📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

V1 There is a Backside in This Youth! Chapter 6

The Meddlesome Heroine Girl Is Quite Cute

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Volume 1, Chapter 6: The Meddlesome Heroine Girl Is Quite Cute

Some time had passed since the commotion caused by Haruna. Despite the approach of summer vacation, the student council remained as busy as ever, yet the work environment was still as calm as usual.

Although I had explained the situation with Haruna to Shidou and Hiyori, perhaps because there hadn’t been any further contact, they didn’t make much of a fuss about it. I was grateful to them while also feeling obliged to compromise.



“Sorry, could you help throw out the trash? We’ve run out of spare bags.”

“Got it, I’m on it.”

“Thanks, you’re a big help.”

Following Yaegashi’s instructions, I set to work. Despite our limited numbers, the student council generated a lot of trash, mainly from food and paperwork. Disposing of this accumulated waste was part of my miscellaneous duties.


After tying up the trash bags, I picked them up and left the room. The trash disposal area was behind the school building. Once there, I deposited the bags into the pile designated for each classroom, thereby concluding my task. To deal with new chores, I decided to head back to the student council.


On my way back, I saw Shidou rushing toward me from the direction of the student council room. Her urgent appearance suggested something had happened, so I closed the distance to meet her.

“What’s wrong?”

“Ha… Ha… Have you already thrown out the trash?”

“Yes, I just took it to the disposal area…”

“Sorry, could you come with me back there? I think I accidentally threw an important document related to the budget proposal into one of the trash bags, and now we need to retrieve it.”

Oh, man. This was beyond my expectation. Without the budget proposal, we couldn’t come to a legitimate review conclusion. Considering the school’s system relies on the student council members to formulate budget plans, some clubs might vent their frustrations at the student council. Since the rules for students are made by students, friction between the student council and the rest of the student body can be more intense than in a typical school. That’s why the president must be an exceptional individual without any flaws, and there can’t be any mistakes in final decisions. In other words, we were in a major crisis.

“Alright… Let’s go back right now.”

“Thank you…!”

I decided to head back to the trash area with Shidou. Our urgency was justified. The school’s trash was first collected in the yard, then taken by janitorial staff to a nearby gathering point. I could still identify the trash bags I had just thrown out. However, if they were already taken to the gathering point—

“…We might be too late…”

The bags I disposed of were no longer there. Although a few remained, they clearly weren’t ours. The janitorial staff must have been in the process of transporting them.

“We have no choice… let’s head to the gathering point,” Shidou said with a sigh. She seemed more exhausted than usual. With the recent increase in student council work and end-of-term exams, it was not surprising that the members were more fatigued than usual. This was where I needed to step in. The role of handling miscellaneous tasks was made for moments like this.

“I’ll go check it out. You rest in the student council room, Shidou.”

“That would be a big help…”

For some reason, Shidou appeared contemplative upon hearing my suggestion. Why? With my role as the one responsible for miscellaneous tasks, this kind of minor issue should be left to me.

“No, I’ll come too. It’ll be more efficient with both of us, and ultimately, you don’t know which trash bag contains the important document, right?”

“That’s true.”

While I had assisted with paperwork, critical documents like budget proposals were mostly handled by the president and vice-president. From my position, I couldn’t really be involved.

“But… are you sure you’re okay?”

“What do you mean?”

“Ah, no… You just seem really tired.”

After I shared what I was thinking, Shidou-senpai looked surprised.

She seemed unaware that her fatigue was showing.

“I do feel like I’ve accumulated a lot of tiredness, but I can’t just take a break because of that. After all, there are other tasks to do in the student council, so don’t you think it’s better to do some work that allows me to breathe some fresh air?”

“I feel like the only thing I’ll be breathing in is trash…”

“Don’t sweat the details. That kind of attitude won’t make you popular with the girls, you know?”

Shidou-senpai flashed a seductive smile.

Indeed, this person sometimes shows a charm that belies her teenage years—

In a conservative sense, she’s just too captivating.

“Sorry… would you mind accompanying me until we find it?”

“Of course, I would.”

The trash gathered at the collection point was likely to stay there until the next day.

So, as long as we find it today, the documents should be safe.

We left the school and hurriedly headed towards the garbage collection point.

“The school’s trash disposal area should be around here.”

On the way, we met the school’s maintenance staff and asked them where they placed the trash in the collection area.

After getting permission from the custodian of the collection point, we headed towards the area the maintenance staff had pointed out to us.

“There’s quite a lot…”

“Yes… Let’s search patiently.”

Before us was a mountain of trash.

It seemed like a lot at first glance, but it was just the tip of the iceberg for the collection point.

However, narrowing down the search to this area made things easier.

“I’ll start searching from this side, and you take the other.”

“Got it.”

Shidou-senpai and I split up and began sorting through the trash bags in front of us.

Embarrassingly, I couldn’t remember which trash bag it was.

Since I had mentally categorized them all as trash, I couldn’t even make sense of what I saw through the bags.

Although most of the trash from each class was easy to identify as food-related, if there was a higher proportion of paper waste, I had to open each bag and search inside.

But now wasn’t the time to get discouraged.

To contribute as a member of the student council, I quickened my search.


Finally, I found a bag that looked similar.

Firstly, there were documents related to the student council that weren’t in the other bags.

As I continued searching, I found several sheets of paper stacked together at the bottom.

“Is it this one?”


Shidou-senpai took the documents from my hands and started checking them one by one.

Upon reaching the last sheet, she sighed in relief.

“Yes, this is it. Thank you, Hanachiro-kun. You’ve been a great help.”

“I’m glad I could be of assistance.”

“Let’s quickly take this document back to the student council room—”

At that moment, droplets fell onto the documents in Shidou-senpai’s hands.


As I exclaimed, more droplets from the sky began to fall, quickly drenching the surroundings.

It was a sudden, light rain.

“Senpai! This way!”


I grabbed Shidou-senpai’s hand and started running.

If this continued, the documents we had just retrieved would be ruined.

I looked around and, upon spotting a worker’s rest area, decided to take shelter there with Shidou-senpai.

“Phew… Senpai, are the documents okay?”

“Ah, yes… They’re a bit wet, but still fine.”

The budget proposal documents were indeed a bit damp, but not severely so.

They should be fine after a bit of air drying.

“The rain came down so suddenly.”

“Yes… I saw on the news that there would be many showers this week, but when it comes down this hard, there’s no avoiding it.”

“Yes… But the rain is really heavy.”

The rain was so loud we had to lean in close to talk.

If it didn’t let up a bit, walking in an uncovered area would be difficult.

“Yes… Ah-choo!”


“Sorry, I feel a bit cold.”

Although the documents were saved, the problem of getting drenched in the process of protecting them wasn’t resolved without consequences.

Both Shidou and I, included, were soaking wet. If left unattended, she might catch a cold.

In a manga or anime, there might be a scene where I lend her my top layer, but unfortunately, only wearing a shirt and undershirt, I had nothing to lend her.

But then…

“Do you want to wear my shirt, Senpai?”

“No… I don’t think it makes any sense.”

“You’re right.”

After all, my shirt was quite wet too. Lending it out would only mean catching a cold myself.

“Then at least let’s keep our bodies close for warmth.”

“Are you having ulterior motives?”

“What are you talking about? It’s a natural thing to do.”

“I wish you’d tell me ‘I was just kidding.'”

I could never lie to a woman. Rather than doing that, it would be better to quietly leave the place.

“I’m sorry to have dragged you into this mess.”

“Don’t worry about it. After all, my job is to assist all members. More importantly… this time was quite dangerous, wasn’t it?”


“Just thinking that something like this could happen again… I really can’t be careless around Yaegashi.”


“Shidou Senpai?”

Suddenly, Shidou fell silent in front of me. Her expression seemed to carry a sense of guilt.

After a moment of silence, she finally spoke.

“It was me.”


“It wasn’t Yaegashi who threw away the documents, it was me.”

Hearing her words, I was slightly shocked. I had already concluded that Senpai was at fault, but the fact that Shidou also made a mistake struck me hard.

Everyone makes mistakes, and as long as they’re not intentional, one can’t blame them. So, it wasn’t about who was bad or good, but rather that I had never seen Shidou make a mistake, and the idea had never crossed my mind.

“Haha… In this way, I can’t claim to be great about protecting Yaegashi’s secret.”

“No, it’s not like that——”

I involuntarily stopped speaking.

I had always thought the person standing in front of me was someone from the student council who could perfectly complete her own tasks while being attentive to others. But now, the Shidou standing here seemed like an ordinary girl.

She must have always been hiding this aspect of herself.

“Shidou Senpai, are you okay?”


“You seem quite exhausted lately. Have you been resting well?”

“Yeah… I probably haven’t rested much.”

Her current demeanor matched the impression she gave me when we met in the hallway earlier. I couldn’t feel the same energy from Shidou that I did when I first joined the student council.

Since when did this start?

Not noticing a woman’s exhaustion, I was quite ungentlemanly.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t consider your situation.”

“Hanachiro, you’ve done well. So, no need to apologize.”


“In reality, our work efficiency has definitely improved since you joined the student council… But not resting is really my own fault.”

Shidou gazed at the rain-soaked trash nearby and sighed lightly.

“I want to vent a bit, would you listen?”

“Of course, you can vent to me as much as you want.”

“Thank you,” she said with a thoughtful expression.

She seemed hesitant about how to start.

“You might laugh… but my goal is to become a novelist.”

“A novelist?”

“Yes. I’ve always loved books since I was a child, and eventually, I started to think about writing my own.”


From a consumer’s perspective, it’s hard to understand the profession of a novelist or manga artist. So I didn’t know how hard it is to pursue such a career or even how to start.

“I hate speculating about things I don’t know and then denying them.”

That’s why—

“I won’t laugh at your dream. I think it’s a wonderful aspiration.”

“Are you flattering me?”

“Do I look like someone who’s that clever? I always speak sincerely.”

I don’t lie just to please women.

While I believe there are necessary lies in this world, I think it’s mocking to use them on someone sincerely pursuing something.

I don’t have a dream yet.

So, from the bottom of my heart, I respect Shidou-senpai, who is working hard toward a certain goal.

“…Somehow, I feel like believing what you just said. It’s strange.”

“Have you fallen for me?”


I got scolded, hehe.

“Please continue. I want to know more about you, Shidou-senpai.”

“Then I shall comply.”

Shidou-senpai flashed a playful smile and continued.

“I’ve been aiming to be a novelist since middle school. Every year since then… I’ve been writing for competitions during this period. The first year, I couldn’t even finish writing, but I’ve managed to complete my entries these last two years.”

“That’s rapid growth…”

How many pages of manuscript would that be?

No matter the number, for someone like me who’s only written essays, it’s not an easy task.

Not to mention, my ‘Chuunibyou’ notes are excluded.

I got rid of those when I entered high school. Erased them, along with their existence.

“Are you working on this year’s manuscript now?”

“That’s right. Every day after school, I spend all my time writing once I finish reviewing for tests.”

“…Senpai, are you getting enough sleep?”

“I do sleep. About three hours a night.”

“A doctor would be upset…”

Sleep should ideally be around six to seven hours.

Of course, some people are fine with less sleep, but most people’s health would be affected.

Even for a teenager, sustaining such a routine for days on end must be tough.

“But I can’t complain, right? Reducing sleep to protect the current student council and to chase my dream, it’s all my own doing, so I must do what’s necessary.”

“Well… I think that’s not wrong.”

“For me, it’s something I want to do despite the hardship.”

Since she put it that way, I couldn’t say much.

No matter how unhealthy Shidou-senpai looked, if she didn’t want to improve her lifestyle, any advice from me would be pointless.

“Everything I do is out of my own will. Aiming to be a novelist is my own choice. I also considered not becoming a novelist, studying for a top university… making Yui the student council president and protecting that position.”


Her last addition caught me off guard.

“The rain seems like it won’t stop. Can I continue talking about the past?”

“Rather, I’m interested in everything. I even want to ask you to keep talking.”

“You really know how to make people want to keep talking.”

Though I was genuinely curious about what came next, Shidou-senpai complimented me.

“She… Yui, has been with me since elementary school.”

“Childhood friends?”

“Sort of.”

Just like Hiyori and me.

“When we entered elementary school, I always… thought Yui was a pitiful girl.”


“She really couldn’t do anything back then. Whether it was academics or sports, she was completely hopeless.”

Shidou-senpai said, squinting her eyes, perhaps reminiscing about those times.

“Overall, I was an outstanding girl, and Yui and I hardly interacted until the third grade of elementary school. That’s when I saw her. After school, practicing on the horizontal bar she was bad at.”

Shidou-senpai continued slowly.

“Just like today, it was raining heavily. The bar was wet, probably she slipped and fell, her clothes covered in mud, completely disheveled.”


“Out of curiosity, I started talking to Yui. ‘Why are you trying so hard?’ Because I always thought, ‘If you can’t do it, isn’t it okay not to do it?’ But she said this to me.”

“Because I’m worse than others, I have to work hard until I’m not worse anymore.”

Shidou-senpai spoke those words and then sighed with a smile.

“Sorry to say, but I found her to be a very strange girl. At the same time, I found it terrifying.”

“You mean Yaegashi-senpai?”

“Not exactly… I was thinking how terrifying it would be if her efforts and persistence didn’t pay off.”

After all, I don’t think that’s something a grade schooler would ponder.

Compared to the normal mischief of my own elementary school days, they seemed to live in a different world. It felt like I was seeing an insurmountable wall.

“So I, too, started to work hard for Yaegashi. I studied doubly hard and then helped teach her. But since I’m also not good at sports, I couldn’t help her there. However, her hard work paid off. By the time we graduated elementary school, Yaegashi was much better at academics and sports than most.”

“That’s incredibly impressive…”

“Hehe, well, the amount of effort put in was significantly different. If she hadn’t reached that level, it would have troubled me.”

While Shidou-senpai flashed a playful smile, she must have been relieved inside.

I could faintly sense this relief in her voice.

“Then, we decided to change our goal, to show more people the results of our hard work. It’s just the exhibitionism of kids. So, I tried recommending Yaegashi for the middle school student council president.”

“She became the student council president from middle school?”

“That’s right. She was president, and I was vice president. This pattern hasn’t changed until today.”

What an astonishing thing.

For six years, since middle school, the two of them have been occupying the seats of student council president and vice president continuously, proving their hard work.

Not pursuing rewards that could be of some use in their future lives, but a position that continuously boasted the title of student council president.

“I want her to graduate as the student council president. Otherwise… it feels like my efforts would be negated… right? It’s all because of my willfulness, isn’t it?”

Shidou-senpai said this with a bitter smile.

Through this, I finally understood something.

The sense of low self-esteem I felt from Yaegashi-senpai—

I finally understood where it came from.

Yaegashi-senpai probably lived feeling inferior to others.

That’s why she lacked confidence in herself and always maintained a humble attitude.

“But luckily, she’s proud of being the student council president, so I think it’s a win-win situation.”

“To have someone like that to support each other… It really is enviable.”

“Oh my, you and Hiyori are childhood friends, right? Do you have any fun stories about the two of you?”


“Since we can’t go back yet, isn’t it unfair that only I have been talking?”

“Indeed, it’s unfair to let only Senpai talk.”

A fun story with Hiyori?

What came to my mind was, in the name of teasing—various forms of violence she inflicted on me.

That being said, there is one thing related to Hiyori that I can’t forget.

No, more accurately, I shouldn’t forget…

“Actually, I used to learn karate. Hiyori and I met in the dojo back then.”

It happened during the lower grades of elementary school.

My parents suggested I learn something, and karate seemed cool, so I decided to try it out.

It turned out I had no talent for fighting, even remembering the moves was difficult.

The days of mockery continued, and when I finally decided to give up… Hiyori, seeing me about to cry, came to talk to me.

“I still can’t forget what Hiyori said to me then…”

“What did Hiyori-chan say to you?”

“Yes, she said, ‘If you’re not talented, why not give up?'”


Shidou-senpai’s eyes widened.

That reaction was normal.

“Although she wasn’t looking down on me, in Hiyori’s view, it probably seemed like I was doing something pointless despite having no talent. Actually, she thought she was being kind.”

“…Hiyori-chan was already quite blunt back then.”

“That hasn’t changed indeed. But because I like it that way, I don’t want her to change.”

Because I often get troubled by my indecisiveness, having someone like Hiyori who can decisively abandon everything is truly something to be grateful for.

Of course, not everyone is good at this, and some may find the words too harsh, but to me, it was just right.

“But at that time, I was frustrated to be spoken to like that and inexplicably got angry, so I kept going to the dojo. Despite her appearance, Hiyori is actually quite kind, so she got involved too…”

Even though karate didn’t make me any stronger, Hiyori still continued to hang out with me, surprised by my actions.

Thinking about it now, maybe she felt responsible for making me angry.

“…And then one day, Hiyori got into a fight with some kids in the dojo.”

“A fight? That Hiyori-chan?”

It’s not surprising that she was astonished.

Even though Hiyori is incredibly strong now, she knows her fists can be weapons.

Therefore, she would never use them on others, let alone get into fights.

“Since I wasn’t there at the time, I only asked in detail afterward… It seems the other party started it, and Hiyori was just holding back the entire time.”

“…Can I ask what the fight was about?”

“According to her, they were making fun of her for being with me. Hiyori seems to really hate that.”

“Oh my…”

“But there’s more to the story—”

Afterward, the group of kids who fought with Hiyori came to apologize to me.

Although they did indeed mock Hiyori, the real reason she got angry was that they were ridiculing me.

“Hiyori-chan was angry on behalf of Hanachiro-kun.”

“Haha, she would get angry if it’s said to her, right? But, I’m really pleased.”

What pleases me the most is that Hiyori considers me a friend.

“Did you give up karate after that incident, Hanachiro-kun?”

“I’m embarrassed to say, I quit when I entered junior high. After all, I never really liked it, nor did I ever win.”

It seems I truly had no talent, never managing a single victory in competitions.

Although I wasn’t openly despised because of Hiyori’s outburst, the continued involvement in karate itself was distressing for me.

When I decided to quit, Hiyori didn’t say much, just a simple “I see.”

Thinking back, Hiyori’s way of living has always been unique to her.

“After I quit, Hiyori still continued to interact with me. To her, it didn’t matter whether I practiced karate or not. I’m grateful for that.”

“…You really like Hiyori-chan, don’t you?”

“Yes, I like her very much.”

“You’re very assertive about it…”

With how things developed, it’s harder not to like Hiyori.

But it’s not in a romantic sense.

“Hiyori is someone who has changed my life in many ways. So, for a guy like me, I shouldn’t be the object of her romantic affection.”


“Oh, the rain seems to have let up a bit, right?”

I reached out from under the eaves and said.

The downpour had stopped, and now it was just a light rain.

In this case, we should be able to return without getting the documents wet.

“Shidou-senpai, let’s go back. I think everyone is probably waiting for us.”


Then, we decided to head back to school.

I know I sidestepped the topic.

But, the following isn’t something that can be said with just a burst of courage.

As long as I’m in the student council, there will always be a chance to tell it.

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
There is a Backside in This Youth!

There is a Backside in This Youth!

Kono Seishun ni wa Ura ga Aru!
Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese
The unattainable interest consists of effort and lies.Although I had many friends but no close friends, and was average in sports and studies-I, Hanashiro Natsuhiko, a self-proclaimed 'high school student who doesn't pretend', was brought to the student council room because I noticed that the student council president, Takashiro Yui, might not be wearing underwear!The athletic club's standout player, Hiyo Ichinose, the naturally talented and older vice president, Alice Saito, and the quiet yet intelligent Futaba Tsubaki... There, in the illustrious Fumimyo High School student council, I witnessed their "hidden truths". ""There are only eight months left until graduation, Hanashiro-san, you should help too!""Eh! So you're really not wearing anything!!?"Grades, friendship, prestige-all for the sake of the 'perfect high school life'.They suppressed their individuality behind that dazzling youth and dragged me into their student council activities!??Behind the enviable and joyful youth, there may be hidden efforts and lies-?The secret time spent with (?) these perfect girls, a school romantic comedy in disguise, begins!


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