📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

V25 Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles Chapter 5

Our Hero

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Chapter 5: Our Hero

On that day, at that moment, the royal capital of the Kingdom of Galarc, which should have still been dim, suddenly seemed to welcome the morning because it was brightly lit.

“What is that…?”

In the rooftop garden of the castle, Latifa and the others gazed in awe at the barrier of light and the magical array floating in the sky.

(No doubt. This is the signal.)

Celia herself was surprised, understanding the situation—,


Latifa and the others, unable to grasp the sight in front of them, appeared frozen, as if time had stopped. Their eyes should reflect the magical array and the surface of the barrier floating above the royal capital, but their focus was unclear.

As if they were looking into deep darkness. Thus, Latifa and the others stood stunned, merely gazing upward.

But not long after, they found a beacon of light.

Everyone’s eyes caught a glimpse of Rio’s battle far in the sky.

In an instant—,


Tears welled up in Latifa’s eyes.

It felt like she had forgotten something very important.

Spending peaceful days with everyone, there were moments of uncertainty, moments shrouded in a vague feeling that someone with an unknown face and name was living nearby.

However, she did not pay much attention to it. She thought it was just her imagination, and the absence of someone with an unknown face and name returned to being a normal part of her daily life.

But, she was not mistaken.

It was not just her imagination.


She remembered everything.

A large number of missing puzzle pieces suddenly filled in at once.

Time, which had previously stopped, began to move again—,


Latifa’s voice trembled, and tears flowed freely.

(Yes, Onii-chan! My Onii-chan!)

Even though he was such an important person, someone she should not forget, why had she forgotten him until now?

Happy, sad, sorry…

Latifa’s emotions were in turmoil.

“Ugh, sob…”

She could not hold back her flowing tears.



Latifa firmly wiped her tears as if rubbing her eye area until it hurt.

She wanted to meet him as soon as possible. He had been forgotten for so long.

Because she did not want Rio to be blurred by tears.

It was not the time to cry.

What if she forgot again?

Such anxiety crossed her mind, but—,

(I truly won’t forget…!)

That’s right. I won’t forget! Latifa felt joy in remembering her beloved stepbrother, Rio, and stared straight at him, holding back her tears.

On the other hand, others each showed their reactions.

To completely forget someone who should not be forgotten, many were still confused or bewildered—,

“Everyone, you remember…!”

Celia, emotionally moved, observed everyone’s reaction.


“…Does Sensei also remember him?”

Christina blinked rapidly and asked Celia.

“Yes. I too initially forgot, but one day…”

Celia confessed as far as she remembered.


“Wait a moment! Why have we forgotten Haruto-san and Aishia-sama until now…?”

We forgot?

Sara, unable to comprehend it, panicked and voiced her question.

“Of course, as if Haruto-san and the others never existed from the beginning, uniformly rewriting everyone’s memories and recognition…”

“It can’t be…”

So thorough as if they were trying to erase all traces of someone’s existence from this world. If this happened on a global scale, it seemed unimaginable for human capabilities. Orphia and Alma unconsciously held their breath.

“…Saint Erika. It’s because of the fight with her, isn’t it? At the end of that fight, we forgot Haruto-san and Aishia-sama.”

Liselotte pieced together the situation at that time.


As the conversation reached that point, and many voiced these words—,

“I understand!”

Latifa affirmed firmly.


Everyone’s attention turned to Latifa.

“Onii-chan and Aishia-oneechan protected us. I don’t quite understand why we forgot Onii-chan and the others, but… surely, it’s to protect us. That’s why all this happened!”

That’s how it was. Latifa asserted without doubt, believing it.

“Why we forgot is not clear at all…”

Although everyone was confused about why they forgot, Latifa skipped over that part and was already convinced. Sara looked annoyed—,


Christina and Liselotte could not help but laugh, finding it amusing.

“A-What’s wrong, Onee-sama?”

Flora asked her sister why she was laughing, puzzled.

“Oh, nothing. I just thought Suzune-san was right.”

Christina shook her head slowly—,

(That’s right. When we were escaping from Rodania, he helped us…)

A few days ago, she remembered the time Rodania was occupied by Duke Arbour’s forces. Heading to the magic ship to flee to the Kingdom of Galarc, and even when leaving Rodania by magic ship, if not for Rio’s help, they would not have been able to escape. She thought it was incredibly fortunate that they could escape, not knowing why they were able to escape, but that wasn’t the case.

“Really, when it comes to Haruto-san…”

Sara also smiled wearily.

“Anyway, one thing is for sure. Even though we forgot, Onii-chan and the others remember us and always protected us. And they are still protecting us now.”

Latifa accurately concluded the situation as they lost their memories. She placed her hand on her chest and stared straight into the sky where Rio was. Then,

“Yes, that’s right. Saint Erika. In the battle with her, Haruto-kun and Aishia-chan used a very dangerous power to protect us. Even if it meant forgetting their existence, they tried to protect us. No, they indeed protected us. That’s why we are standing here now.”

Celia-sama admitted to everyone, revealing that Latifa’s conclusion was correct.

“That… that…”

Flora-chan covered her mouth in sorrow. No, it wasn’t just Flora-chan. The others also had tense expressions due to their emotions.

Because, demanding the erasure of one’s own existence as a price to protect everyone, isn’t that too cruel? How lonely must have Rio-kun and Aishia-chan felt? They imagined that.

“…But, now is not the time to be sad! We finally remember Onii-chan! We must welcome him back with a fitting smile!”

She wanted to make Rio-kun and the others happy. Latifa-chan spoke firmly, determined not to let them feel lonely again.

“Yes, I think they would be very happy to know that everyone remembers them. Let’s surprise them when the battle is over.”

Celia-sensei gently stroked Latifa’s head and agreed. So, everyone watched the outcome of the battle between Rio-kun and the others and the Golems.


Just after Lina activated a new large-scale magic in the capital of the kingdom.

Rio-kun, floating in the sky above the capital, looked at the magical formation with a puzzled expression. The Golems seemed to be wary of what was above their heads, as they were on alert.

(What is this…? What kind of magic is this?)

Rio-kun didn’t recognize this magic at all. Instead, the magic circle was too complex, and just by observing it from the outside, he couldn’t determine the type of magic it was. However—,

(Aishia-chan, is this the magic Celia-sensei mentioned?)

Rio-kun checked with Aishia.


According to the message, after a signal was given, they were supposed to use their power to defeat the Golems.

(Then, all that remains is to defeat them using our power…)

Rio-kun’s face showed a bit of hesitation about whether to continue the fight without using his power. However, with their entire bodies emitting a light energy, the combat abilities of the Golems might have increased from before.

If Rio-kun increased his level of assimilation, his combat ability would likely increase significantly. However, considering they didn’t know how long he could fight in a fully assimilated state and that the Golems would revive even after being defeated, it was recommended to avoid prolonged combat against them. If Rio-kun fought in a fully assimilated condition without using his power, there was a possibility he would reach his activity limit before defeating the Golems.

(…I think that’s the only option. However, we can only use his power twice.)

Aishia agreed to use the power. Considering the burden Rio-kun faced due to using that power, she assessed the risk would be smaller if they defeated them earlier.

(Understood. As for Sora-chan…)

Rio-kun glanced at Sora, who was floating in a distant place. Sora also seemed concerned with the magical formation above, momentarily disrupting the fight to observe. The Golem facing Sora did the same. Although Rio-kun could now reach where Sora was in a matter of seconds—,

(Now, during this opening…)

In the transcendental, Rio-kun had the power to call upon his own familiars. Rio-kun immediately summoned Sora to be right by his side. Then—,

“Dragon King-sama!”

Sora appeared right beside Rio-kun.

“Sora-chan. It’s sudden, but I plan to use our power to defeat these people.”

Rio-kun quickly got straight to the point.

“…I think Sora has no choice. Since these people will keep rising as long as they have magical power, defeating them repeatedly is pointless.”

“So, we just need to use that power to eliminate the magical power contained within them…”

“There’s no opponent Sora can’t defeat with Dragon King-sama’s power.”

Sora said proudly with a confident expression.

“However, it seems we have to limit the use of power to twice. Since unnecessary shooting cannot be done, can you help me?”

If both uses of the power were released, they might make the Golems unbeatable. Therefore, it was crucial not to release it carelessly. If they used it, they needed to ensure that they hit their target.

“Of course! Please give me any order!”

Sora thumped his chest hard, nodding in agreement.

“I want to make sure its power reaches. Can you launch an attack that just stops the Golems’ movements? I’ll finish it during that opening.”

Rio-kun had only used that power once before. Possibly, there was a slight cost required when using his power. When facing an enemy as fast as the Golems, it was best to create a gap by stopping their movements.

“This is a small aid. Leave it to this Sora. With Dragon King-sama and Sora, we won’t lose to these low-quality people.”

Sora confidently declared, and—,

(I’m also here.)

Aishia immediately communicated with Rio-kun through telepathy.

“Hahaha, that’s right. Aishia says the three of us.”

Rio-kun laughed, conveying Aishia’s assimilating voice.

“Hmm, Aishia, you…”

Sora puffed up his cheeks like a little balloon.

“Now, it seems better to fight three against two from now on. Whether to defeat one by one or bring down two at once will depend on the situation…”

“Understood. For now, Sora, can you bring that one over there?”

Sora looked at the Golem in a distant position while spinning his right arm. However, the Golem began to move first. To defeat Sora, who was moved, it started flying and approached Rio-kun and the others alone. Its body emitted light energy as before—,

“Ha, he comes without dragging it!”

Sora also emitted energy similar to the Golem from his entire body, starting a counterattack. Facing the approaching Golem, he immediately collided with it. When their fists collided, a tremendous shockwave erupted—,


The impact reached Rio-kun.

(That’s amazing, Sora-chan…)

Feeling reassured by his power—,

(We also must not lose. Aishia, increase the level of assimilation…)

(Yes, I’ll discuss it further.)

Rio-kun and Aishia also increased the level of assimilation, and—,


Rio-kun glanced at the people in the rooftop garden. In this situation, Rio-kun still did not know that Latifa and the others had regained their memories.

However, he felt a strange heat in the gaze and expressions as they looked at him. It gave him a slight discomfort.

Nonetheless, they were in the middle of battle. Rio-kun could not afford to divert his attention to others, so he immediately refocused on the Golem. And—,

(They’re coming!)

Another Golem launched an attack towards Rio-kun. It seemed to convert the energy emitted from its entire body into propulsive power. Not only did its attack and defense increase, but its speed also significantly increased. However—,


Rio-kun, after increasing his level of assimilation, further increased his speed. He skillfully responded to the Golem’s attack, avoiding collision.

As the Golem passed by him, it forcibly reversed its direction, attacking Rio-kun again. Rio-kun, who enveloped his sword with strong light energy with spirit-arts, timed his attack to cut the Golem in two horizontally. However, the Golem intercepted Rio-kun’s slash with claws emitting energy.

In a flash, Rio-kun increased the magical power poured into the sword, intending to increase its power. The Golem also immediately increased and pressed the magical power in its claws, countering Rio-kun.

Rio-kun immediately retreated to create a distance from the Golem. The energy gushing from the blade triggered—,

Rio-kun dashed suddenly towards the Golem, akin to pulling a bow. Swinging his sword, he tried to cleave the Golem’s chest horizontally.

However, the Golem took a prone position, avoiding Rio-kun’s attack. Maintaining its timing, it rotated its body and swung its arm, trying to slash Rio-kun. However, Rio-kun quickly ascended, escaping the range of attack.

Controlling his body posture in the air, Rio-kun reversed his position and began to rapidly descend towards the Golem. However, the Golem, trying to maintain a distance from Rio-kun, initiated flight. Rio-kun immediately pursued the Golem.

(Even during the fight, it seems I can activate his power…)

Rio-kun realized that hitting with power in a one-on-one fight was difficult. Although he hoped to find a gap to use his power, there wasn’t a clear moment where he could ensure his attack.

(Possibly, the activation of power can be maintained for a very short time.)

Just as one understands their body’s movements and breathing through sensory perception, Rio-kun instinctively understood the “destruction” power inherited from the Dragon King.

In other words, the power of destruction manifested in the form of light. For example, he could slash targets with light power enveloping the Spirit Arms sword or manipulate that light into any shape desired, such as weapons. It was even possible to release it broadly for irradiation.

However, the detailed specifications of that power were not accurately verified. Anyway, it was a very dangerous ability that could potentially cause death even in an assimilated state if used carelessly. Rio-kun had not yet dared to try it casually.

(It seems they are cautious of my attack. With the Golems’ speed, there’s a risk they could escape the range of power even if I irradiate them broadly. I guess it’s more certain if Sora-chan helps. While these people are running around…)

Making that decision, Rio-kun looked at Sora, who was fighting another Golem nearby.

“Hey you! Don’t run from the fight!”

Seemingly considering a direct physical confrontation with Sora as disadvantageous, another Golem also tried to maintain a distance from him—,


Rio-kun dashed suddenly and spun behind the Golem fighting Sora. Swinging the energy-wrapped sword, he tried to cut the Golem in two. However, the Golem quickly realized Rio-kun’s approach and took evasive action.

(Avoiding at this moment. But…!)

Its evasion, just outside the range of the sword, was impressive. However, the goal was to temporarily create a two-on-one situation. This plan was successfully executed—,

“Dragon King-sama!”

Sora dived into the space where the Golem had evaded. At that moment, the Golem’s reaction was significantly delayed. Deeming evasion impossible, the Golem immediately concentrated the energy emitted from its entire body into its arms. Crossing them defensively, it prepared to counter Sora’s attack. And—,


Sora gathered all the energy enveloping his entire body into his Dragonoid fist and delivered a powerful blow to the Golem’s crossed arms. Immediately after, a thunderous noise and shockwave erupted, as if a meteorite had fallen. Generating Sora’s tremendous power, the sturdy body of the Golem was forcibly pressed inward.

The wave of energy that the Golem had gathered seemed to act as a barrier, but it couldn’t completely eliminate the full force. The arms held up for defense shattered, breaking into pieces, disappearing into the sky.

The Golem, having lost both its arms, immediately began repairs. Trying to distance itself from the formidable Rio and Sora, it spread feathers like blades as it started to fly—,

“Don’t let it escape!”

As if understanding what was about to happen, Sora was already flying. To facilitate Sora’s movement, Rio released orbs of light while remaining still, holding back the feather-like blades.

At that moment, another Golem, left alone, began to move decisively. It took advantage of Rio’s focus on manipulating multiple orbs of light, approaching Rio and attempting to punch him. However, as if Rio had anticipated this—,

“Here it comes.”

Rio turned towards the approaching Golem, lifting his sword. In an instant, the energy enveloping the blade swelled. Although the Golem was several tens of meters away from Rio, far beyond effective range—,

Rio swung his sword towards the approaching Golem. The burst of light that gushed from the blade transformed into an energy attack that slashed, spreading widely. The Golem, seemingly judging that receiving the direct attack would cause damage, immediately changed its trajectory significantly, avoiding the slash.


In the brief moment of disturbance created, Rio refocused his attention on Sora. Sora had initiated close combat, defeating the Golem that had lost both its arms. Concentrating energy in his fists, he shone dangerously, shaving off the Golem’s armor.

The movement of the Golem, unable to perform repairs, had significantly slowed down. Leaving it unattended would be troublesome as it could resume activities immediately after repairs were made—,

“Sora-chan, let’s finish that one first!”

They couldn’t miss this opportunity.

“Yes! I will immobilize it like this!”

With a ready stance, Sora responded while swinging his fists. And—,

(Aishia!) (Yes.)

Rio focused his consciousness to activate the power of “destruction.” The surface of the sword gradually began to emit light. While Rio had enveloped the sword with light energy in previous battles, this light now emitted a significantly different glow. As if only the light part of it had been extracted from its existence in this world, the sword was adorned with a silhouette of pure white light.


The sword, wrapped in power, felt familiar yet had a considerable weight. Even though it was said to be in a ready state, not setting a target for destruction, it was difficult to maintain it for a long period.

Possibly less than twenty seconds. In that duration, if the power wasn’t activated formally, it would result in a burden equivalent to wasting one usage.

(The moment of power activation still leaves a gap.)

Activating it while moving might be somewhat challenging. Grateful for Sora’s assistance, Rio took a deep breath to calm himself. And—,

(…Is it not attacking?)

Rio glanced briefly at the other Golem, completely unguarded. Since it showed clear vulnerability, it wouldn’t be surprising if it attacked again. Indeed, it seemed to attempt to do so, but for some reason, it suddenly stopped.

It appeared to have noticed Rio’s effort to activate his power. Whether it understood that it was the power of the Dragon King or not, it might have sensed that it was a power that could be its natural enemy.

(Well, that’s okay. This is the chance.)

After all, time was of the essence. Since the power had been activated, there was no more room for unnecessary thoughts. Rio was reputed to have the ability to use the power twice. Since he couldn’t afford to miss a single shot, he only focused on ensuring his power reached its target.

“Sora-chan! Stab that person with this sword!”

Rio prepared his sword.


At this point, the remaining time in the condition of usable power was just over ten seconds. The Golem facing Sora was still unable to repair its arms, and its entire body was in shambles. Nevertheless, seemingly judging Rio’s sword to be dangerous, it attempted to flee—,

“I won’t let you escape!”

Without hesitation, Sora grabbed the Golem’s tail and legs, pulling it closer. Restrained, the Golem couldn’t move, floating in the air.

In an instant, Rio accelerated, approaching the Golem that Sora was holding.

What would happen—,


The sword grasped by Rio smoothly pierced into the heart of the humanoid body, and without any resistance, the sword absorbed it. In a flash, the light disappeared from the Golem’s eyes.

The power of destruction allowed Rio to erase only the target in his mind. Rio activated the power of destruction with the intention of erasing only the magical power contained within the Golem. The light from the sword held by Rio continued to increase—,


The light within the sword spread to the Golem, enveloping it entirely in pure white light. The Golem, now a white silhouette, appeared frozen in time, completely immobile.

Then, as the light disappeared from the sword held by Rio, the light enveloping the Golem also vanished with a soft sound. Subsequently, the Golem itself disappeared without a trace. In its place, the Golem’s spherical core floated, but it began to descend to the ground—,

“Ugh, {Storage}…!”

Rio instinctively used Storage Magic, storing the Golem’s core.


Sora exclaimed in delight.

“Thank you. Just one more, huh…”

They couldn’t be careless yet. Rio shifted his gaze to the remaining Golem, but at that moment, he seemed to feel a sudden burden, causing him to sway.

“Dragon King-sama!?”

Sora hurriedly approached Rio.

“I’m fine. It was just a momentary dizziness. More importantly, there’s still one left.”

Rio, smiling to cover his discomfort, stabilized his posture and focused on the remaining Golem.

The situation was now two against one, with the odds favoring Rio and Sora. However, they couldn’t be complacent. The remaining use of the power was only once more. The situation remained unchanged; Rio couldn’t afford to miss a single attack using his power. Nevertheless—,


The Golem seemed to understand that it was now at a disadvantage. Most likely, it realized that the power of destruction recently used by Rio harbored a strength that was its natural enemy. For this reason, the Golem refrained from attacking recklessly and kept a distance from Rio and Sora in silence.

“Dragon King-sama, please rest here for a moment. I will capture the rest.”

Sora said this, stepping forward in front of Rio and facing the Golem. In response, the Golem spread its wings of light. At the same time, feather-like blades were launched at Rio and Sora.

“Hah, try your temporary actions now! Don’t think you can do anything to Dragon King-sama and me!”

While Sora opened his mouth wide, gathering magical power for a breath attack—,


The expressions of Rio and Sora changed. The Golem, still with its wings of light spread, directed its body towards the towering Galarc Kingdom castle far below.

While the Golem still spread its wings of light, it released numerous light spears. Its clear intention was to bombard the people in the rooftop garden. Although the diameter of its light spears was about one meter, the spears carried the potential for a devastating explosion upon impact.

The Golem before Rio was the second one deployed by Reiss. Its goal was to take the lives of the people in the rooftop garden of the royal palace and eliminate anyone who stood in its way. Perhaps judging that continuing to fight Rio and Sora in their current condition would only lead to defeat, it decided to increase its chances of achieving its goal by targeting the weaker ones. It was a calculated move but made sense given the situation. In an instant—,


Rio began a rapid descent.

“Dragon King-sama! Ugh…!”

Sora, possibly feeling uneasy about leaving Rio alone in a state impacted by the use of power, hesitated. However, considering it undesirable to leave the Golem’s main body unattended, he moved to press down on it. However—,

“Hey, you, this…!”

The main body of the Golem also began to descend to chase after Rio. So, reluctantly, Sora changed his course and began to descend.


Determined not to let that happen, Rio exerted all his strength and accelerated his speed. His descent speed nearly reached the speed of sound in an instant. However—,


The speed of its light spears was even faster. The location where Rio and the Golem were fighting was almost two kilometers high. Even if they descended at the speed of sound from the initial speed, it would take five seconds to reach the location. With the current speed, Rio realized he would not arrive in time.

Of course, if Celia and Sara cooperated to create a barrier, they might be able to withstand about ten or twenty light spears without any problem. However, the number of light spears released by the Golem in a short time approached a hundred. Almost half of them accurately targeted the densely packed position of Celia and the others, while the rest showered around, leaving no escape route.

Even if Celia and the others managed to block the light spears, the castle would likely collapse due to the pressure. There might be people who fall to their deaths due to losing their footing, and those inside the castle could easily be crushed to death by debris.

With only about two seconds or less before impact, Rio found himself feeling time slow down—,

(No, I won’t make it…!)

The image of someone he cherished dying flashed through Rio’s mind. Accepting that he couldn’t catch up, he could only pray that no one would be sacrificed just by luck. However, he couldn’t help but realize that there was no choice but to give up.

But, is giving up the only option?
Was he really just a bystander?


Rio refused to give up.

He didn’t want to just watch.


Rio exceeded his limits.

He forcibly exceeded the supposed maximum assimilation level—100%.

He broke through that barrier with his own will.

(Haruto, is there no hope!?)

Aishia’s anxious voice sounded.

But, at that moment—,

(Protect, of course…!)

Rio’s body reached a condition beyond anything other than human. Freed from the heavy shackles of the physical body, his body vibrated like a burst of energy. Then, his speed exploded explosively.

Strangely, he felt no air resistance. Thus, Rio, even faster than the Golem’s light spears, headed for the rooftop garden at a speed akin to lightning.


Let’s go back a few seconds only. From the perspective of the rooftop garden, the light spears released by the Golem looked like a shower of light.

“What is that?”

Latifa appeared confused.

The others also looked up at the sky with curiosity—,

“Uh oh! Everyone, create a barrier!”

Orphia exclaimed, her expression changing drastically. However, by that time, the light spears were already close enough to be clearly identified.

“{Octet Magician – Magic Barrier}”

(No, even for a moment, it’s just the number…)

Celia set up a magical barrier to cover them. However, considering the number of light spears coming down, it was a dangerous situation. Right after that.


With his entire body shining, Rio descended right above the barrier set up by Celia. His appearance, as if he had teleported, surprised everyone with wide-open eyes.

(If I can’t use his power…!)

Rio caught in his field of vision the rapidly descending light spears from above and created an equal number of light spears around him. Their power was equivalent to all those shot by the Golem. Then—,


He shot them all at once. Immediately, the light spears released by Rio collided with those launched by the Golem, emitting dazzling light and causing one explosion after another.

To catch and shoot down almost a hundred light spears raining from above perfectly, it was an extraordinary feat beyond human brain capacity even with enhanced physical abilities. Yet, Rio achieved it in his current condition.


Everyone, while staring at the fantastic explosions above, held their breath in awe. However, the figure of the Golem, which descended late, began to appear in their view. Slightly behind, the figure of Sora was also visible.


Rio remained silent, raising his left hand towards the Golem above. Immediately, four additional light spears appeared and were shot towards the Golem. Then—,


The four light spears accurately penetrated the Golem’s arms and legs. Impacted by it, the Golem slowed down significantly—,


Sora followed the Golem and delivered a powerful blow from behind. Right after that, the Golem’s body, which had increased its defense by enveloping its entire body with energy, crumpled and split into upper and lower parts. Sora grabbed the remaining head of the Golem—,


The head of the Golem turned into light particles, as if a spirit was spiritualizing, and disappeared. On the other hand, the lower part spiritedly flew away, starting to distance itself from Rio and Sora, seemingly intending to reassemble. It also began to repair the lost upper part.


Sora immediately tried to pursue the lower part—,

“Sora-chan! Thank you, I’ll take it from here!”

Rio signaled Sora to stop.


Sora promptly responded. Meanwhile, the Golem had retreated several hundred meters from Rio. The manifestation of the missing armor had grown up to the torso. However—,

“Do you think you can escape?”

In an instant, Rio caught up with the Golem. With his left hand, he grabbed the repaired body of the Golem, while holding the sword in his right hand and activating his ability.

The Golem swung its tail and pierced Rio’s heart. But—


Rio showed no signs of pain. Either physical attacks had no effect, or nothing flowed from the pierced spot—not even a drop of blood.

“…It’s over.”

Rio thrust the sword equipped with his ability into the repaired body of the Golem. The movement of the fully repaired Golem, even up to its head, completely stopped. The white light residing in Rio’s sword began to erode the Golem’s body.

After deactivating his ability, the Golem’s body disappeared cleanly. A hole had opened in Rio’s chest where the Golem’s tail had pierced, but the hole was immediately repaired. The core ball of the Golem remained, starting to fall.


Rio immediately stored the Golem’s core in spatial storage. Then—


Rio landed in the rooftop garden of the castle, where Sora was, returning in an instant. His speed was like lightning. Suddenly, Rio was back—


Everyone stared in shock with wide eyes.


Rio weakened the level of assimilation, and the Spirit Arms sword he was holding disappeared. In an instant, he felt the weight of his body again and swayed slightly—

“…Let’s go, Sora-chan.”

The transcendent itself could not linger here for long. Thinking thus, Rio fortified himself with resolve. Then, he looked around at everyone who seemed reluctant to go and quickly tried to leave. However—

“Wait!” Latifa exclaimed.


As Rio turned his face—


Latifa ran towards Rio and hugged him tightly.


Rio appeared confused.

“Onii-chan! Onii-chan, Onii-chan…!”

Latifa, trying not to let go of Rio and not to forget him, hugged Rio as tightly as possible, tears streaming down her face.


Did she remember?

Rio stared with clear eyes behind the mask and swallowed.

(Is it the rules of the gods…?)

The question quickly arose, but—

(No, that’s it. Perhaps the reason telling me not to use my ability until the magic is activated is because…?)

In this barrier, all the gods’ rules could be nullified. Rio finally speculated that far. And—

“…So, you remember?”

Rio gently smiled with a tender expression and hugged Latifa.

“I remember! I remember! Onii-chan! I’m sorry! Onii-chan, forgive me!”

Latifa could no longer hold back her emotions.

“Why are you apologizing, La… Suzune?”

For a long time, Rio almost called her Latifa and smiled happily. However, he was confused by the reason for the apology.

“A-aku lupa tentang Onii-chan! Despite you being my Onii-chan…!”

While crying as hard as she could, Latifa explained the reason for her apology while hugging Rio as tightly as possible and burying her face in his chest.

“No, it’s okay… It was unavoidable. Don’t worry about it.”

Thus, Rio reassured her gently.

“It’s not okay at all!”

Latifa quickly replied—

“But still, what can be done. Besides…”

While saying that, Rio straightened Latifa’s face with his hands. Then, from a very close distance, he sharply stared at his sister’s face.

“A-Apa? And, besides…”

Latifa blushed as if surprised.

“Even though you remember me? I’m very happy. Thank you.”

Rio warmly smiled at Latifa, who became silent—


Her cheeks turned even redder, like a ripe peach.

It was a touching reunion between siblings. Everyone surely wanted to rush to Rio, but they patiently observed the situation, reading the atmosphere. Sora also puffed up his cheeks in jealousy, but he too read the atmosphere and observed quietly. Then—

“I apologize for making all of you worry.”

Rio spoke to everyone.


Everyone smiled happily and approached Rio slowly.

As they faced each other—

“…Onii-chan, why are you wearing that mask? Show your face.”

Latifa looked up at Rio from his chest, making a request.

“Huh? Oh, right…”

It occurred to Rio that he had been wearing it, so he took off his mask.

Rio’s face, previously hidden, was revealed—


Latifa and the others became emotional. Rio felt somewhat embarrassed being looked at by everyone—


Rio laughed awkwardly.

“…Onii-chan, are you crying?”

Latifa peered closely at Rio’s face. Indeed, from the corner of Rio’s now exposed eyes, a tear flowed down his cheek.

“…Do you think so?”

Rio, feeling the moisture on his cheek, wiped it with his sleeve, pretending not to know.

“I’m sure! You must be crying!”

The tear undoubtedly became evidence that Rio was happy to reunite with them. Thinking so, Latifa confidently asserted.

“…Tears of joy, huh. I’m so happy to meet everyone like this again… It makes me very happy.”

Rio honestly expressed his feelings. However, still feeling shy, he couldn’t look directly at everyone—

(…I used my ability twice, and it didn’t break?)

He looked at the removed mask, frowning with curiosity.

Now that he thought about it, he hadn’t heard the mask being pressed since the second large magic was activated. Apparently, Rio judged, the barrier enveloping the royal capital completely nullified the gods’ rules. Then, he looked up and realized that the giant magic formation floating there had disappeared. However, the effect of the barrier seemed to remain. Proof of that, everyone remembered Rio.

And at that moment—


Without a word, Latifa pushed her head against Rio’s chest. She silently pleaded for him not to be disturbed and to pay more attention to them.

“Ahaha, sorry.”

Rio apologized while smiling sheepishly and patting Latifa’s head. However, at that moment, his vision blurred—


Rio’s body swayed unsteadily. Perhaps thinking he shouldn’t push Latifa down, he tried to fall backward—

“Onii-chan!? Haruto-san!?”

Latifa instinctively pulled Rio’s body closer. Next, the others hurriedly ran towards Rio.


Meanwhile, far in the sky above the location of Rio and the Golem’s battle.

(Indeed, the Dragon King’s ability is frightening. It seems weakened compared to before, but he still isn’t an opponent that two Golems could handle…)

Someone quietly observed the unfolding situation. It was Reiss.

(However, the effect of this barrier…)

As Reiss observed the barrier enveloping the royal capital—

“It’s been a millennium, Fenris.”

A girl’s voice echoed.

“…After all, it’s you.”

Reiss looked towards the source of the voice.

There, a woman was floating.

It was Lina.

However, for some reason, Lina currently looked very different from Miharu. No, this appearance might be the true form of the Wise God Lina.

She appeared to be about twenty years old. Her beauty was so exquisite that anyone would believe she was a goddess, with a face like a doll.

“It seems we’re both fine, unchanged from the past.”

Lina shrugged lightly and greeted Reiss.

“…Indeed. I thought you had died, but I never expected you to reveal yourself. What brings you here?”

“No need to hide anymore. So, as a warning, I came to offer a non-aggression pact proposal. It’s better not to interfere here in the future.”


Reiss groaned without changing his expression.

“In exchange, we will not take over the labyrinth. Of course, we will ensure that those on the surface also follow the same.”

Lina unilaterally conveyed the terms of the agreement—

“Why deploy such a complicated magic barrier to protect something in this country?”

Reiss, looking down at the royal capital below, probed Lina.

“Oh, is that how you feel? Aren’t you also trying to achieve something in this country, even deploying Golems, your precious assets?”

Lina remained calm, throwing that question back without showing any expression.

“Well, it seems you can’t fully bring out its specifications. And do you think we don’t have hidden cards?”

Although their tone of voice was calm, and they both smiled, neither of them had smiling eyes.

(Huh, I wonder how much of our strength they have discovered.)

Reiss sighed inwardly and narrowed his eyes.

“How about we have an all-out battle now? We have the strongest Dragon King and myself here. Even though you seem very weak.”

“Well, if we compare the Dragon King to a thousand years ago, it seems he has weakened. What about you?”

“Oh, then, maybe your eyes need to be checked?”

“Ah, really?”

Reiss directed his attention to the royal capital but more towards the Galarc Royal Castle.

(Indeed, the strength he showed at the end there was truly transcendent.)

Reiss assessed Rio’s current strength. Rio was struggling on the surface, experiencing backlash from the use of powerful abilities and assimilation.

(The problem is this woman has found a way to completely nullify the rules set by the gods. However, it might be limited to this barrier…)

It seems she hasn’t just been hiding for a thousand years. Then—

“We both aren’t fully prepared, right?”

Lina said something that seemed to understand their intentions.

“…So, you already know our plan?”

Reiss’s gaze turned darker. It was enough to make him consider engaging in battle immediately.

“Yes, since a thousand years ago.”

Lina maintained her indifferent demeanor and threw a provocative smile at Reiss.

“…I won’t be provoked. No matter how strong you are, we are variables. You cannot accurately predict a future involving us.”

Reiss exhaled and withdrew his killing intent.

“How about it?”

Lina tilted her head impudently.

“…Well, fine. If you truly came to give a warning, I’ll back off.”

“Oh, you don’t want to observe more about this barrier? There might be other things you want to investigate, right?”

“You’re here to catch me, and you say that… You might want to investigate things like us. I won’t reveal foolishness by rashly revealing information to you.”

With an annoyed sigh, Reiss emitted an aura indicating he wanted to leave.

“I haven’t received an answer to the agreement?”

“As long as you don’t intervene in this country in the future, won’t you take your hands off the labyrinth? Alright. For now, I’ll accept it.”

“Alright. Then the agreement is in effect.”

“Then, I’ll leave. {Teleport}”

Reiss pulled out a teleportation crystal from his pocket, chanted the spell, and immediately disappeared. Only Lina remained there—

“I hope I managed to mislead them well…”

Looking down at the Galarc Royal Castle below, Lina removed the earring in her left ear. As she did so, her entire body shone, and her appearance changed back to Miharu’s.


Although Miharu supposedly didn’t have spatial storage, Lina stored the earring by manipulating space. Then—


Lina used teleportation magic and vanished from her location.


The setting shifts to the rooftop garden of Galarc Royal Castle—,

“Onii-chan, are you okay?”

Latifa hugged Rio tightly as he suddenly leaned back, looking at his face with a deeply worried expression.

“I’m okay. Just a bit tired.”

Rio tried to stand up on his own. However, no strength entered his body. Even if he tried to stand on his own, his body wobbled. It felt like the weight on his body was heavier than when he first assimilated. Perhaps because he had used his ability twice? Then—,


Aishia materialized and supported Rio’s body from behind.


Latifa smiled broadly while calling her name.

“Aishia-sama!” “Aishia-san!”

Familiar faces living in the mansion gathered around Rio and Aishia.

“It’s been a while, everyone.”

Aishia looked around at everyone, and a gentle smile adorned her lips. It was an unusual sight for her to look so happy.


Celia joined the group, happily watching the reunion.

“Hmph, always bringing him to nice places…”

Hiroaki, observing from a distance, snorted. However, he seemed not entirely displeased with the situation. Then—,

“Is it okay? Hiroaki-dono, not joining that circle?”

Gouki, also observing from afar, asked Hiroaki with a cheerful expression.

“Huh? I’m not that kind of guy. Plus, I wasn’t that close to him from the start. Isn’t it more suitable for you? Aren’t you serving the master?”

“As a follower, I must behave accordingly. Besides, Haruto-sama is loved by everyone. A rough person like me can sit in the back. I will leave this place to the younger ones.”

Gouki spoke fluently, causing a warm laugh. King Francois of Galarc also chuckled nearby.

“Younger ones, or more precisely, females. Pfft.”

As Hiroaki glanced at Rio, who was popular among beautiful girls, he said—,

“What about Satsuki-san? Is she okay?”

Rio, looking towards Satsuki lying down, inquired about her condition.

“Yes. As Haruto-sama said, there are no critical conditions. Her wounds have been closed, and her breathing is stable.”

Charlotte reported to Rio.

“That’s a relief. Thank you, Charlotte-sama.”

Rio sighed in relief and expressed his gratitude.

“…The one who should be thankful is us. But more importantly, take good care of yourself.”

Charlotte blushed slightly, then expressed her concern for Rio’s health.

“Haha, I’m fine.”

Rio awkwardly smiled as if trying to downplay it, but—

“You shouldn’t push yourself too hard.”

Aishia, who was hugging Rio tightly from behind, also spoke up.

“Aishia!” Sora called out. Unable to enter the circle around Rio, he watched uncomfortably from a distance. However, Aishia’s continuous hugging of Rio from behind was something he could not ignore.

“Extra that! Don’t press! Your lump of fat! To Rio-sama! Back! Please!”

Sora interrupted the circle around Rio, forcibly trying to separate Aishia. He had returned to his dragonoid form and now appeared as a little girl.

“Supporting Haruto properly is my task!”

“If that’s the case, Sora will do it!”

“Sora doesn’t have enough height for it.”

“That’s not true! Sora has more strength than you, so he’s more suited!”

Sora and Aishia argued loudly. Then—


Everyone turned their strong curious gazes towards Sora.

Sora had met the mansion’s inhabitants before. He had stayed in the mansion for several days, accompanied by Celia. However, due to the gods’ rules, the inhabitants could not remember the memories of that time. Now, those memories should have been restored.

Nevertheless, Sora started accompanying Rio after everyone lost their memories related to him. So, everyone still didn’t fully understand Sora’s relationship with Rio and Aishia. It’s natural if they were curious.

Sora seemed to realize that he was attracting everyone’s attention. Perhaps not used to being the center of attention—

“A-What? Stop looking!”

Sora quickly hid behind Rio as if to say, “What’s the matter?”

“Hey, that’s Sora-chan, right! Do you remember me?”

Latifa peeked at Sora’s face.

“Huh? Y-Yes, I remember you…”

With an expression saying, “What’s the matter?” Sora showed his embarrassment as if to say, “What do you mean?”

“I also remember! I’m so glad to meet you again!”

Latifa smiled and hugged Sora tightly.

“A-What are you doing!? L-Let go! Please let go!”

Sora struggled.

“Haha, don’t resist too much.”

“H-Hey! Don’t pick me up! Don’t treat Sora like a child!”

Sora could have easily freed himself if he wanted, but he didn’t try to escape forcibly. Whether it was out of consideration or he really didn’t mind, his resistance seemed weak.

“Hehe, good, Sora. You’re getting more friends.”

Celia said with a friendly smile.

“What are you talking about!?”

Thus, Sora quickly began to fit in with everyone. The lively atmosphere felt very nostalgic—


Rio chuckled. Thanks to that, he finally felt energetic enough to stand on his own for a while. Moving away from Latifa and Aishia, he stood alone—


Rio, trying to put the mask in his pocket, touched his chest. Come to think of it—

(I was really stabbed…)

During the recent battle, Rio remembered being stabbed right in his heart by the Golem’s tail. However, there was no hole in Rio’s clothing, even the clothes he was wearing were not damaged.

“What’s wrong, Onii-chan? Feeling unwell again?”

Latifa looked at Rio’s face with concern.

“No, I’m fine. I need to greet His Majesty. I’ll be back.”

Rio nodded softly and approached King Francois.

“Welcome back. Nice to see you again.”

Francois lifted the corners of his mouth, warmly welcoming Rio’s return.

“I apologize for the delay in greetings.”

Rio placed his hand on his chest, intending to bow respectfully, but—

“It’s okay. You can sit comfortably as you like. Feel free to lie down if you want.”

Francois jokingly stopped him with his hand.

“I appreciate it. However, I’m fine. There are many things I need to discuss.”

Rio said with a wry smile, wondering where to start explaining.

“Indeed. Let’s talk. In the castle, no, your mansion, talk as much as you need.”

“Thank you.”

At that moment, as if an angel descended, Miharu appeared with wings of light, landing gently near Rio and the others. Staying close to Rio, she eliminated the wings of light.


“What have you been doing and where…?”

Sara and the others rushed closer, asking questions in wonder. Miharu had been involved in a fierce battle with the Golem, adeptly using magic she supposedly couldn’t handle. After that, she used teleportation magic to disappear somewhere, so it was strange not to be worried.

(…Was that really Lina?)

Rio tilted his head, and—


Ignoring everyone else, Miharu walked directly towards Rio. Then, slowing down a bit in front of him—,


With a charming smile, Miharu hugged Rio without saying a word. Everyone, including Rio, was shocked, but the surprise had just begun.


Miharu brought Rio’s face closer and gave him a brief kiss by stretching on her toes. Rio, not expecting to be kissed, widened his eyes and tensed. However, he felt Miharu’s tongue entering his mouth—


Panicked, Rio tried to back away.

However, Miharu firmly wrapped her arms around Rio’s neck, not letting go. Moreover, Rio’s condition was not perfect yet, and his bodily strength was still lacking.


Everyone froze in shock and—,

Miharu’s passionate kiss continued, as if she was showing off. Yet, Rio soon realized that the light was fading from Miharu’s eyes. Then—,

“Eh, what—!?”

Everyone screamed, unable to comprehend what was happening.

Right after that, light began to return to Miharu’s eyes—


Miharu, still kissing Rio, tilted her head in confusion.


Miharu correctly remembered Rio, but—,


His handsome face was very close, and Miharu seemed slightly confused, thinking, ‘Is this a dream?’ However—,

“…No? No!”

Realizing it was not a dream, Miharu mumbled and awkwardly moved her mouth. Then, she realized she was hugging Rio and even initiated the kiss herself.

Moreover, it was not just an ordinary kiss.

It was very deep.

(Eh, why!? How!?)

Although it was supposed to be their first kiss…

“No, even though we used to play together when we were children with Haru-kun…”

She truly panicked. Various thoughts crossed her mind, and Miharu’s head was filled with a blank whiteness.

When people are in extreme confusion, they sometimes forget to avoid the situation. Miharu was like that at the moment. While still kissing Rio, she didn’t know what to do, and her face turned bright red, frozen in action.

“W-Wow. Miharu-neechan really has grown up…”

Masato, with his face completely red, expressed his thoughts.

“B-Idiot, you!”

As if saying ‘don’t look,’ Aki covered Masato’s eyes. However—,


Aki, while doing so, watched Miharu kissing Rio with a slightly complicated expression.

Aki hadn’t seen Rio since the night of the party. Moreover, Aki now knew that Rio was the reincarnation of Amakawa Haruto. Even in such a situation, it’s natural for various bitter feelings to arise. However—

Gradually, the others began to thaw from their stiffness—,




“Ayase Miharu!”

Everyone simultaneously called out Miharu’s name.

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V25 Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles

V25 Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles

Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles (LN) / 精霊幻想記
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Meet Rio: a callous orphaned boy living in the slums. At only 7-years-old, he realizes he’s actually the reincarnation of Haruto Amakawa, a Japanese university student with a tragic past. While still reeling from this shocking epiphany, Rio also comes to learn that he possesses extremely potent magical abilities and uses his new powers to solve the kidnapping case of a little girl. His good deed is acknowledged, and he’s rewarded by being enrolled into… a prestigious academy for noble children…?


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