📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

V1 There is a Backside in This Youth! Chapter 2

The Unapproachable Flower Needs to Maintain Distance and Usage

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Volume 1, Chapter 2: The Unapproachable Flower Needs to Maintain Distance and Usage

“Please have some tea.”

“Ah, thank you.”

I sipped the tea handed to me by Futaba, my classmate.

She stood across the table, behind Saito-senpai, who was sitting opposite me.

“So… can I take it that I’ve been invited by the student council?”

“To be precise, we’ve forcibly included you in the student council.”

That means I’m now part of the student council.

Although she’s the student council vice-president, I doubt she has the authority to take any measures against a regular student.

“If you refuse, we’ll take embarrassing photos of you as blackmail material.”

“So, that wouldn’t really be a threat to me, would it?”

“Is that so…”

Saito-senpai seemed troubled.

Somehow, she exuded an air of world-weariness.

“…Saito-senpai, could you please explain the situation in detail? I’ll call Takashiro-senpai over.”

“Yes… could you do that, please?”


Saito-senpai watched Hiyo leave the room and then turned her gaze back to me.

“…I’ll explain everything.”

“Ah, thank you. I appreciate it.”

“First of all, do you know why Yui doesn’t wear underwear?”

“Eh? Why start with sexual harassment?”

“That’s not what I mean.”

Isn’t it?

“Then, that means… Takashiro-senpai has this preference?”

“To clarify for her reputation, that’s not correct either.”

“That’s disappointing.”

“Have you been too frank since just now?”

“I think that’s one of my strengths.”

I don’t lie to women.

As a gentleman, I want to remain frank in front of women.

“So, what’s Takashiro-senpai’s secret?”

“…She’s a total klutz.”

“A klutz?”

“Yes. And a huge one at that.”

Klutz, as in scatterbrained or naturally ditzy, is a word more commonly used in this context.

Originally used for malfunctioning machinery, it’s not a compliment when applied to a person.

No matter how I think about it, I don’t believe this term suits Takashiro-senpai—

“Her grades are excellent, she’s good at sports, and she has strong leadership qualities, so people might think that, right?”

“That’s true…”

Right, that’s the impression I have of Takashiro-senpai.

Takashiro-senpai is beautiful and athletic, fully qualified to be the student council president with her leadership qualities.

After all, I’ve heard she’s often in the top three of our grade—a perfection that others can’t reach.

“But she’s a klutz.”


Saito-senpai said this definitively.

Because of my usual impression of her, I couldn’t shake off the idea that Takashiro-senpai was perfect.

But as far as I know, Saito-senpai has been by Takashiro’s side the longest.

So what she says is more credible than what anyone else might say.

Moreover, Saito-senpai doesn’t seem like the kind of person who would kidnap someone for a joke.

With that, I had no room for doubt anymore————

“So… in what way is she a klutz?”

As I questioned her statement, the student council room door opened.

Entering the room were Takashiro-senpai, the subject of our conversation, and Hiyo, who had gone to call her.

“Saito-senpai, I’ve brought Takashiro-senpai.”

“Hiyo-chan, thank you. Yui, come here for a moment.”

At Saito-senpai’s call, Takashiro-senpai approached me.

“Hello, Takashiro-senpai.”

“Oh, aren’t you Hanashiro Natsuhiro? It’s been since yesterday on the rooftop. Are you visiting us already?”

“Something like that. A lot has happened.”

“Hmm. Anyway, welcome. Feel free to relax here in our student council room.”

As Takashiro-senpai spoke, she smiled.

It seemed like Takashiro-senpai was happy to see me, but did she know that her secret had already been told to me just now?

“Hey, Yui? Did you really not wear underwear yesterday?”

“Hm? Ah, yes. You see, we had swimming class yesterday, so I wore my swimsuit under my uniform to save time changing, but I forgot to bring underwear for after school. I was quite flustered about my own mistake.”

“…Didn’t I say to come to me if you ever have any trouble?”


Takashiro-senpai sounded as if she had just remembered.

“It’s not just ‘ah’! Really! What would you have done if other students saw you!?”

“It’s fine. Only Hanashiro Natsuhiro here saw me.”

“But you were still seen by someone!”

At that moment, I fully believed what Saito-senpai had said.

My perception of Takashiro-senpai underwent a significant shift.

While her inner qualities were largely exceptional, I think this conversation just explained everything.

“…From Saito-senpai’s tone, could it be that she’s a habitual offender?”

“Mm… yes, that’s right.”

Forgetting to bring a change of underwear for swimming class isn’t an uncommon occurrence.

Indeed, it’s not uncommon, but it’s a different story when the person in question is Yae Takashiro-senpai.

It’s even worse if it’s habitual.

“Hanashiro-kun, you know how the student council of this school is chosen, right?”

“Yes, it’s decided at the annual president election.”

“Correct. The student council president is elected by the entire student body from a pool of candidates or those who are nominated. For this reason, the person who becomes the student council president must be a role model for all students.”

“So you’re saying they can’t be someone who forgets to wear underwear, right?”

“Exactly, they can’t forget to wear underwear————wait, did you just sexually harass me quite naturally?”

“No? I was just speaking.”

How could I deliberately change the topic from underwear to lingerie just to make Saito-senpai say it?

“However, I think ‘lingerie’ is a bit too elegant. If possible, let’s all say ‘underwear’ together!”

“Natsuhiro, I’ll pray that in your next life you become a label on underwear.”

“Eh, aren’t you going to start by killing me first?”

Hiyo’s fist deeply buried into my face.

Thank you for your consistent show of affection.

“Hey, Hiyo. Misusing violence is not good, you know. Natsuhiro Hanashiro’s face is all sunken in now.”

“Ah, it’s okay. He likes it.”

“What? Is that so. Then continue as you were.”

“Sure, don’t mind us.”

Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute.

I quickly pinched my sunken nose and pulled it out, then protested loudly.

“Wait a minute! I still feel pain! I’m not that masochistic!”

“If it’s not ‘completely nonexistent,’ then it should be fine.”

You’re right.

I was hit where it hurts. Because of that straight punch.

“Never mind about me. Rather, please tell me more about Takashiro-senpai.”

“It was you who steered the conversation towards ‘me’…”

Hiyo’s cool retort hit the mark.

No, no, no. The air in this room, filled with beautiful girls except for me, is too delicious, making me overly excited.

In this state, I can’t speak calmly.

I should take a deep breath first to calm down.

Hmm, the air is indeed delicious.

“…Shall we get back to the main topic?”

Saito-senpai coughed and then continued speaking.

“This Yae Takashiro here, although she’s the student council president, has taken ‘clumsiness’ to the extreme. Especially her mistakes and foolish actions are numerous. What do you think would happen if all the students in the school knew about it?”

“…Are you suggesting they would file a vote of no confidence?”

“That’s exactly what I mean, Hanashiro-kun.”

The rule that comes into play when judging that a student council president is not fit for the position ———— that’s the vote of no confidence in the student council president.

If executed by the teachers who hold the final judgment, Takashiro-senpai would no longer be the student council president, and an interim election would be held.

In other words, if people around her find out that Takashiro-senpai is not a model student, she could lose her student council presidency.

Normally, being a bit clumsy might be seen as cute, but the crucial part is the stage of determining Takashiro-senpai’s vote of no confidence and the subsequent presidential election.

Being the student council president of this school means getting a recommendation letter to prestigious universities.

There are many who desire it.

As long as there are people who want to dethrone Takashiro-senpai and replace her, any slip-up she makes could lead to her downfall.

Especially not wearing underwear could become quite a big headline.

With this in mind, I realize I’m holding a significant secret.

No wonder I was kidnapped.

“So, while we carry out student council activities, we also need to protect Takashiro-senpai’s secret. You see, although the president is elected, the members are decided by the president, right? This means even if Takashiro-senpai steps down from the presidency, the next president might not choose us again.”

“So if we want to keep our positions, we need to protect Takashiro-senpai, right?”

“That’s right. It’s a bit calculating, but as long as you’re a member of the student council of this school, you’ll have a significant advantage in internal reviews. We don’t want to give that up.”

That makes sense.

Next year we’re preparing for university entrance exams.

This is a crucial activity in our lives.

Having already found high school entrance exams exhausting, it’s clear we’re in for an even more painful time.

If we can alleviate some of that through a recommendation, there’s no loss in taking action.

Additionally, although our school’s student council has more tasks and workload compared to other schools, in return, the privileges are substantial, with a clear distinction from other students.

Of course, the labor involved is not trivial, but the benefits of this role should be sufficiently rewarding.

“…And also… this place is more comfortable than I expected. So, should I say it’s too bad to let go, or does it feel like a loss?”

Seeing Hiyo’s rare moment of speechlessness, I was startled.

While Hiyo doesn’t try to act like a lone wolf, she probably hadn’t belonged to any specific community before.

That she would find it comfortable————

“…Although it won’t have much impact on my internal review or Yui’s now, the problem is Yui’s position after a vote of no confidence. It’s not hard to imagine her being treated like a fragile object after being removed from the student council president position.”

“…That’s true.”

Even though third-year students facing exams have less time to come to school, that’s still half a year away.

No one would want to spend each day in awkwardness.

Saito-senpai’s thoughts made sense.

“…By the way, Hiyo, how did you join the student council? Did you have any interactions with Takashiro-senpai?”

“My experience joining was the same as yours. I happened to learn Takashiro-senpai’s secret, so I was threatened by Saito-senpai to join————no, I mean, I was requested to join.”

“Don’t gloss over it like that.”

I see. After all, Hiyo isn’t the type to care about internal review scores or public opinion, so I’ve always been curious about her becoming a student council member. But after experiencing the joining process myself, I finally understand.

“So, did Futaba join the same way?”

“No, I joined more naturally.”

Not really.

“Ah, Tsubaki was introduced by me. Basically, the student council is composed of third-year students as president and vice-president, a second-year as treasurer, and a first-year as secretary, so we needed a reliable first-year student.”

“That’s not just joining naturally.”

To her, it might have seemed like an invitation followed by a natural decision to join.

However, Futaba’s expression was too neutral, making it hard to understand what she was thinking.

“…So, am I just miscellaneous help?”

“Ah, I see. I was wondering why Natsuhiro Hanashiro was here, turns out he’s a new member.”

“…Didn’t you understand the direction of the conversation just now?”

“I thought you were just here to hang out normally.”

Oh, I see.

If I had to describe Takashiro-senpai, the word ‘innocent’ probably fits her best.

It’s either good or bad, but innocent ———— but regarding her not understanding the conversation, we who failed to explain are also at fault.

“Speaking of which, Takashiro-senpai, are you okay with me joining? Everything seems to have progressed very smoothly.”

“No problem. I’ve left the selection of members to Alice.”

“Ah, ah, I see.”

Takashiro-senpai, for some reason, wore a triumphant expression, which I didn’t think was something to be proud of.

“In that case, the student council is now at full capacity. We can’t add more members… There are eight months left until Yui and I graduate, and from now on, it’s up to these members to protect Yui’s secret… Although it’s rude to ignore you, may I ask you to help us again?”

“Ah, sure. I can do that.”

“I know you’re not interested. After all, it will reduce your personal time… but, I want to protect Yui no matter what ———— Eh?”

Despite being her own request, Saito-senpai looked confused.

“I don’t mind helping you. After all, it’s a rare opportunity.”

Who would miss a chance to be surrounded by beautiful girls?

Although the student council work is busy, the youth spent here is worth sacrificing personal time for.

In the future, I’ll boast to my children, “Your dad spent the best of his youth in a student council full of beautiful girls during high school.”

Also, I don’t have friends to hang out with every day or any club activities.

All I really have left is time.

“Although it’s strange for me to ask you this… are you sure?”



Hearing my response, Saito-senpai turned her gaze to Hiyo.

“Ha… Saito-senpai, that’s the kind of guy Natsuhiro is. You can trust what he says. Although he can be foolish and lecherous… and make you want to kill him, he never lies in front of girls.”

“…I see.”

Saito-senpai nodded.

Then, she glanced at my eyes and finally turned her gaze to Takashiro-senpai.


“Ah, I understand.”

Takashiro-senpai approached me and extended her hand.

I see, this seems to be a necessary ritual.

“Natsuhiro Hanashiro, I’d like to invite you to join the student council as miscellaneous help. Will you accept?”

“Yes, I’d be happy to.”

I shook Takashiro-senpai’s hand.

Thus, as someone who knows Yui Takashiro’s secret, I joined the student council.

“Alright, then without delay, Natsuhiro Hanashiro… no, can I call you Natsuhiro?”

“Ah, sure. You can call me Natsuhiro.”

“Alright, Natsuhiro. I’d like to introduce you as a new member of the student council to the teachers.”

Introduce me to the teachers? Yes, that’s necessary.

After all, as a member of the student council, I’ll need to help out behind the scenes and also complete tasks assigned by teachers. If they don’t know I’ve become a student council member, it would be troublesome.

“Let’s go, Natsuhiro. No time like the present.”

“Alright… uh, just Takashiro-senpai and I?”

I turned back to the three who seemed to be staying in the classroom.

Hearing the conversation, I felt a bit uneasy————

“Although I’m worried, the introduction of appointed members must be done personally by the student council president. It’s a strange rule, isn’t it? But it’s also part of the president’s responsibilities, so we can’t help it.”

“I see…”

“However, you’re right… Tsubaki-chan, I’m sorry, but could you please follow them at a distance? Just in case something happens, I hope you can help them.”

Futaba, requested by Saito-senpai, nodded in agreement.

This should be fine for now.

Although I’d like to be active as the person protecting Takashiro-senpai’s secret, regrettably, I’m still unfamiliar with the situation.

To some extent, the more people known as bodyguards, the better.

“I have to work on the budget today, so I can’t leave. While protecting Takashiro-senpai’s secret is important, it would be putting the cart before the horse if I focus too much on that and neglect my main duties.”

Hiyo showed an apologetic expression, rare for her.

If the student council work falls behind, it means Takashiro-senpai, as the student council president, will be held responsible for supervision.

Whether her being a klutz is discovered or the work doesn’t progress smoothly, either scenario would end in a vote of no confidence.

Thinking about it, our school really is quite meticulous.

After all, the school rules are more lenient, and the university entrance rate is high, making it a superior environment for general students.

“I understand. Then… I’ll go fulfill my duty.”

“Hanashiro-kun, be careful.”

“Sure, leave it to me.”

I adjusted my appearance a bit and left the student council room with Takashiro-senpai.

Once in the hallway, the usual scenery seemed to change, influenced by Takashiro-senpai’s presence.

Although her attitude was as dignified as ever, to maintain this facade, I must live more vigilantly from now on.

But it won’t be painful.

After all, protecting Yui Takashiro is a privilege I’d gladly spend a great deal of money for.

That’s why the scenery around her seemed so dazzling.

It’s great that Takashiro-senpai forgot to wear underwear at that time.

Thanks to not wearing underwear.

“We’re going to greet Ms. Kambayashi next. She’s in charge of our student council’s administrative duties.”

“Ah, Ms. Kambayashi, right?”

She’s the Japanese history teacher and also the class teacher for me and Hiyo.

How to describe her character… not quite like a teacher.

At least among the students, she’s a popular teacher.


Walking down the corridor with Takashiro-senpai, I glanced back.

Futaba, following Saito-senpai’s instructions, was maintaining a careful distance behind us.

Although it’s said to be just in case something happens ———— I still can’t imagine what kind of action Takashiro would take at that moment.

Could someone who walks so confidently really make mistakes that would startle others?

————Probably has done so.

“…I’m really sorry, Natsuhiro.”


As I turned my gaze back to Takashiro-senpai after hearing her voice, I noticed a hint of guilt in her eyes.

“Because of me, you got involved in the student council… This will take away your precious student time.”


Indeed, joining the student council means less free time.

Although I don’t participate in club activities, which is a relief, the time I spend on hobbies and studying will surely decrease.

It’s an unexpected event that greatly changed my life.

————But so what?

“Don’t worry about me. Being this close to Takashiro-senpai and Saito-senpai, I’m very happy right now.”


“As long as I can help others, I feel a sense of purpose in life.”

I had thought earlier, I even want to thank the situation that allows me to protect Takashiro-senpai.

I don’t feel it’s a burden at all. Why? Because it’s delightful to be able to wholeheartedly assist women.

“I may not be the most reliable as a male student and a member of the student council, but I’ll do my best in my duties. So if you could stop apologizing, I would be happy.”

“…You’re very kind.”

“I’m not that kind yet.”

I shrugged off her comment with a smile.

Unspoken… not just about earnestly helping women, but just being close to the famous beauties of the school is rewarding enough.

If I can inadvertently earn favor, maybe I can even attract Takashiro-senpai.

I live on without misjudging this sense of distance. That’s my agreement with the eccentric girl.

————Who would like an eccentric girl?

“Natsuhiro, I’m glad again that you joined the student council. I hope you can lend me a hand.”

“Sure. I’ll do my best to help Takashiro-senpai.”



Hearing my response, senior Yae Yagashi slightly furrowed her brow.

Did I answer something wrong?

As I felt uneasy, Yae Yagashi spoke up, still with a furrowed brow.

“Natsuhiko, don’t call me Yae Yagashi, just call me Yui, okay? After all, I address you by your first name. If you don’t do the same, it’s not fair.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t do that.”

For me, a junior, to address senior Yae Yagashi by her first name would mean giving up my life at this school.

The seniors would see me as arrogant, my classmates as lacking self-awareness, and the underclassmen as a dangerous senior.

It would be better if Yae Yagashi herself realized her status within the school.

Of course, I am happy that she treats me kindly.

“…Is it absolutely impossible?”


Faced with Yae Yagashi’s piercing gaze, I inadvertently lifted my head.

What a powerful weapon that is. If she smiled at the whole world, perhaps there would be no more conflicts.

—No, rather, conflicts might arise around Yae Yagashi herself.

Now is not the time to think about such silly things.

Even if it costs me my life here, I probably couldn’t address Yae Yagashi by her first name.

But continuing like this would only end up hurting her.

This is my last resort. Even if it leads to my own ruin, should I muster the courage to make Yae Yagashi happy?

“…Can I, um… call you ‘senior Yui’?”


My carefully thought-out response was to add ‘senior’ to her name.

It’s a risky bet.

Among most juniors who address her as Student Council President or Yae Yagashi, only I would daringly call her ‘senior Yui’.

Don’t think it’s exaggerated. In this school, the number of Yae Yagashi’s followers equates to the number of troublesome students.

Although everyone is usually serious, once it comes to girls, especially the way boys look changes, which should be noted.

“…Well, it’s harsh to suddenly ask you to cross the barrier between senior and junior. Fine, I’ll compromise with ‘senior Yui’.”

“Ah… Thank you, senior Yui.”

“Hmm, being called ‘senior’ is not bad either.”

She seems to like it.

Yae Yagashi—no, senior Yui is happy.

“But, feel free to call me by my first name anytime. Or use a nickname. How about ‘little Yui’? Doesn’t it sound cute?”

“No, that’s a bit…”

“That so? Since it’s uncomfortable for you, I won’t force it… After all, we’re friends now, so no need to be formal, right?”

Friends, she said. It’s a daunting word.

While I’m happy with this recognition, I can’t hide my surprise at this rapid progression.

We’ve only known each other for two days—

“Alright, let’s go, Natsuhiko.”

“Okay… senior Yui.”


Dangerous. Senior Yui’s happily nodding head is too cute, almost making me lose consciousness in an instant.

It doesn’t matter anymore, senior Yui is adorable.

Since that underwear incident, my impression of Yae Yagashi has gradually crumbled.

Of course, one’s true nature cannot be understood from appearances, but it’s rare to find someone with such a stark contrast.

Will I see more sides of her from now on…?

If so, I’m sure my life will be far from boring.

“Excuse us.”

I followed senior Yui into the office.

Of course, this wasn’t my first time entering this room, but because I mustn’t anger the people inside, I always get inexplicably nervous.

Senior Yui looked around the room, searching for someone.

“Teacher Amaihara, do you have a moment?”

“Hmm…? Ah, it’s Yae. What do you need?”

The only one who responded to Yui’s call was a female teacher.

The teacher, with slightly forked black hair tied behind her head, looked at us lazily.

Yuna Amaihara, our homeroom teacher. She doesn’t quite seem like a typical teacher.

To put it positively, she’s a bit unreliable.

Saying she’s the type who doesn’t exert much effort when action is needed might be more understandable.

This relaxed nature and her way of interacting with students are probably why she’s popular.

It seems like Amaihara intentionally creates this image.

She plays the role of a competent teacher.

Including me, many students feel lucky to be in her class.

—Though it’s a bit off-topic, not only in her attitude but sometimes even in her dress, Amaihara is a bit lax.

The main issue was the shirt’s buttons at the chest, appearing almost undone, occasionally revealing a glimpse of cleavage.

That was truly captivating.

“Today I’m here to introduce the new member who’s joined the student council.”

“Hmm——… Eh, isn’t that Hanashiro?”

Ms. Kambayashi, the teacher, looked at me in surprise.

“So, you’re the new member?”

“Yeah, for the time being.”

“What happened… Are you even interested in this kind of thing? You’re not friends with Takashiro.”

“That’s a harsh way to put it.”

“Even so, it’s the truth, right?”

“…Yeah, I guess so.”

Indeed, our relationship isn’t close, and we only had our first conversation yesterday.

Come to think of it, this person surprisingly pays attention to us students.

She may seem unreliable, but she’s not indifferent to others…

Maybe, that’s part of why she’s popular.

“Since the student council was short on manpower for miscellaneous tasks, at the recommendation of Ichinose, the treasurer, he was asked to join.”

“Ah, Ichinose, huh. It’s great to have two student council members in our class. Serious students like you make me, the teacher, happy.”

Ms. Kambayashi said with a somewhat talkative attitude.

While it’s nice to hear that we’re serious students, her manner made it hard for me to genuinely feel happy about it.

But I can be sure she’s not a bad teacher. After all, she does her job well.

However, her responses always seem so casual.

At least towards me. Definitely.

“…Hanashiro, were you thinking something disrespectful about me?”

“No, not at all.”

“Ha… I think you’re showing more on your face than you realize.”

Ms. Kambayashi said this while gently prodding my face with her notebook.

Is that why Hiyo can see through what I’m thinking?

I’ll have to be more careful in the future. If I get punished by her every time, my body won’t be able to handle it.

“After all, student council members have always been girls, so having a male member to help with the physical tasks isn’t bad. Hanashiro, work hard. Though miscellaneous tasks aren’t exactly glamorous.”

“That comment was unnecessary.”

Why say something that dampens a student’s enthusiasm?

“Haha, I’m just kidding. Alright, then I’ll register Hanashiro as the student council’s miscellaneous helper.”

“Thank you, Ms. Kambayashi.”

“Hmm… Although it’s strange for us teachers who delegate work to you, don’t overexert yourself, okay? If you can’t do it, just leave it.”

Ms. Kambayashi shifted her gaze away from us.

Her unembellished words were truly appreciated.

Her kindness, given at just the right distance, was more touching than unfounded encouragement.

Despite being so considerate, why is she still unmarried————I thought to myself as I glanced at the dating site displayed on her laptop.

Then, perhaps noticing my gaze, she abruptly closed the laptop screen.

“…Hey, Hanashiro. Tell me what you just saw.”

“Ah… that… must be reality.”

“I’ll kill you, you know.”

I think teachers aren’t supposed to say “I’ll kill you.”

After that, we made up a bunch of excuses to leave the office.

We managed to greet everyone successfully.

I felt relieved to have returned safely.

————But speaking of which.

“Hmm? Natsuhiro, what’s wrong? You’ve been staring at my face.”

“Ah, no. It’s nothing.”

Feeling a bit embarrassed after being caught staring at her, I turned away.

Takashiro-senpai, who maintains her student council president demeanor in public, is indeed the Takashiro-senpai I’ve known from before.

To say I wasn’t disappointed would be a lie.

I was always on guard for something that might require my intervention, but nothing happened.

However, judging by the vigilant looks of Hiyo and the others, it’s definitely not a joke or an exaggeration.

Everyone wears a mask in public.

And then, they live while desperately protecting the other side hidden beneath the mask.

Perhaps Ms. Kambayashi is just wearing the mask of a good teacher.

Whether it’s Saito-senpai, Futaba, or Hiyo.

Maybe they’re all living with something incomprehensible to others.

After meeting Takashiro-senpai, I’ve come to realize this anew.

“…Everyone is struggling.”

I muttered in a volume that no one else could hear.

What can I do to protect everyone?

If I can help them, even I, without wearing a mask, will feel like I’m protecting something————

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
There is a Backside in This Youth!

There is a Backside in This Youth!

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese
The unattainable interest consists of effort and lies.Although I had many friends but no close friends, and was average in sports and studies-I, Hanashiro Natsuhiko, a self-proclaimed 'high school student who doesn't pretend', was brought to the student council room because I noticed that the student council president, Takashiro Yui, might not be wearing underwear!The athletic club's standout player, Hiyo Ichinose, the naturally talented and older vice president, Alice Saito, and the quiet yet intelligent Futaba Tsubaki... There, in the illustrious Fumimyo High School student council, I witnessed their "hidden truths". ""There are only eight months left until graduation, Hanashiro-san, you should help too!""Eh! So you're really not wearing anything!!?"Grades, friendship, prestige-all for the sake of the 'perfect high school life'.They suppressed their individuality behind that dazzling youth and dragged me into their student council activities!??Behind the enviable and joyful youth, there may be hidden efforts and lies-?The secret time spent with (?) these perfect girls, a school romantic comedy in disguise, begins!


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