📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

The Assassin Who Reaches to a Romcom Chapter 5.2

Kurumamichi Shino


Volume 1, Chapter 5: Kurumamichi Shino / Part 2

“Don’t worry, I’m fine! I’m used to these little injuries during class!”

“Eh? Does Teacher Kanemi always get nosebleeds in class? How intense does it have to be to happen?”

“Whatever. I don’t want to get involved in the affairs of two men, let them be crazy on their own.”

The chatter of my female classmates echoed from behind as I closed the classroom door.

Alright, no other students in the corridor. This way…



But, Tank and I were on the same page.

Pretending to get up, he actually kicked hard towards my stomach… Clever move!

“Because of you, unnecessary misunderstandings arose!”

“What misunderstanding? The unrestrained and intense Teacher Kanemi?”

“I’ll kill you!”

Tank threw a punch. It seems he decided to neutralize me first instead of escaping.

Bring it on. Now to settle the score we couldn’t before—

“I don’t understand what they’re up to, let’s just go back. Hey, how about stopping by Sariya on the way?”

“Great idea! I’ve been wanting to try their limited-time…”

“Teacher Kanemi! The little steps you taught earlier, how did I do?”

“Perfect! Kurumamichi-kun!”

I immediately grabbed Tank’s fist, redirecting it to my waist. Tank instantly wrapped his arms around my waist.

The next second, the classroom door opened.

“Whoa… Teacher Kanemi, what are you doing… getting so intimately entangled with a male student…”

This won’t do… too many eyes here.

Thinking of inflicting some damage on him, I…

“Even if you’re an art teacher, you can’t turn art into martial arts.”

“…Guh! Damn!”

I inflicted mental harm on him, but something felt off.

Continuing here would only drain my energy… Huh? What’s Tank up to now?

Why is he running towards the hallway window… Could it be!

“Oops~ During dance practice, I accidentally stepped outside the window~!”

This guy’s tricks are too much!

“Wait, Teacher Kanemi—!!”

Tank opened the window and leaped out.

Naturally, I followed suit. From the third floor of the school building, we tumbled to the ground.

The intense impact spread across my back.

“Ouch!” “Guh!”

Barely conscious from the pain, I forced myself to stand up. Tank was doing the same; we were now behind the school’s first floor.

This was a good spot. No one would be here… wait.

After school, the area behind the school building is…

“Eh? Eh eh eh eh!?”

A girl’s scream rang out. She was a senior member of the wind orchestra… Midoriyama-senpai.

Seeing Tank and me falling from the school building, she looked at us in disbelief.

“Um, Teacher Kanemi and classmate, are you okay?”

Midoriyama-senpai looked at us worriedly. She always came here after school.

She’s been practicing alone behind the school building, feeling guilty for holding back the wind orchestra. Instead of joining the new term activities, she practiced solo to improve and reassure the other members…

“It’s, it’s okay. Just practicing dance.”

“I saw both of you falling from the building…”

“Just practicing a special dance move. A dance with intense body movements and impacts. It’s the real breakdance… right, Kurumamichi?”

“Right, right, right… Teacher’s teaching is superb.”

What to do? Since Midoriyama-senpai is still here, we can’t move freely.

If only there was a way to persuade her to leave…

“Classmate, go back. Instead of practicing alone, it’s better to work hard with everyone.”

“But… I’m not good enough… I always cause trouble for everyone… so I think it’s better for me to practice alone…”

“Hehe… you’re really kind-hearted.”

Suddenly, Tank showed a calm smile, despite spitting blood.


“Improving your skills to help everyone, right? No problem, your kindness must have reached them.”

“Teacher Kanemi…”

“So, the rest is to gather courage. Everyone is sincerely waiting for you to return to them. And… those who stay by your side even after causing trouble are your true companions, right?”

He’s eloquent, a spy masquerading as a saint.

“Go on, your important companions are waiting for you.”

“Thank you, Teacher! I will do my best!”

Midoriyama-senpai left the back of the school building, moved.

But if causing trouble yet staying by your side makes true companions, then…

“Tank. Are you saying I’m your true companion?”

“Did you hit your head or something!?”

The moment Midoriyama-senpai left, Tank showed his fangs.

He brutally elbowed me. In a flash, he broke free from my hold.

“Damn, what a nuisance… why do I have to deal with a brat like you…”

“Because you put Ema in danger.”

“That idiot girl, I don’t see any value in saving her.”

“Don’t you dare say anything about Ema.”

“Thanks for making it easy to provoke you.”


The moment I lost my cool, he had been aiming for it.

My right leg seared with pain. Tank shot me.

“Be grateful I spared your life… goodbye.”

Tank glanced at me, now crouching from the pain, and walked away.

My consciousness was blurring. But as a spy, I couldn’t succumb to this pain.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out a weapon… Ema, lend me a hand.


Gunshots echoed behind the school building. It was Ema’s small handgun I had retrieved in the student guidance office.

The bullet hit Tank’s shoulder accurately. But there was no blood.

Because the bullets in her gun were rubber, not live rounds.

“Damn, not live rounds…”

But the moment of confusion was all I needed.

With pain and bewilderment creating an opening…


I lunged forward, closing the distance on my painful right leg.

Simultaneously, Tank’s gun fell to the ground.

“You’re too stubborn…”

“I won’t let you escape.”

I pinned Tank to the ground, overwhelming him.

Taking advantage of the moment…

“Ah guh!”

A more intense pain shot through my right leg. Tank poked my wound with his finger.

“Get off, you annoying brat.”

“Getting off is not an option.”

“Then I’ll move.”


He broke free. Tank picked up his gun as he stood up.

But I couldn’t stand; my right leg had reached its limit.

Crawling on the ground, struggling to stand…

“You’ve lost.”

Tank had distanced himself, aiming the gun at me.

I couldn’t just wait to be shot. I also raised my gun.

“Oh, you kept that too… but you can’t beat me, can you?”

We were about three meters apart.

With Tank holding a gun and me with… just a baton.

“Just a stick to use. And my right leg’s immobile. You’ve lost.”


Tank, confident of victory, sneered.

He was probably right. A gun against a baton… I was overwhelmingly outmatched.

“At least use the gun from earlier. But well, it’s rubber bullets, so no—”

“You’ve lost, Tank.”


It sounded like a plastic bag bursting with air behind the school building.

Simultaneously, Tank toppled forward, face down on the ground.

“You, you brat… that, the baton is…”

“Did you feel some of Yamada’s pain?”

Whether me or Tank, despite the chaos, neither of us took each other’s lives.

Victory was incapacitating the opponent.

That’s why I chose the baton over the gun. It’s a baton-style gun that emits electric shocks to the target when the handle button is pressed.

Its name…

“Chiyu-chan’s special edition. Designed this way because we’re spies. Quite powerful.”

I dragged my right foot, limping towards Tank.

He seemed to struggle to get up, but his body wouldn’t respond.

I aimed the baton at him directly.

“Ah… ah…”



With a silent groan and foaming at the mouth, Tank completely lost consciousness.

“Mission Com—”

“Ninja—!!” “Brother Ninja—!!”

Two anguished cries came from not far away.

Ema and Chiyu, still being chased by the boys, had reached the back of the school building.

Right, even if Tank was dealt with, the chaos wouldn’t end without stopping this.

To end it… I had to do this.

“Ema, come here!”

I shouted loudly for Ema, and seeing it was me, she ran towards me with all her might.

Almost crashing into me, I caught her as she reached me.

“Haa… haa… haa… I, I, can’t, run anymore…”

“Exhausted… Brother Ninja, think of something…”

“I still can’t fall, not yet. I have things that need to be completed.

“Alright! Finally caught up! Now, Ema, please become my—”

The first boy who caught up immediately confessed his feelings to Ema.

If Ema accepted his confession, she would become his girlfriend.


“Otori Ema. I love you. So, please become my girlfriend.”


Under the gaze of many eyes, I stared intently at Ema and said this.

The only way to end this chaos was for Ema to accept someone’s confession.

But the one confessing couldn’t be just any other boy. They knew nothing about what was really going on.

Previously, it was Ema who made a fake confession to me, but this time it was my turn to make a fake confession to her.

How the tables have turned…

“Uh, that, I mean, Rin…”

“Ema, I’ll say it again. I love you. What about you?”

The tank was no longer operational. I also received a message from my mother that the assassins in the school had been taken care of by her.

There was no longer a need for this uprising. What remained was to end it in the most appropriate way.

“Uh, I am…”

Ema is an actress.

Blushing, nervous, she only seemed more genuinely emotional.

I had been worried that Ema’s acting would be seen through, but it seems my fears were unfounded.

“…I, I also li-like Rin…”


With that, all the turmoil at Chokujou High School came to an end.


While I was still fighting with the tank, my father single-handedly invaded Kounoike Security and captured Kounoike Oliver. My mother, posing as the assassin who attacked Nanashino Yuki, infiltrated and neutralized all twenty-five assassins lurking in Chokujou High School.

In the time it took me to deal with one enemy, my parents had taken care of far more. I couldn’t help but feel my own immaturity.

“My Ema!! Are you hurt anywhere!? You must have been so scared! I’m sorry! Sister is really sorry!”

“Nanashino Yuki sister… I’m fine… it’s, it’s all because Rin saved me…”

Upon reaching the back of the school building, Nanashino Yuki immediately rushed to Ema, embracing her and crying.

“Thank you! I’m grateful to you for saving Ema!”

“Don’t mention it. Without Ema, we would have lost. It’s thanks to her that the tank and Kounoike Oliver were captured.”

Kounoike Oliver and the magician had been stripped of all their powers by my father, and the tank and his accomplices remained at the school.

Although they were all tied up, the numbers were still significant.

So, we contacted the Kounoike Group, waiting for the transport truck.

“Rin, does your foot still hurt? I’m sorry, it’s all because I was caught…”

“It’s okay… it doesn’t… hurt anymore…”

I instinctively wanted to embrace Ema to comfort her, but seeing Nanashino Yuki’s bloodshot eyes glaring at me from behind her, I withdrew my hand.

After all, with such a serious injury, it was better to avoid making it worse.

“Mom, Rin, the Kounoike Group’s truck is here!”

“Then, I’ll deal with the group. Tomoyo, you go home first.”

“Eh~ I want to stay till the end…”

“No. You’re injured and need to be treated. Plus, dad is worried sick.”

“Ugh~! I keep saying dad worries too much! It’s just a small injury…”

“Be good, go home first.”

“Alright, alright. Then Rin, I’m going ahead! Ema, thanks!”

“Ah, yeah…”

After speaking, my mother left the back of the school building with Tomoyo.

It seemed this matter had finally come to a close… But I still had work to do.

“Then, that… Rin, aren’t you coming…”

“There’s someone I want you to meet.”

“Someone you want us to meet? What do you mean—”

“Ah, look at Rin, how did you get hurt~! Sister is so heartbroken~!”

With a frivolous remark, Fujioka An appeared behind the school building.

She looked down at my wound, her words tinged with happiness, slightly irritating me.

“Fujioka? Why is Fujioka here…”

“You guess why~ I came to confess my love to Rin…”

“…No! Rin is already hurt, and he just confessed to me—”

“Ahahaha! Just kidding! It’s really fun to tease Otori-san~!”


I didn’t understand the whole situation, but it seemed Ema was also a victim of Fujioka’s pranks.

I wanted to scold her for messing around at such a time, but I was the one who called her here.

Given the situation, it wasn’t my place to say anything.

“So, why is Fujioka here?”

Ema, her eyes filled with a hint of resentment, asked.

“My master insisted on coming here, and I couldn’t stop him. Also, I came to comfort my colleague.”

“Master? Colleague?”

Hearing Ema’s confusion, Fujioka smiled mischievously.

“Code name ‘Neighbor’. That’s another name for me.”

“…Eh! Does that mean Fujioka is…”

“Just what you’re thinking~”

Fujioka, whom I’ve known since the past, was an intelligence agent under the Kounoike Group, just like me, but with different tasks.

“My main job is close protection. And sometimes, punishing naughty kids~”

“Close protection…”

In public, I acted as bait, and Fujioka provided close protection from the shadows. This was the relationship between me and Fujioka that had continued since junior high.

As for who Fujioka was protecting…

“Rin, shouldn’t you make the atmosphere a bit more romantic when calling someone to the back of the school after class?”

A voice came from behind Ema.

With a triple braid and square glasses, dressed in last century’s fashion, she stood there, exuding elegance and an unapproachable aura, yet her delicate and dignified beauty couldn’t be hidden.

She was…


“Not only are there several onlookers, but even the man who called me here has a serious foot injury. It’s not romantic at all.”

Ignoring Ema, Kageyama gave me a cold look.

“Why did you call me to a place like this?”

“I have something very important to ask you, and I wanted to find a suitable place.”

“Hmph… Is what you’re asking for something good for me?”

“No, it’s extremely bad for you.”

“That’s terrible.”

She said it was terrible, but her tone seemed pleased.

I often upset her, but it seems today it didn’t matter.

After our brief conversation…

“Ema, I’m sorry to involve you in my family matters.”

She bowed deeply to Ema.

“…Eh! So, Rin is…”

“Yes, what you’re thinking.”

Faced with a confused Ema, she nodded in affirmation.

Yes, Kageyama’s real name is…

“Kounoike Rin. That’s my real name.”

She is the true illegitimate child of Kounoike Hirotaka.

The person who will inherit all the authority and legacy of the Kounoike Group.

I tried to avoid contact with her as much as possible to prevent others from noticing her true identity, but things often didn’t go as planned.

“Rin is the heir of the Kounoike Group…”

“Sorry for keeping it a secret from you all this time…”

“It’s okay! I’m fine! Given what happened today, it was probably better to keep it a secret…”

“Thank you. Ema, you really are kind. You can’t even be compared to someone from somewhere.”

I couldn’t tell if it was just my imagination, but it felt like her last words were a jab at me.

“So, why did you call me out here?”

One moment she was all smiles with Ema, but when she turned to me, her face was cold.

“To complete the task you’ve given, your assistance is indispensable.”

The person who has been assigning me various tasks up to now is Kageyama… no, Kounoike Rin.

And the task she assigned this time was “to bring Otori Ema into the Kounoike Group.”

This mission remains unfulfilled.

“What do you need me to do?”

“I need you to provide ten billion yen from your inherited fortune to support Ema.”


“What is the purpose of this money?”

“To save Ema’s sister… to save Otori Mirai.”

“If I provide this money, will the mission be completed?”

“I can’t guarantee that.”

“…This really is an extremely bad situation for me.”

My last resort was to negotiate directly with Kageyama.

However, I had no leverage to bargain with her.

She is my employer… or more precisely, the employer of the Kurumamichi family, whom I must obey.

“Please! I beg you! Save Mirai, please!”

“Please, have mercy and save Mirai…!”

Ema and Nanashino Yuki also pleaded with Kageyama, with Yuki even kneeling before her.

“If I refuse, I would be the bad guy, wouldn’t I?”

“You’re right.”

“Rin, are you enjoying this?”

“I’m not. I am prepared for the worst.”

Taking this action was already breaking the rules.

Not only did I expose the person I was supposed to protect to danger, but I also asked her to spend a large sum of money on something completely unrelated to her.

The best I could hope for was to be fired. At worst, I could lose my life.

“I’ve told you before, haven’t I? Money pays for results, not efforts…”

“This could be considered a necessary expense, couldn’t it?”

“There’s no need to continue funding. Because the real mission has already been accomplished.”

“What do you mean?”

“By having Rin and Ema become a couple, we managed to bait Kounoike Oliver.”

“…You mean you used Ema as bait from the beginning?”

“That’s right. If Ema was the bait, certain insurgents would inevitably act. That’s why I gave this mission. It also reduces the danger to Rin.”

“What are you thinking…!”

I felt a burning rage. Using Ema as bait to reduce danger to me?

Indeed, this mission took down the rebels in the Kounoike Group, but…

“Not all lives carry the same weight. Rin and Ema, in my eyes, Rin is the higher priority.”

“Isn’t there another way?”

“It’s precisely because you say this earnestly that you always irritate me. You really are terrible, Rin.”

“What did you say…?”

Why is she suddenly angry? I’m the one who should be upset.

To think she would push Ema into danger…

“Alright, alright! Miss Rin and Rin, both of you calm down. This isn’t a place for quarreling.”

Suddenly, Fujioka intervened between me and Kageyama.

“But this time, it’s Miss Rin’s fault for not being honest.”

Huh? What does she mean?

“Fujioka, don’t say unnecessary things—”

“No, it’s part of my job to discipline Miss Rin when she lies.”

“Rin, do you remember? On the Monday after you and Otori-san became a couple, I asked, ‘How did Angel confess to Rin?'”

And my answer was, “She likes that I look useless but always try my hardest with all my heart.”

“That sentence was the start of this mission. Miss Rin wanted to understand Otori-san’s true feelings.”

“I don’t understand.”

That confession was fake. Any reason for liking me would do.

“It got complicated after that. Since Miss Rin is shy, I had to personally investigate. But the outcome… Otori-san passed the test.”


Kageyama, usually calm and composed, now unusually blushed.

“After all, Miss Rin and Otori-san have the same reason for liking something.”

“…Eh! Are you saying Rin also…!”

“Yes. That’s why I wanted to get along with Ema…”

Ema and Kageyama have the same reason for liking something?

Could it be that Kageyama also likes playing chess but hasn’t said it?

If that’s the case, Ema could be a good opponent…

“The original ATM with a twisted personality and benefactor…”

For some reason, Yuki was glaring at me menacingly.

Wasn’t she just tearfully thanking me a moment ago?

“Fujioka, enough. If you keep talking…”

“If Miss Rin won’t honestly state the real purpose of this mission, it’s all in vain. You finally mustered the courage to befriend Otori-san, it would be a waste not to clarify things.”

“…I understand.”

After a prolonged silence, a seemingly smaller Kageyama replied.

“I must be upfront: even I cannot misuse the corporation’s funds for personal reasons. Not to mention, we’re talking about an enormous sum of ten billion.”

Is that so…? No, if I think about it, it indeed is the case.

The inheritance of authority and assets is scheduled after Kageyama’s high school graduation.

Until then, her abilities are also being tested…

“So, a feat worth ten billion yen is needed.”

“You mean to say it’s difficult?”

“It means your request must match your achievements. That’s why your application was rejected, wasn’t it? Whether it’s Rin or Miss Yuki.”


Yes… Kageyama couldn’t possibly be unaware of this.

Nanashino Yuki had once requested the corporation for surgical funds to save Otori Miku’s future.

“The Kurumamichi family’s excellence sometimes brings me trouble. If Rin learns about Arisa’s goal, she would definitely do something unnecessary, which is why I thought to keep it secret. But to think the Kurumamichi family would uncover everything so clearly…”

Could the real purpose of this mission be…

“Miss Arisa Otori.”

“Yes, I’m here!”

“I sincerely apologize for putting you in danger during this mission… but there was no other way than to have you complete it… If it were just resolved by the Kurumamichi family, this achievement wouldn’t have anything to do with you…”

“My, achievement…”

“Yes. Thanks to you willingly becoming bait, I was able to successfully crush the rebellious elements opposing the Hikari Township Corporation. This is a brilliant achievement worth ten billion yen.”

“…! So, this means…”

Everything from the start was planned by Kageyama…

If Arisa and I became lovers, the rebels would make their move.

Then, by crushing these rebels, it would count as Arisa’s achievement…

“The Hikari Township Corporation is more than happy to provide the surgical funds for Miku Otori.”

“Ah! Ahhhhhhh!”

Arisa burst into tears of joy on the spot. Tears also streamed down Yuki’s face.

“Thank you, thank you, Rin! I’m really, really grateful to you!”

Arisa excitedly hugged Kageyama, who gently returned the embrace.

“So, we’re really friends now, right?”

“Yes! Rin, you’re my favorite friend!”

But I still had one question. Why did Kageyama think of helping Arisa?

To her, Arisa shouldn’t be someone to spark her interest…

“Please take care of me from now on, Arisa.”

“Yes!… Yes!”

Right! I remembered, there was this thing.

Kageyama and Arisa, both experts in love techniques.

And, both possessing extraordinary beauty. That means…

“So, these two wanted to compete on the same stage, seeing who could better captivate a man.”

“Although the fundamental starting point is wrong, the result is quite close, Rin.”

For some reason, Fujioka looked at me with disdain.

“Then, about Rin’s punishment…”

Still embracing Arisa, Kageyama’s gaze turned coldly towards me.

“Rin has made too many mistakes this time. Not only falling into the rebels’ trap, causing Arisa to become a hostage, but also causing such a commotion in Chokushi High School… It was almost a total loss.”

“You’re right, I have no words.”

I probably can’t stay at Chokushi High School anymore.

If possible, I’d still like to go for ramen with Hiro…

“In that case, you should also hear my request.”

“Hmm? This… as a punishment, I think it’s not enough…”

“Everyone has different standards for judging things. For me, my request is worth far more than ten billion.”

Whether Kageyama is clever or foolish, as always, I couldn’t judge.

But since she said this is the punishment, then…

“I’m very sorry for all the mistakes I’ve made… Rin.”

“Alright, I’ll make an exception and forgive you this time… Rin.”

Saying so, Rin revealed a beautiful smile.

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
The Assassin Who Reaches to a Romcom

The Assassin Who Reaches to a Romcom

Yagate Love Comedy ni Itaru Ansatsusha, やがてラブコメに至る暗殺者
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese
“I love you, Shino! From now on, I want to be by your side as your lover!” Thus, I, a very ordinary high school boy named Kurumichi Shino, and the school’s famously beautiful girl, Emma Ootori, became lovers. Can you believe it? That Emma Ootori? The perfect beauty brimming with humor and charm, who came from England. Truly a flower on a high peak. If I were really just an ordinary person… “I’ll turn Shino into a puppet and take everything from him!” I am set to inherit a vast fortune from the world-renowned Kogou Group. She must have approached me with her eyes on that inheritance. Anyone who opposes the group will be eliminated. Emma, it’s me who will use you. I’ll turn you into a puppet and thoroughly use you. Hehehe…”


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