📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

V1 There is a Backside in This Youth! Chapter 4

The Idol's Secret

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Volume 1, Chapter 4: The Idol’s Secret

“Phew… Let’s call it a day,” said Senior Shidou, easing the tense atmosphere in the student council room.

Two weeks remained until summer break.

Today’s task, which the teachers had rather forcefully — no, kindly asked us to undertake, was document preparation.

Part of the student council’s duties was to create contact documents for guardians.

Additionally, we had to produce the bi-weekly student council newsletter, so these days the student council was extremely busy.

By the way, I wasn’t involved in document preparation. Although I occasionally fetched printed materials, my primary role was to maintain an environment conducive to everyone’s work.

“Hey, Yui. This year seems as busy as the last one, doesn’t it?”

“No, sometimes it ends early like today. I think we’re making faster progress than last year. It’s all thanks to gathering so many talented people.”


This conversation between Seniors Shidou and Yaegashi took place in front of us juniors.

They, now in their third year, seemed to have been active members of the student council since their second year, serving as president and vice-president, respectively, for two consecutive years.

Their remarkable dedication was worth noting. Moreover, the presidential elections occurred before winter break at the end of the second term. This meant that Yaegashi Yui, who had been president for two consecutive years, had held this status since the third term of her first year.

Her star quality, earning the support of the entire student body while still in her first year, was truly admirable.


A question suddenly struck me.

“Um, what’s wrong, Natsuhiko?”

“Ah, no… I was just wondering what last year’s student council members were like.”

When we enrolled as first-year students, Yaegashi Yui was already the student council president, and Shidou Arisu was the vice-president, but I had never seen any other members.

Hiyori joined the student council at the end of last year, around February of our first year.

Who could the other members have been back then?

“It’s strange to ask that now. Last year, it was just Alice and me in the student council.”

“Wow, just two people… Wait, what?”

Hold on. Did she just say something quite peculiar?

I turned to Senior Shidou, expecting a correction, but instead, she simply gave a wry smile.

“It might sound like a lie, but it’s true. During our second year, the student council was just President Yui and Vice-President me.”

“Why… why was that?”

“…Because we didn’t know who was friend or foe.”

“Ah… I see.”

Senior Shidou’s eyes narrowed as if recalling those challenging times. Keeping Yui’s secret must have required utmost vigilance.

For people like me and Hiyori, who already knew the secret, it was manageable. But expecting a first-year like Shidou to investigate everyone’s background was too cruel.

Futaba’s joining also made good use of her first-year experience.

“…Didn’t the teachers say anything about this?”

“They did, a lot. They told us to find more members. But at that time, it wasn’t a situation where we could just carelessly add more people due to a lack of manpower, so I had to handle everything to shut them up…”

“Must have been tough…”

“The situation mainly arose because many older students were jealous of Yui, a first-year, becoming the student council president. I could feel their intense desire to dethrone her every day.”

That was understandable.

Among the students, some aimed to become president for university recommendations or future benefits. It’s slightly understandable why they would be aggressive if a junior took that spot.

After all, we had only one year left, while for Yaegashi and others, it had already been a year.

“…Even now, in our third year, I can still sense that atmosphere.”

“Huh…? So, if Yui hadn’t become president, the current third-year students could have run for election?”

“Yes. Even if they joined midway, winning in a re-election would allow them to serve as president for that year.”

Senior Shidou sighed.

I guess in both the first and second years, not many wanted to oust the incumbent president to take over. As time passed and Yui graduated, opportunities for us to become president next year increased.

Though not to zero…

In that case, the most proactive would likely be the soon-to-graduate third-year students.

Aiming for the prestigious experience of being president of this school, it wouldn’t be strange for them to target Yui’s position.

In any case, both Yaegashi Yui and Shidou Arisu — and now us — had no idea where our ambitious enemies were lurking.

“Although I threatened you into joining, your presence has really been a great help. Thank you so much.”

“Not at all… Although I was confused at first, now I feel that being a part of this is valuable. So, don’t worry about it.”

Faced with Shidou’s gratitude, Hiyori awkwardly scratched her cheek.

Personally, I think the purpose of protecting Yaegashi Yui’s secret has been a crucial factor in deepening our bonds.

Honestly, I’m not sure if I’m used to it yet, but it feels pretty good.

In order to gain more trust from everyone, I knew I had to work harder and contribute more.

“I’m going to the dojo with Tsubaki today, so I’ll be leaving first,” I said.

“Alright, see you tomorrow,” they responded.

“Thanks for today. Goodbye,” added Hiyori as she and Futaba left the classroom.

“Um… are there no more miscellaneous tasks for today?” I inquired.

“No, we’re just going to report our progress to the teacher and then head home. You can go ahead, Hanachiro.”

“Got it. Then, I’ll take my leave as well.”

“Thanks for your work today, Hanachiro. See you tomorrow!”

Hearing the beautiful seniors bid me goodbye lifted my spirits immensely.

But no matter how elated I was, it was time to head home. Without any particular detour in mind, I decided to head straight back.

Leaving the student council room, I walked towards the main gate. Club activities were in full swing, and I could hear the lively sounds of the sports teams.

As someone not involved in any clubs, I sometimes envied their passion. Being fully immersed in something is truly wonderful.

Having interests and dreams can enrich one’s life. From that perspective, I must be quite vibrant now, right?

On the surface, I’m a dedicated student involved in the student council, spending my time for the school.

…But my reason for joining wasn’t exactly conventional, and I couldn’t exactly brag about joining because I was concerned whether she was wearing underwear or not.

But that’s okay.

I can work with a sense of mission now. These trivial details of a student’s life wouldn’t be noticed unless spoken aloud.

“…Huh, Hanachiro?”


Someone suddenly greeted me from behind while I was lost in thought.

Turning around, I saw a girl with dyed golden hair standing before me.

“Ah, Haruna Rumi!?”

Seeing her approaching, I instinctively recoiled.

Let me be clear, it’s not that I was wavering towards her.

It was the dozen or so boys behind her that made me nervous.

“Ah, sorry everyone. I promised to go home with my classmate today, so can we go to karaoke some other time?”

“Wha- But we planned to go to karaoke today…!”

“I’m really sorry! I’ll make it up to you, so please forgive me…?”

She apologized with her moist, pleading eyes, which had the power to melt any boy’s resistance.

As expected, the boys’ dissatisfaction visibly softened.

“If Haruna says so, then we can’t help it… Let’s call it off for today!”

“Thank you! I’ll definitely make it up to you!”

“Sure! Anytime!”

The boys dispersed one after another.

Then, she walked over to me again and stood by my side.

“Quite a coincidence, Hanachiro. Since we’ve met like this at the school gate, how about we walk to the station together?”

“I-Is that okay… But what about the boys just now?”

“Ah, they are from the soccer club. They invited me separately to karaoke, but I figured since they all wanted the same thing, why not go together? So, after telling them that, it ended up being a big group.”

Haruna said with a mischievous smile.

(She really is the most popular girl in school…)

Haruna Rumi is my classmate, affectionately known as Ruru by everyone. If there was a hierarchy in our class, she would undoubtedly be at the top.

For instance, during the cultural festival preparations, if Haruna expressed a wish, everyone would readily agree.

Naturally, she was extremely popular among the boys, a clear leader among the second-year students.

The reason wasn’t just her stunning appearance, but also her ability to close the distance with anyone, regardless of who they are.

Not minding physical contact or indirect kisses, she could make someone wonder, “Does she like me?” She was a genius at making boys misunderstand her intentions.

Consequently, boys kept confessing to her, and rumors of someone getting rejected by her circulated almost every week.

Was everything as she intended?

Indeed, as we walked side by side, our shoulders almost brushed against each other occasionally.

This made my heart race, creating a strange sensation.

Could it be that all these were calculated by her…

No, even if they were, my heart wouldn’t waver.

After all, I’ve been surrounded by beautiful girls for so long now that I’ve developed a resistance.

“Ah, sorry.”


At that moment, the hand of Haruna Rumi, who was beside me, accidentally brushed against mine.

Uh-oh, my heart started racing uncontrollably.

No, this is bad. She can penetrate my defenses…!

“Say, Hanachiro-kun… I always feel there’s something mysterious about you.”

“Eh, eh?”

I let out a foolish sound in response to her unexpected remark.

“Even when talking with our classmates, you seem so composed… You neither delve too deep nor let others in.”


It was surprising to be observed so keenly by one of the most popular girls in class.

Why does it give the boys the wrong impression?

I won’t be fooled. I’m not interested in a love I know will be rejected.

“So, I’ve decided. I want to be friends with you, Hanachiro-kun, and get you to open up. That way, we can have a secret relationship unknown to others, wouldn’t that be exciting?”

Haruna Rumi, smiling mischievously, was indeed adorable.

She must like me, right?

Definitely, but when will she confess?

—No, no, I can’t.

I have a mission to protect Yaegashi Yui.

This is not the time to get distracted.

“Hehe, yes. I’d be happy to be friends with you too.”

I responded coolly with a polite comment.

After all, what Haruna Rumi said was just courtesy. As long as I don’t get too involved, it’s safe.



Despite what seemed like the perfect response, Haruna Rumi looked surprisingly taken aback.

“It shouldn’t be like this, right?”

“Hm? What did you say?”

“No, nothing at all!”

I felt I heard something out of character from the most popular girl in class, but since she said it was nothing, it must be nothing.

“Um… Hanachiro-kun, do you have a girlfriend?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Because, if she saw us walking home together, she might get jealous, right?”

“Ah— I see. No worries, I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Hmm— I see. That’s surprising, considering how handsome you are, Hanachiro-kun.”

Hahaha, she’s trying to make me misunderstand, huh?

If she’s playing this game, then I just need to withstand it with my strong will.

“Handsome or not… Hearing that from cute and popular Haruna Rumi gives me confidence.”


Haruna Rumi, suddenly flustered, turned her face away from me.

Strange. She’s always surrounded by so many people, receiving compliments should be normal for her.

Maybe this is one of her techniques to charm boys.

Getting embarrassed by her own words…! If it’s about toying with the hearts of men too naive to be happy, then I understand.

I’m even amazed at my own deductive skills.

Haruna Rumi, what a pity. I won’t join your personal guard.

“Hanachiro-kun… do you say this to everyone?”

“No, only to those I genuinely feel that way about. I’m not someone who can just put on a friendly face for anyone.”

Take that, my composed and charming smile.

Now begins the psychological battle between you and me.

In defense mode, I’m an impregnable fortress.

Your shallow words used on other boys can’t defeat me.


But, Haruna Rumi’s reaction was completely different from what I expected.

Her face turned bright red in an instant, as if she was feeling extremely embarrassed.

Phew, although cute, knowing it’s all an act to enchant me helps me keep my heart rate to a minimum.

Haruna Rumi, defeated.

…What exactly am I battling against?



Haruna Rumi, her face still red, stutteringly took out her smartphone.

Can she pull off this level of acting? She’s practically an actress.

“Con-contact information! Shall we exchange it!? Look, we’re in the same class, but we haven’t done that yet, right!?”

“Ah— right.”

I took out my smartphone and exchanged contact information with Haruna Rumi.

Just after we exchanged numbers, Haruna clutched her smartphone tightly to her chest.

“Th-Thank you!… Hey, hey, Hanachiro, how about we go home together again tomorrow?”


Haruna gazed at me with her moist eyes. What was she planning this time? I became slightly cautious and looked into her eyes.

“It’s really fun talking with you, Hanachiro, so I want to be with you again tomorrow… Is that okay?”

She said something that would make anyone happy.

Even if it was an act, not many boys would dislike it. But, going home together might be difficult.

“Ah… I’m flattered by your invitation, but I have student council work, so I’ll be going home late.”

“Student council…? Hanachiro, are you a member of the student council?”

“Yes. But I just joined recently.”

Haruna looked surprised. My sudden joining must have seemed strange, raising doubts about whether I fit the profile of a typical council member.

“Is the student council busy?”

“Very busy… Although I managed to leave early today, usually it ends around the same time as club activities.”

“I see…”

“Well, my job is more like doing odd jobs, so it’s not that busy. Just pouring tea, moving documents, that sort of thing…”

No, there’s actually much more to do than I thought.

“That’s not fair.”

Haruna murmured under her breath, stopping in her tracks.

“That’s just… being a runner.”

“Running errands… It’s not like that.”

“It’s mistreatment no matter how you look at it! That’s not good!”


Haruna looked seriously concerned and grabbed my shoulders.

Now what?

I don’t intend to be just a runner, and the seniors probably don’t see me as one either.

That said, even if it’s running errands, if it’s for beautiful girls, I’m more than happy. The fried noodle bread I buy becomes part of their flesh and blood… It’s wonderful.

“…I’ll help you.”


Haruna’s words snapped me out of my wayward thoughts.

“I’ll help you, Hanachiro.”

“No, but that’s…”

Haruna walked ahead, leaving me behind. I couldn’t stop her, only watching as she walked away.

What did she mean by helping me? I had a bad feeling about this.

At least my instincts were telling me to be wary of her.


Then, the next day.

My ominous feeling from yesterday quickly became reality.

“Excuse me!”

With a loud voice, the door to the student council room swung open.

Under everyone’s gaze, Haruna Rumi stepped into the room.

“Um… who are you?”

“I’m Haruna Rumi from the second year. I’m here today because I have something to say to the members of the student council!”

Senior Shidou’s eyes showed a hint of wariness.

Seeing this, Hiyori and Futaba also became alert.

There had been several instances where people suddenly entered the student council room.

For us, who had to constantly be aware of Yui’s whereabouts outside, this room was a sort of oasis.

If we didn’t get rid of the intruder quickly, we wouldn’t be able to rest.

But there was a significant obstacle.

“Hmm, you’re a guest? Then I should welcome you.”

Yui said this with a smile.

Can you understand? No matter how much we want to drive away the intruder, this person would still welcome them first.

While Yui’s open-armed spirit is cute and charming, it’s a real trial for us, the members.

After all, forcibly driving her away would only create unnecessary enemies, and Yaegashi-senpai would be displeased with such inhospitality.

In other words, we need to skillfully control the situation and then subtly encourage the ‘external enemy’ to leave—

“No need for formalities! Rather than that…!”

Haruna Rumi glanced at me and then glared at all the members.

“Please stop making Hanachiro-kun run errands!”


Yaegashi-senpai tilted her head in confusion.

I realized my naivety at the last moment and instinctively cradled my head.

I should have firmly followed her yesterday and corrected her misconception.

“Not getting too close to her” was a grave mistake.

If I don’t resolve this now, it will cause trouble for everyone.

“Hanachiro-kun told me yesterday! The student council members are dumping menial tasks on him! As his classmate, I absolutely cannot allow this!”

“Dumping menial tasks on him…?”

Hiyori gave me a sharp look.

Then she quickly moved closer to me, standing in a position to throw a punch at any moment.

“Humph— so that’s what you think.”

Hiyori’s fist gently pressed against my side.

This is bad; she’s in a stance for a one-inch punch.

A strike with enough power to cause damage even at nearly zero distance, also known as “inch force.”

It’s like having a gun pointed at you.

In this situation, I must avoid saying anything foolish.

Above all, I want to avoid Hiyori’s punishment, and my words could potentially reveal Yaegashi-senpai’s secret.

“Really, Hiyori, do you think I’m the type of guy who would complain about being relied on by girls?”

“…Yeah. If it were you, you’d probably be happy to do the work.”

That’s what you believe?

Anyway, it seems Haruna Rumi thinks I’m being ordered around by the student council—as if I’m just an errand boy.

And she’s here to help me.

Could it be that Haruna Rumi likes me?

“Ha… Haruna, you’re mistaken. Natsuhiko does have the role of ‘handling menial tasks,’ so he’s just taking on the student council’s work. That’s all.”

“So, Hanachiro-kun being bossed around by his ‘wife’ is also a lie…?”

“Haruna Rumi, what exactly is your perception of me?”

That sounds almost like slavery.

“I can’t say for sure… it’s a lie, right?”

Hiyori looked very troubled.

No, I wish you would resist a bit more as the one being doubted.

“See! You are indeed mistreating Hanachiro-kun! And I’ve seen several times you being violent towards him, even his face swelling up from it!”

“Should I say that’s just normal teasing… By the way, aren’t you paying too much attention to Natsuhiko? I never openly beat him up in broad daylight, right?”

“Eh, ah… that’s…”

Haruna Rumi stammered.

Now that she mentioned it, indeed, when Hiyori and I tease each other, there’s usually no one around.

Based on the idea that people don’t develop positive feelings when encountering violence, we are cautious with each other.

Though we haven’t explicitly hinted, we’ve naturally stopped joking around in non-specific, crowded places.

But saying this out loud is as embarrassing as an actor explaining their own joke.

Meaning, even if Haruna Rumi is a classmate we regularly interact with, it’s unlikely she would see this side of us often.

In that case, it means Haruna Rumi is consciously paying attention to Hiyori and me—

“No, don’t mind me! More importantly, please release Hanachiro-kun early!”

Haruna Rumi shifted her focus from Hiyori to Yaegashi-senpai and pressed on.

It would be bad to drag Yaegashi-senpai into this. I quickly interjected, ready to persuade Haruna Rumi myself.

But Yaegashi-senpai, seemingly unconcerned about the earlier comment, said,

“Natsuhiko is very important to us student council members. His brewed tea is top-notch! At this point, we can’t possibly let him go.”


I was almost moved to tears.

So, this is what Yaegashi-senpai thinks.

Being needed by others is such a happy feeling.

The fact that my praised skill has nothing to do with the student council makes it even better.

“Indeed, if Hanachiro-kun stops being a student council member, we would be in trouble… We can’t just let him go.”

A chill ran down my spine upon hearing Senior Shidou’s last remark. Her decisiveness in making cruel judgments, due to her strong-willed nature, always left people astonished.

Incidentally, even under such circumstances, Futaba Tsubaki remained composed and continued her work. Her ability to work autonomously was truly remarkable.

“Are you all going to keep exploiting Hanachiro like this…? Hanachiro! Are you okay with this!? If it continues, won’t you just waste your time for nothing!?”


While it might sound odd, I somewhat understood Haruna’s standpoint.

I had joined the student council under threat after accidentally learning the president’s secret. To outsiders, this might seem unfortunate. But for me, it didn’t apply.

I don’t mean to belittle myself, but the ‘personal time’ I had didn’t hold much value to me.

I hadn’t done silly things with close friends, nor had I found any club activities or hobbies to immerse myself in.

I could spend this time studying, but there’s a limit to one’s concentration.

In such a case, the student council actually made meaningful use of what would have been wasted time for me.

In other words, I felt nothing but gratitude for the student council environment, with no dissatisfaction at all.

“Haruna, I’m really happy you’re concerned about me, but I’m fine. Despite appearances, I’m actually enjoying it…”

“…So you can’t speak your true feelings here, can you?”


“Come with me, Hanachiro. Let’s find a place where we can talk alone.”

Haruna seemed to have understood something as she grabbed my hand.

While I was still surprised by her actions, she had already pulled me out of the student council room.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you graduate from being an errand boy…!”

I felt that Haruna’s words weren’t just for me but also for those left in the student council room.

She led me by the hand, walking briskly through the corridors.

In the end, all I could do was try not to fall over and follow her.


We could only watch as Natsuhiko was taken away by Haruna.

“…Is it really okay to let them go?”

After a while, Tsubaki, who had been focused on her work, spoke up.

“Ah… Yes. I mean… sorry, I didn’t quite understand what she was saying. Do you know that girl, Hiyori, the one who was with Hanachiro just now?”

“Sort of… She’s our classmate. Quite famous in this school.”

Haruna Rumi.

She was our classmate and very popular in the school.

Her charm lay in her beauty, though she was far behind Seniors Yaegashi and Shidou. But among our peers, Haruna was definitely outstanding.

To be honest, we didn’t interact much with her.

So, while I wasn’t sure about her personality, if she was the kind to empathize with guys, I could understand her popularity.

However, her behavior seemed odd, and it bothered me…

“Ha… Sorry about this.”

I bowed apologetically to Senior Shidou.

“Why are you apologizing, Hiyori?”

“After all, it was my idea to bring Natsuhiko into the student council.”

That day, after bringing Natsuhiko to this room and convincing him to join despite the embarrassing photo, it was I who had initiated it.

We had been childhood friends, and I didn’t want Natsuhiko to have a bad experience.

Although he needed some nudging, he wasn’t a bad person by nature.

But there was a bigger reason than that.

“Has he contributed to the student council?”

As much as it irked me to praise Natsuhiko, he was indeed a competent boy.

If you ignore his foolish, lecherous, girl-crazy side, you’d see a kind and considerate guy.

But I only knew this because I’d known him for a long time.

While he seemed to have integrated into the student council recently, he had caused trouble at a crucial moment.

We couldn’t allow outsiders to get close to the student council.

If Yaegashi’s secret got out and we had to indirectly suggest that guy join the council, it would be our mistake.

So, I was somewhat relieved that Natsuhiko was here.

These were my selfish thoughts.

“…May I express my opinion first?”


Tsubaki, usually reticent, raised her hand, leaving the seniors aside.

“When the president was locked in the storeroom, I was able to rescue her thanks to Hanachiro. To me, without a doubt, Hanachiro has been a great help. I can’t judge what kind of talent we need… but in terms of contribution, I believe Hanachiro is the right person.”


I was startled. I never expected the usually silent Tsubaki to speak so much because of Natsuhiko.

That guy is really something.

“In that case, the person who has benefited the most from Natsuhiko’s help would be me, who he directly assisted. Plus, he’s quite humorous and adorable. He’s what you’d call an atmosphere maker.”


“And also, I want to pat his head.”

—This person’s words are truly baffling.

But, I know that Natsuhiko is much needed here.

“Although I can’t express it well, the fact that Hanachiro-kun’s tea is delicious is true. If you think he has contributed, then that’s all that matters, right? At this point, I don’t want to send him away.”

“…You saying that is a relief to me.”

I let out a sigh of relief.

Having accidentally discovered Yaegashi-senpai’s secret, I was regarded as a serious member and became a part of protecting the secret.

Initially, I found it bothersome and thought about not telling anyone else, asking them to let me off.

Although I remember telling Natsuhiko it was for internal review, to be honest, it would be a lie to say I have no feelings for Yaegashi-senpai, Shidou-senpai, and Tsubaki, whom I recommended.

This space is comfortable for me.

So, if possible, I hope that guy would also cherish this place—

But it’s completely against my character, so I definitely won’t say it out loud.

“…That being said, if you keep bringing outsiders here, it’s still going to be troublesome, so Hiyori-chan, could you go and say it again?”

“I understand.”

Shidou-senpai’s words make a lot of sense.

Not relying on others in this respect is a part of Shidou-senpai’s reliability.

Anyway, seeing Haruna’s behavior, it wouldn’t be surprising if she barges into this room again.

If she starts doubting the student council because of Natsuhiko, then he’s the only one who can resolve this.

“Hehehe, but a spirited junior is cute. Tell Natsuhiko to bring her here next time. I’ll make sure to welcome her properly next time.”

“Absolutely not.”

“Eh, eh!?!”

—Today, Yaegashi-senpai is still a bit off.


“This should be far enough…”

Haruna Rumi finally stopped after bringing me to the stairway platform leading to the rooftop.

This platform, used only when going to the rooftop, is generally deserted.

It’s a place for those who want to eat under the midday sky during lunch break. After school, it’s mostly empty, making it a spot for secret meetings.

“Hanachiro-kun, tell me the truth. I’m your ally, Hanachiro-kun…”

“Um—… even if you say that.”

Haruna Rumi is still misunderstanding my relationship with the student council members.

After all, when I first labeled everyone as bad, she wasn’t someone I could easily communicate with.

I must be cautious with my words.

I need to make her understand that I joined the student council of my own volition.

“Haruna Rumi, I’m sorry… you’ve misunderstood.”


“I am very satisfied with the student council environment. Being surrounded by beautiful girls—no, being able to work under people who need me, is a very happy thing for me.”

“Happy…? But it looks like you’re being ordered around…?”

“It may seem that way to others, but for me, being ordered around by girls is a very happy thing.”


After I finished speaking, Haruna Rumi stepped back, looking shocked.

“So… Hanachiro-kun, you really don’t feel any pain at all?”

“To be honest, not at all.”

Rather, being able to breathe the same air as beautiful girls every day is extremely blissful.

It feels like being purified from the inside.

“…That’s just weird.”


Suddenly, Haruna Rumi grabbed my shoulders and looked at me earnestly.

“Could it be that, Hanachiro-kun, you lack confidence in yourself?”


“Yes. So, even if someone uses you, you probably wouldn’t care, that’s what I think… No, not probably. Definitely!”

Haruna, having reached her own conclusion, released me and began scanning me from head to toe. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but it was somewhat embarrassing.

If I had any peculiar hobbies, it was scenes that excited people.

“Hanachiro, are you free tomorrow?”

“Um, yes… I am free.”

“Then it’s settled. Let’s meet at the station at 10 AM tomorrow!”

“Eh!? Wait! Haruna!?”

“We have a date! If you’re late, I’ll be really mad!”

After saying this, Haruna ran down the stairs and looked back at me from the lower floor.

“I’ll make you cool within a day! That way, you’ll definitely graduate from being an errand boy!”

Haruna left with a triumphant smile, leaving me puzzled.

What did she mean by that? If I’m not mistaken, it seemed like an invitation to a date…

What a forceful invitation it was. I liked it, not at all displeased.


I lay on my bed in my room, staring at the ceiling, chewing over my thoughts.

“Ah—! Damn it! Why won’t that guy fall for it! It’s so frustrating!”

I — Haruna Rumi — believed that no boy in the world could resist doing as I wished.

This perfect face, and the charm that made me popular among boys.

I usually didn’t reveal my true feelings, instead speaking in a slightly higher pitch to appear sweet and increasing physical contact to capture boys’ hearts.

With this strategy, I had manipulated many boys to my will.

It was my hobby, my life’s value, and my way of relieving stress.

But that one guy…

“Finally becoming a savior, and that idiot Hanachiro… saying being used by girls is happiness… If so, he should obey me.”

By my first year, my existence should have been known to the whole grade.

More than fifty boys had confessed to me, right?

Among those who hadn’t, there were still many who cast longing glances my way.

Counting them, the number of boys in my grade that I had captivated was probably over a hundred.

Firstly, this was a great achievement for my goal to dominate the grade.

That’s why a boy from my class, who utterly defied me, bruised my ego.

So I targeted him — but was his nature that of a slave?

He must have been brainwashed by the student council.

Otherwise, I couldn’t understand why he wasn’t moved by me, who had specially gone to the student council to negotiate for him.

But I found a breakthrough.

Hanachiro obeys the student council because he lacks confidence in himself.

His inner weakness was exploited by those girls.

Definitely, it had to be so.

If I could give Hanachiro confidence, I could strike back powerfully at those girls.

Moreover, if Hanachiro became handsome, I’d be happier standing beside him.


A strange thought seemed to have crept into my mind.

Standing together with Hanachiro, wouldn’t that look like we were dating?


Wouldn’t I find that not too bad?

No, no, impossible.

Even if I couldn’t own him, starting to pay serious attention when I realized —

“That’s not… right?”

I became fearful, tilting my head involuntarily.

I have always been the manipulator.

I cannot be the one who chases.

“…I need to make sure.”

Haruna Rumi, the heartbreaker of men.

To maintain my ego, in this upcoming date, I must conquer Hanachiro.

Reaffirming my resolve, I revisited my self-compiled “Must-Read! Techniques for Girls to Conquer Boys.”

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
There is a Backside in This Youth!

There is a Backside in This Youth!

Kono Seishun ni wa Ura ga Aru!
Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese
The unattainable interest consists of effort and lies.Although I had many friends but no close friends, and was average in sports and studies-I, Hanashiro Natsuhiko, a self-proclaimed 'high school student who doesn't pretend', was brought to the student council room because I noticed that the student council president, Takashiro Yui, might not be wearing underwear!The athletic club's standout player, Hiyo Ichinose, the naturally talented and older vice president, Alice Saito, and the quiet yet intelligent Futaba Tsubaki... There, in the illustrious Fumimyo High School student council, I witnessed their "hidden truths". ""There are only eight months left until graduation, Hanashiro-san, you should help too!""Eh! So you're really not wearing anything!!?"Grades, friendship, prestige-all for the sake of the 'perfect high school life'.They suppressed their individuality behind that dazzling youth and dragged me into their student council activities!??Behind the enviable and joyful youth, there may be hidden efforts and lies-?The secret time spent with (?) these perfect girls, a school romantic comedy in disguise, begins!


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