📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

V25 Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles Chapter 4

Signal for Counterattack

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Chapter 4: Signal for Counterattack

In the rooftop garden of the Royal Galarc Castle, a large pillar of light towered high into the sky.

It was such a magnificent sight that everyone was captivated, momentarily forgetting the terrifying situation they were in.

However, there was a strangely familiar aspect to this spectacle.

Because—, “A hero’s summoning…?” Christina murmured in confusion, and indeed, the pillar of light was very similar to the one that appears during the summoning of a Hero.

The Golem shifted its body, cautiously observing the pillar of light.

It directed its wings of light towards the pillar, ready to fire a spear of light at any moment.

Inside the pillar, two figures were revealed.

As the pillar of light subsided, a late-teenage boy and a little girl stood there.

In other words—, “…Who?”

It was Rio and Sora, who were supposed to be in the Holy Capital of the Holy Almada Kingdom, Tonelico.

However, those present on the roof did not recognize Rio and Sora.

They blinked in surprise, utterly shocked.

Besides that—, “Where is this…?”

Even Rio and Sora were confused.

After all, as mentioned earlier, Rio and Sora were in the Holy Capital of the Holy Almada Kingdom just moments ago.

They had met a girl named Elle, a female priest serving at the temple in the Holy Capital, right in front of the entrance to the labyrinth in the capital.

Not to mention—, (Royal Galarc Castle? Why…?)

Rio was shocked when he realized that they had somehow returned to the Royal Galarc Castle, far from the Holy Almada Kingdom.

And—, “Ah…!?”

Realizing the horrific situation around him, Rio’s expression changed.

Seeing Satsuki lying on the floor with a wound in her chest and a pool of blood, his gaze turned cold and filled with the intent to kill.

Masato clenched his sword, Latifa took a defensive stance, and Rio understood that the Golem was the cause of all this.

In the sky, Aishia and the others were struggling against another Golem.

“Why is this person in such a place… R-Rio-sama, ugh…!”

After glancing at the Golem with a strong sense of shock, Sora tried to report something to Rio.

However, she realized that Rio, who was usually calm, was silently furious and holding his breath.

The Golem, perhaps sensing that Rio and Sora were not ordinary people, cautiously observed them.

The feather blades that had attacked Gouki, Kayoko, and Aria were momentarily called back when confronted with Rio.

Taking advantage of this, Gouki, Kayoko, and Aria returned to Latifa and Liselotte to strengthen their defenses.

“Sora-chan, can you be careful to ensure it doesn’t attack everyone?”

While wearing the mask he had hidden, Rio instructed Sora.

“Yes, leave it to me!”

Sora responded enthusiastically.

Right after—, “Ah…!”

Rio disappeared from where he was standing.

It seemed he had teleported, and everyone gaped in surprise.

However, the Golem had anticipated Rio’s high-speed movement and quickly changed its body orientation towards him.

And there—, “{Discharge}”

Rio moved to the side of the fallen Satsuki, pulling out a cloth from his spatial storage, covering the hole in her chest, and gently cradling her.

Then—, (Haruto, protect everyone… I’m sorry I couldn’t protect Satsuki)

Aishia’s telepathy reached Rio, conveying deep regret and self-blame for her own shortcomings.

(No, it’s not Aishia’s fault)

Rio immediately responded.

At the same moment, the feather blades called back by the Golem flew at once towards Rio.

Shortly after, numerous orbs of light appeared simultaneously around Rio.

Then, they were all fired towards the Golem, repelling each approaching feather blade.

Of course, the feather blades were not damaged by this—, “Huh…”

Christina and Liselotte, among others, were speechless.

However, their surprise did not end there.


Once again Rio disappeared while still cradling Satsuki.

As everyone expected, he appeared right next to them, startling everyone.

“Satsuki-san is still alive.”

Rio spoke to everyone.


Everyone showed a reaction of disbelief.

Of course.

Although her wound was currently covered by cloth, everyone had witnessed the Golem’s tail make a hole in Satsuki’s chest.

Considering the damage that should have resulted in the loss of the heart and lungs, it was not unreasonable to assume that death would have been instantaneous.

It seemed impossible for her to be alive.

“I’m sure she will wake up soon, but for now, please let her rest.

I will take care of it.

I won’t let it touch a single finger again,” Rio said softly.

At that moment…

As if challenging them to do whatever they could, the Golem spread its wings of light.

As the brilliance of the light wings increased, it simultaneously fired many light spears towards Rio and the others.

“R-Rio-sama!” “Yes!”

Sora shouted, waving her hand at the Golem.

Rio, in the same way, pointed towards the Golem.

Immediately after that, countless light spears approached Rio and the others…

Landing one by one, they caused a massive explosion and a roaring sound that echoed.


A strong light emerged, and many people reflexively closed their eyes.

Its power was enough to blow up the entire corner of the garden, including living beings.

However—, “…Huh?”

Everyone, realizing they felt no pain, cautiously opened their eyes.

Rio and Sora stood before them, working together to create a barrier of light.

It appeared they had successfully blocked all the light spears.

Moreover, by adjusting the barrier’s angle to deflect the explosion upwards, they minimized the damage to the floor.

Then—, “!?”

The Golem approached Rio and the others, directly attacking the barrier.

A shockwave erupted, and the ground trembled as if experiencing a mild earthquake.

However, whether due to the large influx of magical power or the collaborative effort of Rio and Sora, the barrier they erected remained intact, even as the Golem attacked it.


As fellow spirit casters, Komomo and Sayo understood how difficult it was to create such a barrier, and they swallowed hard.

“Sora-chan, I’ll handle this one. It seems like a troublesome opponent. Can you help Aishia?”

Gazing at the Golem, Rio spoke to Sora standing beside him.

“…Understood. However, this is a Golem created by the Seven Wise Gods. Please be careful.”

Sora nodded obediently but explained with a hint of anxiety.

“This one…”

This was the entity Rio encountered and learned about when he first met Sora—a Golem that once served as a familiar to the Seven Wise Gods. Now, it stood right in front of him. Rio took a deep breath—,

“I’m sorry. It seems this will be quite a dangerous fight…”

And expressed his concern to Sora.

“A-What are you saying! This opponent is not someone who can defeat us. I will even help Aishia a bit, so leave it to me, Sora!”

Proudly puffing out her small chest, Sora bowed slightly—, “Alright!”

Leaving those words behind, she began to fly into the sky. The Golem, unwilling to let her escape, manipulated its feather blades to pursue Sora.

However, Rio summoned numerous orbs of light and released them along the path of the feather blades.

As a result, all of the Golem’s feathers were repelled by the light orbs, and Sora continued towards Aishia and the others. The Golem glanced at Sora but—, “Hey.”

Rio somehow approached right in front of the Golem. Then, adding wind spirit-arts to his right hand, he struck the Golem’s abdomen with all his might. In an instant, concentrated wind exploded, causing the Golem’s body to be pushed back about one meter. Simultaneously—, “Don’t be distracted.”

It was a terrifying voice. Rio, moving forward as if trying to focus the Golem’s hostility solely on himself, launched a palm strike with his left hand.

Rio exploded wind spirit-arts wrapped around his right hand. However, this time, the Golem’s body was only slightly pushed back. By retreating at the moment of impact, it neatly canceled the force of Rio’s attack.

For a human, it should have had enough force to blast them far away, scattering flesh and fragments. However, the Golem was only moved that far. That’s when Rio realized firsthand that the Golem was no ordinary opponent.

On the other hand, the Golem accurately evaluated Rio’s combat strength and deemed him far more threatening than the others. It no longer paid attention to Sora, who flew above, and its suspiciously glowing eyes were now solely focused on Rio.

Then, the Golem’s tail swung like a heat haze, attempting to pierce Rio’s heart as it did to Satsuki. However, Rio swung his right hand, adorned with wind spirit-arts, accurately hitting the tip of its tail and diverting its trajectory far into the future.

(With this tail, it pierced Satsuki-san’s heart…)

Understanding why Satsuki had a hole in her chest, Rio frowned bitterly.

“Your opponent is me.”

He would never forgive it. Rio stood in front of the Golem, determined not to let it harm the people behind him.


In the airspace above the Royal Galarc Castle, because of Rio and Sora’s summoning, the first Golem attacking Aishia temporarily halted its attack.

However, after witnessing the Golem in the rooftop garden begin attacking Rio and the others, it resumed its attack on Aishia. The blades manipulated by the Golem danced in the air. In a moment—, “!”

Aishia used wind spirit-arts to move herself, achieving super acceleration and approaching the Golem itself. Sara, Orphia, and Alma couldn’t match the Golem’s speed. So, she decided directly that she had to confront the Golem herself.

Fortunately, with Rio summoned and appearing nearby, the supply of magical power through the contract from her contracted partner resumed. Though supplying magic in a state of physical contact with a contracted partner is more efficient, it does not mean that the magical power consumed in the previous fight was immediately replenished—, (With this, I can still fight.)

Now there was a surplus in the distribution of magical power. Although there was no room for magical power other than for flight spirit-arts, the wounds in Aishia’s abdomen and legs, which had been pierced by the Golem and untreated, had now healed, thanks to the surplus.

Even though it didn’t pose any hindrance in maintaining corporealization, if the corporealized body is injured, the spirit can still feel pain, and body functions may decrease. The pain of fighting while leaving the wound in her abdomen caused by the untreated Golem was quite severe, but with the healing, Aishia’s movements became sharp again.

However, it didn’t mean the fight against the Golem became easy. A moment ago, she finally managed to land an effective attack with the distraction of Sara, Orphia, and Alma, so she could focus on the Golem.

Although Aishia, who had approached the Golem herself, still had to prioritize evasion and was forced into defensive combat, now that Rio and Sora were present. Strengthened by their presence, the panic on Aishia’s face lessened. Then—, “Haah!”

Sora, having moved away from Rio, hurried towards Aishia and the others at this moment. Flying from below at a speed exceeding the speed of sound, she struck the Golem’s body with her partially manifested naga body’s right fist.

In an instant, the Golem’s body, which had been unaffected by certain attacks, was easily thrown several tens of meters away. The Golem finally stopped its momentum and came to a halt. However, the impacted area was clearly dented.


Sara and the others were wide-eyed in amazement—,

“Hey, Aishia. Fighting while wearing a battered mask will only hinder you. You should go to Dragon King-sama. Sora will handle this one.”

Sora, who stopped in a confrontational position with the Golem, spoke to Aishia standing behind her.

“…This opponent is very dangerous.”

Worried about leaving Sora to fight alone, Aishia hesitated in her words while considering Rio’s battle below.

“What? Whose concerns are you dealing with?”

Aishia conveyed with a silent gaze that it was about Sora. Sora, realizing this even with her back turned, said—,

“This one knows better than anyone how troublesome this opponent is. If that’s the case, you better hurry. There are more obstacles below, and Rio-sama is left alone to fight.”

Sora shrugged her shoulders, then waved her hand to send Aishia away.

“…I understand. Thank you for your help, Sora.”

As Aishia expressed her gratitude towards Sora’s back—,

“Huh, what!? I didn’t come here specifically for you or anything!”

Sora, with a flushed face, tried to justify her action. But when she looked back, Aishia was already gone, having started moving towards Rio, and—

“You three, let’s go back down. We can leave this to Sora.”

Aishia called out to Sara and the others, heading to the rooftop garden.

“Eh, excuse me…”

Sara, Orphia, and Alma cast their gaze towards Sora, who was still blushing. As if they were questioning leaving such a small child behind. While Sora showed immense strength by striking the golem, she still looked like a helpless little girl, eliciting a reasonable reaction.

“Hmph. Still acting strange.”

Being thanked or relied upon was new for Sora. Perhaps that’s why Sora turned away with a slightly embarrassed expression.


Sara and the others were still unsure what to do, seeing the small Sora floating in front of them. Then—

“Hey, you three behind.”

Without glancing back, Sora raised her voice. And—


“You’re also in the way. Quickly go back down.”

Giving instructions.


Sara and the others hesitated. That’s when it happened. The golem’s armor, dented by Sora’s punch, instantly repaired itself—


The golem approached Sora. Sara and the others only realized it after the golem had closed the distance, swinging its fist.

However, Sora directly intercepted the golem’s fist with her partially manifested dragon fist. The golem tried to push its fist silently, but Sora held it back with equal force.


Sara and the others were stunned, gasping as if doused with water. Then—

“Do you understand? If you can’t react to its movements now, you’ll only be a hindrance. Hurry up and retreat.”

Sora urged Sara and the others to retreat again.

“…Understood. Let’s go back.”

Sara bit her lower lip out of frustration, but she was mature enough to face the reality. Recognizing the difference in strength between them and Sora, she signaled to Orphia and Alma to retreat. Orphia and Alma nodded with bitter expressions, and the three of them began to descend.

“Hmph, now I can fight to my heart’s content.”

Sora snorted and stared down the golem across from her. The golem, in turn, manipulated the blades on its wings and began attacking as Sara and the others descended.

However, Sora released the golem’s fist and vanished on the spot. On her back, dragon wings that had emerged unconsciously now spread out. They moved much faster than the blades controlled by the golem, knocking down the blades one by one before reaching Sara and the others.

“With me as your opponent, don’t think you can afford to be distracted!”

Sora approached the golem again, flapping her wings. However, at that moment, another giant pillar of light emerged from the Royal Galarc Castle.


Sora suddenly stopped and looked at the pillar of light. The golem’s gaze also shifted to the pillar. However, the situation was different from the pillar of light that had summoned Rio and Sora earlier.

Although the pillar that had called them couldn’t be seen, the current pillar of light was transparent as if made of clear glass. Moreover, as the towering pillar of light reached a certain height, the light spread and began to envelop the capital and its surroundings in the form of a dome.

(A barrier? Can humans handle something so complex and nonsensical in scale? Are they using ley lines on the land?)

Sora, comparing it with existing knowledge, quickly understood what was happening. And—

(Huh, could it be… Lina? Or is it another of the Wise Gods?)

Thinking about who activated the barrier, Sora recalled the existence of Wise Gods like Lina. The current situation, where even a golem, a decisive battle weapon created by the Wise Gods, had appeared, supported Sora’s speculation that a Wise God was involved.

“…What’s actually happening?”

Sora frowned with annoyance and then returned her gaze to the golem.


Meanwhile, far above where Sora was fighting—

“We’ve been beaten, huh…”

Reiss was expelled out of the barrier, his face contorted with bitterness. It was unusual for Reiss to openly display emotions, but with a light sigh, he released a magical light bullet from his fingertip and shot it towards the barrier. However, the bullets were repelled and scattered upon touching the surface of the barrier.

(A barrier to prevent intrusion or attacks from outside. It seems to have other effects as well… That woman doesn’t seem to intend to hide her involvement.)

Such a large barrier couldn’t be activated hastily; thorough preparation had to be made in advance. Anyway, unless the barrier is overcome, both golems deployed and Reiss will remain separated.

(Using a third golem might penetrate the barrier…)

The issue is what lies beyond the barrier. Besides the barrier, there might be hidden traps, and inside the barrier are Rio and Sora, both summoned. Even a formidable golem like the Dragon King, familiar to Reiss, stands no chance against them. The only option is to bide time. There’s no chance of winning, and deploying forces one by one recklessly is foolish.

However, Rio isn’t the Dragon King Reiss knew a thousand years ago. How well Rio can use the Dragon King’s power—

(His participation isn’t regular, but with two golems, it should suffice as a test of his capabilities. The original goal has changed significantly…)

This is an opportunity to gauge Rio’s ability. Reiss deployed the golems to ensure certainty in eliminating Celia and her allies, but with Rio and Sora’s summoning, that plan is now in jeopardy. It would be unwise not to gather information.

(I’m also curious about that woman’s movements.)

Reiss thought this and decided to observe the internal fight within the barrier.


Deep underground in the Royal Galarc Castle.

“…What magic did you just activate?”

Celia, staring puzzled at the mana crystal floating in the middle of the room, asked Miharu, who stood beside her.

“A barrier that isolates the external and internal worlds. With this, we should be able to temporarily prevent new disturbances. We have successfully summoned him and Sora, so we have overcome the initial obstacles.”

Saying so, Miharu grinned with high spirits. It was an expression Miharu would never show under normal circumstances—

“So it is…”

Celia blinked and stared at Miharu.

“What? Now that we’ve overcome a major obstacle and have a little breathing room, if you have questions, I can answer them while doing many tasks with mana control.”

Miharu noticed Celia’s gaze and asked.

“No, it feels like the Miharu I know isn’t here now…”

Celia vaguely knew Miharu’s condition, but due to circumstances, she hadn’t confirmed it. However, after hearing that they had overcome the initial obstacles, Celia directed an investigative look towards Miharu. And—

“Of course. I am not that girl. Do not equate us.”

With a sigh, Miharu complained, showing disgust.

“Do not equate us… So, the person I am speaking to right now is actually the true Wise God Lina-sama…? Not Miharu speaking…?”

Celia accurately concluded the truth from the information obtained during the conversation.

“If Ayase Miharu’s consciousness has completely disappeared, she is unaware of what’s happening on the surface. Do you think that girl regained the memory of Wise God Lina and started speaking?”

“Uh, well…, y-yes. But, it’s strange…?”

Wise Gods are revered in the region of Strahl. Perhaps thinking it improper to speak as if she was speaking with Miharu, Celia changed her tone of voice. However, with wonder, she tilted her head as if questioning something.

“Wise God Lina, who was supposed to reincarnate as Ayase Miharu, exists with a separate personality. Does that feel strange?”

Miharu anticipated Celia’s doubts before she voiced them.

“Yes. Because I heard inhabitants of this world can’t retain their memories when moving to the outer world through reincarnation or transfer… Rio seems not to have the Dragon King’s memories, so why only Lina-sama? And with a separate personality too…”

“I’m not the only one. Aishia has also regained her memories, hasn’t she?”


Considering it, that’s correct. Aishia recovered Lina’s memories transferred during the battle with Saint Erika, creating the trigger for Rio’s transcendental awakening.

“There are exceptions to everything.”

Lina smirked with a meaningful expression. And—

“Well, the mechanism I used to store memories and the one Aishia used are different. I didn’t just store memories but also personalities. To explain in detail would take a long time, so for now, I’ll give a brief explanation about myself. You’ve recently learned about the Hero Imitation Magic (Alter Ego), right? I manipulated that magic to possess this girl. Though I’ve experienced a significant downgrade from my former self and am no longer transcendental, so I can’t use powers anymore.”

Lina added an explanation.

“Does that mean she has dual personalities?”

“Well, something like that. Her main personality is Miharu, so I can’t come out clearly unless I use Hero Imitation Magic.”

“I was surprised when Miharu suddenly started using strong magic.”

After all, Miharu is a spirit caster. Spirit casters can’t learn magic. In fact, once they learn magic, they can’t learn spirit-arts. So, it’s surprising that she somehow managed to acquire magic.

“Well, it’s just useful magic that she can’t handle well. Even if she could, she has a personality unsuited for conflict, and even if she could utilize it, she’s so unreliable it’s frustrating, right?”

“A-I don’t think that’s true… She’s a very good girl.”

“Oh, there’s that. That’s why I have to go on a business trip like this.”

Lina sighed in annoyance.

(Though she is a reincarnated being…)

Thinking she was somewhat underestimating Miharu, Celia looked at Lina, who had possessed Miharu’s body, with an unexpected expression. Then, as if seeing through that thought—

“I’ve told you, haven’t I? I am not this girl. We share a soul, but our personalities are separate. So, I consider this girl as a different person.”

Lina stated.

“But even though you say that, it’s still somewhat hard to understand…”

Although reincarnated as Ayase Miharu, not considering herself as Ayase Miharu was somewhat confusing—Celia grimaced at the complexity of the situation.

“Really? Isn’t it the same with Rio, your lover? He considers himself as Rio and does not consider himself Amakawa Haruto. Moreover, the Dragon King. Well, in his case, the personalities of Amakawa Haruto and Rio have perfectly blended, so he is greatly influenced by that.”


Amakawa Haruto had died, and Celia herself had heard from Rio that he is now Rio. Celia seemed to understand, and a sense of relief appeared on her face. And—

“By the way, what’s with ‘my lover’…?”

Celia’s cheeks, as white as snow, slowly turned a ripe peach red, creating a cute pout.

“Oh come on. To easily accept about your lover—love is blind.”

Lina teased Celia with a pleased expression.


Celia couldn’t say anything. Then—

“Besides, you’re the same.”

Lina shifted the conversation back.


Seemingly too abrupt, or not understanding the meaning of her words, Celia tilted her head in confusion.

“Even you should be the same. You are the reincarnated princess, my familiar’s existence. How do you feel when told that the girl who is my familiar is the same person as you?”

“I can’t, feel like that. I don’t have any memories…”

Celia shook her head in confusion. Although she was puzzled, Celia shook her head. Since the memories built as a familiar were not retained, it was natural if she couldn’t consider herself as the same person.

“First of all, reincarnation magic is a technique to be reborn as a different person. The number of souls that can inhabit one body as master is only one. Therefore, reincarnation magic can only be performed by merging the soul of the person wanting to be reborn with the soul of another person who will be born in the future. Do you understand what this means?”

“…Is it correct to say that those born through reincarnation are initially separate entities from their selves before reincarnation? In other words, regardless of the desire to reincarnate, are they destined to be born naturally?”

Based on the information provided, Celia responded with a tilted head. Indeed—

“Correct. In my case, Ayase Miharu would still be born even if I didn’t reincarnate. So it’s natural for me, Lina, to consider Ayase Miharu as a different person. Especially since I am separated from Ayase Miharu in terms of personality.”

Lina gave a thumbs-up to Celia’s answer and reinforced her own theory.

“But this is strange. Unless you can retain memories or personalities like Lina-sama, it seems there’s no point in reincarnating…”

“If there’s a meaning. By reincarnating and merging souls, the abilities and talents of the reincarnated being are significantly enhanced. It’s possible to inherit powers, magic spells, and even magic formulas. Although the Earl Claire family was originally a prestigious magic lineage, the reason for your existence, who has an extraordinary sense as a magician, is because my familiar’s daughter’s soul has merged with yours.”

“…But even if the soul merges, if memories and personalities don’t remain, does it mean the previous self before reincarnation vanishes cleanly? Even if you undergo hardships in reincarnating, it’s okay if you don’t stay there?”

“It depends on the person, doesn’t it? In fact, whether those memories are inherited after reincarnation can be pre-selected by the person undergoing reincarnation by manipulating the magic formula. Of course, this is limited to those born in this world or reincarnated from Earth to this world.”

This is because the premise is that those who exist in this world cannot choose to inherit memories when reincarnating with someone born outside this world. Therefore, Rio retains Amakawa Haruto’s memories but loses the Dragon King’s memories.

(Then, if I, who was supposed to reincarnate in the same world, lose memories when I become familiar with Lina-sama…)

Is it because the familiar chose not to inherit memories? Celia harbored such a question. Then—

“By the way, you can also set when to inherit powers and magic formulas when activating reincarnation magic. It would be dangerous if a newborn baby, whose ego has not yet developed, could use powers and magic from infancy.”

Lina added this information.

“So, the reason I recently started learning new magic is because…”

Rio regained his powers while fighting with Saint Erika. Could it all have been combined through the activation of reincarnation magic?

“Yes, it was set in the reincarnation magic so that you could acquire magic at that time. I also activated the mechanism to retrieve memories related to him and Aishia, who became transcendental, at that time.”

“So that’s how it is…”

Celia’s face looked as if it had fallen into place, as if finding a missing puzzle piece. And—

“L-then, if I use the mechanism to retrieve memories, won’t everyone remember Rio and Aishia as well…?”

With strong anticipation, Celia looked at Lina’s profile.

“That’s impossible.”



Suddenly, like a stranded puppy, Celia’s expression faded. However—

“Instead, that’s unnecessary. I’ll use another way out that suits this situation.”

“Another way out…?”

“There’s another way to bypass the gods’ rules.”


Hope filled Celia’s eyes once again.

“I’ll activate that magic for this purpose. It’s also to defeat the golem above.”

“…Is he still a challenging opponent even with Rio and Sora joining forces?”

“It seems the golem is indeed a troublesome enemy. No matter how many times you physically destroy the armor, the golem will rise again and continue to fight as long as it has magical power. The individual on the surface may contain magical power accumulated over a thousand years.”

“Magical power worth a thousand years? How many times do we have to destroy it…?”

Celia’s face tensed with horror.

“They might have already spent about a month at this point.”

“Just that much…?”

Celia once again realized how troublesome a golem could be.

“Properly facing it is something even transcendental beings dislike. Well, if the Dragon King had the power of destruction, we could defeat it quickly. He could easily erase the magical power stored inside the golem. But, that’s the Dragon King’s unique skill.”

“Truly an unfair ability. I’m glad he’s an ally.”

Smiling cheerfully, Lina expressed her satisfaction. On the other hand—

“But, his power…”

Celia’s face was filled with anxiety. She had heard that wielding power as a human has a significant impact both on the body and soul.

Moreover, transcendental beings must use their power solely for the benefit of the entire world. If they show favoritism and protect specific individuals, they might lose the desire to protect the people they care about. This is also one of the rules set by the gods.

Wearing a mask could bear this punishment, but it’s doubtful how much negative impact one could bear when using power for others. In some cases, the mask could be completely destroyed in an instant.

“I’ve said it. When this magic is activated, somehow we can set the gods’ rules. You won’t lose your memories even when using your powers. As for the strain on the body and soul due to the use of power, yes, you have to bear it.”

Was Lina worried about the burden on Rio, who would be affected by the use of power, a slight concern appeared on her face. However, as if wanting to dispel that concern, she sighed and quickly changed her mood.

“Anyway, when this magic is activated, we can fight without worrying about the punishment for breaking the rules. Even if you fight without a mask, he won’t lose his memories.”

She spoke with a positive tone.


The troublesome rules set by the gods were gone. Celia was taken aback in disbelief.

“So, I’ll take it from here. Since I’m enough for this place by myself, please go back to the surface and convey my message to him.”

“To Rio, you mean?”

“Yes. First, wait for my signal and then use your power to eliminate the magical power inside the golem. However, keep it within the barrier when you use it. Also, limit the use of power to twice in a row; it won’t work more than that. Ideally, try to bring down two at once with one use, but that might be difficult. After eliminating the magical power and stopping the golem, please collect the core. Understand?”

Lina summarized the instructions for Celia.

“Uh, y-yes. But what do you mean by signal…?”

“When the next magic is activated. It will be clear, so don’t worry. Then, {Transport}”

As Lina chanted her spell, only Celia was enveloped in a magic circle. Then, the space distorted, and Celia instantly disappeared.

In this way, only Lina remained in that place.


As though calling out to Celia, Lina stared at the high ceiling.

However, after a moment, suddenly—

“Father, from now on, I will cancel all the prohibitions you have set.”

Speaking as if to someone who was not there, Lina continued.

“I cannot predict what punishment will befall me if I break the rules, even with my power. But, Father, you can see this future, can’t you? If I break the taboo, what punishment will you give me? Or, if you have truly given up on this world, will you care about what I do now?”

Lina kept talking as if she was questioning someone who wasn’t there—


Silence passed.

“…You still won’t answer anything, huh? Then, I will…”

I will break the taboo—Lina continued to look at the ceiling as if expecting an answer, but she tightened her expression, strengthening her resolve.


In the rooftop garden of the Galarc Kingdom’s castle.

Rio closed the distance on his own, keeping the golem’s attention focused on him. With wind spirit-arts enveloping both his hands and feet, he attempted to launch a fierce attack.

However, the golem was not idle either. Responding to Rio’s approach, it engaged in close combat using its fists and feet. The golem extended its open right hand, trying to pierce Rio’s body.

Avoiding it, Rio shifted to the side. Taking advantage of his evasion, he tried to deliver a sharp blow to the golem’s joint with the attacking arm. But—

(This is heavy…)

Only a dull roar echoed, and the golem did not budge. Then, as if seeing through the stiffness immediately after delivering the blow, a tail extended from the side of the golem.

Its tail wriggled like a snake, quickly approaching Rio to pierce him. With the hand opposite the one that delivered the blow, Rio caught the tip of the tail and slammed it, sending it flying to the side.

In an instant, without any preliminary movement, the golem’s left hand, which had been completely restrained, flashed. It was aimed at Rio’s face—


Rio twisted his body, avoiding the punch at the last moment. Then, the golem’s blade-like fur, controlled by it, approached Rio from all directions.

However, Rio spun his body like a top, releasing a whirlwind of strong wind from his entire body. The fur was diverted from its path, and they failed to cut Rio’s body, but…

The relentless attack from the golem continued. Although Rio had approached to disengage the golem from the rooftop garden, he found himself forced to dodge the attack.

There was no time to catch his breath. Aishia was struggling, and Rio now understood why the situation had become like this. Rio felt firsthand how formidable the golem was.

The difficulty lay in its humanoid appearance; it used not only its hands and feet but also its tail, back fur, and other parts not possessed by humans to launch attacks. Therefore, Rio had to be cautious of movements and attacks that could not be anticipated by a human enemy, making the golem’s actions unpredictable. Moreover, it demonstrated movements reminiscent of a martial arts master, making the fight even more challenging. Indeed, it was not an opponent that could be handled one-on-one. The difference in the number of its attacks was too great. Moreover—

(How tough…)

Even landing direct attacks, the golem remained unharmed. It continued to withstand Rio’s attacks, undisturbed, and carried on its assault.

Despite this, Rio persisted, enduring the golem’s attacks and even launching counterattacks. He had no intention of retreating. Behind him lay Satsuki, who had suffered a fatal wound and lost consciousness. He could not afford to retreat.

On the other hand, Latifa and the others had already retreated behind Rio. Regardless of their status, those who could use magic and spirit-arts worked together to create a magical power barrier, securing a safe zone. In that area, Flora and Charlotte were applying healing magic to the unconscious Satsuki.


Christina took on the role of creating the barrier. Even in the midst of battle, her eyes, as if forgetting time was passing, remained focused solely on Rio. However, she also felt an indescribable disturbance and shortness of breath.

(What is this? When I look at him…)

Mistake? Gratitude? Curiosity? Or perhaps…?

Regardless, the emotions stored in Christina’s heart were tumultuous. Feelings she had long suppressed for reasons seemed to resurface, exceeding her tolerance limit.

She wanted to convey something to someone she did not know, who was fighting there. She desperately wanted to return something, even though she could not return everything. As if understanding that desire, Christina moved her right hand, which she held, to cast magic on her chest, tightly clutching the fabric of her dress.

On the other hand, there was someone else who harbored strong feelings towards Rio. Latifa, who was cooperating with Christina to create the magical barrier, began to shed tears unknowingly—


Startled, Latifa wiped away her tears with her right sleeve. She did not quite understand why her tears were flowing, especially since it was about herself.

Nonetheless, when she looked towards Rio, for some reason, her emotions were greatly stirred.

(Why? I shouldn’t know anything about that person…)

Yes, Rio, who was fighting there, was someone Latifa did not know.

Yet why? Despite the circumstances, Latifa felt an overwhelming urge to immediately go out and hug Rio. Then—


Liselotte, who was beside Latifa—

“I feel like I know that person…”

She murmured.

The name that should not have been in her memory was already on the tip of her tongue, yet it did not come out. Eager to know the answer, Liselotte clenched her fists towards Rio, whom she saw while casting magic, tightly to her chest.

“Does Liselotte-oneechan feel the same!?”

Latifa asked, looking surprised.

“I also…”

Christina joined in from the side.


The three exchanged glances, wondering what was happening.

At that moment, Aishia, who was in the sky, landed near the magical barrier deployed by Latifa and the others. She directed her gaze inside the barrier to check the situation.

“Um, may I join?”

Liselotte asked Aishia.

“Of course, please do. I’ll join the fight as well.”

Aishia nodded and moved to support Rio. At that moment—


Celia teleported and appeared within the barrier created by Latifa and the others.

“Celia-oneechan!? Where are you going!?”

Those within the barrier collectively gasped.

“Ah, haha, I just activated various spells…”

(Oh, how should I explain this…)

Of course, everyone urged her for an answer, and Celia hesitated—

“Oh, Aishia!”

Seeing Aishia outside the barrier, Celia hurriedly called out.


“A message. When the signal comes, use your ability within the barrier to defeat that thing. It seems you can either forcefully activate it or stop it by eliminating the magic power it contains.”

Celia conveyed the message she received from Lina to Aishia.


“It seems a large-scale magic is about to be cast, so that will be the signal. Also, after defeating it, they want you to collect its core.”


“And one more thing. Limit your ability’s continuous use to twice. Ideally, they want you to defeat two at once with a single use…”

The concern about the strain on Rio in using his ability was apparent. Celia slightly frowned while staring sharply at Aishia.

“…Understood. Then, I’ll go.”

Aishia nodded deeply as if remembering those words, then lightly kicked the ground. She approached the golem that Rio was fighting, circling around it. The golem continued its intense attack against Rio. Manipulating feather-like blades, it engaged in close combat, trying to slaughter Rio.

Rio, with many orbs of light floating around him, withstood the golem’s ferocious attack. The approaching blade feathers were repelled by the orbs of light, and Rio moved swiftly while looking for an opportunity to counterattack. Knowing that Aishia had descended—


Rio moved to make Aishia unseen by the golem. Then, Aishia dodged the golem and launched a jumping kick aimed at its head. Suppressing the sharp attack from an unexpected angle seemed to affect the golem’s posture, as its upper body swayed. Perhaps wary of a follow-up attack, they distanced themselves from Rio and Aishia.

“Haruto, I will fight alongside you.”

Aishia landed and stood next to Rio, holding his hand. Rio, still holding Aishia’s hand, immediately began to transfer magic power within him.

“Thank you. As for the one above…”

“Sora is holding it off on her own.”

Holding hands, they shared information.

“…I see. Sora-chan is really reliable.”

Rio glanced upwards, where he could see Sora fighting another golem in the distance.

“A message from Celia. Another large-scale magic will soon be cast. Wait until that happens, then use your ability within the barrier to eliminate the magic power contained in that thing.”

“…Even though a large barrier is being activated, could that also be Celia’s doing?”

“That might be Miharu. She’s been acting strange for some time now.”


Rio widened his eyes as he realized he hadn’t seen Miharu. While he thought she might be elsewhere—

(Maybe Lina did it…?)

Rio considered it, but—

“Well, we can discuss that later. Right now, we need to do something about that thing. If we can stall until the next magic is chosen, that should be enough, right?”

Now was not the time for leisurely chats. Rio quickly shifted his focus.

“Yes. I destroyed its body earlier, but it immediately repaired itself. Shallow attacks won’t leave a scratch. Be careful.”

“Understood. For now, keep away from everyone.”

As Rio said that, the golem keeping its distance launched its feather blades.

“I’ll create an opening. Leave the feathers to me.”

Saying so, Aishia released Rio’s hand. After recovering a large amount of magic power, she released many orbs of light and shot them. Precisely hitting each approaching feather blade, she repelled them.

“Thank you.”

Leaving his thanks behind, Rio kicked the ground. With magic power condensed in both hands, he approached the golem directly. With Aishia handling its feathers, Rio now had the flexibility to activate powerful magic—

(But its armor is thick…)

Even if he increased the scale of the phenomenon, it wouldn’t work without accompanying power. To break through the armor, he needed a large weapon—


What was needed was the penetrating power of a breakthrough. Although the scale of the phenomenon was small, each attack focused on increasing its power.

Of course, the golem did not sit idly by. Utilizing the difference in size and the hardness of its armor, it approached Rio, trying to defeat him. At that moment, the orbs of light controlled by Aishia rained down on the golem like meteors.

Although the damage was negligible, the golem’s movements slightly dulled. Taking advantage of that moment, Rio tried to slip into close range of the golem.

However, the golem’s tail reacted, creeping towards Rio. But one of the orbs of light controlled by Aishia hit the dimly glowing bottom of the tail. With precise control, the golem’s tail swerved unexpectedly.


Rio comfortably slipped into the golem’s range. Magic power was so dense in both hands that it became visible, filled with dazzling light. First, swinging his right arm, Rio aimed to sharply penetrate the lower part of the golem.

However, as if determining that this attack had the potential to inflict effective damage on itself, the golem took its first evasive action. Despite appearing heavy and slow due to its metallic nature, it rotated its body with unimaginable agility. Its fist cut through the air—

(So big yet so fast…)

Rio’s eyes widened. The golem continued to spin, moving away from Rio and then suddenly reversing to approach him again. However, Rio had already closed the distance. The destructive energy enveloping his right hand remained intact.

Rio, determined to launch an attack this time, swung his fist again. The golem showed its sharp claws while concentrating strong magic energy at its tip, pushing back towards Rio.

As a result, Rio’s fist collided with the golem’s claw. Both released the magic power they had concentrated, producing a tremendous light and shock.


Rio staggered back, dazzled. However, in mid-air, he gracefully performed a flip, regaining control of his body posture. Then, taking a handstand position—

(Engaging directly in a power struggle is impossible…)

Rio pushed off the floor with his right hand, trying to create distance from the golem. At the same time, he observed the approaching golem.

The golem, seemingly unaffected by the impact due to its own weight, continued to approach Rio, launching a counterattack.

In a flash, Rio’s body slid to the side while maintaining a handstand position. This physically impossible movement was achieved by activating flight spirit-arts. As the onset of feather blades descending towards Rio became clear, Aishia controlled the orbs of light to disturb them.


Even in the blink of an eye, intense attacks and defenses continued. Rio and Aishia demonstrated their advanced coordination, leaving those observing within the barrier breathless.


Masato murmured with a stunned expression. What was happening there felt like a fight on an entirely different level from Masato’s ability. Rio’s unflinching confrontation with the doom-bringing fallen angel aroused Masato’s admiration.

Rio landed, corrected his posture, and once again approached the golem. Magic power gathered again in his right hand, ready to launch a massive magic explosion.

The golem swung its fist, easily deflecting the barrage of magic shots. However, the purpose of the magic explosion was different. Namely, it served as a diversion and flashbang. Rio lowered his body posture, running under the path of his own magic barrage, approaching the golem.

Perhaps wary of Rio approaching from an unexpected angle, the golem tried to fly backward. However, as it began to rise, the golem’s body seemed to be pulled down, as if its legs were frozen to the ground. While running, Rio touched the floor with his right hand, activating spirit-arts.

Immediately after, Rio’s left fist, enveloped in immense magic power, powerfully punched upward from below, piercing the golem’s jaw. Rio’s left fist released compressed destructive energy from the accumulation of magic power, engulfing the golem’s head.

This was an attack that had condensed magic power to its limits. The energy was compressed so tightly that maintaining it required great effort. There was a risk that if Rio made a slight mistake during activation, the energy could explode and potentially cause him to lose his own hand. However, its power was truly tremendous.

A thunderous sound echoed as Rio’s beam shot faded. The golem’s head vanished cleanly—


Masato involuntarily shouted and struck a victory pose. However, in the next moment, the golem’s missing head began to regenerate. Whether it emitted high heat or not, the ice covering the ground below quickly melted. Moreover, in that state, the golem swung its fist, intending to attack Rio right in front of it.


Rio instinctively leaped backward.

(Even after losing its head, it regenerates instantly. What kind of creature is this…)

Hearing from Aishia that it repaired its body after being blown up, Rio wondered if the same applied to its head.

(Is there no weak point?)

It was unclear whether there was a limit to the number of regenerations, and it seemed he couldn’t defeat the opponent unilaterally. If he sustained severe wounds in his human form, continuing the fight would become difficult. Rio quickly assessed that if the fight continued, it would become disadvantageous for him and—

(…Aishia, let’s assimilate and fight.)

Rio telepathically called Aishia. Assimilating with Aishia, who is a spirit, would significantly increase Rio’s combat ability. Although there were advantages in dividing roles by fighting separately without assimilating, Rio believed that enhancing his individual combat power was more important, even if it meant relinquishing that advantage.

(…Understood. However, I will limit the level of assimilation until you activate your ability.)

Aishia agreed to the limitation, and of course, there was a reason.

Assimilation means that the contractor and spirit become one heart and mind. In other words, when one assimilates with a spirit, it means reaching a state that transcends humanity. Aishia was concerned about what changes would occur to Rio’s body if the degree of assimilation was increased. There might be complications even after assimilation is released, and Rio could potentially transform into a non-human entity.

Indeed, since their first assimilation, the color of Rio’s hair and eyes had changed.

(The balance of assimilation is left to Aishia. However, there might be situations where you need to activate your ability without waiting for a signal.)

Celia had requested that they wait until the next large-scale magic is activated before using their abilities. However, there might be situations where they can’t wait. Such was the strength of the golem opponent, and Rio frowned seriously. And—

(Alright, let’s go!)


Aishia deactivated her materialization and disappeared. Only the broken mask she wore remained, falling to the ground—


Liselotte, Christina, and the others gaped. However, by that time, Rio and Aishia had completed their assimilation. Although there were no visible changes—

“…Amazing as usual.”

Rio felt an extraordinary versatility. His body felt much lighter than usual, and his senses seemed sharper.

There were several advantages for a person and spirit who assimilated. First, the affinity with Od and mana increased compared to when the person was still human, allowing for stronger spell manipulation. Next, even if the body sustained severe wounds, it would be repaired so that it was difficult to die easily. And—

(Alright, I can also manifest Spirit Arms.)

By assimilating with Aishia, Rio acquired the ability to handle their unique Spirit Arms. In Rio’s hands, a sword had appeared and was sheathed without awareness. The scene resembled a Hero manifesting Divine Arms, and for those who didn’t know about assimilation, Rio appeared like another Hero.


Everyone was so shocked they forgot to breathe. However, whether Rio was a Hero or not, it was irrelevant to the golem. Uncertain whether the golem could sense emotions like shock.

As soon as the golem finished repairing its missing head, it attacked Rio. Approaching Rio in an instant, it swung its sharp claws at Rio, who was physically lower—


Rio prepared the Spirit Arms sword and intercepted its claws. The golem, trying to forcibly slash Rio with its attacks, continued to attack. However, Rio resisted, fortifying himself.

(This is still an unreasonable amount of power.)

Through assimilation, Rio’s physical strength increased. To assess how far he could compete, he tried to intercept the attacks directly, but he still felt at a disadvantage.

Although it could only be compared subjectively, the golem’s physical strength might even approach Erika, who was possessed by the Great Spirit. To be able to fully compete, Aishia might need to increase the degree of assimilation further. However—

(But with this…)

At least, he could engage in direct confrontation to a certain extent. Moreover, the improvement was not only in his body’s performance. And—

“Be careful!”

Sara’s voice echoed as she descended just after Aishia. Rio simultaneously corrected the flight of the feather blades towards his back and hurriedly warned of the danger.

However, an orb of light floated behind Rio. Without looking back, Rio manipulated the orb of light to intercept the feathers.

“H-How could you shoot that down…”

Sara, Orphia, and Alma were astonished. The number of feathers was not just ten or twenty; moreover, all of them flew at high speed. Being able to shoot them down without even seeing them was an achievement that could only be associated with having eyes on the back of the head.

Of course, Rio did not grow a third eye on the back of his head. It was just that his senses had become incredibly sharp due to assimilation. One might call it a sixth sense. Without using spirit-arts to sense the surrounding environment, his senses extended outward.

It felt as though self and nature had become one. If something contained magic power, he could even understand its position and shape as if it were within arm’s reach.

That’s why Rio also noticed the golem’s tail creeping up from below. Additionally, the golem extended its empty left arm, trying to stab Rio to death. Overcoming all this with just a sword was difficult.

Rio retreated momentarily and decided to create distance from the golem. The golem, which stabbed its claws with magic, aimed to slash Rio. As it did so, a sharp beam extended from its claw, approaching Rio, who was supposed to be out of range.

Rio immediately moved up, avoiding the reach of the beam. Instead, part of the rooftop garden hit by the beam partially exploded, collapsing with a clinking sound. Furthermore, the golem began to fly, approaching Rio.

(If he’s chasing me, then…)

Rio gained more height to distance himself from the golem. The golem, immediately rising to narrow the distance with Rio, ensured that the gap between them did not close. However—

(Alright, this will separate the golem from the rooftop.)

Rio succeeded in separating the golem from the rooftop garden. As planned. The blades controlled by the golem were drawn towards its main body and began to fly uniformly towards the sky. Thus, the battlefield shifted to the air.

Rio continued to rise, trying to distance himself as much as possible from the rooftop garden where Latifa and the others were. The golem deployed wings of light and shot many light spears from them, trying to shoot down Rio. Rio zig-zagged to avoid the light spears.

(I have to use my ability within the barrier, right?)

Fighting within the barrier meant putting the entire city in danger. If they wanted to minimize damage to the castle and the city, it was best to distance themselves from the Galarc Kingdom altogether. However, instructing them to fight within deliberately might imply that there was a specific intention behind it.

(Alright, over there.)

The barrier covering the entire royal capital was vast, encompassing uninhabited areas. Rio quickly looked around, choosing an area that seemed to only cause minimal damage even if he fought fiercely, and tried to move there. However—


The golem accelerated relentlessly, approaching Rio with a speed surpassing sound. Rio instinctively dodged the onslaught. However, at that moment, the blades controlled by the golem began to fly around Rio, creating a circle—

(This isn’t going according to my expectations…)

Rio reluctantly decided to engage in battle under these circumstances. The mask on his face creaked, signaling what was to come next.


In the airspace above the royal capital of the Kingdom of Galarc.

Sora and the golem circled around, tracing complex trajectories. Their speed had long surpassed the limits visible to the naked eye. It seemed they exchanged blows at every collision as they flew, with shockwaves spreading everywhere.

Engaging in direct combat with a golem is usually a mad endeavor. A single punch, even for beings as enhanced as Rio and Aishia, would shatter the entire body. Grazing alone was enough, especially at speeds surpassing the speed of sound, where even the air pressure from the passing golem could be deadly.

Therefore, when Rio and Aishia, despite having physical enhancements, flew at speeds approaching the speed of sound, they slowed down before launching an attack. They also minimized trajectory changes, considering the pressure on their bodies.

However, Sora, the familiar of the Dragon King, had qualities that allowed him to engage in combat with the golem while maintaining supersonic speed—dragonoid transformation. Sora could manifest the dragon body that usually exists as a spiritual entity, wrapping it around his own physical body.

The dragon body is the globally strongest physical form, akin to armor that protects the self. Its skin repels all magical attacks and has a hardness that can deflect any slash or impact. Additionally, it significantly increases the strength and speed of the person transformed into a dragonoid.

“Directly fighting a Golem, even for Sora, the familiar of the Dragon King, requires immense courage!”

Currently, Sora had horns protruding from his head, wings from his back, and dragon body covering various parts of his flesh. While maintaining his humanoid form, his appearance was undoubtedly that of a dragonoid.

The golem’s armor, capable of directly colliding with Sora, could also be called the strongest armor in the world. In most cases, the golem defeats its opponent by pushing the strongest armor to the forefront and dominating merely with strength.

Whether in close combat, long-range combat, or against armies, the golem is versatile. The title of the ultimate weapon developed by the Seven Wise Gods during the age of gods is not an exaggeration. The fact that Sora, the familiar of the Dragon King, could fight against it is proof. However—


At least in direct combat, the situation began to favor Sora. During repeated high-speed collisions, a great clash occurred at one point. Sora’s punch overwhelmed the golem. Then, against the golem that lost its balance—

“Take this!”

Sora unleashed a series of punches. The strong golem’s armor was dented and battered merely with physical force. Although the golem tried to retaliate when its posture was disrupted, Sora caught its right arm, left arm, and both of its fists. Then, with the golem attempting to pierce Sora’s body with its tail and penetrate—


Sora flicked his proud dragon tail, deflecting the golem’s tail. Then—

“Having a tail isn’t exclusive to you!”

He opened his small mouth as wide as possible.

In an instant, intense light swirled at the tip of his mouth, and a destructive beam was released as a breath. The beam, like the sound of electric current, moved straight ahead. Its power was extraordinary. Similar to the attack that sent Rio and Aishia flying, it was as if highly compressed energy had reached a semi-liquid state.

The upper part of the golem’s chest and above were enveloped by thick, shining flashes. As soon as the flash touched, the armor began to melt, and momentarily, the flash penetrated the golem’s body. The upper part vanished cleanly, leaving only the golem’s arms and the lower part from the stomach down.


Sora snorted in victory, stepping back. Then, he casually threw away the severed arms of the golem’s body.

However, repairs were already underway. Particles of light gathered, and the missing parts materialized, reforming the golem as if nothing had happened.

(If this thing is a familiar of one of the Wise Gods, as long as the master is nearby, the supply of magic power will be unlimited. If it continues like this, no matter how hard I hit, it’s endless.)

Oh, how troublesome. Sighing, Sora crossed his arms and waited for the golem’s repairs. And—

“Hey, you. Which Wise God manages this golem? Why does your master let you run rampant here?”

Instead of launching a follow-up attack, Sora threw out words.


As expected, there was no response from the golem. Perhaps knowing that it’s not easy to defeat Sora in close combat, even in their previous fight, it did not recklessly attack forward.

“He remains a mystery, whether he has self-awareness or not. Nevertheless, Sora should understand my words. In fact, I know if it’s your master, I can communicate through you. They must be nearby, listening, right? Quickly show yourself.”

Sora had once fought against a golem that was Lina’s familiar. It was because Lina asked him to collect combat data. So, Sora, assuming that someone controlling the golem in front of him was one of the Seven Wise Gods, tried to dialogue and gather information. However—


The golem, with frightening light in its eyes, continued to maintain silence.

“Tch, this trash…!”

Sora snorted, but—

(…Could it be that this one has not yet become a familiar? Indeed, its resistance is a bit less than expected for a familiar…)

He felt an odd discomfort. He remembered that the golem, which was Lina’s familiar in the past, had higher combat capabilities. Sora vaguely remembered hearing that golems could fully demonstrate their performance only after becoming familiar with a Wise God.

(Could it be someone other than a Wise God activated this? Then who…?)

The questions were endless, but with too little information, it remained in the realm of speculation. So, it seemed Sora became too lazy to think about it.

“Well, whatever. If I keep beating you, your master hiding somewhere will eventually show up. I’ll keep hitting you until you’re sick of it…”

Sora sighed and began to rotate his arms as if warming up. And—

“Prepare yourself!”

He attempted to attack the golem. However, at that moment, the golem radiated energy from its entire body, wrapping itself in it.

“Ha, even if you slightly strengthen yourself by surrounding yourself with fighting spirit now…”

Sora suddenly stopped, grinning. And—

“Even Sora can do it easily.”

He released light transformed from magic power into energy from his entire body, enveloping himself like the golem. Indeed—

“I’ll beat you to pieces!”

This time, Sora dove into the golem, continuing the fight.


In the rooftop garden of the Kingdom of Galarc:


Latifa and the others were left in silence. Everyone was fixated on the aerial battle, holding their breath.

Although Rio, now transcendent, and Sora, the familiar, became somewhat incomprehensible in the consciousness and memories of people, the ongoing fight with the golem made them stand out strikingly. Everyone present still had a clear recognition of Rio and the others.

Then, finally—

“…Hey, is that person a Hero?”

Hiroaki muttered a question.

“…Heroes consist of six individuals.”

Roana, standing near him, responded with a puzzled expression. The basis is the legend, which explicitly states that there are six Heroes.

Currently, the known number of Heroes also totals six. Recently, Sendou Masato, the newly appointed Hero, Satsuki, the hero of the Kingdom of Galarc, Hiroaki from Restoration, Sendou Takahisa from the Kingdom of Centostella, Rui from the Kingdom of Beltram, and Renji Kikuchi from the Proxia Empire. Yet—

“Then, why is he using Divine Arms? Isn’t that Divine Arms?”

Is there a seventh Hero? Hiroaki voiced his question with a rising tone. It seemed not driven by jealousy or hatred. Instead, it appeared tinged with strong impatience and frustration.


Roana stuttered, lost for words.

(If we’re all Heroes, why is he so different? What is his power?)

Currently, what emerged in Hiroaki’s mind was the bitter memory of defeat against Renji Kikuchi, the Hero they encountered while retreating from Rodania.

Hiroaki’s quest for power was triggered by that defeat. Losing to the ruffian youth who was also a Hero acted as a catalyst. And now, another man who might be a Hero has appeared. Facing a monster that makes one want to turn and flee, knowing resistance is futile, Hiroaki bravely challenged it.

(Damn, even I…)

Yes, he is also a Hero. Thinking about it, he felt his own powerlessness. Hiroaki gritted his teeth out of frustration and clenched his fists. Then—

“Do you know who they are, Celia-sensei?”

Christina asked Celia. Everyone had witnessed Celia calling Aishia’s name earlier. All eyes were now focused on Celia again, wondering if she knew about Rio and Sora.

“Yes. I know.”

“Who are they?”

Whether hesitant to answer or not, Celia nodded slightly after a brief pause. However, when Christina continued to inquire about their identities—

“It’s Haruto.”

Celia, with a determined expression, clearly stated the name.


In this world under divine rules, remembering those who have become transcendental, except for a few exceptions, is impossible. Although everyone showed confusion—

“Amakawa Haruto. The name of the child that has been forgotten by everyone here.”

Celia spoke of Rio while looking at the sky.


No one denied the possibility. Everyone, together with Celia, stared at Rio, fighting in the sky, holding their breath.

However, only three people—Aki, Latifa, and Liselotte—showed surprise upon hearing the name Amakawa Haruto.

“The girl with peach-colored hair is Aishia, and the little girl with her is Sora. Everyone here has a connection with Haruto. Now that connection has been severed…”

As Celia spoke about Aishia and Sora—

“W-Wait! Wait!”

Aki shouted in confusion.

“W-What’s wrong, Aki-neechan? All of a sudden…”

Surprised, Masato asked.

“W-Well, that name is…”

Aki, with trembling lips, revealed—

“Because it’s the same as my blood-related brother’s…”

And told them about it. Aki, of course, had forgotten the name of Rio, who was born and raised in this world. However, the name of that person, Amakawa Haruto, who was born and raised on Earth, remained strongly remembered. Aki’s blood brother, who was separated from her due to their parents’ divorce when she was four years old.

However, for Aki, Amakawa Haruto was an unpleasant existence. Regardless of who was at fault in the divorce, witnessing her mother’s depression up close during the process had triggered a strong sense of hatred towards Haruto, who became estranged from their father and lived separately.

It seemed impossible that this feeling would change even after coming to this world. However, strangely now, it felt like the hatred had faded. Aki placed her hand on her chest as if to affirm that emotion.


In a brief but prolonged silence—

“…Before my mother remarried, I used to be called Amakawa Aki.”

Staring at Rio, who was fighting in the sky, Aki hesitantly admitted her old name before her parents divorced.


As people in the rooftop garden directed their attention to Rio, the man himself was engaged in an intense aerial battle with the golem.

Of course, every time he flew to create distance, the golem launched long-range attacks. Dealing with approaching feather blades from all distances was certainly troublesome, but in this situation where one must consider damage to the surrounding area, the light spears released from the wings of light were particularly tricky.

The explosive power of a single light spear hitting the ground was not something to be underestimated.

If Rio scattered the light spears while maintaining distance, it was impossible to ignore the damage to residential areas.

Therefore, he had to limit the golem’s weapon choices. To achieve this, Rio had to approach the golem itself and initiate close-range combat in the air.

However, even with the flexibility gained through assimilation, Rio’s physical strength was significantly lower than the golem’s armor.

Engaging the golem in direct confrontation like Sora, exchanging blows or colliding quickly, was impossible for Rio.

As he approached, he had to reduce speed and engage in close-range combat with the golem on the spot.

As Rio prepared his sword up close, the golem also formed light claws from both hands. The challenging part was that even when initiating close-range combat, the golem had a wider variety of weapons it could handle simultaneously. In addition to claws on both arms, it had a flexible tail and independently flying feather blades.

The lack of weapon numbers had to be compensated with spirit-arts. Rio deployed numerous orbs of light around him to intercept the approaching feather blades. The light claws extending from both arms and the erratically moving tail from the rear were handled with a single sword and Rio’s body.

Still, the golem had a superior number of weapons.

Without a dragon body like Sora’s for protection, engaging in direct clashes at close range was still not a wise choice.

Even after approaching the golem, Rio did not stop moving and continued to fly at high speed, causing confusion.

Additionally, he surrounded the golem, whose weapons were sparse, lifting the Spirit Arms sword. In a flash—


The golem disappeared. More precisely, it moved at high speed and immediately circled behind Rio. Swinging its light claws, it attempted to cut Rio’s body. However, Rio also accelerated to dodge, circling around the golem’s side.

Responding to Rio’s speed, the golem adjusted and changed direction to face him. As Rio swung his sword, the golem prepared its light claws to intercept.

(Even with the Spirit Arms sword, can’t I cut through parts reinforced with magic power? Then…)

What if he targeted areas where the armor appeared weaker, aside from its claws? Rio pondered, but if he stopped his movement while pressing weapons against each other, the golem’s attack would surge like a raging storm.

Without any hesitation, Rio continued his movements.

Whether the golem understood Rio’s intention or not, it moved to avoid soft targets. As a result, both parties sought to secure an advantageous position by flying rapidly at close range.

Thanks to assimilation, Rio’s body felt light, and his condition was excellent.

Assimilation also significantly enhanced his flying ability. Although there was also some reserve capacity in spirit-arts, the sturdiness of his body allowed him to perform challenging trajectory changes and turns.

Even before assimilation, both Rio and Aishia were fast enough in straight-line speed to compete.

However, Aishia struggled in aerial combat because her agility at high speeds was lacking. Rio, unlike before assimilation, often used trajectory changes to disrupt the golem’s defense. However—

(Can I keep up with this speed?)

Although he could compete in a struggle of strength more than before, Rio still could not surpass the golem’s speed.

(If it continues like this, it won’t work. Aishia, may I increase the level of assimilation a bit more?)

While moving, Rio communicated with Aishia telepathically.

(…About sixty percent even now.)

The percentage was already quite high. Aishia did not explicitly say it was “okay” because the extent to which assimilation affects the human body has not been thoroughly verified.

However, if they continue like this, they won’t have a decisive move. After receiving the signal, Lina’s instruction was to defeat the golem using authority. It might be okay to stall for time, but—

(If possible, about seventy percent. Can you do it?)

Rio requested Aishia to further increase the level of their assimilation.

(…Understood. If there’s any abnormality in your condition, let me know immediately.)

(Thank you.)

In an instant, Rio’s condition improved again. Even just ten percent made a significant difference that was clearly noticeable.

As soon as he realized this, Rio infused a large amount of magic power into his sword. The blade began to glow silver, gradually lighting up.

Then, Rio sharply increased his flying speed. Due to the sudden change in speed, there was a momentum shift. The golem’s reaction was slightly delayed—

(This should work…!)

Rio spun around. By then, he had already lifted his sword.

The golem reflexively swung its tail, but Rio’s Spirit Arms sword cut it in two. Without pausing, Rio accelerated, aiming to slash the golem’s body with the returning blade.

In an instant, the golem turned to face Rio, trying to intercept his slash with the light claws formed from its hands.

However, the trajectory of Rio’s swinging sword slightly surpassed the golem’s speed. Perhaps judging its defense to be untimely, the golem attempted to retreat…

At a speed that even left sound behind, the swung sword, held by Rio, was drawn into the golem’s raised wrist for defense. The blade, filled with extraordinary magic power and sharpened, easily severed the golem’s wrist.

Immediately after, Rio unleashed the nearly rampant magic power contained within the sword—


In the sky, still dimly lit in lapis lazuli colors, welcoming dawn, from the ground, it might appear as if a shooting star fell…

The slash of light released from Rio’s sword turned into a dazzling beam that enveloped the entire upper body of the golem. The golem’s upper body melted instantly, and as the slash disappeared, only its lower body remained.

However, the repair of the missing upper body began, leaving no time for rest.


Not letting it happen, Rio immediately closed the distance with the golem. Perhaps expecting further revival of the golem, he recharged magic power into his sword, starting compression. Although he intended to make its lower body disappear as well…

While repairing its body, the golem began to retreat.

(This one…)

Rio immediately pursued. However, flying feather blades caused disturbances. Although he intercepted them with light bullets, he could not avoid slowing down. During this time, the golem’s repairs were completed. But as expected, the golem’s magic power swelled and suddenly stopped.


Rio, alert, reflexively came to a sudden halt.

(What is this?)

The magic power overflowing from the golem’s body increased in density to the point of becoming visible. The magic power transformed into light energy, enveloping the entire body of the golem.

(Is this body strengthening? No…)

Not that, and—

(This is the same as the light blades that grow from its claws. The energy used for attacking is wrapped around its entire body.)

Rio immediately saw it.

In magic, magical swords, and spirit-arts, there are those that utilize light energy with physical destructive power. Generally referred to as light attribute or neutral attribute.

Representative examples include magic like Photon Bullet and Magic Cannon, and even the light slash from the magical sword used by King Alfred.

The orbs of light Rio often uses in combat also hide the same effect. The holy magic sword slash used by Celia, and the punch used by Rio and Aishia to explode the armor in the fight against the golem, are also examples.

The more magic power is put in, the higher its power, and the denser the magic power, the greater its power.

For example, Rio sometimes fights without releasing light wrapped energy from his sword. However, by swinging a sword filled with energy, he can launch a more powerful attack. However—

(Is it really possible to do that?)

Wrapping energy around the sword is possible because it is a physical object. If energy is wrapped around it, it can also function as a magical barrier to defend against external attacks.

However, the inner sword is exposed to the energy load, and if energy exceeding the object’s durability limit is wrapped, there’s a risk of collapse. However—

(If it’s the golem’s armor… It’s not just an increase in attack power. Its defense might increase further. This is troublesome.)

With the increase in fuel consumption, the depletion of magic power should significantly increase. But when considering the already strong armor’s defensive capabilities increasing further—

(Can I manage it with seventy percent?)

Rio’s expression became tense.

At that moment, something changed in the barrier enveloping the royal capital. In the sky, a super-large magic array covering the entire royal capital appeared—


Rio looked up. The spherical barrier’s edge began to emit sparkling and dazzling light.

“Is this the large-scale magic Sensei talked about?”

Wondering what effect it hid, Rio stared at the magic array with curiosity.

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V25 Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles

V25 Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles

Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles (LN) / 精霊幻想記
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Meet Rio: a callous orphaned boy living in the slums. At only 7-years-old, he realizes he’s actually the reincarnation of Haruto Amakawa, a Japanese university student with a tragic past. While still reeling from this shocking epiphany, Rio also comes to learn that he possesses extremely potent magical abilities and uses his new powers to solve the kidnapping case of a little girl. His good deed is acknowledged, and he’s rewarded by being enrolled into… a prestigious academy for noble children…?


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