteness.”

Though I hadn’t been to Harajuku much myself.

I thought a “date with a girl in Harajuku eating sweets” seemed like a typical idea.

The shop, well-known from various websites, was quite crowded.

I aimed for a “crispy rod-shaped cream puff” and “caramel chocolate-coated soft ice cream.”

Touko-senpai seemed happy holding both.

“Ah, I feel guilty about the calories, but it’s so exciting.”

She smiled contentedly, looking exactly like someone who loves sweets.

“Let’s share and eat half each. That way, the calories are halved, and the enjoyment is doubled.”

She offered me the cream puff with a cute gesture.

“Could you do that pose again? I want to take a photo.”


She looked surprised but then said with a half-embarrassed, half-mischievous smile.

“Sure, but you have to take a bite too. I’ll eat it after you…”

I took two photos: “Touko-senpai offering me the cream puff” and “Touko-senpai about to eat it after I took a bite.”

…Another indirect kiss, I thought.

But isn’t it somehow erotic when a girl is about to eat something?

Touko-senpai stared at me again.

“What’s wrong?” I wondered, and then,

“Ichishiki-kun, you have cream on the side of your mouth.”

She took out a tissue from her bag and gently wiped it off.

“Thank you,” I said, feeling both happy and embarrassed.

“Hehe, it’s like having a little brother.”

She laughed.

Wait, am I in the ‘little brother’ zone?

That night, I immediately uploaded Touko-senpai’s photos to Instagram and Twitter.

I debated over the hashtags but settled on “A Day in the Life of Touko Sakurajima.”

I didn’t want to start with something too outrageous.

The first photo was from the station, titled “Good morning, let’s go to school together.”

The second was her buying a café latte at a convenience store in the morning, captioned “Morning routine to wake up.”

The third was Touko-senpai talking to me in the classroom, “Did you prepare for class?”

The fourth was the lunch scene, “Light lunch because we have an evening plan.”

The fifth and sixth were eating sweets in Harajuku.

The first was “Touko-senpai offering the cream puff,” captioned “Went to a trendy shop. Let’s eat together!”

The sixth was “Eating the cream puff after I took a bite,” captioned “So delicious! The second bite.”

I thought about adding “An indirect kiss with you” but decided it was too risky.

The photos on Instagram made me reminisce about the day with Touko-senpai.

Ah, what would it be like to date her every day?

While I was lost in thought, Ishida contacted me after seeing the SNS.

“You posted the first set of photos, huh?”

“Yeah, just uploaded them.”

“They’re good, aren’t they? Touko-senpai looks cute and lively.”

“Thanks. It’s reassuring to hear that. No matter how confident I am, it’s still just a personal opinion.”

“The results are already showing. The ‘likes’ are increasing.”

“Yeah, it’s been only fifteen minutes since I posted, and there are already over twenty likes.”

“That should convince Minami and the others, right?”

Indeed, it did.

The follower count, which had only increased by about a thousand over four weeks, shot up by three hundred in just three days. Ryutanshu Akanene and Karen hadn’t even increased by a hundred in the same period.

Seeing this, Ichimisan commented,

“Yeah, it seems to be going well so far. Then, Ichishiki-kun, please continue with this direction of ‘showing Touko’s cuteness.’ Also, not just photos, but videos in the same vein. We’ll help too, of course.”

This officially approved my plan.

From that day on, I immersed myself in how to showcase Touko-senpai’s charm.

But unbeknownst to me at that time, a slowly brewing unsettling shadow was beginning to emerge.

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
My Girlfriend Cheated on Me With a Senior, so I’m Cheating on Her With His Girlfriend

My Girlfriend Cheated on Me With a Senior, so I’m Cheating on Her With His Girlfriend

Kanojo ga Senpai ni NTR-reta no de, Senpai no Kanojo wo NTR-masu, Kanojo NTR (LN), 彼女が先輩にNTRれたので、先輩の彼女をNTRます
Score 7.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
“Touko-senpai! Please have an affair with me!” “Calm down, Isshiki-kun… I won’t be satisfied unless we make those two who cheated on us experience hell itself!” Isshiki Yuu was shocked by his girlfriend cheating on him, so he decided to cheat on her with the girlfriend of the boy who stole his girlfriend, Sakurajima Touko, who also happened to be the senpai he admires. As part of their plan, Touko proposed to have the greatest possible ‘payback’, and so she started to make Yuu into an attractive and popular man with girls!? His choice of clothes, the conversation topics, etc… Yuu finds himself in the middle of a crazy increase in his reputation with the girls; however, his feelings for Touko only continue to grow. As their plan continues to progress, the relationship between the two of them suddenly grows intimate… What is this ‘payback’ that the two who were cheated on will carry out on Christmas Eve?! What is the conclusion that awaits the two of them!? The curtains rise on a love comedy of revenge!


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