📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

V25 Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles Chapter 1

The Seventh Sage

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Chapter 1: The Seventh Sage

In the sacred year 1000, in the dim light of morning. From the red-light district of the Kingdom of Galarc’s capital, a towering pillar of fire rose.

It was a massive fire set by Sendou Takahisa to burn down a brothel. Its intensity was such that it could be seen even from the royal palace, causing a commotion within the city.

Even Satsuki and the others, who were still asleep, rushed to the mansion’s garden in a hurry.

The pillar of fire was visible from the mansion’s garden where Satsuki and the others resided. In the garden, there were Celia, Latifa, Sara, Orphia, Alma, Satsuki, Aki, Masato, Charlotte, Komomo, Gouki, Kayoko, along with Sayo and other servant staff serving Gouki, and Charlotte’s exclusive guard knights.

Additionally, there were Monica, Celia’s mother, Liselotte, and Aria who had just come to stay at the mansion. The only one missing was Miharu—


Everyone gathered in the garden, holding their breath as they stared at the pillar of fire. As the pillar of fire vanished and disappeared, silence enveloped them for a moment. Everyone was pondering. It did not seem like a naturally occurring pillar of fire. Natural fires would not rise high into the sky.

Therefore, it was reasonable to assume that someone had artificially created the fire.

However, the scale of this artificial creation was too large. Magic capable of producing such a fire generally did not exist in modern Strahl territory, and even if it was done with spirit-arts, the scale was unreasonable.

If someone was capable, it would be an entity with great power. When considering who the candidates might be, the number of plausible candidates was very limited. For example—

“Um, hey, could that flame be…”

Masato cautiously started to speak.

—Was it my brother who controlled it?

Masato swallowed the words that almost reached his throat, suspecting that Takahisa, who had fled from the castle, was the person responsible for creating the fire. What could Takahisa burn with such a fire? Why would he think to do something like that? Perhaps the thought was too frightening. Then—

“Hey, where is Miharu-oneechan!?”

Aki, as if trying to shake off her bad premonition, looked around nervously. Although not related by blood, she greatly admired Miharu as her older sister. However, Miharu’s figure was nowhere to be seen at that time.


In the sky above the castle, a tremendously powerful magical force emerged. It was like imagining a storm descending from the sky. The pressure was so strong that the atmosphere vibrated, causing those who could sense magic to change their expressions and prepare for battle.

“Huh, a spirit’s presence!?”

Sara, Orphia, and Alma exclaimed while glancing towards the corner of the garden. They must have been informed by the spirits contracted with them that a spirit had appeared nearby. And indeed—


There stood Aishia, materializing. She was about to wear a mask to fight, crossing the boundaries imposed by the transcendental.


Everyone tilted their heads in confusion. Naturally, now that Rio had become transcendental along with Aishia, no one remembered anything about him. The exception was—

(Aishia!? Why is she appearing… No, that alone is bad enough.)

Currently, only Celia. For some unknown reason, the god’s rule did not apply to Celia, and she remembered Rio and Aishia.

“Everyone, run!”

Aishia shouted and began to fly. Though her emotions were usually faint, her voice was filled with a strong sense of urgency. Thus—

“Everyone, it’s dangerous if we stay here! Quickly…”

Let’s run—Celia tried to call everyone. However, at that moment, Miharu appeared from the mansion’s entrance.

“Miharu, come here quickly!”

Celia called out to Miharu, and the eyes of everyone in the garden also turned to Miharu. But—


Miharu, either still half-asleep or dazed, walked aimlessly with a blank expression. Seeing this, Celia hurried towards her. However, Miharu stopped, unconsciously staring at the dawn sky that was showered with a tremendous pressure.

(What’s wrong, Miharu!?)

Celia closed the distance further with Miharu. Then—


Miharu moved her lips.


Celia couldn’t believe her ears. Recently, the spell Miharu uttered matched the ancient magic spell Celia acquired, especially in the beginning part.

“{Type, Seventh Heaven, Alter Ego}”

(As I thought! But…!)

Celia became certain that Miharu had uttered her spell.

However, she also had questions. The details of the ancient magic spell she learned were slightly different, and Miharu should not have acquired any magic.

If that was the case, could the spell Miharu uttered be a magic item spell filled with magic and not an actual spell? But even so, when did she acquire such an item? Regardless, a complex magical formula enveloped Miharu’s body.


Satsuki called out Miharu’s name in shock. However, Miharu, without even glancing towards Satsuki, lowered her gaze to her own hands, as if affirming something. Then, showing an unimaginable joy from the usual Miharu, she spoke—

“…This is a success.”

And, satisfied, she murmured to herself.


Celia remained silent, staring at Miharu. Then, Miharu returned her gaze to Celia, and their eyes met. Indeed—

“Now, let’s settle a different future problem.”

With an unusual tone for her, Miharu smiled at Celia.

Let’s go back to the past. This is the moment after the pillar of fire disappeared in the red-light district of the capital, and before a colossal magical force formed above the Kingdom of Galarc.

In the sky, there was the figure of Reiss Wolf, serving as an envoy of the Proxia Empire.

Floating in a stationary position, he faced the towering Royal Castle of Galarc above the ground.

Besides, next to Reiss was a transparent ball with a diameter of several tens of centimeters.

Reiss touched the ball with his hand, inserting magic into it. After a few moments, a complex magical formula began to unfold around the ball. This meant the ball was a type of ancient magic item called a golem, left behind by the Wise God.

It was a self-moving war machine that followed commands from the registered owner.

However, Reiss was not its official registrant. Although the golem was protected by a magical formula to prevent anyone from activating it, Reiss performed an illegal command by hacking.

Of course, there was a problem due to this forbidden method. Specifically, when the golem was active, it became impossible to enter another set of illegal commands. Precisely, attempting to enter an illegal command while the golem was active resulted in intense retaliation, treating the intruder as an enemy.

So, to safely enter a set of illegal commands, the golem needed to be deactivated. However, it was not easy for someone other than the registered owner to stop the golem’s activation. The golem was the greatest autonomous combat magic item developed by the Wise God for the Divine-Demon War. Once active, it would not stop its activation on its own, so the only option was to defeat it to force deactivation or wait until its internal magic power was exhausted for total deactivation. However—

(I can’t defeat the currently activated golem. If I deploy it, make sure the golem is buried forever. The target is those in the mansion garden, with the highest priority on Celia Claire, and as a secondary target, the humanoid spirit. If any other potential threats emerge, eliminate them as well.)

Now, Reiss, prepared for a one-time use, had activated the golem. This moment, with the absence of Rio and Sora, provided a golden opportunity to eradicate those within the castle. Although Aishia and Celia seemed the most threatening, considering the involvement of the Wise God Lina, there might be other troublesome individuals lurking.

(I would prefer to exclude the Heroes… but if they become an obstacle, I might have to kill them once. Let’s minimize the damage to the castle and urban areas. After a millennium, there’s an excess of accumulated magical power. At worst, the entire capital might vanish from the map.)

After entering all commands, Reiss released his hand from the ball. Instead of the magical formula’s light disappearing, a vast amount of magical power began to emanate from the ball. It was evidence that the golem had been activated.

(Those on the ground must realize this nonsensical magical power.)

The magical power, so strong that it created the illusion of the atmosphere vibrating, would soon reach the ground.

Then, a change occurred in the environment, the source of the magical power. As if a spirit had materialized, an outer form resembling a human figure appeared. It was a bipedal robot about two meters tall and wide.

Simply put, the ball there until a few moments ago was the core of the golem. The form adorned with an outer shell was the exact appearance of the activated golem.


The golem remained silent, facing the Royal Castle of Galarc on the ground. Since dawn had not fully arrived, the area was dim, and visibility was poor. Moreover, although it was nearly two kilometers from the ground, its eyes, emitting a frightening light, accurately captured the mansion where Miharu and the others resided, as well as those in the garden. The golem then moved its face to focus on Reiss.

Reiss had only entered illegal commands; he had not officially registered as its owner. In this state, unless an attack began, the golem should not recognize Reiss as either an enemy or an ally.

Raising both hands as if asking not to fight, Reiss slowly distanced himself from the golem. The golem, losing interest in Reiss, shifted its gaze. Instead, it turned its gaze to the mansion where Miharu and the others lived.

Shortly after, the golem directed its right hand, with a mechanical shape, towards the mansion. The golem’s magical power swelled further, concentrated in its right hand. And…
With an echoing blast, it released a barrage of powerful magical energy.


“Now, let’s settle a different future problem.”

With an unusual tone for her, Miharu smiled at Celia.


For a moment, Celia forgot the current situation and was startled—


Sensing the magical power increasing far above her, she looked up at the sky. Although the golem was in the sky at a height not easily visible, the source of the magical power was clearly visible.

The pure magical light, usually only visible to the trained eye, was so dense it became visible. And right after that, a formidable magic power cannon, capable of piercing the entire mansion and its surroundings, was released by the golem.

It was like the appearance of the full moon, which emerges in the morning—

“This can’t be right…”

Staring at the descending light, Celia stiffened. No, everyone in the mansion’s garden stood still, as if witnessing the end of the world.

The exceptions were only two people. Aishia, who flew into the sky to confront the golem, and—

“{Dectet Magician, Maximize Magic, Castle Wall}”

It was Miharu. Miharu raised her palm towards the sky and uttered a spell. Immediately after that, above Aishia who flew, ten large magic circles appeared.

(Remote magic activation!?)

Celia quickly understood what Miharu had done. Remote magic activation is an advanced technique. Normally, magic circles would appear near the user, but a skilled magic manipulator can spread magic circles to any location within their field of vision.

However, the farther the distance from the spellcaster, the more difficult it becomes, and the higher the complexity of the magic, the greater the difficulty. It’s even more challenging to deploy multiple magic circles simultaneously.

Now, the position where Miharu deployed several magic circles was likely about fifty meters away from Miharu, the spellcaster. The difficulty of this task is estimated to be quite high.

Nevertheless, a total of ten spells were activated, and a large defense barrier based on light opened up, enveloping those in the mansion and the garden.


Aishia was surprised and stared at the magical barrier that suddenly appeared in front of her. For a moment, she seemed hesitant to activate her own spell, but apparently, she judged that this barrier would be sufficient to block the attack. She stopped any spell she was about to utter. Shortly after—


The barrage from the golem collided with the magical barrier erected by Miharu. In an instant, a dazzling light that filled the field of vision illuminated the entire capital.

A roaring thunder echoed, and a fierce storm swept through the area. Amidst the blurred vision, the barrier was breached, and the sound of breaking was heard once, twice, three times, and four times in succession.

However, the rate of damage gradually slowed. When the ninth sound echoed, Celia, still shielding her eyes from the light—

“We don’t have time to be surprised.”

Miharu’s voice reached Celia right beside her.


Slightly opening her eyes, Celia looked to the side—


Miharu touched Celia’s shoulder and uttered a spell. A magic circle appeared beneath them, and space distorted. Just like that, the two disappeared. Shortly after—


A roaring sound, as if a small meteorite had fallen, was heard, and the girls screamed. The golem descended rapidly, causing a shaking impact upon landing.

No, it was more like falling than landing. From the landing point, a tremendous shockwave erupted.


Celia finally realized the change in scenery. When she stood far from everyone with Miharu a few moments ago, she now found herself surrounded by everyone.

Gouki stood beside her. Did it appear they both had moved away from everyone in an instant—

“Celia-dono, Miharu-dono, when did you…?”

Gouki was startled, surprised. However, he quickly shifted his attention to where the golem had descended.

Celia also looked towards the golem. That’s where she stood a few moments ago.

Celia’s spine felt cold. If she had remained there as she was now, she would have been shattered to pieces. Then—


This time, Aishia descended towards the golem, adding falling energy to her cap.

A tremendous impact echoed. However, the golem raised its right arm and easily caught both of Aishia’s legs. Then—


Feathers growing from the golem’s back separated and floated.


Aishia quickly distanced herself from the golem. Each feather appeared as a sharp triangular blade, and when connected, they formed wings.

In other words, in a separated and floating state, countless blades danced in the air—

“No, this can’t be right…”

Sensing a bad premonition, Satsuki prepared the Divine Arms spear she had manifested.


Aria also gripped the magic sword in her hand, standing in front as if to protect Liselotte.

Others who carried weapons did the same, ready to defend those who were unarmed. Aishia also positioned herself between everyone and the golem.

Satsuki’s bad premonition became reality. The floating feathers of the golem began to fly en masse towards the mansion’s inhabitants.

“I won’t let you.”

Aishia immediately deployed several balls of magical light energy. Trying to intercept the approaching blades, she shot them all at once. Their aim was very accurate, hitting all the blades and deflecting them back.

However, even though Aishia’s released light balls exploded and spread due to the collision, the blades were not damaged at all.

Although their trajectory was diverted, some fell to the ground, they quickly readjusted their aim and began to fly towards the mansion’s inhabitants again.

Aishia immediately tried to create more light balls, but the golem attacked Aishia directly. Closing the distance in an instant, the golem tried to punch Aishia’s face with its metal fist.


Aishia instinctively crossed her arms and at the same time set up a magical barrier.

Immediately after, the golem’s fist collided, and the barrier shattered.

Aishia instinctively stepped back but was thrown back in the middle of the motion.

Whether she couldn’t completely negate its force or not, her arm spun unnaturally. As she was about to collide with Latifa, who stood behind her—

“Eek! What!?”

Aishia disappeared before the collision. Only the mask she wore remained, falling to the ground. Latifa looked surprised.

Aishia immediately reappeared, picked up the fallen mask, and put it back on. While her injured arm healed after reforming, the pain still lingered.

However, at that moment, the golem’s feather blades were about to attack the mansion’s inhabitants—


Aishia’s usually expressionless face now showed a strong sense of urgency.

With too many people to protect, she seemed to realize she couldn’t defend everyone on her own.

Nonetheless, as she tried to face the golem and the flying feathers, she immediately deployed magical light bullets.

At that moment, without any warning, numerous magic circles appeared on the ground. All of them were deployed in the path where the golem’s feathers were flying—


From all the magic circles, magical light bullets were fired vertically at incredible speed.

All shots hit the flying golem feathers, causing the blades to bounce off vertically. Regardless of who triggered this magic—


Aishia quickly released the light bullets she had deployed. Her bullets were absorbed by the floating feathers, deflecting all of them.

However, too focused on the flying blades, Aishia’s attention on the main body of the golem was slightly scattered.

Seizing the opportunity, the golem disappeared.

Everyone, including Aishia, looked around in surprise as the figure of the golem was no longer visible from its standing spot.

In an instant, the golem swung its fist over Celia’s head. Although a loud collision sound echoed—


The golem’s fist didn’t reach Celia; it was blocked by a light barrier. Celia belatedly realized the golem was approaching from above, causing her body to tremble. Amidst the strong shock from the others—


Only Miharu remained calm, standing next to Celia, facing the golem above. Then, perhaps adding power to its punch, the golem caused cracks on the barrier.

“This is bad! Ugh…”

Gouki immediately swung his sword, but a new magic circle appeared between the golem and the barrier. From there, magical artillery was fired. However—


The golem easily deflected it, swiftly dodging the artillery fired at close range.

Yet, as if the evasion was anticipated, another magic circle appeared at the new evasion location.

From there, new magical artillery was fired. Yet, the golem reacted even to that shot, dodging it.

Magic circles strategically appeared to exploit blind spots, yet the golem reacted as fast as lightning as if it could see them.

However, perhaps to force the golem into evasive actions, more magic circles continued to appear.


Without uttering a spell, and with the continuously expanding magic circles, it was difficult for the onlookers to know who was casting the spell.

Most people were surprised, looking towards the golem, performing evasions. However—

(All this is Miharu’s doing…)

Celia herself stared at Miharu’s profile next to her, holding her breath. She understood that Miharu was adeptly using advanced magic, such as activation without chanting.

Whether Aishia noticed that Miharu was casting magic without uttering a spell, she joined Miharu’s side. Then—

“{Force Wing}”

Miharu chanted a spell, growing wings of light from her back. Ignoring gravity, Miharu floated gently.

(Even the Light Wing Flight magic…)

Celia’s astonishment deepened. After all, Light Wing Flight was an ancient magic that Celia had recently acquired.


Satsuki and the others were also stunned.

Meanwhile, a change occurred in the golem’s movements.

Gathering the blades that had been thrown far and adjusting its posture, it swung its arm to sweep the artillery.

Apparently, it judged that the power until now was not sufficient to evade.

“Still, the situation doesn’t look good like this. Aishia, can you handle the flying blades in the air? Celia, make sure the others don’t act on their own, gather everyone in one place.”

Miharu issued instructions to Aishia and Celia on both sides. Then—

“I’ll handle that thing and draw it away.”

Leaving those words, she plunged into the aerial golem without waiting for their responses.

“Wait, Miharu!?”

Although Celia was surprised—

“I’ll be back.”

Aishia immediately followed Miharu. Then—

“Come on, everyone, gather here! It looks like Miharu is thinking of something!”

There might be many things to be curious about, but Celia shouted to the people in the yard. However, everyone seemed more hesitant than Celia.


Everyone’s reaction was slow. It wasn’t just a lack of understanding, but also a lack of trust that Miharu, a non-fighter girl with a gentle and non-confrontational personality who could only handle simple spirit-arts, could handle the battle.

It was the common understanding among the mansion’s inhabitants.

However, Miharu exhibited an extraordinary fighting style. She manipulated magic she supposedly couldn’t use, flying in the sky with wings of light.

While deploying several magic circles without chanting around herself, Miharu quickly approached the golem. The golem, in turn, tried to crush Miharu directly. But before the golem could get close, Miharu fired artillery from one of the magic circles she had deployed.

In an instant, the golem disappeared, avoiding the artillery. Then it shifted to Miharu’s side and swung its fist—

“Be careful! …Impossible…!”

Sara and the others on the ground turned pale. However, once again, a light barrier appeared beside Miharu, intercepting the golem’s punch on her behalf. Immediately after, the golem’s feathers approached from behind, trying to pierce Miharu’s back—


Aishia manipulated the light balls and deflected its feathers.

“As expected.”

Miharu smiled contentedly. On the other hand, she directed her gaze towards Celia on the ground, urging her to quickly gather everyone.

“Come on, everyone, gather here!”

Celia shouted, and everyone, confused, began to approach Celia. Meanwhile, the battle above continued.

The golem flew at incredible speed. Ignoring counterattacks unbearable for a human body, it continued to advance and slow down, trying to attack from Miharu’s blind spots.

Yes, trying to do so.

While floating in the air, Miharu deployed magic circle after magic circle. She only used two types of magic.

One that fired magical artillery and another that erected magical barriers. Mastering both, she prevented the golem from getting close.

Miharu didn’t even look around. Yet, whether the golem approached from above or behind, she accurately surrounded herself with barriers to restrict its movement and attacked it with artillery. It seemed Miharu knew everything about how the golem moved from the beginning.

When a mage is approached by a warrior, they are vulnerable.

It was a fighting style that reflected a major contradiction with common sense and convention.


Celia was so captivated that she almost forgot about her situation. But—


The magical power of the golem suddenly swelled. Those on the ground felt it and tensed their bodies. Immediately after, the golem directly attacked Miharu. Miharu deployed a light barrier, trying to block the golem’s punch. However, when the golem’s punch struck, the barrier shattered like glass.

Miharu moved diagonally backward, trying to create distance from the golem. However, the golem also flew, trying to close the distance with Miharu.

(…Time is almost up. But, the meeting went according to plan.)

Miharu glanced at Celia and the others gathered on the ground, giving a slight smile. Then, she deployed a magic circle in front of her and fired artillery aimed at the golem approaching from below.

The golem swung its left hand, slicing through the approaching artillery. Then, placing its right hand towards Miharu above, it emitted a strong heat ray. The heat ray, starting from the tip of the golem’s right hand, spread wide in a conical shape, trying to engulf Miharu by blocking her escape.

“Be careful!”

On the ground, Sara and the others shouted. However, at that moment, a broad light enveloped Miharu. The light quickly converged and finally disappeared.

“No way, Miharu-chan…”

Miharu’s figure was not visible. Satsuki and the others, thinking Miharu had disappeared without a trace due to the recent heat ray, turned pale. However—

“I’m here.”

Miharu’s voice immediately sounded close by. When Satsuki and the others were surprised, Miharu stood right next to Celia.


When did this happen? The entire group was stunned. The golem also seemed to realize that Miharu had descended to the ground, and its gaze shifted to the ground. Aishia, realizing that Miharu and Celia had moved, quickly intervened between everyone and the golem.

“Aishia, with so many obstacles, it’s not easy to fight freely, right? I’ll evacuate these children, so I’ll leave it to you.”

Miharu raised her voice and called out to Aishia from above.


Aishia slightly opened a gap and nodded in response. At the same time, the golem manipulated its feather blades, aiming to attack those on the ground.


Aishia reacted quickly, trying to deflect the feathers with light bullets, but—

“{Mass Teleport}”

Miharu uttered her spell first. Immediately after, a large magic circle appeared beneath Celia and the others’ crowd.

“What’s this?”

Celia looked down at her feet in wonder, but suddenly, her field of vision changed. Shortly after, everyone who was standing in the mansion’s garden disappeared from that place. Only Aishia and the golem were left around.


Aishia noticed that Miharu and the others had disappeared from the ground and was surprised. She stopped the light bullets she had been using. The golem’s feathers, having lost their target, halted in their tracks. In the sky, the golem itself observed the area warily.

Seizing the opportunity, Aishia unleashed a barrage of light bullets towards the golem. Then, she quickly flew at high speed, disappearing from the spot. Suddenly, from the side, she approached the golem—


Charging magical power in her right hand, she fired a magic cannon at close range. However, the golem deflected it at high speed, avoiding the attack.

Yet, the light bullets that Aishia manipulated from the side produced a complex trajectory, directly hitting the golem’s body. Although it seemed to sustain no physical damage, the golem’s metallic-seeming giant body swayed slightly. And—


The golem seemed to have identified Aishia as the direct target for elimination. Its gaze, which had been searching for Miharu and the others who disappeared, now clearly focused on Aishia. Whether communication was possible or not—

“I won’t let you go anywhere. I’ll defeat you here.”

Aishia provoked the golem. The mask worn by Aishia creaked slightly after that.
Let’s return to the moment when Miharu used teleportation magic.

In the rooftop garden of the Kingdom of Galarc’s castle were figures such as King Francois, Christina, Flora, Hiroaki Sakata, Roana, Liliana, and others. Responding to a series of disturbances in the royal capital, they took a vantage point to gather as much information as possible. Additionally, around them were Duke Huguenot and knights guarding the important figures who had come from the Kingdom of Centostella.

The dim sky made visibility poor, but the garden was bright enough to see around vaguely. Everyone, captivated by the golem attacking Miharu, fell silent—

“Hey, hey, what’s that clearly dangerous robot over there…?”

Hiroaki voiced his question with a forced smile. Everyone here surely understood that the word “robot” referred to the golem, which does not exist in this world. However, no one could answer his question.


Everyone fell silent, choosing to ignore the question from Hiroaki, the Hero. However, considering the situation, it wasn’t unreasonable. There was more than one or two questions arising, and understanding was lagging. Hiroaki himself probably didn’t expect an answer, as he didn’t ask the question again.

However, the situation continued to evolve over time, and the dynamics changed. The golem, with its right hand at the peak, released a long-distance beam towards Miharu, who was above. The burst of light, spreading in a cone, engulfed Miharu in the blink of an eye.


The castle courtyard shone brightly, resembling daylight, and a roaring sound echoed. A blast of wind, slightly delayed, swept into the rooftop garden. It was a shockwave generated by the golem’s attack. Christina and the others inevitably covered their faces with their hands.

“Damn, isn’t that a real map weapon!”

Hiroaki shouted while protecting his face.

Anyway, the wind soon subsided—

“Miharu-sama! Miharu-sama is gone!”

“…It’s okay; she’s alive!”

The figure of Miharu, who had been floating, could not be found, causing Flora’s face to turn pale. However, Christina pointed to the ground. Miharu, standing next to Celia, began to be visible—

“Phew, thankfully…”

Flora sighed with relief. Shortly after, a large magic circle appeared beneath Miharu and the others.

Wriggling, the space where the mansion’s inhabitants were significantly distorted. Then, everyone in the mansion’s garden suddenly disappeared.


Feeling it might be a mistake, Flora blinked rapidly. However, where Miharu and the others were supposed to be, there were no signs of their presence. Then—

“…Where is this?”

From behind Flora and the others, Satsuki’s voice was heard.

“It seems like it’s the rooftop garden of the castle…”

Charlotte’s confused words followed.


Christina and the others turned around in surprise, and there, everyone who had been in the mansion’s garden stood gathered.


Flora’s voice trembled in shock.


Even Francois was stunned, staring with wide eyes.

“Did we teleport…?”

“How could this be…?”

Miharu continued her advice to everyone.


Sara, whose name was called, addressed Miharu with a curious expression. However—

“Well, there’s something we need to do.”


With a bright smile, Miharu embraced the shoulder of Celia, who stood beside her. Then, while continuing to chant the spell, Miharu and a puzzled Celia vanished.


Left in that place, Satsuki and the others were extremely confused, standing there.


On the other hand, Miharu and Celia, who had teleported, found themselves standing in a room. It was a vast room. In the center of the room floated a very large crystal. Was it a spirit stone? There was a door in the room that seemed to lead somewhere.

“…Where are we?”

Celia looked around in wonder.

“My atelier, located deep underground in the Royal Castle of Galarc.”

“Deep underground in the castle…”
Celia heard for the first time about a place deep underground in the Royal Castle of Galarc. Or more precisely, wouldn’t the kingdom’s residents know about it? When did Miharu arrange this? How? Various questions arose in Celia’s mind.

“I prepared it more than a thousand years ago.”

Miharu said this and, with familiar steps, approached the floating crystal in the middle of the room.

“A thousand years ago…”

Even though surprise appeared on Celia’s face—

“Do you have a hunch about who I am now? Did you forget my abilities?”

Miharu asked with a grin.

“After all, you… okay, fine. So, what should I do?”

Celia, almost at a loss for words, seemed to quickly adjust her feelings. Taking a deep breath, she followed Miharu and asked from behind.

“As expected, you are amazing. I like that you don’t ask unnecessary questions. Still, there must be many things you want to know.”

Miharu turned around, smiling happily at Celia.

“Indeed, we need to do something about that thing above, right?”

“Correct. The cause of the chaos above is a golem. It is the greatest magical item created by the Wise God during the Divine-Demon War. Aishia might be able to buy us some time, but if things continue this way, we won’t be able to win no matter how we fight.”

“Even Aishia…?”

“Though she can’t defeat transcendental beings, it is a monster developed to withstand them. Let me tell you, the situation is more urgent than you think.”

“How could we possibly…”

Should they defeat it? Currently, Rio is absent from the Royal Castle of Galarc. They don’t even know where he is. Celia’s voice carried a strong sense of urgency. But—

“It’s easy.”

Unexpectedly, Miharu said this lightly.

The reason—

“If the members here can’t defeat it, call someone who can.”

Miharu spoke smoothly.

“Someone who can defeat it…? Don’t tell me…”

In Celia’s mind, the image of someone emerged. A boy stronger and more reliable than anyone else, as far as Celia knew…

“Exactly. I will bring him back here.”

Miharu nodded satisfactorily, a smile visible on her lips.

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
V25 Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles

V25 Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles

Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles (LN) / 精霊幻想記
Score 10
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2024 Native Language: Japanese


Meet Rio: a callous orphaned boy living in the slums. At only 7-years-old, he realizes he’s actually the reincarnation of Haruto Amakawa, a Japanese university student with a tragic past. While still reeling from this shocking epiphany, Rio also comes to learn that he possesses extremely potent magical abilities and uses his new powers to solve the kidnapping case of a little girl. His good deed is acknowledged, and he’s rewarded by being enrolled into… a prestigious academy for noble children…?


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