📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

V2 At 9:00PM, Megami Senpai is Only Mine Chapter 1

What Asahi and Senpai Still Don't Know

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Chapter 1: What Asahi and Senpai Still Don’t Know

The dense aura of summer filled the air.

Amebare Asahi thought to himself. The essence of a summer night was not in the cicadas that sang at the wrong time, nor in the distant stars of Deneb, Altair, and Vega, but in this very temperature and humidity.

He had always struggled with it. The air clung heavily, his body quickly drenched in sweat, and some indescribable tiny insects buzzed around. He much preferred the biting cold of deep winter, where his breath seemed to freeze. This was the worst.

That’s why it felt almost miraculous.

“It’s a continuation of yesterday’s conversation, Asahi. For example,”

Just hearing that voice from across the balcony,

Seeing her in her pajamas, a sight unseen by anyone at school.

…The summer nights, once merely uncomfortable, had turned into something extraordinarily special.

“How about the aquarium?”

Himi Kanako—Asahi’s crush and the “Senpai” he admired—suggested with a mischievous smile. It was past nine in the evening. They were barely a meter apart.

At each other’s windows, in their respective rooms, they continued their conversation.

As Senpai said, it was a topic that had been abruptly cut off last night. Despite its slightly risky nature, Senpai boldly stepped into it. The night breeze played with Senpai’s hair, now even smoother after her bath.

“Shopping isn’t a bad idea, but a date should have some romance, right? I haven’t been to an aquarium since elementary school, but it does have that date-like feel, doesn’t it?”

Senpai brushed her hair back. Asahi admired her grace, thinking how every movement of a beautiful woman is elegant.

Asahi, too, had intended to engage in this topic from the moment he stood by his window. He mentioned the nickname of a locally famous aquarium, asking, “That place?”

Senpai nodded.

“That seems like the best choice. Have you been there, Asahi?”

“Just when I was very little.”

“Before the renovation, then? When I went with my family, it was newly renovated and beautiful. I don’t remember everything since I was just a kid, but there were sea lion shows and otter petting sessions. It must be exciting for a couple, right?”

…A couple.

Senpai continued, “The journey there is part of the fun too. Taking a boat adds a sense of the extraordinary. How would you do an aquarium date, Asahi?”

…He found the question difficult to answer.

Asahi made up his mind and replied.

“Where should we meet?”

“Isn’t it more date-like to secretly meet at a station than to pick someone up at their house? What time?”

“Considering it’s our first date and we have to be back for dinner, maybe around ten in the morning?”

“That sounds about right. Any earlier on a weekend, and you’d still have that sleepy look. You had a funny face last week when I woke you up with pebbles.”

“No, it was… surprising to be laughed at so suddenly.”

“Ahaha. So, what shall we talk about on the train?”

“Um, maybe just normal things… like school?”

Senpai pursed her lips in dissatisfaction.


Lying on the balcony railing, she looked up at Asahi. He still felt strange in moments like this. Despite being close enough to converse, they were separated by the night sky, untouchable. Yet a mere stretch of his hand could bridge that distance, and if he dared, he could even cross to Senpai’s balcony. Close yet far, but still close.

It was a distance shared only by Asahi and Senpai.

No one else existed in this space.

“Just that for our special date? Well, it does sound fitting for a first date. But I think we should also have sweet conversations.”

“Sweet conversations? Like, saying ‘I like you’ or something?”

“Not directly. It doesn’t have to be so intense from the morning. Something more subtle, like complimenting each other’s clothes or hairstyles. Boys often don’t notice these changes, right?”


Shimaō Tasogare, a senior known as the most handsome boy at their school and a rival in love for Senpai, would probably notice, Asahi thought.

Senpai, aware or unaware of Asahi’s thoughts, softened her expression mischievously.

“Asahi, you didn’t even notice when I trimmed my hair.”

“…Sorry. But it’s hard to notice such small changes.”

“It’s nice to be noticed for those things. That’s how we’ll chat on the train, with some occasional sweet and sour moments. Even if the conversation pauses, the scenery from the train window will fill in. Then, stumbling as we get off the train, you’ll swiftly support me…”

Senpai’s enthusiasm grew, her hands gently coming together.

“…And then we’ll hold hands. From then on, always.”

Asahi looked at Senpai in slight shock.

“Hold hands?”

“If we take the train to the other side, the chances of running into anyone from school are slim. Physical touch, if not with someone you dislike, is always exciting. Since we’re on a date, touching hands shouldn’t be unpleasant.”

“But, Senpai…”

“Are you embarrassed, Asahi?”

Senpai’s question, either in jest or as a test, left Asahi with mixed feelings.

“Are you okay with it, Senpai?”

“We’re just hypothesizing. Anyway, nothing progresses without overcoming shyness. There’s always something exciting beyond the initial awkwardness of a date. After arriving at the aquarium and holding hands while looking at the tanks and shows, the physical and emotional distance will surely close.”

“Senpai, you seem to be enjoying this.”

“Asahi, what are you saying? Of course, I’m having fun. It’s thrilling to think about seeing expressions of yours I haven’t seen yet. Oh, I almost forgot something important.”

Senpai said excitedly.

“Lunch! What should we eat on our date?”

“Lunch… Maybe just grab something from a convenience store?”

“You know I wouldn’t agree with that, Asahi. But snacking while on the move might be an option. Instead, we could go to a café after the aquarium and share a cake. For drinks, it’s polite to get one for each, but sharing a cake is nice. Then, inevitably, the cute ‘Ahh’ moment happens. On the way back, our distance will have closed significantly—at least that’s the illusion. A perfectly serene, peaceful, and bittersweet date. Just imagine it. Yeah.”

Senpai sat up, nodding, and asked,

“Do you want to go on such a date with me, Asahi?”

Asahi unintentionally made a strange face.

The excitement, the slight irritation that of course he wanted to do it as soon as tomorrow, and trying too hard to hide these feelings from Senpai resulted in both emotions being transparent to her.

Senpai looked pleased.

“But it’s a pity. Asahi, I think people in love should actually be freer.”


“Yes. The reason I could quickly imagine a date at the aquarium while talking with Asahi is because such dates are commonplace in the world. They’re prevalent in reality and in fictional works like movies and manga. So, everyone believes that’s how relationships should be, that it’s the best way. But it might actually be different. That’s what I’ve been trying to say repeatedly these past few days.”

Asahi’s mind flashed back to a conversation with Senpai in the school library just the other day.

— What kind of relationship would be right for us?

“With that said, I’ve pretty much solidified the general idea. It’s utterly cliché, a path well-trodden by lovers of all times and places. Asahi, without worrying about me, would you really want such a boring date—”

Last week, an early end to the rainy season had been announced.

The night sky was clear, and the stars shone brightly for a city. Bathed in moonlight, Senpai smiled softly from across the balcony.

“Come over, Tsubaki-chan?”

Asahi still didn’t understand.

What Senpai was thinking now, what she specifically desired. How could he thrill the enigmatic deity of love, who had only recently become his girlfriend, even more than before?

What could he do to fill her with joy and excitement?

Asahi’s understanding of Senpai, despite them now being a couple, was far from complete.

Everything was still unfolding.

So, this was a tale of Asahi getting to know Senpai deeper—until he could anticipate her actions, her feelings, her words.

A story of two people, just beginning to date, becoming true lovers.


…Time rewinds.

At least for the foreseeable future, Asahi’s mere presence made Senpai’s heart race. Even through the window, he had the power to captivate her. Under the night sky, alone on Senpai’s balcony, Asahi kissed her lips.

How long did it last?

Asahi himself was far from calm. It felt almost eternal, yet in another sense, fleetingly ephemeral.

He felt Senpai’s tension even with his eyes closed. The stiffness in her shoulders where his hand rested. The sweet heat that threatened to melt his rationality. Meanwhile, a fear of fleeing, a certainty that Senpai felt all these emotions more intensely.

Asahi’s confession and kiss had undoubtedly painted a new color in Senpai’s world.

…After releasing her lips, Asahi saw Senpai blushing even more than before, right before his eyes.

They were close enough to see the tremble of her eyelashes. Senpai, flushed in her beauty, glanced at Asahi for a moment. Just a moment, as if she couldn’t bear to meet his eyes, she quickly looked away. Her breaths were short and quick. Senpai was gripping a cat-ear headband tightly. Asahi grasped her hand again.

Senpai let out a surprised gasp.


Asahi didn’t care. He touched Senpai’s cheek again, gently lifting her bangs and touching her forehead. When he touched her slender neck, he could feel her pulse racing. Asahi whispered softly.

“…Senpai, you’re sweating a lot.”

Senpai groaned softly, her legs fidgeting.

“It’s because… you kissed me like that! After talking like that, and then suddenly… such a surprise—”

Asahi thought, what if he kissed her again right now?

…Would she become speechless, even in her objections?

He suddenly imagined it. This night, the next morning. Perhaps even further, turning Senpai into someone whose heart raced at the mere sight of him. Could he overwhelm her pride and common sense with intense sweetness?

As strongly, or even more so, than Senpai had done to him.

Asahi grasped Senpai’s shoulders.

Senpai looked up in surprise. Asahi saw himself reflected in her moist eyes. Then he closed his eyes again, leaning in toward Senpai…

“—No, no, no, NO!”

Senpai panicked. She grabbed Asahi’s shoulders in return, trying to push him away. Her face turned as red as a boiled octopus, her eyes swirling with confusion.

“No, no, no, NO, NO! What were you trying to do just now, Asahi!?”

“…Kiss you again.”

“Right!? I knew it! No, no, absolutely not! It’s forbidden! NG! If you do that again, I might die! Something inside me would shatter! You’d be troubled too—why are you smiling!?”

Asahi couldn’t help but smile softly.

“Senpai, you look so cute and flustered…”

Senpai was almost in tears.


Asahi felt almost moved. Who else in the world knew Senpai like this? He took a deep breath, conscious of appearing composed and relaxed. He tried to hide his own racing heart as much as possible. Then he nodded.

“I understand, Senpai.”

To cut the flesh and break the bones.

“Then, I’ll shatter it.”


He didn’t let the surprised Senpai escape.

Asahi pulled her into a tight embrace. Despite her initial resistance, Senpai didn’t resist when he actually did it. Confused, embarrassed, and scared, Senpai closed her eyes tightly. Asahi leaned in for another kiss, longer than a second…

It was like a dream…

…Of course, it wasn’t a dream.

The next morning, as dawn broke, Asahi ate toast for breakfast, got ready, discussed next month’s trip with his mother, agonized over a reply to an email from his cousin Amebare Aki, and left the house only to bump into her.

Senpai, whom he had just started dating.

They attended the same high school and lived nearby, so meeting Senpai in the morning wasn’t unusual.

However, it was the first time Senpai reacted like this upon seeing him. Her eyes flickered at the sight of Asahi.

“Good, …morning, Asahi. It’s, it’s nice weather, isn’t it?”

Asahi, too, had been a bit tense about possibly meeting Senpai when leaving the house. But when he saw Senpai’s rigid expression and the sudden sweat, his own nervousness vanished. He chuckled lightly.

“Good morning. But it looks cloudy.”

“Eh! …Oh, right…”

“Shall we go to the bus stop together?”

“…Yes. …No, I mean, yes. Oh, I’m so clumsy. Ugh.”

Senpai lightly tapped her head in frustration.

Asahi walked alongside Senpai through the greenway. It was reasonably hot even in the morning, but the clear air felt nice. Cicadas were starting to sing. Senpai was silent, so when Asahi looked at her, she happened to glance at him at the same moment.

Their eyes met, and Senpai quickly looked away, hesitating but then stopping herself. Her face read, ‘I’d look foolish if I got flustered now!’ Determined, she opened her mouth to speak.

“Um, I’ve been thinking about a lot since yesterday. Constantly.”

“What were you thinking about?”

“…That this is dangerous.”

Senpai’s answer was shy and seemed regretful. It was as if she was bracing herself to talk. Asahi tilted his head in confusion.

“Dangerous? Why suddenly in English?”


Asahi and Senpai continued down the path connecting the greenway and the national highway.

A woman in a suit, probably commuting, passed them from behind.

“It’s important, so I need Asahi to acknowledge it. We’ve started dating. Boyfriend and girlfriend, …in other words, lovers. Even after daybreak, I have no objections. You too, right, Asahi?”

“Of course.”

“Given that, how do you want to be in a relationship with me?”

For the first time that morning, Asahi felt caught off guard.

He had wanted to date Senpai, not just outwardly, but deep down, since spring. He had fantasized about it more than once or twice. In a sense, his wish had come true. But he had only thought about it vaguely.

…How to date?

Asahi’s confusion stemmed from the feeling that there might be nothing substantial to the idea of ‘dating’.

Countless predecessors have romanticized male-female relationships in their lives. A relationship that’s pure and proper, yet not devoid of desire – an ideal, realistic form of lovers. It seemed that’s just how things were. However, since Senpai had brought it up, Asahi didn’t want to leave it unanswered.

“We should be more careful around Tsubaki and Tasogare-san… to avoid arousing their suspicions,” he suggested.

“Indeed, if things between us turned out like they did the other day right after we started dating, it would be unbearable. I don’t think it’s time to go public yet. I dislike causing a stir, and I don’t want anyone but me to see Asahi’s flustered face… But I also feel there’s no need to worry too much.”

“What about Tsubaki, considering yesterday’s events?”

After school yesterday, they had met in the library.

To cut off Tsubaki and Tasogare’s interference, Asahi had made a pretext, with Senpai’s agreement, declaring that he “disliked” Senpai. Senpai responded with a nod, “Mm.”

“Last night, I honestly almost forgot about this matter. But in the time from after school to evening, I did ponder over it a bit. I speculated about Tsubaki-chan’s next moves, and I think it’s probably okay. Tsubaki-chan seemed down, right? You noticed, Asahi?”

Asahi and Senpai headed to the bus stop across the national highway, climbing the pedestrian bridge. Indeed, Tsubaki had seemed downhearted, that was certain.

But should they let their guard down?

After all, it was Nomachi Tsubaki they were dealing with. The person who gathered Senpai’s hair and called it a “holy relic.” Could they be sure she wouldn’t act unexpectedly? Though it seemed she had ceased her suspicions of Asahi and Senpai’s relationship for now.

There might be a trap set by Tsubaki…

Senpai continued, unaware of Asahi’s concerns.

“By the way, about Aki-san… Since she already knows about our 9 PM agreement, our starting to date doesn’t seem to change much in that respect. In that sense, I’m actually more concerned about Shimaō-kun.”

Shimaō. Tasogare’s surname. Senpai referred to Tasogare by his last name. Technically, she called all boys by their last name with “-kun,” except when she secretly called Asahi by his first name.

“Tasogare-san? But he…”

“Right. He knows when to step back and is extremely sensible, so I don’t think he’ll confront us directly. But last year around this time, even Shimaō-kun was particularly serious.”

“This time? During the summer break? What’s that about—”

It was then that Senpai exclaimed.

“Oh! The bus is here!”

From atop the pedestrian bridge, they could see the bus they planned to take. The traffic was light, so the bus was a few minutes early. It was stopped at a red light, not too far away. They would have to hurry to catch it. The next bus would be a bother to wait for.

“Asahi, let’s run.”

Senpai’s suggestion was unquestionable.

Yet, as Asahi ran beside Senpai, he felt a tinge of regret.

Senpai had been so flustered just a moment ago. If their conversation ended here, she might regain her usual composure the next time they talked.

Asahi still wanted to see and savor more.

To witness Senpai conscious of last night’s events and flustered.

To feel that Senpai, too, experienced the joys and sorrows of sweet love. He wanted to seize this opportunity to intoxicate her even more.


As they descended the stairs side by side, Asahi spoke.

“I’m sorry. It was mean, but I knew.”

Without stopping, Senpai replied, breathless and excited.

“Knew what?”

“That you’ve been thinking about things since yesterday… About the content. That your heart’s defenses were shattered on the balcony, and you couldn’t get back to normal at all. And that… you were worrying about what to do next—”

They were crossing the pedestrian crossing when Senpai suddenly stopped.

Asahi realized this only after crossing and turned back. Senpai stood in the middle of the crossing, trembling. The pedestrian light started blinking, the bus was approaching, and Asahi felt a slight panic.

“Senpai? The bus is almost here.”


Senpai let out a deep breath.

It seemed like she was trying to compose herself, but when she looked up, her eyes were teary, cheeks bright red, lips tightly clenched, and fists balled up. Far from composed. With an expression pierced by embarrassment, Senpai stared at Asahi, flames of defiance flickering in her eyes.

“You’re terrible. Really. This is… Asahi!”

“Senpai, the light’s changed. Quick, …eh!?”

Senpai suddenly slapped her cheeks. It was as if she was waking up, gathering her resolve again. Surprised, Asahi watched as she started running again. Joining her, Senpai said without looking at him.

“I was worried, but I’ve decided. Asahi, don’t think you can keep talking so smugly. I’ll make up my mind by 9 PM tonight.”

The bus arrived.

There was no time for Asahi to reply. They might encounter other students from their school on the bus. From here, they had to pretend not to know each other. Senpai boarded first, followed by Asahi. The bus wasn’t too crowded this morning. After confirming Senpai took a seat upfront, Asahi sat in the middle.

Once the bus started moving, he took out his smartphone.

Typing a message for a follow-up attack.

I also knew what you meant by ‘dangerous.’ Because your rationality was shattered, the feelings you’ve been hiding were exposed, and that’s dangerous, right?

Looking forward to it.

After sending the message, Senpai instantly turned around in her seat.

It was rare for Senpai to look directly at Asahi on the bus. It seemed like an involuntary reflex. She looked shocked. When Asahi smiled, Senpai blushed again, grinding her back teeth.

Senpai turned back to the front. Shortly after, a message from her arrived.

I can’t wait till 9 PM.

After school! In the library!

Looking back, Asahi too was not quite calm this morning.

It wasn’t just excitement; he was elated.

Last night and this morning, he had seen Senpai, usually composed, being so profoundly affected. That Senpai felt love and happiness to such an extent. Above all, he was dating Himi Kanako, a goddess-like figure.

He had let his guard down.

He should have known Senpai wouldn’t so easily relinquish control.

Even Asahi himself could hardly claim he fully understood what ‘dating’ entailed.

Stepping off the bus, walking to school, and entering the gates, he unexpectedly ran into the last person he wanted to meet.


The voice belonged to Tsubaki, not Asahi.

Tsubaki, with her standout appearance, shone like a star even in the morning. Her looks were impeccable, as always.

Though shorter and less prominent than Senpai, Tsubaki was undoubtedly the next most beautiful girl in school after Senpai. To Asahi, however, her beauty and assertiveness felt almost surreal.

A fervent devotee of Senpai.


Asahi called her name and hesitated whether to continue with a greeting. Almost reflexively, he hid his bag behind him. He knew Tsubaki couldn’t peek inside, yet… Inside the bag, since this morning, hung a strap.

A strap of Aquawit, the dragon-like artificial life form from the American anime “Aquawit.” It was from the same series as Yor Maguchi, which Senpai used to flaunt and now secretly adored.

…The situation of being watched by Tsubaki over his relationship with Senpai had ended.

However, it was uncertain what Tsubaki now felt towards Asahi. Without Senpai’s involvement, she might consider him insignificant, less than a speck of dust. That would be fine, but there was also a chance she harbored hostility.

You hurt Senpai, I won’t forgive you.

It’s your fault Senpai dislikes me a bit.

Such scenarios were possible. He didn’t feel confident in winning a verbal fight. So, Asahi braced himself. But before he could continue his greeting, something unbelievable happened.

Senpai, walking a few dozen meters ahead, glanced back at them, catching the scene.

Tsubaki bowed her head towards Asahi.


Asahi froze. Tsubaki, still facing downward, apologized.

“I’m sorry.”

…What? What’s this?

Asahi barely resisted looking at Senpai. It could arouse suspicion. But he was sure Senpai was watching. Other students heading to school also started to pay attention, noticing the genuine apology.

For the first time, Asahi saw Tsubaki sincerely apologizing to someone other than Senpai.

Surprised, he inadvertently addressed her formally.


“About yesterday and… the day before.”

Tsubaki raised her head. Her expression wasn’t twisted in unwillingness or disdain.

She looked genuinely remorseful.

Eh? Why? Bewildered, Asahi wondered why Tsubaki was apologizing correctly. Was a downpour about to start suddenly? Was snow about to fall at this end-of-term season?

His confusion seemed to show. Tsubaki raised the corners of her eyes.

“Apologizing here, and you’re not satisfied?”

“No, no… Just surprised. Uh, thank you.”

Tsubaki exhaled as if her purification ritual was complete.

“Well, I guess from your perspective, my sudden change of attitude is just surprising… No, I’ll stop calling you ‘Rain Worm.’ I think it was rude… Asahi, no, Amebare Asahi.”

Asahi looked up. No signs of rapidly developing low pressure.

Tsubaki continued with a somewhat flattering look.

“Let’s make up and go to class together?”

No, that’s strange. Impossible. That’s Tsubaki, after all. But they were headed to the same classroom, so refusing would be odd. They started walking side by side. Senpai had already disappeared from sight. Asahi felt somewhat uneasy.

…Was there a pitfall on the way to the classroom, filled with countless shining needles, perhaps coated with ricin?

“Since yesterday, I’ve been thinking about a lot of things.”

Tsubaki spoke aloud, unconcerned with onlookers, as they walked down the corridor. Her words strangely echoed those of Senpai this morning.

However, unlike with Senpai, Asahi couldn’t decipher her intentions.

“What things…?”

“One, maybe I should be thankful to Asahi.”

Oddly enough, Tsubaki was walking quite close. Close enough that their shoulders and arms might touch. Asahi tried subtly to keep his distance, but Tsubaki closed it just as quickly. It was unclear if it was unconscious or intentional.

Asahi smelled Tsubaki’s scent.

“After the incident yesterday, I was furious with Asahi for being so harsh with Senpai. ‘How dare you talk to Senpai like that?’… But then, I reconsidered. Thanks to what you said, I realized something.”

The scent was unmistakably feminine.

Freshness mixed with shampoo, conditioner, body cream… Tsubaki probably used a faint citrusy perfume. He had never before sensed her fragrance so clearly and for so long.

“I wondered if I had been troubling Senpai… That’s the second thing. I’ve always lived prioritizing Senpai, but maybe in doing so, I inadvertently hurt her.”

“Why such a strange face?”

“No… just surprised to hear Tsubaki speaking so sensibly…”


Bad move; he had let his guard down, revealing his true thoughts. Asahi panicked, but Tsubaki’s reaction was brief. She quickly subdued her own anger, realizing she had no right to be upset.

“Never mind, it’s okay… Thirdly, since middle school, I’ve only thought about Senpai in my private life. But that wasn’t healthy either. Hey, Asahi, since I’m apologizing, can I ask you for a favor?”

“…What is it?”

“Why do you look so wary?… It’s nothing major. I just wanted to apologize and also ask you for something. Can we stop avoiding each other?”

Asahi and Tsubaki reached their classroom, 1-A.

A female classmate noticed Tsubaki and greeted her. Tsubaki, obliged to respond, walked towards them. She glanced at Asahi, saying, “I’ll talk to you later,” and joined her classmates.

Asahi was left standing at the classroom entrance, alone.

…It was more likely that other possibilities were at play. Perhaps Tsubaki was feigning innocence to catch Asahi off guard. Maybe she still doubted his relationship with Senpai. Or maybe she planned to use Asahi to get closer to Senpai. But just maybe, one in a million chance—

As remote as it might be—

Was it possible that Tsubaki truly reflected on her actions after yesterday’s incident?

Tsubaki approached Asahi again during lunch. This time, she came to Asahi’s seat already holding her smartphone, acting as if nothing was wrong, as if they were just casual acquaintances. Tsubaki gazed at her phone, which now included Asahi’s contact, in silence.

The silence was eerie, and Asahi hesitantly asked, “Um… what are you thinking about?”

Tsubaki didn’t respond immediately.


“…Oh, sorry.”

For some reason, Tsubaki showed a slightly embarrassed expression. Uncharacteristic for her, yet Asahi definitely saw it.

“Thinking about what comes next, …that.”

What comes next?

Asahi didn’t understand. However, he couldn’t dwell on Tsubaki too much.

For the first time in his life, Asahi was being summoned by a lover.

After school, when Asahi went to the library, the librarian and a few students were there, but the key person, Senpai, wasn’t yet present. In any case, they couldn’t talk with others around. Senpai had only mentioned “after school,” probably meaning after the librarian and other students had left. Judging so, Asahi picked a hardcover book from the shelves, a new mystery novel by the same author Tasogare had once recommended.

Just as he started reading, the library door opened, changing the air inside.


Asahi felt it coming. He looked up from his book. The first thing he saw was a girl from his year, staring in awe. It was clear from her reaction that this wasn’t about Tsubaki or Tasogare. Senpai, who had just picked up a book from behind a shelf, returned to her seat.

Senpai sat diagonally across from Asahi, at a large table, without looking in his direction.

Asahi was perplexed. Did Senpai intend to wait here until there were no more people around? That’s fine. Understandable. But why sit in such an awkward position? Not close enough for a secret conversation, nor at a different table to avoid suspicion.

Just a spot where she would remain in the corner of Asahi’s vision.

Trying to return to his book, Asahi couldn’t help but be distracted by Senpai. Even without intending to, he found his eyes drifting towards her. Don’t look, act natural, he told himself, making it even worse. Senpai turned the pages gracefully.

The library was silent. The sound of cicadas and sports clubs were distant. Focusing, Asahi could almost hear Senpai’s breathing.

Senpai, facing her book, gently tucked her flowing hair behind her ear.

She then placed a bookmark in her book, stretched with her chest puffed out.

Asahi faintly sensed Senpai’s scent.

Despite the long summer days, the slowly weakening sunlight streamed through the windows, illuminating Senpai’s profile…


When the librarian had left with the “CLOSED” sign and the last remaining student exited the library, Senpai, closing her book, finally spoke.

“Did you get any further in your book?”


“Couldn’t concentrate? Asahi, you’ve been glancing over at me, haven’t you? Worried about being too close and getting strange looks? Or unhappy about being too far to flirt secretly? Both, maybe? Anyway, you’ve been preoccupied with me, right?”

Senpai finally looked straight at Asahi. He flinched under her intense gaze, his instincts sounding an alarm. He had sensed it earlier; Senpai’s aura was different from the morning. Seeing her eyes clearly confirmed it.

Determination was evident in Senpai’s expression.

Senpai leaned forward, tilting her head. “You’ve been especially aware of my actions. Observing my every move and expression. So, you’ll surely remember every moment of this. I decided to do this. Didn’t I tell you this morning I had made up my mind?”

“The thing you were worried about?”

“Yes. I was worried until this morning. Is the commonly believed myth correct, or am I right?”

Senpai casually stated something perplexing, then stood up and walked around the table towards Asahi. Her leisurely movements reminded him of a cat predator who had just spotted its prey.

“That’s about how I want to be in a relationship with Asahi. What do you think? What changes now that we’re officially dating? What’s the right way for us to be together? This morning, Asahi, you mentioned being cautious around Tsubaki and the others, but… oh, right.”

Senpai seemed to suddenly remember something.

“Asahi, Tsubaki spoke to you today, right? She bowed her head, maybe she apologized?”

“Yes, she did… and then she made me exchange contact information. I don’t know why.”

“Hmm? Wonder why. Anyway, seems you’re fine. What I asked wasn’t about those details, though. It was more fundamental. I felt my feelings were right over the myth. But I couldn’t say it because I didn’t know how you’d take it.”

Standing beside him, Senpai leaned down to look into Asahi’s face. He tried to speak but hesitated. This was, after all…

“Senpai being considerate… That’s rare.”

Something dangerous lingered in the air.

What was Senpai going to say? What was she thinking? Seeing her incredibly beautiful face and eyes, sparkling like the night sky, up close made him realize again.

Senpai, if she wished, could easily melt a human heart at any time, anywhere. Senpai nodded, understanding Asahi’s wariness, and revealed a mischievous smile.

“Exactly. I was lost this morning, thinking about my new boyfriend. I’ve reflected on that… Asahi, I washed my hands before coming here. Thoroughly. So they’re still very clean.”

Senpai spread her hands in front of Asahi.

Asahi blinked. …What? Senpai slowly changed her hand gesture. She closed her right hand, leaving only the index finger extended, and lowered her left hand. Bringing the protruding right index finger to Asahi’s mouth, she said, “Bite?”

Asahi’s mind couldn’t process what he was being asked for a few seconds.


“If you can’t, it’s okay. Just bite this finger gently, without hurting me. Of course, if you think my finger is dirty, I won’t force you.”


“If you bite, I’ll explain. Or are you too scared? Afraid your heart might burst out of your mouth?”

Whatever Senpai was aiming for, one thing was certain.

He couldn’t back down now. Asahi had become Senpai’s lover and naturally wanted to remain so. This was hardly a challenge.

Asahi slightly opened his mouth and gently bit Senpai’s fingertip.

Senpai’s smile deepened, her cheeks faintly blushing.

“Bite harder. Don’t let go until I say so… This is a continuation of earlier. Think about it? Asahi, just now, in a library where other students were present, outside the sounds of sports clubs, you’re biting my finger. Unusual, right? If someone saw, they’d think you’re a pervert.”

Though he kept biting as instructed, Asahi looked up at Senpai in protest. But it seemed to have no impact. Senpai laughed softly, then shuddered slightly before continuing.

“Asahi will surely replay this moment in his head and remember it. Everything I’m saying, my expression, the hardness of my nails, the feeling of my skin under your teeth. Every heartbeat you felt thinking someone might come in. I’m engraving every moment in Asahi’s mind… I know. Right now, Asahi’s mind is completely filled with this moment with me. Because…”

Senpai suddenly leaned in close.

As she blew gently into Asahi’s ear, she whispered, “Your ears are bright red.”

Asahi panicked.

Chilled by Senpai’s breath and voice, he bit down hard on her finger reflexively. It was too late when he realized. Senpai winced.


“Sorry! Senpai, I didn’t mean to—”

Asahi stopped speaking as Senpai began to giggle. Her cheeks were red, but she looked genuinely happy.

“It’s fine. Just a little mark. But, haha, this is more fun. Far better than following the myth.”

Asahi voiced his lingering question.

“What myth have you been talking about?”

“The path that countless couples before us have trodden as if it were the norm. The so-called ‘proper’ way to be in a relationship. Conventional, standard methods. But last night, Asahi, you showed me…”

9 PM, across the balcony.

Asahi had unwittingly provided the answer to Senpai’s long-standing homework.

“Our relationship is special. Not because we are extraordinary people. We nurtured this love ourselves, not merely drifting with circumstances. We reached this point through active effort. But should we now just walk down that well-trodden path? I find that intolerable.”

Senpai moved her right index finger.

Asahi would never forget the sight of her fingertip, which he had bitten, tracing her glossy lips.

“Our time, which we’ve cherished until now, accelerating along a shared myth with everyone, just advancing straightforwardly like that—it’s too ordinary and unsatisfying for me and Asahi-kun. I don’t want to walk such an uninteresting path with Asahi-kun. That’s why I decided to crush Asahi-kun like this.”


Asking again, I realize. That word was blurted out by Senpai last night and mimicked by Asahi this morning, causing Senpai to tremble with tear-filled eyes.

Senpai, yes, nodded.

“Slowly, meticulously, I’ll crush Asahi-kun’s heart to the point where he feels our time together is infinite. Remember? I told you Asahi-kun would get into trouble. By crushing Asahi-kun’s heart, I’ll take revenge on the enemy of my heart that was crushed by Asahi-kun. By crushing Asahi-kun, not following the myth of lovers but indulging in my own way, I’ll enjoy the sight of Asahi-kun being flustered.”

…Asahi understands.

Senpai has declared war, hasn’t she?

“That’s my idea of how we should be in a relationship. If Asahi-kun, who hates losing, can’t stand it, he should think about it himself. It’s not about walking lazily along the myth, it’s about how we, Asahi-kun and I, want to do things. Of course, though—”

Senpai picked up her bag from the chair and turned to face Asahi.

“Because Asahi-kun willingly lets himself be crushed by me, I welcome it. For now, at 9 PM, let yourself be crushed again.”

Senpai left the library. Senpai left with a smile, closing the door with a snap. Senpai seemed completely back to normal—no, she seemed to have regained even more composure. But what Senpai said bothered Asahi more than that.

…What Asahi wants, our own way of doing things.


Indeed, we had never walked a path so ruggedly trodden until now. Based on the happenstance of living in adjacent houses and rooms, we layered together many strokes of luck, chance encounters, and above all, our own forward-looking wills, leading us to exchange a kiss. We had forged a relationship unique in this world, as each other’s sole beloved.

For instance, at our school, there was likely no one else who had established a relationship in such a manner. This probably hadn’t changed even going back many years. Perhaps that’s why my senior, Amebare Asahi, yearned to tread upon untouched, fresh snow in the future? But then────.

After that, when Amebare Asahi left the library after some time, my senior, Shimaō Tasogare, was already gone. Asahi left school, took the bus, and on the way home, he found himself thrillingly recalling how Tasogare had bitten his index finger. After eating dinner and taking a bath, he began exchanging messages with Tasogare around nine in the evening.

──Today, we have a special interviewer.

Suddenly declaring so, senior Tasogare held a plushie of Yoru Maguchi, the protagonist of “AquaWheat,” resembling Amebare Asahi. As Asahi wondered in confusion, Tasogare began imitating Maguchi’s voice.

──Nice to meet you, I’m Yoru Maguchi. Since I resemble Asahi-kun, Kanako-chan seems to have taken a liking to my character. By the way, Asahi-kun, is it true that you became Kanako-chan’s first boyfriend?

──Eh… Yes.

──Wow, that’s so enviable! Today, let’s uncover what kind of boy the fortunate Amebare Asahi, who became Kanako-chan’s boyfriend, is. Let’s start with an easy question. Asahi-kun, which do you find most enticing about Kanako-chan – her chest, legs, or waist?

──That’s a difficult question to start with…!

Thus, Tasogare, pretending to be the plushie, probed Asahi’s reactions with persistent questioning. From what he liked about Tasogare to trivial matters like favorite food and colors, including sexually suggestive questions that Tasogare usually avoided, Asahi was on the brink of being “shattered,” as Tasogare put it.

Or maybe Asahi thought he barely endured, but in reality, it was different. Tasogare often smirked and sometimes shivered in excitement.

Then the next day, Friday.

When Amebare Asahi returned from school, his cousin, Amebare Aki, was there. Thus, Asahi realized that here was someone who had never walked the harshly trodden path. Aki had dinner with Asahi and unusually went to the bath early.

When she returned, she was dressed unbelievably.

“Ta-da! How do I look, Asahi?”

Aki, still wearing a bath towel, entered the living room with her arms wide open. Asahi froze in his posture, drinking coffee after dinner. His mother also froze, about to put a cleaned glass back in the cupboard.

Asahi spoke with hesitant surprise.

“Aki… sister?”

Aki was in high spirits.

“Surprised by my revealing outfit? But Asahi, and Asahi’s mom, aren’t you supposed to say it suits me or looks cute at times like this? I still have a long way to go.”

“That’s not it… Why a swimsuit?”


Aki was inexplicably in a swimsuit.

Moreover, as she herself admitted, it was a revealing two-piece. A green floral pattern halter neck bandeau bikini with a large ribbon resembling a flower at the chest, but the overall impression leaned more towards boldness than cuteness. However, that wasn’t the issue.

Their mother asked worriedly.

“Aki-chan… Was the bath too hot? Are you okay? Did you get dizzy?”

“Eh? Not at all! Haha, Asahi’s mom, why such a cloudy expression? You too, Asahi! Such a revealing outfit, and your reaction is so weak. I specially bought this new one for our trip with Asahi. Look, Asahi, am I not sexy enough to make your nose bleed──”

Asahi didn’t get it at all.


Aki laughed again.

“Asahi, are you sleepy already, even though it’s just past eight? Or maybe, are you distracted by some important matter from nine o’clock onwards? It’s obviously about our August sea trip!”


The mother was surprised. Asahi looked at her, understanding from her expression. …Ah, she hadn’t thought about it either. Good, Asahi wasn’t the odd one out.

Asahi faced Aki again.

“A trip with mom and me?”

“Of course! I’m looking forward to it.”

Their mother said with a troubled face.

“I haven’t made a reservation for Aki-chan…”

“It’s fine! We have a twin room, right? Most hotels can add an extra bed. When I heard about it from Asahi’s mom the other day, I tried to adjust my schedule to join in. Opportunities like this don’t come often. The first week of August is the midterm exam period at my university. I’ve been slacking off too much and am in danger of failing. But I can probably make time in the second week, so I──”

Asahi interrupted her firmly.

“It’s the first week.”

Aki stopped in her swimsuit, blinking in surprise.


“The trip is in the first week. If it’s the exams, you can’t join us. If you talked to mom, she probably told you correctly, but you must have misheard, Aki sister.”

Aki froze completely.

Their mother chuckled softly. Asahi sighed and stood up to go to the bath. There was still plenty of time, but he didn’t want to be late for nine o’clock. Handing the cup to his mother in the kitchen, he passed by Aki in her swimsuit.

On the way, he pinched Aki’s exposed belly.


Aki jumped up, unusually blushing.

────However, he had never really thought about it.

Senior Tasogare had referred to their relationship as a “myth among lovers.” Describing an ordinary relationship in such grand terms might seem excessive, but in a sense, it was appropriate. Lovers naturally believe they should act a certain way. Even Asahi, once he started dating senior Tasogare, never doubted this norm.

Is it wrong to follow the norm?

Isn’t it something wonderful shared as a myth by everyone?

But in fact, senior Tasogare had spoken of it as an uninteresting path.

She didn’t want to walk it just for the sake of it.

Then Asahi, even if he had never considered it before, had to think hard and desperately, with all his heart and mind.

The weather was nice again tonight. The rainy season was ending early this year, as the TV weather forecast had said. It wouldn’t be surprising if it were announced soon. Right at nine o’clock, as Amebare Asahi opened the curtains and window, senior Tasogare was already on the balcony.

She was in casual home clothes, elbows on the railing, gazing at the night sky.

Senior Tasogare spoke.

“The stars are especially beautiful tonight.”

Asahi also looked at the sky and agreed.

“Have you ever really seen the Milky Way, Asahi-kun?”

“…Now that I think about it, I don’t think so. What about you, senior?”

“Me neither, …I think. Maybe when I was a kid? But I have no memory of feeling like, ‘That’s the Milky Way!’ Does it really look like a river?”

“In Greek mythology, it’s said to be the milk of a goddess.”

“Asahi-kun, is that sexual harassment?”


Amebare Asahi was taken aback, not having expected such a development. Himi Kanako, known as the “Goddess Public Idol of Everyone,” directed her gaze towards Asahi, savoring his flustered expression with a broad smile, her cheeks faintly red. She picked up a large bag placed at her feet.

She began to take out several items from it. Asahi recognized all the packages well.


“Yes. These are the snacks you frequently eat, as revealed by Yoru Maguchi yesterday. I’ve prepared a stellar amount. So today, I’m planning a blindfolded tasting session for Amebare Asahi-kun. I’ll feed you each one while you’re blindfolded. Can you identify them correctly?”

There was a gleam of amusement, confidence, and certainty in senior Kanako’s eyes. The current her, undoubtedly, was planning something beyond mere feeding that would fluster Asahi. Whatever it was, being lovers granted them certain indulgences, leaving Asahi with no choice but to comply.

However, there was something Asahi needed to address before being ‘shattered.’

“Senior, can I talk to you first?”

Kanako tilted her head while opening a snack bag, her long hair resting beautifully on her shoulders like a nocturnal stream.

“Something up? Getting cold feet?”

“No, it’s not that… I do feel like something is about to happen, but it’s something else. I need to tell senior something.”

“What is it?”

“…I talked to Aki sister earlier.”

Kanako responded with an ‘ah.’

“Aki-san was at your house today… or until a while ago? Did she find out about us, that you and I are officially dating?”

“Uh, that’s… yes. It’s because of my careless talk. I thought it was okay since Aki-san already knew about our nine o’clock chats, as senior mentioned. Sorry.”

“Ahaha, it’s fine. Don’t worry.”

Earlier, after Asahi got out of the bath, Aki, who had changed back into regular clothes from her swimsuit, was sipping a cocktail, clearly downhearted. Her back told a story of sadness. Asahi decided to ask her something.

──Aki sister, can I ask you something?

Aki clinked the ice in her long cocktail glass. Asahi’s mother, who had made the cocktail, went to the bath in his place.

──I get it. You’re going to scold me, right? For thinking a girl with a flabby stomach like mine has any right to go on a resort trip? Yeah, yeah, sorry. But it’s better than being bone-thin, flat-chested, and with legs like umbrella sticks, right?

Asahi thought she was already drunk.

Maybe this level of intoxication was just right. He thought so, remembering his father who liked alcohol and observing Aki recently. Alcohol smooths the tongue, relaxes the heart, and erases memories.

──That’s not what I wanted to talk about. Don’t put yourself down so much… It’s embarrassing to ask Aki sister about this. I know Aki sister is useless in love matters. I have no one else to ask. It’s sad how limited my social circle is. I swallow my pride and ask.

Aki looked confused.

──Eh? Asahi, didn’t you just tell me not to put myself down?

──Aki sister, normally, how do lovers deepen their relationship?

Technically, there’s one person in Asahi’s social circle who could answer this question appropriately – Tasogare. But asking her how to get along with senior Kanako, whom Tasogare seriously likes, seemed too much. Especially since Tasogare didn’t know about Asahi and senior’s relationship──or precisely because she didn’t.

──About Himi-san? Eh, are you two lovers?

Aki blinked repeatedly.

──Really? That’s why you didn’t reply to my email yesterday morning?

Asahi, are you finally dating Himi-san seriously?

Such an email at an indescribable timing the morning after they officially became a couple led to it being ignored.

──You’re dating? Really? Became boyfriend and girlfriend?

Asahi blushed.

──That’s not the point.

──It is. I’ll listen carefully… Ah, but it’s almost that time. Can’t be helped. That comes later. …Um, how to deepen a relationship… maybe start with dates? Oh, but you go on dates even before being a couple.

Aki drank the rest of her cocktail in one go, nodding with conviction.

──I get it. It’s about physical stuff.

──I shouldn’t have asked. Thanks, anyway.

──Ahaha, just joking, just joking. …But maybe it’s not such a weird idea? Just said too directly. Other than that… um, probably dates, right? Movies, shopping… holding hands. If you’re high school students, maybe sneaking to a cafe after school, chatting over tea and about trivial things.

It’s the myth of lovers.

That must be it. Everyone thinks so. Even Aki. She got up, probably to make a second cocktail, glass in hand. Turning to head to the kitchen, she looked back.

──I’ll ask a friend who has a boyfriend next week. I can’t not help when cute Asahi-kun asks.

──Thanks, but Aki sister, maybe don’t get too enthusiastic…

──I’ll give some ideas, but sadly… I haven’t experienced it myself, so I don’t really know how it actually is.

Aki continued, suddenly adopting the face of a sage who had unraveled the mysteries of the world, despite having no clue. A sure sign she was getting drunk.

──Is it just Asahi worrying about how to deepen a relationship? Or did it come up with Himi-san? Especially the latter… Maybe figuring it out together is part of your relationship?

Aki, as usual, occasionally hit the nail on the head. Probably without much deep thought. Alcohol is great. Asahi hardly knew its taste yet.

Outside the window, on the balcony, senior Kanako asked.

Holding a snack she had picked for herself.

“How did Aki-san react?”

“She was surprised… but also quite drunk.”

“I heard something similar before. Aki-san likes alcohol, huh? I wonder if you have that trait, Asahi-kun?”

“My father loved alcohol. As for me… I guess Aki sister is similar, but today she was more depressed, so she drank more.”


Kanako munched the snack, looking curious.

“Because she can’t join the trip.”

“Trip? Who’s going? …Asahi-kun?”

“I hadn’t told you because of the stuff with Tasogare. It’s the first week of August. My mother is planning a long break then instead of Obon, suggesting we go on a trip.”

“…The first week of August. Specifically, which dates?”

Asahi answered with the dates and destination. There was a brief pause. Kanako took a deep breath and then asked if they were going to play at the beach.

“Yes, it seems so. My mother said we’re staying at a nice resort hotel, planning to relax there. She’s deciding on the trip plans… Is something wrong?”

Kanako, who had looked somber, brightened up at Asahi’s question.

Shaking her head with a forced smile.

“No. Just wondering if I made a mistake giving an ambiguous reply to Shimaō-kun. Didn’t want to create any misunderstandings.”

Shimaō-kun? Why suddenly bring up Tasogare? Ambiguous reply? Asahi showed his confusion, and Kanako picked another snack.

“It’s nothing important. Don’t worry. But Asahi-kun, a beach resort trip sounds wonderful. Unfortunately, I don’t have any plans to go anywhere this summer.”

“Summer courses?”

Kanako sighed heavily.

“Yeah. I might seem free, but I’m a student preparing for exams. Summer courses from late July to Obon, and then after. I might even miss our nine o’clock chats on some days. My only joy this summer is… shattering Asahi-kun’s heart into pieces──”

“Senior, aren’t you running out of snacks?”

Kanako paused mid-motion, hand still in the snack bag.

Asahi’s snacking seemed almost unconscious. Senior Himi Kanako looked into the bag of snacks and made a slightly embarrassed face. Seeing her expression, Amebare Asahi might have fully realized something profound.

That’s right. Even senior Kanako couldn’t remain perfectly calm.

Especially not two days after experiencing utmost happiness in this very place.

“Senior Kanako, you’re quite the foodie, aren’t you?”

Asahi’s words seemed to restart the paused time for senior Kanako.

“…. I see. So, Asahi-kun is eagerly anticipating being ‘fed’ by me. Have you already become addicted to being ‘shattered’ by me? That’s what I hoped for. But a mere ‘feed me’ won’t be enough, I’ll need to do much more──”

Asahi interrupted senior Kanako, saying,

“Of course it’s not enough. It’s not fair if I’m the only one getting ‘shattered’… Aren’t you, senior, also hesitating?”

Senior Kanako tilted her head inquisitively.

“What do you mean?”

“If not, you wouldn’t say things like ‘have you thought about it, Asahi-kun?’ What I wanted to convey wasn’t just about Aki sister finding out we’re dating. It’s about me consolidating my thoughts after talking to Aki sister. …I’m not content with what senior said yesterday.”


Senior Kanako leaned against the railing, holding the bag of snacks. Her expression seemed a mix of anticipation and anxiety about what Asahi would say next.

Asahi took a deep breath and continued.

“To be honest, I don’t think the ‘myth of lovers’ senior talks about is bad at all. I’m actually looking forward to it. Despite public limitations, I want to hold hands with senior and go out together, and that──”

Senior Kanako suddenly interrupted.

“Even the… physical stuff?”

Asahi faltered, unable to contain his embarrassment. His face must have shown it. Senior Kanako smirked beautifully. Yet, Asahi stood his ground.

“──…I’m a man after all, and I like senior. It would be a huge lie to say I have no such feelings.”

“I see. So Asahi-kun is affirming the myth of lovers?”

This was the real deal. Asahi clenched his fist on the windowsill, not averting his eyes from senior Kanako.

…Asahi knew senior Kanako better than most people. In reality, senior Kanako must be just as uncertain as they were.

“Since senior said she found it boring, I want to think it through properly. But after talking to almost inexperienced Aki sister, it became clear. I don’t know the reality of this myth, as I have no experience. It’s not really boring, is it? Senior must be doubting too. You looked confident, but maybe not so much.”

“I’m not doubting. I’m certain.”

“Then, I want you to doubt, senior. …No, I’ll make you doubt. Let’s think it through together. Next week or the week after, whenever you’re free, could you go on a straightforward date with me?”


Senior Kanako, who had been enjoying the conversation, suddenly made a strange sound.

Her eyes widened. Asahi saw clearly, she was definitely shaken, perhaps even startled. The reaction was beyond what Asahi had anticipated.

“So, uh, why… I mean, Asahi-kun? What? Um, …no, I said I’d rather ‘shatter’ you completely than have a typical lovers’ myth date, why──”

Asahi shot back as usual. He forced a smile to cover his nervousness.

“Are you scared, senior Kanako?”


“Just once. I’ll try my best to feel the myth of lovers in that one experience. Then we can think more, and I might even come up with a way I’d like to date. And if you want, you can ‘shatter’ me during the date too… Senior?”

Senior Kanako was visibly torn. But Asahi was certain. There was no escape for senior Kanako now. She had to agree to at least one date, even if she found the myth of lovers utterly uninteresting.

Asahi glanced at the snack bag in senior Kanako’s hand. Just to be sure, he closed off any escape route.

“That’s all I wanted to say. …By the way, if you’re not going to eat those snacks, can I have them? If you can’t ‘shatter’ me during the date, you won’t be able to do it now anyway, so I’ll just take them.”

“……Asahi-kun, you’re getting carried away again.”

Senior Kanako mockingly replied, plunging her hand into the snack bag. “I won’t hold back anymore. The same old ‘feed me’ won’t do, I won’t go easy.” She put a snack to her lips. Before Asahi could react, senior Kanako leaned forward from the railing──.

…Asahi didn’t propose the date with senior Kanako just because he was tired of being the only one ‘shattered.’

He wanted to find a better way than what senior Kanako found, not just what Asahi wanted, but something even senior would acknowledge as better than slowly ‘shattering’ him.

He wanted to surprise senior Kanako, make her glad she was dating Asahi.

As her equal in love.

…That should have been possible. Really.

There was no escape for senior Kanako. What happened next, the unexpected kiss from her, leaving Asahi utterly ‘shattered,’ was irrelevant. In fact, while senior Kanako seemed pleased with Asahi’s reaction, she wasn’t entirely triumphant.

Senior Kanako said goodnight and then added.

──About the date… I’ll think about it.

Asahi hadn’t denied senior Kanako’s will, just wanted to experience a basic date to consider. He didn’t doubt that senior would propose a specific date around tomorrow’s nine o’clock.

He thought his next concern would be about their date.

Until he picked up his smartphone, tossed on the bed, and noticed a new message…


Asahi froze.

The sender and the content were both unbelievable.

Who could have imagined?

Certainly not senior Kanako, nor Aki, nor Asahi’s mother. From the most unlikely person, Nomachi Tsubaki, who shouldn’t be sending such messages to Asahi.

Asahi instinctively twisted to look towards the window.

Of course, the curtain hid any view of senior Kanako.

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
At 9:00PM, Megami Senpai is Only Mine

At 9:00PM, Megami Senpai is Only Mine

Gogo Kyuu Ji, Veranda Goshi no Megami Senpai wa Boku dake no Mono / 午後九時、ベランダ越しの女神先輩は僕だけのもの
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
9 p.m., 1 meter.That is the secret time and distance between me and the goddess. Yes, the goddess lives next door to me.“Asahi-kun, why do I like you?”Kanako Himi, a perfect girl, asked sweetly on the balcony. I shouldn’t get involved with the boring me for the rest of my life.But it started when I moved next door and when she said she liked me.Irreplaceable days of gathering precious time with overly cute seniors.In the world above the secret veranda near and far, there is only my senior goddess and I know in this world.


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