📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

The Assassin Who Reaches to a Romcom Prologue

Happy Ending


Volume 1: Character Introduction

Ootori Ema

A transfer student from the United Kingdom. She is of mixed Japanese and British descent. She set her sights on the inheritance that Shinobu is due to receive and became his girlfriend.

Kurumichi Shinobu

A young man who inherited the fortune of the global corporation “Koumura Group.” The group has issued special directives to him.

Kurumichi Chiyo

Shinobu’s younger sister, in her third year of junior high. She teases Shinobu about his romantic relationships, enjoying a harmonious sibling relationship.

Kurumichi Dan

Shinobu’s father. A calm and collected individual, he provides advice on Shinobu’s romantic relationships.

Kurumichi Izumi

Shinobu’s mother. She is very concerned about Shinobu and Ema’s relationship and subtly supports its progression.


Volume 1: Prologue – Happy Ending

Let me tell you about this girl named Ootori Ema.

She is a mixed-race child of Japanese and British descent, who transferred to our school from the UK at the start of the second term.

It’s important to note, she is not an “exchange student” but a “transfer student.” Although there’s little difference as both study at the same school, she specifically is a transfer student.

Due to her family’s work, she transferred to the high school I am attending—Private Chokusei High School.

My first impression of her… was that of an unparalleled beauty. Her exquisite and well-defined features were like those of a masterpiece created by an outstanding artist. Her blue eyes, pure as the world’s cleanest sapphires, shone with gentleness and nobility. Her elegant platinum blonde hair wafted a sweet, light fragrance. They say what’s important is on the inside, not the outside, but this saying seemed irrelevant in front of Ema. Her academics and athletic abilities are slightly above average. Fortunately, being born in England, her English grades are pleasing. Her special skill is chess. It’s said that she had won championships in major competitions in England.

Now, about her personality—it’s as impressive as her looks. Despite her dazzling appearance, she is surprisingly approachable.

She is vivacious and cheerful, charming and adorable. She possesses all the qualities of a young girl, pouting cutely when teased, endearing herself to others. In short, not only her appearance but also her personality is flawless.

Such a girl suddenly transferring to our school set off a wave of excitement at Chokusei High School.

— There’s a super beautiful British girl at our school!

People of all genders and roles flocked to see her.

Of course, I was among them, eagerly rushing to glimpse her beauty.

Unfortunately, she was not in the same class as me. I couldn’t even catch a small glimpse of her due to the thick crowd. In times like this, I really disliked being so ordinary.

But perhaps as a reward for my steadfast and hardworking life, I, walking the path of an ordinary life, received a blessing from the gods. 1 day, fortune smiled upon me, presenting me with an opportunity to interact with Ootori Ema.

At the start of the third term. Thanks to the winter break, the Ema craze at Chokusei High School had calmed down.

On that day, the sun shone as if blessing the world, the sky clear and bright.

While exploring the school as part of my daily routine, the sunny weather put me in a good mood (though it didn’t have much effect indoors).

At that moment, I saw her. Ootori Ema was walking up to the rooftop alone.

To follow or not to follow. I made a quick decision to “follow.” I also made my way up to the rooftop.

The moment I saw her standing on the rooftop, a heat rivaling the sun above radiated from my entire body, overheating and momentarily freezing me in place. Should I greet her or rush up without a word?

The latter seemed too impolite, so I immediately dismissed it, opting for the former.

“Why are you here?”

I gathered all my courage and spoke to Ootori Ema.

“Eh? You are… Kurumichi Shinobu-kun?!”


Ootori Ema actually knew my name.

Just that alone made me feel like I was someone special.

“I’m so glad… I’ve always wanted to talk to you…”

My heart had never pounded so fiercely. I gazed at Ootori Ema.

Beneath her blouse, her chest hid what seemed like a dangerous weapon… but that’s not what I meant to say.

“Kurumichi-kun, it’s a rare chance to meet you here, so…”

“Can we talk for a bit?”

“…Um! Yes!”

The following is a conversation of great significance.

We got along famously, and my interaction with Ootori Ema was more enjoyable than I had imagined.

“Ah! Lunch break is over so soon…”


The dream-like moment was coming to an end, and it was time for us to reluctantly head back to the classroom.

Ootori Ema took my hand.

“Um, Kurumichi-kun… no, Shinobu!”

“What is it, Ootori… no, Ema!”

At that moment, there was an inexplicable tension on the rooftop. Is it time? Is this really happening?

“From now on, can you… be my… friend?”

“…If you don’t mind!”

And just like that, Ema and I became friends.

However, we only interacted on the rooftop, just the two of us. Elsewhere… for instance, even if we passed by each other in the hallway, there would be no interaction. Since we were in different classes, we didn’t have any interaction during lessons either.

It took two weeks from this somewhat unique relationship to develop into normal conversations. Finally, we exchanged contact information—but even so, I was cautious and never messaged her first. I was really useless. Progress in our relationship was hard to come by.

Ema and I, as friends who only interacted on the rooftop, spent the last third semester of our first year in high school.

And the story really begins from the first semester of our second year…

Ema was acting strange that day. As I passed her in the hallway, she seemed restless. Despite the clear weather, she didn’t come to the rooftop during lunch.

Did I do something wrong? With this uneasy thought, I was preparing to go home after school.

Then, at the school gate, there was a girl—Ema—waiting for me.

“Shinobu, can we go home together?”

I agreed immediately.

On the way home. I was used to talking to her at school, but it felt different in another environment. Unable to think of a good topic, I walked silently beside her.

I appeared calm on the outside, but inside I was full of anxiety.

Negative emotions overflowed from my chest, and I started to consider the worst-case scenarios.

“Um, Shinobu. Could we stop by the park over there for a bit? I… have something important to tell you…”

My guard went up again. What was she going to say?

Could it be… no, stay calm. There’s no sign that it’s going to be that.

“Yeah, let’s go.”

I told myself to stay calm as Ema sat on the bench and gestured for me to sit beside her. After I sat down, she didn’t speak.

Ema remained silent, twirling her platinum blonde hair around her finger.

“Actually… um…!”

She tried to speak several times but fell silent again.

Not yet… it’s not my time to act.

“I’ve been thinking… after spending so much time with Shinobu… you’ve always been so earnest and tried your hardest. Even though there are some odd aspects, those are what make you so gentle…”

What on earth was Ema talking about—I pretended to be clueless in my mind.

Even though a possibility crossed my mind, I left room for misinterpretation just in case.

“So, I hope that your gentleness can be directed towards me. This, that, I mean…”

Ema leaned closer. Slowly, gradually closing the distance.

This was the expression of a girl in love. Only then did I notice how long her eyelashes were.

Then, as the distance became close enough to feel each other’s breath, Ema closed her eyes tightly.

Her clenched fists tightened even more. Amidst the peak of tension…

“I like you, Shinobu! Being just friends is no longer enough for me! I hope from today onwards to be your girlfriend, to be by your side!”

Could it be… I had considered this possibility.

But actually receiving this confession, my mind went blank.

I couldn’t say anything coherent, just gaped like a fish out of water. How embarrassing.

“Is… is that not okay?”

Her eyes brimming with tears made her sapphire eyes shimmer even more, gripping my heart tightly.

I almost doubted if this was a daydream, but in the park, it was just me and Ema. And the name she called out was undoubtedly mine—Kurumichi Shinobu. So, this was reality.

“It’s not that it’s… not okay.”

What a shameful response. The earth-shattering situation scrambled my thoughts, and before I could express my true feelings, I chose a response to preserve my dignity as a man.

“Ah, ah, ah…! That’s great!”

But my response seemed to satisfy Ema immensely. Her joy turned into action, and she threw herself into my arms with ecstasy. I, in turn, slowly and carefully hugged her back.

“Please entrust all of you to me…”

And so, Kurumichi Shinobu and Ootori Ema became a couple.

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
The Assassin Who Reaches to a Romcom

The Assassin Who Reaches to a Romcom

Yagate Love Comedy ni Itaru Ansatsusha, やがてラブコメに至る暗殺者
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese
“I love you, Shino! From now on, I want to be by your side as your lover!” Thus, I, a very ordinary high school boy named Kurumichi Shino, and the school’s famously beautiful girl, Emma Ootori, became lovers. Can you believe it? That Emma Ootori? The perfect beauty brimming with humor and charm, who came from England. Truly a flower on a high peak. If I were really just an ordinary person… “I’ll turn Shino into a puppet and take everything from him!” I am set to inherit a vast fortune from the world-renowned Kogou Group. She must have approached me with her eyes on that inheritance. Anyone who opposes the group will be eliminated. Emma, it’s me who will use you. I’ll turn you into a puppet and thoroughly use you. Hehehe…”


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