📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

V1 Shinobanaito Yabai! Chapter 3

Beast Shinobi

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Chapter 3: Beast Shinobi

This was the first Sunday after I started caring for Shiraishi Yuki-chan at the Kageyama house.

Normally, on a school holiday, I would usually be taken by Mao-san for training, but since Mao-san hadn’t returned from the Hanzomon headquarters, I decided to sleep in. The routine of waking up early to go to school was truly exhausting.

However, Mao-san returned later than I had thought.

I wanted to confirm whether Oribe Satoru-san’s claim that Mao-san was one of the founders of Hanzomon was true or not.

I was curious about why she made me her disciple and the reason she had Yuki-chan stay here.

Moreover, I did not want to be left alone with a female classmate.

I was extremely nervous.

I didn’t even understand why I was so nervous.

Yuki-chan wore light clothing at home, and whenever I saw her exposed arms and legs, my gaze would automatically be drawn there.

Especially when I saw Yuki-chan’s neck and armpits sweating as she dried her hair with a hairdryer after a bath, I felt dizzy even though I was sitting down.

There’s a school rule stating that girls are not allowed to wear ponytails.

The reason is that when boys see the girls’ necks with ponytails, they become aroused.

When I heard about it, I thought it was nonsense, but it seems I was the foolish one.

I really hoped Mao-san would return soon. Although, this wasn’t a problem that Mao-san’s return could solve.

“Shinobu-kun! It’s morning!” Yuki-chan entered my room without knocking.

For a moment, I wondered if she didn’t understand the concept of nervousness and politeness, but a person who harbors such feelings wouldn’t run away and stay at their classmate’s house.

“Guh!” Yuki-chan climbed on top of me as I lay face-down on the futon.

“Hey, Shinobu-kun, I heard that boys like being woken up by girls in the morning. Are you happy?”

“More than happy, I’m embarrassed, actually.” With as much courage as possible, I responded.

It was impossible to remain calm when a female classmate climbed on top of me.

Only because she was on top of the blanket, I could hide it.

“As a token of my gratitude for always cooking for me, I’ll prepare breakfast today.”



There’s no need to prepare breakfast right after waking up.

I could eat food cooked by a female classmate. This was truly something to be happy about.

After all, opportunities for high school boys to eat cooking by high school girls do not come often.

But, as a ninja, I must be cautious of poisoning, so basically, I don’t eat food prepared by others.

Well, it’s okay. I don’t think Yuki-chan would poison me, and poison doesn’t affect me.

“So, go wash your face. I’ll prepare breakfast.”

While saying that, Yuki left my room.

Upon closer inspection, Yuki was wearing a tank top and shorts, very casual attire.

I was also just in a T-shirt and long pants, so we were both relaxed, but she was showing a lot of skin.

Shoulders, armpits, thighs, calves, everything was visible. My gaze unconsciously drifted there, but I managed to look away.

After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I entered the living room, and…


My body froze on the spot.

There was a strange woman cooking in the kitchen.

I thought it was Yuki who was preparing breakfast.

After all, she had said she would make breakfast.

However, the woman cooking in the kitchen was not Yuki.

She had short white hair and wore a kimono with a cross-body bag.

I shifted my gaze from the kitchen to the living room.

Yuki was lounging on the sofa, watching TV.


She didn’t react at all to the strange woman cooking in the kitchen.

So, was this kimono-wearing woman Mao who had changed her appearance after coming home?

I couldn’t comprehend why she would change into an appearance and attire I had never seen before, but when I tried to enter the kitchen to check,


I exclaimed unconsciously.

The kimono-wearing woman had no legs.

Her legs were missing, and she was slightly floating.

She was a ghost!

This was the first time I saw a ghost floating without legs.

In fact, it was the first time I had seen a ghost.

Huh? What? What’s happening?

Do ghosts really exist in this world?

I tried to think that since ninjas exist, ghosts must exist too, but I couldn’t think like that.

Ninjas are humans. Well, in some ways, ghosts are humans too.

Then, what is this?

Does Yuki not react because she can’t see ghosts?

But, knives are chopping ingredients on the cutting board, so for those who can’t see ghosts, wouldn’t this be like a mild supernatural phenomenon?

Anyway, now that Mao is not here, I am the host of this house.

I had to do something, so I decided.


“I’m busy right now, please talk later.”

She answered normally!

I was talking to a ghost.

“Err, are you a ghost…?”

I tried to listen to her story and attempt an exorcism.


At that moment, the kimono-wearing woman stopped cooking and turned towards me.

She was a very beautiful woman, slightly resembling Yuki.

“There’s no way ghosts exist. Are you stupid?”


“If dead people turned into ghosts, this world would be full of ghosts. Think logically for a moment.”

Somehow, she denied the existence of ghosts, this ghost.

“Err, you are a ghost, aren’t you?”

“Of course not.”

“You have no legs.”

“I don’t need them.”

“You are floating.”

“I have a beauty that transcends this world, so I can float.”

“You can’t float just because of that!”

I could talk to her normally, so my fear gradually subsided, but at the same time, I started to get angry because of her condescending attitude.

“I know you don’t understand, but ever since I was alive, people always told me I was ‘out of this world.’”

“You just said ‘when I was alive!’ You’re admitting yourself that you’re a ghost!”

The kimono-wearing woman stared at me for a moment before sighing.

Then, while continuing to cook,

“You’re in high school. Don’t just watch manga and anime, look at reality a bit. You’re not at an age to believe in unscientific things anymore.”

I felt like she had said something very irritating.

Why should I be lectured about seeing reality by something that’s the incarnation of an unscientific existence?

“Hey, Shinobu-kun.”

As I was feeling annoyed, Yuki wrapped her arms around my shoulders from behind.

“Are you enjoying talking with Yuki?”

“Hah? Yuki?”

“Yes. She is an entity I summoned with ninjutsu. You know, right? The Beast Summon technique.”

Beast Summon.

This was a technique mastered by the Beast ninjas affiliated with Rashomon and also their symbol.

Generally, when people talk about Beast Summon, they refer to the use of animals, which are the symbols of animal ninjas.

Basically, they train animals first and then use them in their missions.

However, the Beast ninjas from Rashomon summon and materialize the spirits of dead animals to use them.

If explained in game terms, it’s similar to summoning.

It’s like when a ninja in manga summons a giant frog and rides on it.

Beast Summon should call animals.

This was the first time I saw a Beast Summon in human form.

“You can use ninjutsu like that?”


Yuki answered lightly, but this might not be ordinary ninjutsu.

This could be one of the reasons why Mao decided to protect Yuki.

After Yuki finished cooking breakfast, she disappeared.


There was a very hearty miso soup and a fluffy, expanded rolled egg, but was this made by a poltergeist phenomenon?

While I was confused and couldn’t eat, Yuki ate heartily.

I really don’t understand what’s on this girl’s mind.

“Hey, Shinobu-kun, do you have any plans today?”

“Why do you ask?”

“If you don’t have any plans, let’s go out and have some fun.”

I was silent upon hearing those words.

“…? What’s wrong? You look scared.”

Living on my own, of course, I’ve never hung out with friends.

In other words, even if suddenly asked to hang out, I wouldn’t know what to do.

What do you do when you go out with a classmate?

Cinema? Aquarium? Zoo? Wait, that sounds like a date.

Hold on!

Since she’s of the opposite sex, maybe it should be a date?

No, no, no!

I, who have never hung out with friends, obviously don’t have dating skills!

What even are dating skills?

But I didn’t want to admit I didn’t know what to do…!

Damn it! If only Mao was here… no, she would just laugh at me.

“Hey, why do you look so tortured? Are you okay?”

“Ah, no, I…!”

Right then, my phone rang with an incoming call.

Checking the screen, the caller was Oribe Satoru.

However, as I touched the phone, the call ended.

“Huh? Was that a missed call?”


It was a signal for a mission.

To prevent call tracking, making calls or sending emails related to missions is not allowed.

Therefore, ninja missions are generally conveyed verbally.

In this case, I went to the café where Oribe Satoru was to check the details of the mission.

Orders from higher-ups were also given through Oribe, but I don’t know how Oribe actually receives his orders.

He might be doing something cumbersome to protect himself from tracking.

“Sorry. I have some work to do.”

“What? Why do you seem relieved?”

“I’m not relieved.”

I stood up and went back to my room to change clothes.

As I, donning a uniform made of reinforced aramid fibers, was about to leave through the front door,

“Wait a minute. Take me with you.”

I was stopped by Yuki, who was also wearing a uniform.

“That’s not possible.”

“Why? The job is ninja work, right?”

“Yes. But it doesn’t mean outsiders can join.”

“But, I’m supposed to be with Shinobu-kun, right? Mao said that. We should be together as much as possible.”

That was true.

However, even though she is a runaway ninja, is it really okay to involve a Rashomon Beast ninja in a Hanzomon mission?

Yet, it’s also not good to leave Yuki alone at Shinobu’s house while I’m away.

At least, it was Mao’s order, so maybe I could persuade Oribe.

“I’ve shown my ninjutsu, so I want to see Shinobu-kun’s ninjutsu too.”


I couldn’t understand no matter how much I thought, so I stopped thinking.

…Maybe I’m too dependent on Mao.


After leaving the Kageyama residence and arriving at the café where Oribe was, by chance, I ran into Akane and Aoi. Apparently, they also received a call from Oribe.

“Eh? Why did you bring Shiraishi Yuki?”

Akane glanced at me and spoke with a displeased expression. It seemed she had accepted Yuki staying at the Kageyama house, but she didn’t seem to like Yuki herself. Maybe because she was always fighting with Rashomon members.

“Ah, I have to keep an eye on her, and I can’t leave a runaway ninja alone…”

“Because we love each other.”

As I started explaining what sounded like an excuse, Yuki, who was clinging to my arm, began saying something nonsensical.

“I am a ninja from Rashomon, and Shinobu-kun is a ninja from Hanzomon. Even though these two organizations are at odds, it doesn’t affect us! Because we love each other! There’s no reason not to always be together!”

After hearing Yuki’s words, my mouth dropped open as if my jaw would fall off. Akane seemed to be holding back. However, only Aoi stared at Yuki with a blank face.

“…It’s amazing that you can talk about something you don’t even think about. Truly like a ninja.”

“Hm? What about you? You don’t seem like ninjas, right? It’s very easy to know what Akane-chan is thinking, and Aoi-chan seems tired from killing her emotions too much.”



The two, whose names were called with ‘chan’, looked confused. Perhaps they had never been called with ‘chan’ by a girl their age.

“Well, I don’t intend to interfere with your work, so act as if I’m not here. Depending on the situation, I will help.”

“I don’t need your help.”

Perhaps due to Yuki’s attitude, Akane seemed more relaxed, and as she entered the café, we also went in. There were no other customers inside the café. Oribe, who had called us, seemed surprised to see Yuki with us, but he quickly calmed down and said,

“There are some things I need to tell you.”

He glanced at the four of us and began explaining the mission. In short, many dogs and crows controlled by animal ninjas were found around the school we attended.

“Oh, they might be looking for me.”

While drinking coffee brewed by Oribe, Yuki spoke casually.

“The crows found this time are for reconnaissance, and the hound dogs are for attack. If it were just crows, it wouldn’t be a problem if we let them be, but we can’t leave the dogs alone. There could be victims.”

“So, do we just need to destroy them when we find them?”

“That’s also a problem. If the animals sent for reconnaissance don’t return, it will inform the animal ninja controlling them that there is something at the reconnaissance site.”

Seeing Oribe seemingly pondering over Aoi’s words, Akane smiled.

“If we destroy the animals controlled by ninjutsu, the cowardly ones will be scared and run away, and the overly confident fools will come by themselves, right? In both cases, it’s advantageous.”

“I see. I understand, so put away your Mozermu.”

Oribe held back Akane, who, from nowhere, had drawn Mozer.

“Then, destroy the animals controlled by ninjutsu when you find them. When doing so, don’t forget not to be seen by ordinary people and to erase their memories. And there’s one more thing that needs to be resolved immediately.”

Oribe opened a map of the city on the café table.

“Three students from another high school you attend have been seriously injured on their way home from school.”

He pointed to the school and the road used to commute to and from school on the map.

“All three of them collapsed due to sudden bleeding on their way home from school. Eyewitnesses immediately called an ambulance, so nothing bad happened, but the problem is the cause of their injuries.”

“Were they attacked by animals controlled by ninjutsu?”

“That’s correct. There are testimonies that they were suddenly attacked by stray dogs.”

Animals controlled by animal ninjas appear to be ordinary dogs or birds. However, they are stronger than ordinary dogs or birds. The strength and size of these animals vary depending on the ability of the animal ninja controlling them. Most of our work as super ninjas is to exterminate animals that can attack humans.

“Stray dogs? An animal ninja who can’t kill ordinary people with a sudden attack is quite weak, isn’t it? Even if it’s a dog, it should be stronger than a wild bear, right?”

“Most likely, the ninjutsu user is a novice.”


At that moment, Yuki cut into the conversation between Oribe and Akane.

“What do you mean by novice? A novice can’t use ninjutsu, can they?”

“They sell scrolls to ordinary people that allow them to use ninjutsu. Through back channels.”

“Scrolls? What are those?”

When Yuki asked, I decided to answer.

“Animal ninjas summon animal spirits with their own power, right? Scrolls are animal spirits that they summon and seal with special ink. If you open and close that scroll, even ordinary people can use ninjutsu.”

“Like Pokeballs in Pokemon?”

“…Well, that’s not incorrect… Rashomon sells those scrolls to ordinary people as a source of income.”

“Hey… this isn’t a pet shop.”

“That’s none of other people’s business. Do you know how many victims are caused by the scrolls sold by Rashomon…”

“Hm? But actually, the ones committing crimes with ninjutsu are the people who buy the scrolls, right?”

“Avoiding responsibility…”

“Stop it, Akane. That’s not the issue right now.”

Oribe took out another document.

“There’s a commonality among the three who were injured. All of them seem to have bullied a male student in the same class.”

“Wow… predictable. So, the bullied student used the scroll to take revenge?”

“Possibly. The male student was also seen in the surveillance camera footage at the scene. His home address has been identified, so check his address and go there immediately. The mission is to destroy the scroll he owns and erase his memory.”

Hearing Oribe’s words, I, Akane, and Aoi nodded.


In short, it was a boring mission. Well, there might not be any interesting missions, but this was a particularly dull mission. We went to the location in Akane’s unauthorized car, and I was anxious whether we would be stopped by the police or not. When we arrived at the location, the suspect’s parents were at home, but the suspect himself was not.

I entered the house using a hypnotism technique on the suspect’s parents. At that time, Yuki, who had followed without permission, ignored Akane’s angry look, took the phone from the hypnotized parents, and started fiddling with it.

Considering today was Sunday and school was off, the three of us thought about where the suspect could be. There’s a saying, “three heads are better than one,” but it didn’t apply to the three of us. Basically, we leave all intellectual work to Oribe and just rush to the location he tells us. So, if the suspect isn’t there, we can’t do anything.

“Oh, lucky. It seems this parent has installed a navigation app on their child’s smartphone that provides location information. They seem to have done it to always know where their child is.”

However, Yuki was someone who had misused hypnotism techniques to avoid hotel and internet cafe fees. She was very skilled at stealing information from hypnotized people.

“You can find out almost everything by looking at computer and smartphone histories. Bombers will search for how to make bombs, poisoners will search about poisons, and stalkers will search about their targets. But that history can’t be easily erased. They should learn a bit from ninjas.”

“Hah? What are you talking about?”

“That’s about Oribe-san. After showing documents to you guys, he burned all those documents, right? He erases all traces of our work. I’m very impressed.”

Finally, we took advice from Yuki. Rather than not having another idea, we used the navigation app on the smartphone Yuki stole from the suspect’s parents, and successfully found the suspect loitering in the parking lot of a high-rise apartment.

Perhaps, besides the injured classmates, there were other targets among the residents of this high-rise apartment.

“Hey, you there. Show me everything you have.”

Akane threatened with an atmosphere that looked like extortion in the eyes of others, the suspect was startled, but his expression changed when he saw the Mauser gun held by Akane.

Next to Akane, Aoi, who was holding a long-handled Japanese sword, didn’t seem to think it was a model gun.

“You have a scroll, right? Bring it out now.”

With that one sentence, the battle began in the parking lot in front of the apartment.

The suspect used a large number of scrolls and summoned about ten hunting dog-type pets, but,

“Magic Bullet.”

With one shot from Akane’s Mauser, all the hunting dogs were destroyed.

Magic Bullet is a bullet that doesn’t stop until it hits the target.

In other words, it’s a bullet with an automatic tracking ability, but even after hitting the target, it doesn’t reduce its momentum and continues flying, targeting another target.

With just one Magic Bullet, she shot the hunting dogs one by one and destroyed them all with strange trajectories.

When the suspect was confused, Aoi knocked the suspect out with the back of her sword, making him faint, and confiscated all the scrolls he had.

Among the three of us, I am more skilled in suggestion, so I had no other task but to erase the suspect’s memory of the scrolls and send him off.


It wasn’t because I didn’t get a turn, but because I felt bored that the suspect who was bullied planned revenge, failed, and then lost his memory.

The problem came afterward.

In the park near the high-rise apartment, as we were burning the confiscated scrolls,

“Ah, so boring.”

Yuki, who started playing on a swing in the park, began talking about trivial things.

“I followed you because I wanted to see your ninjutsu, Shinobu-kun.”

“That was pointless. He never shows his ninjutsu in front of us.”

“He only uses basic body and suggestion jutsu.”

Somehow, Akane and Aoi also agreed with Yuki’s statement.

No, I didn’t do anything wrong, right?

Ninjas always hide their ninjutsu.

It’s not something to be used carelessly like Akane and Aoi do.

“Yes, yes. Shinobu-kun is at that stage. So, we have to wait patiently.”

“What ‘stage’?”

Akane, who was swinging next to Yuki, tilted her head.

“There’s a time when boys think hiding their power is cool.”

“Why does hiding your power make you look cool?”

“I don’t know. I completely don’t understand, but I admire a life where I usually hide my power and one day show my strength and people around me say, ‘Wow!’ ‘Embrace me!’”

“What’s that? If you show your power from the beginning, you’ll get a lot of praise, so why hide it?”

“I don’t know. Whether athletes, creators, or office workers, if you don’t show all your strength, you’ll be fired and no one pretends to be ordinary even though they have power.”

I felt like they thought I had second-year syndrome.

That’s strange.

Why am I treated like a crazy person just because a ninja hides his ninjutsu?


At that moment, Aoi, who was burning scrolls with me, started to speak.

I hoped he would defend me for a while, but,

“I think if you want to be popular among girls, you should always show all your power.”

I was given completely wrong advice.

“No, I don’t want to be popular…”

“Do you not want to be popular?”

“…I can’t say that I really don’t want to be popular, but I don’t want to be loved by others that much.”

I couldn’t help but avert my gaze.

The motivation to endure training to become a ninja can’t be to become popular.

However, for some reason, Aoi came very close to me.

Our chests touched, and he brought his face close.

I don’t know why, but it seemed like he whispered in a low voice so Yuki and Akane couldn’t hear.

“It’s impossible for someone to like you without you doing anything. Every girl has a reason to feel good about the opposite sex. It’s impossible to become very popular with the opposite sex without a reason, even if the world turns upside down.”

“Oh, is that so?”

But he, his face was very handsome.

I understand why he’s called a prince by the female students at school.

“Let me say it again, ‘kindness’ or ‘strength’ mean nothing in terms of being popular. Hosts who are not kind at all are also popular.”

“Huh? Hosting is a job that’s kind to girls, right?”

“What are you talking about… They compete to make their female customers spend recklessly. Do you think people like that have kindness and strength?”

“Oh, right…”

“In other words, the minimum prerequisite to be popular is to deliberately try to be loved by others. It might be better to think that there’s no way to gain affection from the opposite sex without effort.”

“I understand. I understand, so don’t say anything more.”

His face was too close.

I’ve been thinking for a long time, but there’s something painful about Aoi’s statement in my chest.

Why don’t I feel close to him even though he’s the same sex?

“By the way, what kind of Beast Jutsu can you use?”

“Hehe. Want to know? How about we play a little?”

“Very well. Let’s do it.”

Why did they start talking about something dangerous when Aoi and I were talking?

Yuki and Akane, who were playing on the swings, began walking to the center of the park.

“Hey, hey! Stop!”

I tried to stop them in a panic, but,

“It’s okay. I’m not serious.”

Yuki just smiled and laughed.

“Let’s include Aoi-chan too.”

“Huh? You two against me?”

“Well, yes. It doesn’t matter if it’s three against one.”

Apparently, she still wanted to see my ninjutsu until now.

Of course, I had no intention of participating.

“Then, don’t get hurt.”


Akane checked her Mauser and made sure it was ready, and Yuki, ensuring she was prepared, made a seal with both hands.

“Ninpo… Shirayuki Jutsu”

Suddenly, a figure appeared between Yuki and Akane.


I let out a foolish sound.

She wasn’t the kimono-wearing woman who made breakfast for me and Yuki this morning.

Shirayuki had transformed into a different figure.

“Fufufu. Shinobu-kun. Did you think my Juton was a familiar that could do all the household chores? Shirayuki still has two more transformations, right?”

Yes. Indeed, Shirayuki had transformed.

It wasn’t the woman wearing a kimono.

The head and body were round.

Her entire body was pure white.

She looked like a snowman as far as the eye could see.

Akane, standing in front of her, seemed confused, as if facing a cute, harmless character. However, with strong resolve, Akane fired a bullet from her Mozer. It seemed she had no intention of attacking Yuki from the start, so she shot towards the snowman.


However, the bullet didn’t reach the snowman and stopped midway. Not stopped after hitting the body, but literally stopped in mid-air. Akane switched her Mozer to full-auto mode and began firing bullets in rapid succession, but all bullets, without exception, stopped.

“Shirayuki’s ability is absolute zero temperature. Everything stops in the super low temperature world. Gas turns into liquid, and liquid turns into solid. The closer the distance to Shirayuki, the lower the temperature, so all kinetic energy stops before reaching Shirayuki.”

Yuki spoke non-stop, revealing everything about herself. She didn’t seem to care that her ninjutsu was exposed.

“Ugh… Demon bullet!”

Akane fired a demon bullet from her Mozer. However, the demon bullet, which was supposed to not stop until it hit its target, stopped with a loud noise.

“Hah? Even the demon bullet stopped?”

As Akane fell silent, the snowman extended its arms and grabbed Akane’s body.

“Uhyaa! Cold! It’s so cold!”

Akane, captured by the snowman’s arms, screamed.

“Fufufu! The screams of a captured kunoichi are so nice.”

“Hey, Aoi! Help me!”


In an instant, Aoi, who was next to me, joined the battle. It seemed she wanted to help because her sister’s demon bullet was blocked.

Aoi’s strange sword could cut through anything. She tried to cut the snowman’s arms and save her sister, but…


As she approached, Aoi’s body started to freeze and her movements slowed down. Then, she was captured by the arm opposite to Akane.

“Nee-san, I’m captured.”

“What are you doing!”

Both became immobile as their bodies were wrapped in snow, but when the snow clapped its hands, the snowman disappeared without a trace.

As the arms holding them disappeared, Akane and Aoi fell to the ground.

“Ah, we lost… In a two against one, we were defeated in a normal way…!”

Akane was shocked by Yuki’s extraordinary power, but…

“What are you talking about? Both of you held back, didn’t you?”

Yuki was squatting in front of Akane and Aoi, smiling broadly.

“When fighting against animal ninjas, the theory is to target the person, not their animals, right? If Akane-chan had targeted me with her demon bullet, or if Aoi-chan attacked me with her sword, I would have been dead for sure.”


Hearing Yuki’s words, Akane and Aoi fell silent.

“In a non-lethal match, I was at an advantage.”

“… Maybe, even if we tried to kill, we would surely lose.”

“That’s amazing. It was a splendid beast ninja technique.”

It seems they acknowledged each other’s strength and began to feel a bond after the battle ended. I wondered if I might have a communication issue because I couldn’t join in such moments, but at least it seemed Yuki was able to build a good relationship with Akane and Aoi.

Honestly, I felt envious of Yuki’s personality that could quickly become close with others.

“You, don’t be too reckless, okay? If you get injured while trying out your strength, it would be a big problem.”

For the time being, I warned Yuki, but…

“Yes. I have a bit of a situation too. I want to touch Akane-chan and Aoi-chan once.”

Yuki started to say something that seemed meaningful.

“What do you mean? Why does Yuki need to touch both of them?”

“You will soon know. Just wait a little longer.”

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
Shinobanaito Yabai!

Shinobanaito Yabai!

忍ばないとヤバい! / I Can’t Be a Ninja, It’s Too Risky!
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"Hey, try saying 'Nin-nin'!" I wanted to be a ninja, but the annoying transfer girl came to interfere!Ninjas still exist in Japan today. They protect Japan's security from the shadows-A 16-year-old boy named Kageyama Shinobi, who dreams of becoming a ninja, is in the middle of his final exams. The content of the exam is to graduate from an ordinary high school without revealing his true identity.During the first year, Shinobi managed to live an unobtrusive school life.If he can continue the next two years well, he should graduate successfully-but then, blonde transfer student Shiromitsu Yuki keeps bothering him! And as it turns out, Yuki's true identity is a ninja!To make matters worse, she was an escaped ninja who suddenly appeared in the Shinobi house!"From today on, can it be in this house?" That was a big deal!Will Shinobi be able to graduate from high school safely!? A modern romantic comedy that incorporates ninjas, starting now!


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