📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

V25 Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles Chapter 6

The Unreliable Envoy

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Chapter 6: The Unreliable Envoy

After the battle with the Golem ended, everyone moved from the rooftop garden of the Galarc Royal Castle to Rio’s residence within the castle grounds.

Francois remained in the castle for a while, but once he issued the necessary orders to his subordinates, he quickly joined them at the residence.

A meeting was held to discuss the main topic: What happened in the battle against Saint Erika? Why can’t anyone remember anything about Rio and Aishia?

However, the laws of the gods are uncertain. Given the current situation, where the details of how Rio’s memories as a transcendental being were revived are still unclear, Rio decided it was better to limit the scope of information sharing. Therefore, initially, this information would only be shared with those living in the residence. Besides them, only King Francois, Liselotte, and Aria would be informed. The extent to which information would be disclosed to those not affiliated with the Galarc Kingdom, such as Christina and Liliana, was left to King Francois’s decision.

Nevertheless, Rio decided to hide highly sensitive information, emphasizing that it should not be disclosed carelessly. He provided a similar explanation to the one he had given to Celia earlier.

That is, Rio and Aishia used transcendental power to defeat Saint Erika. Those who use transcendental powers are excluded from recognition as participants in the world according to the laws of the gods. They must use this power only for the sake of the whole world. To enforce this, they will gradually be forgotten by society. Rio also mentioned Sora as Rio’s familiar, but—,

“The above is the reason why everyone lost their memories.”

With that, Rio concluded his explanation.


Latifa, Sara, and the others were silent, showing expressions of deep distress. They seemed burdened with the awareness of the peace they enjoyed in the castle, understanding that it was built on someone’s sacrifice. Their chests felt like they were about to burst from unbearable feelings.

“By the way, the Golem that attacked the castle is said to be a magic combat item developed by the Wise God during the era of the Divine-Demon War. However, I don’t know why they attacked the castle. I thought Miharu-san might know something, including why everyone’s memories were restored…”

Rio glanced at Miharu. However—,

“I’m sorry. I have absolutely no memory since I went to sleep last night.”

Miharu apologized with a very embarrassed expression, bowing her head.

On the contrary, she looked very embarrassed for having kissed Rio without his knowledge.

“Then, the Wise God Lina must have manipulated Miharu-san’s body. The restoration of memories is most likely related to the barrier enveloping the capital. Right?”

Rio, looking somewhat awkward, shifted his gaze from Miharu and looked at Celia, who had activated the barrier with Lina.

“That might be true. However, I only assisted Lina-sama as instructed. I don’t know the details of the barrier. I was sent back to the surface halfway through, and I don’t know how to get to that place.”

Celia added information with a worried expression.

“I see… The story about the Dragon King and the reincarnation of the Wise God suddenly seems hard to believe, but I understand now. I never thought there would be such a place beneath the castle…”

As if needing to organize his thoughts, Francois took a deep breath and fell silent. Then—,



“What will Onii-chan do from now on…?”

Latifa looked at Rio’s face, looking very anxious. She might be worried that Rio would go somewhere again.

“If allowed, I would like to continue living with everyone. It seems that in this barrier, I will not be bound by the laws of the gods. Even if only for now, I want to continue this life.”

Not as a transcendental being but as Rio, wanting to live as Haruto. Rio expressed his simple wish.

“Okay, not just for now! Let’s live together forever! Don’t go anywhere!”

Latifa, perhaps driven by a vague anxiety, pleaded anxiously. However—,

“…Forever might be difficult.”

Rio slightly hesitated, shaking his head slowly.

“Why!? Why!?”

“I… the man named Haruto who is here now might not have a stable existence. I don’t know how long the effects of the barrier will last. Tomorrow, my existence might once again vanish from everyone’s memory.”

Rio candidly expressed the situation he was experiencing at the moment. It was a difficult thing to communicate, but he felt it was necessary.


Not just Latifa. Almost everyone in the room showed strong fear and anxiety on their faces. Feeling that the atmosphere was not too good—,

“Even if it might not happen, wouldn’t it be scary if someone you don’t know suddenly appeared in your house?”

So, Rio added a joking comment.

“It’s not scary! If it’s Onii-chan, it’s not scary at all! Even if I forget again… then, I’ll write a diary! So I won’t forget Onii-chan, I’ll write in a diary every day, no matter how many pages it takes!”

Latifa proposed a precaution in case of memory loss—,

“It’s better not to do that. If there’s a significant discrepancy between the records and memories, we don’t know what kind of strain it might cause on the brain when the rule is activated. It might just be a matter of feeling uncomfortable due to the contradiction, but…”

Rio advised Latifa that it would be better not to take such measures without knowing the actual outcome.

“…Why? Hey, why…? Even though Onii-chan is right in front of me…”

Latifa began to shed tears, crying loudly.


Liselotte, sitting next to her, gently hugged Latifa. Then—,

“Let’s just end it for now.”

François stood up.

“I apologize.”

“No, we heard what we wanted to know for now. We need time to think. We’ll talk again… well, don’t assume there will be another opportunity. But, for now, Haruto is definitely back. Share in his joy.”


Rio nodded as if to cherish Francois’s advice.

“Alright, let’s have a feast during the day. I will attend as well. While we explain the situation, let’s also invite Princess Christina and Princess Liliana.”

“Thank you.”

Rio stood and bowed to Francois. With that, the meeting was temporarily concluded—,

“…Thank you. Has the discussion just ended?”

Satsuki entered the dining room. Right beside her were the people who accompanied her from the Yagumo territory as assistant officers for protection and care. They were the assistant officers who came with her as followers of Gouki.

“Satsuki-san! Are you alright now!?”

Everyone rushed to Satsuki, concerned.

“Yes, I’m fine. I’m no different than before I was injured. But more importantly…”

Satsuki raised her right arm, making a muscle pose to show her recovery. Then, she looked towards Rio in the middle of everyone—,

“Wow, it’s really Haruto-kun…”

Fluttering her eyelids, she approached Rio.

“Long time no see, Satsuki-san.”

“Yes. I heard, Haruto-kun protected me. Thank you.”

She seemed to have heard about the difficult situation from those who had been taking care of her. Satsuki smiled happily and thanked Rio.

“…No, I couldn’t protect Satsuki-san. I couldn’t arrive in time, I’m sorry.”

Rio’s face was filled with bitterness as he shook his head.

“Don’t apologize. If Haruto-kun hadn’t come, I might have just died. I don’t think there’s anyone who could have been saved. So, I should be the one apologizing for forgetting, really.”

“It’s really unavoidable if you forgot… I also need to explain it properly to Satsuki-san.”

“Yes. I want to hear it. But, aside from that…”

Satsuki suddenly stared at Latifa’s face. Latifa was shedding a lot of tears, and her eyes were truly red. Even for Satsuki, it was clear that she had been crying—

“Haruto-kun, did you make Suzune-chan cry?”

As if accusing him of being the culprit, Satsuki looked at Rio with narrowed eyes.

“Huh? No, I mean, did I make her cry?”

“Let me hear the story.”

To a hesitant Rio, Satsuki threw a mischievous smile and pressed him. Thus, Rio finally shared the same story with Satsuki.


And then, during the day. In the dining room of the mansion, Christina, Flora, Hiroaki, Roana, Kouta, Rei, and even Liliana were invited, and the party took place.

Latifa stayed close to Rio. Since the end of the discussion, she had been clinging to him without letting go. Then—

“Hey, Suzune. You’ve been too dependent on Haruto-sama since the battle ended! I’ve been lenient, but now is the time to let go.”

Sora tried to separate Latifa from Rio. Though it seemed she ignored Latifa’s attachment because she understood her feelings, it turns out jealousy had exceeded its limit.

“Eh, no way! Then, Sora-chan can stay close to Onii-chan too. Look, the other arm is free!”

“T-t-t-t-t-t-that’s impossible for Sora to do something so presumptuous…!”

When everyone surrounded Rio, trying to pull him in different directions and creating a commotion, Miharu, for one, deliberately refrained from entering that circle. Perhaps feeling a bit of love—

“Hey, Miharu-chan? What’s going on? You’re blatantly avoiding Haruto-kun, aren’t you?”

Satsuki, with curiosity in her voice, inquired Miharu about various things. And—


Celia, from a bit of a distance, joyfully observed everyone bustling around Rio. Then—

“What an amazing person.”

Mother Monica approached Celia.


“Are you okay with this? Not joining the circle where he is?”

“…Yes. I’ll give up on everyone this time. I’ve remembered Haruto before and had a reunion.”

Celia looked at Rio and the others with affectionate eyes, her lips gently forming a smile.

“Right. But if that’s the case, when will you introduce me to him?”


“I want you to introduce me to your lover.”

That’s why Monica, so as not to disturb the conversation, accompanied Christina and Flora after the battle. Since Rio was surrounded by Latifa and the others, she hadn’t had the chance to meet him.

“Well, that’s true. With everything that happened, I forgot. Of course, I should introduce you right away. And, lover might not be the right term…”

Celia blushed and averted her gaze from Monica.

“Hehe, anyway, I want to greet him soon. Let’s go quickly.”

Monica urged Celia with a delighted expression.

So, the two headed towards Rio—

“Hey, Haruto.”

Celia called Rio.

“Celia. Who is this…?”

Still entangled with Latifa, Aishia, and Sora, Rio responded to Celia.

“Sorry for the late introduction, but this is my mother, Monica.”

“Mother Celia… I apologize for my rudeness. Friends, please let go for a moment.”

Unable to move, Rio took this opportunity to distance himself from the three. Facing Monica, he bowed with his right hand over his chest.

“Mother Celia, Monica Claire. Thank you for taking good care of my daughter.”

Monica took the hem of her skirt and bowed gracefully.

“I apologize for the late greetings. I am Amakawa Haruto. I have always been under Celia’s care, and…”

“No, I should be the one apologizing for the late introduction. In fact, I have only been staying at this mansion for a few days.”

“Is that so?”

“I apologize for the inconvenience.”

Monica bowed slightly.

“No, don’t worry. Mother Celia is very welcome. Please stay as long as you like.”

Rio welcomed Monica with a firm nod. Then—

“Well, then, are you calling me Mother as well…? How delightful.”

Monica gracefully expressed her joy with her hand over her mouth.

“Oh, no, not in that sense—”


Rio and Celia’s voices overlapped.

“Haruto-san is very strong, cool, reliable, kind-hearted, and it’s easy to understand why the children in the mansion admire you. Even Celia’s eyes when she looks at you…”

Monica, like a girl who loves romantic stories, was very enthusiastic. Perhaps thinking it would become awkward if she continued like this—

“Oh, Mother!? U-um, Haruto! I need a moment! I have something to discuss with Mother, so let’s keep the greetings short!”

Celia pushed Monica’s back, trying to forcibly leave the scene.

“Haruto-san, please take care of my daughter. You’re very reliable, and I can entrust her to you. Ignore whatever her noisy father says.”

Monica left with a very cheerful expression and her parting words.

“Oh dear! Mother!”

Celia’s troubled cry echoed—

(The approval of a mother. How nice…)

Or so thought some girls, or maybe not.


After the party. Rio invited Francois, Christina, and Liliana to the mansion’s reception room.

“I apologize for disturbing you. There’s something I’d like to discuss with the three of you.”

As the three sat down, Rio also sat and began the conversation. He had called the king of a great country and the first princesses of neighboring countries. That alone showed that this topic was not something ordinary. Then—

“…Is this about the Hero-dono and the others?”

Francois immediately guessed the topic.

“Do you realize?”

In fact, during the post-battle discussion, Rio intentionally hid information about the Heroes and the Great Spirits.

“I realized it after regaining my memories about Saint Erika. I guess the common topic in all three countries is related to the Hero-dono. Please tell us.”

Francois speculated and directed the conversation to Rio.

“In short, the powers of the Hero-sama and the others carry the risk of running amok.”

Rio briefly conveyed his information.


Silence, not too brief, lingered in the room. Instead of losing reaction, they urged Rio to continue.

“The Heroes are contracted and assimilated with the Six Great Spirits, the strongest spirits in the world. They borrow power to create Divine Arms and manipulate powerful magic. As I’m sure you’ve observed, injuring a Hero alone is not enough to kill them.”

Rio paused before continuing.

“And because the spirits have been sealed against their will, they seek an opportunity to take over the Heroes.”


An unpleasant story was revealed. Francois, Christina, and Liliana slightly widened their eyes.

“There’s a strong seal in place, so it’s not easy to be taken over. However, the more the Hero-sama unleashes powerful abilities, the stronger their assimilation with the Great Spirit, increasing the risk of being taken over.”

“…And Saint Erika is an example?”

Francois asked insightfully.

“Yes. Saint Erika was taken over by the Great Spirit of Earth, causing natural disasters. Once it reaches that far, it’s not easy to stop it with just human power.”

Thus Rio conveyed the danger to the representatives of the three powers supporting the Heroes.

“I wasn’t there, nor was Princess Christina, but speaking of natural disasters, how severe was it?”

When Liliana asked,

“Hmm, indeed. You can imagine a scene where power easily engulfs the capital and overturns heaven and earth, extending to the distant horizon,”

Francois described the scene he glimpsed while fighting Saint Erika.

“…It doesn’t sound peaceful.”

Christina shivered, her face tensing.

“I haven’t grasped the specific trigger for the Hero-sama’s powers to run amok, but Saint Erika fought relying on the Hero’s awakening abilities, sustaining fatal wounds several times. That triggered an increase in assimilation with the Great Spirit, leading to the takeover of her body. Two or three times might not be a problem, but there might be individual differences. Therefore, I want to avoid situations where the Hero-sama might die as much as possible. That’s why I arranged this meeting to request that.”

Rio spoke, then bowed deeply to the representatives of the three powers supporting the Heroes.


“Of course. I was there at that time. I directly felt that it was a power not easily overcome with human strength,”

Francois immediately responded.

“I also have no objections,”

Christina quickly added, and—

“I understand as well,”

Liliana nodded.

“Thank you. Considering your relationships with the Hero-sama, I refrained from mentioning this even during the previous discussion. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if it was okay to bring it up so soon, but…”

Rio’s expression turned gloomy with hesitation. It wouldn’t be easy to tell someone, “You might be taken over, causing natural disasters.” If someone just feels anxious or panics temporarily, it can be dealt with. However, if they become desperate like Saint Erika, it’s unbearable. Nevertheless—

“…It must be conveyed. I think it’s important to inform Satsuki-dono when you are present.”

You can’t hide it forever.

Francois assessed that it’s better to be conveyed to Satsuki.

“If possible, I also want Masato-sama to be present at that time. Masato-sama admires Lord Amakawa,”

Masato’s affiliation with the Galarc Kingdom or the Centostella Kingdom is still uncertain, but Liliana hoped for his presence as a stakeholder.

“Then, I also want it. I would like to be present with Hiroaki-sama,”

Christina seemed to assess Hiroaki needed an explanation.

“Let’s schedule a later meeting to provide explanations to the four of them and you three,”

Francois summarized the discussion.

“Thank you.”

Rio bowed his head, and—

“We should be the ones thanking you. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.”

Francois called out to Rio with force. Then—

“However, there’s one thing I’m curious about…”

As if suddenly remembering, he brought up the topic.

“What is it?”

“You also use a sword similar to the Divine Arms used by the Hero-dono. What is that? Before regaining my memories about you, I even thought you might be a Hero…”

“Of course, I’m not a Hero. That sword is a power I can use by assimilating with the spirit Aishia. So, the mechanism is the same as the Hero-sama’s powers. Currently, I haven’t assimilated with Aishia, so I can’t summon the sword…”

Rio explained about the Spirit Arms sword.

“I see… Similar to the Hero-dono’s powers. Even so, I think there’s no risk of you running amok?”

“Yes, Aishia won’t try to take over me.”

Realizing such a possibility existed, Rio smiled gently.

“It seems that’s the issue.”

Francois chuckled as well. Then—

“However, is your body okay? You looked very exhausted after the battle, but…”

Christina expressed her concern for Rio’s condition.

“Yes, I’m fine now.”

Rio answered with a smile.

“Even so, you must be tired. The discussion is over. Just rest for today.”

Francois, concerned for Rio, stood up. Liliana also smiled and rose. As they were about to leave, Rio stood and followed them. Then—

“Lord Amakawa, um…”

Christina, who was still standing, called out to Rio. Perhaps there was something she wanted to discuss?

“It’s alright, you can leave us.”

Francois, sensing there was something they needed to talk about, informed Rio before leaving the room with Liliana. Now, only Rio and Christina were left in the room.

“What’s the matter?”

Rio turned to Christina and asked.

“I want to say thank you.”

“…For what?”

Without knowing anything, Rio tilted his head, but—

“For when Rodania fell. You helped us escape, didn’t you?”

“Oh, that time…”

At that time, Renji had used his Divine Arms of ice to break through Rodania’s defense forces, and the fleet led by the Duke Arbor faction had advanced into the city with magic ships. Therefore, under normal circumstances, Christina would not have been able to escape the fallen city and would have been captured, then brought to the Beltram Kingdom’s castle. However, Rio’s intervention ensured the successful escape of Christina and the others.

“If you hadn’t intervened, I wouldn’t be here now. Thank you very much.”

Christina deeply bowed to Rio.

“No, I wish I could have handled the situation to prevent Rodania from falling…”

Due to transcendental constraints, Rio couldn’t intervene, and he shook his head in apology.

“It’s alright. You probably used a precious mask to protect us, right? I’m sorry. If there’s a way I can compensate you for that…”

“I did it on my own, and I still have a spare, so don’t worry.”

So please don’t mind it—Rio reiterated the words he usually said.

“No, to forget a debt to Lord Amakawa, I’m too carefree… I really don’t know how to properly express my gratitude.”

Christina, seemingly unable to face Rio directly, blurred her expression.

“Losing memory of me is natural, and even without it, you might forget. Please don’t worry about that.”

Rio tried to dismiss it casually, but—

“No. Now that I’m seeking asylum in the Galarc Kingdom, there’s almost nothing I can do. However, if there’s anything I can do for you, please ask. I want to repay your kindness in any way I can.”

Christina did not back down and stepped forward to convey her feelings.

“In that case, please come to visit the mansion again.”

“That’s not a repayment at all…”

Since Rio’s request for repayment seemed unrelated, Christina was a bit surprised.

“No, no, everyone will be happy. Of course, I would too.”

Rio said with a slightly embarrassed smile while scratching his cheek.

“Oh, I see…”

Christina looked softly and tried to gauge Rio’s expression. She might understand that Rio’s words, “Of course, I would too,” were just polite—

“In that case, may I visit again soon? I mean, for a friendly visit…”

Not wanting to end it just as polite words? Christina, looking somewhat embarrassed, asked hesitantly.

“Yes, you’re welcome anytime.”

Rio agreed with a nod.

“If as soon as possible, I can make time for tomorrow night, but… Well, tomorrow might be too sudden. And, starting from the evening might make you uncomfortable, so, um…”

Unlike usual, Christina’s thoughts seemed to lag behind her words. Perhaps a bit confused, she spoke before her thoughts could catch up, stumbling along the way. Then—

“It’s okay. Let’s settle for tomorrow night. Please allow me to join you for dinner. It’s decided.”

Rio finalized the promise.

“Oh, then tomorrow night…”

I will visit him—Christina said somewhat puzzled. And with that, after making plans for a simple gathering, the two parted ways.


While Rio was meeting with Francois and Christina. Even though it wasn’t night yet, Miharu was alone in her room in the mansion, burying her face in a pillow, feeling restless.

“Ugh, ugh~!”

Miharu swung her legs while facing the pillow, groaning, releasing an uncontrollable sense of embarrassment.

In the end, she couldn’t exchange a single word with Rio during the meal. No, she couldn’t even meet Rio’s eyes.

(Although there was so much I wanted to talk about…)

Because of what happened—

Miharu touched her lips.

“That was my first kiss!”

She had never imagined she would receive her first kiss unconsciously. Well, she did wake up in the middle of it, so she wasn’t entirely unconscious… Anyway—


Perhaps thinking of the kiss moment, Miharu’s face turned red again. The sensation of the lips still lingered—

(Soft… No, not that…)

The embarrassment of kissing Rio was too much for Miharu to consider anything else.

However, upon closer reflection, Miharu had a clue. Honestly, she wasn’t completely certain—

(Is that person in my dream…?)

Recently, Miharu had several times dreamed of a similar scenario. It was a dream where she spoke with a vague woman in an all-white room. And in that dream, the person seemed to predict the future.

(If I sleep, can I meet that person?)

Miharu only spoke with that person twice in her dreams. Specifically, Miharu was involved in a third dialogue in her dream immediately after slapping Takahisa, but she couldn’t remember the memory of that third event. Anyway—


Truthfully, not wanting to sleep, Miharu lay in bed. However, after engaging in a battle with the golem since morning and even activating large-scale magic, Miharu’s body was undoubtedly exhausted. Maybe because of that—


It didn’t take long for Miharu to fall asleep.


Thus, Miharu found herself standing in the all-white room before she knew it.


As she thought! That dream again!

Miharu immediately realized and looked around.

Though she couldn’t see a single figure—

“Good morning. Yes, or more like good evening?”

From somewhere, a woman’s voice was heard.

“…Are you Lina, one of the Seven Wise Gods?”

There was something Miharu really wanted to say today. So, she directly raised the main topic.

“Right to the point, huh? Alright.”

Strangely, Lina easily revealed her identity.

“Um…! It’s not right to use someone else’s body to kiss without permission.”

With a very clear voice for Miharu, she reprimanded the other person.

“Don’t you have something more important to ask? Why bother with trivial things like that?”

Lina chuckled as if amused.

“T-T-No, this is important!”

Because it was her first kiss.

“It’s alright because it was with someone you love, right?”

“No, what’s alright about that! Because it was a f-first kiss…!”

She wanted it to be proper. And, Miharu protested with embarrassment, longing for an unreachable ideal.

“What are you saying? That wasn’t your first kiss, right?”

“Yes, right! Don’t you know? You are me, right?”

Miharu was very emotional.

“I know. Your first kiss with Amakawa Haruto. Assuming we don’t count when you were a baby, it happened at the age of seven, when Amakawa Haruto was moving away.”

“I-It was… a kiss with Haru-kun!”

“Like you see, the kiss earlier today was your second kiss. Yet you keep complaining about trivial things like your first kiss for some reason.”


Miharu frowned.

“But, your first kiss was dedicated to Amakawa Haruto. Offering yourself to Rio would be considered as the second kiss. However… Ah, are you saying you feel sorry because you couldn’t dedicate your first kiss to Rio, something like that?”

Lina, as if understanding, questioned Miharu. However, there was a clear mocking tone in her voice, making it evident that she was mocking Miharu.


Miharu bit her lip tightly. Her eyes showed a hint of anger, and she displayed a defiant expression towards Lina. However, she remained silent. There was a part of Lina’s words that Miharu couldn’t fully deny, and she reluctantly accepted it.

Yes, Miharu’s first kiss was with Amakawa Haruto. So, today’s kiss was the second for Miharu.

But just because it wasn’t the first kiss doesn’t mean… she couldn’t offer her first kiss and feel sorry about it.

Thoughts like that spun around in Miharu’s mind, and she inevitably was influenced by Lina’s intention.

“You’re foolish.”


Miharu raised her head in surprise. Then—

“I don’t quite understand, but isn’t it normal for humans to feel happy when they experience something for the first time? It seems they value being the first. It’s very easy for them to think that a woman who has already kissed is dirty. Does he also think like that? Does he prefer being the first rather than kissing a woman who has already kissed?”

Whether she wanted to imply that Miharu was dirty or perhaps instill a sense of inferiority, Lina said that with a feigned and malicious tone.


Miharu couldn’t deny anything and fell silent.

“By the way, there’s something I want to ask you…”

Suddenly changing the subject, Lina threw a straightforward question at Miharu.

“…What is it?”

Possibly unable to keep up with her thoughts, Miharu responded slowly. Then—

“Between Amakawa Haruto and Rio, who do you truly like?”

Lina asked Miharu a direct question. Why did that question feel like a sharp spade piercing into Miharu’s heart?


Meanwhile, not long after Miharu fell asleep, Rio finished his discussion with Francois and Christina and was about to return to his room in the mansion.

As he stopped in front of the room—

(Entering this room feels like it’s been a long time…)

Holding the doorknob, Rio became slightly sentimental. And then, it happened.


Someone called out to Rio. And that person was—


It was Miharu. Perhaps memories of today’s kiss had resurfaced; Rio’s expression became slightly awkward.

“There’s something I want to talk about. It’s something I don’t want others to hear…”

In a very Miharu-like manner, she blushed. It was clear that the kiss with Rio still lingered in her demeanor.

“…Understood. Please, go ahead.”

Rio scratched his cheek slightly awkwardly and opened the door to his room.

“I’ll be intruding…”

Miharu entered Rio’s room hesitantly.

“So, what is it…? Well, for now, please sit here…”

Following behind, Rio closed the room’s door. Then, he moved a spare chair and was about to sit on the bed when—


Miharu hugged Rio from behind.


Rio’s body tensed in surprise.


Miharu continued, pushing Rio onto the bed. She then instructed Rio to lie down, approaching his face with an atmosphere as if they were about to engage in an intimate act—

“Wait a moment.”

Rio calmly stopped Miharu with his composed voice.


Miharu suddenly stopped moving.

“…You’re Lina, aren’t you? You…”

Rio hesitantly confirmed. Then—

“It seems you’ve realized it.”

Miharu—or more accurately, Lina—stopped pretending and chuckled, then nodded. Then, she touched the earring on her left ear. As she did, Miharu’s appearance gradually changed into Lina’s. There might be a transformation magic embedded in it.

Rio was shocked to see Lina’s appearance change, but he quickly suppressed that emotion. Is this Lina’s true appearance? Such a question crossed his mind—

“Miharu-san wouldn’t do something like this… Why are you imitating her?” Rio sighed and questioned Lina.

“Well, what do you think?”

Lina, still looming over Rio on the bed, tilted her head playfully.

“I would appreciate it if you stopped answering a question with another question…”

“You should also stop expecting an answer to every question.”

“…Right. Well, for now, could you move back?”


Lina refused with a smile that seemed too pleasant.


Why? Rio didn’t ask that. Instead, he pondered, warily, about what this person’s intentions were.

“Do not be overly cautious. It is not yet time for a night attack. I have not come to assault you. Well, if you wish, you can do whatever you want with this body. I could even revert to Miharu’s face. I’m sure she would be pleased with the fact.”

Are you interested? Lina-san slightly revealed her chest and asked teasingly, with a seductive smile.

“If you have not come to attack, let’s talk.”

Rio-kun, undisturbed by Lina-san’s temptation, sighed and suggested.

“Oh, if I had come to attack, wouldn’t that make for a logical series of events?”

“If you had come to attack, I would have refused.”

Once again, Rio-kun sighed.

“You’re lying.”

“That’s true. I would refuse.”

Rio-kun affirmed with a hint of exhaustion, but—

“Your body is strong, isn’t it? It seems you’ve deceived it with body enhancement, but in reality, you should feel drained. Even walking would be troublesome if the spell is released due to the assimilation effect.”

Lina-san pointed out.


Shock colored Rio-kun’s eyes.

“Advice. Avoid exceeding 100% assimilation continuously or for a long period. If damaged, it might not be reversible.”

Most likely, it meant he would not be able to return to being human.

“I see. So, you came to convey that.”

“No, this is just a prelude. Now, another introduction. About the barrier enveloping this royal capital. It is stable now, so there should be no problems. You can live without worrying about the gods’ rules as long as you are within this barrier. The barrier’s function has been disabled, so you can come and go freely, but be careful when leaving, as the gods’ rules will apply again. Always carry a mask with you.”

Lina-san added this advice as part of the introduction.

“I understand.”

“Now, let’s get to the main point.”

“What is it?”

Honestly, it feels awkward seeing someone’s face so close, but Rio-kun stared at Lina-san and asked.

“I want to make it clear from the start that you should not rely on my predictions. I have also told the same thing to Celia-san, but I cannot directly tell you about the future. However, occasionally I provide advice or predictions like this. There might be times when I deliberately do not do that or even intentionally lie. I might even deliberately do something bad.”

“…Is there a reason for that?”

“Yes. But, after all, the choice is in your hands. You do not have to act according to what I say. Depending on the situation, something might happen that could make you hate me, and you will be responsible for the consequences.”

“…You are an unreliable Messenger.”

Rio-kun could only chuckle.

“That’s right. The Wise God Lina-san cannot be trusted, a mischievous goddess. You understand why Sora hates me now, right?”


“Ah, you’re as kind as ever. In my past life and this one…”

“What about it?”

Rio-kun’s wry smile deepened.

“Well, anyway…”

Lina-san said that and then carefully chose her words.


Rio-kun tilted his head, prompting her to continue. Then—

“Even with an unreliable Messenger, would you continue to listen to my words? Would you trust me whatever happens in the future?”

Lina-san stared straight into Rio-kun’s eyes and asked with a very serious expression. Then, she lifted her upper body and stretched out her hand to Rio-kun, seeking a handshake.

Will Rio-kun—

“…Honestly, this is not a question I can answer immediately.”

Rio-kun did not move his hand. After all, he had just met Lina-san. Judging whether she is a reliable partner or not would take time. But—

“…However, I swear to continue listening to your words. You are the most important source of information, and it seems you have already helped everyone.”

The die has been cast.

Rio-kun made his decision and shook hands with Lina-san.

“Yes. So, we are partners now. I look forward to working with you.”

Satisfied, Lina-san smiled and returned the handshake.

“Also. However, if you just want to offer advice, there’s no need for funny things.”

“What’s funny about it?”

“Dressing like Miharu-san and pushing me down like this.”

Rio-kun sighed with an exhausted expression.

“Oh, it wasn’t entirely pointless, you know? If I was going to tell you that I am an unreliable entity, I thought doing something like this would be more efficient.”

“…So, you did this just for that? What about the kiss…?”

“Doesn’t that add credibility?”

Lina-san grinned teasingly.

“…Please don’t do things like that from now on.”

Rio-kun added another deep sigh. Then—

“Well, as a collaborator, I have three unreliable suggestions to offer. Just consider it a form of prophecy.”

Lina-san chuckled and raised three fingers.

“…What are they?”

“First, looking for clues in a labyrinth from about a thousand years ago is off track. If you want to investigate, you should choose another place.”

“If not the labyrinth, then where exactly?”

Rio-kun asked, but—

“I cannot tell you that.”

Lina-san firmly refused to answer.

“So be it. Then, what’s the second suggestion?”

With the search area now encompassing the entire continent, wasn’t it impossible to find anything? Rio-kun thought so, but he asked for the next piece of advice. Then—

“Create a familiar other than Sora.”

Lina-san said, raising two fingers and speaking seriously.


Rio-kun was silent with a bitter expression.

That’s because he was reluctant to create a familiar. If someone becomes a familiar, they will become an existence forgotten by the whole world, like a transcendental.

“I understand why you do not want to create a familiar. He, a thousand years ago, felt the same way, very much disliked imposing the transcendental way on others. However, you must create a familiar other than Sora. Otherwise, you might regret it.”

“Regret not creating a familiar…?”

From Rio-kun’s perspective, creating a familiar seemed more likely to be a source of regret, but what could happen if he didn’t do it? He understood that Lina-san wouldn’t tell him even if he asked, so he pondered with a troubled expression. Then—

“Now, the last advice with a touch of prophecy.”

Lina-san lowered her raised fingers to one.

And finally—

“I think Christina Beltram would be the best choice for your first familiar after Sora.”

Lina-san’s advice was something difficult for Rio-kun to accept.

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V25 Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles

V25 Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles

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