📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

V1 – V no Gawa no Ura Gawa Chapter 1

Make Me Mum

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【#1】 Make Me Mum

This April in Tokyo was filled with calm skies, perfect for enjoying cherry blossom viewing. The Somei Yoshino trees planted near the school’s main gate were in full bloom, as if declaring their presence. The vivid warm colors created a fantastical scene.

It was the height of spring.

This happened in April, not even a week after the school year started and classes were reshuffled.

“Hey, Chikage.”

During lunchtime that day.

A girl sitting to my right, nibbling on vegetable sticks like a rabbit, spoke to me in a casual tone. Called by Yamashiro Kirisa, I continued to move my pen over the tablet, lending her only my ear.

“Are you listening?””Sort of.”

She seemed to have been eating alone, looking bored, probably because a friend who was sitting with her was called away for some club activity. Unfortunately, I was in the middle of something. If she wanted to chat to kill time, I wished she’d do it with someone else.

“I’ve been wondering… Is it true that you’ve been hitting on various girls lately?”

Feeling her gaze on my tablet, I finally looked towards Kirisa.

“Like I’d do something like that.”

“…Right, I thought so. Rumors really are unreliable.”

“Yeah. It’s not flirting, I’m just asking them to model for drawings.”

“You are doing it!… What’s the big idea, doing something so outrageous?”

“Do you know? ‘Common sense’ is just a collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen…”

“Don’t use Einstein as your excuse.”

Her retort was sharp, like a swift strike of a Japanese sword — though it seemed pointless to me to mentally convert a sketch model request into flirting. Artists around the world would be upset.

“Why start something like that all of a sudden?”

“There’s no deep reason. During spring break, I just thought, ‘How about drawing real girls as inspiration for some divine illustrations?’ Tried it, and it felt fresh. The composition and texture reflect well on my work, so I’m continuing… That’s all.”

“Even if you come up with it, who normally does that? Oh, my head is spinning…”

Kirisa held her head, seemingly exhausted by our conversation, but there was no lie or deceit in my words.

Since the start of the second year, I’ve only been asking girls who caught my eye to model for about thirty minutes. Once the sketching is done, I give them a reward — sometimes cash or items, other times different things — express my thanks and that’s it. So, no flirting or anything that could cause complications.

“I’m saying this again — I’m only interested in girls’ bodies for drawing, not their personality or humanity. Trust me on that.”

“Just saying it like that sounds terrible…”

While we were talking, I finished the rough sketch for the illustration I’d post on Tmitter today. Now, what about the background…

“First of all, how much reference can they be? I get it for beginners, but you’re already set in your ways, right? I can’t see it being effective.”

“Nah, it’s surprisingly good.”

Having completed several pieces, I understood that drawing real girls provided more than just visual experience.

When thinking of unique character designs, drawing from life sometimes sparked ideas. Considering skin texture, muscle, and skeletal movement, real girls offered a more consistent and detailed understanding than drawing dolls or 3D models in illustration applications. In short, there were nutrients that could only be obtained from real girls’ cooperation.

Of course, the chance of a girl agreeing to model on the spot was low, with a success rate of just over ten percent. But considering the quality of the finished illustrations, that amount of effort was acceptable.

…Or rather.

It would be quicker to explain by showing Kirisa the actual work.

She was one of the few who knew I was an illustrator.

Illustrations spoke more eloquently of their legitimacy than words.

“Alright, got it. Then take a look at this.”

I paused my sketching to show her my Tmitter feed on the tablet. Which one to choose… Ah, this one’s good.

I showed her the illustration I had posted last night.

“Wait… You can’t show this in class, for various reasons!”

She was the only one who could see it from that angle, but right now, pay attention to the illustration, not that.

“Take this silver-haired, long-haired character from a popular social game… Focus on the line from her calves, covered in tights, to her waist. To reproduce this character’s muscles, I used a girl from the basketball club as a reference… It was the right choice. The muscles, both soft and hard, melded into one, creating an irresistible echiness — why are you turning it off?”

I was explaining in detail, but she put it to sleep mode.

“What are you suddenly talking about!… And even if you take them as models, why is this girl dressed as a bunny girl!?… You didn’t actually make the model wear that, did you?”

“Hey, hey, asking that much is impossible. Jeez, think a little more realistically.”

“Then you go on about common sense… But of course, even Chikage wouldn’t go that far…”

“…Well, after the drawing session, I did ask, just to see. ‘Are you interested in a bunny girl costume?’ The answer was a sports drink thrown at me, so I had to imagine the costume… But I asked, you big idiot!”

She shouted in a low voice, seemingly forced into this contradictory action, and looked utterly exhausted.

Eventually, she glared at me.

“Fine. Do whatever you want. Keep flirting and drawing sensitive illustrations, and be satisfied with that till you die.”

“I told you, I’m not flirting… Don’t be so astounded.”

“Hmph!” Kirisa, her face red, stood up with a toothbrush in hand, ready to leave the classroom.

“…Keep doing that, and you’ll regret it someday.”

She threw those parting words at me and left me behind.

“They’re at it again, those two.””Don’t worry about it, it’s their usual routine.”

I felt the gazes of my classmates, who had formed lunch colonies here and there. It felt like they were saying, “You again.” Especially those who were in the same class last year.

Though Kirisa and I had a lot in common, there were just as many things we couldn’t accept about each other.

This time, it was the latter. I gripped my pen again, reflecting for the umpteenth time — not that I really intended to reflect.

“You pissed off Yamashiro again, huh?””Is that your strategy?””And you’re drawing something again today.”

Just as I resumed my line drawing, I was approached by a group of boys who had replaced Kirisa.

“She’s usually calm, but she sometimes bugs out emotionally.”

“No, she’s always calm around us.””Atori’s the one who pisses her off.””And it’s been like that since the first year.””A husband and wife quarrel.””They call each other by first names, so it’s like that, huh?”

Ignoring such teasing was the best option based on past experience.

So I did just that, focusing silently on my tablet. Admitting it was different, and vehemently denying it would only add fuel to the fire. What a despairing choice — too dull…

“Besides, Atori’s seat is completely surrounded by flowers. Right next to Yamashiro, and then on the window side is──”

In an instant.

A female student walked in from the back entrance of the classroom, and with her arrival, the light banter among the boys abruptly stopped.

The scent of citrus faintly wafted through the air, and the atmosphere seemed to cool as she passed by us.

It was as if the path she walked through was purified, turning it into a sacred space no one else could enter. The boys nearby fell silent, and even some girls eating lunch at the front looked over, everyone seemingly trying to imprint her every move in their eyes.

“──That’s Umigase-san, after all.”

The girl sitting to my left, at the very back of the classroom by the window.

Her name is Umigase Kamio.

Umigase and I weren’t in the same class until this year. We never talked at school, and since I had to make time for my work as an illustrator, I was compelled to be a ‘going-home club’ member, so as far as I remember, we didn’t have any other notable interactions.

But even someone like me, practically a stranger to her, had heard of Umigase’s exceptional ‘catalog specifications’ and was made aware of her violently charming presence after just a short time sitting next to her.

Petite and luxurious with a small face. A figure that any girl would envy. Her black hair, grown to about lob length, was deep and lustrous like ink, and her eyes were large, beautiful, and double-lidded. Her sharp, well-defined features were beyond the description of ‘a peerlessly beautiful girl,’ and she somehow appeared fragile.

Her hidden abilities were also high. In a mock exam we had around winter, she ranked within the top hundred nationwide in all five subjects, earning praise from the teachers. At last year’s sports festival, she participated in various events, winning first place in all of them and being named the individual MVP. She even plays the piano, often accompanying the morning assembly at the teachers’ request.

And her communication skills were outstanding──.

Well, that’s questionable. I’ve never seen her chatting with anyone in particular; she always just listens to music and fiddles with her smartphone at her desk. If I were to categorize her, she’d likely fall under the ‘cool’ or ‘lone wolf’ type.

Yet, that only adds to her translucent aura, and to others, she must appear graceful and beautiful… Anyway.

A revered flower on a high peak.

That’s probably the most fitting way to describe Umigase Kamio.

Upon returning, Umigase immediately sat at her desk and put on her headphones.

“Damn, if only I had better luck in the seat lottery.””Didn’t expect we’d switch seats so suddenly.”

“Man, Umigase-san is seriously cute.””Wonder what she’s listening to.””I hope it’s some obscure Japanese music.””Yeah, I get that.””Does she have a boyfriend?””If she does, he’s probably insanely good-looking, smart enough to get into med school, and into bouldering or something.”

Seizing the opportunity of her likely not hearing them, the boys started expressing their thoughts freely.

Influenced by them, I found myself observing Umigase too.

With a small yawn and resting her cheek on her hand, she looked out the window. As part of her routine, she was listening to music today. A stuffed toy seal peeked out of her open black canvas backpack – I think it was actually her pencil case. Then, she casually took out a bag of gummies from her desk, popping just one in her mouth – aren’t they a bit big?

Every action, no matter how mundane, seemed special when done by Umigase. Maybe it’s her natural model-like quality, or perhaps she actually does modeling work that I’m unaware of.

“──Hey. So, Atori, which side are you on? Yamashiro or Umigase-san?”

While I was observing Umigase, one of the boys suddenly asked me about factions.

…I wasn’t paying attention to their conversation, so I have no idea how it led to this.

But one thing’s for sure: I couldn’t care less, as much as the mushroom vs. bamboo shoot debate. If this were about the heroines of my favorite “all-ages romance simulation games,” I’d agonize over it with tears of blood. But we’re talking about real life, right? Unlike fiction, real-life romance can heat up and cool down so unpredictably (prejudice). Everyone’s just choosing based on physical connections rather than emotional ones (big prejudice). It’s all so bothersome, just answer anything.

“…Then, Kirisa.”

“Oh, why’s that?”

“Because she resembles the main heroine of the anime I’m pushing this season, in hairstyle and vibe.”

“…Yeah, never mind.”

“By the way, she’s a popular character with big breasts, a klutz, and an old-school tsundere trait. If I could drop down a dimension, I’d love to be squeezed between her thighs…”

“No need to explain, I get it… Wait, so it’s about breasts after all?”

“…Oh yeah, Atori’s a two-dimensional otaku.”

“Ah, really? That’s unexpected.”

The atmosphere felt like a lukewarm bath, but the boys seemed to have reached their own conclusions. Good for them. I feel a bit slighted but I’ll let it slide.

“Atori looks good but his actions are problematic.””Weirdo… no, a pervert. Always drawing. And he doesn’t even draw faces.””Seemed like a good deal but turned out to be a disaster property.””Too much of a trap.””And he only talks about otaku stuff when no one asked, like just now.”

“Am I disliked or something?”

I was staying quiet, but these guys just had to rub it in. Also, I don’t draw faces to avoid being recognized. I’m being considerate here.

“Hey.””Yeah, what is it, yo──”

Expecting more nonsense, I responded carelessly.

But then I realized.

The voice that called out wasn’t from one of the boys.

It was from Umigase Kamio.


Her voice was as clear as a babbling brook. It passed pleasantly through my ears, and with her second word, I realized this wasn’t just a chance encounter.

Umigase, who had been gazing at the torn clouds and blue sky until now, had turned to look at me for some reason. Her striking eyes were fully capturing my figure.

“What’s up?”

Unlike my visibly flustered manner, Umigase remained calm throughout. She casually took out a single gummy from the individually wrapped pack and tossed it to me.

She even gave a small, sweet smile at the end.

“Yeah, nice catch──I’ll give you this as thanks.”

“Thanks for what?”

“Hmm… Well, who knows?”

Uttering something enigmatic, Umigase put her headphones back on and turned away like a whimsical cat. It was hard to press for details in this situation.

“Man, her smiling face is illegally cute…””More like the law itself.”

The boys, having witnessed the entire exchange, started buzzing again. Yet their voices didn’t register in my mind. Only the sensation of my heartbeat rising dominated my thoughts.

Of course, it wasn’t just because I talked to Umigase. In the brief moment during our exchange, barely a frame of time, Umigase had definitely glanced at my tablet.

…Calm down. There’s no way she could tell what I was drawing or who I was modeling in just that instant. Though she gave me a gummy in a baffling move, it could also mean she’s not too wary (?) of me. I should remain resolute. Umigase is probably just slightly curious, having glanced at my tablet.

…Still, continuing to draw here feels awkward.

Feeling somewhat embarrassed, I hid my tablet inside my desk.

I wanted to progress a bit more on my work, but… well, I’ll continue at home.

“Atori, I’ll treat you to the cafeteria. Just tell me Umigase-san’s contact info!”

“…Ah, shut up, you’re so noisy! Besides, I don’t even know it!”

She’s right there, just ask her directly. Can’t you be a bit more proactive?

With a mix of amazement and disbelief, I finally turned my attention to the gummy that Umigase had given me.

It was a gummy, yet shaped like a hot dog.

Unusually large, it commanded presence.

What does this even taste like?

Atelier Aesthetics, Principle One: As a divine illustrator, daily training is indispensable.

Therefore, that evening, I was posting a completed illustration on my Tmitter.

The main subject this time was a succubus girl with blue-tinged lob hair. She had black wings on her back, a tattoo around her navel, and a heart-shaped tail starting near her sacrum – a true embodiment of a succubus.

The composition featured her wearing a blue micro bikini, sitting on a chair by the window of a night-time classroom in a gymnastic sitting pose. Her expression was dreamily dazed, as befitting a succubus, with a bewitching upward glance.

Objectively, it was a high-quality illustration. By unifying the overall color scheme in blue, it emitted a sense of coolness, while pushing the cuteness of the unnamed character to the forefront. At the same time, the expected ‘spiciness’ of a swimsuit was subtly suggested around the chest, stomach, and groin area. The exaggerated attributes were not scattered but were perfectly balanced, enhancing each other.

…Damn, this is good. Who drew this divine illustration?──Ah, yes, it was me!

I can assert that this illustration is among the highest quality ones I have ever drawn, and it’s worthy of being released to the world by God Illustrator Atelier.

Yeah. The drawing models really do make a difference. Atelier’s recent work has definitely been on a roll. The number of likes and, more importantly, my own satisfaction with my illustrations are through the roof. I’m overjoyed by the fact that I could create something so wonderful…

And so it went.

I pinned the newly posted illustration to my Tmitter profile for visibility and began liking the comments pouring in. I always like the comments received within the first hour. This steady response helps to cultivate new fans and, more importantly, seeing the presence of fans tightens my mood. It motivates me to create great illustrations the next day as well.


There was one concern, or rather, a nagging feeling of guilt.

To be frank──the model for the girl in this illustration is Umigase Kamio.

My detailed knowledge of Umigase’s appearance and more is due to having observed her to draw her into my illustration, even before today.

And this is something I really questioned myself about──unlike the other girls I’ve asked before, I hadn’t made any agreement with Umigase to be a drawing model, nor had I obtained her consent to incorporate her appearance into my illustration. It was completely without permission.

As a result of the seat change the day after the opening ceremony, sitting next to her, I was struck by inspiration and impulsively wanted to use her in my illustration, but I couldn’t bring myself to ask her and just went ahead with my drawing… leading to its completion.

And my panic when Umigase suddenly spoke to me at lunch today was because of this illustration. I was afraid that my guilt towards her would be exposed.

…Is this, perhaps?

Is this a pretty creepy act, even for me? Like a tricky stalker? If found out, wouldn’t it be an incident worthy of getting killed over?

Of course, there are many girls with lob-length hair, and my style is not photorealistic, so I might be able to excuse myself if needed. “The 2D and 3D worlds are different, really, stop nitpicking!” I could probably get away with it if I got indignant.

Of course, such a situation is unlikely to occur, and if Umigase herself were to discover my intentions, it would be over regardless, so there’s no need to even think about it…

Let’s switch gears.

There’s no use fretting over a post I’ve already made, and Umigase probably doesn’t even know that I create such illustrations.

Right. Even though Atelier’s Tmitter followers exceed eight hundred thousand, that’s still less than one percent of the entire population of Japan. Worrying about it is pointless, a mere groundless fear. It’s okay, calm down…

I convinced myself, took a sip of coffee from the tumbler on my desk, and turned off the PC and the liquid tab. Time to take a bath, I guess.

“──Keep doing that, and someday you’ll regret it.”

“Regret it, regret it, regret it…”

Kirisa’s words to me during the day unexpectedly resurfaced in my mind at this moment.

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
V no Gawa no Ura Gawa

V no Gawa no Ura Gawa

V no Gawa no Ura Gawa Vのガワの裏ガワ
Score 8
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: Released: 2022 Native Language: Japanese
The protagonist, Senkei, is a professional high school illustrator.One day, he is approached by Kurei, a lonely and beautiful girl who asks him to be her “mother”.In this case, “mother” means the character designer of a VTuber.Kurei suddenly strips and shows him her skimpy swimsuit, trying to persuade him…!? Senkei accepts Kurei’s enthusiasm and joins forces with Kirisa, another high school illustrator, and Jinai, a slovenly neighbor and popular VTuber, to launch the VTuber project “Shizunagi Mio”.They all work together to make Kurei a popular VTuber.


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