📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

V1 Sou Kami no Elvina Chapter 3

The Goddess of the Earth

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MYTH:3 The Goddess of the Earth

Having safely returned to the human world, it was a relief… but the question remained: what to do next.

“Asairi-sama, I would like you to come with me to my home, if that’s alright?”

“Sure. I’ll leave it up to you where we go.”

Since the servants at the villa were all trustworthy, Teruma didn’t plan to brush them off lightly.

“The family I live with will likely ask you many questions, but you don’t have to dodge them. Just tell the truth.”

“Is that really okay?”

“I’ve already mentioned countless times to others about encountering a goddess when I was just a little brat… and that she was my first love. So, they will definitely believe that I’ve truly met a goddess.”

Elvina clenched her fist and gently thumped her chest, revealing a fearless smile.

“Then, I shall play the role of that ‘first love goddess.’ Leave it to me.”

“Ha-ha, that’s the spirit!—Wait, no, not that kind of spirit, what are you saying!?”

This overly reliable declaration unconsciously brought a smile to Teruma’s face, his retort as sharp as a slash.

“I just told you to tell the truth about everything!”

“There’s at least a one in twelve chance that I am indeed your first love goddess, so it’s not a lie, right? Even though it’s an act, the possibility that it’s me does exist, right?”

Her reasoning was sound, though the probability wasn’t exactly one in twelve. There were many variables at play.

According to Elvina, the goddess could be one of twelve individuals disguising their true personality… Yet, she remained the goddess he had been longing for. If they were to meet again, his heart would surely resonate.

Elvina was undeniably beautiful in an unreasonable way, but no matter what, she couldn’t match the image of the goddess in his memories.

“Elvina… the memory of my first love is very important to me. That’s why I don’t want you to feel compelled to play such a role.”

To prove his sincerity, Teruma looked directly into Elvina’s eyes, infusing his gaze with strength.

“It seems you still don’t understand how profound sharing a life with a goddess is.”

Facing his gaze, Elvina’s eyes—wavering as if lamenting something—harbored a faint realization, as if she had seen through something.

“Teruma… from now on, I will always be by your side, staying together forever.”

Elvina calmly reached out her hand, caressing Teruma’s cheek with her palm.

“Even if one day you have to part with your first love… you cannot separate from me, your other half. Until the very last moment arrives, we can only live on together. If the person by your side is not someone important to you… won’t you be the only one in pain? Isn’t it the same for your family?”

As Elvina said, being too far apart meant death, also implying that no matter what happens, they must stay together.

“That’s why I must always play the role of your first love goddess, staying by your side—”

If in the future—although he himself found it utterly impossible—Teruma were to give up on his first love and fall in love with a normal girl, marry her, Elvina would still be by his side.

Witnessing Teruma’s life in such a manner would be painful for those around him. But the one who would suffer the most would be Elvina herself.

Teruma remembered what Mazaryi had said about no longer being able to live as a normal human.

“I’m just trying to take responsibility. After all, coming to the human world without memories, interacting with humans, and binding a human for life in the name of first love… might just be my fault.”

Teruma finally understood how guilty Elvina felt about sharing their lives. He might have spoken too carelessly.

“Teruma. The goddess must… take responsibility for causing a human (you) to fall in love.”

To think that the goddess, who seemed to embody supreme arrogance, would be so tormented by remorse over a responsibility towards a mere human, uncertain as it may be.

Rather than being asked about his readiness for the future, it was this realization that was more painful.

“Please don’t talk about responsibility!”

Teruma placed his hand over Elvina’s, which was still caressing his cheek, and looked into her eyes with a gaze full of firm determination.

“I’ve never thought about being bound by a goddess in life… Saving Elvina was my own decision. I promise, no matter what happens in the future, I will have no regrets!”

“Teruma… are you really okay with this…?”

The goddess’s icy gaze was melting under the warmth of the young man’s pure eyes.

“Yes! I gratefully accept Elvina’s kindness. I will introduce you to my family as the goddess of my first love!!”

“Hehe… that’s good… Then, tell me about many of your memories. Especially the place where you held me and cried, ‘Don’t disappear!’ Tell it with all your heart.”

Elvina’s tone regained its playful edge. Teruma sighed in relief, touching his chest.

It seemed that only he felt a sense of urgency, while she had been immersed in her own world from the start. It must have been his misconception.

Also, why did Elvina always insist on bringing up the fact that he had held her…

○ ●

Perhaps because they had been informed beforehand at the park that everything was safe, Rin and Shia were eagerly waiting for Teruma to return home in front of the mansion’s main entrance. Behind them, Risa stood more calmly.

“Young master—”


Spotting Teruma, Shia rushed forward with open arms, beating Rin to it.

Thus, they shared a reunion hug—

“Really, I was super worried…! If Teruma-sama had suddenly gone missing after coming to the villa, it wouldn’t just be a matter of us taking responsibility, oh no!!”

Just when she thought this, those hands instead pinched Teruma’s cheeks with just the right amount of force.

“Yes! Really! I’m very sorry! But there’s a reason for it!!”

“Please wait, Keiun-kun. The young master is claiming there’s a reason.”

Rin, who walked silently, came closer, advising Shia.

“I wasn’t too worried… because Dīgiasu-sama often leaves home without notice… But it’s the first time the young master has done something like this, so I can understand why Rin and Shia are so panicked.”

Surprisingly, Risa was quite calm. Perhaps she was thinking it was true to his bloodline.

Teruma rubbed his cheeks and finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“I apologize for not contacting everyone. But there are many reasons for it.”

Then, Shia noticed Elvina, who stood a step behind Teruma.

“Um, who is this person?”

Shia’s gaze was filled with far more caution than usual for a first meeting, fixed on Elvina.

However, Elvina, confident as she was, would surely provide a convincing explanation.

As Teruma watched with bated breath, Elvina calmly flipped her hair.

“Nice to meet you. I am ‘Teruma’s first love goddess’—Elvina.”

Pride was written all over her face. A level of pride that Elvina, usually lacking in expressive variations, could muster as her highest form of satisfaction.

With such a proud self-introduction, Rin, Shia, and Risa were momentarily at a loss for words.

“…Excuse me, to clarify, you are the goddess whom the young master encountered six years ago, and with whom he promised to reunite… Goddess-sama… is that correct?”

Rin was the first to reboot from his frozen state, asking tentatively.

Indeed, his “Steel Will” award from the “Japan Steel Will Competition” was well deserved.

“Yes, I am that goddess. Today, we’ve finally fulfilled the promise of reunion. Isn’t that right, Teruma?”

“Yes, that’s right! After a dramatic reunion, we started dating!!”



“What a loud voice!?”

Elvina’s exclamation drowned out Shia’s shout, startling her once again.

As if to brush it off, Elvina cleared her throat nonchalantly.

“Right, that’s, that’s how it is. Since it’s a reunion with a first love… we started dating. It’s a very normal progression.”

The eyes of the Ice Empress, usually freezing everything in sight, flickered energetically.

“Sorry, Elvina, you were talking about halves and staying together earlier, so I thought that’s what you meant… Maybe I misunderstood…”

“You didn’t misunderstand…! I will date you, Teruma. Bring it on…!!”

Teruma thought moving too fast would put her off, but since Elvina was so forcefully saying so, it seemed he was worrying over nothing.

Teruma was simply overwhelmed by the atmosphere at the time. Objectively speaking, Elvina was just too caught up in herself, spouting somewhat contrived statements without much thought, and the person involved couldn’t possibly realize this.

“Well, that’s the situation… Yeah, we’re dating!!”

Teruma turned back to face Rin and the others, repeating the statement as if to emphasize their relationship.

Perhaps to demonstrate their harmonious relationship, Elvina lightly bumped her arm against Teruma’s shoulder.

While explaining the facts one after another wasn’t necessarily bad, it seemed to only deepen the servants’ confusion, especially Shia, who made no attempt to hide her skepticism.

“Though I’m already overloaded with things I want to criticize… why would that woman from the memories come to our house?”

“Who are you?”

“I am Teruma-sama’s exclusive maid, Keiun Shia! Shia here has a duty to protect Teruma-sama’s safety! Would you mind answering our questions honestly as well!?”

After observing Shia for a moment, Elvina replied in a calm tone.

“Due to a certain reason, Teruma and I now share our lives. Meaning… we’ve become beings that would die if not together constantly. So, from today onwards, I will also be living with Teruma. I look forward to your care, Miss Maid.”

“It’s not like I’ll be asking for your care, what’s with this MAX level bizarre statement!?”

Contrary to Shia’s increasingly disheartened expression, Risa started to panic upon hearing the word “life.”

“Young master… sharing, sharing lives is true… and if we’re apart, we’ll die is…?”

“Yes, it’s true, Grandma. I decided to give half of my life to Elvina. We’re now in the same boat.”

Risa, having observed Teruma for many years, could instantly tell when he was lying. That’s why she was so certain that there was no deceit in Teruma’s words at this moment.

“How… could this be…”

Shia hugged Risa, who was already looking a bit unsteady.

“Wait, Grandma… no, I mean, Head Maid, pull yourself together!”

“Young Master… why did this have to happen just as we were embarking on a bright journey…”

Shia took Risa’s hand, which trembled as if trying to grasp the void, and glared at Elvina with even more fury.

“Hey, you so-called goddess! Aren’t you sorry for stirring up our Head Maid, who’s never been involved with men and is at a turning point in her life?”

“I could give your spine a turning point, Shia-chan…”


Shia let out a frightened scream as the back she thought she was protecting was targeted by Risa.

Risa’s sorrow wasn’t about Teruma starting to live independently with a partner but that Teruma was exposing his life to inexplicable dangers.

“How could this be… Although little Yūsha is mischievous to the point of being unbearable, she always treasured her life… Ah, little Yūsha…”

Risa’s soul seemed to drift out of her mouth. The shock had confused her so much that she reverted to calling Teruma by the nickname from when she was his exclusive maid.

Watching her in this state, Teruma also began to reproach himself… but he thought it better to be honest from the start than to keep lying until everything came out one day. Moreover, Teruma had no intention of neglecting his own life.

As he turned to explain in detail to Elvina—

“…What do you mean by ‘so-called’? I am a true goddess.”

Her eyes widened.

“Can you prove that? Knowing about the esteemed son of the Sōjō family’s love for a goddess is extremely rare! Do you have any idea how many women claiming to be goddesses have tried to get close to him? And those women have been dealt with by me, Shia!”


Shia, chastised by Rin, attempted to smooth things over with a contrived expression.

“If you want evidence, I could turn this area into a sea of fire in a few minutes.”

“That’s a rather bizarre way to prove you’re a goddess!!”

Teruma, who still vividly remembered the chaos Elvina could cause, hurriedly stopped her.

Goddesses hold great pride. Especially for Elvina, the strongest in the heavens, being lumped together with those women was an unforgivable insult.

“…Anyway, we can’t let the young master and our guest stand outside forever. Please invite them in, Keiun-kun.”

“That’s exactly why I’m not letting her pass because I can’t tell if she’s a guest or not!?”

Shia sulked but set aside her personal feelings for Teruma’s sake and resumed her professional demeanor. She lent her shoulder to Risa, who was still feeling unwell, and headed back into the villa.

Rin led Teruma and Elvina inside with a rueful smile, acting the part of the impeccable butler.

○ ●

Upon entering the reception room, Teruma and Elvina sat next to each other at the table. Teruma urged Rin, Shia, and Risa to take their seats and listen to his explanation, showing consideration for Risa, who was in poor health.

He then disclosed everything that had happened in the heavens to his servants.

Servants are not supposed to interrupt their master while he speaks. However, their expressions turned into three different kinds of confusion.

“…It’s hard to believe all of a sudden… but now I understand.”

After Teruma finished explaining, Rin placed his hands on his chest, showing a relieved smile.

“Yesterday, when the young master left his room, I saw the corridor turn into an outdoor scene. I rushed to open the door but the young master was nowhere to be seen, and the corridor was just as usual…”

Rin had witnessed the moment Teruma’s bedroom door connected to the heavens, realizing his feeling of being called by Rin right before entering the heavens wasn’t an illusion.

“The young master’s phone and watch GPS signals suddenly disappeared, making me doubt my own eyes. Even using the Sōjō family’s private satellite turned up nothing. It was a crisis that made us doubt if he was even on Earth.”

Rin’s anxiety, usually calm and collected, indicated the unprecedented emergency. It explains why satellites were even used.

“Disappeared from this world… I guess that really happened. Have you informed Mother and the others?”

“Of course, we informed them right away. But the lady said, ‘Don’t worry, let’s wait until tomorrow’…”

One of Teruma’s concerns was that Rin and the others, as servants, might feel they failed their duty to guard him. Relieved they were worrying needlessly, Teruma was once again amazed by his mother’s boldness.

Even after hearing her son had disappeared from Earth, she remained calm.

“Mother lived much more dangerously than I do at my age. Perhaps she believed my disappearance had some reasoning behind it.”

“… …”

While Rin didn’t openly object, he seemed to harbor unresolved feelings.

“Shia-chan, I still don’t believe this person is a goddess!”

Shia didn’t hide her skepticism.

“I saw it with my own eyes! Not just the heavens, but the goddesses living there and just how powerful Elvina-sama is…!!”

Disagreeing with this was tantamount to disrespecting Teruma’s word as a master. However, knowing Shia’s wariness of Elvina stemmed from her duty as an exclusive maid, Teruma found it hard to reprimand her.

Elvina sighed gracefully and challenged Shia with a look.

“Then, bring the hardest thing in this room here. It’s quite damaging to my dignity to be doubted by you like this.”

At this point, only proving Elvina as a true goddess could settle matters. Teruma resigned himself to this necessity.

“…Rin, please.”


If it were Rin, he was expected to quickly find something that met the master’s request, often exceeding expectations as a first-rate butler. Rin didn’t even leave the room, pulling from his jacket’s inner pocket something that would satisfy his master’s demand.

Everyone’s gaze focused on the large glowing stone lying in his outstretched palm.

“This is a 300-carat ELEM sintered diamond, created using the latest technology, boasting a hardness far surpassing that of natural diamonds. It’s not just the hardest substance in this room, but in the world.”

Though there were doubts about Rin conveniently having the world’s hardest material in his butler’s pocket, it was part of a butler’s training.

“Wait, I was expecting something like a silver cup!”

“…It’s fine, Teruma.”

Elvina took the synthetic diamond from Rin, played with it lightly in her palm, then slowly clenched her fist.

Soon, with a dull crack, Shia screamed.

“Whoa, for real? She just crushed a diamond with her bare hands…!”

Elvina slowly opened her palm, showing off the crushed diamond as it trickled to the floor.

“Is this what you call the hardest material in the human world? The heavens are filled with minerals two hundred times harder than this.”

Although beauty could forgive much, her smug expression was a bit too much.

“Showing off like it’s nothing…! Shia-chan can’t stand this person!!”

“It doesn’t matter if you can’t stand me, but now you believe I’m a true goddess, right?”


After witnessing such an unbelievable display of strength, Shia had no choice but to acknowledge Elvina as a being beyond human.

“Very impressive, Elvina-sama. I apologize for any inconvenience caused earlier.”

With a graceful sigh, Rin bowed respectfully, smiling.

“Ughhh, it’s so frustrating… Shia-chan was the one mistreated, yet Rin-kun has to apologize for me… I get it, alright… Elvina-chan, sorry sorry…”

Shia’s use of “sorry sorry” seemed to be a creative take on the apology. “Shia-language” could be puzzling at times, but as her master, Teruma could somewhat understand her intentions.

“Anyway, Elvina-sama now hopes to live peacefully in the human world! I’ll explain to Father and Mother. Honestly, Elvina-sama and I still have a lot of things to figure out. So, Rin and Shia-chan, your support for Elvina-sama’s life here would be a great help, not just for me.”

“I understand. Elvina-sama… I promise, from now on, I will serve you with the highest level of hospitality worthy of a true goddess, alongside the Sōjō family.”

“I really didn’t want to know… But alright, I get it.”

Though Shia was emotionally reluctant, she separated her feelings from her professional duties and nodded in agreement.

Then, Teruma gently bowed to Risa, who was quietly leaning back on the couch.

“…I’m sorry, Risa-obaasan. I made you worry.”

“It’s me who should apologize for being so discomposed. I really am getting old…”

“Maybe. It’s rare to see obaasan so scared. Until now, at least.”

“The young master has taken the first step towards realizing his dream. It’s a wonderful thing…”

With a sigh, Risa regained her dignified demeanor and smiled warmly.

“Congratulations, Young Master.”

“Thank you, Risa-obaasan!”

Rin and Shia, witnessing their exchange, suddenly felt ashamed of their own lack of hospitality.

Hearing Teruma speak, the first thing to do shouldn’t have been to worry or doubt but to offer congratulations.

Seeing Risa with a motherly expression full of praise for her child, Rin and Shia realized they needed to adjust their attitudes.

Quickly, Rin set about fulfilling his duties as a butler.

“Then, we must prepare a room for Elvina-sama. The guest room is ready with all necessary bedding…”

“Yes. I plan to take Elvina-sama shopping to get everything she needs.”

Luckily, it was Saturday, a perfect day for shopping.

“By the way, Elvina-chan.”


Faced with Shia’s strong communication skills, even using a nickname early on, Elvina wasn’t sure how to react.

“Seeing as you didn’t bring any luggage, did you come just wearing what you have on? You should change your clothes.”

“There’s no need to change. Besides, the idea of wearing human-made clothing is out of the question.”

“I’m telling you to stop wearing that outfit and put on something normal, was I too subtle or what!? And although it’s hard to tell because of the shape, you’re not wearing a bra, are you? That’s not good for Teruma-sama’s education!!”

Their back-and-forth arguments were heating up to the point where Teruma found it hard to interject.

“A bra…?”

“A bra is a type of women’s underwear. It’s an undergarment worn around the chest to help prevent the breasts from deforming.”

Risa, the elder, provided a dictionary-like precise answer to Elvina, who tilted her head in curiosity.

Elvina proudly crossed her arms and puffed out her chest, demonstrating the majesty of a goddess to the humans.

“Do you think a body pampered in the gentle flower fields of heaven can adapt to the human world? Your currently large, perky, and attractive breasts will sadly sag in just a few days!!”

“Do you think my breasts would succumb to the mere gravity of Earth? Gravity should bow down to me instead.”

Sparks of pride flew between the goddess and the maid.

However, for the men listening to this conversation, it was a form of torture.

“Rin… what should a man do when women are discussing their breasts?”

“Whether pretending to be interested or not, both are bad moves. I believe pretending to receive a message and looking at your phone is a better option.”

“I see… ah, Rin has sent me a RAIN message!”

“Ah, the young master has sent me a RAIN message.”

And so, Teruma and Rin busied themselves with their phones side by side.

Elvina, however, ignored such male concerns and showed interest in Teruma’s phone.

“You’ve been holding that thing since earlier. What is it?”

“Ah, this is called a mobile phone… a communication device known as a smartphone. It allows you to talk and send messages even from afar.”

Teruma explained that it was a device that replicated the power of telepathy, which goddesses like Elvina used to communicate over long distances. Elvina seemed to understand immediately.

“But we’re not done talking yet!!”

Shia, from behind, expressed her anger through dance-like comical movements.

“…Is that so… The first thing Elvina needs is a mobile phone! Rin, Shia, get ready to go out immediately!!”

Teruma believed in getting things done sooner rather than later and asked Rin to prepare the car.

○ ●

The luxury car Teruma and the others rode in glided quietly on the newly paved road.

Rin was driving, with Shia sitting directly opposite in the back seat. Teruma and Elvina sat together at the very back.

Risa didn’t join them, opting to stay at the villa. Her poor health was one reason, but more so because, as she stated, she intended to hand over all future duties to Rin and Shia.

Shia remained wary of Elvina, her gaze filled with a somewhat frightening intensity.

Elvina, meanwhile, turned her attention to Rin in the driver’s seat.

“You’re a servant of considerable rank, aren’t you? I believe driving could be left to others.”

In the car, where sound insulation was excellent, blocking out all external noise and other cars’ sounds, Elvina’s crisp voice was clearly audible.

“Driving means entrusting the passengers’ lives to me. I prefer to drive the young master’s vehicle whenever possible.”

Rin spoke with absolute confidence, which could be felt in his calm tone.

In fact, the comfort of Rin’s driving exceeded the machine’s limits, surpassing not only professional drivers but even professional racers.

“If Rin’s driving, even if there’s a sudden apocalypse, we could escape!”

Teruma boasted repeatedly about Rin’s skills.

For example, if a bazooka suddenly targeted their car, Rin’s driving would skillfully dodge all shots. Teruma felt safe entrusting his life to Rin’s driving skills.

“Indeed. You trust him a lot.”

Elvina’s comment, devoid of any politeness, was a sharp contrast to Teruma’s worries. He had not yet fully trusted Elvina, or rather, he didn’t know her well enough.

Despite this, they were pretending to be a couple and living together, which was understandably unsettling.

So, at the very least, he had to try to understand her bit by bit. Teruma turned his gaze to the same window Elvina was looking out of.

As pedestrians and buildings flashed by, the Axis of the World Tree in the city center boasted its presence unabated.

Elvina’s gaze was fixed on it at some point.

“…Teruma, what is that tower?”

“That’s called the Axis of the World Tree. It’s a symbol of this city and key to the world’s revival. I don’t fully understand what’s going on there yet, but my parents say you start to learn a lot once you start running a company.”

“…Hmm, I see. It seems necessary to know more about it.”


Teruma felt a certain resolve in Elvina’s narrowed eyes and unconsciously called out her name.

“Speaking of which, what is running a company?”

“I haven’t explained it yet… A company is a place where humans gather to work, and I’m their leader. It’s like being in the position of the Divine Goddess Savalith, Mrs. Mazaryi.”

Hearing Mazaryi mentioned, Elvina seemed slightly disheartened.

“So, if possible, I’d like Elvina to join the company as well.”

“I don’t mind. After all, I can’t leave you anyway.”

Teruma expected her to resist the idea of working, but Elvina agreed straightforwardly.

“That’s unexpected. I thought you’d definitely dislike it, Elvina-chan.”

Shia finally spoke up, having silently observed Elvina.

“Of course, if it gets boring, I’ll quit. But for now, let me try everything. I’m not expecting much, but everything in this world is new to me.”

Shia unreservedly frowned at Elvina’s statement.

“Wow, you really talk like you’re above it all. True to someone from heaven, but now you’re an earthling.”

“Are you… mocking me?”

Elvina smiled fearlessly, accepting Shia’s sarcasm.

“It’s so trivial… Miss Maid. If you wish to tease me, you’ll need power equivalent to a god.”

“Still so high and mighty! One day I’ll make you cry!!”

“To make me cry… I see. That’s impossible. I’ve never cried once since I was born. As a goddess born perfect, I didn’t even cry at birth.”

“What’s with that act! Too vain!”

Teruma had felt the same way for a while.

However, seeing Shia and Elvina now engaging in light-hearted banter without looking back was a happy occasion for him.

Rin, peeking over from the reflection in the mirror, must have thought the same, smiling conservatively.

“Hehe… If I don’t cry for the young master at least once a day, the day isn’t complete.”

He eased the tension with a straightforward joke… probably. It sounded totally serious and somewhat frightening.

Teruma suddenly turned away from Elvina.


He let out a tense breath, quietly exhaling.

Being near Shia allowed him to divert his attention… In the confined space of the car, for some reason, he was acutely aware of Elvina’s scent, which made it hard to stay calm.

Shia also had a pleasant scent… but Elvina’s was not from perfume or soap. It was a fragrance that confused the senses beyond smell.

Her very presence exuded a dazzling aura, dominating her surroundings.

The more he was aware of this, the more Elvina’s presence invaded Teruma’s peace of mind.

Not carsick but dizzy from Elvina, Teruma felt a slight vertigo, his body swaying lightly.

The soft touch that reached his palm brought him back to reality.

Because he lost his balance, Teruma’s hand had landed on Elvina’s thigh.

“Whoa… so-sorry…!!”

Teruma grasped his own wrist as if admonishing himself, moving away until his back hit the car door.

This Elvina was the culprit who shattered Teruma’s image of a goddess. She was the embodiment of conflict that scorched the skies and scattered the earth.

Yet, her skin was surprisingly soft… and warm.

“…? What are you panicking for?”

Elvina, in stark contrast to Teruma, showed no sign of disturbance, tilting her head slightly.

“I didn’t do it on purpose! Really!!”

Casually touching a woman’s soft skin was not the behavior of a Sōjō gentleman. If Yūsha found out, she would surely deliver a noble kick as punishment.

“…You mean because you touched my body?”

“It’s not so much touched as my hand was there when I noticed, or rather, it landed there momentarily…”

“Just this level of physical contact has you this unsettled, your future is worrisome. We’re going to be living together for a long time, you know?”

“I-I get it…!!”

Elvina sighed as if dumbfounded, repeatedly savoring Teruma’s actions with her words.

Teruma inadvertently felt a composure from her, typical of an older woman, and became internally chaotic. Anxiety might not be the wrong word.

“Teruma-sama! If you lose your balance, please lean on Shia! That’s a maid’s job!!”

Shia approached Teruma with a rebuking tone.

“No, it was just a bit of a sway, don’t worry about it…”

“! Young Master, your heart rate is—”

“It’s nothing…”

Rin’s concerned remark was cut off by Teruma.

Teruma’s smartwatch transmitted all his vital signs, including temperature, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels, to Rin’s monitor. After all, managing health conditions is part of a butler’s job.

Rin must have called out because Teruma’s heart rate increased.

Letting the butler know he was so easily unsettled by mere contact with a woman added to Teruma’s anxiety. Just when he thought he’d spiral into complete panic, the car arrived at its destination.

“Here is the Shinju Electric Town’s main store.”

After parking the car, Shia quickly hopped out, holding the door open and waiting. Elvina, her hair shimmering, stepped out of the car, followed by Teruma.

Shinju Electric Town was the city’s largest electronics wholesale store. Being a day off, the store was crowded. However, as soon as Teruma and his group entered, they attracted attention from all around.

“What’s this? A butler and a maid… and a group in black suits and white dresses!?”

“Are they filming a movie!?”

Teruma and Rin were in suits, Shia in a flashy maid outfit, and Elvina in a unique dress. Moreover, each person could be a model or actor, multiplying the attention they received.

“Uh, we’re quite noticeable… Is it because of our clothes…?”

Teruma glanced at his three-piece suit.

“Young Master Teruma, please get used to it. One day, you will manage everything in this city. No resident will care about dress codes while walking in their own yard.”

“…I understand. I’ll face it with pride!!”

Inspired by Rin, Teruma stood tall and proud.

In the classroom, there were boys who would say things like “Backpacks are so out of style”… Those who deliberately hurt others with their words, thinking they were a step closer to adulthood, Sōjō Teruma-kun couldn’t stand them at all.

Backpacks are, after all, highly functional, lightweight, and durable—a truly versatile carrying tool.

He even believed that only those who had mastered the use of backpacks throughout their six years of elementary school deserved to move on to middle school.

The same went for his own suit.

Wearing work clothes out for shopping, there’s nothing shameful about it.

“—So this is your tyranny, huh…” As if seeing through Teruma-kun’s thoughts, Elvina-sama gently smiled.

—Although they were both “work clothes,” Elvina-sama’s attire was indeed a bit unconventional, standing out quite a bit.

After buying a cellphone here, next would be shopping for Elvina-sama’s clothes. Just as he made up his mind and looked back, she was no longer there.


“Look, Teruma-kun, as soon as I approached the door, it opened by itself.”

Elvina-sama found the automatic door at the entrance fascinating.

“Ah, right. Because Rin was leading the way when we first entered, you didn’t notice… This is called an automatic door. It opens and closes by detecting people approaching.”

The entrance connected to the ground floor parking leads to the main floor. Without heading to the second floor or above first, nothing could get started, but Teruma-kun was happy to see Elvina-sama taking an interest in something.

“This too is a product of the rapid advancement of science in your world.”

“No, this technology has been around for a century… I thought for sure that the technology from the celestial realm would be far more advanced than the human world. Aren’t there extremely soft stones and very, very bright candles?”

“Those are all items created or processed using the power of goddesses. It doesn’t exactly align with scientific technology, does it?”

The difference lies in whether it’s based on magic or science. In a world where goddesses, who can accomplish various things with their own power, reside, the development of science “is not necessary.” This was somewhat acceptable.

Elvina-sama, perhaps happy about the automatic doors, started going in and out of them.

A five-year-old girl being led by her father passed by, saying, “Hoho, such an innocent and cute child.”

“Getting all excited over an automatic door, are you goddesses hunters of mammoths…!?”


Rin watched with a smile the interaction between Teruma-kun and Elvina-sama, a scene filled with the innocence of starting a new life.

“So, this store is even stronger than Teruma-kun’s home.”


But this was Elvina-sama, a goddess who has lived through battles. The commotion was far from over.

Though probably without malice, the doors of Teruma-kun’s home were compared in terms of strength.

“Your home and car can’t open automatically. They’re always manually opened by servants, aren’t they?”


Next, Elvina-sama took interest in the automatic escalator at the entrance. She observed tirelessly how it carried customers up to shop.

“Look, Teruma-kun, even the stairs move automatically. This is the wisdom of humans who cannot fly.”

“…Yes… Our stairs at home… aren’t automatic…”

Tasting defeat in the realm of masculine pride at the hands of a home appliance store, Teruma-kun became dejected.

“To think I managed to bring someone to my home, who can’t even be considered my first girlfriend, and she gets NTR’d by a home appliance store right away… Teruma-sama’s fetishes might get twisted… Hehe.”

Normally, if such frivolous remarks were made, Rin would immediately remind her with a “Keiun-kun,” but for some reason, Rin looked down this time. Shia, curious, leaned in to see.

“…Teruma-sama is now very sad…! When we return to the mansion, we must immediately change the front gate to an automatic one…! The stairs too must be replaced with an escalator, and the corridors with automatic walkways… Huh… Huh…!!”

His eyes, usually narrow, bulged, struggling for breath.


Shia tactfully rebuked her colleague, deciding to quickly take everyone upstairs to their destination to prevent Elvina-sama from causing more commotion.

“Alright, Elvina, stop standing there and staring… Let’s go!”

Even as Shia urged her onto the escalator, Elvina-sama remained motionless, gazing at the ascending steps. Eventually, like testing the temperature of bathwater with her toes, she lightly touched the step and quickly retracted her foot.

“Get on—————— Don’t do anything cuter than Shia in front of her aaaaaah!!”

Shia pushed Elvina-sama’s back, forcing her onto the escalator.

“Ugh… Ah…”

Initially, Elvina-sama nearly lost her balance, stepping in place a few times, but with her innate battle instincts, she quickly adapted to human ingenuity.

With her left hand on her hip and her right hand elegantly lifting her hair, she was conveyed upward.

Shia sighed deeply, then gasped as she looked up at the ascending Elvina-sama’s back.

Elvina-sama wore a body-hugging dress that clung close to her frame. However, the skirt part that fanned out like a gown at her waist only covered the sides, leaving her curvaceous behind clearly visible from the back.

“Hey—————— The curves of Elvina’s body aren’t all floating up, are they? Looking up from below the escalator is way too dangerous————————!!”

Shia defied the human wisdom that automatically transported people to other floors, dashing up several steps to catch up.

Closely behind Elvina-sama, she shielded her from the gazes looking up from below the escalator.

However, despite Shia’s efforts, the male group lingered in front of the escalator, muttering to themselves.

“My home… lost to a home appliance store…”

“If pursuing cool automatic doors… divide them into two layers, making them open upward and sideways…”

Shia felt uneasy about the upcoming shopping.

○ ●

Teruma-kun and the others arrived at their primary destination, the cellphone sales floor.

There was a time when purchasing necessities like washing machines and refrigerators was the priority… but for modern people, the most frequently used item is naturally the smartphone.

“Alright, since it’s for Elvina-sama to use, pick whatever you like!!”

“It doesn’t matter, any will do.”

Hearing Elvina-sama waste the master’s care, Shia’s tone sounded a bit annoyed, which couldn’t be helped. However, Teruma-kun, still young, was after all the president of a company. The mention of a cheap, clearance model struck Teruma-kun’s pride.

“The first time using the internet on a phone, if there’s a lag, the moment is halved! Even playing games for broadcasting, if the response is bad, you can’t relax at all!”

Naturally, his tone became firm.

“Listen, Elvina-sama, you should always start with good things! Moreover, this is something to be used at work too, don’t compromise here! Save only where it’s necessary to save!!”

This was a lesson from his mother, Yuusha.

Even in times of dire poverty, one must not skimp on investments in work tools. This was intricately linked to Yuusha’s success.

“I’m not concerned about your budget. It’s not about new or old… For us goddesses, even a hundred years from now, human creations are no different from old models.”

In the center of the earthly home appliance store, the celestial goddess stated a truth.

“Ha, you say that, but your existence is the so-called old model, isn’t it? Just an automatic escalator scared you like that, and you still have the face to say these things.”

“Keiun-kun, consider your words more carefully—”

Teruma-kun quietly stopped Rin from scolding Shia.

“No need… it’s okay, Rin. Their conversation can be a reference.”

Shia wasn’t really hostile towards Elvina-sama in her remarks. Teruma-kun was somewhat aware of this.

Shia was actually actively engaging with the lofty existence of a goddess on an equal footing. They were both women, and there was much to learn from their exchanges.

“Speaking of which, Rin, do you know how much my credit card limit is?”

Rin took a card case from his pocket and handed the brand-new credit card inside to Teruma-kun.

“The Sōjō family’s black card has no credit limit… however, boldly speaking, the family card held by Teruma-sama has a set upper limit.”

After learning how to use it from Rin, Teruma-kun pressed his thumb against the card’s fingerprint authentication chip.

The available and upper limit amounts were immediately displayed on the bottom of the card.

The credit card’s limit was — one hundred million yen.

Seeing this, Teruma-kun could not deny feeling like a socially weak elementary student. This money was enough for a phone, but equipping Elvina-sama for future necessities might be worrying.

“If a companion is deemed worthless, it would tarnish the Sōjō family’s name. Plan ahead for emergencies and contact the credit card company to temporarily increase the credit limit.”

“I understand.”

Rin nodded deeply with instantaneous response speed.

His father, Shōji, once said: to become someone so strong that they don’t need to put up a front. But when necessary, one should not hesitate to show off a bit of bluster.

At this moment, the vanity Teruma-kun could indulge in… was the credit limit of his credit card.

“This deviation in monetary perception is about to trigger the maternal instincts of a maid…”

Teruma-kun saw that Shia’s expression relaxed into a silly smile.

As for Elvina-sama, she was looking around so fast that an ordinary person might worry about twisting their neck.

“It seems to be her own idea, so feel free to choose the cheaper option☆ For a fallen goddess, a second-hand phone that’s already worn out and runs out of battery quickly should be enough, right?”

“If the battery runs out quickly, that would be troublesome for me too. If you can’t contact when needed, there’s no point in having a phone at all.”

“Got it. Sorry! Please give me that kind of slightly dirty, somewhat outdated second-hand phone that a teenage male student would use for watching videos and then sell immediately without special disinfection, including various things!”

Shia seemed to have listened to Teruma-kun’s concerns, but still made this very specific request to a female clerk nearby.

“Very sorry, but our store does not sell second-hand products…”

“Ah, then we’ll choose ourselves, and we’ll ask if we have any questions later. Please feel free to carry on with your work.”

Normally, a store clerk in a wholesale store should cling to their customers more persistently. However, Teruma-kun and the others were dressed too conspicuously, making it somewhat difficult for people to approach… The clerk didn’t say anything further.

Elvina-sama stopped in front of a display showcasing mobile phones produced by various carriers and manufacturers neatly arranged.

“Do you have any recommendations, Teruma-kun?”

“Um… In the early days, there were many useless products, but now, no matter which phone you buy, it won’t be unsuitable for work. So, just choose what you like.”

Thanks to the development of ELEM technology, various home electronics have also evolved. The smartphone industry, once said to have reached its peak performance, is now facing a significant transformation. Features like projecting three-dimensional images on screens are about to become practical, making it a field worth looking forward to.

“Preferences, huh…”

Elvina-sama first picked up the phone closest to her.

It seemed to be the world’s most famous model, with a fruit logo on the back.

Perhaps to check its weight, she gently shook the phone in her right hand up and down a few times, then spun it in her palm like a pen.

Elvina-sama was unlikely to break it, but having just seen her crush artificial diamonds with her bare hands, Teruma-kun was somewhat worried.

“I understand. I can feel the parts, painstakingly minimized through tearful efforts, crammed inside it. This board is the current human communication device, isn’t it?”

This was not a statement that looked down on humanity.

Instead, it was filled with tenderness, like a mother gently praising her child’s achievements.

That’s why Teruma-kun had something to say, even if he had to turn his heart into a demon to do it.

“That’s just a model, with nothing inside.”


“It’s an inoperative sample that’s only for display.”



Teruma-kun and Elvina-sama looked at each other, time passing in silence.

“What are you talking about? This is the real thing, right?”

Elvina-sama had somehow picked up the actual device connected to the data cable with her left hand.

The model in her right hand was quickly returned to the display stand.

She swiftly hid her embarrassment at a high speed—probably like Teruma-kun, Elvina-sama also took her vanity seriously when necessary.

“I’m not actually fond of metal.”

Elvina-sama put the actual device back in its place, muttering so.

“That being said, the frames of phones are generally made of metal. Though it’s not to the extent that it’s bothersome, can’t you compromise a bit?”

“Wood would be acceptable.”

Teruma-kun, at a loss, started looking for phones with wooden cases. Meanwhile, he remembered the gun Elvina-sama held during battles in the celestial realm. Wasn’t that made of metal?

Shia came to the rescue.

“How about a case that looks like a notebook cover or something? They are made of materials like leather.”

Indeed. With a case, at least the part touched by the hand isn’t metal.

“Good idea, Shia!”

“Ehehe, you should accumulate a lot of goodwill for Shia~”

Although putting a case on a phone might solve this issue to some extent, metal is naturally prevalent in human life. It would be impossible to be concerned about each one.

“By the way, Elvina-sama. The color of the phone can also be changed, it might be good for you to consider this as well.”

Elvina-sama checked the models in hand, but regardless of the type, they were all black.

White, pink, or even red would work. Brighter colors might suit her better.

“Given that my clothes are so white, you might misunderstand…”

However, Elvina-sama expressed an unexpected preference.

“—Actually, Teruma-kun, I like black.”

“Then choosing black is fine, isn’t it?”

The color one likes is the best. Teruma-kun immediately responded.

“Goddesses are often burdened with ideals of holiness and purity. But in reality, my heart often stirs with uncontrollable urges to battle. It’s a will darker than black—”

“I also think black is great!”

“So, I’ve decided, aside from the clothes I wear, I’ll try to have everything else I carry be black.”

“Regardless of the manufacturer, there’s basically always a black option.”

The conversation seemed to match and not match at the same time.

It was a direct reflection of the two at the moment.

Elvina-sama pointed at the product brochures, turning her head to look at Teruma-kun.

“What do these numbers mean? Are they the combat power values of each phone?”

Teruma-kun became anxious inside. He himself was not clear on the specifications being asked.

He only understood that a larger ROM number meant more photos and other items could be stored.

“Yes, it’s fine to think of it as combat power.”

This time, Rin, without missing a beat, provided the explanation.

“The CPU is the base combat power of a warrior. RAM is their speed. And the battery capacity is… although it depends on the combat style, it’s essentially stamina.”

“I see.”

Elvina-sama nodded, focusing on the specification table below the model.

Rin also metaphorically explained various values in terms of combat.

It was no wonder for someone who enjoyed tinkering with mechanics.

Watching Elvina-sama listen intently to Rin, Teruma-kun also began to think about teaching her something.

“Also… wouldn’t choosing to focus on camera performance be good?”

“Camera? That’s… you mean the transcriber, right? Why is there a need for performance?”

“Because Elvina-sama is so beautiful. A higher-performance camera would be better for taking your pictures.”

Teruma-kun suddenly thought.

How many pixels are needed to capture a goddess’s beauty—

“—Hmph. Well, I don’t think a human-made device can perfectly capture a goddess’s beauty anyway.”

Elvina-sama coldly threw out these words, staring straight at Teruma-kun. For a goddess, beauty is natural. Especially when praised, they might not even feel shy.

“Let’s choose this one from a company called PONY. It’s a classic product from Japan, the highest-end model. Of course, the color is black.”

After reviewing all the models displayed in the store, Elvina-sama picked up the most premium Japanese product. Naturally, it was black.

While explaining about the camera, Teruma-kun had tried this model himself. Although he wasn’t sure if that was the reason for her decision.

“It feels right in my hands.”

“Ended up choosing this ridiculously expensive phone… Elvina, do you know how hard it is to earn 150,000 yen?”

“Isn’t that the amount Keiun-kun can earn by working as a maid for three days?”

“No, Shia really did work hard for three days to earn 150,000 yen! It’s tough, you know! Let’s not dwell on this for now!”

Rin, who bluntly mentioned the specific amount, had his words caught by Shia like a catcher and tossed aside.

“Elvina-sama already said any phone would do, right!? Can’t you at least be a bit modest here and choose an older, cheaper model from the same manufacturer if you have to choose one!?”

“Old models, those weak phones, are good enough for humans. Of course, only the latest models are worthy of a goddess.”

“Weren’t you the one who indiscriminately said that all human creations are outdated anyway!?”

Indeed, there was a contradiction in what was said.

Perhaps it’s not necessary to take too seriously everything Elvina-sama says when she’s being whimsical.

“If Elvina-sama likes this model, then isn’t that good enough?”

Teruma-kun hurried to complete the contract and payment before Elvina-sama changed her mind.

The experience of choosing and buying something on one’s own is important. The choices made shouldn’t have to be twisted because of others’ opinions.

After purchasing the phone case and memory card along with it, they spent less than 200,000 yen in total.

Without having to do the math, it was clear that this price was within the credit limit.

Since Teruma-kun’s phone was bought by his parents, it was only today that he learned that the amount spent on a set of phones was well within what a credit card held by an elementary school student could afford.

○ ●

While the staff was preparing to hand over the phone, Teruma-kun and others browsed the store for other items Elvina-sama might need.

Whether something like a hair dryer, which isn’t shared, is necessary or not… each time, it was Shia who made suggestions.

Despite claiming that human creations and old models are indistinguishable, Elvina-sama actually showed deep interest, observing everything in sight.

Whether it’s purchasing household appliances or simply observing them, all these were new experiences for her. Naturally, it was quite fresh.

Teruma-kun could very much understand how Elvina-sama felt at the moment.

Home appliance stores, residential equipment stores, shops brimming with various products—just being here could make one’s heart leap with joy.

Not to mention, acquiring tools for the first time in one’s life is thrilling enough on its own.

The carving knife used for handcraft, a sewing box filled with various tools, a drawing board taken to a sketching competition… each of these first encounters warmed Teruma-kun’s heart.

He hoped that Elvina-sama would have many such experiences in the future.

Hoping to show a goddess who asserts that battle is everything, the joy of ordinary life—

“Have you completely fallen for home appliances?”

“Absolutely impossible. I will not be captivated by human creations. If such a thing were to happen, I’ll listen to any command of yours once.”

Teruma-kun’s wish, futile as it might have been, was naturally denied… surely she’s just hiding her shyness.

“While I don’t have anything I particularly want to command you to do, you should keep your word, okay?”

After checking out the necessities available at the home appliance store, the group returned to the mobile phone counter to pick up the phone that had been set up.

Before putting on the phone case, Elvina-sama was already holding her newly purchased phone in her hand.

So much for disliking metal… Though he thought this, perhaps it was psychological, but her expression seemed quite excited.

“Alright, congratulations on getting your first phone. By the way, it’ll be quite inconvenient if you don’t know how to contact others—”


Rin nonchalantly stopped Shia, who was about to take out her phone from the pocket of her maid dress.

He quickly caught on to what the hesitant Teruma-kun was about to say.

Elvina-sama, holding the phone in both hands, looked adorable.

For some reason, Teruma-kun felt a sense of reluctance in acknowledging this, unable to voice his thoughts.

“Um… Elvina-sama…!!”

Teruma-kun began solemnly, and Elvina-sama looked over in surprise.


By now, Rin must have noticed his own heart rate increasing.

“Let’s exchange… RAIN IDs!!”

Teruma-kun clenched his fist in front of his chest, declaring so.

Although they pretended to be in a romantic relationship just for show… he still hoped to be the first man recorded in Elvina-sama’s phone.

That was Teruma-kun’s “vanity” that he could not and would not relinquish.

“…? I don’t quite understand, but I’ll leave it to you then.”

At least she seemed to understand what to do with the phone. Elvina-sama handed it over.

Teruma-kun’s tension was sucked out in one go, nearly causing him to collapse.

Shia glared at Elvina-sama with gritted teeth.

By the way, Rin, who couldn’t sleep a night without crying for Teruma-kun, was now dabbing his eyes with a handkerchief. At least tonight, he could sleep well.

○ ●

Purchasing the phone and daily necessities went relatively smoothly.

The challenge was buying replacement clothes. The plan was to leave the clothing entirely up to Shia, without making any comments, just stepping back to silently witness… Elvina-sama, curious about everything, was the only one to refuse entering the clothing store.

“Do you really think that I, as a goddess, would entrust my skin to clothes worn by humans?”

“You’ve already entrusted your hand to a human-made phone, haven’t you!? Try a little harder not to be so stubborn!!”

At the entrance of a brand clothing store recommended by Shia, within the largest department store, Elvina-sama stood immovably, more stubborn than a child refusing vaccination.

“If you keep wearing that outfit that screams ‘flirt,’ it will affect the dignity of the Sōjō family, who treats you as a guest!!”

“This is the formal attire of a goddess who has captivated the heart of Teruma-kun from the Sōjō family.”

“This guy… has already mastered the art of human-world quarreling…!!”

Teruma-kun, wondering what to do, remembered what his friend Mamoru once said.

“—But you know, I really want to see what Elvina-sama looks like in human clothes.”

Mamoru always advocated that instead of demanding someone to do something, saying “I want to see” tends to be more effective. Indeed, one must have friends.

“…Do you want to see, Teruma-kun? Do you want to see me in human clothes?”

“Yes, I do! Please!!”

Asked back by Elvina-sama, Teruma-kun pleaded earnestly.

“Ah, you’re hopeless. But I won’t wear it all the time.”

“You’re too kind, Teruma-sama…”

Seeing their master learning how to treat women so reliably, Rin, not long after the last time, dabbed his eyes with a handkerchief again.

Having finally softened Elvina-sama’s stance, Shia thought of another issue.

“Ah… Right. Teruma-sama, considering Elvina-sama is currently wearing nothing underneath, it might be better to buy lingerie first.”

With such a serious suggestion, Teruma-kun could only awkwardly respond with “Yes, yes.”

“I don’t need lingerie, though.”

“No, no, no, no! It’s one thing with that absurd cosplay outfit, but you can’t go without lingerie in adult human clothes! Alright, let’s head to the lingerie store nearby!!”

Shia pointed to a women’s lingerie store two shops away.

Just looking at the mannequins dressed in lingerie displayed in the window made Teruma-kun’s face turn red.

“Elvina-sama, go with Shia. I’ll wait here for you.”

Teruma-kun waved his hand lightly, heading towards a nearby bench.

But his wrist was firmly grasped from behind.

“You’re coming too, Teruma-kun. Let’s go to that place called the women’s lingerie store.”

“I don’t wanna aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!”

However, Teruma-kun couldn’t resist the strength that could crush diamonds and was dragged away like a dog that dislikes vaccinations.

Plainly speaking, as a current elementary school student, Teruma-kun had no immunity to women. This, combined with his lifelong singular devotion to a goddess, resulting in no contact with girls around him, or rather, making them all keep their distance.

Just a glance at a female artist in a swimsuit appearing on a TV show would make him blush.

If he were taken to a women’s lingerie store, he might faint.

“…Are you saying this… goes on the chest…?”

Elvina-sama held a purple bra hanging in the store and showed it to Teruma-kun.

“You don’t have to show me! Yes, that’s what it’s for!”

And she even held the bra up to her chest, making it impossible for him not to be aware of it.

The store clerk watched Teruma-kun and the others with a smile. Perhaps they were mistaken for siblings shopping closely together.

Even seeing Elvina-sama’s bizarre outfit didn’t elicit a hint of surprise from the clerk, likely due to their professional demeanor.

“Teruma-sama is just too cute…”

In contrast, the maid they relied on, who could be considered the epitome of professional demeanor, wasn’t much help. She watched Teruma-kun’s embarrassed state, her lips curling up uncontrollably.

“I see… If Teruma-kun says he really wants to see it, I wouldn’t mind wearing a bra.”

Elvina-sama’s sharp beauty didn’t falter even as she joked, her expression remaining extremely serious.

“Ah, how embarrassing… I wouldn’t say such a thing!!”

“Come on, say it.”

The pressure of her words was like being asked for an equal resolve by someone who shares one’s life.

I’m prepared to wear a bra. So, you should also be prepared to have me wear one—it seemed to say.

“Do you want it, Teruma-kun?”

Teruma-kun clenched his fist, slowly beginning to speak.

“…I, I want…”

“Me to?”

“Have Elvina-sama…”

“Put on?”

“Put on… the…”


“Put on the bra…”

“Do you want me to wear it?”

“I want you to wear it…”

“Say it louder, from the beginning, in one sentence.”

“Ugh… I want Elvina-sama to put on the bra…!!”

“—Well said, Teruma-kun.”

Elvina-sama smiled contentedly, placing her hand on Teruma-kun’s shoulder. The bra she still held in her hand brushed against the back of Teruma-kun’s neck.

Shia, seizing the moment, pulled Teruma-kun away from Elvina-sama.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hey! Don’t force our adorable boy into this ridiculously difficult play, you celestial libertine!”

“Don’t only remember your sense of duty at the last minute, Miss Maid.”

“So, you’re into that kind of stuff, huh!”

Though Teruma-kun was swept up in the heat of the moment and said what he did, hearing their exchange made him furious.

“Game play…? Are you making fun of me!?”

However, Elvina-sama’s serious expression didn’t change in the slightest.

“I’m about to wear something for the first time in tens of thousands of years since my birth… something I’ve never worn before. It takes a lot of courage. So, I just wanted you, my life-sharing partner, to give me a push. I’m not playing with you.”

“Is, is that so… That makes sense…! Elvina-sama, you’re trying hard too! I’m sorry for feeling embarrassed…!!”

Rin, watching from a distance, was moved by his master’s sincere apology but also felt a bit uneasy.

“Anyway, if it comes down to it, I’m prepared to sacrifice my body to protect the young master.”

The maid, a boy in a suit, and a goddess in a pure white dress argued inside the lingerie store.

A young man in a butler’s uniform watched all this from a distance.

By now, Teruma-kun and his group had attracted quite a bit of attention, but it couldn’t be helped.

Shia, taking the place of the clerk to take measurements, entered the fitting room with Elvina-sama.

Teruma-kun, who had been dragged into the store, stood waiting in front of the fitting room.

His ears red, he stood there, attracting the gazes of the female customers in the store.

(Ah… They must find it disgusting that a male is in this kind of place… I’m sorry…)

Teruma-kun lowered his head in shame. However, he didn’t notice that the gaze of the female customers was similar to how the goddesses in the celestial temple looked at him.

“Hey, Elvina, I’m going to measure you now, so take it off.”

“Just removing the outfit should suffice, right?”

“Wow, that’s convenient, you can make your clothes disappear in an instant————not that you don’t have to be completely naked! Hurry up with the measurements. Teruma-kun is waiting.”

Hearing the voices made him painfully aware that Elvina-sama, naked, was just behind the curtain. The embarrassment surged endlessly, making him wish he could just faint.

Perhaps it was an illusion, but the older sisters around him seemed to be slowly closing in.

“Ahahaha! What’s with this ideal shape… so smooth… so firm…! This has definitely been tampered with! Edited! Definitely messed with!!”

“Don’t lump me in with you.”

“I didn’t mess with anything, okay!!”

The curtain was pulled back, and Teruma-kun, startled, turned to look.

Of course, Elvina-sama was already dressed in her goddess attire, but Shia’s mood had soured significantly.

The older sisters who had been inching closer to Teruma-kun scattered in fear at the sight.

“Dammit… dammit… this unnatural creature… Shia… Shia put so much effort into maintaining this figure…”

No matter how frustrated she was, she was still a professional maid. Shia, with the measurements taken, quickly selected bras with the clerk.


After picking a few sets of lingerie, Shia called Teruma-kun over to the cashier.

“…I’ll pay with a credit card…”

Teruma Sōjō, twelve years old.

On this day, for the first time in his life, he paid for women’s lingerie with his own credit card.

○ ●

The evil goddess Zodiacs.

She was among the two factions of goddesses that divided the celestial realm, advocating the idea of dominating the human world through conflict.

They were dissatisfied with the outcome of the goddess battle between Elvina and Mashali, decided before the conflict had fully resolved.

The scars left from the battle a day before still vividly shrouded the entire celestial realm. One of the evil goddess Zodiacs, Shayamelte, approached the temple of the holy goddess Savarid, Mashali’s stronghold.

The goddess holding a scepter-like weapon stood at the entrance of the temple as if to welcome her. She was Mashali, the eldest.


With a sinister expression, Mashali glared at Shayamelte, the evil goddess Zodiacs standing on the stone steps below.

Her deep blue hair was neatly but unnaturally disheveled, draping over her chest and shoulders like tendrils. Her bangs were cut neatly yet were unevenly distributed. Her hair looked like the legs of a many-legged creature, giving off a bewitching vibe.

“I consider myself one of the more rational members of the evil goddess Zodiacs. But others are not like me. Some even believe that, regardless of the goddess battle’s conclusion, destroying the entire holy goddess Savarid is the only solution.”

Her tone was exaggerated, but her appearance suggested she was a young goddess of the same age as Elvina.

Yet, the aura she carried was even more rigid than Elvina’s, emanating a certain terror.

“Like Distime, who was driven mad because her recognized rival, Elvina, disappeared from the celestial realm without settling their score. Thanks to you, even I, who was supposed to mediate, ended up being resented by her.”

When Elvina invaded the temple of the holy goddess Savarid, Distime, one of the top officials of the evil goddess Zodiacs, interfered. Shayamelte, who had barged in and mediated between the two fighting goddesses, allowing Elvina to go ahead, was that person.

She was also the bearer of six wings, one of the clues to Teruma Sōjō’s first love—The Ultimate Six-Winged Goddess.

“Questioning the outcome of the goddess battle set by the celestial will is tantamount to rebellion against the celestial realm. Even as the Ultimate Six-Winged Goddess, as long as you live as a goddess of the celestial realm, it cannot be permitted.”

Warned by Mashali in a resolute tone, Shayamelte brushed it off.

“However, no Creator God was born. The rest of the evil goddess Zodiacs will not accept this.”

The evil goddess Zodiacs did not acknowledge Mashali as the winner of the goddess battle. Their stance was rather that the war should continue until a Creator God is born.

“Answer me, Mashali, is it true that you used your authority to exile Elvina to the human world?”

“Yes, she accepted this punishment herself.”

“You lie. That Elvina would never quietly accept being exiled from the celestial realm for losing in the goddess battle. That person would rather resist until the end and be annihilated than accept such a humiliating outcome.”

“You really know her well… As you said. She resisted my curse until her life’s end, always thinking of taking my head.”

“Then why! Is it because you, the bastard, proposed a despicable deal!!”

After hesitating, Mashali decided not to hide anymore and blurted out about Teruma.

“…Actually, at the climax of the goddess battle, an unexpected intruder appeared.”

If they didn’t prepare an acceptable answer, the evil goddess Zodiacs would likely seek the truth on their own. If they couldn’t cleverly conceal it, leading them to expose Teruma through their investigation, it could endanger his position.

Shayamelte, deeply interested in Mashali’s story, gradually shifted from shock to anger—

“————————Ran off with a man aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!?”

She exploded.

“By the way, he also proposed to me.”

Seizing the opportunity of the person in question not being present, the goddess leader made an irresponsibly flippant statement.

“What… I wasn’t proposed to!!”

“Because you never met him.”

Shayamelte clenched her fist in rage, glaring at the numerous faintly visible Earths floating in the sky.

“To think he ignored me, Shayamelte, known as ‘The Love Doctor of the Celestial Realm,’ to hook up with a man! That Elvina!? The one who spent decades pursuing coolness, trying two trillion times how to pose with a gun! That Elvina!?”

Seizing the opportunity of the person in question not being present, a colleague divulged what should have been more confidential information.

“Listen, Shayamelte. A human male accidentally entering the celestial realm is an unprecedented severe incident since the creation of the celestial realm. This all indicates that the celestial realm is in a state of instability that cannot be ignored. We goddesses must stop fighting among ourselves, assist each other, and restore harmony to the celestial realm as soon as possible.”

This statement also carried the intention of restraining the evil goddess Zodiacs.

If they continue this futile struggle like now, leading to further exhaustion of the celestial realm itself, similar severe incidents could happen again at any time—that was the implication.

Mashali’s plan succeeded in some ways and failed greatly in others.

“Ugh… Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!”

Shayamelte, no longer seeing Mashali, turned and ran away with a scream filled with regret.

Mashali, watching her back, was struck by an indescribable turmoil.

Discussing the future of the celestial realm peacefully with the representative of the evil goddess Zodiacs was not the source.

A new threat was quietly approaching.

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
Sou Kami no Elvina

Sou Kami no Elvina

Twin Gods Elvina / 双神のエルヴィナ
Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
“双神のエルヴィナ” (Twin Gods of Elvina) is a light novel series written by Mizusawa Yume and illustrated by Kasuga Ayumu. It is a story about a boy named Soujou Teruma who loves goddesses and makes a contract with one of them, Elvina, the strongest goddess in the heavenly realm. Together, they fight against other goddesses who are trying to invade the human world or destroy the balance of the universe. It is a battle love comedy with a lot of action and humor.


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