📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

V2 When I Lent 500 Yen to a Friend, He Sent His Sister as Collateral, but What Should I Do? Chapter 2

The Incident of My Friend's Sister's Best Friend Visiting My Home


Chapter 2: The Incident of My Friend’s Sister’s Best Friend Visiting My Home

Two days passed.

It was now August, and the weather was getting hotter, today seeming like the hottest day of the year.


I wasn’t sure if it was due to the scorching weather or the anticipation of an upcoming event, but I couldn’t help sighing. Probably it was both.

Miyamae Akari suddenly told me that her best friend, “Shiragi Ruri,” was coming over. Apparently, Shiragi Ruri was planning to attend a campus tour event at Seichuo Academy University.

When I first heard that Shiragi Ruri was coming, I thought she might be planning to stay at my place, but it turned out to be a misunderstanding. That was a relief.

However, I had already agreed to accompany Miyamae Akari to the campus tour. If Shiragi Ruri was also going to join us, I couldn’t avoid meeting her… and for some reason, that made me a bit nervous.

In Shiragi Ruri’s eyes, I was just a stranger who let her best friend stay at his place. I had this uneasy feeling that we might end up arguing…

“Um… are we meeting Shiragi Ruri at Seichuo?”

“Yeah, I guess so…”


“Well, now that you mention it, we haven’t decided on a specific meeting spot…”

Miyamae Akari gave an embarrassed smile and said, “I’ll confirm with her!” Then, she looked down at her phone.

If we were to meet at the campus tour, we needed to be there around ten o’clock when the event started.

I glanced at the clock; it was only eight, so we still had some time before leaving.

We had already finished breakfast and were dressed. Miyamae Akari was wearing the same sailor uniform she had on when she first came to my house.

There was nothing we needed to take with us.

(Waiting like this is the hardest part…)

Meeting a friend of an acquaintance wouldn’t normally make me this nervous. However, this was Miyamae Akari’s friend – my junior. If Shiragi Ruri got the impression that I was an irresponsible senior, it could negatively affect not only me but also Miyamae Akari’s reputation.

To avoid harming their friendship, I had to be a reliable elder today…! But the more I thought about it, the more nervous I became.

“Hmm… it looks like she hasn’t seen the message.”

Miyamae Akari showed a wry smile.

Although she seemed troubled, she wasn’t worried, which made me think Shiragi Ruri must be a straightforward girl.

Just as I was feeling restless with nothing to do, the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get the door.”

“Okay, is it a delivery?”


…No, it wouldn’t be a delivery this early, would it?

That thought made me a bit curious.

Without giving it much more thought, I went to the entrance and opened the door… and was left speechless.

“… Eh?”

Standing in front of me wasn’t a delivery person in uniform, but a high school girl wearing the same sailor uniform as Miyamae Akari.

She had bright, tea-colored, dyed long hair and looked well-groomed, like a fashionable girl, but her eyes were somewhat distant…

With that unfocused gaze, she slightly lifted the corners of her mouth and looked up at me.

“I’ve come to see you.”

“You –”

“Eh…? Shiragi Ruri…?”

“She is Shiragi Ruri!”

Miyamae Akari peeked out from behind me and exclaimed, making me doubt my own ears.

So, this girl was… no, this person was Shiragi Ruri!

“Good morning, Akari.”

“Good morning… wait, what are you doing here!”

“Didn’t I tell you? I’m coming for the campus tour.”

“I know that, but…”

“I didn’t want to lug around big luggage at the university, so I thought I’d drop it off here first.”

With that, she pushed her luggage, which had been hidden behind the door and out of my sight, inside.

“Wait, this luggage –”

“Ah, right, I forgot to mention. No worries, I’ll say it now. Senior, I’m going to stay here too.”



“Wait, I haven’t agreed to this yet!”

“Excuse me… Ah, the air conditioning feels nice…”

After forcing her luggage onto me, she casually took off her shoes and walked into my house as if she owned the place.

Then, she sprawled out on the carpet. Uh, isn’t that a bit too comfortable…?

“Shiragi Ruri!”

“Hmm? What’s up, Akari?”

“What… why are you here!”

“I just told you, I’m here for the campus tour.”

“Not that! Why did you come to Shiragi Motomu’s house! I didn’t tell you his name! And even if I had mentioned him before, I never told you the address –”

“I just knew.”


“I secretly installed a GPS tracker in your body.”

“What did you say!”

“Just kidding.”

“So, it was a lie!”

“Would you prefer it if it were true?”

“Not at all!”

Miyamae Akari was easily played…

However, seeing how naturally they conversed, I could tell they were really close.

I see, so this person really was Shiragi Ruri…

“Senior, why are you staring at me like that?”

“I’m just surprised.”

“You say that, but you probably just want to join in on our fun chat, right?”

“Speaking of which, I didn’t expect you to be ‘Shiragi Ruri.'”

If I took her jokes seriously, she would just keep teasing me, so I deliberately ignored her. After all, I had been trained by Shiragi Ruri’s sister. Though that wasn’t something to be happy about.

“Um… Senior, did you know Shiragi Ruri before?”

“Uh… seems like it.”


“I didn’t expect her to be your friend, and that you’d call her ‘Shiragi Ruri.'”

“This person…?”

“That’s right – I am Shiragi Ruri.”

Shiragi Ruri – Sakurai Misaki – was rolling around on the carpet without any decorum, waving at us.

Like Miyamae Akari, she was a high school junior who was a year younger than me, and we had known each other since middle school.

If we were to measure the length of our acquaintance, I had known her even longer than Miyamae Akari.

“But it’s only Akari who calls me that.”

“Could it be because her name is Misaki, that’s why she’s called Shiragi Ruri?”

“Yeah, isn’t that nickname cute? I think it sounds nice… but that’s not the point!”

Miyamae Akari clutched my arm tightly, glaring at me with fierce determination.

I was completely taken aback, while Misaki just lay there on the carpet, nonchalantly playing with her hair, unconcerned about our conversation.

“What exactly is your relationship with her?”

“Uh… we’re just ordinary friends…”

“I didn’t tell her where you live! But since Shiragi Ruri managed to come here on her own, someone must have told her… Could that someone be you, senior?”


“Wow, brilliant deduction. Akari, you could be a detective.”

“Your relationship is so close that you shared your address with each other… and that person is Shiragi Ruri! She’s known for being unapproachable, doing things her own way, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day!”

“…Do you still give people that impression?”

“I find dealing with others too troublesome…”

“I’m the one asking questions here!”

“Yes, ma’am!”

That tone… it was like she was being scolded…!

Miyamae Akari’s sharp command made me straighten up involuntarily.

“Senior, what exactly is your relationship with Shiragi Ruri?”

“We were in the same club during middle school!”

“The same club… you mean the track team?”

“Yeah. I was a runner, and she was the team manager.”

“Runner and team manager…”

Miyamae Akari’s hands gradually relaxed.

Does that mean… she accepts this explanation?

“Shiragi Ruri, how come I never knew about this?”

“Because I never told you.”

“Speaking of which, about me not telling you who the senior is… Ah! It wasn’t my brother who told you, was it?”

“I’m not close to your brother, we’ve barely spoken.”

Misaki was unfazed by Miyamae Akari’s interrogation, always so nonchalant. She probably got used to being scolded by the earnest Miyamae Akari.

Her ability to remain so indifferent… I guess it’s because she’s thick-skinned, but the key point is she seems used to it. A scolding expert, maybe?

“But then, how did you know I like…”

Miyamae Akari’s assertiveness quickly faded.

“Like… ah…”

Her cheeks turned red, and she lowered her head.

In contrast, Misaki looked smug for some reason… Wait? What’s happening here? What did she do!

“Let’s not worry about how I knew your ‘senior’ was him… You understand now that I’ve known the senior for a long time, right? As for why I knew his address, it was to send him an invitation to the club reunion.”

“But I never received any invitation…”

“Ah, I forgot to send it.”


“I wasn’t going to attend anyway, so I thought it’d be better if you didn’t go… no, it’s better not to let you go.”

“Why do you get to decide for me!”

“Speaking of which, sending postcards to invite people to a reunion is so outdated. We have emails, which are much more convenient.”

Hmm, no need to entertain her further. Since she’s deliberately changing the topic, let’s leave it at that.

…But, I feel a bit nostalgic.

Though we still kept in touch and met occasionally after starting high school, our interactions were much less frequent than in middle school. It’s been a long time since we’ve chatted like this.

I had no idea that Misaki – Sakurai Misaki – had become close friends with Miyamae Akari, my friend’s sister.

“But if you’re going to stay, you should have at least told me in advance.”

“I informed my parents. They know I’m staying at your place.”

“No, you should have told me.”

“I wanted to surprise you.”

“It’s not a pleasant surprise at all…”

Although Shiragi Ruri suddenly came to my house and caused a commotion, similar to a typhoon, she herself didn’t possess that kind of energy or enthusiasm.

She always did things her own way, living life in a laid-back manner, even dampening the enthusiasm of those around her… Hmm, it’s more accurate to say she’s like a sultry night.


Later, Shiragi Ruri even suggested, “It’s so hot outside, why don’t we just skip the campus tour?” After Miyamae Akari’s persistent persuasion, we finally got ready to leave.

However, I somewhat agreed with Shiragi Ruri’s complaint about the heat outside…

Just stepping outside and looking up at the cloudless blue sky could evoke such thoughts.

“Wow, it’s really hot outside…”

Then Miyamae Akari came out — but there was no sign of Shiragi Ruri.

“Where’s Misaki?”

“She said she sweated a lot on the way here and wanted to change her underwear first.”

“I see, you can wait inside for her.”

I couldn’t very well stay in the same place where a high school girl was changing clothes, but since Miyamae Akari was also a girl, and they were friends, it seemed unnecessary for her to wait outside in this heat for Shiragi Ruri.

Yet, Miyamae Akari stood rigidly next to me, unmoving.

“Senior, you seem to get along well with Shiragi Ruri, huh?”

“No, saying we get along well isn’t quite right…”

“But you call her by her first name and talk to her so informally. And she doesn’t use polite language with you either.”

“Rather than saying I get along well with her…”

It just feels like we are both completely unreserved around each other.

However, Miyamae Akari seemed a bit upset. After all, she often talked about Shiragi Ruri during our time living together, giving the impression that they were very close friends.

Maybe she felt like her friend was being taken away by me.

“I think you’re the one who’s closer to her.”


“You seem to understand each other well and get along great.”

“Do, do you think so…?”

“That’s what I believe.”

The two of them, seemingly opposite types, complement each other perfectly, and their interactions are endlessly fascinating.

I’m relieved that Miyamae Akari has such a friend, and it’s also impressive that Shiragi Ruri has a friend like her.

“Still, she’s as unrestrained as ever, I think you must have a hard time with her.”

“…Unrestrained? Hard time?”

Miyamae Akari, who seemed a bit flustered since we started this topic, suddenly froze.

Then she looked up at me… staring in disbelief.

“You said we’re close… you meant me and Shiragi Ruri?”

“Eh? Yes, that’s right…”


She actually sighed!

“Anyway, that’s just like you, senior. I should have known. It’s okay.”

“Uh… sorry.”

“It’s okay. I’m happy to hear you say that I’m close to Shiragi Ruri, since she doesn’t often show that she’s close to me.”

“That’s true. Sometimes I can’t figure her out either.”

“But that’s also part of her charm.”

This unexpected mutual friend gave us a lot to talk about.

After all, Shiragi Ruri is someone who’s consistent inside and out. Even after our interactions decreased, she seemed to have changed very little.

It’s surprising that Miyamae Akari and I would share this sentiment, proving the world is indeed small.

“You said Shiragi Ruri was the club manager of the track team in junior high, right? It’s hard to imagine, especially since she’s now in the ‘Go Home Club’.”

“In our junior high, club activities were considered part of the curriculum, and every student had to participate in a club or join a committee. She chose the track club because being the manager seemed easy, and unlike other sports clubs, it didn’t require much equipment.”

“Ahaha, that’s so like her.”

“Even though she seems casual, she’s quite serious. She was the most diligent manager in the club.”

“That’s also very much like her. Despite appearing laid-back, she has excellent academic performance. I heard she got into Seichuo Academy through a recommendation.”


“Though she could have passed the entrance exam with regular studying, she thought preparing for the exam was too much trouble.”

I wonder if it’s just her personality or if she’s deliberately slacking off. But if she had the chance to get in through a recommendation, she certainly wouldn’t choose to study. I wouldn’t either.

“Sorry to keep you waiting~ What were you two talking about?”

“Nothing, nothing at all!”

“Hmm~? That sounds suspicious. Senior, tell me.”

“We were just chatting casually.”

“Eh~ Isn’t that what people say when they talk about important things?”

“Dark history…!”

“Miyamae Akari, please don’t get so excited!”

I suddenly realized something.

Did my burden increase after she came here?

I feel like I’ve been making more sarcastic comments than usual… After all, Miyamae Akari is also a bit of an airhead.

Although it’s only been a day, I’m already feeling inexplicably exhausted.

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
When I Lent 500 Yen to a Friend, He Sent His Sister as Collateral, but What Should I Do?

When I Lent 500 Yen to a Friend, He Sent His Sister as Collateral, but What Should I Do?

Yuujin ni 500-en Kashitara Shakkin no Kata ni Imouto wo Yokoshite kita no dakeredo, Ore wa Ittai dousureba iindarou, 友人に500円貸したら借金のカタに妹をよこしてきたのだけれど、俺は一体どうすればいいんだろう
Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
“I’m here as the collateral for my brother’s debt. I will be in your care from now on” Miyamae Akari suddenly came barging in into Shiragi Motomu’s apartment. Giving off the impression of a good girl who cares for her brother, and a beautiful girl who would be gossiped about throughout the school, Akari suddenly offers herself as collateral for her brother’s loan. And that’s just for 500 yen. “Until my brother pays off his loan, I will gladly be your possession, senpai!” so she declared happily, for some reason. Motomu was bewildered by the overly wild development, but Akari pushily cajoles him and steadily goes forward with the preparation to freeload. And of course, this whole “collateral” thing has another motive――. It’s the start of a single-room cohabitation with a beautiful proactive girl!


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