📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

V1 Shinobanaito Yabai! Chapter 1


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Chapter 1 – Yuki

In the morning inside the classroom, classmates formed their own groups and chatted. They were friends who had known each other since elementary and junior high school. Some were also in the same clubs. Compatible friends formed several groups. These groups chatted during breaks between classes, during recess, or at lunchtime. While I wasn’t part of any group, I spent my free time reading books.

When I felt isolated in the classroom, even though I hadn’t done anything wrong, I felt uncomfortable. However, I was accustomed to that feeling. As usual, I focused on reading my book until the morning ceremony time arrived.

“Everyone~. Could you please take your seats a bit earlier?” the female class teacher stood in front of the blackboard and called everyone to sit.

“Today, we have a transfer student who will join this class.”


I continued reading and closed my book.

This was my first experience with a transfer student arriving from who knows where, so I was a bit curious.

“Then, come in, come in.”

At the homeroom teacher’s urging, a transfer student entered the class.

The whole class fell silent upon seeing the transfer student.

You could tell because she stood next to the homeroom teacher at an average height, but she was slightly tall for a girl.

Though she appeared delicate, she had a well-proportioned figure and an exceedingly well-balanced face.

What stood out the most was her long blonde hair.

Physique, face, and hair color—all were prominent.

“My name is Shiraishi Yuki. Nice to meet you.”

Contrary to her striking appearance, the transfer student behaved gracefully and bowed her head.

At that moment, I could see the roots of her long blonde hair, but the color wasn’t black like dyed hair.

Some girls sitting at the front started to stir.

“Shiraishi-san. That hair…”

“It’s natural. Well, like a quarter of it. Ah…does the school have a black hair policy, like you have to dye your hair black? It’s just because you have black hair.”

I burst out laughing, and some people in the class also started to laugh.

“No, it’s fine. I won’t force you to dye your natural hair!”

The serious homeroom teacher replied with a straight face and scanned the classroom.

“Then, find an empty seat somewhere…”

“Ah, then I’d like to sit at the back near the window.”

Shiraishi Yuki murmured something like that.

Unfortunately, the back row near the window was where I sat.

I couldn’t give up this relaxing spot.

“Then Kageyama-kun, please move from there.”


I understood that a transfer student would take an empty seat, but what kind of agreement do you have when you move a student from a spot he wished to sit in?

Why did I become the unnecessary one?

“No, it’s fine as long as you just move over. Kageyama-kun, give it to her.”

Because of the crowd in the class, I became the only one at the back row.

If I moved to the right side, I could relinquish my seat at the back row near the window.

“Oh, by the way, take Shiraishi-san’s desk and chair. It’s by the stairs to the rooftop.”

Why me? That’s what I thought, but I silently complied.

I’ve been wondering about it for a while, but the female teacher who became my homeroom teacher after I moved up to the second year had a habit of imposing all the small tasks in the class on me.

I don’t draw my classmates’ attention, but I tend to draw the teachers’ attention.

This might become a problem in the future. Ninjas try not to stand out.

Shiraishi Yuki, sitting next to me, looked at me.

That’s when I noticed her pink-colored eyes.

Though she had foreign blood, her eyes were pink, not blue or green, and she had a very eye-catching appearance.

“Hey. I don’t have my textbooks yet, so may I look on with you?”

“Ah, yes.”

“Thank you. Nice to meet you, Tonari-san.”

“Ah, yes.”

I rarely engage in casual conversations with my classmates, so all I could do was provide a blunt answer.

Other boys were a bit jealous because I got to talk to the beautiful Shiraishi.

Right after class began, Shiraishi Yuki moved her seat closer so that the distance between us narrowed.

“Kageyama-kun…right? Your name.”

“Ah, yes.”

“The teacher told me in the staff room that you’re the most reliable kid, so if you have any trouble, ask Kageyama-kun.”

“Ah, yes?”

Shiraishi Yuki started to say something I didn’t understand?

The homeroom teacher… why would she say such a thing to her own student on her first day at a new school?

Most reliable? Strange. I pretend to have average academic ability and physical strength, so it’s unlikely people would think that.

When I was cleaning the toilets alone while all the other boys were slacking off, I felt my homeroom teacher say something like, “Kageyama-kun, you’re a good person.” Is that the reason?

If that’s the case, it’s too simplistic.

“Tell me your last name.”

As I thought this, Shiraishi whispered to me during class.

“… Shinobu.”

“Shinobu? Shinobu, the ninja?”

Hearing the word ninja from an outsider, my body tensed up momentarily.

Calm down. It’s just small talk. No need to panic.


“A ninja in the shadow mountains…that’s a full name that sounds like a ninja.”

“…There’s no reason for a ninja to exist.”

“Then, try saying ‘ninnin.'”

“Don’t say that……”

Don’t keep calling out Nin Nin! My heart rate will rise!

Even though it’s just small talk, I panic when someone calls me a ninja, something I’ve never heard before.

“Hey, try saying ‘ninnin.'”

“Don’t say that.”

“Say it. Try saying ‘nin’ at the end of the word.”

“Don’t say that!”

This person kept talking to me even though I was in class.

The boys in my class saw us talking quietly and looked at me with even more envy.

No, I might be envied for being able to talk with a cute girl, but I was afraid because I was being coaxed into talking about ninjas.

It’s not a good idea to discuss it further, so just ignore it.


As I thought that, a finger jabbed me from the side.

“There are many gaps. If this were a knife, Shinobu-kun would definitely be dead.”

“Stop it. I’m in class right now.”

“Do you have a favorite manga?”

“I don’t!”

All my classmates turned to look at me because I shouted very loudly.

Dangerous! I always stay in the shadows so no one notices me, but today I stood out too much!

No, it’s not because I wanted to stand out, but I stood out because I was next to the conspicuous transfer student.

At that moment, a question crossed my mind.

Could this be the task given to me while I’m undergoing the final ninja exam?

Are all the words and actions of this person a trap to make me fail, and the test is to escape from that trap?

With that in mind, I observed Shiraishi Yuki’s body.

Tight body.

The sound of breathing, heartbeat, and presence radiated from her entire body.

Without a doubt.

Just an ordinary high school girl.

No, someone with blonde hair and pink eyes doesn’t look ordinary.

But certainly, this person is not a ninja, even though her appearance is striking.

I know this because I have been training as a ninja since I can remember.

Yuki Shiraishi shows no signs of being a ninja at all.

This person is clearly an amateur. She’s just an ordinary person.

In other words, this person is just playing with me and should not pose any threat.

That’s what I thought, but it was a huge mistake.

Shiraishi Yuki was a girl far more extraordinary than I imagined.

I don’t quite understand the difference between students who stand out at school and those who don’t, or in other words, ordinary people and conspicuous ones, but it seems there are criteria for standing out in general.

They possess superior abilities and special skills in terms of academic ability, physical strength, and so on.

She just has a good appearance.

The main thing is she has a loud voice and is blessed with speaking skills.

In the case of Shiraishi Yuki, her abilities, special skills, and speaking skills were unknown on her first day at the new school, but her appearance was outstanding.

As I walked around the school with Shiraishi Yuki, I noticed that every student we passed looked at her twice.

I’m surprised how something as simple as this can determine whether someone has a presence or not.

Moreover, Shiraishi Yuki also stands out. In other words, she has strong communication skills.

Her classmates teased and called out to the transfer student, but her responses to them were very smooth and effortless.

The second thing I asked was, “Do you have a favorite manga?” Regardless of the other person’s response, if it’s manga, there’s always something to talk about, and even if it’s manga you don’t know, it’s interesting to hear what others say.

In short, she is a good talker and listener.

Even though it was her first day at a new school, people naturally started to gather around Shiraishi Yuki, and a crowd also started to form around me, sitting next to her.

I think this is a bit…no, quite troublesome.


After school, I was about to go home when Shiraishi Yuki stopped me.

“The school has a library, right? Can you show me around?”

So, we both decided to go to the library.

Shiraishi told the girl in charge at the reception desk,

“Hey, do you have Jojo?”

I asked a pointless question.

The girl at the reception desk tilted her head, not understanding the word Jojo.

“It’s impossible for it to be there. It’s a school library.”

I couldn’t help but retort.

“Eh? JoJo is mandatory education for students.”

“Which world are you from?”

“Weird. I asked the girls in my class today, and none of them have ever read Jojo. Is this school kind of strange?”

“Nothing’s changed. It’s normal.”

Since there was no business, I decided to go home.

“Meaning, Shinobu-kun, you’ve read Jojo, right?”

However, Shiraishi grabbed my shoulder and stopped me.


At least I’ve read it.

Or rather, I was forced to read it.

I was told something I didn’t understand, like if I didn’t read it, I would die.

“I want to talk to you for a bit, so come here.”

I was told that, so I faced Shiraishi Yuki across a large table in the library.

I thought she was happy to find someone who read the same manga as her, but it seemed she had a serious expression on her face with her head bowed.

She folded her hands and placed her chin on them while staring at me.

“Shinobu-kun. To be honest, I’m disappointed in you.”


What’s with her?

Well, could this person be someone related to Hanzomon sent to review my final exam?

If I’m disappointed, does that mean I made a mistake causing me to fail the exam?

“Since I transferred to this school today, we’ve always been together, right?”

“Ah, yes”

I nodded in confusion. That’s crazy. This person is clearly not normal.

“Then, you know I asked my classmates if they’ve read Jojo, right?”


“Why didn’t you say, ‘I’ve read it before’? You’re just wasting time.”


“I’ve been looking for someone to talk to for a long time, so why did you stay silent?”

No, that’s not the issue. This person is just looking for like-minded people.

“No, I just read it before, but I don’t know much about it, so I’m a newbie. Besides, it’s better if you don’t talk to me in public.”


“I’m isolated in class. I’m annoying. So if you talk to me, you’ll also be isolated in class…”

“I don’t care what amateurs who haven’t read Jojo think.”

Yuki Shiraishi responded with a bit of enthusiasm, and I couldn’t help but be partially dazzled.

An amateur…what kind of expert is this person…?

“Alright, straight to the first topic. What’s your favorite Stand?”

“What’s a Stand? Stand…”

Ignoring my retort, Shiraishi Yuki looked at me intently.

Please stop, seriously…

I’ve never lived a life where I could stay calm even when a beautiful woman stares at me like I’m crazy.

“Well, just like Star Platinum…”

“…That’s very normal. I’m really disappointed in you.”

“How many times have you been disappointed today… So, what do you like about it?”

“The World”

“You’re quite normal too!”


“Huh? I’ve come to the conclusion that the strongest Stand is either ‘Gold Experience Requiem’ or ‘Made in Heaven.'”

“There are only two candidates, so you can’t conclude. The strongest is ‘Harvest.’ No one can win if targeted by it.”

“What? They all lose in a game.”

“It would be better to kill him in his sleep than to fight him directly. That would cut the carotid artery in his neck.”

“If you start saying things like that, no matter who you are, you’ll be the strongest.”

“That’s why their range and number are on a different level compared to others, right? There are about 500 of them that can cover the entire city, right? They’re too versatile in terms of search and elimination.”

Shiraishi Yuki and I continued a conversation that seemed meaningless to anyone observing.

Before I knew it, the sun began to set.

No one was left in the library, and the library staff were preparing to leave.

Looking at the clock, it was already six o’clock.

“…We talked for about two hours?”

I felt like time flew by, but why?

I started getting ready to go home, but

“Wait. We’re not done talking.”

“It’s time to go home. Let’s continue tomorrow.”

“Then, let’s go home together.”

“No! I refuse!”

I held out my palm towards Shiraishi Yuki, who seemed to be having fun for some reason.

For safety, it’s better to make sure she doesn’t know where you live.

Or rather, wouldn’t it be difficult to go home together since we’re not always heading in the same direction?


On the way home from school, I ran away from Shiraishi Yuki, who ignored my words and tried to follow me.

She ran as fast as she could, using parkour, a technique that allowed her to climb high buildings like apartments and offices vertically.

I didn’t want my classmates to know where I live.

When I got home from school, I went to the living room, turned on the TV, and relaxed on the sofa.

There wasn’t a particular show I wanted to watch, but as soon as I got home, I turned on the TV.

Then, a black cat approached me from behind the kitchen.


That was Mao, who lived with me.

“A transfer student came to my class today.”

I reported to Mao what happened today, but Mao stared at me and scratched the cardboard box with its claws.

Inside was canned food for cats.

In short, he seemed to be telling me to bring him food.

I opened a can of cat food and poured it into a bowl.

Mao began to munch on the food in his bowl.

“So, the transfer student is a girl who stands out…”

As I was about to continue my report, the intercom rang.

When I turned on the monitor to see who was at the door, a chill ran through my body.


The person pressing the intercom was the one who came to visit the Kageyama family.

“I’ve come”

It was Yuki Shiraishi, the transfer student.

Cute, cute, cute!

How did she know where I live?

Was I followed? Me?

It’s impossible that I didn’t notice an amateur following me.

In other words, isn’t Shiraishi Yuki just an ordinary person?

As I tried to assess the situation, feeling a bit confused, I heard the sound of the front door not being locked.


As I hurriedly left the living room for the front door, I saw Shiraishi Yuki peeking in from the unlocked door.

“Excuse me”

“Hey! Wait a minute! Don’t try to enter normally!”

“Huh? Why?”

“That’s my line! How did you unlock it!”

“It was just a simple pick.”

“Picking is not normal!”

“Because Shinobu-kun ignored me when I rang the bell.”

Shiraishi Yuki entered the house and looked around the living room.

“Wow, the house is big. Clean and tidy.”

“I like it,” Shiraishi Yuki added with a smile.

“How did you know where I live? Did you follow me?”

“I asked the teacher for the address.”

Why did you so easily tell my home address to that transfer student, Teacher…?

Looking again, Yuki Shiraishi’s strength and skills surpass ordinary people.

Anyway, she’s just an ordinary person with high athletic ability.

This person is clearly not a ninja.

However, I think she’s not just any ordinary person.

I checked Mao in the living room, but he just nibbled a little.

Do you understand the situation?

A mysterious woman has invaded the Kageyama family!

“Hey, Shinobu-kun.”

Shiraishi Yuki looked at me,

“Would you allow me to stay here starting today?”

What did you say?

“Hmm? What do you mean?”

“I’m running away from home right now.”


“I want to stay at a classmate’s house, so I was looking for candidates among my classmates.”

“You can’t get a private room in a house with a large family, right? It’s impossible to rent a small house. That’s why I was looking for someone who lives in as large a house as possible and has a small family.”

“……a small family?”

“This place has the best conditions here, so can I stay here?”

“How do you know I live alone?”

“I asked the teacher.”

I stared at Shiraishi Yuki in silence for a while.

Since she ran away from home, she’s been looking for a place to live and property with good conditions.

And it seems she has set her sights on the Kageyama family.

Again, I stared at Shiraishi Yuki.

Anyway, no matter how you look at it, she’s an ordinary person, nothing more than an amateur.

She’s clearly not a killer raised by some organization, let alone a ninja.

I suspect it’s a trap to ensnare me, who’s undergoing the final exam, but this person is definitely ordinary.

However, it seems she’s a runaway girl with unusual acting skills.


For now, I sighed and calmed myself down.

I was a bit nervous about the development I didn’t understand, but I wouldn’t be surprised by anything that happens.

Do you let your runaway daughter stay with someone else?

Don’t joke.

“Don’t run from home. You should go back.”

“No. I ran away from home because I don’t want to go back”

“Besides, I can’t stay at your house.”


“We’re still minors.”

“It’s obvious. I’m not a high school girl who reads Saba.”

“It’s a crime to let a minor stay without their parents’ permission. It’s like kidnapping a minor.”

This is the most unpleasant law for someone like me who wants to live a popular life, but I can’t break it.

I’m a ninja in training, so I’m outside the law.

Ninjas are a group of people who take extrajudicial actions for their missions.

However, first and foremost, ninjas exist to secretly catch criminals, so if a ninja commits a crime, it’s a waste.

Apparently, a ninja who commits a crime will be known as a rogue ninja and eliminated by other ninjas.

If a ninja in training kidnaps a minor during the exam, no matter how many lives they have, it won’t be enough.

Anyway, I’d inevitably get involved in a police incident during the exam and fail.

“If your parents call the police now, I’ll be arrested, right? I can’t afford it.”

“I don’t think that will happen.”

“If you really don’t want to go home, go somewhere else. This place isn’t good.”

“No, I and you like this house. It feels like home, and it feels safe.”

I thought if I wanted a sense of security like at home, I should just go back to my parents’ house, but it’s useless to tell that to someone running away from home.

“…What do you like about it?”

Shiraishi Yuki pointed to the large bookshelf in the living room.

“There are lots of manga, and I can talk about Jojo with you.”


I never thought the time would come when I’d become interested in the opposite sex not because of physical strength, academic ability, and piano skills, but because of the manga I read in my spare time.

What have you been doing so far?

“Please! I’ll pay rent and I’ll do lots of housework, so let me stay.”

“Even if you say that… it won’t turn into a negotiation!”

“Why don’t you understand even though I’ve bowed my head and pleaded so much?”

“You haven’t bowed your head at all!”

“Ah, no, no. You can’t accept a girl’s request with just two answers. That’s why Shinobu-kun isn’t popular.”

“You haven’t known me even for a day!? How can you insult me as if you know me!?”

No matter how loudly I yelled at her, Shiraishi Yuki showed no sign of movement.

I wish I could emulate this bold mentality, but I hope they don’t take it too seriously.

“I can’t stand it. I just don’t want to do this.”

At that moment, Shiraishi Yuki’s eyes sparkled suspiciously, and she raised her hand in front of me.

“……What are you doing?”

She grabbed me with her hand, and I tilted my head because I didn’t understand her intention.

“Shinobu-kun, you said there’s no reason for ninjas to exist, right?”

Instantly, cold sweat soaked my back.

I never expected to come here and hear the word ninja.

“Do ninjas still exist?”


Does this person know I’m a ninja and contacted me?

And does she plan to force me to comply with her demands on the condition she won’t reveal my true identity?

Then, the situation is quite dangerous…!

“Ninjas exist, and ninja techniques also exist.”


“In Ninpo, there’s a technique called the art of suggestion, which allows you to freely manipulate others’ desires.”


“From now on, I’ll use that suggestion trick to turn you into a puppet. From today on, you’ll be under my command.”


What is this person saying?

The art of suggestion does exist.

Generally, this technique is called hypnosis or mind control.

Parkour allows you to move around the city in three dimensions.

Picking to unlock buildings.

And mind control, the ability to manipulate others’ desires, is an essential skill for ninjas.

That? Thinking about it again, this person… She just unlocked the front door…

“What!? Are you a ninja?”

“Yes! That’s right!”

For some reason, Shiraishi Yuki revealed her true identity with a strange expression on her face.

No, that’s hilarious.

There’s no point for a ninja to reveal their true identity with a proud expression on their face.

You need to be more patient.

I mean, why didn’t I realize it?

This person has always been doing things like a ninja.


Once again, I observed Shiraishi Yuki-san.

But no matter how you look at it, her physique surpasses that of an amateur.

I can’t believe she underwent the same training as me.

The female ninja I know… kunoichi, to be honest, are no longer human.

“Now, Shinobu-kun. Follow my instructions.”

However, the suggestion technique Shiraishi Yuki-san has been using for a while now is real.

The effectiveness of suggestion varies from person to person, and its effect changes depending on the user.

In this case, Shiraishi Yuki-san’s suggestion technique gives the impression of high-level skill.


“Suggestion techniques won’t work on that person, right?”


Shiraishi Yuki-san, who remained composed, showed signs of unease for the first time.

It was surely because I suddenly heard a third person’s voice from under my feet.

However, there are others in the Kageyama family besides me and Shiraishi.

From the beginning, there were three people in the living room… no, ninjas.

“I can’t believe they’re targeting the Kageyama family…”

Mao, using a transformation technique to take the form of a cat, spoke to the upset Shiraishi.

Shiraishi was stunned by the unusual situation where the cat suddenly started talking.

“What’s so surprising? You said it yourself. Ninjas are real.”


At that moment, Shiraishi, who was sitting upright, stood up in panic and said, BOOM! It made a loud noise, filling the room with a smoke screen.

The smoke screen that immediately covered the room took my sight, but somehow I knew from her presence that Shiraishi had jumped out of the house through the front door.

“Don’t let her escape, Shinobu. But don’t kill her.”

Mao at my feet just murmured indifferently.

As I left the house, Shiraishi had already fled.

She’s relatively fast… she can run a hundred meters in about 12 seconds.

However, though I say that’s fast, it’s just for an ordinary person.

Ninjas are not fast runners.

Apparently, there was a time when people were required to run forty miles a day, which is about 160 kilometers.

In my case, I was required to run a full marathon, 42.195 km, in two hours.

The speed is equivalent to 17 seconds per hundred meters.

Fast runners can’t escape from long-distance runners.

I followed Shiraishi as if I were jogging.

Shiraishi, running ahead of me, quickly ran out of breath, so it was easy to catch up to her.

Realizing she couldn’t escape, Shiraishi turned to me, tied a seal, and tried to do something.

I was behind Shiraishi and mastered the joints of her arm.

“It hurts! Her movements are so fast!… I didn’t even notice”

“Don’t resist. Our job is to interrogate a ninja whose affiliation is unknown. If you don’t want to get hurt, stay still.”

“My arm hurts already! It hurts!”

Shiraishi, whose joints were easily mastered so she couldn’t move, didn’t look like a ninja.

She’s an amateur.

I let Shiraishi go because it’s not good if the general public saw me shouting awkwardly.

Shiraishi rubbed her arm, her eyes teary, and she looked at me.

“You understand that you can’t escape, right? I’ll go back to my house to interrogate you.”

I said if she resisted, I would force her to pull me, but for some reason Shiraishi…

“Ah. If you can’t run, you shouldn’t have run this far.”

You start saying something I don’t understand.

“I can’t move because I’m tired.”

Shiraishi fell and lay in the middle of the road.

It seems she no longer has the intention to escape, but she also has no intention of returning obediently.

I had no choice but to carry the fallen Shiraishi.

Shiraishi, being hugged, looked at me with wide eyes, but she didn’t resist at all.


“Hmm… you’re back. So, why are you carrying her like a princess?”

“Because she can’t walk.”

When I returned home, Mao looked at me carrying Shiraishi and tilted her head.

I seated Shiraishi, too tired to move, on the living room sofa.

Currently, Mao and I will interrogate Shiraishi, but I wonder if she has opened up again.

“I never thought that the person who matched me on my first day at my new school was a ninja. I think it’s like two Stand users attracting each other.”

Somehow, Shiraishi grinned.

“Your name is Shinobu and you’re a ninja?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Why do you act like a ninja with a name similar to a ninja? It’s easy for people to know who you really are.”

“You don’t know my real identity?”

“No, I don’t believe you’re a ninja with such a name…Ah, is that what you’re aiming for? Is your real name Shinobu?”

“That’s my real name!”

Well, I feel naive as long as I don’t use a fake name.

We are ‘shinobi belonging to Hanzomon. I should say this clearly, but I think the weak reason won’t work.

Hanzomon is a secret security organization approved by the government.

It presents itself as an organization concealed from the general public to combat incidents beyond the control of the police and terrorism.

In addition to acting as a peacekeeping force, Hanzomon also acts as a training institution for its members, collecting a number of unregistered children born at a certain time, secretly raising them in facilities far in the mountains, training them, and selecting the most qualified children for them to choose and become ‘Shinobi’.

I am one aspiring to become a shinobi, and Mao became my teacher.

Mao gave me instructions with his gaze, so I forced Shiraishi to stand up, seated her in the chair I usually use for eating, and faced her across the table.

The atmosphere is exactly like a detective interrogating a criminal, but because Mao sat at the table where usually a lamp aimed at the criminal and katsudon to eat so it doesn’t feel too intimidating is placed.

However, Mao is a tough ninja in battle.

Even he can use techniques and ninja techniques that I don’t know and it’s easy to read someone’s mind from their facial expressions and attitude, so indeed lies and evasion will not work.

“First, tell me the reason you contacted this person.”

“…I ran away from home, so I want to stay here…”

“Hah? Are you seriously running away from home?”

“I’m serious. I’m not lying.”

It seems this person really came to me without realizing that I am a ninja.

Considering both spent half a day without realizing that the other was a ninja, and they related to each other like this, it’s a foolish composition.

“How long have you been running away from home?”

“Hmm, about a month.”

“What was your life like during that time…?”

“It feels like traveling while staying at internet cafes or cafes.”

“What happened to the money?”

“I freed the price using hypnotic techniques.”

“That’s a crime!”

I could only raise my voice.

“Mao! This person is a criminal! She uses ninja techniques to commit crimes!”

“Noisy! Don’t always shout at me!”

Mao observed Shiraishi Yuki carefully and spoke less.

I had no choice but to interrogate her myself.

“Why did you enroll in high school?”

“I want to be a normal high school girl. I admire the life of a girl.”

“What about the entry procedure…uniform?”

“With hypnotic techniques…”

“So it’s a crime!”

This woman is more dangerous than I imagined.

“You said you ran away from home, but in which organization were you raised?”

“I don’t know if it’s an organization or not, but my family name is ‘Rashomon.'”

“Hah!? Rashomon!?”

Rashomon is the largest and strongest non-governmental ninja group.

Hanzomon, where we are, is our greatest enemy and has repeatedly engaged in secret battles in the underworld.

Unlike us shinobi, they are training members called monster ninjas.

Hanzomon acts on government orders, while Rashomon acts on private sector requests.

At first glance, it seems like a difference between civil servants and entrepreneurs, but most things that civilians ask ninjas to do are for crimes.

Simply put, they are thugs who commit murder and sabotage depending on money.

Frankly, the majority of missions carried out by Hanzomon ninjas are to suppress crimes committed by Rashomon.

“Mao! She’s a beast shinobi from Rashomon! She’s a top-class criminal!”

“That’s why I said don’t always shout! Stay calm!”

I don’t know why, but Mao stared at Yuki Shiraishi and didn’t talk much.

“Hah? I didn’t expect to sit next to a shinobi.”

“It’s not a fairy tale like that.”

“Besides, if the conversation is without translation, only the words ‘citizens’ and ‘residents’ are heard, so the conversation is meaningless.”

“Right…I don’t care about that! I mean, what’s that translation!”

Even being interrogated by her opponent, Yuki Shiraishi didn’t let go of her own pace.

What kind of mentality does this person have?

“Why are you attending a public high school, Shinobu-kun? Is it actually a school for a ninja?”

“No. There’s a test that requires me to attend a normal high school and hide my true identity until graduation. I’m undergoing that test.”

“Ah, ah. Then you will fail the test because I know who you are.”

“Don’t do that…”

Shiraishi Yuki is not an ordinary person, so she must not fail the test.

That won’t happen, right?

“I was looking for a place where I could stay, but I never thought there would be a ninja in the house I thought was the best place.”

“It seems you chose the worst place rather than the best.”

Anyway, why do I think this person is an ordinary person?

The Beast Shinobi from Rashomon is one of the most troublesome shinobi.

“You’re inexperienced. I told you not to be careless no matter who you are.”

When Mao seemed to understand my thoughts, he lectured me.

“If talking about something, there are two types of ninjas: those who make themselves stronger, and those who summon strong objects. We are the former, and this girl is the latter.”


I had no words to answer.

In other words, although she clearly has the physical ability of an ordinary person, there’s a possibility she’s a ninja.

It seems we need to reconsider our entire policy so far and be wary of everyone around us.

“So, Mao. What should we do with this person?”

“It can’t be helped. Let’s protect her in the Kageyama family.”

Mao proposed something unbelievable.

“Eh!? Really!?”

“Anyway, you’re a criminal. You will be watched by us, so please cooperate with shinobu as much as possible.”

“Yes I understand!”

“Don’t continue the conversation without permission!”

Mao was taken away from me by Shiraishi who smiled brightly and started having fun while hugging Mao.

“What do you mean? Why should we protect her?”

“I can’t let her eat and drink for free any longer. I’ll check what she’s supposed to pay for that.”

Mao was determined to protect Shiraishi Yuki very carefully.

“Are you serious? What will you do if I get caught for kidnapping a minor?”

“Don’t fuss over the details.”

“This is not a small matter. It’s about whether I get arrested or not.”

“Aren’t you excited to live with a high school girl? Isn’t that a man’s romance?”

“My heart is pounding. In a different way.”

Once Mao made a decision, he didn’t change his opinion.

There’s no use saying anything, and I think he won’t tell me the real reason why he decided to protect Yuki Shiraishi.

However, there’s something I want to confirm.

“Mao. When the police raid this house, Mao will follow me, right?”


“Why are you silent?”

Mao’s attitude right now clarifies it.

Even if the police come to the Kageyama house and say, “Kageyama Shinobu! You’re arrested for kidnapping a minor!” and he’ll just pretend to be a regular cat while I panic and can’t just escape.

But anyway, I ended up living with the transfer student who sits next to me.

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
Shinobanaito Yabai!

Shinobanaito Yabai!

忍ばないとヤバい! / I Can’t Be a Ninja, It’s Too Risky!
Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese
"Hey, try saying 'Nin-nin'!" I wanted to be a ninja, but the annoying transfer girl came to interfere!Ninjas still exist in Japan today. They protect Japan's security from the shadows-A 16-year-old boy named Kageyama Shinobi, who dreams of becoming a ninja, is in the middle of his final exams. The content of the exam is to graduate from an ordinary high school without revealing his true identity.During the first year, Shinobi managed to live an unobtrusive school life.If he can continue the next two years well, he should graduate successfully-but then, blonde transfer student Shiromitsu Yuki keeps bothering him! And as it turns out, Yuki's true identity is a ninja!To make matters worse, she was an escaped ninja who suddenly appeared in the Shinobi house!"From today on, can it be in this house?" That was a big deal!Will Shinobi be able to graduate from high school safely!? A modern romantic comedy that incorporates ninjas, starting now!


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