📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

V1 – V no Gawa no Ura Gawa Chapter 4

Behind the Scenes of Vtuber Production

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【#4】 Behind the Scenes of Vtuber Production

On the same Sunday of the week when Umigase asked to become a mother, in the afternoon, Atori and Kiri-hime, despite their extremely busy schedules, managed to find some time together.

We, the Umigase Vtuber Production Team, held our first meeting that day.

“Vtuber Production Plan for Me – Final Version”

● Character Profile

Name: Shizunagi Mio
Design: Atori
2D Modeling: Kiri-hime

Age: 17
Birthday: August 24
Blood Type: A

Image Color: Horizon Blue
Fan Symbol: Droplet Emoji

Likes: Gummies, cooking, sports, playing the acoustic guitar, and spotted seals

Main Content: Casual chat, gaming, streaming interesting projects, and music performances

Activity Platform: NowTube
Initial Subscriber Goal: At least 100,000!

Brief Introduction: A hard-working and earnest girl, attending a virtual high school while also working as a lighthouse keeper. She’s clean and serious, bravely facing her challenges.

I looked over the stack of A4 papers in my hand. The revised proposal that Umigase brought today was more detailed and concise than before with the information I needed… “Pure”? I saw a word that I wasn’t used to, but I decided to ignore it. No matter what, it seemed like an unrelated term to someone who tries to show off in a micro-bikini.

Everything else seems fine. After re-reading it several times, I looked towards the dining area.

Umigase, casually dressed in a black top and jeans.

Kiri-sa, stylishly combining a cardigan with a high-waisted skirt.

The two of them, in their casual clothes, which I never see at school, are in my room.

“This is Atori-sensei’s place… I read in an interview article that you collect coffee beans. You really do keep them in containers, organized on the shelf.”

“I wasn’t worried since Atori is known to be competent… But this is really good. For an amateur to do this much is impressive. You’re doing well, Mio.”

“Ah! This is Atori-sensei’s first doujinshi, isn’t it? I didn’t have the first one… Umm, can I ask, could I buy this from you?”

“Listen when you’re being complimented.”

Taking the hint, Umigase, who had been busily looking around the room, took a seat at the dining chair.

As you can see, my room was chosen for the meeting because it’s comfortable and reasonably tidy, but now…

“I just want to confirm, the ‘Likes’ written here, they’re not just for character-building but actual likes, right? Like, liking seals to emphasize the ‘sea’ element?”

“No, it’s true, I really do like them… Look, my smartphone wallpaper is a spotted seal, and even my Discord icon. Isn’t it cute?”

“Well, it’s cute, but… okay, got it. So, when you say you’ll challenge things you’re not good at, what exactly do you have in mind?”

“That would be… something like horror games, I guess. I’m a bit weak with scary stuff. Just a bit.”

“…If it’s just a bit, does that mean you’d only cover your ears a little if I start telling a hundred ghost stories right now?”

“I, I correct myself. I’m really bad with scary stuff… so please, really, don’t do that?”

“…Everyone who hears this story will be cursed within a week…”


“Sorry, just kidding, I won’t do it if you hate it that much… Come on, don’t sulk.”

As the Q&A shifted into casual conversation, I think it’s safe to assume that the content of the proposal has been fully understood. It’s about time to start discussing what to do next and get into the specifics.

“The plan is almost good as it is, and next, based on it, I’ll do the character design, and then, based on that, Kiri-sa will do the modeling. It’s a straightforward process, but from now on, we need to keep sharing progress updates.”

…I deliberately brought this up because I decided to take on the role of coordinator for this project.

“In jobs involving multiple people, it’s better to have a designated leader to prevent confusion in emergencies.” An older illustrator who once took the representative role in a joint doujin project said that… Back then, several people dropped out, and it was quite a mess. It’s like drawing the short straw.

However, leaving this role to Umigase seemed too much, and dumping it all on Kiri-sa didn’t feel right.

Therefore, me. Although it feels almost like a process of elimination, if it rounds things out smoothly, I should endure it.

“First, about the modeling part, there’s something I should say… about the division of parts. I think I know how to do it, but it’s a hassle if problems arise later. So, I’ll be asking Kiri-sa questions from time to time… Any problem with that?”

“Yes, I understand. Do you have an idea of how long it might take?”

“I won’t know until I try. But I intend to send it as soon as possible… I’ll try to get it done before Golden Week. If it’s delayed, it’ll be a problem for everyone.”

Part division might sound meaningless to the uninitiated, but it’s a crucial task.

Now, I’ll be drawing the standing picture and three-view diagrams of Vtuber Shizunagi Mio – front, side, and back – to explain how she looks from different angles. However, handing over these drawings as is won’t allow for smooth movement as a Vtuber. The standing picture I give to Kiri-hime must be divided into detailed parts like hair, eyes, clothes, etc., that need to be moved separately.

To put it simply, it’s like a model kit you buy. Atori is the manufacturer, and Kiri-hime is the user. I produce the separately divided parts, and the builder, Kiri-sa, assembles them to create the final form. If the parts aren’t divided in the first place, it’s impossible not only to move them but even to complete the assembly.

It’s a different kind of work than usual, but the importance of not failing is the same.

“Next, to Umigase, who’s in charge of the proposal, there’s just one thing I want to say… This ‘As a character design wish, I want a design that resembles me. You could even use that succubus daughter illustration as is’… What’s this about?”

“Well, I thought since it looks like me, why not use it, but is that bad?”

“Of course, it’s bad!”

Kiri-sa, quicker than anyone else, vehemently rejected it.

“Writing ‘pure character’ and then trying to use a succubus illustration, it’s contradictory in every way. And if you start off with such attributes…”

“Well, combined with the outfit, it does feel a bit sensitive.”

After hearing the decisive comment, Kiri-sa grumbled something like, “For a high schooler, that’s a bit too much…” It feels like if the character’s attribute was just a succubus, it could be managed, but given the reluctance to model Umigase Mio herself without permission, I have to oppose it. Visualizing the soul in a similar guise is common, but that succubus daughter is too similar.

“Whatever the final design turns out to be…”

Additionally, I wanted to ask more detailed questions.

“Tell me things like height, weight, and body type that I’ll need for drawing. That’s part of the client’s job, too.”

The character design section of the well-crafted document felt somewhat superficial.

There’s nothing about the desired clothing, accessories, mascot characters, or anything about the body. It only says, “Leave it to Atori-sensei”… Are you like me when asked what I want for dinner at home? Saying ‘anything’ is the most troubling answer.

“Ah… then, I’ll say it right now. Starting from the top, eighty-three…””Whoa, wait!?”

The listing of measurements was interrupted by a sound almost like an angry shout.

“You scared me… Yamashiro-san, what’s wrong?”

“Don’t you have any sense of modesty, Mio? Normally, you’d hesitate to speak about such things! Ah, right, you said you’re a fan of Atori. You’re clearly influenced by him!”

Don’t treat me like harmful content. I’m right here, you know?

“I do have a sense of modesty. Like when I was suddenly suspected of being involved in compensated dating, or when someone sees me in a skimpy swimsuit, I’d be really embarrassed.”

“There’s no way such situations exist in real life!”

…Maybe I am harmful content. But believe me, I’ve never drawn R18 illustrations. I’ve never had to apply black censorship at Comiket!

“But really, do you want it to fit you that precisely? I thought so from the name, but aren’t you projecting yourself too much?”

“Eh? Atori, working under the name ‘Atori’, are you one to talk?”

I tried to change the subject out of desperation, but I was silenced by her logic.

“Thinking about it, you’re right. Then fine, let’s match it.”

“…Isn’t Chikage just interested in Mio’s measurements?”

“That too.”

“Just because you say it with a stern face doesn’t mean you’ll be forgiven!”

“Speaking of which, Yamashiro-san, you’re doing the same thing, right? Being Kiri-hime, you’re heavily projecting yourself too, aren’t you?”

“That’s… um… don’t pin that on me.”

“…Come to think of it, Kiri-hime-chan’s chest is quite modest. I wonder if that’s also part of Yamashiro-san’s wishes.”

“…Have you ever listened to Umigase’s or Kiri-hime’s casual streaming? Kiri-hime-sensei calls herself flat-chested. It’s obviously reflecting her own thoughts.”

“Really? I don’t think it’s bad, but it seems challenging.”

“The fact that she’s actively hiding it suggests it’s truly a complex for her.”

“Why does this always end up being about me?!”

Bang! A loud slap on the table echoed. This isn’t going anywhere.

“Alright, alright. If you’re that concerned about empathetic embarrassment, Kiri-sa, just cover your ears. Come on, Umigase, give me the numbers so I can jot them down.”

“Okay… and I’ve shown the body atmosphere once, so it should be easy to complete the picture.”

“Wait… what do you mean by ‘shown once’?”

“Wait, Kiri-sa, don’t clench your fists. There’s a Mariana Trench-deep reason behind this…”

▼ Shizunagi Mio Personal Data Memo (Visual Aspects)

Height: 163 cm
Weight: 48 kg

Measurements: 83 (D) – 58 – 79

Although I was leading the conversation, I’m neither a Vtuber nor a fan of any specific Vtubers. My understanding of the industry is just above that of a layperson.

Therefore, when it comes to deeper discussions, I’d pass the baton to Kiri-sa.

“The goal of 100,000 channel subscribers is quite ambitious.”

At my work desk near the edge of the living room, as soon as the three of us gathered in front of the monitor upon Kiri-hime’s instruction, a cruel reality was immediately presented.

“It’s tough. Every site I searched for ‘How to become a popular Vtuber’ says it’s difficult nowadays.”

“Add ‘as an individual’ to that, and it becomes even more impossible.”

Kiri-sa’s words, though harsh, were undeniably accurate.

Chasing popularity and numbers as an individual Vtuber without any backing makes the journey steep and arduous.

The goal of 100,000 subscribers that Umigase set is noble, and with the involvement of well-known names like Atori and Kiri-hime, I do want to see it achieved. However, the competitive and saturated market should not be underestimated.

“As you might know, most popular Vtubers today are affiliated with agencies.”

While speaking, Kiri-sa listed the names of some well-known agencies.

The veteran “Alpha-Beta” with a collection of unique and eccentric talents.

“Fragment Stream,” popular for its singing and dancing idol Vtubers.

“Ex Machina,” significantly contributing to the e-sports industry at an agency level.

After listing several big names, she concluded:

“Agencies ensure a certain level of trust and entertainment. That’s why viewers feel safe to support them, and their popularity is on a different level.”

“Advertising and promotion are also handled by the agency staff.”

“Exactly. So, if an individual tries to break into this space, they need a mix of talent, luck, and various other factors… Now, take a look at this.”

As if she had been waiting, Kiri-sa opened a channel on a streaming site.

“Wtf! Seriously, my sniping is too good today! I’m so strong; can I start calling myself a pro from tomorrow?”

“Wait, stop!”

The childlike, excited voice filled my room, and on the screen’s bottom right, I recognized the purple-haired character.

Sirius Love Beryl Poppin. Her design, handled by Kiri-hime, was outstanding. The youthful appearance wrapped in a vampire-like military dress and galaxy-themed cloak, her slightly cheeky expression adorned with star-shaped accessories and a hint of fangs, perfectly embodied the concept of a star-living loli vampire. Her visual was undeniably cute and memorable.

As expected of Kiri-hime. Although our aspirations as illustrators differ, she’s undoubtedly a fellow traveler and eternal rival in Atori’s journey. Faced with such talent, it’s only right for me to strive harder day and night.

…But why did she open Sirius-chan’s stream? Confused, I immediately covered Kiri-sa’s right hand with my own and took control of the mouse.

“Why stop it? Just so you know, this is a live teaching material.”

“Then the flow of the conversation is off. Why would Umigase try to educate herself by streaming her own favorite’s archive?”

“That’s because… your hand…”

She struggled to respond. Surely, she wasn’t just trying to spread her beliefs?

“…Isn’t it? Yamashiro-san probably means that since Sirius-chan is a popular individual Vtuber, there are things to learn from her.”

“Yes, exactly! Mio, you understand! That’s right!”

Kiri-sa, brushing off my hand with a triumphant energy, seemed elated. Meanwhile, Umigase appeared slightly downcast.

“…Yamashiro-san has started calling me by my first name, hasn’t she?”

“Is that bad? We’re classmates, and calling each other by last names forever keeps a distance, doesn’t it?”

Kiri-sa nonchalantly and naturally responded.

“That’s true… Maybe that’s how it should be.”

Responding softly, Umigase turned back to the monitor. Perhaps to her, it felt like Kiri-sa had suddenly become too friendly.

Well, personal space varies from person to person. It’s not my place to comment.

“Doing what you love and naturally becoming popular is ideal, and Mio probably thinks the same… But for that, you need to know what you like and what you’re good at, and how to make others aware of it, including concrete examples.”

“…So, Sirius-chan is the figure I should aspire to be?”

“Yes, exactly!”

Kiri-sa clicked the play button for the streaming archive right over my hand.

【Artificial Army】Today I’m going to hit rank one! 【SLB】

“OK, listen. It’s down to the last three squads, but each team is missing a member. I absolutely don’t need to fight, right? The most important thing is not to fight and not to die!”

“Alright, let’s charge in now that the kill log’s updated. Follow me──Holy Shit! I’m too strong, took down one by myself! I need to recover my armor, so please watch the right side for me!”

“Yes! We won, nice nice nice! And with this, we hit rank one, right? Wow… I feel like I’m going to cry.”

“That was the stream when she first became world number one. No matter how many times I watch it, it brings tears to my eyes…”

Artificial Army, commonly known as AA, is a free-to-play battle royale FPS that’s available on both PC and consoles. It has become the most popular FPS game in Japan right now.

Moreover, Sirius-chan, an FPS pro, is currently grinding ranked matches in this game─and apparently, this moment is one of the most iconic scenes for her viewers. The chat is moving at an incredible speed, full of comments.

Super Chats and member notifications (members are like fan club members or subscribers), continuous member-exclusive emotes, and other comments.

“Too strong,” “GG,” “Good Game,” “OMG,” “WTF.”

The chat is bustling in both Japanese and English.

“I thought to myself after watching this broadcast, ‘I’m so glad I became this girl’s mom.’ I really felt that from the bottom of my heart.”

“Um, is this a conversation I need to hear?”

“Just so you know for the future, Kiri-sa usually gets like this when it comes to Sirius-chan.”

“I was so moved to be the biggest support for someone striving towards their goal… Initially, there were doubts about whether she was actually playing FPS herself, and she even caused a mini-uproar by abruptly ending streams within ten minutes due to boredom. But now, she’s become a popular Vtuber, and thinking about all that…”

Kiri-sa quietly takes out a tissue from her pocket and blows her nose.

Umigase, who was forced to listen, could only watch intently.

The main reason Kiri-hime supports Sirius-chan is, of course, that she’s her mom.

When Kiri-hime tweeted, “I want to try character design and modeling for a Vtuber, send me applications,” Sirius-chan was the first to respond and piqued her interest with her submission. Eventually, they talked over the phone and decided to work together.

Perhaps because of this background, Kiri-hime has always supported Sirius-chan, never missing a stream, drawing fan art, and actively making limited costumes for her for Halloween and New Year.

Despite being her mom, the extent of her support suggests a deep fondness for Sirius-chan, a level of dedication not often seen for other Vtubers.

“Um, Yamashiro-san?”

“What’s up?”

“I shouldn’t be asking this, but… have you ever met Sirius-chan’s soul?”


“Sorry, I guess you can’t answer that.”

“No, it’s not that…”

Upon being asked, Kiri-sa seemed to freeze.

I, too, thought about my neighbor.

“Today I have important work, so don’t come to my room until night. Absolutely, don’t.”

“OK, understood. Then, as a substitute, please treat me to BBQ tonight.”

“Using the word ‘substitute’ like that is definitely wrong.”

“Sigh…” “What’s up, Atori?” “Ah, never mind, don’t worry about it…”

I couldn’t explain why I sighed so deeply, and that was frustrating.

“Mio, let me tell you… Vtubers and their souls are different. You need to understand that as a basic premise and not link the two as equals… That’s all I can say.”

Kiri-sa chuckled dryly, gazing at the screen at Sirius-chan, seemingly lost in her thoughts. It almost looked like she was trying to cover up something she didn’t want to see.

“Not linking them as equals, huh…”

Umigase repeated her words, seemingly not fully grasping the concept.

Well, considering the nature of Vtubers, it’s probably futile to discuss this topic at length.

“So? What should we learn from watching this broadcast?”

Kiri-sa, dismissing the previous conversation, joined in.

“You need something that sets you apart, something you can say you’re unbeatable at. For example, look at Sirius-chan’s gaming skills, her endurance for long streams, or her English ability that’s good enough to attract international viewers. If you have such a weapon, you can at least stand a chance.”

“…A weapon,” I mused, typing on the keyboard and opening an unofficial fan site made by fans of Sirius-chan.

【Sirius Love Beryl Poppin is a fortune-telling vampire princess Vtuber. Known as SLB from Sirius, Love, and BerylPoppin. Skilled in all games, especially FPS at a professional level. Apparently not originally from Japan, she struggles with difficult kanji. Hobbies include gaming, baseball watching, and stargazing. In March 2022, her channel followers on the streaming site “Twilight” exceeded 1.5 million】

Looking at this, she seems remarkable. The most followed Vtuber on “Twilight,” a site known for gaming streams, with over 150 hours of streaming last month─that’s more time than being at school, isn’t it?

“Do you have something like that, Mio?”

“Um… ah!” As if remembering something, Umigase clapped her hands.

“I like music. I can play the piano and acoustic guitar, and I’ve touched some mixing software a bit.”

“Huh, really…” Kiri-sa crossed her arms. Though I’m torn between liking and disliking her usual gestures, the liking side is winning for now, so I let it pass without comment.

“Then, create a ‘Singing’ video for your first stream. I’m counting on you.”

“Okay, got it… wait, no!”

Her sharp retort took me by surprise.

“You’re entrusting me with that? I’m just an amateur!”

“You might be an amateur, but that doesn’t matter. What’s important is being sincere and putting in effort… Please, Mio. Having such a video before your debut will definitely make a difference in terms of generating buzz… right?”

A “Singing” video, sort of like a PR video? Indeed, many famous Vtubers have posted such videos right after debuting.

If Mio can do it─it could be quite effective as promotion.

“But, I’m not prepared for something so sudden…”

“It’s okay. I believe you can do it, Mio.”

Kiri-sa placed her hands on Mio’s shoulders, her voice soft and earnest, almost like Kiri-hime’s voice. Needless to say, it was a good voice.

“…And even if Mio’s singing isn’t great, we can distract with the thumbnail and the general atmosphere. So, don’t stress too much about it.”

“Isn’t that a pretty worst-case scenario?”

Ignoring their bickering, I thought…

If we’re using existing popular Vtubers as references, Kiri-hime’s streams would be a great example.

“Atori?” “What’s up, Chikage?”

I grabbed the mouse again, switched tabs, and browsed Kiri-hime’s channel.

【Drawing and Chat】First Stream of April【Request Drawing】

“How’s everyone doing lately? All good? Not good, work is tough… I see. By the way, I hate cheerful people. I’ve been ridiculously busy lately… Being busy is good, you say? Well, maybe. Being busy means you’re not out of work, so it might seem good at first glance.”

“But, you know? Wouldn’t you be upset if tasks rained down on you like meteorites from outside your jurisdiction? My current situation feels like that… Oh, thanks for the Super Chat, Rain-san.”

“Thank you to those who’ve already bought ‘Dark Romance’… Oh, I’m planning to read ‘Gon, the Little Fox’ by Niimi Nankichi in my next reading stream, so I’ll announce the date later.”

“Oh, about that ramen place I mentioned before…”

Her voice filled the room, calm yet not stiff, soothing to listen to.

I’m not sure if this is the right expression, but Kiri-hime’s streams felt like being at home.

Relaxing and with a peaceful community. I hardly see any chaos there, and most comments seem to come from working adults.

Additionally, the on-screen appearance of Kiri-hime, with her half-up pink hair and kimono, is of course beautiful. The stream layout and UI elements are all unified with Japanese elements, showcasing her hobbies and excellent sense of style. Even someone like me, who rarely watches streams, can understand her popularity.

“Yamashiro-san, you sound a bit different when you stream as Kiri-hime. Do Vtubers usually pay attention to such things?”

“Are you planning to alter your voice, Umigase? If so, taking care of your throat is essential.”

“Ah… Does using an unusual voice tire you out faster? Wait, Yamashiro-san, what’s wrong?”

Kiri-sa suddenly covered her face with both hands.

“…I want to die.”

“Are you embarrassed?”

“Of course, I am! Having my family not watch and then being watched so closely by an acquaintance, and on top of that, getting comments…”

“Is that so?” Seeing her embarrassed face, I feel a mischievous urge bubbling up inside me.

“…That reading the other day was really good. I had only read ‘Night on the Galactic Railroad’ in textbooks a long time ago, but hearing it through Kiri-hime’s voice, the scenes just smoothly came to mind.”

“Why are you watching it? And stop, don’t compliment me, don’t talk, just forgive me already.”

“Campanella raised his hand──”

“Mio, please, just stay quiet and don’t play that broadcast!”

From that day on, playing Kiri-hime’s streams in front of Kiri-sa became prohibited.

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
V no Gawa no Ura Gawa

V no Gawa no Ura Gawa

V no Gawa no Ura Gawa Vのガワの裏ガワ
Score 8
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2022 Native Language: Japanese
The protagonist, Senkei, is a professional high school illustrator.One day, he is approached by Kurei, a lonely and beautiful girl who asks him to be her “mother”.In this case, “mother” means the character designer of a VTuber.Kurei suddenly strips and shows him her skimpy swimsuit, trying to persuade him…!? Senkei accepts Kurei’s enthusiasm and joins forces with Kirisa, another high school illustrator, and Jinai, a slovenly neighbor and popular VTuber, to launch the VTuber project “Shizunagi Mio”.They all work together to make Kurei a popular VTuber.


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