📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

V25 Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles Chapter 3

Life or Death

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Chapter 3: Life or Death

Let’s turn back the clock a bit before Aishia delivered a decisive blow to the Golem.

High above the Castle of the Kingdom of Galarc.

Reiss, with his hand to his mouth, wore a contemplative expression as he observed the fierce battle below.

(Where have the two of them disappeared…)

The thought circulating in his mind was about Celia Claire, whom he primarily wanted to face, and Ayase Miharu, whom he hadn’t been too wary of until recently.

Miharu suddenly used ancient Celestial Magic, demonstrating combat power sufficient to hold off the Golem for a short time, used group teleportation magic to evacuate the mansion’s inhabitants, and finally disappeared with Celia somewhere.

(That black-haired girl, Ayase Miharu, wasn’t she summoned from another world as a reserve Hero…?)

She was an entirely unexpected trump card.

(When I return to the empire, I must subtly inquire about the identity of Ayase Miharu. But for now, there are more urgent matters to address.)

Recalling the existence of Sendou Takahisa, the boy they had just welcomed as the Proxian Empire’s Hero, Reiss quickly shifted his thoughts.

(Wise Goddess Lina. No doubt she has a connection with the two who disappeared. But why hasn’t she shown herself in this situation? If anything, that woman should be able to handle the Golem on her own, let alone…)

Yet, Wise Goddess Lina placed Celia and Miharu at the forefront, hiding herself in the shadows. At least, that’s how it appeared to Reiss. What could be her reason?

(She might be in a situation where she can’t freely use her powers for some reason, and she herself might not be able to move freely…)

Several possibilities crossed his mind, but Reiss narrowed his eyes as if trying to peer into the heart of the matter. However—

(…Still too little information to draw a conclusion. Rather than worrying about why Lina hasn’t shown up, I should think about where the two have disappeared to, especially since Ayase Miharu and Celia Claire are already gone. It’s crucial to consider the reasons behind it.)

He couldn’t focus solely on why Lina hadn’t revealed herself. Reiss sighed, pondering where the missing pair might have gone. Did Celia and Miharu retreat because they saw no chance of winning against the Golem, or did they draw it away for a last-ditch effort?

After pondering this, Reiss turned his gaze to the rooftop garden of the Castle of the Kingdom of Galarc. There, he could see the evacuated mansion inhabitants fleeing through Miharu’s teleportation magic. From Reiss’s perspective, it seemed like a deliberate display, as if to say, “Let the Golem attack them”—

(…Could it be a trap?)

Reiss suspected that Lina deliberately evacuated the inhabitants to the conspicuous rooftop garden. Moreover, considering that might be what Lina wanted, he seemed to wear a displeased expression, as if saying, “I don’t want to deal with Lina.”

For Lina, having the ability to foresee the future wasn’t information to be hidden, even from enemies. Instead, it was information she should reveal first.

After all, by conveying, “I know the future,” to enemies, she could use every situation as a bargaining tool. In this world, she is the only cunning goddess who has the ability to see the future.

Therefore, assuming Miharu acted according to Lina’s expectations, evacuating the mansion’s inhabitants to the striking rooftop garden might be a trap. Or, considering Lina might want to avoid the Golem attacking them, it could be interpreted differently.

(As annoying as usual…)

Thanks to that, he was forced to observe the situation quietly. Perhaps, playing around at a time like this might be part of Lina’s plan—

(…Well, whether it’s a trap or not, let’s see what move you make in this situation.)

Reiss steeled himself. And—

“{Summon Golem Core}”

Waving his right hand and chanting the spell, Reiss’s ring, embedded with something, emitted a mysterious light. Immediately after that, a transparent orb with a diameter of several tens of centimeters appeared and floated in the air.

Reiss swung his right hand over the orb, beginning to input magic into it. After a moment, complex patterns of light, forming intricate shapes, began to reveal around the orb.

Right at this moment, far below Reiss, Aishia delivered a decisive blow to the Golem. The scene unfolded where the Golem’s body was neatly sliced and disappeared due to Aishia’s powerful slash.

(…Even though I activated the Golem with a binding spell, it’s quite durable. Yet…)

Watching the scene below, Reiss showed a bit of admiration and astonishment. He knew that defeating a Golem with this level of power was nearly impossible.

Aishia, even with her extraordinary abilities, most likely didn’t have the remaining strength to face another reactivated Golem. If the situation continued like this, it was only a matter of time before a resolution was reached—

(Just to be sure…)

Reiss released his hand from the orb containing the magic. As he did so, the light from the complex patterns surrounding the orb disappeared, and instead, a massive amount of magical energy began to emanate. The command input was complete, and a second Golem was now activated.

Immediately after that, the orb disappeared, and a humanoid combat weapon, identical to the one faced by Aishia and the others, appeared.

The overflowing magical energy couldn’t be hidden, so those below most likely realized the emergence of a second Golem. At the same time, the first Golem was also in the process of awakening.

Although there are some problematic entities that might complicate future plans if killed, Reiss didn’t apply unnecessary restrictions. Regardless of whether the opponent was a Hero or a noble, if they obstructed, Reiss had inserted the command:

“Alright, please. Eliminate those on the rooftop garden now.”

Responding to Reiss’s call, the second Golem began to descend towards the Castle of the Kingdom of Galarc.
Meanwhile, around the time Reiss decided to deploy the second Golem.

In a room deep below the Castle of the Kingdom of Galarc. Miharu and Celia were in the middle, using the Mana Crystal to continue searching for Rio’s coordinates.

“This is bad. A second Golem will soon be deployed.”

Miharu, as if understanding what was happening on the surface, suddenly spoke.

“Huh…? S-Second? There’s a second one!?”

Even dealing with the first one seemed doubtful, and now a second one had emerged. Celia, momentarily confused, blinked then affirmed.

“I’ve said it. We must hurry before it’s too late.”

Miharu replied indifferently.

“Is there still time left until Rio is summoned?”

“Yes. It will take more time.”

“Then, wouldn’t it be better if you or I went back now?”

Celia asked hesitantly, but—

“No. That won’t work. I’m simultaneously making progress with the activation of other magic. If one of us leaves now, everything will fall apart.”

Miharu answered with an indifferent shake of the head.

Right after that.


There wasn’t actually a shake, but a wave of magical power illusion made the room feel as if it vibrated. It was clear that a second Golem had emerged, even though they couldn’t see what was happening on the surface.


A strong sense of anxiety colored Celia’s face. She was worried about the people above.

“Just so you know, even if both of us went back now, we couldn’t do more than buy time. Unlike a thousand years ago, I’m currently operating at a reduced level within this body. I also can’t defeat the Golem.”

Miharu explained the situation to Celia with a flat tone, though she appeared anxious. It seemed Celia fully understood that panicking wouldn’t change the situation.

“…Before it’s too late, right, Miharu?”

“Yes, that’s what I said.”

“When you say ‘before it’s too late’, what kind of situation are you talking about?”

Celia asked with a determined look, urging Miharu to answer.

“I can’t tell you that. The future I know isn’t something that can be freely shared as a definite answer. I can give advice with hidden futures or predictions with room for interpretation, but…”

With ambiguous wording, Miharu hinted that there might be some risks or constraints even in exceptional cases.

“Right, I see…”

Although she said that, Celia still wanted to know about the future. Her face told that story. However—

“The future is something people shouldn’t know, Miharu cautioned Celia.”


“The future is a series of continuous possibilities. Although there are futures that are nearly certain and definite, most futures can easily branch and change even with trivial things. So, what’s the use of knowing the future?”

“…To achieve the best future by knowing all possible changes in the future?”

Although it was a sudden and abstract question, Celia answered while tilting her head.

“But what might be the best for one person could be the worst for another. Knowing the future can lead to unnecessary actions that change the future for the worse. To reach the future you long for, you might have to turn a blind eye to others’ misfortunes. Those who know the future can easily be manipulated by it. And, in turn, manipulate others.”


Whether feeling the invisible weight of Miharu’s words or not, Celia unconsciously swallowed.

“First of all, trying to know all future changes is the domain of gods. If someone tries to know the future with a human mind, the overload of information would burn their brain in an instant. If anyone could know it, it would be part of the future with the highest probability.”

Miharu spoke up to that point, then paused her words momentarily—

“So, let’s say, hypothetically, if you had the power to know the future, would you want to know if you and Rio will be connected, or would you want to know the future with the highest probability?”

Suddenly, Miharu threw such a question at Celia.


Celia immediately blushed.

“Hey, your magic control is getting shaky. I’ll chat with you, but focus.”

“H-hey, you’re asking weird things…”

Teased by Miharu’s playful smile, Celia turned her face away while still blushing.

“So, what’s the answer to that question? Do you want to know if you and Rio will be connected, or do you want to know the future with the highest probability?”


Celia’s cheeks paled.

Unable to answer immediately, she remained silent, pressed by the question—

“What if you’re afraid of thinking about not being chosen?”

Miharu spoke as if knowing everything.


Whether she hit the mark or not, Celia widened her eyes in surprise.

“You must be thinking like this: if you’re not chosen, who has the highest probability of being connected with him? So, what will you do if you know the future with the highest probability? Would you try to secure a future where you’re connected with him?”


Celia hesitated, remaining silent.

“I’ve said it, the future is a series of continuous possibilities. Even the future with the highest probability can change with trivial things. Would you fight to change the future?”

Miharu, as if preempting Celia’s thoughts, continued to throw questions. Finally—

“…Maybe I don’t want to know the future.”

Celia answered, her face gloomy.

Perhaps the more she thought about knowing the future, and even trying to change it after knowing it, the more frightening it became. It might make her dislike herself. Maybe it’s better to do the best she can right now without knowing the future.

“That’s how people should be. Humans can’t know the future. It’s the order of this world, an absolute law. If it’s broken, one might bear an unimaginable burden. That’s why it’s better not to know the future.”

In Miharu’s words, there was a momentary shadow of darkness, or perhaps it was just an illusion. However, it was fleeting—

“…You’re still here, Elle.”

Out of nowhere, Miharu muttered something like that.


Celia was surprised, but—

“It’s alright. I’ve precisely determined the coordinates. Let’s go.”

Miharu said, and the brilliance of light overflowing from the Mana Crystal increased, forming a complex three-dimensional spell. Celia reflexively closed her eyes, and—


From the Mana Crystal to the ceiling, a thick pillar of light soared.

Now, let’s rewind time a bit and shift the location to the rooftop garden of the Castle of the Kingdom of Galarc.

The air battle to the death between Aishia, the Golem, and others could be observed from a distance by Satsuki and the others in the garden. As Aishia released a slash of light, dispatching the Golem’s body from her back and making it disappear—

“We did it! We did it!”

Latifa exclaimed joyfully.

“Yes, it seems he was defeated!”

Liselotte also nodded happily.

Everyone in the rooftop garden cheered joyfully. However—

“Stop. Seriously, it sounds like a flag…”

Hiroaki, still wearing an anxious expression, murmured in his cool voice as he looked around at people saying things like “We did it” and “It was defeated.”

“Haha, that’s more like a story from a manga or anime, Hiroaki-niisan.”

Masato teased Hiroaki with a friendly smile. In the sky, Sara, Orphia, and Alma hurried toward Aishia, who lost her balance, celebrating it. Hiroaki, for now, sighed in relief.

However, right after that, a strong magical reaction appeared in the sky, even higher than Aishia and the others who were floating.


Gouki, Kayoko, Aria, and the others grabbed their weapons first. Those who sensed the magical power tensed their bodies and stared into the sky.

“I have a bad feeling about this…”

Satsuki said, grimacing.

“L-look! The thing we were supposed to have defeated…!”

Liselotte pointed, her mouth agape, to the first Golem, which resurrected near Aishia and the others. And—

“…It seems there’s another one.”

The position of the second appearance was too high in the sky to be easily seen, but Gouki detected its presence.

“Look, I told you it was really a flag!”

Hiroaki yelled, completely losing his composure, looking around as if searching for an escape route. However, there was no certainty when and what kind of attack would happen, destroying the entire area.

Rather than fleeing into the castle, where they might be safer, Hiroaki might think it safer to stay put, where he could observe the Golem’s movements and escape freely. Although Hiroaki appeared eager to flee immediately, he desperately stayed in place. Then—

“Everyone, gather in one place. Magic warriors, create a magical barrier toward the sky. Knights, form a formation and be on alert around.”

King Francois called the important figures to be protected around him and, at the same time, directed the knights and magic soldiers serving as guards.

“{Magic Barrier}”

To withstand any possible attack, the palace magicians created several layers of light barriers above their heads.

Immediately after that, the second Golem descended to the rooftop garden. Its speed was astonishing, leaving a sound far behind as it descended rapidly. Ignoring air pressure and inertia, it slowly stopped right above the roof floor, as if it had grown wings like a bird. The giant figure, over two meters tall, appeared silently in a very quiet manner.

The figure, shining silver, was incredibly beautiful, emitting a divine light radiance, especially when combined with feathered wings, it looked like an angel.

Everyone was stunned, inadvertently captivated—


Gouki was the first to run toward the Golem. His speed was incredible, and it seemed like wings had grown on his legs.

(It feels light…)

Gouki realized it well as he moved.

Not just because he was in prime condition. Compared to usual, he knew his body had undergone an unprecedented level of physical enhancement. The cause was—

—Legion (Regio), the Hero Cultivation Magic (Parabellum) For Peace (Pakeemu) used by Miharu just before disappearing with Celia. Regardless of the mystery of how Miharu could use such magic, its effects were currently very convincing.

His initial speed surpassed that of warrior beastmen, who were supposed to have a greater advantage in physical abilities compared to the human race. Yet, more than that, the Golem was fast. Floating just above the floor, the Golem smoothly approached Gouki as if gliding.


When he realized it, the Golem’s figure swinging its fist towards him was reflected in Gouki’s field of vision. It was aimed directly at his face. In an instant, a vision of his face being blown away flashed through Gouki’s mind. He didn’t even have time to blink.

Nevertheless, Gouki had already moved his sword. Being able to react was the result of years of combat experience and the potential Miharu enhanced with magic. Without one of these, he would be killed by this punch.


Gouki pressed the side of the blade against the Golem’s arm, shifting it while using the recoil to move his body to the side.

Immediately after that, the Golem’s fist passed right by Gouki’s face. The Golem’s fist produced a strong vibration in the air, rattling Gouki’s eardrums, and he grimaced.

However, there was no time to divert his gaze from the Golem. Gouki faced the Golem, keeping his entire body within his field of vision.

At close range, he felt the urge to back away due to its impressive presence and magical power. However, he approached the Golem with the intention of initiating his confrontation.


Without hesitation, Gouki swung his sword again. With minimal preparatory movement, it was an ultra-fast attack honed to easily cut through stone and more. It was such a refined attack that ordinary practitioners couldn’t even react, but—

The Golem’s sharp and pointed tail flickered. Just as it seemed its tail’s tip would accurately catch Gouki’s sword, it adeptly deflected and sent it flying.

Gouki tried to counterattack with his returning sword. However, the Golem’s tail bent like a whip, skillfully blocking his movements. Its main body remained completely motionless, as if saying dealing with its tail alone was enough.

In fact, Gouki couldn’t even enter within the range of its tail. As he stepped into range, the tail approached. He struggled to parry it. If he stepped too far into the tail’s range, he could foresee a future where his body would be split in two. Thinking of entering the space between the Golem’s arms by stepping further—

(This is bad…)

He didn’t feel confident at all. Even though he swung his sword with all his might, he couldn’t grasp the depth of the Golem’s capabilities. Moreover, his hand was numb from the impact, and he began to doubt whether he could keep up with the speed of its tail.

With cold sweat on his forehead, Gouki—

“Everyone, I will keep this thing busy! Evacuate to a place out of its reach now!”

Shouted to the people standing behind him. Fleeing into a room that was dangerous, where they didn’t know when the Golem’s attack would come down and cause a collapse, was a risky action. However, since the Golem was already so close, it was safer to stay put rather than retreat now.

Yet, the Golem didn’t plan to wait idly. In an instant, the wings that had grown from its back shattered into pieces. The feather blades that made up the wings danced together in the air—

“Ugh, create a barrier in all directions!”

King Francois immediately issued instructions to the palace magicians. Then, magicians, who collectively created layers of light barriers above, moved some of them and surrounded Satsuki and the others who had gathered together.

However, before the barrier could completely cut off the inside and outside by moving, Gouki’s wife, Kayoko, and Aria, the head maid Liselotte, went outside.

“We will work together with my husband to draw as many floating blades as possible!”

“Everyone, retreat to a safe place during that time!”

After giving instructions to the people behind them, Kayoko and Aria, as if coordinating, split to the left and right and rushed forward. Soon after, most of the feather blades were drawn towards Kayoko and Aria.


Countless blades approached at high speed. Even Kayoko and Aria couldn’t withstand a direct confrontation. Relentlessly, they focused on drawing the blades, only pulling them to dodge.

Gouki, Kayoko, and Aria were buying time by risking their lives. The problem was whether there was a safe place within the royal castle where they could flee if the Golem’s attack drew its attention and the building collapsed.

“Everyone, retreat! There’s an underground evacuation route for the royal family.”

King Francois announced, suggesting evacuation to that location. The royal family’s special evacuation route was a place that had to be kept secret from outsiders unless a situation arose where leaving the castle and fleeing was absolutely necessary. However, it seemed he judged the current situation to be such an emergency.


Gouki, in his effort to suppress the main body of the Golem even slightly, continued to swing his sword as if his arm would tear off—

“Milord, your back is open!”

Kayoko shouted. She noticed several feather blades approaching Gouki’s back from behind.


Gouki was forced to leap to the side. The feather blades did not directly hit the Golem’s main body and instead sharply turned to chase Gouki. As a result, Gouki was thrown, and the Golem’s main body was left uncontrolled.

(This is bad!)

Gouki immediately tried to approach the Golem again, but the chasing feathers did not allow him. Soon after, when Francois and the others, who had already begun to retreat, were exposed, the Golem closed the gap in an instant. Then, with a swing of its arm, it shattered the barrier into pieces as if breaking glass.


The remaining magical barriers placed around the vicinity by magicians in haste were directed at the Golem. In an instant, the Golem’s giant arm blinked. The Golem’s fist exploded, and the moved barriers were systematically destroyed.

Thus, in just two or three seconds, all the barriers disappeared. As a result, when Francois and the others inside were about to be fully exposed—

“Protect His Majesty!”

One of the knights inside the barrier shouted. All the knights tried to act as a flesh shield, stepping forward and risking their bodies. However, at that moment,

“Back off!”

Satsuki shouted. While thrusting the Divine Arms spear that materialized, she attacked the Golem with all her might—


She released a concentrated windstorm, directing it forward from its tip. In an effort to push back the towering Golem in front of her, a strong wind blew.

The entire body of the Golem was enveloped in the storm, and amidst the blurred vision—

“{Ice Lance} {Thunderball}”

Liselotte and Christina simultaneously chanted spells with instant judgment. A thick ice spear and a powerful electric shock, hidden within the storm, attacked the Golem. Seeing this—

“{Ice Lance} {Thunderball Magic}”

Liliana and Charlotte also quickly chanted spells, adding supporting shots. Other magicians, one by one, continued to chant spells, sending magical attacks at the Golem engulfed in the tempest.

“Hurry! Now’s the time to—!”

To retreat—Satsuki tried to call out to the people behind her.

At that moment, something hit her chest with a thud. She felt as if her body was floating in the air—


Satsuki slowly lowered her gaze. The Golem’s tail had extended from the storm and pierced her chest. It was firmly embedded, creating a hole in her chest as if it were a wind tunnel, easily lifting her body.

Strength drained from Satsuki’s hands holding the Divine Arms spear. The strong wind coming out from its tip vanished, and she released her spear. The fallen spear made a dry sound as it rang out, transforming into light particles like the destruction of a spirit—

“Satsuki-oneechan!” “Satsuki-neechan!” “Satsuki-san!”

Latifa, Masato, Aki, and the others screamed in agony.


Ah, I’m dead now—Satsuki thought.

Various thoughts crossed her mind, such as worrying about everyone, telling them it’s okay, and various other things—

“Everyone, run…”

With a pale face, Satsuki smiled at Latifa and the others.

However, the Golem, as if ignoring such sentimentality, swung its tail to release Satsuki and roughly threw her body. Her body made a thudding sound as it fell—


Satsuki tumbled on the garden floor and fell limp, no longer moving. A large amount of blood flowed from the hole in her chest, creating a pool of blood.


Masato, with anger in his red eyes, clenched the Divine Arms sword. Latifa had no weapon, but she still prepared with bare hands.

“Hey, you two!”

As if telling them to stop, Hiroaki called them. The Golem’s combat power had been understood more than enough. It seemed there was no chance of winning no matter how they thought about it. He might believe that challenging the fight would only result in a pointless death.

Of course, Masato and Latifa understood that too. Fear was clearly visible in their profiles. Yet, even so, they couldn’t forgive the Golem. Eyes blazing with fighting spirit strongly conveyed that.

However, in this world, there are things that cannot be overcome by feelings alone. The embodiment of that is the opponent known as the Golem.


In the sky above the castle, Aishia, Sara, Orphia, and Alma were busily engaged with the first resurrected Golem.

Aishia had been exhausted from the previous battle, and she found herself in a difficult situation where she could only dodge attacks.

Unable to assist those in the garden, frustration was clearly visible on her usually expressionless face.

It was a terribly desperate situation.

The Golem standing before Latifa and the others hadn’t suffered a single scratch from the attacks it had received earlier from Satsuki and her friends.

It spread its wings of light from its back, with the intensifying light from the wings aimed to fire spears of light that could blow away everything on the roof.

There was no longer anywhere to escape.

In a corner of the rooftop garden, a thick pillar of light appeared, occurring immediately afterward.

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
V25 Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles

V25 Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles

Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles (LN) / 精霊幻想記
Score 10
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2024 Native Language: Japanese


Meet Rio: a callous orphaned boy living in the slums. At only 7-years-old, he realizes he’s actually the reincarnation of Haruto Amakawa, a Japanese university student with a tragic past. While still reeling from this shocking epiphany, Rio also comes to learn that he possesses extremely potent magical abilities and uses his new powers to solve the kidnapping case of a little girl. His good deed is acknowledged, and he’s rewarded by being enrolled into… a prestigious academy for noble children…?


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