📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

V1 – V no Gawa no Ura Gawa Chapter 2

How to Win Over a Godly Illustrator

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【#2】 How to Win Over a Godly Illustrator

The rooftop of Hinana Private High School, which I attend, is extravagantly made up like a glass-encased lounge, and it’s freely accessible from early morning until 18:00 in the evening.

Additionally, with a water server and an olive tree near the entrance, it feels more like a sophisticated space than a mere student common area. At least, it’s entirely different from the concrete, water tower-topped rooftops people usually imagine.

But it feels somewhat lonely. In exchange for convenience and style, it seems to have lost its charm. A cheap, shabby rooftop might actually give off more of a youthful anime vibe. This place feels more like being inside a glass case, and if it were a stage, it would fit better in a futuristic anime.

…But then again, having a usable rooftop at a school these days is rare in itself.

After echoing my solo footsteps up the spiral staircase, I passed through the automatic door.

There, spaced evenly apart, were wooden benches.

I walked towards the one person sitting alone on the rooftop.

“Good morning, Atori-kun.”

Umigase noticed me and greeted me normally…

…Despite having sent such a direct message, she didn’t seem to be plotting anything.

“Thanks for coming so early. I’m happy.”

“Well, after receiving that kind of message, I had no choice but to come.”

I stared at Umigase, who was intently looking up into my face, then lightly shook the smartphone screen I pulled from my pocket in front of her.

“Hehe… Yeah, maybe so. Anyway, come sit down.”

Umigase lightly tapped the space next to her, urging me to sit down.

“Do you want a gummy? I have some.”

“Another weird one today?”

“Not weird. They’re ‘Jupiter Gummies’, shaped like stars.”

…Why does she always choose such bizarre gummies?

“I’ll take one… That’s close.”

I sat down, leaving space for just one person between us, but Umigase moved closer while offering the bag of gummies, drawing my attention more to her appearance than the oddity of the gummies──wow, her eyelashes are incredibly long.

“Atori-kun, you’re Atelier-sensei, right?”

Umigase, oblivious to my thoughts, surprisingly put me in check from the get-go. Damn, I really wanted to circle around the topic with some conversation first. Spring anime, character traits trends, and… no, that won’t work. I can’t think of a universally appealing topic. It’s better she went straight to the point.

“Yeah. As you can tell by my coming here, I am──Atelier.”

I covered my tendonitis-tape-laden right hand in front of my face, introducing myself as if I were some mastermind. It’s not often I get to do this. Not that I want a repeat.

“Yeah, I know.” Ignored… well, fine, back to normal me.

“The Atelier-sensei famous for drawing cute and spicy girls. The Atelier-sensei with the black-haired long “Atelier-chan” as his Tmitter icon.”

“Ah, you know all that, so no need to go into detail, right?”

“The flowing style and unique coloring, especially the depiction of breasts and buttocks, make people desperately wish for just one R18 illustration from God Illustrator Atelier──mmph!”

“Hey, let’s be quiet for a moment.”

I stuffed a gummy into her mouth to interrupt, its indescribable sweetness spreading throughout my body.

Munch munch munch…

“…Since you know about Atelier, I can assume you’re okay with stuff like anime, light novels, and games?”

After finishing the gummy, I touched on a point I was curious about.

“You can trust that I know more than the average person.”

“Huh. That’s unexpected.”

“Does that differ from your image of me?”

…That’s a tough question.

“Well… What does Umigase think of me, from an outsider’s perspective?”

I didn’t want to answer with a question, but it seemed necessary.

“Um, maybe… sharp-looking?”

Huh. If she’s describing my twig-like, skinny appearance like that, Umigase is a pretty decent person. At least, much more so than my classmates and acquaintances.

“…I’m often told by somewhat close acquaintances that I’m unfriendly, have bad eyesight, or even look like someone who would hit women. Whether it’s because my facial muscles are stiffer than others, or because I often tape up for tendonitis, I don’t know… but that’s a terrible prejudice, right?”


“What’s with that ‘indeed’ kind of reaction? Stop it, don’t solidify that reputation.”

“No, no, I don’t think that. Please don’t misunderstand.”

Her strong denial came back. But ultimately, what I wanted to say was…

“The image others have of you and your true self can differ. So, no matter what Umigase likes, I won’t complain, and I won’t impose any internal biases… I’m more often on the receiving end myself.”

After all, it’s rude to interfere in others’ hobbies. What you like is what you like, and that’s fine.

“…I see. Thanks.”

Umigase seemed happy with my explanation. Hmm, glad my tolerance as a person came across──though it’s probably pointless to try to look good now.

“By the way, I’m a fan of Atelier-sensei.”

Eh… huh? What does she mean?

“For example──I own all the first editions of the light novel ‘Rurikawa-kun Is Offbeat’, which Atelier-sensei first illustrated. And I rushed to the bookstore early in the morning for the limited edition of ‘Monochrome High School’ Volume 5 with a special bonus.”

“I downloaded ‘Yami-iro no Majo wa Yoru Shika Mienai’, the game streamed on Scheam, on the day of its release, played it for three days and nights straight, and completed all event illustrations.”

“I even went to see your first solo exhibition last year… I really wanted to meet Atelier-sensei and get an autograph, but I missed out on the lottery.”

I was bombarded with her rapid speech and couldn’t respond.

…Is she serious? No, she could’ve memorized all that just to tease me.

“So, the cover heroine of ‘Rurikawa-kun’ Volume 3 is?” “Shisuiji Shiki.”

“The final route of ‘Yami Maho’ where the protagonist ends up with?” “Kurobara Yami.”

“Which character do you support in that idol-themed social game Atelier plays?” “Rindon Natsune.”

“…Okay, I believe you. You have Atelier Level 2 knowledge.”

Umigase joyfully cheered, and I was speechless.

“So, about half a year ago, there was a trend of military uniform dresses among Atelier-sensei’s works, right?”

“Was there?” I don’t recall, but it sounds likely. Military uniform dresses are cool.

“Yeah. You even mentioned it at school.”

“…How long have you thought I might be Atelier?”

“That’s… a secret.”

It’s a secret, apparently. But now that I know how thoroughly she’s covered my activities, I can’t doubt her anymore… In fact, she might know more about me than I do. A true paragon of a fan.

“I’ve been supporting you for a long time.”

And then she even played the veteran fan card──.

“How long, you ask? Since the days when Atelier-sensei was doing live broadcasts. I think your Tmitter followers were only about a thousand back then.”

…Wait. Wait a minute. She knows even that?

I’m getting vibes that I’m about to hear things I didn’t ask for and don’t want to know.

“The live broadcasts. I really looked forward to them when Atelier-sensei used to stream on NowTube. Drawing illustrations, chatting, occasionally picking up comments from viewers, giving advice on them, sometimes arguing… It might sound weird, but all that felt so human and fun. The atmosphere of the broadcast felt like chatting with close friends, and I liked that too.”

“I’m really sorry.”

“Why did you stop doing live broadcasts?”

Rubbing my nape with my taped right hand, all I could do was writhe in embarrassment. Shameful. I wish I could bury myself in a hole.

“The reason I stopped broadcasting is simple. I had to study for high school entrance exams, and as someone aspiring to make it big, I felt my behavior during the broadcasts was inappropriate. That’s all there is to it.”

“Really? I didn’t think that at all.”

Whether Umigase thinks so or not, it was my decision.

“Also, since it’s a good opportunity, let me give you some advice. Once you put something on the internet, it’s best to assume it can never be undone. So, be careful with what you say.”

“But you can’t just ask me to forget it… Besides, have you forgotten it yourself, Atori-kun?”

“I’ve forgotten, completely forgotten, completely and utterly forgotten. So, I don’t remember doing broadcasts like ‘Let’s take a survey of listeners’ fetishes’ or ‘How to become a godly illustrator, let’s think about it together’ – those silly segments. Those broadcast archives are sealed deep in my PC’s HDD, like Pandora’s box.”

“But you remember, and you’ve saved them.”

“Anyway! We are never talking about this again!”

After my loud declaration, Umigase slightly frowned, then audibly sighed. I wanted to react the same way.

“…Okay, let’s drop that. Next, I guess you’re wondering how I figured out you were Atelier-sensei.”

I almost made a sarcastic remark about her being a ‘net stalker’, but I held back at the last moment. I was afraid of her straightforward affirmation, and after all, it wasn’t my place to say, considering I used Umigase as a model without permission. Seriously, what am I doing?

“…No. It’s already out in the open, so it’s a moot point.”

“But you’re curious, right?”

“Listen when people talk!”

“There are several reasons… but the decisive one was probably this.”

She said something sudden and definitive.

“This girl.”

In Umigase’s hand, her smartphone displayed a familiar illustration.

Undoubtedly, it was the blue-haired, sultry succubus girl I had drawn.

“You drew this based on me, right? The atmosphere fits, and from the background perspective, it’s clearly from your seat looking at mine… The way the hair tips are done too, right?”

While playing with her flipped-out collar hair with her right hand, Umigase wore a triumphant smile.

Her expression looked devilish, almost succubus-like, inadvertently stirring my creative desire──Damn, this isn’t the time for that.

In my view, this situation was what you’d call checkmate.

A week ago, when I was drawing a rough sketch of Umigase as the model. Was her comment about giving me the gummy as thanks almost like a victory declaration, like she was almost sure I was Atelier?

Now that she’s seen the illustration I posted with her as the model, does she think, “How dare you use me as a model, you pervert!”?

…Damn, I can’t even defend myself. I feel like I should be judged.

“So, Atori-kun, I heard you’ve been abruptly asking girls at school to be your drawing models. Is that true?”

Not seeing any point in lying anymore, I just nodded silently.

“Yeah… It’s a bit perverted, maybe. It might be useful for an illustrator, but it seems like it could become a problem.”

She put extra emphasis on the word “perverted.” The fact that she criticized the drawing model request itself, which isn’t inherently wrong, suggests she has issues with me as a person.

“Did you get permission from all the girls you’ve asked to be models so far?”

“Of course. Regardless of the reason, I never forget the courtesy due to others.”

“Okay, so did you ever ask for my permission when you drew this?”


After a deep breath, I immediately knelt down.

“I’m really sorry, I’ll delete that illustration right away, and I’ll make up for any damage caused, whether in cash or through physical labor, so please, please forgive me!”

I bowed my head to the rooftop floor, showing the utmost sincerity. And due to the force, it was painfully jarring. I regretted it instantly.

“Do you mean don’t reveal your identity as Atelier-sensei?”

“Yes, exactly that, please…”

I begged for mercy with my face to the rooftop floor. It was pitiful, but I caused this.

…But I clearly understood that showing false pride now would only worsen the damage later. That’s why I apologized and showed my sincerity.

In this day and age, when the internet is an indispensable part of life, having your identity exposed online can quickly spiral into the worst-case scenario. Stories like unwanted pizza deliveries are on the lighter side, but there are cases where it escalates to death threats. In the worst case, even more terrible things could happen.

Therefore, whether it’s Umigase Kamio or anyone else, being in a situation where someone else controls your personal information is extremely bad. It could be the end of my life, literally.

“Don’t worry. I have no intention of doing that… But you do feel bad about it, right?”

“Yeah, I made you a succubus without permission…”

“You left out the word ‘illustration’. That completely changes the meaning.”

Umigase was eloquent, unlike me, who felt shriveled up like a wilted eggplant.

“Atori-kun, if you feel sorry, are you willing to make amends?”

A critically important question.

That reminded me of the wish Umigase revealed before I came here.

──”I want you to become a mother.”

Considering my profession as an illustrator, the answer was clear.

“…So, as a recompense for what I’ve done, you want me to become a ‘Mama’ ── meaning, to draw a Vtuber ‘Gawa’ for you?”

I brushed off the dust from my knees as I stood up and looked directly into Umigase’s face.

She had a serious expression. It didn’t look like she was joking at all.

Umigase Kamio apparently wants to become a Vtuber.

People who post videos and live stream on the internet are known as broadcasters or streamers. Broadly categorized, Vtubers fall into this group.

So, what exactly is a Vtuber?

In a nutshell, a Vtuber is someone who engages in video posting and live streaming activities ── using a unique character. Officially known as “Virtual NowTubers,” they gained explosive recognition through “NowTube,” the world’s most famous video-sharing platform, and now the term is commonly used across various media.

The key difference between Vtubers and physical streamers is that Vtubers use a character as their avatar, not their actual selves. They capture their movements through webcams or smartphone cameras, reflecting real-time facial expressions and body movements directly onto their 2D or 3D characters on screen.

This brings the character, the “Gawa,” to life with the streamer’s personality ── the “soul,” creating content with a mix of role-playing and metafictional elements.

Typically, illustrators are responsible for creating the “Gawa,” unless there are special circumstances ── hence why I was referred to as ‘Mama,’ symbolizing the creator of the character. Many Vtubers use this term to refer to their character designers.

It might sound like an unfamiliar term, but that’s just how it is.

“You might be jumping the gun here, but… do you know what Vtubers and ‘Mamas’ are? I’ve done my research, so I can explain, but…”

“Given my role in the industry, I’ve already covered that knowledge.”

Relieved, Umigase showed a gesture of relief.

“…You must be surprised by this sudden request, right?”

“Yes. But right now, I’m more concerned about what I should do going forward.”

The moment I saw the DM that morning, I was shocked, but now my mind was more occupied with how to handle the future. Whether to accept or decline the job.

“Since you came here, that means you’re considering it, right? Then──here.”

Umigase, interpreting the situation in her favor, began rummaging through her black canvas backpack that was beside the bench.

She pulled out a thick brown envelope and handed it over to me.

“Could you take a look at this?” I reached into the envelope, pulling out a stapled bundle of B4 papers and something else I recognized by touch.

It was a stack of bills.

“Wha─” “What’s wrong?” “How can I not react to this!”

I was so shocked that an unintelligible noise escaped my throat.

It was one million yen. Being younger and thus unable to own a credit card, I handled cash more than most illustrators. So, I could immediately tell how much it was just by looking.

“You, how did you…?”

“Well, you know. These days, it’s easy to save up a considerable amount of money, right? Something like that─ Wait a minute. It seems like you’re misunderstanding something, Atori-kun.”

I massaged my forehead, choosing my words carefully.

“…Take care of yourself. If there’s any reason you’re doing this, I’m here to listen. Or maybe you want to consult with my acquaintance, a lawyer, or some other adult?”

I said this out of genuine concern.

“What?” But Umigase’s face flushed slightly. She seemed to want to argue back vehemently that it was outrageous or insulting and that I should take it back.

“I’m not doing anything like that! What kind of image do you have of me!?”

“Like the introduction to those sugar daddy manga stories that sometimes pop up on Tmitter’s timeline.”

“Ah, so you really are Atelier-sensei… Don’t always take things in that direction!”

“Then what’s with this money? It’s not something a normal high school student can just hand out! Do you know how hard I worked as an illustrator to earn this amount…?”

My words came out more as jealous grievances than anything else. It’d probably take more than a year to earn that much.

“…What can I say? My family isn’t normal.”

Umigase puffed up her cheeks. Unbelievably, she continued in that vein.

“Normal or not… How would I, a stranger, know anything about Umigase Kamio’s family?”

It was a refreshing counter-punch of sound logic from me… I didn’t need to see Umigase’s face to know. She must be struggling to argue back, feeling frustrated.

However, her response gave me a rough idea of where the million yen came from.

“…So, your family is wealthy, perhaps prestigious, and you receive an allowance far beyond what a typical high school student would, roughly speaking?”

I wasn’t interested in her family’s circumstances, but it was clear enough that she came from considerable wealth.

“…Yeah. That’s why I wanted to offer you this job.”

As she said that, she pushed the half-open envelope towards me.

Still, who brings a million yen to school just like that? Casually pulling it out as if she were submitting homework… Handle your parents’ money more carefully.

Anyway. Her behavior seemed more desperate than offbeat. How much did she want me to take this job? Because I was a “Godly Illustrator”?

…Yeah, that makes sense.

“So you’re willing to pay for the job?”

“Of course. It’s my request, so it’s only natural to pay. Besides, Atelier-sensei is a professional and renowned as a ‘Godly Illustrator.'”

There she goes again… Haha. I couldn’t help but smile broadly. So gullible.

“I thought if I only asked, Atelier-sensei would refuse, thinking it’s just a joke or half-hearted request. That’s why I prepared a few negotiation points.”

…The first being money, a correct judgment.

The current Atelier definitely wouldn’t work for free.

Why? Not just because of the desire to earn, but also because a well-known person in the industry like Atelier doing such things could lead to others’ creative works being undervalued and cheapened. I’ve had that experience in the past.

“Illustrations are just a quick sketch, do it for free (lol),” such irritating words were thrown at me by more than a few people.

Therefore, I believe even minor jobs should be properly compensated. I don’t impose this view on other illustrators, but in a world where creators are often exploited, it’s better to receive what you deserve.

…But for this particular job, I felt it was my fault, so I was prepared to work for free. However, if she insists on paying, that’s helpful.

“It’s not just the money, but ‘that’ is important too.”

She pointed to the papers that had fallen to the floor.

Picking them up, I started flipping through them.

“It’s hard to understand everything here on the spot. So, the main thing I’m checking is whether the project has a solid core and a clear goal.”

…The goal for channel subscribers: a hundred thousand.

And a name caught my eye at the top.

Shizunagi Mio. Profession: high school student and virtual lighthouse keeper.

This was the Vtuber Umigase planned to embody.

“You’ve thought about it in detail, not just with passion.”

“Yeah. A project proposal and proper compensation. How about it? Are you feeling motivated to take it on?”

I could only hum in response.

I was impressed, but more than that, I was indecisive about my response.

“Hmm, it seems you’re still pondering. Or perhaps hesitating?”

“No, it’s not that I’m hesitating but…”

If I were to consider my state upon arriving here as neutral, undoubtedly, I was now leaning more positively towards the proposal. Umigase’s way of asking for my services was flawless, and since my usual job communications are mainly through email, being directly conveyed with such enthusiasm as now certainly swayed my heart.

That’s precisely why I wanted to take this proposal back with me.

I kept thinking… if I could get advice from a third party, I might gain perspectives I couldn’t see alone. Moreover, if I decided to take on this job, I even began to think that their cooperation would be indispensable.

“Did you create a good illustration using me as a model?”

While I continued to ponder, Umigase suddenly asked such a question, seemingly out of context.

“Yes, undoubtedly. I was very satisfied with what I drew, and the response on Tmitter was incredible.”

“Perfectly? A hundred out of a hundred?”

A hundred points… that’s a difficult question to answer. Indeed, it turned out to be of great quality, but when you start thinking about the possibilities of doing even better, it becomes tricky.

“Well… considering the outfit and the details of the body are products of my imagination, I can’t say it’s perfect. But as for satisfaction, it’s more than enough.”

That would be a strict scoring. After all, if we start talking like that, succubi don’t exist in this world. Maybe there’s no such thing as a perfect score… no, who knows? Succubi might exist, just not in front of me. If they do exist, please come. I’ll even offer coffee.

“Maybe I should search how to summon a succubus when I get home…”

“…So, why not make it perfect?”

Umigase stood up from the bench and moved in front of me, whose mind was filled with thoughts of succubi.

“What, what’s going on… huh?”

My thoughts came to a halt.

Umigase started undressing. She unbuttoned her blazer, let her shirt slide to the ground, and then reached for her skirt…

“Hey, hey, hey! Are you serious!? You have an exhibitionism fetish!?”

Automatically, I averted my eyes out of the little moral and apologetic feeling left in me. But then, as if my DNA or biological instinct screamed at me to look, I faced Umigase again…

And in the next moment, she was in a swimsuit.

A swimsuit.

Or more accurately, given the amount of fabric, it should be described as a micro bikini.

It was almost identical to what I had drawn. If I had seen it while online shopping, I would undoubtedly have bought it as a reference material. It fit my imagination so perfectly that I doubt you could find such a daring swimsuit on a regular apparel website. So many questions, all of which seemed irrelevant.

And all of that was irrelevant.

My consciousness was irresistibly drawn to the sight of Umigase Kamio’s body.

…Her slender figure suggested softness in certain areas, almost as if she was crafted by a divine order. Her body was so perfectly formed, it made me think it could be created by God himself.

My only thought:

Isn’t this more erotic than being naked?

“Recently, I’ve been studying cosplay a bit… I found a perfect one online, so I ordered it.”

Ah, I see… In silence, I kept my eyes fixed on her.

“The wings, horns, and tattoos weren’t available, but is this okay?”

Okay or not, it didn’t matter.

What was this situation?

Why was I being shown Umigase Kamio in such a provocative swimsuit?

In a high school like Hina High, which had neither swimming classes nor a pool, why? My eyes were drawn to Umigase as if they were replaced with magnets. Despite claiming interest only in the two-dimensional, what kind of rationale was this, me?

Wait, I never said I was only interested in two-dimensional, and there are merits to both two and three-dimensional… Anyway, what is this!

“…Just like now. If you need a model in the future, I’ll do it anytime. That’s my third negotiation point.”


“Whatever costume you want, or even born attire… if you, Atori-kun, say so.”


“I wonder what the pose for that illustration was… Oh, I feel embarrassed doing this.”

Unasked, Umigase demonstrated the gymnastics sit pose. With each subtle movement, her body, in sync with her muscles, exuded a seductive charm through its inherent beauty. It was absolutely wonderful. I almost had a nosebleed, no joke.

This was all beyond the ordinary.

After witnessing the extraordinary events unfolding before me, I blinked several times rapidly, took a breath, and opened and closed the cap of the eyedrops I had sneakily pocketed. I indulged in the afterglow, savoring it.

Gradually, as I did so, my overheated brain began to cool and regain its composure.

…Surely, there must be a sense of shame. That’s obvious. It’s crazy not to feel embarrassed after showing something like that to boys from the same class.

Yet, from Umigase right now, there’s no sign of her trying to hide her body’s contours.

She’s trying her hardest to stay in my field of vision.

Whether it’s money, a proposal, or a micro bikini, is this Umigase’s way of showing sincerity? Even though I was the one who drew her as a model without permission. Even though it’s my fault.

“…This was all I could think of. What could I do to get Atori-sensei to take the job? And at the same time, what choice could I make that I’d be satisfied with…”

That seemed to be her conclusion. It was clear how I was perceived and, at the same time, I understood the extent of Umigase Kamio’s outrageousness. What would she do if she were turned down after going this far?

“Won’t you… become my mother?”

“Mother, huh…”

It was both gratifying and sad to see her seemingly undeterred by rejection. If she were someone who could easily switch to someone else after being rejected, she wouldn’t resort to such drastic measures.

Anyway. I can’t just give any careless response…

“…I’d give it sixty-five points.”

“That low?” Umigase, understanding that this was said about her, seemed shocked.

“Of course. Let me tell you, with that kind of cosplay, it’s not just about the person wearing it but also how well it recreates the original illustration, yet…”

Even as I spoke, I once again scrutinized Umigase Kamio from head to toe.

“…You’re supposed to be a succubus, yet you lack wings and a tail? No… not even a tattoo as a substitute for a crest? No good, no good. If they’re missing, grow them, if you can’t carve them, stick on a sticker. Umigase, trying to knock me out with that level of quality? You’re a century too early!”

“But, but, when you referred to other people, you didn’t make them do cosplay, right?”

“That’s true. But unfortunately for you, you’re already under the premise of being a “succubus”. Therefore, just showing me Umigase Kamio in a micro bikini won’t score high. Because, as you are now, you’re definitely not a succubus─just someone crazy and erotic wearing a micro bikini on the rooftop!”

“Talking to that crazy person, Atori-kun seems pretty odd himself.”

As she pointed out, that’s true. But this is like a Comiket event, where I’m seeing high-level cosplays by layers. As a frontline creator, I can’t lie about quality.

“So… here.”

I picked up the discarded shirt and skirt and threw them at Umigase, then turned around. Despite having gazed intently earlier, any more would be poison for my eyes.

“…Eh. That’s it? After all the preparation, you’re not going to draw?”

“I generally don’t redraw illustrations I’ve already posted… Besides, I’d like to ask for the rights to the life drawing model you’ve given me, not now, but at the right time in the future.”

After all, if someone else saw us like this, my position would be precarious.

Not to mention, Umigase might also be spoken ill of.

So─that’s enough. You’ll catch a cold, so get dressed.

As I spoke with my back turned, I could hear the rustling of fabric. She must be redressing in her blazer. Perhaps she’s even showing a dissatisfied expression because I didn’t give her a clear answer.

But, that’s a misunderstanding on Umigase’s part.


She seemed to finally realize something. After a pause, Umigase spoke again.

“You said you wouldn’t do it now,” “Yeah.”

“But you said you’d ask someday…” “I did.”

“Does that mean… you’ll become my mother?”

The tremor in Umigase’s voice in the last part indicated she had reached a conclusion.

If she’s this happy, maybe agreeing was worth it.

“…Yeah. I’ll do the character design. I’ll become your mother.”

Without looking at her, I definitely said so.

…I’m not in a position to refuse. If I’m not against it, this is the best answer.

“Well. Now that it’s decided, let’s discuss the detailed settings and whatnot for the character─”

Just as I was about to talk about what’s next, it happened.

A soft sensation pressed against my entire body.

“Thank you. Yeah, I’m really happy. This might be the happiest moment of my life!”

By the time I realized, I was being hugged. What is this indescribable euphoria? This is euphoria. I see, so this is earthly paradise… No, it’s not.

“O─Overstating it much, aren’t you? Your life has to be more wonderful than this.”

“Thank you so much, Atori-kun. And, I’m looking forward to working with you.”

“Don’t whisper in my ear, it’s not ASMR. It makes me weak!”

What’s with this girl? She called others perverts, but isn’t she the biggest pervert? Ironically, making her a succubus was spot on.

“…You’re not as flustered as I thought. Are you used to this kind of skinship?”

Used to it─I might be somewhat used to clinging due to having a sister and a younger sister, and I’ve never been particularly nervous around girls in my life.

But being pressed against directly like this, even I feel tense and embarrassed, both physically and mentally…

“…If you get any closer, I’ll do something outrageous. Are you okay with that?”

“What kind of outrageous thing?”

“I’ll engrave a heart tattoo on your lower abdomen with a permanent marker. To raise the quality of the cosplay!… How about that? Scared now? Tremble in fear. And if you don’t like it, get away from me right now.”

“…If Atori-kun wants to, I don’t mind.”

“Why doesn’t that work as a threat!”

The connections between people are unpredictable.

My encounter with Umigase Kamio was another such meeting that deeply imprinted this fact on me.

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
V no Gawa no Ura Gawa

V no Gawa no Ura Gawa

V no Gawa no Ura Gawa Vのガワの裏ガワ
Score 8
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2022 Native Language: Japanese
The protagonist, Senkei, is a professional high school illustrator.One day, he is approached by Kurei, a lonely and beautiful girl who asks him to be her “mother”.In this case, “mother” means the character designer of a VTuber.Kurei suddenly strips and shows him her skimpy swimsuit, trying to persuade him…!? Senkei accepts Kurei’s enthusiasm and joins forces with Kirisa, another high school illustrator, and Jinai, a slovenly neighbor and popular VTuber, to launch the VTuber project “Shizunagi Mio”.They all work together to make Kurei a popular VTuber.


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