📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

V1 Sou Kami no Elvina Chapter 1

The Youngster's Departure

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MYTH:1 The Youngster’s Departure

This tale unfolds before the birth of Sōjō Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama).

Our world once faced annihilation.

Vast arsenals turned the earth into a sea of flames. Giant meteors plummeted towards us. Unknown bacteria transformed humans into monsters—yet, unlike the cataclysms depicted in various disaster films, this end was gentle, harming no one.

Humanity worldwide lost their drive without any apparent reason.

When trying to explain this peculiar malaise to others, they’d merely respond with surprise, “What are you talking about? That’s just plain laziness.” Initially, governments around the globe didn’t perceive this as a problem.

However, this lack of early intervention soon backfired.

Before long, people everywhere couldn’t muster any motivation.

Adults were particularly affected, eventually abandoning their work.

Agriculture, manufacturing, vendors… every industry in the world came to a standstill, and even societal activities ceased to function.

Time slowly passed, and the world declined.

After all, even the will to improve this desolate world—a condition for living here—eluded its people.

Riding in a luxury car to school, Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama) gazed out the window at the towering structure piercing the sky.

Dressed in a brand-new three-piece suit, he struggled to feel the part, given his youthful appearance akin to a sixth-grade elementary student.

“The Axis of the Tree of Life… It’s been expanded again. What new functions were added this time?”

Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama) mused comfortably from the back seat.

The Axis of the Tree of Life—a symbol of the world’s rebirth.

It’s the new generation’s energy management center.

Already Japan’s tallest building at its completion, surpassing 500 meters, its height has since become immeasurable due to continuous additions.

True or not, it’s said to be planned to reach space.

“What new functions have been added to that tower… From today, you, young master Teruma, can be informed at any time.”

The young driver, overhearing Teruma’s soliloquy, replied smoothly.

Dressed in a dark grey tailcoat, his luxurious silver hair added a touch of elegance.

He was Teruma’s personal butler, Ikaruga Rin (Ikarugarin-san).

His slender, elegant eyes beneath his glasses might seem cold to many, but Teruma knew well the depth of kindness they held.

After meeting due to a certain incident during Teruma’s childhood and following some twists and turns, Rin (Ikarugarin-san) came to live and work for the Sōjō family. He was indeed a trustworthy person.

“Yet, young master, you should already be quite familiar with the Sōjō family’s business.”

Meanwhile, the slightly aged woman in the passenger seat scolded Teruma with a slightly stern tone.

This woman, with her elegant, wavy long hair dressed in a classic black apron dress and carrying an authoritative air, was Asai Risa (Asairi-Jūshachō).

Entrusted by Teruma’s busy parents, she took on the role of a foster mother, one of the eldest maids in the Sōjō household.

“At least you’ve memorized the basics of ELEM, right?”

“ELEM is even mentioned in textbooks, so don’t worry, Grandma Risa.”

“Then let’s hear it. We still have five minutes to the school.”

Even in the car on the way to school, if there was a moment of free time, she would prompt him to study. Risa was indeed Spartan.

Despite the sudden push to recite like in an exam, Teruma readily accepted, flamboyantly crossing his legs.


Discovered amidst the world’s decline, this epoch-making substance could be used as a high-performance energy source and easily processed and transformed into various forms—a truly dreamlike resource.

With the advent of ELEM, the world began its path to recovery, and there emerged an astonishing idea: could it be artificially transformed into “motivation” for humans?

The experiment, as it turned out, was a success.

And the Sōjō family played a key role in making this project a reality.

ELEM not only revived the human spirit but also, by leveraging its transformative properties, fired the first shot of the next industrial revolution. The stagnant human society was revitalized.

Through the window of the luxury car en route to school, every sight of the city was a product of this cutting-edge technology.

Humanity, deeply indebted to ELEM, could no longer do without it.

And the city where Teruma and others lived, “Shinjumori,” emerged as a new metropolis developed using ELEM technology after its discovery.

In fact, until six years ago, this place was a symbol of the world’s decline. Visiting then, one would see nothing but the skeletons of construction projects—a city abandoned in development.

However, Shinjumori now stands as a flagship city of the world, rejuvenated.

Centered around the Axis of the Tree of Life, this massive circular city was divided into six districts.

The neatly arranged office district with skyscrapers, the residential area for inhabitants to rejuvenate, the commercial district filled with entertainment and shopping facilities, the artificial beach for maritime activities and beachgoing, and the natural park for forestry and tourism.

One large undeveloped area remained, but utilizing that space seemed only a matter of time.

The giant elevated railway encircling the city also evoked the image of an angel’s halo.

As depicted long ago, cars that could freely fly through the sky and robots that could work alongside humans coexisted—though such transcendental technology was not yet a reality, the city was steadily progressing towards making this future vision come true. This is Shinjumori.

The reason Shinjumori could develop so rapidly was largely thanks to the advanced energy source, ELEM—

“—And that brings us to today.”

Teruma, full of confidence, recounted the story of ELEM and his city, Shinjumori.

“Young master! Your explanation is satisfactory… but! How many times have I told you not to rest your cheek in your hand!!”

Even from the passenger seat, Risa kept a close eye on Teruma in the back seat, not missing his habit of resting his elbow on the car window.

“Grandma Risa, I’m not resting my head on my hand. I’m pressing my head and palm together like this, so I can exercise my neck and arm muscles simultaneously.”

Though it sounded like an excuse, Teruma was indeed engaging in this peculiar exercise. His leg lift was part of a mysterious routine to strengthen his lower torso, similar to the principle of an air chair.

Others might shrink back at Risa’s harsh words, but Teruma was well accustomed to it and had his ways of coping.

“Physical fitness is essential. After all, I’m destined to be a man worthy of a goddess!”

To such a spirited declaration from Teruma, Risa massaged her forehead as if to stave off a headache.

“I don’t nag because I enjoy it. But, a goddess…”

“Alright, alright, Head Maid Asairi. Young Master Teruma is just slightly deviating from proper etiquette, that’s all.”

Hearing Rin’s tactful interjection from the driver’s seat, Risa sighed.

Her concern was not about etiquette, but Teruma’s unwavering fascination with the goddess.

Meeting the goddess, falling in love with the goddess, dating the goddess.

—To marry the goddess.

The scion of a global conglomerate endlessly and carelessly spoke of these ambitions, burdening those around him with worry.

Yet, in Teruma’s eyes, there was nothing amiss.

As the lord destined to rule over the world, proclaiming his desire for the goddess as his life partner should naturally be met with joy and blessings.

“Even so, please behave yourself today. After school, your father and mother have important matters to discuss with you.”

As Risa admonished him, the car quietly stopped near the entrance of Shinjumori Academy Elementary, where Teruma attended.

“Alright, here we are! Rin, I’ll leave the rest to you after school!”

“Understood. Have a good day, young master Teruma.”

Risa, stepping out first, opened the car door for Teruma, who quickly jumped out and headed towards the school gate.

“See you, Grandma!!”

“Shouldn’t you say ‘Then, I’m off!’? And don’t walk backward!!”

Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama) stepped through the school gates with a light step, but his expression turned serious without him realizing.

To align with the world’s rebirth, the calendar was reset, and about ten years have passed since then.

In the year 10 of the Shinsei Era, on April 20th—Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama) celebrated his 12th birthday.

And on this day, an unknown step was marked in the new history of humanity.

○ ●

As the world was being revived from ruin, many of its systems also underwent significant changes.

For example, compulsory education was virtually nonexistent in nearly every country today.

More schools from elementary level onwards adopted a credit system, with many offering direct progression from elementary to university.

Despite changes in the world’s operations due to adult reasons, the innocence of elementary school students remained unchanged.

During breaks, classrooms buzzed with childlike topics.

Boys discussed their interests and animations, while girls chatted about the latest fashion trends on social media.

And like typical elementary students, many vented about the troubles of boy-girl relationships—

“Teruma, you’re having a birthday party later today, right? I’ll come if it’s open to regular folks like me.”

After the last class of the day, Teruma’s friend, Mamoru Yamakawa, approached his desk.

“If I were waiting for a birthday party, I wouldn’t be so tense all day, and I’d have formally invited you, Mamoru.”

“So, there’s no party then. Seeing you dressed more stylishly than usual today, I thought that must be the reason. Ah, but let me wish you a happy birthday, anyway.”

It seemed to him that Teruma’s impeccably chosen suit was entirely because today was his birthday.

“Thank you… I’m dressed this way today because there’s something important happening at home.”

“What? Is it a matchmaking meeting? ‘The man who will marry a goddess,’ Sōjō Teruma, is finally going to date a regular girl?”

The tone of his question was almost like paying annual dues, prompting a wry smile from Teruma.

“Regrettably, that goal is still very much in progress!… The important thing is about my mother’s company.”

“…Ah, I see… You mentioned that this day was coming up soon.”

Mamoru understood the situation and scratched his sporty haircut.

“Then, you won’t have many chances to come to school after this, huh? It’s kind of lonely to think about.”

“That’s why I took enough credits in advance. But, I’ll still come to school occasionally.”

Not just as a scion of a major corporation, but perhaps also due to his notorious ‘goddess otaku’ status, Teruma had few friends.

And Mamoru was one of the few who accepted him as he was.

Named for his whirlwind-like trick serve, Mamoru defeated many well-known elementary students and led the table tennis club to second place in the national elementary school competition as its ace. But other than that, he was no different from any ordinary elementary student. He got along surprisingly well with Teruma.

Their longstanding friendship gave Mamoru a clear understanding of the heavy responsibility Teruma bore.

That is, Teruma was destined to inherit the corporation that stood at the pinnacle of the world.

“And here I thought you were urging me to go matchmaking. But what about you today? Don’t you usually spend any spare moment with Tanaka-san from the class next door?”

Mamoru was dating a girl named Hanako Tanaka from the next class.

Due to his club activities, the time he could spend with her was very limited. Thus, not just during lunch breaks but even during short breaks like now, he frequently visited her classroom.

Hearing Teruma’s remark, Mamoru shrugged his shoulders with an embarrassed smile.

“…Ah… Hanako and I… broke up.”

“What…! Broke up!? Weren’t you two all lovey-dovey just yesterday!?”

“It seems Hanako wasn’t that serious about me. I had a feeling from the start… It looks like she just wanted a boyfriend who’s into sports, anyone would do.”

Until yesterday, Teruma had been listening to Mamoru talk about his love life. Watching Mamoru like that always brought a smile to his face.

Observing his friend’s romantic endeavors, he once again felt the genuine joy of love…

“Even so, I tried my best to be a good boyfriend… but it wasn’t enough. But it turns out, I was pretty serious about it.”


“Hanako probably wanted something more casual. It was a failure.”

Mamoru took out his phone from his pocket, as if wanting to share memories, and showed Teruma the screen.

The wallpaper was a purikura photo of Mamoru and Hanako.

It was brightly decorated with the words “3rd day together!” likely written by Hanako.

“Mamoru, don’t you regret it?”

“Not that I don’t, but once I realized that being with me made Hanako suffer… Ah, this won’t do.”

At this moment, Mamoru was probably speaking out loud while sorting his feelings. He started to change the wallpaper back to the original default color, indicating he wanted Teruma to witness him making a clean break.

“I thought love was supposed to be happier than this. To think I’m still naive about love at this age…”


Compared to the self-mocking Mamoru, Teruma seemed even more disheartened by his friend’s story.

Realizing this, Mamoru forced a wry smile.

“Alright, the after-school meeting is about to start.”

With a cheerful smile, Mamoru patted the disheartened Teruma on the back and returned to his seat.

Seeing his friend’s love affair end, Teruma once again confronted his own unrequited love.

His first love was a goddess. To this day, Teruma cherishes this memory… However, there weren’t many who could understand him like Mamoru. Not just classmates, but most peers would scoff upon hearing it.

But it didn’t matter what others thought. No matter what anyone said, even after learning of his friend’s heartbreak, Teruma’s conviction didn’t waver.

He still firmly believed in the promise he made with the goddess to “meet again when they were adults.”

And starting today, he took another step towards adulthood.

○ ● ○ ●

As the Sōjō family, leading a conglomerate with about 1,500 affiliated subsidiaries worldwide, has numerous buildings standing tall in Shinjumori.

After school, Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama) got into the car driven by Rin. Their destination was one of these numerous buildings, located near the Axis of the Tree of Life in the center of Shinjumori.

The Sōjō Shinjumori Twin Towers.

With 65 floors above ground and a total height of 320 meters, it’s a masterpiece in its entirety.

Two buildings of identical size are connected near the top by a spherical structure in the middle.

Upon entering the top floor, Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama) was met with a miniature model of the entire Shinjumori area, centered around the Axis of the Tree of Life.

Across the several meters of the 3D model, he faced his parents.

Though it was just the three of them, without any outsiders, the atmosphere still felt somewhat tense.

Breaking the solemn silence was Teruma’s biological father—Sōjō Masakazu.

His slicked-back hair, now peppered with gray, embodied the look of a competent businessman.

Yet, there was no intimidating aura about him; his gentle demeanor permeated the atmosphere.

“You probably already know what we’re about to discuss, Mr. Teruma, don’t you?”

“Of course!!”

Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama) nodded vigorously in response to his father’s gentle inquiry.

Masakazu referred to his son with the honorific “Mr.,” as if addressing someone unaffiliated, but Teruma knew well that his father only used “Mr.” for those he respected. Thus, being addressed in such a manner filled Teruma with immense pride.

Conversely, Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama) respectfully referred to his parents as “Father” and “Mother.” He had decided that only when he could stand as their equal—when they were no longer figures he needed to look up to—would he call them “Dad” and “Mom.”

“Actually, Dad, I think it’s okay to give up on that custom…”

His gentle father was pained by the topic they had to discuss today.

“I’m not forcing you. Honestly, Mom feels even lonelier not being able to see Teruma as much as now. It’s quite sad.”

Adding to the conversation with a lighthearted tone was Teruma’s mother, Sōjō Yukasa.

Her figure, clad in a striking red business suit, was a sight familiar to anyone living in the city—at least once.

No, perhaps on a global scale, there might be no one who did not recognize her.

“The Century’s Genius,” “Modern-day Savior,” “President of the Unified World”—there were numerous phrases to describe Teruma’s mother. Now, she was known as the most famous female president in the world.

There was no need to hide anything; the genius scientist who discovered ELEM and made it the core of the world’s regeneration was Sōjō Yukasa, the current head of the Sōjō family.

The Sōjō family was now the hope of the world. And one day, Teruma too would bear the enormous responsibility on his shoulders.

Yet, in his eyes that gazed at his parents, there was no hint of weakness from the weight of the burden.

“Well… I also followed the Sōjō family’s rules when I was 12, so I won’t stop you.”

Yukasa expressed not worry but respect for Teruma’s will.

A Sōjō family member, upon reaching the age of 12, must leave the main house and live independently to create wealth through their own efforts, away from their parents. This was part of their imperial education.

In reality, Teruma’s father, Masakazu, was a son-in-law; it was Yukasa who was the true heir of the Sōjō family.

This iron lady president had passed the Sōjō family’s trial at the same age as Teruma is now.

“Mother, when you took the trial, did you ever wish to have a conversation like this with your parents… Were you stopped?”

“Ah… Although things softened a bit after you, my grandson, were born, when your grandparents were still in charge, they were really strict. To be honest, they annoyed me a lot. I left that house so easily because I was rebelling against them.”

Rebelling against them and passing the trial because of it—what a noble arrogance.

Learning about his mother’s lesser-known attitude towards life, Teruma couldn’t help but let out an enthusiastic sigh.

“Actually, Dad and Mom, I don’t think I dislike you that much.”

Yukasa looked a bit uneasy.

“Well then, Teruma, what do you want to do?”

Teruma’s resolve was clear. He stood up in front of his parents, looking at them with eyes full of determined will.

“————I also want to follow the Sōjō family’s rules. This is my own will.”

Compared to the time when the family rules were established, the Sōjō family had grown to an unreasonable size. Even in this era, adhering to such customs seemed absurd.

But for Teruma, if he wanted to catch up with or even surpass his great mother, he had to pass this family rule just as beautifully as she did.

“I love you, Father and Mother… No, it’s because I love you that I must leave your protection and achieve something significant with my own strength. Because I want to become the world’s number one man.”

Masakazu and Yukasa smiled warmly, nodding at him.

“To become the world’s number one man and thus welcome the Lady Goddess. That’s Mr. Teruma’s dream.”

“That’s right. To realize such a grand dream… a mere moldy family rule is but a small hurdle that can be easily jumped over.”

Teruma had already shared the story of his encounter with the goddess in his childhood with his parents. They didn’t dismiss it as a fanciful tale but have always watched over their son as he strides towards the day of reunion with the goddess.

“……Don’t worry. As long as Teruma can expand Sōjō further, whether it’s the world above the clouds or the world of fairy tales, one day you will reach it. Definitely.”

Although such words might seem absurd, there was an inexplicable certainty in Yukasa’s voice. Perhaps it was this confidence in her work that made her so assured.

“So, I need to ask various things now. Mother, what was the first thing you did after leaving home?”

More than twenty years ago, Yukasa left home for her trial and immediately started a company. The establishment and worldwide promotion of ELEM technology came a decade later.

What Teruma wanted to know was what happened during that gap.

Yukasa crossed her arms and looked up as if reminiscing about the past.

“……When a young girl leaves her family all alone, the ways to make money are quite limited……”

Her voice, filled with wonder, made Teruma hold his breath in anticipation.

“——Right, it was drawing illustrations.”

His mother, recounting her start in her career, wore an unbeatable smile.

“……Drawing illustrations…… That was your hobby, right? So that was your first job!?”

“Although I was also inventing at that time, selling inventions without connections was impossible. Especially back then, when the world was at its lowest. In times like that, entertainment businesses tended to be stronger.”

Yukasa is hailed as a super-genius scientist who advanced human history by a century. Although she’s a president by title, she was originally from the field of science. That such a person started her career through drawing was news even to Teruma.

“I started making money by drawing illustrations when I was 10… It was tough, but after two years of hard work, I managed to earn enough to feed myself. Being able to draw better illustrations than others was the only asset I had when I was 12.”

Even though she left home with nothing, the skills mastered by her body were easily carried assets—irreplaceable wealth. This was the lesson the mother was teaching her son.

“I left the main house like that. But I was annoyed at being sent to live in another house right away. So, I decided to retreat to the mountains for a while, taking only camping gear, a cellphone, and an LCD screen with me. Well, it turned out that mountain was also Sōjō property… Since it was neglected, I transformed it into my own castle in a fit of pique.”


Teruma was astonished, and Masakazu, who had heard this legendary story multiple times, chuckled secretly.

“But that was a mountain with no human habitation, naturally inhabited by various wild animals. The most troublesome, of course, was—bears.”

“Sōjō property with bears… I’d like to see that.”

“I almost lost my life then. Even I can’t fight wild animals barehanded. But if I had to use something as a weapon, all I had was the stylus for the LCD screen… I clung to that pen and swung it desperately to deflect the bear’s swiping claws.”

It was inevitable. Despite Yukasa’s strength and excellent survival skills, which Teruma had witnessed during their camping trips, she was fighting for her life against a bear.

And of course, a girl who could defeat a bear with her bare hands simply didn’t exist in this world.

“Of course, the pen’s tip was worn out in the fight with the bear. I didn’t have many replacements left… Just when I thought I was done for, unbelievably, the bear suddenly started treating me calmly. Not only that, but it also quietly watched me from a distance when it noticed I began to draw.”

Teruma pictured this scene in his mind.

His 12-year-old mother, leaning against a tree, with an LCD screen on her lap, drawing illustrations.

And a wild bear hiding in the shade, silently watching over her.

Such a picturesque scene.

Just this image alone made Teruma feel like he was witnessing the creation of a historic masterpiece.

“Then one day, the bear finally came up to me while I was drawing and placed a fruit in my hand. It was a delightful moment… That was the first tip I ever received in my life—”

A tip. Not a payment equivalent to work but a form of support.

And the first income in this form… came from a bear, a formidable opponent.

By working, even emotional bonds with wild animals could be formed. Perhaps this is what being a true creator is about.

Teruma could now see the life attitude of his mother, a true creator.

“So, I got my drive back. After that long period of panic, the scope of my work expanded, I built a company… and then grew it. Various things happened afterward, I discovered ELEM, and the company became frighteningly large. In the end, I even bought out your grandfather’s company!!”

“What kind of ‘various things’…?”

“Various things mean various things happened.”

Despite the unimaginable twists and turns, Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama) finally understood how his mother established her current status.

“By the way, the first person to apply to Mom’s personal company was Dad. Back then, it was a time when job-seeking was so difficult that any position would do… Only to realize later how life can be so unpredictable.”

Masakazu (Sōjō-sama) delightedly overlapped these stories with his own memories.

“Before this, I had absolutely no interest in men. But just one look at Dad, and my heart skipped a beat. Ah, that’s what first love is all about.”

This particular story of their meeting, Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama) had heard about 4,000 times. However, knowing that his parents married out of love, and it was his mother’s first love that culminated in such a relationship, always filled Teruma with courage.

Therefore, even though his peers ridiculed and denied love, and even though his friends faced setbacks in romance, Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama) alone continued to believe deeply.

He believed in his first love for the goddess, which had always been treasured and nurtured in his heart.

“As long as you are serious about your work… those around you will naturally recognize you and progress alongside you. Whether I was just an illustrator or now standing at the peak of a conglomerate with thousands of enterprises, what I do has never changed… Right, Dad?”

Yukasa (Sōjō-sama) playfully leaned on Masakazu’s (Sōjō-sama) shoulder, their overwhelming affection sometimes even embarrassed Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama), their son.

“If you give it your all, you can achieve anything, no matter what you face. Be it knowledge, experience, or even circumstances. Wherever you lack, just make up for it with resilience.”

Indeed, it was Yukasa’s (Sōjō-sama) spirit of perseverance that allowed the business to expand rapidly, and ELEM to save the world.

With such a statement from the matriarch of the Sōjō conglomerate, no one could object.

“…So, Teruma, it’s all up to you now. Do your best.”

Yukasa (Sōjō-sama) showed Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama) the miniature model of Shinjumori, encouraging him.

However, she only vaguely gestured with her palm, leaving it unclear exactly what part of the city she was referring to.

“Do you mean… this building?”

Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama) pointed to the twin towers in the model, where they currently were. Yukasa, with a mischievous smile, shook her head.

“All of it.”

Yukasa (Sōjō-sama) said, drawing a large circle with her finger to encompass the entire model.

“The research and development city, Shinjumori—all of this city is yours.”

“All of it…!”

“But that’s for the future.”

Masakazu (Sōjō-sama), noticing Teruma’s (Sōjōshōma-sama) astonishment, added nonchalantly.

“This city is just one of the many examples of the Sōjō World Regeneration Project—the Axis of the Tree of Life. It’s only natural for a father and mother to hand down a branch of their work to their son, isn’t it?”

Yukasa (Sōjō-sama) gently patted Teruma’s (Sōjōshōma-sama) shoulder, her laughter encouraging him.

“Even if you destroy one or two buildings, it’s okay. Just do whatever you want to do!”


Such generous encouragement allowed Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama) to shake off his nervousness.

“Ms. Asairi, Mr. Ikaruga, and Ms. Keiun will support you, so don’t worry.”

Guided by Masakazu’s (Sōjō-sama) steady voice, Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama) turned around.

The attendants, following Masakazu’s (Sōjō-sama) instructions, entered the room. Ikaruga Rin, Asai Risa (Asairi-Jūshachō), and another girl dressed as a maid standing next to Risa, approached and bowed.

She was Teruma’s (Sōjōshōma-sama) personal maid, Keiun Shia.

Her bright hair tied up, she brought a vibrant atmosphere with her. This girl, along with Rin, had been taking care of Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama) since around the same time.

As Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama) moves to the secondary residence, these three were also allowed to accompany him.

“Ms. Asairi, Mr. Ikaruga, Ms. Keiun, please take good care of Mr. Teruma.”

Anyone recognized by Masakazu (Sōjō-sama) himself, even servants and maids, received an honorific.

Accepting this trust fully, Risa and Rin bowed deeply.

“I understand, sir.”

“I will stake my life on it… It shall be done.”

And the other, Keiun Shia, responded—

“I got it, sir!”

She made a peace sign, winked one eye, and replied in a very modern manner.

Exactly. Although Shia and Rin were both exclusive attendants, Shia’s approach was completely opposite to Rin’s. Despite her energetic demeanor, her work was impeccable.

The fact that Risa recommended her as the next head maid was irrefutable proof of her capabilities.

Seeing his parents entrust him to the attendants, Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama) also clenched his fist in self-encouragement, transforming his overflowing enthusiasm into words.

“Father! Mother! I will work hard as the president! I will make Shinjumori even greater!!”

“Excellent! What a great response! Now I can send you off with peace of mind. Become a great man!!”

“Good luck, Mr. Teruma.”

Their parents entrusted their souls to their child. Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama) accepted the encouragement and faith, reaffirming his determination.

Before the attendants left the floor, Yukasa (Sōjō-sama) called out to Risa.

“…Please take care of Teruma, Ms. Asairi.”

“Please also take care of yourself, Mrs. Yukasa.”

“No, no, that’s my line. Really… please live a long life. I caused you too much trouble when I was a brat, so I hope you can live comfortably from now on.”

“I’m fine. Thanks to Mrs. Yukasa… Thanks to ELEM, my health has improved a lot. But I’ll accept your kindness and live comfortably from now on.”

There was a special atmosphere between the two women, even Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama) as their son could not intrude upon… Perhaps it was because of their long-standing relationship.

If only he and Rin, Shia could develop such a relationship. Thinking this, Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama) also smiled.

After discussing Teruma’s independence, the family of three held a birthday party for Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama) in the same building’s hall.

They enjoyed the cake prepared with genuine skill by Risa, Rin, and Shia, adorned with blessings.

The parents had to prepare for important work afterward, so the dining time could not be extended… Nevertheless, even though they were pressed for time afterward, they did not show it and sincerely celebrated Teruma’s twelfth birthday. For Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama), there could be no greater joy.

In this limited time, Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama) deeply etched his parents’ smiles into his eyes.

So he could recall them anytime he felt lonely.

○ ● ○ ●

After the party, Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama), leaving the building, sat in the car driven by Rin and was taken to the residential area. The destination was the secondary residence where he would live from today.

Even as a secondary residence, it was still a Sōjō family mansion, boasting a vast area worth bragging about.

And in the two-story building, there were nearly 300 rooms. The expansive garden enclosed by the mansion was not a place one could stroll around in a day.

There were indoor swimming pools, sports courts, a cinema, and even a private airport and helipad.

Originally, this place had the second-largest land area in Shinjumori, next to the Sōjō main residence, but it had undergone astonishing expansions in recent years. This was the work of Yukasa’s (Sōjō-sama) parents, Teruma’s (Sōjōshōma-sama) grandparents.

The couple, feared by the world as workaholics, had withdrawn from the frontline upon Teruma’s (Sōjōshōma-sama) birth, effectively retiring. For their beloved grandson Teruma, they embarked on a proof-of-love battle to further luxuriate the mansion he would one day reside in. For instance, Teruma’s grandfather would say:

“My dear Teruma can even get top grades in his class. That child will surely surpass Yukasa and become the greatest genius in human history. I should buy him more books.”

After such a boast, he expanded the garden the following week and built a library. “Buying a few books” was an understatement. Seeing this, the grandmother would say:

“That darn old man, stop flattering my dear Teruma. Teruma is a spirited boy, seems to like hero shows more. Grandma will also buy you something nice.”

She criticized Teruma for secretly watching hero shows behind Risa during study times. But she didn’t buy hero transformation toy props; instead, she recreated the quarry often seen in hero show climactic scenes within the estate’s territory.

After such incidents, by the time Teruma started living independently, the mansion had expanded to a somewhat irretrievable level. By accident, it may have even become larger than the main residence.

And now, the grandparents are being scolded by Yukasa (Sōjō-sama) for their excessive actions and are temporarily subjected to a so-called “Ban on Meeting Teruma.”

Regardless, Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama) thus moved into the enormous mansion.

Rin, Shia, and Risa led Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama) to the room where he would start his new life.

Including Teruma’s room, all rooms in the mansion were almost brand new and empty, like they were just built. Furniture, decorations, appliances—selecting and preparing life necessities himself was also part of social learning, a tradition of the Sōjō family.

Although they planned to go shopping immediately tomorrow, the room today only had a bed for sleeping and a tea table large enough for four people.

Sitting on the sofa matched with this table, Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama) took a breath.

Rin, Shia, and Risa stood by, not joining him on the sofa.

Teruma’s personal butler, Rin, looked over the nearly empty new room and smiled politely.

“It will be a while before you can return to the main residence. It might get lonely, Master.”

“With Shia here, it won’t be lonely at all, Master Teruma☆”

“With Rin and Shia here, I won’t feel lonely at all… Huh?”

Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama) was slightly surprised that Shia preempted what he was about to say. That’s the skill of a top-notch maid. The little star at the end was a bonus.

“But Master Teruma’s room is a bit smaller than before, isn’t it?”

“No, this is better.”

Teruma’s room in the main residence was about *100 tatami mats in size. As someone of noble standing, to cultivate a broad mind, one’s living space naturally had to be spacious.

(*Note: In Japan, room size is often measured in tatami mats, where 1 mat equals approximately 1.62 square meters.)

In the mansion, even the largest room, which was Teruma’s, was actually only 90 tatami mats. The scale had significantly reduced. Such is the sensitivity of those of noble birth.

When setting out independently, one must re-cultivate the mind and body nurtured before. This is the form of undergoing the strict discipline of Sōjō imperial education.

“If the room is a bit smaller, it’s easier for Rin and Shia to keep an eye on things. Though I personally trained them both, they can still be a bit unreliable.”

Warned by Risa, Rin shrugged, and Shia pouted.

Searching through all the Sōjō family’s attendants, it would be hard to find anyone on par with Rin and Shia. Even though they had been trained nearly to perfection as attendants, they still couldn’t hold their heads high in front of Risa, a legendary maid.

“Is Ms. Asairi going back to the main residence?”

Risa’s tone sounded like she was handing over all subsequent work. Teruma (Sōjōshōma-sama), sensing this, asked anxiously.

“Yes. Once the preparations for living here are officially completed and I witness the establishment of Master’s company, I will return to the main residence.”

“Eh, Ms. Asairi could just stay here too.”

Shia and Rin, as Teruma’s (Sōjōshōma-sama) exclusive attendants, would also move from the main residence to live in the mansion. However, it seemed Risa had decided to live here for a certain period before returning to the main residence.

“Don’t force me, an old woman. I was just whipping my old bones to stay until Master reached the age to start his trial, just like Mrs. Yukasa. I should have retired to the sidelines long ago.”

“You’re being too modest.”

Rin couldn’t help but smile wryly, knowing full well that Risa’s vigor in her duties hadn’t diminished at all.

“And Shia! How many times have I told you not to use the term ‘senior’!!”

Scolded harshly by Risa, Shia managed a sheepish grin in response.

“I meant it as a sign of respect… Well then, I’ll revert to the original nickname of ‘old lady’!!”

“I can whip both your backside and these old bones of mine together, Shia.”

“I’m truly sorry.”

Shia quickly changed her tune and apologized.

Despite this, Risa actually didn’t despise Shia’s frankness. Many maid candidates were unable to keep up with Risa’s rigorous training and were eliminated. Shia, who vented her frustration with the phrase “Watch me, you old hag” while desperately clinging on, earned Risa’s high praise for her perseverance.

“Ms. Risa, if you’re planning to retire, why not prioritize living here? You don’t have to do anything at all!!”

“If I stayed here, I’d probably nag at the young master no matter how much time passed. You are now a person who has stepped into society…”

“…Is that so.”

Teruma couldn’t help but feel downcast. Just moments ago, Rin had inquired if he felt lonely… To be honest, Teruma was feeling lonely now.

Risa had been by his side, educating him as a substitute for his parents, who were too busy with work, ever since he could remember. Now, realizing that he would have to part with Risa, whom he admired like an elder…

But Teruma would never voice these feelings. In fact, he was well aware that Risa had been pushing herself for the Sōjō family.

Risa had been seriously ill several years ago, suffering from a condition beyond the help of ordinary medical treatment.

That she was so vibrant now was thanks to advanced medical treatments based on ELEM and the latest artificial organs powered by ELEM.

After her discharge from the hospital, Risa returned to work with the same vigor as before, leading others to believe she had fully recovered. However, Teruma had witnessed moments when Risa seemed to be in extreme pain, presumably lingering effects of her treatment.

The workload of the Sōjō family was immense. Even though the world was still in its prime, it was strange for someone to still be working into their old age.

So, Teruma deliberately made a loud, harsh comment.

“Is that so, that’s great. Without Ms. Risa’s supervision, I can watch whatever videos I like without getting scolded!!”

To let Risa detach herself from her duties without any regrets.

“Ms. Risa, you should hurry back to the main residence! It’ll be easier for me too!!”

This was Teruma’s way of expressing gratitude.

His capable attendants, naturally, saw right through the young master’s concerns.

“…Outstanding, Master…”

“Damn, so adorable… Just looking makes it hard to hold back…”

Rin adjusted his glasses, wiping his eyes with a handkerchief.

And Shia, although Teruma didn’t catch her sinister whisper, was clearly in dangerous territory.

“Wanting to watch favorite videos whenever…”

Risa murmured, holding her arms.

“…Hmm… Rin, remember to phase out the internet filters. It’s not a good idea to open everything up at once.”

With a deep sigh from the depths of her soul, Risa looked into the distance with a melancholy gaze.

“I understand, Ms. Risa.”

“…Filters? What do you mean?”

Teruma didn’t grasp the intent behind their exchange and tilted his head in confusion.

“—Thinking of watching naughty videos, are you? Really, there’s no helping you…”

Risa smiled wistfully as if looking at her mischievous child. Teruma’s heart skipped a beat at her words.

“No way, I don’t watch that stuff! I just wanted to watch some gaming livestreams!!”

“Don’t lie! All boys in the world use gaming livestreams as an excuse but end up watching naughty videos!!”

The seasoned woman, speaking with a stern face, conveyed a horrifyingly realistic truth.

“I’m not like that at all!!”

Teruma had often heard his male classmates discuss such topics, but he had neither interest nor the desire to become interested.

“I already have my first love, the goddess. I have no desire to see the naked bodies of other women!!”

“That remains to be seen.”

Though Teruma thought he heard Shia’s wicked whisper, he turned just in time to miss it.

“In any case, what I mean to say is, from now on, you’ll be responsible for all your actions, Master. Even if you might make mistakes, unless they’re particularly serious, no one will scold you… You might find this liberating, but it’s actually a very bad thing.”

“Don’t tie it back to naughty videos… Just tell me directly.”

Teruma took Risa’s words to heart, though it seemed watching videos alone might become significantly more difficult.

“Maybe this old lady deliberately steered the conversation towards naughty topics.”

Shia covered her mouth, snickering secretly.

“Shia, I can hear you.”

Risa, keeping her hands flat on her apron, quickly approached Shia with graceful steps, then suddenly tripped her with a sweeping leg. Before Shia could fall, Risa caught her feet and tucked them under her arm.

Then, Risa started spinning on the spot. To avoid damaging the carpet, she even paid special attention to her heel movements.

“Yayayayayayayayayayay, this is the great spin attack of the old lady contemplating retirement!”

It seemed she didn’t particularly care about the well-being of her younger maid, simply enjoying the spin.

To Teruma and Rin, Shia appeared as a blur.

“Ms. Risa really is strong. To become Mrs. Yukasa’s personal maid, one must indeed possess considerable strength.”

“When Madam decided to hide in the mountains, she strictly ordered me not to follow… Saying if I went with her, it would be too easy.”

“…You see, spinning 50 times is now my limit… I’m already out of breath. In the past, spinning 200 times with Shia would have been no problem.”

Despite not appearing as breathless as Shia, who lay sprawled on the ground after being released, Risa seemed to acknowledge her own decline.

In any case, to allow Risa to leave with peace of mind, they needed to quickly get the new life on track.

Teruma adjusted his posture on the sofa, his expression turning contemplative.

“Then, without delay, let’s discuss my company. I’d like to hear everyone’s opinions.”

First, he pondered how to utilize the company he was about to establish.

“If Mom started as an illustrator, what should I begin with…”

Rin immediately grasped the intent behind Teruma’s musing and offered a suggestion.

“While Madam’s anecdotes are bold and daring, I think it would be more sensible to start with a more solid individual business like creative work, then establish a corporation to take over and build a company.”

“How about starting with a game company? There are many popular social games among my classmates!”

Hearing Teruma’s proposal, Risa slightly opened her mouth, which had been tightly shut in seriousness, but then quickly swallowed her words—her gaze seemed to carry a hint of loneliness.

Rin nodded thoughtfully, then fell into contemplation.

“The issue with social gaming… is that it’s already a red ocean.”

“Red ocean…?”

“This term describes a market so competitive that it’s akin to a bloodbath. For newcomers, the journey is extremely rough.”

Rin, knowledgeable across various fields, offered Teruma insightful advice on the gaming industry.

“Is there really any industry that isn’t fiercely competitive nowadays?”

“Well, indeed… there isn’t. Unlike individual tasks like drawing, which anyone can handle, games—especially social games—don’t end with production; the real challenge is in the operations that follow.”

“I see… it sounds quite challenging…”

“But if Master decides to embark on this path, please leave it to me. I, Ikaruga, have once won the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award at the All-Japan Programming Contest. Let me utilize this capability.”

“Thank you!”

Rin had accumulated a vast array of qualifications and awards, contributing his skills to assist his master, Teruma, on numerous occasions.

Shia, who had been lying on the ground, suddenly stood up.

“Since it’s popular among your classmates, that’s good, but Master Teruma, you don’t seem to play games that often, do you? Without basic knowledge, wouldn’t it be difficult to start thinking about what kind of game to make from scratch?”

Shia, who had been attentively listening, posed a question that hit closer to the core than Rin’s.

“That’s true… This is where I differ from Mom. She loves drawing and chose it as her work without any hesitation.”

“Master would be better off choosing something you love as your work.”

Risa suggested calmly, prompting Teruma to deep thought.

Something he loves. That would undoubtedly be—

“—The goddess!!”

Teruma’s face lit up with a heartfelt smile, his fist clenched. Rin and Shia appeared troubled, while Risa, usually strict, couldn’t help but crack a smile at his enthusiasm.

“The Sōjō enterprise was built on the next-generation energy source, ELEM! But if I can prove the existence of the goddess, don’t you think that would open up new possibilities for the world!?”

Allowing Teruma to continue his passionate speech, Rin and the others could only nod as if they understood everything.

At that moment, Shia raised her hand confidently.

“Such a brilliant idea, why don’t we treat Shia-chan as a little goddess? That way, we could have a goddess to meet anytime! And then, produce for the super cute maid!!”

“Are you suggesting that I become Shia-chan’s producer, creating a company for Shia to work as an idol?”

“Even Rin-kun, an avid certification enthusiast, isn’t well-versed in idol-related fields, so this is Shia’s solo stage!”

This seemed even more daunting than starting and running a social game from scratch.

Rin waited calmly for Shia’s proposition.

“I once participated in a male idol group audition that Keiun-kun had signed me up for without my consent. But I made it to the final selection and then withdrew on my own.”

Teruma looked at this butler who had breezed through the audition as casually as if he was just going out to the convenience store, sensing a reliable aura from him.

“But why is Shia doing this kind of thing?”

“Ahaha, once you get used to Rin-kun, all standards for appearances shatter. Watching those on TV, they all seem so insignificant! So, it was probably a spur-of-the-moment thing☆”

Watching this maid share her bold story with a frivolous tone as if adding a star at the end of her sentence, Teruma also saw her reliability.

However, in Shia’s view, Teruma’s idolization of the goddesses was no different from idol fans’ fervor for their favored idols.

Without a direct encounter with a goddess, understanding what a goddess truly is might not be easy… Nevertheless, building a company based on a goddess seemed like no better idea.

“My goal is to meet with the real goddesses again… So, although it’s a provisional name, how about ‘Meeting with Goddesses Inc.’? Doesn’t it sound impactful and fitting for a business card!?”

“Leave it to me.”

Teruma casually proposed, and Rin quickly left the room with steps akin to teleportation. In a few minutes, he returned with a brand-new business card case filled with cards.

“Meeting with Goddesses Inc. (Provisional),” President: Sōjō Teruma. The card was elegantly designed with these words.

It seemed even the address and phone number of the Sōjō divine tree and twin towers were included on the card.

“Business cards… are already made!? I’m sorry it’s still a provisional name…”

“It’s no problem; we can make as many as needed. With my personal development of the ‘Rin Demand’ printing technology, high-precision business cards can be produced instantly.”

Even though the company had just been established and the name was still provisional, having a business card case was a clever arrangement by the attendant. Teruma gratefully accepted the card case.

Later, Teruma and Rin, among others, engaged in a discussion exchanging ideas.

Shia, with the enthusiasm of capturing a UMA, boldly suggested setting traps in the forest to capture a goddess. The discussion occasionally veered off track due to such statements, but the debate itself heated up. Rin recorded every new idea on a tablet.

Starting a company on one’s own could be unsettling.

But with these reliable attendants by his side, surely an outstanding company could be established.

This year, he must meet with a goddess again. While immersed in this thought, Teruma once again harbored this idea.

As the conversation drew to a close, Teruma stood up from his chair and walked towards the room’s exit.

“Young master, where are you going?”

“I’m going to the bathroom.”


The moment the door closed, Teruma heard Rin’s frantic voice and looked back.

But the door that should have been casually closed by him… disappeared.


Rin was gone. Shia and Risa’s figures were also not seen.

To say there was no door, until just now, his own room… no, even the villa itself was gone.

“…Huh? Outside…!?”

Teruma found himself outdoors.

However, even after surveying his surroundings, he could only conclude this was neither the garden of the villa nor the garden of his original residence.

It seems he wasn’t lost in thought and unwittingly came outside.

“Where is this…?”

An endless plain, a forest that could be vaguely seen, felt like a vast natural park.

Looking up at the blue sky without a cloud, yet brightly eerie. Despite seeing the night sky through the window before leaving the room, it was abnormal. This means even though it felt like no time had passed, day and night had changed.

Teruma decided to contact Rin and others first, pulling out his phone from his suit. However, the phone showed no signal here.

“Could this be…abroad…!?”

It’s known that Teruma’s phone could receive signals from the current country, even abroad. But this possibility seemed higher than being in his own country.

And the reason to suspect being abroad was—kidnapping. Teruma, as the scion of a world-class enterprise, was always on high alert against being involved in crimes like kidnapping.

Thus, his personal butler Rin and maid Shia both learned martial arts and bodyguard training, carrying simple self-defense tools.

Evading their vigilance, making Teruma lose consciousness in an instant and taking him abroad, seemed impossible.

“Anyway, standing here dazed is useless; I must hurry and leave.”

Even if it was a kidnapping, now, without any criminal in sight, was the best chance to escape.

Teruma possessed the wilderness survival skills to act calmly even in such an emergency situation.

It was an incident during a camping trip with his mother. On the way up the mountain, due to discovering rare butterflies and such, the distance between them gradually increased, leaving the young Teruma alone.

Three days later, when his mother, scratching her head with her right hand, said “Sorry!” and found him, Teruma had made a temporary coat out of leaves to protect himself from the rain and found edible fruits to stave off hunger.

Watching his mother scolded by Risa upon returning home, Teruma realized even his iron-willed mother could fail—

“…I see. So that camping trip was a lesson from my mother!!”

Interpreting his mother’s actions, lost due to being distracted by butterflies, as educating her own son on how to handle sudden wilderness survival—this positive interpretation also became a form of respect.

“Understanding this, all I need to do is apply my mother’s teachings.”

With no signal and the phone’s GPS not working, it was best to use the watch and the sun to determine direction. Teruma adjusted his smartwatch to display analog hands and looked up at the sky again.


Strange. After a closer look at the sky, despite it being daytime, there were many huge stars floating. Is this how stars look in foreign skies? He had no impression of learning this in science class…

No, it’s impossible for planets other than the moon to appear so large that their shapes can be seen clearly with the naked eye…? Upon further scrutiny, Teruma realized a shocking fact.

“…Earth…!? Are those all Earths!!”

Although they appeared in various sizes and orientations—the planets floating in the sky were all Earths that Teruma recognized.

Shocked, Teruma fell to the ground, childhood memories resurfacing in his mind. It was a conversation with a goddess.

“The stars in the sky where we reside are—many worlds.”

As a child… no, until seeing the physical objects with his own eyes as an adult, Teruma thought this phrase was a metaphor.

But what that goddess meant by “many worlds”… was indeed “many Earths.”

His heart raced. There was no clearer evidence than this.

“————————This is, the Heavenly Realm!!”

In such a moment of certainty, Teruma felt his field of vision widen significantly.

Turning his head, a vast field of flowers spread out beside him. Looking back, lush trees of vibrant colors grew.

Among these natural scenes, if one looked closely, water could be seen flowing quietly from nowhere in the air, beside the field of flowers. A part of the forest seemed rooted in the air, with trees growing inversely like reflections in a mirror—

This clearly delineated the rules of Teruma’s world from here.

As he walked absently, the joy in Teruma’s heart even made him start hopping along.

“…Could it be that I… have been invited to the Heavenly Realm!?”

Although he had suddenly lost his way into an unknown world from his home, accepting it as an invitation from a goddess made it acceptable.

“Will we… meet again?”

“This world will remain beautiful without change… When Teruma-kun grows up, we will surely meet again.”

Recalling the promise exchanged with the goddess in his childhood, Teruma’s eyes heated up.

Teruma was finally going to live independently today. This meant he had graduated from being a child and taken a step towards adulthood.

So, the goddess came to fulfill the promise of “meeting again someday.” It must be so.

Although it differed slightly from Teruma’s personal wish of “I will come to the Heavenly Realm to welcome you,” there was no difference as long as he found her next.

As Teruma looked around and walked forward, he finally saw it.

In the distant sky, someone was floating above.

It was a long-haired woman with glowing wings on her back, dressed in pure white.


Teruma’s eyes sparkled like a dreaming child, focusing on her back.

“This person has only two wings, so she’s not the goddess I met… But that person must also be a goddess!!”

Teruma straightened up energetically, waving his hand with all his might, calling out to the goddess in the sky.


The goddess, noticing Teruma’s voice, turned to look here—

Suddenly, she was engulfed in flames.

Teruma’s pupils contracted to a point, and his raised hand stiffened.

The goddess turned into a fireball, falling powerlessly to the ground. Before hitting the ground, her body and the attached flames dissipated into particles of light.

“…Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!?”

Even though it was the same word, Teruma’s emotions at this moment were completely opposite to before.

He didn’t even have the chance to run to her rescue. Teruma stood frozen, unable to comprehend what had happened.

“What is this. What’s going on…!?”

A breeze suddenly blew, gently caressing Teruma’s disheveled face.

And as the dust stirred by the wind dispersed—something unusual occurred in the distant horizon within sight.

Unnoticed, people appeared there. A vast number of people holding weapons, presumably engaging in conflict.

There were those who swung long spears and those who blocked them with shields—every one of them was a beautiful woman.

No, not only humans.

There were also those with the upper bodies of beautiful women and the lower bodies of giant spiders.

Even calling them people felt strange, as wooden puppets moved literally, with bizarre appearances. Many different-looking individuals crowded together.

However, including these unusual beings, everyone present, with what Teruma recognized as “proof of goddesses”—the wings, behind them.

The myriad of them mixed together, engaging in fierce conflicts like a chaotic battlefield.

“Everyone there… are they… goddesses?”

Teruma stood dumbfounded, murmuring to himself.

Despite the brave battle cries and screams growing louder around him… his sense of hearing gradually intensified, making the sounds seem as if they were happening in another world, getting farther away.

This was supposed to be the Heavenly Realm.

This was supposed to be an unimaginable paradise where goddesses resided, as Teruma dreamed.


“It feels different from what I imagined—”

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
Sou Kami no Elvina

Sou Kami no Elvina

Twin Gods Elvina / 双神のエルヴィナ
Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
“双神のエルヴィナ” (Twin Gods of Elvina) is a light novel series written by Mizusawa Yume and illustrated by Kasuga Ayumu. It is a story about a boy named Soujou Teruma who loves goddesses and makes a contract with one of them, Elvina, the strongest goddess in the heavenly realm. Together, they fight against other goddesses who are trying to invade the human world or destroy the balance of the universe. It is a battle love comedy with a lot of action and humor.


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