📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

The Ex-Girlfriend Reunited in a Shared Apartment Is Approaching Chapter 4

It's Koharu-chan


Volume 1, Chapter 4: It’s Koharu-chan

“Good morning~, senior, it’s morning!”

“Uh… who is it?”

Rubbing my sleepy eyes, I awoke to find Koharu-chan sitting on my stomach in bed.

Strange? I locked the door, didn’t I? Why is she here?

“That’s how it is.”

Koharu-chan showed me the key to the room.

Koharu’s older sister, Hiyori Saotome, is the owner of this shared house. It’s not surprising that she has a spare key. In fact, she had told me she kept one just in case.

“You just took it like that?”

“That’s right.”

This is not acceptable by any means. As I was wondering how to broach this, Koharu-chan’s sudden statement changed my mind.

“Aren’t Yuji senior and I just that kind of close? We’ve already bathed together, so don’t be shocked over something like this.”


“Hehehe~. As expected, you haven’t realized. Eh, is that so? But it’s no wonder. After all, the last time I saw you was five years ago.”

“Could it be…”

“Yes. I’m that Koharu-chan. You know, I gave you so many hints, and you didn’t notice at all. That’s so mean, so I had to tell you like this!”

So, Koharu is that girl who lived near my house until I was fifteen.

We’ve been interacting since we were kids, the so-called childhood friends.

To think I forgot her, you heartless man!

You might think that, but please allow me an excuse.

The reason I didn’t recognize the girl in front of me as Koharu-chan, whom I remember clearly, is very simple.

“I remember your surname wasn’t Saotome, but Sato…”

“Mom and Dad got back together, so now, I’m Koharu Saotome! Didn’t I tell you when we parted that I was going to become Koharu Saotome?”

“Ah… is that so?”

My parents and Koharu’s parents were close, so she was often left in our care. It was a frequent occurrence when we were little.

“Speaking of which, getting back together, does that mean you’re blood-related to your sister, Hiyori?”

“Of course. It’s just that my sister was raised by my father. We really are related, rest assured.”

“I see…”

“I was born Koharu Saotome, then became Koharu Sato after my parents divorced, and then when they remarried, I became Koharu Saotome again. That’s the story.”

“Oh, I see.”

I looked at Koharu-chan, straddling both sides of my stomach.

The last time I saw her, I was fifteen, and she was ten.

She had grown up safely, turning into a beautiful girl that I couldn’t even recognize.

But the biggest reason I didn’t realize it was her—

I thought the Koharu-chan I knew wasn’t such a bright child.

“You’ve changed.”

“Yes, I have! But it’s really mean. I recognized Yuji senior immediately, you’ve become so handsome, and I noticed right away… Despite this, you still forgot me, that’s really bad. So, I decided to play a prank on Yuji senior today! Hehe, did I scare you?”

“Ah, yes, you did. I’m really sorry. Anyway, get off my stomach, will you?”


Koharu-chan got off me.

A long-lost childhood friend. Well, she’s just like a little sister. Ah, I see.

The reason Koharu-chan is more intimate with me than with others is that she’s my childhood friend.

The overly affectionate behavior must be to jog my memory.

“Now you know why I’m so affectionate with you, right?”

“Ah, to make me realize that you’re my childhood friend?”

“Ah, well, it’s a little different.”


“Ah, ah… It looks like you really forgot. Well, it’s that. Once more, please take good care of me from now on. Big brother~”

Was it because she called me ‘big brother’ like she used to? Suddenly, I felt the same way about Koharu as I did before.

Was it because she said it with an attitude so different from before? It gave me a strange feeling.

“Even though I called you ‘big brother’ after so long, I feel extremely embarrassed for some reason. So, I’ll just call you Yuji-senpai normally.”

“Being called ‘big brother’ by a cute girl is honestly not good for my health. Just call me that.”

“Oh my~? Is it because I’ve grown into a beautiful girl?”

“That’s right.”

“Then, to make your heart race, I’ll sometimes call you ‘big brother’! Alright, Yuji-senpai. Really, really, please take good care of me from now on. I need to go to school, goodbye. Ah, and if you don’t think hard about why I’m so close to you, I might play a prank on you!”

Smoothing out her school uniform skirt, Koharu left my sight. She used to be a good child who would obediently listen to what I said.

Despite that, she now spoke of making my heart race and calling me ‘big brother’ from time to time, showing a devilish side.

“She really has changed.”

Woken up by the surprise from Koharu this morning, I looked at the clock and saw it was still before 8 a.m.

My university classes today start from the second period, so there’s plenty of time before that.

If I go back to sleep, I’m confident I would oversleep, so I better get up early.

I walked downstairs to the living room.

There, I saw Hiyori-san in a suit, drinking coffee while watching the news.

Besides managing here, it seems she also works at a company normally.

“Hiyori-san, good morning.”

“Kaga-kun, good morning. Did you sleep well last night?”

“Ah~, it was a bit iffy. By the way, this is something Koharu forgot in my room, so I brought it here.”

I handed over the keys that Koharu had forgotten in my room to Hiyori-san.

“I’m sorry, really sorry for the trouble Koharu caused you.”

As the manager and owner, even if not in such a position, one shouldn’t just enter another resident’s room casually. Even if it was Koharu, my sister, there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed, and I bear responsibility too.

Feeling this way, Hiyori-san bowed deeply to me.

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it. Koharu and I have that kind of relationship.”

“Eh~, what do you mean?”

Koharu was raised by our mother, and Hiyori-san by our father, then they lived apart. The sisters have always been separated.

Koharu and I are ordinary childhood friends, but naturally, I have no connection with Hiyori-san.

“Well, actually—”

I briefly explained my relationship with Koharu to her.

After my explanation, Hiyori-san said with an understanding look,

“I see. No wonder that child is exceptionally close to you, Kaga-kun. Even when asked, she always says, ‘It’s okay~'”

“Yes. Koharu and I are childhood friends, but in reality, our relationship is more like siblings. Speaking of which, she’s changed her name, become cuter, and her personality is completely different from before. I didn’t realize that Koharu was that Koharu-chan.”

“I only started living with her when she was ten, but she indeed grew up suddenly, so it’s not your fault for not recognizing her. Then, I understand the situation, but let me apologize again. It’s really wrong of Koharu to enter your room without permission. I’ll scold her strictly.”

Hiyori-san had the demeanor of a mature adult.

I thought becoming a university student meant becoming an adult. But seeing Hiyori-san made me realize how shallow my thinking was.

“It’s indeed an overstep. I’ll also talk to her a bit.”

“Ha ha. Somehow, you sound like Koharu’s real big brother.”

“It’s because I often looked after her before she started elementary school. In fact, I might have spent more time with her than Hiyori-san.”

“In that case, as her sister, may I ask a small favor? Koharu seems really happy when she’s with you, Kaga-kun. I hope you can continue to get along well with her. Oh, and as an apology for Koharu’s trouble, would you like some coffee?”

“Ah, yes, please. Thank you.”

Drinking the coffee prepared by Hiyori-san and chatting about various things regarding Koharu, this morning wasn’t bad at all.


After chatting with Miss Hiyori, I became concerned about not having taken a bath. Living in a shared house with others, it’s important to maintain a good appearance.

“I’m going to take a shower.”

“You haven’t bathed? You must take care of yourself!”

Miss Hiyori raised an eyebrow, giving me a stern look.

Just as I thought this, she quickly changed her expression to a bright, cheerful smile.

“Hehe, I also went to bed immediately after finishing my work yesterday and just took a shower. Even in a shared house, you don’t need to worry too much. Just keep it to a reasonable level.”

“Koharu-chan and Miss Hiyori are just the same, especially when it comes to pranks.”

“Of course. After all, Koharu models herself after me. Alright, I should be heading to work now.”

“Ah, okay, take care.”

“Sure, I’m leaving.”

Miss Hiyori left for work, straightening her suit.


“Although I was thinking of taking a bath… I don’t have any soap or shampoo.”

In the changing area next to the bathroom, there were narrow metal lockers where the tenants kept their personal items like soap. Everyone used their own products, as agreed upon.

Shampoo with the scent of camellia oil had Hiyori’s name on it, and the one with a mint formula was marked for Asakura.

For a moment, I contemplated using someone else’s shampoo secretly, but painful memories from the past dissuaded me. Why? Because once, when I lived with Mafuyu, I carelessly used her shampoo, which led to a huge argument.

“I suppose Asakura-senpai has morning classes and has already left. The only one at home would be that guy.”

I headed towards room number 4, Mafuyu’s room, next to my own in room 3. I had a rough idea of my ex-girlfriend’s schedule; she should be home.

As I neared Mafuyu’s room, painful memories became clearer.

Two weeks into our cohabitation, my shampoo ran out. I saw Mafuyu’s shampoo next to the empty bottle, so I used it without saying anything.

Due to various reasons, I kept forgetting to buy my own shampoo and continued using Mafuyu’s for a few days. The change in my hair scent gave away my secret use of her shampoo.

I thought it would be fine since we were a couple, to use a little bit.

“Hah? What’s with that attitude? Even though you were wrong, why do you act so arrogantly?”

“It’s just a small matter, why get angry?”

Well, because of my tone too, we ended up arguing.

Honestly, looking back, it seems like such a trivial matter.

It’s because of this painful memory that I now refrain from casually using others’ things. I was wrong, and I deeply reflected on it.

Lost in thoughts about various matters, I finally reached Mafuyu’s door.

I knocked and greeted her.

“Are you available right now?”

If she hadn’t woken up, I’d be without shampoo and body soap for the day. Fortunately, it seemed she was already awake.

The door opened, and Mafuyu, with flickering eyes, looked at me and said,

“Um… yes. But, there’s something I wanted to ask you first.”

Mafuyu’s gaze seemed slightly evasive.

Ah, I had forgotten because I was preoccupied with thoughts about the argument over the shampoo, but didn’t I kiss a drunk Mafuyu?

Feeling awkward, I had decided not to bring it up unless she mentioned it…

“Um? What is it?”

“It’s about yesterday. Did I… kiss you?”

“It came up immediately…”

Mafuyu is the type who remembers everything even when drunk. She probably couldn’t resist asking, but seeing me pretend to forget, she might also pretend to have forgotten.

What should my reaction be…

“Yes, you did.”

Mafuyu, who used to have long hair while we were dating, now sported a neat bob cut. Playing with her hair tips, she spoke to me in a faint voice.

“You were drunk, right? It was just an accident, don’t worry about it.”

“Right… right, it was because of the accident. But, but, when we kissed, you seemed to have said something?”

“No, I didn’t say anything.”

I had said a lot, but being explicit would only make us both uncomfortable, so I decided to play it down.

During our long relationship, there were many times when my lies didn’t work.

“Ah, ah… I see.”

Mafuyu, who remembered her drunken actions clearly, clutched her head as if to reaffirm something she had done, upon hearing my response.

“Well, just pretend you didn’t hear it.”

“Um, thanks… But, I want to make it clear, I don’t intend to go back to how things were before.”

“Ah, I know.”

Getting back together is impossible. I deeply understand that it’s better not to do so.

Even though I say this, is it because I haven’t completely disliked her yet? My heart twinges with pain.

“By the way, what did you want? You said earlier you needed to talk to me, right?”

Putting away an expression of uncertainty, Mafuyu asked me what I wanted.

“Ah, right. Sorry, could I borrow some shampoo and body wash?”

“It’s fine but…”

“What’s wrong?”

“It feels odd that you’re asking me like this.”

“I’ve reflected on it. Before, when I used up mine, I used yours, and then we argued, right? So, well, this is a shared house. I shouldn’t break the rules by using someone else’s things without permission, right?”

“You’re really taking this to heart.”

“Ah, then I’ll borrow it. If you find that I used more than expected and it bothers you, don’t hesitate to charge me.”

After that, as I was going downstairs.

“So, he’s reflected on it…”

Somehow, a voice from upstairs sounded very happy.


Alright, I got the shampoo and soap, time to take a quick shower.

As I undressed, wondering where to put my clothes, I noticed something in the laundry basket in front of me. Inside the basket, there was a note saying, “For Kaga-kun.”

“For Kaga-kun. Generally, keep your dirty laundry in your room and bring it here when you’re ready to wash. If you don’t mind them being taken or seen, you can leave them here in the changing area. In other words, this laundry basket is a gift from the manager.”

“Thank you very much.”

I gratefully accepted the plastic laundry basket, put my clothes inside, and entered the bathroom from the changing area. The bathroom was a decent size, neither too cramped nor too spacious. The water pressure was just right, exactly how I like it.

As the hot water ran over my body, I reached for the body wash I borrowed from Mafuyu.

Without a sponge to scrub my body, I had to use my hands.

As I washed with my hands, I couldn’t help thinking that Mafuyu, with her white and delicate skin, must be particularly sensitive, so she probably also used her hands to avoid hurting her skin during a bath.

We were so close that we even lived together; I really knew a lot about her.

In an unexpected moment, I realized I was thinking about Mafuyu again.

With a troubled mind, I finished showering.

The shower ended quickly, and after shaving and brushing my teeth, I got dressed.

“Alright. Time to go.”

There’s no point in lingering. Mafuyu has class second period too, and I know she didn’t shower yesterday. If I occupy the bathroom for too long, it would inconvenience her.

“You’re done already?”

“You need it too, right? So, I hurried up a bit.”

“I see. Have you finished using the washbasin? Can I use it now?”

“Ah, sure, go ahead.”

Hearing my response, Mafuyu walked toward the changing area, and before entering, she said to me,

“Even if you say you’ve reflected on things, getting back together is still impossible, you know?”

Mafuyu looked at me with twinkling eyes. Her expression was so adorable it made my heart race.

“It’s you who wants to get back together. After all, you came to kiss me.”

“That’s impossible!”

She closed the door with a strong force, then slightly opened it again just enough to let her voice out,

“I’m sorry… I closed the door so forcefully because I was frustrated with myself…”

“I know, I know. Hurry up, or you’ll be late.”


Mafuyu nodded weakly, a much gentler sound than before as she closed the door.

“Such an awkward start to the morning, it’s really stomach-churning…”

I muttered to myself, thinking about how hopeless I am with her.

Just a little interaction with Mafuyu like this made me incredibly happy.

“Really, the worst morning.”

Mixed with awkwardness and annoyance, yet incredibly happy, I prepared to leave for university with an inexplicable feeling in my heart…

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
The Ex-Girlfriend Reunited in a Shared Apartment Is Approaching

The Ex-Girlfriend Reunited in a Shared Apartment Is Approaching

Sharehausu de saikai shita motokano ga sematte kuru, シェアハウスで再会した元カノが迫ってくる
Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
A Secretly Sweet Romance Comedy Woven by Former Lovers! A second-year university student, Yuji Kaga, decided to move into a shared house in order to sever his lingering feelings for his ex-lover. However, on his first day of moving in, who appeared right before his eyes was none other than his ex-girlfriend, Mafuyu Himuro, the very source of those feelings. In front of the other residents, their relationship within the shared house remains a secret. But Yuji’s feelings start to waver due to aspects only known to him as her ex-boyfriend, like how Mafuyu becomes clingy when she drinks, or her fondness for “goodnight kisses.” It’s unexpectedly difficult to pretend to be strangers, especially when Mafuyu aggressively seeks physical closeness, demanding piggyback rides in private or stealthily initiating physical contact. “I still like Yuji. We broke up, but my feelings remain.” The love comedy of the ex-couple’s attempt at a fresh start begins!


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