📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

V1 Shinobanaito Yabai! Prologue

The Ninja

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Prologue: The Ninja

Japan is considered the safest country in the world.

While its truth is debatable, Japan indeed projects an image of peace.

Why is Japan one of the safest and most peaceful countries in the world?

What does Japan have that other countries do not?


A group operating in the shadows, hunting criminals and concealing crimes themselves.

They constantly eliminate crimes that have occurred or are about to occur.

Because ninjas hunt criminals, from an outsider’s perspective, Japan appears to have a lower crime rate compared to other countries.

Does this story seem far-fetched?

It’s more advantageous for those who think so.

Because ninjas move without the general public’s knowledge.

“Hanzomon” is a public security maintenance organization whose existence is hidden from the public.

“Hanzomon”, which also functions as a member training institution, gathers children without birth certificates born for various reasons, and gives them intensive training day and night.

Those who pass the training and tasks that exceed norms, as well as repeated selections, become “Shinobi”, surpassing human thought and limitations due to their special abilities.

These “Shinobi” act in places unknown to the public, to hunt criminals.

They continue to hunt, reduce crime… even erase it.

Since I was young, I trained to become one of those “Shinobi”.

“I’m starting to get bored with everything.”


“Training to become a ninja is too hard, I’m tired and want to quit.”

“Would you not mind if you failed the exam?”

“I don’t care anymore…”

“When you were young, didn’t you say that you wanted to be the strongest in the world?”

“Why did I think so? Now I realize it was a foolish goal.”

“You always completed every task and training with ease. Would your days be wasted?”

“It feels more wasted because I’m only doing useless things… What’s the point of becoming a ninja?”

“The point? Do you live just by counting gains and losses?”

“But without motivation…”

“What is motivation, you foolish student. Ninjas who move underground to protect the security of this country every day, how can you be in such a pitiful state?”

“By the way, if I become a ninja, what’s in it for me? I train hard risking my life, but get nothing, it’s really unappealing.”

“You will be popular.”


“I said, you will be popular. ‘Shinobi’ under ‘Hanzomon’ are very popular.”

“That’s impossible, how can ninjas who must hide from public view become popular?”

“No job is more popular than a ninja.”

“I don’t believe it. Surely idols or cheerleaders are more popular.”

“So, you will quit ninja training?”

“No, I will try a little harder.”

“He’s really foolish…”


And I spent my days in rigorous training.

I enhanced my physical abilities to the point where I could win a gold medal in the decathlon at the Olympics.

I studied until I could pass the entrance exam to Tokyo University.

I learned to play the piano until I could win a music contest.

Somehow, I felt that even as a regular person, by being able to do all that, one would be popular, but I still tried hard.

“Hey, there’s one thing I want to ask.”

“What is it?”

“I understand why there’s a physical test in the first part and an academic ability test in the second part of the ninja exam. Without physical strength, missions cannot be carried out, and without academic ability, it’s impossible to infiltrate schools or companies. But, what’s the point of the art skill test in the third part?”

“Like writing novels or painting. For you, since you have no literary or artistic talent, I ended up teaching you piano, right?”

“Is artistic skill really necessary for a ninja?”

“Foolish, this. In ancient times, learning the shamisen or singing were mandatory skills for ninjas. If they had talent in an art form, it could assist in missions.”

“Is there a place in modern times that can be infiltrated by learning the shamisen?”

“That’s why I taught you piano.”

“But piano practice is the hardest. It’s not a natural skill and not something I like, so it’s very troublesome. Sports and studying I can handle, but piano is really hard.”

“Do you want to quit?”


“You will be popular.”


“People who can play the piano are popular.”


“Haven’t you read light novels? The protagonist in modern light novels suddenly starts playing the piano.”

“Does that have anything to do with being popular?”

“Women will fall in love with a man who can play the piano. ‘For you, a song…’ Once you start playing, you can win them over immediately.”

“That sounds far-fetched.”

“So, you will quit practice?”

“No, um, I’ll try to stick with it.”

“……He’s really foolish……”


And so, I faced the exam to become a “Shinobi”, a modern ninja.

Perhaps due to my blood, sweat, and tears, I managed to pass up to the third stage of the exam.

“… Physical test cannot be graded… Perfect scores in all academic subjects… Piano playing technique on a professional level… This person is really odd…”

“Eh? What did you just say?”

“Nothing, it’s nothing. You’ve worked hard. I’m pleased as your teacher.”

“It feels like there’s a mismatch between effort and outcome.”

“What do you mean? You passed the exam with ease.”

“That’s not the point. I tried hard because I believed becoming a ninja would make me popular, but if I think calmly, what’s the use of being popular?”

“Such nonsense talk after you’ve actually become popular.”

“But that’s not the issue. In Japan, there’s a law against polygamy, right? If you cheat, you can end up in court, right? What’s the use of being popular if you can only marry one girl?”

“Oh? You mean it’s meaningless unless you can marry multiple people?”

“Anyway, what’s a “Shinobi”? It’s not a superhero from children’s shows. For elementary school children, maybe it’s still okay, but for junior high and high school students, dreaming of becoming a Shinobi is… embarrassing.”

“You can practice polygamy.”


“That’s what I said, ninjas can practice polygamy.”

“Ha!? What do you mean?”

“Shinobi” affiliated with “Hanzomon” gather children without birth certificates for training. In other words, officially they don’t exist. So, they are outside the law.”

“Eh? So they can marry multiple people?”

“Indeed, there are ninjas who have more than one wife.”

“……Hmm. Polygamy, huh? Does that mean creating a harem? That sounds too far-fetched.”

“So, do you want to quit training? The stronger a ‘shinobi’, the more popular he is.”

“No, I will try a little harder again.”

“……He’s really foolish……”


After that, I continuously underwent rigorous training, somehow getting involved in a simulation battle completely unrelated to the exam.

The “Shinobi” from Hanzomon gathered to compete in a simulation on an uninhabited island until only one person remained, a completely nonsensical simulation battle.

Moreover, the other participants seemed to focus on attacking me, but thanks to daily training, I managed to survive until the last person.

Well, actually, I didn’t kill anyone.

“… What? You won?”

“Yeah, somehow. It was really dangerous, though. Even though the opponents weren’t too strong, because of the continuous attacks, I had to struggle nonstop for three days and three nights without eating or drinking.”

“Hmm… I actually wanted to hide your ninja techniques as much as possible, but it seems unavoidable.”

“I didn’t use any ninja techniques. Because you said it’s better to hide true abilities, right?”

“Hah? Eh? You managed to defeat other ‘shinobi’ without using ninja techniques…?”

“By the way, after thinking carefully, I realized that being popular is meaningless.”

“Ah!? Now what else do you want to say!”

“Well, I was excited about the dream of having a harem, like every man’s dream. But just chasing desires will feel empty, right?”

“… Why are you thinking like that before even acting on your desires…”

“I’m quite naive, right?”

“I don’t know.”

“I don’t want to be loved by many unspecified women, what I want is to pursue true love with one woman.”

“Now you’re really starting to say strange things…”

“But, isn’t that what all humans live for, the search for true love?”

“If that were really the case, surely one-third of married couples wouldn’t end up divorcing.”

“So that’s why they fail in the end, but the goal is still to search for true love, right?”

“If you become popular, your chances of being liked by someone you like will be higher, right? If many like you, you can freely choose ‘Which girl should I date~’.”

“So you want me to be that kind of jerk?”

“If that’s being a jerk, then most people are jerks!”

“Well, better to be popular than not… there’s just one more test, right?”

“Indeed. The final test is to enter and graduate from a regular high school.”

“Is that all?”

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
Shinobanaito Yabai!

Shinobanaito Yabai!

忍ばないとヤバい! / I Can’t Be a Ninja, It’s Too Risky!
Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese
"Hey, try saying 'Nin-nin'!" I wanted to be a ninja, but the annoying transfer girl came to interfere!Ninjas still exist in Japan today. They protect Japan's security from the shadows-A 16-year-old boy named Kageyama Shinobi, who dreams of becoming a ninja, is in the middle of his final exams. The content of the exam is to graduate from an ordinary high school without revealing his true identity.During the first year, Shinobi managed to live an unobtrusive school life.If he can continue the next two years well, he should graduate successfully-but then, blonde transfer student Shiromitsu Yuki keeps bothering him! And as it turns out, Yuki's true identity is a ninja!To make matters worse, she was an escaped ninja who suddenly appeared in the Shinobi house!"From today on, can it be in this house?" That was a big deal!Will Shinobi be able to graduate from high school safely!? A modern romantic comedy that incorporates ninjas, starting now!


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