📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

V1 There is a Backside in This Youth! Chapter 7

The Act of Loosening Hair That Charms the Heart, Hard to Put Into Words

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Chapter 7: The Act of Loosening Hair That Charms the Heart, Hard to Put Into Words

“With only three days left until summer vacation, don’t get too carried away. Use the limited time wisely, or you’ll end up like an adult like me.”

The day after I took shelter from the rain with Shidou Arisu, during our class meeting.

Our homeroom teacher, Mr. Gan, was adjusting his wrinkled shirt collar as he spoke.

“As for the assignment… just do what you can. I remember taking pictures with friends only when I was at my limit… But really, what’s the point? Even if you submit them, they won’t be properly checked due to the sheer volume. It’s utterly pointless, isn’t it?”

“Mr. Gan! That’s not something a teacher should say!”

“Don’t call me Mr. Gan. I’ll thoroughly check only your assignment.”

“Ah—! Stop that—!”

The playful banter between the students and Mr. Gan filled the classroom with laughter.

I really liked the atmosphere of this class.

After all, everyone got along well and it was comfortable to be around them.

I think it was all thanks to Mr. Gan.

He must be pretty smart.

So, I thought, his interactions with us were calculated to a certain extent.

“That’s all for the class meeting. I’ve got to rush and buy a newly released game, so I’m off. Just greet each other and then you can leave.”

But in reality, his attitude was quite appalling.

“Dear, shall we go home together?”

“Eh, eh…?”


I frowned upon seeing Haruna Rumi, who was the first to talk to me after the class meeting ended.

Since then, Haruna Rumi had been sticking to me often, and judging by the frequency, it seemed she was indeed planning to conquer me.

But Haruna Rumi didn’t seem to realize that her overly enthusiastic attitude was precisely why I wasn’t captivated by her.

In any case, even just talking to her in school was dangerous.

The gazes of the boys around us were very stern.

Dying for a beautiful girl is one thing, but I didn’t want to be killed by jealous guys.

“A beautiful girl like me should just accept your offer. I’ll take care of you.”

“Haruna Rumi, that’s not right. A beautiful girl wouldn’t talk about killing, wouldn’t sweat under her arms, and wouldn’t go to the bathroom.”

“You’re really dreaming something stupid, aren’t you?”

Annoying, so annoying.

Yet, I still believe in it.

Those who believe in it will be saved.

“…Is it always you and Haruna Rumi together? You two seem to be together a lot lately.”

“Hiyori, save me. She’s been clinging to me unilaterally.”

“I really want those guys to hear you say that and then watch you get beaten up.”

“I don’t want that. Why do I have to be beaten by anyone other than you, Hiyori?”

“Why do you assume it’ll be me beating you up?”

“After all, your punches are a sign of love, right?”

“You should just die once.”

Hiyori’s fist landed on my face.

Yes, yes, this is it.

Without this, I can’t feel refreshed.

Now, even this pain brings me joy.

“Hey, Ichinose! Violence is not okay!”

“What are you playing at? What happened to your tone just now?”

“…Tch, you heard that?”

“My ears and eyes are twice as good as others. I can naturally hear things even if I don’t pay attention.”

Right, that’s why Hiyori can hear the bad things I whisper.

It’s like having the wind in her ears.

Such a pain in the neck.

“…Were you just thinking something very rude?”

————She can even see through my heart.

“Forget it. So, when did you two get so close?”

“Ah, it’s because we went on a date the other day.”

“A date is…”

“Didn’t Haruna Rumi barge into the student council room? It was after that.”

Hearing this, Hiyori seemed to understand and nodded.

“Hmm— And then? Are you two dating now?”

“No, we’re not dating.”

“Eh, you’re this close without dating?”

Come to think of it, Haruna Rumi was quite close to me.

I hadn’t moved; it must have been Haruna Rumi who gradually closed the distance.

Her scent seemed to drift over instantly.

Rather, I could already smell her shampoo.

Lucky, I’ll remember this.

“Though I’d like to turn back, I’ve already decided to take his lips.”

“You said lips…”

“For that, I need to increase the time I spend with him at school. If the rumor that we’re dating spreads, no girl would approach him easily. Restraint is important.”

How frightening her plan was.

Indeed, girls might not approach me anymore, but in their place, a lot of boys would.

Mainly to deal with me.

“…Hey, what exactly do you like about this guy? It’s odd for me to say this, given our complicated history, but he’s definitely weird. He’s not a bad person, but you could pick anyone with a good personality who isn’t strange.”

“I don’t know either. But only this guy won’t easily fall for me.”

Haruna Rumi scratched her head as if a bit irritated.

“Even if I have to force it, I’ve started to care about him while trying to conquer him. That’s the only reason.”

“…So basically, you’re also a weirdo.”

“You’re also constantly with someone you find strange, aren’t you? You’re weird enough yourself.”

Hiyori glanced at me.

Being constantly called weird by them, I could only manage a bitter smile.

“…Sigh, yeah. I guess I’m also a bit of a weirdo.”

“What are you saying, Ichinose? You’re actually quite interesting.”

“It’s easier to interact with you when you show your true self. Just keep it that way.”

“Idiot. I have to act properly in front of the boys.”

“You sound quite professional about it…”

They quickly became harmonious again…

Now I’m just getting in the way, aren’t I?

“————Speaking of which, are you guys in the student council okay?”

“Huh? We plan to head over there next. We still have time.”

“No, that’s not what I mean.”


Haruna Rumi suddenly looked concerned.

She took out her smartphone from her bag and pointed the screen at Hiyori and me.


“You see, this is just too bad, no matter how you look at it.”

What we saw on the screen was a nude girl.

Although her breasts and lower body were covered by hands, it was still quite conspicuous.

But what really shook us was————

“This… this isn’t Yui, is it?”

Yes, that’s right. We recognized the face of this girl.

A well-proportioned face with flowing, beautiful black hair.

This face, no matter how you look at it, was Yui, who we knew.

“This is common on SNS, the so-called ‘anonymous account’. There have been rumors before, but recently, the account that uploaded this photo has been spreading among students at this school.”

“Yui’s… anonymous account?”

“It seems that way on the surface.”

I looked closely again, but no matter how I looked, it was Yui’s face.

I looked closely again, admiring the beautiful waist and seemingly very soft legs.

I looked closely again, feeling that the body shape didn’t match what I saw in the data room.

I looked closely again————

“You’re looking too much.”


Hiyori’s karate chop hit my forehead.

I sincerely apologized for this matter.

“Putting this perverted idiot aside… Could this be a doctored image?”

“Yeah, that’s highly likely. Anonymous accounts rarely show their faces.”

“You seem to know a lot about this.”

“I’ve never done such a thing. But I’ve read about women who have had issues with anonymous accounts, so I’m a bit knowledgeable.”


Doctored image————in other words, someone took Yui’s photo and combined it with a nude female body.

Yes, that seems more likely.

From our understanding of Yui, no matter how much pressure she’s under, she wouldn’t satisfy her desire for attention in this way.

The problem is, probably only we have this understanding.

To most students who don’t know about Yui’s incompetency, she might become the “pervert who, under the pressure of being student council president, bursts out in sexual desire.”

“The rumor spread last night and it’s become a topic now. What are you going to do?”

“…Hiyori, let’s hurry to the student council.”

Hiyori stood up with a serious expression.

We can’t relax anymore.

I also picked up my things and stood up immediately.

“Haruna, thank you for the information. For now, we’ll go and discuss with everyone…!”

“If you want to thank me, then go on another date with me next time.”

“That would be more of a reward!”

Yelling, I rushed to the student council room with Hiyori.

We ran through the annoying (actually, not allowed) corridors and burst into the student council room.

“Yui! Shidou Arisu! It seems like… like there’s a bad rumor spreading around the school.”

After we entered the room, what awaited us was the gloomy atmosphere emanating from Shidou Arisu, who had arrived earlier.

Although Futaba’s expression was as usual, I felt she seemed a bit puzzled.

And then, Yui, the person involved, looked thoughtful.

“Hmm… you’re talking about the anonymous account, right? It’s really troubling… and right before summer vacation, too.”

Shidou Arisu mumbled tiredly.

I don’t know if it’s because she got wet in the rain yesterday or because of this commotion, but Shidou’s complexion looked quite bad.

It’s almost summer vacation.

The student council’s work can be put aside for a while, we just need to endure a bit longer————

“We’re sorry for arriving late, but that SNS account that uploaded the nude photo, it’s not yours, right, Yui?”

“Of course. After all, I’ve never used SNS, and the mole on the chest is completely different.”

“The location of the mole aside… But since Yui denies it, it must mean this is a malicious provocation.”

Hiyori clicked her tongue.

If it’s a malicious provocation, the culprit is among those who want to pull Yui down from her position as student council president.

————No, we can’t conclude that yet.

It’s also possible that it’s just a harmless prank. After all, even if we know the motive, it would be difficult to find the culprit.

The risk of searching for the culprit is high.

Is it too early to assert that it wasn’t Yui herself?

“…Mr. Genta will be arriving soon. Let’s wait and hear what the teachers who know about this are planning to do about it,” said Shidou Arisu, prompting nods of agreement from us.

Our fear was the potential vote of no confidence against Yui.

Hence, it was crucial to consult with the teachers and find a way to avert such a situation.

“Oh, you’re all here already.”

“Yes, we’ve been waiting for you.”

“Well then, please sit down.”

Following the instructions of Mr. Gan Yuan who had just arrived, we each took a seat.

He then scratched his head awkwardly and sighed before continuing.

“Firstly, the existence of Yaegashi’s ‘anonymous account’ has spread throughout the office. Let me ask, is this account yours, Yaegashi?”

“No, I haven’t done anything like that.”

“I see. It must be someone’s idea of a prank then.”

It was a bitter situation.

Anyone would feel upset being portrayed in such images.

Even Yui, who appeared strong, might harbor certain thoughts internally.

“I believe in Yaegashi. But the school might not necessarily take the same view. While we can try to persuade the teachers, the students have already started to take an unfavorable stance. The culprit might escalate their actions, and once summer vacation begins, we won’t have a chance to refute these claims.”

“…Is there a possibility of a vote of no confidence being proposed?”

Upon hearing Shidou Arisu’s question, Mr. Gan Yuan furrowed his brows.

“It’s hard to say at this point… I’m sorry, I can’t guarantee it won’t happen. If the students become discontented, we’ll have to take action.”

Most students are indifferent to the student council and don’t care who the president is.

However, those coveting the president’s position are a different story.

Being the student council president at this school signifies a prestigious status.

“In that case… let’s use the speech during the graduation ceremony,” suggested someone.

“Yes. It’s the perfect opportunity to explain.”

On the day of the graduation ceremony, the student council president has the chance to address the entire student body.

This is not only a mandatory duty of the student council but also an ideal moment to assert authority.

“From now on, we’ll tell the students not to believe in baseless rumors. And you must ensure the success of the speech, preventing any further doubts among the other students. Do you understand?”


“Alright then————you should also try to find the culprit, Yaegashi. What do you say?”


After pondering for a moment, Yui replied.

“No, not now. Even if we find the culprit now, it might only bring undue attention to that student. I don’t want to cause trouble for the students I’m supposed to protect.”

“…Even if they brought it upon themselves?”

“I realize I’m still inexperienced as the student council president and that some students are dissatisfied because of it. But I’m ready to accept their views. And I hope they can acknowledge me as their president.”

“That’s admirable. I wish I could have shared some of that mindset with myself ten years ago.”

Indeed, Yui’s readiness was commendable.

However, I felt she was being too naïve.

Not everyone will respect her magnanimity.

Perhaps one day, someone will take the hand she extends and drag her into despair.

And that’s exactly what we are here to prevent.

“Then I’ll leave it in your hands. Don’t get me wrong, I actually quite like the student council you’re running. Don’t give in easily.”

With a light wave, Mr. Gan Yuan left the student council room.

He may seem frivolous, but he genuinely considers the students’ perspectives.

However, he wouldn’t just favor us.

If he deems Yui unfit for the presidency, he’ll surely take appropriate action.

So, we can’t rely too heavily on him.

After all, that would be like saying, “We can’t do anything on our own.”

“I’m sorry to drag you into this,” she apologized.

“I don’t think it’s Yaegashi’s fault. The person who made the image is to blame,” I agreed with Futaba Tsubaki and Ichinose Hiyori.

Yaegashi didn’t need to feel responsible.

We were just protecting her as the student council president, as planned.

“…There are three days left until the graduation ceremony. What should we do in the meantime?”

“Should we prepare the speech? After all, there’s only so much we can do,” suggested Futaba Tsubaki.

Both Futaba Tsubaki and Ichinose Hiyori looked to Shidou Arisu for guidance.

“As usual, I’ll write the speech. That should be enough, right, Yui?”

“Could I trouble you to do so?”

“It’s my job, after all. I’ll take responsibility and write it well. Plus, it was the plan for me to write it.”

I wanted to interject at that moment.

Shidou Arisu had been giving her all for her work and life goals.

I would feel resistant if she continued to increase her workload.

But… I simply wasn’t cut out for the task of drafting the original manuscript.

I didn’t interject, precisely because I understood this.

What I could do was————

“…I’ll go make some tea! Even in a rush, there’s only so much we can do. Let’s calm down for now. Getting too anxious isn’t good!”

“Haruna… That’s a good idea. Could you do that?”

“Of course! I’ll make some excellent black tea!”

I wanted to alleviate everyone’s fatigue as much as possible.

With only menial tasks within my capacity, that was all I could offer.


That day, we went about our duties as usual.

The student council’s work was nearing its end. If things continued smoothly, we could finish by the day before the graduation ceremony.

Since my role was mainly menial, I knew little about the council’s actual work. I hoped to be more helpful in the second term.

“Phew, we finished quite early today. It’s about time to call it a day.”

“Yeah—! Seeing an end in sight does lighten the mood…”

“Yes. Hiyori, Tsubaki, Arisu, and Haruna, you all worked really hard. I’m proud to have such talented members in the council,” said Yui, glancing at us, including Hiyori.

If possible, I wished for us all to smoothly transition into the second term.

This was a shared sentiment among us.

“Then, I’ll be heading back… Sorry, Arisu.”

“Don’t keep apologizing. I’m just doing what I should.”

“…Yeah, I understand.”

We prepared to leave the room.

Just then, I noticed Shidou Arisu wasn’t preparing to leave.

“Arisu, aren’t you going back?”

“Hmm? Ah, I thought I’d do some more work for tomorrow before leaving. It’s easier to get things done when there’s plenty of time.”

Arisu said this with a smile, but frankly, it looked more like a forced smile to me.

“…Arisu, you should rest for now—”

“Oh, right. Haruna, could you walk Yui home?”


“Someone might bother Yui about that photo, right? So, I’m asking you to be her bodyguard.”

“That’s fine… But wouldn’t Hiyori or Tsubaki be better for that role?”

“No, you’re better for this. We can’t just shoo people away with force. If it’s not about physical strength, then you or Hiyori would be equally suitable.”


I mean, considering the gender difference, shouldn’t I be the least likely candidate?

Before I could voice this concern, Arisu continued.

“I want you to keep an eye on Yui.”

“Keep an eye?”

“Despite her unshaken appearance, she must be deeply affected. Being the subject of baseless rumors spread by strangers is not something one can easily ignore.”

Of course.

Being shown pictures of oneself doing things never done is terrifying.

“Although I don’t know how you view yourself, I’ve never met anyone as considerate as you. So… even if it’s just a little, could you comfort Yui?”

“…I understand. If Arisu specifically asks me to.”

A beauty like her pleading with me, how could I refuse?

To catch up with Yui, I ran out of the room, leaving Arisu behind.

“Ah, although I can’t make a promise in her stead, Arisu, you should also rest well later, okay? Promise me.”

“…Hehe, I promise.”

“Thank you. See you tomorrow.”

After saying this, I left the student council room and chased after Yui, quickly catching up to her.

“Yaegashi! ”

“Hmm? Haruna, what’s up? You came after me?”

“Yes, Arisu asked me to walk you home.”

“Arisu said that? She’s still so overprotective.”

Yaegashi seemed somewhat displeased.

Being treated like a child wouldn’t sit well with anyone.

“Come on, come on. Considering someone might confront you with that photo, please take me along to keep such people at bay.”

“Hmm… Since you put it that way, I guess I have to agree.”

“Thank you.”

And so, I walked home with Yaegashi.

Being able to walk home with the student council president, someone I admired, was a dream come true for the former me.

But now wasn’t the time to get excited.

We had to do our job well. Otherwise, the efforts Arisu put into the council would be in vain.

“Let’s go then, Haruna.”


With that, Yaegashi and I started walking together.

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
There is a Backside in This Youth!

There is a Backside in This Youth!

Kono Seishun ni wa Ura ga Aru!
Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese
The unattainable interest consists of effort and lies.Although I had many friends but no close friends, and was average in sports and studies-I, Hanashiro Natsuhiko, a self-proclaimed 'high school student who doesn't pretend', was brought to the student council room because I noticed that the student council president, Takashiro Yui, might not be wearing underwear!The athletic club's standout player, Hiyo Ichinose, the naturally talented and older vice president, Alice Saito, and the quiet yet intelligent Futaba Tsubaki... There, in the illustrious Fumimyo High School student council, I witnessed their "hidden truths". ""There are only eight months left until graduation, Hanashiro-san, you should help too!""Eh! So you're really not wearing anything!!?"Grades, friendship, prestige-all for the sake of the 'perfect high school life'.They suppressed their individuality behind that dazzling youth and dragged me into their student council activities!??Behind the enviable and joyful youth, there may be hidden efforts and lies-?The secret time spent with (?) these perfect girls, a school romantic comedy in disguise, begins!


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