📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

The Assassin Who Reaches to a Romcom Chapter 5.1

Kurumamichi Shino


Volume 1, Chapter 5: Kurumamichi Shino / Part 1

“Good morning, Shino! Are you enjoying your youth today as well?”

As soon as I took my seat, Kou, who had just finished his morning practice, came up to me, full of enthusiasm.

“Just like usual.”

“Just like usual, huh! That’s good!”

After hearing my response, Kou turned the chair in front of him around and sat facing me.

Then, after glancing around, he leaned in closer…

“Hey… are you really okay?”

He asked in a low voice.

“I’m fine.”

A week had passed since then…

The day after my relationship with Ema ended, this news (spread by my own hands) circulated around Jikuzou High School, creating a huge topic of discussion.

At first, many students doubted the authenticity of this news, but after witnessing the lack of communication between Ema and me, they became convinced, and many boys went to confess to Ema.

My high school life hadn’t changed at all. However, my original life had undergone a huge change.

Assassins were targeting my life again. There had already been two attacks this week.

“Is, is that so… As long as you’re okay. Oh… Right! Shino, are you free tomorrow?”

“It’s hard to say…”

We still hadn’t identified the assassin lurking in Jikuzou High School.

Therefore, even after ending the relationship with Ema, the Kurumamichi family continued to guard her.

“Hmm… My club has a day off tomorrow.”

Kou muttered quietly. Then, with a bright face, he turned to me…

“How about today, then?”

“I have plans that I absolutely cannot cancel.”


Sorry, Kou. But today is just not possible.

“Brother Shino, you don’t need to be so tense. I’ll keep an eye on the school, and mom and dad said they’ll come over as soon as they’re done,” Tomoyo’s voice came through the wireless earpiece.

We had discovered the base of the new assassins, but it seemed they belonged to different organizations, so we had to split up to take them down.

Therefore, today, only Kurumamichi Dan and Kurumamichi Izuna were not at Jikuzou High School.

Only Tomoyo and I were in charge of guarding Ema.

“Then it’s decided, we’ll go for ramen tomorrow! I’ve heard about a new place I want to try. Please come with me!”

“I’m interested, but it’s a bit difficult at the moment…”

The assassin lurking in Jikuzou High School could target Ema at any time. Therefore, we couldn’t let our guard down. We would stop only after finding the assassin or after Ema left Jikuzou High School.

Or… until I receive orders from the Kouzaka Group to leave Jikuzou High School.

That would be when I fail, unable to complete the mission given by the Kouzaka Group.

I would surely be punished then.

“Hmm~~! Then let’s go eat ramen once you’re less busy! Promise, okay?”

“I’ll try.”

“Ah~! What’s with this non-committal response? That’s so unemotional!”


Because from tomorrow, I might not be at Jikuzou High School anymore.

Actually, I really…

“Good morning, Ema.”

“…Ah. Good morning, Rin.”

This morning, as I stepped into Jikuzou High School, I saw Rin waiting for me at the school entrance.

Ever since the day after I broke up with Shino, Rin had been coming to see me.

Even though we weren’t in the same class, she waited for me at the school entrance every day, which made me happy.

“Your complexion looks bad today too.”

“Ahaha… No, it doesn’t.”

Despite the spring atmosphere, the lack of warmth from my left hand felt as cold as winter.

This must be my punishment. A punishment for intending to lie and cheat for money.

I really shouldn’t have done something bad…

“It does. I’ve been through something similar before.”


“What happened to Rin in the past?”

Although I was curious, I didn’t ask. Because soon, I would be leaving this place.

I knew I couldn’t get the money anymore. At least I wanted to stay by her side in my last moments.

So, I would be leaving Japan next week…

“I’m sorry, Rin.”

“I don’t understand why you’re apologizing, but I can’t be angry or forgive you.”

“Ahaha… You’re right…”

The friend I had made so quickly was now about to be left behind.

I would never see Rin again…


I tightly held the pendant in front of my chest.

It was the only gift left to me after losing everything.

I knew there was no point in wearing the pendant anymore.

But I really didn’t want to take it off and still wore it.

“Ah~… Actually…”

Rin looked at me, hesitating to speak.

“Even if things don’t go well, the key is to struggle until the last moment.”


“As long as the end is good, everything is good. The worst memories can be overshadowed by the best outcomes.”

“Thank you…”

Rin is really kind.

“Let’s go. I’ll help you fend off the bad bugs.”


Then, Rin and I went to the classroom together.

“…There’s no need to come here anymore.”

During lunch break, standing in front of the stairs leading to the rooftop, I came back to my senses.

What am I doing? Going to the rooftop now, Ema has already…


That was… a familiar voice.


Why was Ema here?… No, it was just a coincidence.

I waved away the naive thoughts in my mind and stepped aside.

“That, that, Shino!”

Ema’s voice made me stop.

“That… I’m going back to England soon. I… I’ve caused you trouble these past few days, I’m really sorry…”

“Likewise. You don’t need to worry about it.”

I started walking again.

So, Ema was going back to England. At least her safety was assured.

What I had done was not in vain.

So this was good. Yes, this was fine…


“Just like that, I safely found the student who got lost on the Great Wall! Ah, my heart, which was hanging so high, finally settled down at that time. A student going missing during a school trip is no laughing matter!”

The fifth period is World History. There are six minutes left until the end of the class.

Casual chatting during class might seem like the teacher is getting priorities mixed up, but the reason the teacher tells these personal stories is that today’s lesson has already ended. The stories are just to pass the remaining time. That seems more appropriate.

“…Ugh, why is there still so much time left?”

Five minutes to the end of the class. The teacher glanced at the clock, while the students gave him a look that said, ‘It wouldn’t hurt to end the class early.’ But the teacher, standing by his position as an educator, ignored those looks and continued with his story.

“Then, the first thing the lost student said to me when he saw me was…”

Getting lost, huh? That’s somewhat similar to my current situation.

Unsure of what’s right, I chose what suddenly came to my mind.

Is my choice really correct? I might have made a wrong judgment…

“‘Teacher, where did you go? I’ve been frantically searching for you!’ Can you believe he said that to me? It’s the other way around, how could he think otherwise!”

Right… I’ve already made my choice. So all that’s left is to do it without holding back.

“I say… Kurumamichi, are you listening?”

“I am. The story you told was full of courage and has helped me make a new decision.”

“All I talked about was a student getting lost!? Well, as long as you were listening.”

Despite saying that, the World History teacher’s face showed a hint of melancholy.

I’ve been paying attention in class, being a student is really hard.

“Isn’t it about time…?”

One minute left until the end of the class. Usually, around this time, Chiyu, who’s always monitoring the situation inside the school, would contact me regularly, but there’s been no word from her since a while ago.

“Oh. Time’s up, so that’s it for today’s class!”

Class dismissed. The 2:20 PM bell rang on time, and the World History teacher left the classroom.

Then, while I was preparing for the sixth period.

The homeroom teacher… Kanami-sensei approached me.

The sixth period isn’t Kanami-sensei’s class. Yet, he came to find me, which means…

“Can you help me prepare for the next class? I have too many materials to carry.”


“Yes, you.”

A concise response.

“Why me?”

“Do I need a reason? Wasting time on this conversation is too bothersome. Just follow me.”


Kanami-sensei scratched his head, a troubled expression on his face.

“When you’re troubled, moving your body a bit can make you feel better, that’s what I think…”

Then he said somewhat shyly.

Really… At a time like this, he says something that befits a teacher, what should I do?

“I understand. Since it’s like that… Thank you, teacher.”

“It should be me thanking you. Let’s go, then.”


With that, I followed Kanami-sensei out of the classroom.

We went from the third floor to the fifth floor. This floor has the teachers’ office, the principal’s office, and the student guidance room.

I thought we were going to the teachers’ office to carry materials, but Kanami-sensei walked straight past it.

“Aren’t we going to the office?”

“No. Calling you out for carrying materials was just an excuse.”

“Then, shall we get to the main topic?”

“Ah~… How should I put it… It feels like dealing with aftermath.”


“It’s about that, you and Otori-san broke up, right? I was wondering if it was something I said that day that caused your breakup…”

“Indeed, I took your advice.”

“Whoa! That was blunt.”

What Kanami-sensei said to me that day— to speak my true feelings openly.

That pushed me to the decision to break up with Ema.

But I had that thought even before that. It started from the day Ema was attacked…

“I don’t resent Kanami-sensei.”

“You don’t…? Well, if you don’t, that’s good… Let’s go inside, then.”

While talking, we headed towards the student guidance room. Kanami-sensei stopped in front of the door.

Following his instruction, I opened the door first and went in, then…

“But I do resent you… Kounoike Shino-kun.”

A cold voice came from behind.

I immediately thought to turn around and look. But the scene before me stopped me.


There were three people in the student guidance room.

One was Ema, who was pushed into a chair.

A gun was held to her head, and she was looking at me with tears streaming down her face.

“You finally came, Kounoike Shino.”

Another was a man pointing a gun at Ema.

It’s my first time seeing him, but I know who he is. He’s an intelligence agent known as the Magician.

And the last one…

“Shino, Shino-brother, I’m sorry…”

It was Chiyu. She was all beaten up and tied up with ropes, lying powerless on the floor.

“I heard this little girl was the daughter of Shield and Palette, so I was on guard, but she turned out to be so weak. Don’t you think so, Tank?”


The Magician mocked Chiyu… It’s natural for her to be weak.

Chiyu only received minimal combat training, as she specializes in rear support as an intelligence agent.

“It’s been the first time since that day after school that I’m talking to you as an intelligence agent… Kounoike Shino-kun.”

The cold sound of the door locking came from behind.

The scene before me and the voice coming from behind revealed all the answers to me.

This man, it turned out to be this man…

Kanami-sensei… No, Kanami was an intelligence agent who had been lurking in Jikken High School—Tank.

“Your way of speaking is completely different from last time.”

“If I spoke like this, I would have been exposed immediately. Who would do such a stupid thing?”

Contrary to his usual languid expression, a lively and twisted smile now played across his face.

This smile was eerily similar to the one he had when he attacked Ema.

“Raise your hands. I’m going to confiscate your weapons and communicator.”


Suppressing my immediate urge to knock this man down, I complied with his command.

Following that, Tank carefully searched my pockets.

“Hm? Just a stick? No, it might be a trick.”

He took away the police baton I had hidden inside my school uniform.

Although he seemed to suspect I was carrying other weapons, the baton was indeed my only weapon.

“Just in case, I should also check inside your shirt… Huh? A rope? Is it for escaping in an emergency? How troublesome.”

While grumbling about the hassle, Tank took away my baton, cell phone, and the rope wrapped around my waist. There were a few more weapons in my backpack left in the classroom, but now…

“This bracelet is quite stylish. It’s not against the school rules, so I won’t confiscate it.”

Tank placed the baton, cell phone, and rope on a desk a little distance away from me.

Ema’s small handgun also lay there.


“I didn’t expect that you’d only have a stick on you. Are the other weapons in your backpack? You know, that’s against school rules.”

In the current situation, there was no point in maintaining a teacher’s demeanor.

“Alright, everyone’s seated now? Let me start your special guidance.”

Following his command, I was forced to sit next to Ema. He sat directly opposite me.

“It’s a rare opportunity, so let me give you a bit of insight. Back then, my objective was to investigate whether Ema Otori was really an intelligence agent of the Kounoike Group or your true girlfriend. If it was the latter, I had another strategy in mind… which was to stir up your sense of crisis.”


“You were terribly worried about her, weren’t you? Precisely because Ema Otori is your girlfriend, she could be attacked again. That’s why you broke off your relationship with her… But that was your big mistake. How can you protect your girlfriend properly if you don’t keep her by your side? Thanks to the troublesome you not being around, it was easy for me to catch Ema Otori.”

Was this his plan from the beginning?

To think he even considered making me break up with Ema…

“My advice was pretty good, wasn’t it?”

I’m at a loss for words for my own shallowness. On this day, I should have been by Ema’s side every moment.

On this day when Kurumamichi Dan and Kurumamichi Izuna were not at Jikken High School…

“Shino, I’m sorry… I’ve caused you trouble again, I’m sorry…”

“I’m the one who should apologize. I’ve dragged you into this again, sorry…”

“How touching! A man and woman meeting amidst a crisis, what drama! The taste of a big turnaround is getting stronger, don’t you think so, Tank?”

“Although it’s clear we have already won,”

The Magician responded with a bitter smile.

“Right now, there are over twenty intelligence agents we’ve hired inside Jikken High School. You understand what this means, right?”

Not just Ema and Chiyu, but all the teachers and students in the school are hostages…

“Have you forgotten the rules of our world?”

Intelligence agents are shadows; their true value lies in remaining unknown.

Imagine being discovered killing ordinary people in a school.

Tank would surely lose trust in the underworld, and those who hired him would never be acknowledged to inherit the Kounoike Group.

“As long as the murders go unnoticed, it’s fine. Each of my men is not to be underestimated.”


His words probably weren’t a bluff. Tank’s brimming confidence made me believe he could do it.

“Of course, I’m not fond of killing. As long as you obey me, I won’t make a move. And there are more hostages than just those in Jikken High School.”

“…What did you say?”

“The life of Nanashino Yuki is now in my hands.”


To me, Nanashino Yuki is almost a stranger. But for Ema…

“Stop. Please don’t harm Yuki… You can do whatever you want with me…”

“Commendable spirit! I really like this girl! Say, Tank, can you give me this girl after we’re done here? I want to make some extra money.”

“As you wish.”

I unconsciously clenched my fist.

“Now, let’s get to the point. Our demand is—”

“To make me give up the actual control and inheritance of the Kounoike Group… No, to transfer it to you, right?”

“You’re a smart student, I’m really pleased.”

If they killed me, the Kounoike Group would just lose its heir apparent, and it wouldn’t be certain who would inherit the actual control and assets. But if I voluntarily transfer it, that person will definitely gain control and inheritance of the Kounoike Group. That must be their thinking.

“So, you can sign this paper, right?”

With that, Tank handed me a piece of paper.

“‘Kounoike Shino, all rights and inheritance of the Kounoike Group, which I inherited from Kounoike Hirotaka, are hereby transferred to Kounoike Oliver. The above contract will not be revoked thereafter’…”

Kounoike Oliver. The third adopted son, who serves as the president of Kounoike Security.

So the man behind all this was him…

“No need to say it out loud, can you just sign it already?”


What should I do? If I sign this contract…

“Do you think you can buy time waiting for a rescue? You’re wasting your efforts. Your reliable parents are currently caught up in a chase game and can’t get away.”

“Everything is under your control, isn’t it…”

“Very smart.”

The sudden assassins this week.

They were all Tank’s diversions to make us mistakenly believe they were traps set by other organizations.

He deliberately let us find their base to disperse our manpower.

“Without the reliable Shield and Palette by your side, Kurumamichi’s daughter is beaten to a pulp. Your beloved sister Ema is sitting next to you but is also a hostage. Now, whether you sign or not, you have to sign, right?”

“Shino-brother, you can’t sign… If you do…”

Chiyu whispered to me, her voice as faint as a mosquito.

Even now, I could escape from Tank and the Magician by myself.

In doing so, they and their backer, Kounoike Oliver, would be doomed. Biting back at the heir of the Kounoike Group and even kidnapping and binding, such betrayal would undoubtedly disqualify him from the inheritance.

But the price would be the lives of Ema, Chiyu… and Nanashino Yuki.

“Shino, you can’t sign! Don’t worry about me! So—”

“Shut up.”

“…Ah! Ouch…”

The Magician hit Ema’s head with the butt of his gun… Stay calm, I need to stay calm.

“Touch Ema again, and I’ll tear you apart with my bare hands.”

I restrained the boiling rage in my chest, speaking word by word.

“What can you possibly do to me in your current state?”

“Guess. Don’t forget, you two incompetents were once tricked by me, losing your important subordinates. Rushing to persuade me to give up now, don’t you think it’s too early?”


Both the Magician and Tank’s temples bulged with veins.

“I say, Tank.”

“I know what you’re going to say.”

Tank slowly moved the table aside, then lifted his foot and kicked me in the abdomen.


“This is payback for what happened after school.”

“Stop! Don’t hurt Shino!”

“You talk too much, so a little punishment is in order.”


After speaking, Tank pulled out a communicator.

“Do it.”

“…Wait! What are you talking… Stop! This has nothing to do with Yuki—”

A gunshot rang out from the communicator the next second. Tank deliberately turned on the speaker so that Ema and I could hear it.



A cold voice came through the communicator.

“Ahh… Ahhhhhh—!!”

Ema cried inconsolably. Without even a chance for a final goodbye, the end came abruptly.

After a while, she became expressionless, like a cold doll, and stopped speaking.

“So, what do you say? If you don’t sign now, the next one will be your Otori-sensei, won’t it?”

I will never forgive them. Not only did they take away the person Ema loved, but they also sought to seize everything from the Kounoike Group.

I can never forgive such acts. But…

“Choose. Your dear sister Ema or the Kounoike Group.”

All my life, I’ve been raised to protect the Kounoike Group, to be trained for the Kounoike Group.

So my choice now should be the Kounoike Group. But…

“I understand…”

Right now, any resistance is futile.

Ema’s safety is in their hands. Almost all weapons and communicators have been taken, and Chiyu is immobile.

Kurumamichi Dan is chasing the bait troops prepared by Tank.

Moreover, there are still over twenty agents in Jikken High School at this moment. A number I cannot handle alone.


I took the contract and signed my name.

“Sign here, right?”

“You didn’t pull any tricks, did you?”

After Tank checked the contract, he smirked.

“Magician, it’s up to you now.”

Tank, holding a silencer-equipped pistol, aimed it at Ema while handing the contract to the Magician.

“Well, until the contract is processed, just sit tight here. Bye~”

“I didn’t tear you apart, so count yourself lucky.”

“Yeah, yeah, your mouth is tougher than a pancake.”

With that, the Magician left the student guidance room, looking pleased.

It’s 3:15 PM. The location hasn’t changed; it’s still the student guidance room on the fifth floor.

Thirty minutes have passed since the Magician left. It’s almost time for school to let out.

“Haah… why is it so slow…”

Tank checked the time and couldn’t hide his impatience.

But after a few minutes, it seemed he received a call…

“Mm… Mm, okay, good job.”

The call was probably from the Magician. Tank nodded continuously, a rare sight.

After hanging up…

“It’s been processed.”

“So, what now? Wait to be killed?”

“They won’t kill us. Now that the control of the Kounoike Group has been transferred to Lord Oliver, killing you serves no purpose. Speaking of which, it’s a fateful encounter, why don’t I employ you as my subordinate? You’re quite skilled as an intelligence agent.”

“Do you think I’d listen to you?”

“Wouldn’t it benefit you to accept? You’re no longer the heir. And without the Kurumamichi family as your backing, right?”

The Kurumamichi family serves the Kounoike family head as intelligence agents.

In other words, if Kounoike Oliver becomes the official heir, the Kurumamichi family would be obligated to serve him.

“Fine, call me if you change your mind. Here’s my contact.”

After saying this, Tank tore off a piece of paper and wrote down a phone number.

“This long mission is finally over. Being a teacher is tiring. Having to deal with those smug brats every day—”

“Yeah. It’s finally over.”


Hearing my sudden comment, Tank looked surprised.

It’s been thirty minutes since the Magician left. Enough time for things to conclude.

“Tank, your plot was indeed brilliant. Hiring several intelligence agents to distract Kurumamichi Dan and Kurumamichi Izuna, and controlling Chiyu and Ema. I should have completely fallen for your scheme… if I didn’t know anything.”

“What are you blabbering about?”

Tank scoffed, but I ignored him and turned to Ema.

“Thank you, Ema. It’s thanks to you. With you, we had a chance to win.”


With unfocused eyes and a faint voice, Ema Otori is just an ordinary person with no special skills. The only weapon she has is a small handgun hidden in her chest.

—That’s what Tank must have thought. But he made a big mistake.

Another super weapon was hidden in Ema’s chest. It was the key to leading us to victory.

“What are you trying to say? I hate wasting time. So—”

“Didn’t I just tell you?”

“Your entire scheme has failed.”

—Let’s backtrack a bit…

Lunch break was almost over. While preparing for the fifth period of World History, I pondered.

Why did Ema still maintain that behavior?

When we broke up at Fong Temple, I explicitly told her that there was a listening device in the pendant.

But why did she keep wearing it without any concern…

“Hey, I’m the same…”

But I wasn’t mocking her. Since that day, I’ve also been wearing the bracelet she gave me.

“Oh, finally found you, Otori-sensei. Can I borrow a bit of your time?”

“Kanami-sensei… But class is about to start…”

Suddenly, I heard Ema and Kanami-sensei’s voices through the wireless earpiece in my ear.

“If something happens to Nanashino Yuki, you wouldn’t mind, would you?”


I stood up from my seat, ready to rush out of the classroom, but…

“Hey, Kurumamichi. Class is about to start. Where are you going?”

The World History teacher’s shout brought me back to reality.

“Sorry… I’m returning to my seat.”

I pretended to be flustered to cover up my actions and returned to my seat.

What’s happening? Why did Kanami-sensei approach Ema…

“Kanami-sensei, what do you mean by that? Why do you know about Yuki…”

“There are some scary uncles in the apartment you’re staying in now. You understand what I mean, right? You’ll come with me, won’t you?”


Kanami… So it’s you… You’re the intelligence agent lurking in Jikken High School.

But how did he manage to control Ema without us noticing?

Several surveillance cameras are set up in Jikken High School. Chiyu couldn’t have… I heard a door opening through the earpiece.

Kanami must have taken Ema to some classroom.

“Thanks for the hard work, Tank. Thanks for catching the brat and Ema Otori.”

“If I hadn’t stepped in, you couldn’t have even entered Jikken High School’s gate, Magician.”

“Mm… Mm…”

“Eh? You are…”

“Ahaha… Nice to meet you, Ema-sister… I’m Kurumamichi Chiyu…”

“Kurumamichi, Chiyu? Are you…”

“Yes, I’m Shino’s sister. Sorry for being so clumsy…”

“Brat, you talk too much.”


“Stop! Chiyu will be killed if you go on like this! Why are you doing such terrible things…”

Good job, Chiyu. Hang in there a little longer…

I’ll make them pay for everything you’ve endured.

“Thanks to this brat, we’ve lost several brothers. Getting kicked a few times is getting off easy for her, she should be thanking us.”

Now, Tank and his accomplice, the Magician, are in the student guidance room with Ema and Chiyu held captive there.

Their goal is to get me to sign a contract.

The content of the contract is probably to give up the control of the Kounoike Group or to transfer it to them.

Also, the group that distracted Kurumamichi Dan and Kurumamichi Izuna is about to come to Jikken High School. In other words, the entire school’s teachers and students have become their hostages.

It means I have to protect not only Ema and Nanashino Yuki.

I also have to protect everyone in Jikken High School.

What should I do to ensure their safety? This isn’t a number I can handle alone.

What can I do…

“Mother, please tell me the situation on your side.”

“There’s resistance, but their numbers are decreasing. I’m afraid…”

“Please go save Nanashino Yuki immediately.”

I whispered to the bracelet.

“Leave it to Mom.”

Ensuring Nanashino Yuki’s safety is crucial. She was used as a hostage only to control Ema.

Now that Ema is in their hands, Nanashino Yuki might be discarded.

“Shino, what should I do?”

Codename “Shield.” If he could return to Jikken High School, he would easily capture Tank and his gang.

But just capturing them isn’t enough. The most critical thing now is…

“Father, please continue to act as if you’ve been lured by the bait. However, once you identify who’s behind all this, please take him down. I will definitely expose that person.”

“Are you sure you’re okay? Otherwise, I’ll return to Jikken High School…”

“No problem.”

“Alright… I trust you.”

The world of intelligence agents is full of deceit. Living in this world, I know the weight of the words “I trust you.”

“Tank, there’s no way anyone will come here, right?”

“Of course not. This room has been reserved in advance, no one will come.”

“OK. It will take about forty minutes for the bait troops to return… Once they come back, plant them in Jikken High School. After the fifth period, Tank, go get Kounoike Shino.”

“Then make Kounoike Shino sign this contract, Magician, you take the contract to the Kounoike Group’s head office and find a commissioned lawyer to process it, and that’s our victory.”

“That’s right.”

Where are they? Where have they imprisoned Ema?

“In the student guidance room, abusing students, you two are just trash…”

“Brat, you talk too much. Shut up.”


“Stop! You’ll kill Chiyu if you keep going! Why are you doing such awful things…”

Good job, Chiyu. Hang in there a little longer…

I’ll make them pay for everything you’ve suffered.

“Thanks to this brat, we’ve lost several brothers. Getting kicked a few times is letting her off easy, she should be thanking us.”

Now, Tank and his accomplice, the Magician, are in the student guidance room. Ema and Chiyu are also held captive there.

Their goal is to have me sign a contract.

Probably, the contract’s content is for me to give up control of the Kounoike Group or to transfer it to them.

Additionally, the group that distracted Kurumamichi Dan and Kurumamichi Izuna will soon arrive at Jikken High School. In other words, all the teachers and students at the school have become their hostages.

This means I need to protect not just Ema and Nanashino Yuki.

I must also safeguard everyone in Jikken High School.

How can I ensure their safety? This is not a number I can deal with alone.

What can I do…



“Speaking of which, when I led the school trip to China, a student got lost on the Great Wall. I was really panicked then. A student getting lost is no joke, especially in a crowded tourist spot. Imagine how the teacher felt trying to find a lost student.”

There were ten minutes left until class ended. The final deadline was inching closer.

But I couldn’t think of any strategy. There should be a way.

As intelligence agents, they must also adhere to the rules of the underworld.

Breaking these rules would lead to losing credibility, and their employer would fundamentally lose their right to inheritance.

That means, if they were to kill, it would have to be done without anyone noticing.

So, if I could create an environment where intelligence agents would stand out and couldn’t act…

“But I didn’t expect to find the student so quickly. That lost student was also panicking, zigzagging through the crowd and hopping around!”

Hmm? Zigzagging through the crowd? Hopping around?

“Because there were so many people, anyone acting strangely stood out.”

The World History teacher chuckled lightly.

I’ve got it… That’s it!

“Kou, can you do me a favor?”

I whispered to Uekou, who was sitting in front of me.

“What’s up, Shino?”

“I have a request.”

“Huh? If you’re thinking of getting Ema-chan back—”

“No, it’s the opposite, in a way. I’ll give you some very valuable information.”

“I don’t get what you’re saying. But it sounds fun, tell me!”

“As soon as class ends, go to the broadcast room and announce to the whole school that Ema Otori—”

“Whaaat! Really!?”

Uekou, shocked by what I said, blurted out, disrupting the class.

Then all eyes in the class turned to Uekou.

“Uekou, Kurumamichi, what are you two doing?”

“Nothing. Uekou-kun just suddenly turned around and spoke to me.”

“Hey! You’re blatantly lying—”

“Uekou, we’re still in class.”

“Uh! Sorry…”

After being warned by the teacher, Uekou replied weakly. Then the teacher continued the lesson…

“It’s tough… You sometimes say things that make no sense.”

Uekou shot me a disgruntled look.


“Never mind, I’m not holding it against you. After all, that’s just you being Shino.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that we are friends.”

I really made a good friend…

“Leave it to me. I’ll make a big splash.”

“Next time, I’ll treat you to ramen.”

“Whoa, deal!”


“Our entire scheme has failed? Are you out of your mind?”

Such a bore. Even asking is a waste of time. Tank mocked with such an attitude.

Just then, the light on Tank’s communicator started flashing.

“Why don’t you take that call?”


Though skeptical, Tank probably considered it might be an important contact.

He reached for the communicator, and then…

“My dear Ema—!!”


A woman’s shrill cry came from the communicator.

“Yuki!? Why? But just now, wasn’t Yuki…”

“Ema, thank goodness! You’re alright, right? I’m coming to rescue you right now! I’m fine! Some lady I don’t know saved me! So don’t worry about me! Just think about yourself—”

Nanashino Yuki’s words were cut off as Tank abruptly turned off the communicator.

He lost his earlier composure, looking agitated. He turned to me with a frantic expression.

“I wanted to see this look on your face.”

“Why is Nanashino Yuki still…? The ‘mission completed’ contact just now… could it be…”

“Wouldn’t it have given us away if we spoke like that? Who would do something so stupid?”

“Damn it, you…!”

It was Kurumamichi Izuna who reported to Tank at that time.

And what was ‘completed’ was the capture of Nanashino Yuki’s assailants.

“Thank goodness… Yuki is alright… Yuki is still alive… Sob!”

“I’m sorry, Ema. I should have told you earlier, but…”

“No, it’s alright. Thank you, Shino! You saved Yuki, I’m so grateful!”

Thirty minutes have passed since that communication, which means…

“So Jikken High School is already…”

The communicator’s light flickered again. Tank, trembling, turned it on…

“As an intelligence agent speaking to you for the first time since stealing secrets from the Kounoike Group… Tank.”


“What I said to you back then, let me repeat it… I’ve adjusted the frequency for you, your communicator is useless now.”

“Hey, do you realize what you’re doing!? You still don’t know the contract has been…”

“Only eight left. Don’t worry. I won’t break their arms. Just dislocating them one by one.”

With that, the communication was cut off from the other end.

“Why! I don’t care if Nanashino Yuki is dead or not! The problem is Palette! Why would that woman attack my men!?”

Tank roared, his fury boiling over as he interrogated me.

“The contract has been processed. The heir of the Kounoike Group is now Lord Oliver! So Palette should be on our side now! The Kurumamichi family serves the heir. So—”

“This is the answer you wanted.”

I interrupted Tank, speaking slowly.

“Indeed, the contract has been processed. ‘Kounoike Shino, all rights and inheritance of the Kounoike Group, which I inherited from Kounoike Hirotaka, are hereby transferred to Kounoike Oliver. The contents of the above contract will not be revoked.’ No one would ever break such a contract, because…”

“There’s no man named Kounoike Shino in the Kounoike Group.”

“What?” “Eh?”

Tank and Ema were both stunned by my statement.

The only one who understood the implication was Chiyu.

Only Chiyu, lying on the floor of the student guidance room, showed a grin of triumph.

“You signed a contract with a non-existent man, so the inheritance rights of the Kounoike Group naturally remain unchanged.”

“You, what the heck are you saying…”

“Tank, don’t you find it strange?”

“Strange? What’s strange?”

“I alone could handle the intelligence agents you hired. I also had the power to protect Ema when she was attacked… But do you think the heir to the group really needs such martial prowess?”

The next second, Tank’s face turned pale.

“Could it be… you are actually…”

“Codename ‘Shadow.’ Bathed in new light, living as a shadow…”

“My name is Kurumamichi Shino. The protector of the Kounoike Group’s heir… a shadow warrior.”

“Lord Oliver, the contract has been processed. The Kounoike Group is now yours.”

“Is that so! You did well!”

Hearing the Magician’s voice on the phone, I clenched my fists tightly.

Finally, the Kounoike Group’s power is within my grasp… in my hands, Kounoike Oliver!

“Hahaha… Hahahaha!”

In the privacy of my office, I couldn’t help but burst into excited laughter.

I need to compose myself… I can’t let my subordinates see me like this.

“But, I can’t be complacent yet.”

Even though I’ve gained control of the Kounoike Group, it doesn’t mean everything is over.

Once my brothers find out I have control of the Kounoike Group, they surely won’t remain silent.

Which means, the next target won’t be Kounoike Shino, but me.

Am I afraid of such trivial matters? After all, I have the Kurumamichi family behind me!

The Kurumamichi family serves the head of the Kounoike family.

Now that I’ve become the heir through legal procedures, they no longer serve Kounoike Shino, but me, Kounoike Oliver.

When they are enemies, they are terrifying. Conversely, there’s no one more reliable than them as allies.

Tank and the Magician… plus Shield and Palette, my safety is assured.


I picked up the phone in my office.

The electronic tones that came through the receiver sounded like trumpets celebrating victory.

I wanted the other end to pick up quickly, but also wanted to savor the sound a bit longer.

“Hello, this is Jingujiteru.”

“It’s me, Oliver.”

“The man on the other end is Kounoike Group’s exclusive lawyer, Jingujiteru Hayato.

Since my father’s death, he’s been temporarily managing the inheritance and rights of the Kounoike Group. Anyway, this man is ultimately neutral.

“Do you know about the contract?”

“Yes, I personally handled it.”

“It was you.”

The Magician is really efficient. He saved me a lot of trouble.

“Then I’ll get straight to the point. I want to transfer the management rights of the Kounoike Group to Kounoike Security. All future asset and power management will also be done here.”

“I’m afraid I cannot comply.”


The cold voice from the other end of the phone caught me off guard.

“Why? Father is dead. Then the inheritance…”

“Indeed, your father has passed… but according to Hirotaka-san’s will, until the heir graduates high school, the estate and rights are temporarily managed by me.”

“Don’t give me that! You’ve already processed the contract!”

“There is no man named Kounoike Shino in the Kounoike Group.”

“What did you say?”

The one-sided statement made the receiver slip from my hand.

Kounoike Shino doesn’t exist? But father said…

“As a result, Oliver-san, you do not have the right to freely use the Kounoike Group’s assets.”

“What’s going on!? Father said… the power of the Kounoike Group is…”

“I cannot answer any further questions for you.”

With that, Jingujiteru hung up.

What’s happening? Kounoike Shino doesn’t exist!?

Then who is that man in Jikken High School? No, wait.

Could it be that man is actually…!

“Damn it!”

I quickly picked up the receiver, trying to call the Magician.

I see… so that’s it!

Kounoike Shino must be a shadow warrior to lure out the rebels. In that case, I’m in trouble!

The fact that I targeted the Kounoike Group heir’s life is already known.

If this continues, my position will…

“Why won’t you answer the phone! Hurry up or…”

“It’s already too late.”

This sentence came from right in front of me.

I didn’t know when or how he got in. I knew nothing.

But there he was, standing right before my eyes.

The office door was wide open, and my personal bodyguards lay outside.

“The man you were about to call has been neutralized by me. He won’t be able to continue as a spy. Daring to lay a hand on my daughter, he should be thankful that I didn’t tear him apart.”

His tone was calm and collected, but filled with turbulent anger.

I recognized that voice. I had heard it once before, during a meal with my father.

Just one glance had filled me with fear. My instincts screamed, warning me to never make an enemy of him.

“You, you monster…”

I had hired numerous capable bodyguards within Koumura Security.

Yet, he had managed to reach the president’s office on the seventeenth floor alone.

There was no sign of the security system being triggered, and not a speck of dirt on him.

“I assume you realize they’ve all been neutralized by me.”

This was not the work of a mere human. But it made me wonder if this man could possibly be capable of it.

My father’s old dagger. The strongest spy known.

This man…

“Why are you here!? Kurumamichi Dan!”

“I’m here to deal with you.”

I understood, but how did he do it!?

How did he know I was the mastermind behind this!? How could he possibly know!

“My communicator has been taken…”

“There are convenient pendants and bracelets. Just these two.”

I didn’t understand, but he wouldn’t likely answer my questions.

Kurumamichi Dan threw a punch without a word, hitting me squarely in the jaw.


My vision swirled. An embarrassing groan escaped my lips as I kissed the floor.

Me, Oliver Koumura, the president of Koumura Security, reduced to such a state…

“It’s me, Shield. Oliver Koumura has been taken down by me.”

A one-sided announcement.

As my consciousness faded, I heard one last incomprehensible sentence, “The night view from here must be breathtaking. It would make a great spot for a date.”

“Ninja are shadow warriors? So, Ninja…”

“Yes, I never had any inheritance rights to begin with… sorry for keeping it from you.”

If I were a true heir, I might have been able to negotiate directly with Koumura Corporation for a billion yen, even if I couldn’t inherit it now.

But I couldn’t. I was just a spy serving Koumura Corporation.

“So, everything we’ve done until now…”

“It’s all been in vain.”

As I spoke, I put on the wireless earpiece hidden in my school uniform’s secret pocket.

“It’s me, Shield. Oliver Koumura has been taken down by me.”

“Oliver Koumura has been taken down by my father. What a pity.”

“What! Lord Oliver! You, you brat!”

The tank pointed a silencer-equipped gun at me.

“Who said they weren’t fond of killing?”

“Shut up! Your side wouldn’t dare kill Lord Oliver easily, right? If I pass this information to the other adopted children, making one of them the heir, Lord Oliver could be saved…”

It seems Tank was more than just a spy hired by Oliver.

“Yeah. So, I can’t let you escape.”

“Hah! What can you do alone? The Palette is still busy dealing with my men, and Shield isn’t here! I still have a hostage! Otori Ema—”

“Hey hey hey! How’s everyone doing today~!!”

At that moment, an energetic voice came over the school’s PA system.

“Big news, everyone! Otori Ema is currently seeking a boyfriend! She’s totally open to confessions right now!”

“Eh? Who, me!?”

Confused, Ema looked at me.

“Moreover, Ema-chan said she absolutely won’t refuse the first person who confesses to her! And right now, Ema-chan is in…”

“Confessions? What’s this about? I haven’t heard anything! Ninja, what’s going on!?”

Sorry, Ema. To ensure your safety and that of the other students, this was the only way.

“At the student guidance office! Come on, boys, let’s rush! Let’s Party!”

The next second, a thunderous roar echoed through Chokujou High School.

I guess the boys are now rushing here without a care for their lives.

“Looks like a bunch of boys will be flooding here soon, Tank.”

“You… you son of a—!!”

A spy’s value lies in their existence in the underworld.

Acting out in public is absurd. Even if he escapes now, he’ll be relentlessly pursued by both worlds, losing his value.

Because there are people everywhere, anyone acting strangely stands out.

“Ninja, what’s going on!? It’ll be troublesome if I get confessed to. Because I still…”

“Don’t worry, Ema. Women have XX chromosomes. In other words, drawing two X’s is still within the safe line.”

“That’s not the issue here!”

“That makes sense, actually.”

“Chiyu, please take care of Ema.”

“Ugh… Your sister is all injured right now.”

“I know. But right now, you’re the only one I can rely on… please.”

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
The Assassin Who Reaches to a Romcom

The Assassin Who Reaches to a Romcom

Yagate Love Comedy ni Itaru Ansatsusha, やがてラブコメに至る暗殺者
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese
“I love you, Shino! From now on, I want to be by your side as your lover!” Thus, I, a very ordinary high school boy named Kurumichi Shino, and the school’s famously beautiful girl, Emma Ootori, became lovers. Can you believe it? That Emma Ootori? The perfect beauty brimming with humor and charm, who came from England. Truly a flower on a high peak. If I were really just an ordinary person… “I’ll turn Shino into a puppet and take everything from him!” I am set to inherit a vast fortune from the world-renowned Kogou Group. She must have approached me with her eyes on that inheritance. Anyone who opposes the group will be eliminated. Emma, it’s me who will use you. I’ll turn you into a puppet and thoroughly use you. Hehehe…”


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