📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

The Ex-Girlfriend Reunited in a Shared Apartment Is Approaching Prologue



Volume 1: Character Introduction

Mafuyu Himuro

A 20-year-old sophomore in college. She was a central figure in her class during high school and a secret otaku, which led to her relationship with Yuji Kaga.

Yuji Kaga

Originally an otaku, he transformed into a trendy and elegant persona due to his high school girlfriend, Mafuyu. He’s 20 years old.

Ryuga Asakura

A senior in college, who revels in activities like band performances and other aspects of college life.

Koharu Saotome

A first-year high school student. She’s a cheerful and adorable “JK” (Japanese high school girl), whose frequent socializing doesn’t bother those around her.

Hiyori Saotome

Koharu’s older sister, the landlady, and the main tenant of the shared house, 26 years old.

Volume 1: Prologue

One day, while I was struggling with my not-so-smooth cohabitation with my girlfriend, I witnessed her cheating. Our relationship started to deteriorate dangerously, and I even began to think that breaking up might be for the best.

Breaking up… Even though her cheating was enough reason for me to be mentally prepared for it, I still loved her.

I loved her so much that I even convinced myself that the betrayal was partly my fault. I didn’t want to fight and break up with her, whom I loved to this extent. After all, arguing and saying goodbye to someone you love is painful, isn’t it?

Despite my thoughts, our relationship ultimately ended in a disastrous breakup.

In the days that followed, I felt uneasy and filled with regret. I should have confronted her instead of hesitating and wasting time. To change my mood and not dwell on the past, I decided to move out of the apartment we shared and find a new place.

Now, I am in a room I finally managed to move into.

“Okay, it’s time to pull myself together and give it my all!”

Apart from trying to let go of my feelings for her, I had another reason to be motivated. That’s because from now on, I’ll be living in a shared house.

“It’s about time to leave.”

There was still some time before the moving company’s staff arrived. After discussing it with the landlady, who also manages the house, she suggested she could introduce me to the shared house during this time. Gratefully accepting her offer, I headed to the living room, an ideal place to wait.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“No problem at all. Now, let me give you a detailed introduction to the shared house.”

The person introducing me was Ms. Hiyori Saotome. Her gentle face gave off a soft impression, and her attire perfectly suited her image as a mature older sister.

First, she introduced me to the dressing room connected to the bathroom.

“This is the dressing room, and through that door is the bathroom. Since the bathroom door doesn’t have a lock, please lock the dressing room door when showering. If you want to take a bath, there’s a public bathhouse nearby. I often go there when I want to relax.”

“Why is there no bathtub?”

“The cost of water and gas has recently increased. Plus, taking baths means longer average bathroom usage per person, which can cause conflicts over usage time.”

That explains why many of the shared accommodations I looked into didn’t have bathtubs.

As I nodded in understanding, Ms. Saotome continued her explanation.

“Well, the bathroom is just as you see it, but there are things in the dressing room that need explaining. First, about this washing machine here; it can’t be used at night. Please use it before 9 pm. Next, look at the shelf next to the washing machine. There are several bottles of laundry detergent with names written on them, making it easy to see whose is whose.”

“So we buy our own detergent and label it?”

“That’s right. And with permission, you can use someone else’s too.”

As I was listening to her, the door to the dressing room suddenly opened.

“Eh? Sister and… ah, are you the new tenant?”

A girl in a high school uniform that evoked nostalgia entered my view. Her cute face had an innocent charm, and her bold voice indicated her confidence. If I were still a high school student, I would undoubtedly find her adorable.

Eh? High school students can live in a shared house?

As if reading my thoughts, Ms. Saotome said:

“This is Koharu Saotome, my younger sister. She’s a high school student living here with me, her guardian.”

“Though I’m a high school student, I’m a special case who can live in a shared house,” Koharu said cheerfully.

“Koharu, don’t be too casual with someone you’ve just met.”

“Okay, sorry.”

After their conversation ended, I formally introduced myself.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Yuji Kaga. Please take care of me.”

“Seriously, I’m younger than you. No need for formalities, just relax. And now it’s my turn, I’m Koharu Saotome, starting JK in April. Just call me Koharu-chan casually.”

To help me remember her face, Koharu-chan deliberately leaned in close. I’m not good with people suddenly getting close, but surprisingly, I didn’t panic and naturally responded to her.

“Please take care of me, Koharu-chan. Is that okay?”

“Yes! So, please take care of me too~. And, sorry, I’ve sweated a lot and would like to use the bathroom, can you wait outside for a while?”

“Koharu, please be patient for a bit.”

“Eh~, but I can’t help it when I’m all sticky from sweat. Besides, I don’t want Yuji-senpai to think of me as a sweaty girl. It would bother me.”

Suddenly being addressed by my name made my heart skip a beat.

Koharu-chan was visibly sweaty, and I had no intention of selfishly occupying the changing room. So, I stepped out, and Koharu-chan peeked through what seemed like an unlocked door gap.

“No peeking, okay? Although you couldn’t even if the door was locked.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she retracted her head and locked the changing room door.

Looking aside, Ms. Hiyori, her sister, sighed with a “sigh…”

“Sorry about Koharu bothering you.”

“No, not at all. Koharu’s way makes her approachable and not annoying at all, just like a little sister.”

“Do you have a little sister?”

“I had a girl who was like a little sister to me when I was younger, but I don’t have an actual sister. And their personalities are completely different.”

“I see.”

“Well, that’s all for the bathroom and changing room introduction. I was planning to show you the kitchen next, but I think the other tenants might be in their rooms, so let’s go greet them first?”

Having met Koharu-chan and exchanged greetings, I thought it was a good opportunity to also greet the other tenants.

Ms. Hiyori and I walked up the stairs to the door marked ‘Room 2.’

“Excuse me, Ryuga-kun. May we disturb you for a moment?”

I heard footsteps approaching, and soon, the tenant we called opened the door.

“Hello, Ms. Hiyori. What’s up?”

His relaxed posture gave off a gentle vibe. With kind eyes and a straight nose, his features were handsome, and he wore slightly oversized clothes. The man who stepped out was the kind of guy who, even I could tell, would be popular with girls.

“We have a new tenant, so we came to say hello.”

“Oh, so it’s the new person who was supposed to come today. Is it the person standing next to Ms. Hiyori?”

“Yes, this young man is our new face.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Yuji Kaga.”

“Hello, please take care of me. I’m Ryuga Asakura, a third-year college student. Ah, just in time, since our previous male tenant, Kanda-kun, went for a study abroad. We were lacking a male presence in the shared house. It’s great that you’re here, Kaga-kun.”

I shook his hand which he extended. Ryuga had a firm, manly handshake. This guy was definitely popular. While thinking this, our conversation somehow drifted towards the topic of romance.

“If I get the chance, I’d like to seek a romantic encounter here. How realistic is that?”

“This shared house is small and focused on interaction. I think it’s better not to have too high expectations. Apart from Kanda-kun, who’s studying abroad, and you, it’s just a small house with female tenants. Disappointed?”

“I just mentioned it in passing. I didn’t have any expectations, so it’s fine.”

“That’s good then. Oh, I’ve been calling you ‘Kaga-kun’ casually. Is that okay?”

“Oh, no problem. And you, um… how should I address you?”

I left it to him to decide.

“Just call me Asakura-senpai. Please take care of me from now on.”

I shook hands with Asakura-senpai again.

“Please take care of me too, Asakura-senpai.”

After finishing our conversation with Asakura-senpai, Ms. Hiyori looked at me with a smiling expression.

“Don’t call me ‘manager-san’ anymore, just call me Hiyori-san.”

“Ah, indeed ‘manager-san’ sounds a bit too formal. And if I call you Saotome-san, there are two people with that name in this house. So, I’ll call you Hiyori-san.”

“Thank you. Besides when introducing myself as the manager, I usually use casual titles like ‘xx-kun,’ ‘xx-chan’ when addressing the tenants here. Is it okay if I call you that way too?”

“Yes, that’s fine.”

“So then, Kaga-kun… no, calling you Kaga-san is more appropriate, I’ll address you like that. Ah, right, I’m still introducing you as the manager, so for now, it’s Mr. Kaga. Next, I’ll introduce you to someone who moved in just two weeks ago. Though it’s only been a short time, they’ve already gotten quite accustomed.”

There’s something about this place that makes one’s mind tick, I’m convinced of it. The seemingly smooth start to my shared house living seems like it could erase the gloomy feelings I’ve had since breaking up with her. Alright, next up is the last tenant currently living here. I wonder what kind of person they will be…

With anticipation swelling in my heart, I followed Miss Hiyori Saotome to the next room.

“I’m Hiyori, Mafuyu-chan, can I borrow you for a moment?”

Through the door, Miss Hiyori greeted the tenant of Room 4.

“It’s okay, it’s okay…”

A clear voice that, though lacking in assertiveness, seemed to resonate everywhere.

The moment I heard that voice, cold sweat broke out all over my body.

‘Mafuyu’ is a common name, it… it couldn’t possibly be?

“A new tenant has moved in, so we’re here to say hello.”

I hadn’t seen her face yet, but a bad feeling continued to swell inside me.

My heart thudded as if it was going to split open, making an annoying ‘thump thump’ sound.

“Ah, it’s the person who said during the interview that they moved in because ‘they broke up with their girlfriend and moved to cut off lingering feelings, hoping for a new encounter’. Hehe, when I heard it, I was surprised because it’s the same reason as Mafuyu-chan.”

The name ‘Mafuyu’ is common, and moving into a shared house to get over a breakup is a very ordinary reason.

“That’s right, maybe we’ll get along well.”

After fixing her hair, the tenant of Room 4 came out of the open door.

Then, our eyes met.

“I’m Kaga… Yuji Kaga.”

I couldn’t stay silent, and reflexively, I introduced myself to the person who knew me better than anyone else, except for my family.

“I’m Himuro… Mafuyu Himuro.”

Clasping my sweaty hand tightly, I suppressed the overwhelming emotions threatening to crush me. But what should I do in this situation…



We stared at each other wordlessly. Breaking the silence was Miss Hiyori.

“Oh, could it be that you two know each other?”

After a brief pause, I said firmly.

“No, you’re mistaken!”

“No, you’re the one who’s mistaken.”

In reality, the person in front of me and I had a relationship deeper than mere acquaintances.

But, it’s not wrong to say I don’t know her.

Because the person in front of me—

—Until recently, was my girlfriend, Mafuyu Himuro, whom I wanted to cut ties with but couldn’t stop longing for.

We unexpectedly reunited in this shared house. My ex-girlfriend, looking at me, wore a very displeased expression, different from when we were dating. During our relationship, she had shoulder-length black hair. But now, the Mafuyu Himuro standing before me had a bob cut that reached her neck. Similar to the hairstyle she had when I first fell for her, which couldn’t help but rekindle my lingering feelings.

What will my shared house life turn into now?

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
The Ex-Girlfriend Reunited in a Shared Apartment Is Approaching

The Ex-Girlfriend Reunited in a Shared Apartment Is Approaching

Sharehausu de saikai shita motokano ga sematte kuru, シェアハウスで再会した元カノが迫ってくる
Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
A Secretly Sweet Romance Comedy Woven by Former Lovers! A second-year university student, Yuji Kaga, decided to move into a shared house in order to sever his lingering feelings for his ex-lover. However, on his first day of moving in, who appeared right before his eyes was none other than his ex-girlfriend, Mafuyu Himuro, the very source of those feelings. In front of the other residents, their relationship within the shared house remains a secret. But Yuji’s feelings start to waver due to aspects only known to him as her ex-boyfriend, like how Mafuyu becomes clingy when she drinks, or her fondness for “goodnight kisses.” It’s unexpectedly difficult to pretend to be strangers, especially when Mafuyu aggressively seeks physical closeness, demanding piggyback rides in private or stealthily initiating physical contact. “I still like Yuji. We broke up, but my feelings remain.” The love comedy of the ex-couple’s attempt at a fresh start begins!


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