📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

The Assassin Who Reaches to a Romcom Chapter 3

After-School Task


Volume 1, Chapter 3: After-School Task

Upon returning home, I—Otori Ema—reported to my sister Yuki about the events of the day.

“——That’s what happened! Even after I told Shino that I don’t have parents, he accepted me!”

“Ho, ho~… That seems like a good thing… probably.”

I was really anxious during lunchtime.

Shino is so diligent and kind. I felt terrible about deceiving him, so I decided to come clean and honestly told him about not having parents.

Shino, as a prestigious heir of the Koumiya family, I initially thought he would dislike a girl with no parents, but he warmly accepted me. I was so, so happy…

“Listen, Yuki sister. I was thinking, instead of continuing with the lie, it would be better to be honest——”

“Ema, stop.”

Yuki sister interrupted me with a serious expression.

“Shino-kun might have accepted the truth. But, we can’t guarantee that he isn’t lying, right? So, you shouldn’t trust him so easily.”

“It’s okay! Because Shino has taken the truth serum you made, Yuki sister!”

“That’s true, but there’s something I’m worried about…”

“What are you worried about?”

“It’s possible that Shino-kun might be resistant to the truth serum…”

“…Eh! Yuki sister, what do you mean!?”

“I just remembered, when I was working at Koumiya Pharmaceuticals, one day our father said he wanted ‘to develop resistance to truth serums,’ and asked me to make several kinds for him.”

“…Eh! ‘To develop resistance,’ could it be not for Koumiya Yuusuke himself but…”

“It might have been for Shino-kun.”

So, the words Shino-kun said during lunchtime…

“Damn it! Why did this happen all of a sudden, what the heck!?”

“Shino brother, calm down! Let’s just keep trying our best with an honest approach, okay? Let’s go again… uh… weren’t we in the middle of a game!?”

Shino’s agitated shouting and his sister Chiyo’s frantic attempts to calm things down came through the headset.

The siblings seemed to be playing a game… They really have a good relationship.

“How can this be… But now that you mention it…”

So far, I’ve extracted a lot of information from Shino.

But upon reflection, none of it is particularly crucial.

Whenever it comes to the inheritance issue, the answers are always ambiguous…

“Moreover, there’s another thing that concerns me. Apart from us, others might also be eyeing Shino-kun’s inheritance. They might also send attractive girls to win over Shino-kun…”

“Ah! Speaking of which, today during the break, a really cool girl came to talk to me! She even asked me, ‘Do you really like Shino?’!”

“What did you say!?”

“And that girl was Shino’s junior high classmate! She calls Shino ‘Shino-kun’… Could it be she’s also after Shino’s inheritance…”

“It’s very likely. Since she’s a junior high classmate, she might know Shino-kun’s secret like us. She’s been waiting for a chance, but our Ema cut in…”

“Exactly! What… What should we do, Yuki sister! That girl was so cool!”

“This is troublesome… Even though our Ema is a galaxy-class beauty, in terms of time spent together, the other girl has the advantage… One more question, what did Shino-kun say about his relationship with her?”

“He said there’s nothing special between them…”

“That’s suspicious. If the truth serum didn’t work, then Shino-kun might be lying.”

“Yeah! That’s what I thought! At that time, Shino seemed hesitant, like he was hiding something!”

“When he was asked that question, wasn’t it just before eating the lunchbox! Why did he forget such an important thing, what the heck!? And besides, I really——”

“Shino, Shino brother! You’re too loud! Uh, well… in this game, the massage effect only works after eating the lunchbox, I get your feelings, Shino brother, but sometimes you just forget these things!”【Note: The original text plays on words with 听到的问题 (heard question) and 生效 (effect)】

Lunchbox and massage? What kind of game are Shino and Chiyo sister playing?

“Be careful about that girl… Shino-kun is a lust monster, he might use the inheritance as bait to take advantage of any girl, and he might even not spare his own sister…”

“…Chiyo, why are you keeping your distance from me?”

“Not long ago, Shino brother, you had a precedent.”

Shino, what exactly did you do to your sister Chiyo?

“It’s unlikely, but still, we need to be cautious!”

“Right. After all, the opponent is Shino Koumiya, nurtured by our father. We can’t just blindly believe what he says.”

“Yeah! I haven’t trusted him! Shino is nothing more than a lustful ATM!”

Right. It’s not about me trusting Shino, but about making Shino trust me!

“Oh my god——!! Why is it getting worse!? All my efforts up to now have been wasted…!”

“Sigh… Sister, I really can’t keep this up much longer…”

Shino… you’ve left your sister Chiyo speechless, you really need to moderate yourself in games.

“Therefore, for our future, let’s consider the next plan! Inheriting the estate is a big deal, but Shino-kun making moves on other girls would be putting the cart before the horse! First, we need to make Shino-kun’s heart turn towards Ema, to be devoted to you! So, Ema! You should ask Shino-kun out on a date!”

“Eh! A date! Just me and Shino…”

I really want to go on a date, but would Shino accompany me?

He refused me last time when I asked to visit his house…

“Shino brother, Houraidera is a great place. If it’s there, maybe there will be some progress?”

“Mom and Dad always go there together. It’s indeed a nice place for a date.”

“Yes. Houraidera has a good atmosphere. Even if an unexpected situation leads to the loss of a lover’s favor, you can still start over there… So, let’s go to Houraidera.”

“Haah~! Haah~! Grrr, grrr grrr… Alright, I understand. Tomorrow, I’ll invite Ema…”

Eh eh eh eh!! Is Shino planning to invite me on a date!?

What should I do? I’m so happy!

“Ema, this is our chance!”

“Yes! Then, I will… Ah!”

“What’s wrong?”

“I can’t tomorrow. After school, a senior has something to say to me…”

The one who called me out was Yamada-senpai, the captain of the soccer team.

We hardly ever spoke, so what he wanted to talk about was probably…

“I guess it’s the usual stuff.”

“Why don’t you just stand him up? There’s no need to waste time listening to him—”

“No, I can’t. In case he’s sincere, I need to respond to him sincerely.”

When I confessed to Shino, I was really nervous. My feelings were fake, and because I lied, I wanted to respond sincerely to the other person’s true feelings.

“Waaaah! How can there be such a gentle girl like you! My Ema is definitely an angel fallen from heaven! My tears are like the waters of the Ganges! Ema’s heart is like Mahatma Gandhi!”

Ah… If only I could go to Horyu-ji Temple with Shino, we could deepen our bond…

“Then, let’s set the date for the day after tomorrow! If it’s a request from you, Ema, Shino-kun will surely listen! After all, you’re a super beautiful girl!”

Right, there’s this approach!

But, is it okay? What if I get rejected… No! Don’t be anxious!

I must go to Horyu-ji Temple with Shino! And then create beautiful memories for both of us!

I — Kurumamichi Shino — am a first-class spy.

Being a first-class spy, I will never show embarrassment due to unforeseen events.

I’m always calm and collected, always choosing the best option.

“To complete the mission, should I sink Nanashino Yuki into the Ganges?”

“No way” “Impossible” “Can’t do that”

“So, what about making that senior who’s calling out Ema tomorrow ill?”

“Can’t specify which one” “Still can’t specify” “Can’t identify”

“Your plan is to administer laxatives to all senior male students at Kurumamichi High School?”


Do they even understand the situation?

My day-to-day efforts have managed to improve my reputation from “Solid Object ATM” to “Brother,” but ultimately it fell to something even lower than “Solid Object ATM,” “Erotic Solid Object ATM.” Why?

“But if this continues, the mission will be—”

“Shino, put this aside for now. Let’s report on the mission first.”


I reluctantly took off the bracelet and placed it in another room.

This way, Ema and Nanashino Yuki could eavesdrop on a pre-recorded fake conversation we made.

“Then, I’ll start the report.”

After returning to the living room, Kurumamichi Dan began to speak.

The Kurumamichi Corporation had assigned us the task of “recruiting Otori Ema into the Kurumamichi Corporation,” but we didn’t know why they needed her.

So, we needed to find out the reason. What exactly about Otori Ema…

“I investigated Otori Ema with Chiyo and encountered some strange occurrences.”

“Strange occurrences?”

“Yes. We asked the Kurumamichi Corporation to provide information about Otori Ema and Nanashino Yuki… but all we got was ‘Otori Ema comes from a children’s welfare home operated by the Kurumamichi Corporation in England’ and ‘Nanashino Yuki once worked at Kurumamichi Pharmaceuticals.’ That’s all. They didn’t provide any other information.”

“That’s odd, isn’t it? Nanashino Yuki misappropriated funds from Kurumamichi Pharmaceuticals. The information from that time—”

“‘No particular problems.’ That’s the corporation’s response…”

“Even though we requested information, the corporation didn’t disclose important details to us, which means…”

“Right, the Kurumamichi Corporation might be hiding something.”

It’s either information they don’t want us to know, or having us gather the information ourselves is part of the mission. But I think it’s probably both.

“So, we changed our approach and decided to directly investigate Otori Ema and Nanashino Yuki. But we haven’t finished yet. We only know they came to Japan to meet you. After all, there’s a huge amount of data to investigate.”

“The troublesome part is Miss Yuki. Since she works in video editing, her communication records are extensive and numerous. She’s connected to many places. Not just video UP-ers, but also flower shops, department stores, hospitals, restaurants, etc.”

Chiyo spoke with a hint of impatience.

“But really, is she just after the inheritance? It seems too impractical to be an enemy of the Kurumamichi Corporation just for money…”

Nanashino Yuki was once an adopted child under Kurumamichi Yuhiro.

So she must be well aware of the terror of the Kurumamichi Corporation…

“Shino-bro, did you notice anything concerning? When you were with Ema…”

“Let me think…”

If there was something about Ema that caught my attention, then…

“…A guide.”

“What do you mean?”

“During lunch, Ema mentioned that she used to have someone in her life who she saw as a guide. But now, that person is far away.”

“Far away… It’s an abstract way to put it, but thinking simply, that person might be in the children’s welfare home in England where Ema used to live. I’ll include this information in my investigation.”

“Thank you.”

Actually, there’s something else that’s been on my mind. From the beginning, both Ema and Nanashino Yuki have been frequently…

“Shino, what’s wrong? Why did you suddenly stop talking?”

“It’s nothing. Let’s move on to the next topic. The matters on my end are more important.”

I swallowed the words that were at the tip of my tongue. Relaying information without concrete evidence would only add unnecessary work for the two of them, potentially delaying the investigation results.

“Regarding how to improve my relationship with Ema, I’d like to discuss it with you all.”

To win over Ema and bring her into the Hikarimura Group, improving our relationship is essential.

A date is a perfect opportunity, one that must not be missed.

“Ah… helping a high school student discuss love as a spy, huh… Well, it’s not impossible…”

“Fu fu fu… Mom is especially welcoming of this. Shino-chan, can you share what you want to discuss?”

Kurumamichi Izuna said excitedly.

“The current situation makes it difficult to improve my relationship with Ema. If this continues, tomorrow… No, the day after tomorrow, even if we go on a date, the failure rate will be high. Therefore, I hope to get some advice from everyone.”

“Wait a minute. Before that, tell us why it’s difficult to improve. What exactly did you do to her?”

Kurumamichi Dan looked at me with a sharp gaze.

“I haven’t done anything strange to Ema. For example—”

I then began to explain everything I did today.

Walking to school with bread in my mouth, the ultimate wall slam — air slam, and the incredibly romantic and sweet words I said to Ema on the way to school.

“—That’s about it.”


After I finished speaking, both Chiyo and Kurumamichi Izuna gave me a pitiful look, while Kurumamichi Dan trembled, clenching his fists.

He must be shocked that my perfect lover strategy had no effect at all.

“Um, Shino, you mean—”

“Not even walking with bread in your mouth worked!?”

Kurumamichi Dan suddenly yelled, interrupting Chiyo.

“Incredible… Shino, how was the quality of the bread?”

“Of course, I prepared the highest quality.”

“Then why? On the fifth day of becoming lovers, just using an air slam and sweet romantic words should have had an effect… Could it be a cultural difference?”

“No, this was advice given to me by someone who said that trying to gain favor selfishly is problematic in itself. What’s important is not thinking about oneself but acting for the sake of the other person…”

“I see… But you did well to notice the change in the scent. I knew this would happen; I did the right thing by taking you to a cabin filled with colorless poison gas before, exposing you to such a trap.”

Indeed, that mission was for this purpose…

Worthy of the code name “Shield,” a top-class spy far above me.

“So, I humbly ask for your advice on good dating techniques.”

“Let me think… From my experience, an underground casino riddled with bullets and the mafia is a great date spot. The fear can promote the suspension bridge effect. Additionally, if things like glass chandeliers shatter, it can create a dreamy scene of stardust flying around.”

“…Oh! I didn’t know that trick!”

“Hmm. But it’s dangerous if shards get into your eyes. To be wary of other traps, it’s best if you both wear gas masks. This is what people call… a costume date.”

“The element of fantasy while being extraordinary, plus showing that you’re well-prepared with props. That’s simply perfect.”

“Of course. There’s no way my date plan would have any flaws.”

As expected, trusting this man was the right decision.

“But with the current environment…”

“It seems difficult. But there should be something that can substitute. Chiyo, Izuna, do you have any ideas?”

“…Mom. I think it’s very likely that this mission won’t be completed.”

“One foolish father is not enough, now there’s a foolish son too.”

After that, Kurumamichi Dan was forbidden from speaking, and I was forced to endure a stern lecture from Chiyo and Kurumamichi Izuna, starting with “First, learn from the common sense of an ordinary high school student.”

…I don’t understand, family.


“Say, Ema, if possible—”

“Shino, you absolutely cannot do anything lewd with other girls!”

The next morning, just as I was about to ask her out, Ema glared at me suspiciously.

What did I do? I only installed a listening device for you…

“Ema, what are you…”

“Ah! No, nothing! Sorry, Shino.”

“It’s okay. Then, I’ll continue…”

“ATM… a perverted ATM is by my side… Ah! Yes, of course, go on!”

The sun is really blinding today…

“So, after school today…”

“Sorry! I can’t go to Horyu-ji Temple with Shino today!”

Why are you answering before I even ask?

“Actually, I have something else after school today… Yamada, the captain of the soccer club, said he has something very important to tell me…”

So, it’s Yamada who asked Ema out…

I thought he was just a background character, but he showed up unexpectedly.

“Something important, could it be…”

“I don’t know what he wants to say but… Ah! I am Shino’s girlfriend! So you don’t need to worry about me!”

I am worried. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Just to be sure, I’ll keep an eye on things…

“I understand. Can I wait for you to finish?”

“Uh… I’m happy you said that, but it might take a long time…”

Ema has had experiences of being pestered by someone for over an hour, even after rejecting a confession.

If it can’t be solved in a few words, it must be within expectations.

“It’s okay, I’ve gotten used to waiting. So, can you contact me after you’re done?”

I’ve once waited for a target to move, hiding in a garbage dump for over eighteen hours.

A few minutes after school is nothing in comparison.

“Thank you! Then, I’ll tell you as soon as I’m done! Oh, and…”


“If you’re not busy tomorrow, can we…”

“Go to Horyu-ji Temple together?”

“Great! Thank you, Shino!”

Hmph… Finally managed to secure a date.

But I can’t be complacent.

I must prepare thoroughly for my date with Ema.


“Shino, I have something I want to discuss with you.”

“Oh! It’s rare for Shino to come to me for advice! What is it?”

In the morning, as soon as I arrived at the classroom, I approached my classmate Ueno Shino with a question.

For some reason, the proposals that Kurumamichi Dan and I put forward in last night’s strategy meeting were all rejected.

According to Chiyo and Kurumamichi Izuna, our ability to please women is extremely low, and we need to relearn from the basics.

“I want to become closer to Ema. What should I do?”

“It’s a rarity upon rarities, a wonder indeed!”

So, I came to the conclusion that “learning about love and dating from my peers… primarily about dating” would be the best approach.

With this, I can surely come up with a plan that would make Ema happy.

“Becoming closer, huh~ The most straightforward way is probably a date, right?”

“I’ve already arranged a date with Ema this morning. We’ll be going out tomorrow.”

“What? Are you here to flaunt your love life in front of me?”

Shino rolled his eyes at me.

“No, it’s an important consultation. What should I do on a date?”

“Come on, think of something yourself!”

“The most efficient way I could think of was to consult others.”

“Even so, you need to have your own ideas first. Your question is too vague, Shino. ‘I want to do this, I want to do that,’ if you have such specifics, I’ll discuss it with you.”

Hmm. He’s right; I’ve been too passive. So…

“Firstly, I’d like to take a walk hand in hand. What else… maybe visit a shrine?”

“A shrine visit? So, the date location is a shrine around here… Otori Temple, perhaps?”

Drat, I might have revealed some information.

“Something like that.”

“In that case, how about drawing fortune slips? No matter what you draw, it will spice up the atmosphere.”



I see, drawing fortune slips…

Then, to ensure Ema draws a “great fortune,” I need to make some preparations in advance.

“Thank you for providing me with this important information.”

“Ah, no thanks needed. I also heard something interesting, so we’re even.”

Alright, who should I ask next?


“Shino~ my boy. Calling me to an empty science classroom during the break, if someone happens to see us, won’t it lead to misunderstandings?”

Fujioka An said with a mischievous grin.

“I thought I should take this risk… Fujioka An, I need your advice on something.”

“Ho? It’s a rare day that Shino seeks my advice! The sun must have risen from the west!”

She was probably surprised that I wanted to discuss something with her, her eyes widening in astonishment.

“Tomorrow after school, I’m going on a date with Ema. So, I want some advice from you.”

“Eek~! Showing off your love life, huh? Gross~”

“It’s not like that. This is a serious consultation.”

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have called Fujioka to an empty science classroom.

“Speaking of which, why is the date not today but tomorrow?”

“Something very unfortunate happened after school today, and Ema had a prior engagement.”

“Hmm~… The one who asked Angel-chan out is Yamada from the soccer club, right? He’s liked Angel-chan for a long time~”

Is this due to Fujioka’s keen observational skills, or is it because of Ema’s popularity? Probably both.

“It doesn’t matter. More importantly, I need your advice.”

“I’ll pass on advice about flirting with girls. I really don’t want to get involved in Shino’s love life—”

“You interacted with Ema yesterday, didn’t you?”

“Uh! You, you know about that…”

“You caused Ema to have some unnecessary misunderstandings, and they haven’t been cleared up yet.”

“Ah~ Ahaha! Well, you know, I… I did it because…”

“You’ll help me, right?”

“…Yes, I’ll help.”

If it weren’t for Fujioka’s meddling, I might have already gotten rid of the title “Solid Object.”

I need to make Fujioka take responsibility for this.

“But I can only help a little, okay?”

“Thank you for your support.”

“Your way of talking! Can’t you speak in a more normal tone, Shino? It’s too stiff!”

Probably due to my bad attitude, Fujioka became agitated and scratched his head roughly.

“Anyway, how about dinner together?”

“Why would we do that?”

“Aren’t you two going on a date? So, why not have dinner together on the way back?”

“I’ve never thought of that before.”

“Think about it!”

So, that’s it. After finishing the date at Horyu-ji Temple, it’s not good to just end it there. In that case, I should request support from the Kurumamichi Corporation and find a decent restaurant…

“Just to be clear, you can’t take Angel-chan to a fancy restaurant, okay?”

“What! Why not!?”

“Do I even need to explain? We are high school students. Suddenly taking a girl to a high-end restaurant full of adults would just make her nervous to the point she can’t even taste the food.”

“I have no problem with that, though.”

“It’s not about what you’re comfortable with, Shino, but what she’s comfortable with… Sigh, this is exhausting.”

Since Fujioka said so, I guess a fancy restaurant is out of the question.

A place high school students would go to… So, considering the price, maybe a ramen shop or a family restaurant…

“Don’t even think about a ramen shop or family restaurant, okay?”

“How did you guess what I was thinking!?”

“My God, you actually considered it! Shino, you’re too extreme!”

Am I really that extreme…

“Umm… this is hard…”

“Sigh… I can’t deal with you. I’ll tell you about some restaurants that are high school student-friendly and have a nice atmosphere. You figure it out yourself.”

Fujioka, looking annoyed, took out his phone and started fiddling with it.

After a while, my phone received URLs for several restaurants.

“Thank you. By the way…”

“What is it now?”

“Fujioka, you seem so knowledgeable about date spots. Do you have someone in mind to go with?”

“~~~Wha! You, you stop prying!”

Fujioka surprisingly blushed and yelled out loud.


“Why do you have to become so sharp suddenly in these matters…”

“What did you say?”

“Nothing. I just think you, Shino, are really troublesome. Also, consider this a favor you owe me.”

“I understand. I’ll give you a thank-you gift later.”

“Then choose something from the store I just sent you… Ah, no, never mind, forget it.”

After mumbling her words, Fujioka An left the science classroom.

She probably thought that if she and I were seen walking together on campus, it would stir up unnecessary rumors.

She seems frivolous on the surface but is actually quite reliable. I should head back too.

Alright, who to ask next… Hm?

“Kurumamichi-kun, what are you doing here? The next class is world history.”

I didn’t expect to run into Teacher Kanami…

“I just wanted to spend some time alone in thought in the science classroom.”

“Tengfeng left just ten seconds ago, didn’t she?”

“I didn’t even notice her.”

“…I advise you not to play two-timing games.”

Why am I being misunderstood unnecessarily?

“Eh… Shino…”

During the break, I sneakily peeked into Shino’s classroom.

I had arranged a morning date with him. But I can’t just relax yet.

I must show Shino more of myself, to let him know that I am his girlfriend.

“Strange? Isn’t Shino here?”

Wuu~! I came all the way here to see him, and the timing couldn’t be worse~

Speaking of which, Fujioka is also not here! Could it be that they are having a secret rendezvous…

“What should I do… Shino and Fujioka…”

“Are you looking for Shino? Is there something you need?”

“Eh? Ah! Ahhh!”

Although I was startled by being suddenly spoken to, something else shocked me even more.

The girl in front of me is so pretty! I didn’t expect that in Shino’s class, besides someone as handsome as Fujioka, there would be such a beautiful girl…

“What’s wrong?”

“Ah, nothing! I’m fine! Uh… right! I actually came to find Shino!”

“He’s not in the classroom right now. He said he had something to investigate and went somewhere else alone.”

“Why emphasize ‘alone’ so much…”

“Because you seem to care about it.”

“~~~Um! Th-thank you…”

So embarrassing! She heard everything I just said.

“You’re welcome. …Well, then, I’ll go back—”

“Ah! Please wait a moment!”

“What is it?”

As the girl was about to return to the classroom, I hurriedly called out to her.

“Your name! Please tell me your name!”


“…Yes! …Yes!”

I nodded vigorously.

“Kageyama Rin. Shino and I were middle school classmates.”

“You too!?”

Whether it’s Fujioka or Kageyama, what was up with Shino’s middle school!?

“May I ask, were all the girls in Shino’s middle school cute?”

“Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean.”

“Because, seeing Fujioka being so handsome yesterday, and meeting Kageyama who is so pretty today…”

“Thank you. I’m glad to receive your compliment. Otori-san, you are very pretty too.”

Her tone was so dignified and gracious, such a gentle person.

“…I’m sorry.”

“Why are you apologizing to me?”

“Because even though I didn’t know Kageyama’s name, she knew mine…”

Now that I think about it, it was the same with Fujioka. Both Fujioka and Kageyama knew my name.

On the other hand, not only did I not know their names, but I was also guardedly distancing myself from them… That was really rude…

Sigh… It seems like a girl like me doesn’t deserve to be Shino’s girlfriend…


What’s wrong? Why are Kageyama’s eyes twinkling?

“Hehe… Ema, you’re so funny.”

“Me, funny?”

“Yes, whatever you’re thinking is written all over your face, that’s why you’re interesting.”

“That’s not true! I’m very good at hiding things!”

I puffed out my chest, confidently countering.

“Hehe… A person who’s really good at hiding things wouldn’t admit it outright, you know?”

“You’re right! I’ll be more careful next time!”

“Good. Be careful.”

At this rate, my secret might someday be exposed to Shino.

Speaking of which, what should I do now? Since Shino isn’t in the classroom, I guess I should head back…

“Um, Kageyama! I mean, if it’s okay with you!”

“What is it?”

“Could you… tell me your contact details?”


Can I…? It’s okay for me to ask, right?

“I was thinking, if you don’t mind, I’d like to be friends with you…”


Kageyama seemed shocked, as if she didn’t expect me to say that.

“Uh, uh… Why, why would you think that?”

Did she dislike me? But I’ve already said it…

“Just a pure intuition… I thought it would be nice to talk more with Kageyama. Also, I, I don’t have many friends… actually, none at all…”

“I thought Ema was the most popular person in school.”

“That’s not true.”

I don’t think my classmates dislike me.

But when I’m in the classroom, no girls come to chat with me.

I’ve tried approaching groups of girls, but whenever I do, they become hesitant to talk… Since then, I’ve hardly interacted with any girls.

Not disliked, but also not liked. That’s my situation in the class.

“I feel like everyone is cautious around me…”

“Cautious, huh… You know, I feel a bit like you…”


“I actually don’t have any friends either.”

“…Eh! Really!?”

“Sort of… It’s my own doing. I can’t help speaking my mind. By the time I realize it, there’s no one left around me.”

“Eh? Why would people leave because you speak your mind?”

“Hehe… Ema, you’re really innocent.”

Kageyama spoke very calmly, as if she was looking down on everything.

“Sometimes telling the truth is also a mistake.”

“That’s not true! If someone shared their thoughts with me openly, I’d be happy.”

So that’s it… I finally understand why I want to be friends with Kageyama…

Too similar… Kageyama is just like the person I like the most…

“Kageyama, please! Tell me your contact details! I won’t mind whatever you say… No, no! I might get angry if you’re too blunt, but even then, I want to be friends with Kageyama!”

“Hehe. Ema, you’re so straightforward. …Alright, I… I also want to be your friend.”

Saying this, Kageyama took out her phone.

“Yay! Thank you! Can I call you Rin-chan?”

“Of course. But in exchange, I’ll call you Ema. …Thank you, Ema.”

After that, Rin-chan and I exchanged contact details.

Although I was disappointed not to see Shino, I had a pleasant time during the break.

“Shino, here! This is today’s lunch! Make sure to eat a lot!”

“Ah, okay… Thank you…”

Lunch break. For some reason, Ema, who met with me on the rooftop, was in an especially good mood.

What could be the reason… Ah! Could it be because she’s happy about our date?

That makes sense. I put all my effort into asking Ema out this morning. My burning sincerity must have reached her heart…

“Shino, listen to me! I made a friend!”

I was wrong. It seems a new friend is more exciting to her than our date…

“Um, doesn’t Ema have a lot of friends?”

“Not at all! In fact, I haven’t made a single friend since coming to this school! So, I’m really happy now!”

“…I’m sorry.”

“Eh? Why are you apologizing, Shino?”

“I thought you had many friends. If I had noticed your situation earlier, I could have done something…”

“Hu hu hu… Don’t worry about it so much, Shino. This is a problem I had to solve by myself!”

Ema is so strong, solving her own problems…

“So, who did you become friends with?”

But it’s precisely because Ema is strong that I want to do everything I can to help her.

If I know who her friend is, I can make sure to ask or even threaten that friend to keep being good to Ema…

“It’s Kageyama Rin!”

Better not interfere with this one. I definitely don’t want to get involved.

“Kageyama? How did you end up getting involved with her…”

“During break, I went looking for Shino, but when I found out you weren’t there, I was worried. That’s when Rin approached me and we became good friends!”

This is beyond unexpected. I never thought that just while I was in the science classroom, something like this would happen.

And of all people, it had to be Kageyama… Kageyama, she became Ema’s friend…

“That’s really great…”


Now there’s one more thing to think about…

Today’s lunchbox didn’t contain any truth serum.

I thought this meant I had earned Ema’s trust, but after eating, she murmured, “Anyway, Shino is resistant to it, so adding it is pointless. Might as well give him something normal once in a while♪.” My wishful thinking was shattered.

“Ema, about our date tomorrow, after visiting the Otori Shrine, would you like to go to this restaurant with me?”

“Eh? …Wow! Such a unique restaurant! …But, is it okay to go there?”

I’m no longer the person I used to be. The information I obtained through interacting with Shino and Fujioka… as well as several other students, has made me an expert at first dates. Now, no matter when or where a first date happens, I can handle it perfectly.

“Is there something to worry about?”

“Isn’t this restaurant going to be expensive? You might think it’s okay, but…”

Typical Fujioka. Your criticism of me is correct.

“No problem. Look, the prices are listed here…”

“Ah! It’s not as expensive as I thought! If it’s this affordable, I can go!”

“So, what do you say? After Otori Shrine, I’d like to go here with Ema…”

“Hmm~. I’ll ask my housemate if she agrees! I think there should be no problem!”

At this moment, I took a huge step forward.

“Look, Shino! This restaurant has a special menu only available after 6 PM!”

“Of course, I’ve already booked us for that time.”

“Wow! Shino, you’re so reliable!”

There it is! “You’re so reliable”!

Heh heh heh… Finally, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Soon I’ll be able to shed the label “Perverted Solid Object ATM”!

“And, just going to the Otori Shrine will leave us with a lot of time before 6 PM, right? So, I was thinking of going to the arcade afterward.”

“The arcade, huh… Oh! Shino, if it’s convenient…”

“Let’s go to the photo sticker booth and take commemorative photos.”

“Yay! Yes, we must take photos! Shino, you’re so cool today!”

Here it comes! “You’re so cool today”!

Heh heh heh… Now I’m sure. I’ve moved from “Perverted Solid Object ATM” back to just “Solid Object ATM”!

“I’m really looking forward to tomorrow, Ema.”

“Yeah! Let’s create some beautiful memories together!”

Watch out, Kageyama. You made Ema smile, but I’ll make her smile a hundred times more than you did!

Never underestimate the Solid Object ATM.


After school. I’m now behind the gymnasium. To be exact, I’m in the bushes near the back of the gym.

There are only two people nearby right now. One is the gardener employed by the school.

The other is Yamada, the captain of the soccer team.

“…Hmm~ Ah~!”

The gardener glanced to the side and saw Yamada apparently groaning in distress over something.

onsidering what he was about to do, he probably didn’t want the gardener nearby.

I’m sorry… but there’s more than just one light bulb around here.


Naturally, I clenched my fists.

I was conflicted, hoping Ema would come quickly while also wishing she wouldn’t.

Next, Yamada would confess his love for Ema here.

If Ema and I were truly a couple, how would I feel about this?

Would I demand that Ema definitely reject him?

Or tell her not to listen to his confession in the first place?

My mind has been in turmoil for nearly five minutes with these unclear thoughts… And now, Ema has arrived.

“Sorry to keep you waiting!”

“Ah! Ema! Thank you for coming. Could you, um, come…”

Yamada always had a habit of dragging out the last word of his sentences.

“No need to thank me… What is it about today?”

“Ah! Right, right! Uh, well… it’s…”

Yamada first looked up to the sky. Then the next second, he looked straight at Ema and…

“Ema! I, I like… you!”

He tried hard to convey his feelings to Ema.

The gardener nearby pretended not to notice and kept busy but frequently glanced over at them. So, Ema’s response was…

“I’m sorry. I can’t be in a relationship with you, Yamada.”

Ema was bowing to him, rejecting Yamada’s feelings.

That’s great… Really great…!

“It makes sense. After all, you already have a boyfriend…”

Suddenly, a sense of guilt flooded over me.

I didn’t harbor romantic feelings for Ema; our relationship was only for the mission.

Yet, my actions led to Yamada’s sincere confession being ignored.

“I’m really sorry. But I, for Shino…”

I knew it. Ema’s purpose was to gain Kurumamichi Yuhiro’s inheritance.

Isn’t everything you’re doing for that?

“It’s okay, just you coming today made me happy. And, thank you…”

I shouldn’t stay any longer. Making this decision, I started to move silently.

Nothing unexpected happened. Now to wait for Ema’s contact… Hm?

“Yamada, you’re here! What are you skiving off during club time for!”

A man in sportswear arrived behind the gym. He was the soccer club’s advisor.

It turns out, Yamada skipped club activities to confess to Ema.

“Ah, I’m sorry…”

“You really are something…”

The advisor looked annoyed as he approached Yamada.

When he got close to Yamada, his hand reached into his pocket… Ah! That’s…



Yamada fell to the ground. The gardener screamed. At the same time, I rushed out.


Ema froze in place. She must not have understood what was happening.

“Alright, next—”

The enemy’s equipment—a taser with modifications. Its lethality was several times stronger than the original. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have taken someone down so instantly… Any other equipment? I noticed an unnatural bulge in the pocket. By its shape, it might be something like a hand grenade. There could also be firearms hidden on the back. Sniper—no sign within my line of sight.

First objective—rescue Ema. Second objective—attack. …I have to catch up!

“Ema, get behind me!”

“Shino, Shino!? Why are you—Ah!”

I made it! Before the enemy’s attack hit, I pulled Ema into my arms.

At the same time, I kicked at the enemy’s abdomen… He blocked it.

“…Tsk. You’re here after all…”

Is this guy really the soccer club’s advisor, or someone else in disguise?

No, it doesn’t matter. Yamada’s condition…

“Ww, puftt, hahahahaha…”

I noted vomiting and convulsions. He needed treatment, but his life wasn’t in danger. Should I save him? Not yet.

“Ema, stay behind me.”

“Shino, Shino…”

First, I moved Ema behind me. What to do next?

My initial kick didn’t reveal much about the enemy, but he… was a pro.

At least far above those assassins who had attacked me before.

“Aren’t you going to attack?”

The assassin asked me.

“The situation isn’t favorable.”

“Quite calm.”

His twisted smile, his creepy laugh.




At that moment, the man’s gaze shifted away from me and Ema.

“Speaking of which, you really are a big liar.”

Caught. He noticed, huh…

“Looks like I can’t keep this up any longer…”

His hand reached into his pocket… Was he planning to throw a grenade!

The next second, as I had anticipated, the assassin threw a grenade at us.

No problem, there is a delay before it explodes… Watch me kick it away!

“Quick reflexes.”

After confirming the grenade was airborne, I immediately returned to Ema’s side.

“Ema, get down!”


I pushed Ema down to the ground and covered her. But, there was no explosion sound.

Only the sound of something small hitting the ground… Damn, it’s a fake!

Not good, though I did this to protect Ema, this is a vulnerable position…


However, the assassin didn’t follow up the attack.

The next second, he started to run away.

Facing a two-meter-high fence, he leapt over it, escaping to the outside of Choku High School.

He got away, huh… But, forget about the assassin for now. Currently…

“Are you okay, Ema? Did you get hurt anywhere?”


It seems she was frightened. Ema’s tears fell heavily as she clung tightly to me.

Thankfully, I had anticipated something like this and was able to protect her, but…

“It’s okay now. You don’t have to be afraid anymore.”

“Excuse me… are you two alright?”

Soon after, the gardener, who had been observing the situation, approached us.


“Eh? Ah, why apologize…”

I bowed apologetically to the gardener.

But this wasn’t an apology for involving the gardener in this situation.

After all, the gardener before me was…

[I’m afraid my gaze revealed mother’s real identity]

It was Kurumamichi Izuna.

[Don’t worry about it]

Kurumamichi Izuna blinked Morse code while maintaining a calm smile.

Ever since Ema and I became a couple, I anticipated such incidents.

So, I arranged for Kurumamichi Izuna to be near her, firstly to probe the people around her, and secondly to act as her guard in emergencies when I’m not around.

[Rather than regretting a failure, it’s better to acknowledge one’s success. Shino-chan did a very beautiful thing]

[What beautiful thing?]

[Saving the princess naturally makes him her prince]

Prince? What is she talking about…

“Shino! Shino-ahhh!!”


“Fufufu… Ema-chan is indeed very cute”

“The soccer team student, I will take care of moving him to the infirmary. You two better go home quickly.”

“Thanks a lot, but…”

[The man from earlier might still be lurking around here]

“Don’t worry. In fact, staying at school is even more dangerous.”

[I’ve already put a tracker on him. Fleeing in such a panic, he’s full of openings]

[So you’ve already…]

[Yes. Dad is already on his way there]

“…I understand.”

I initially wanted to catch the assassin myself, but priorities shouldn’t be mistaken.

Right now, the most important thing is to comfort Ema, who is still crying on my chest.

“Ema, are you alright?”

“I’m fine… Shino, thank you for saving me.”

“It’s only natural to do so… but I’m really sorry.”

It was because of her association with me that the man targeted Ema.

If it wasn’t for me, Ema would never have encountered such danger.

“Shino, you’re not at fault… and such things don’t scare me at all!”

Ema, tears streaming down her face, said this as if trying to convince herself.

She was just putting on a brave front. Her expression said it all.

“I’ve always been prepared for the worst… I knew I would face danger… but still, I chose to be Shino’s girlfriend. I have to be Shino’s girlfriend…”

Why? Why do you risk your safety for Kurumamichi Yuhiro’s inheritance?

Even if you gain a lot of money, it’s meaningless if you lose your life, isn’t it?

But still, you…

“I have a future waiting for me… so I absolutely cannot give up…”


Normally, Ema and I part ways in front of the station, but today was an exception.

Although Ema told me, “You don’t need to escort me this far, I can manage,” I still insisted on taking her back to her apartment. As we were about to part, Ema held my hand with a hint of reluctance, thanked me, and then walked into her apartment.

So, I returned to the Kurumamichi residence… or rather, to a room in the apartment building where Ema lived… more precisely, to a room right below where she lived, where four people were gathered.

While I was escorting Ema home, Kurumamichi Izuna investigated the situation inside the school and found the real soccer club advisor trapped in the equipment room. Apparently, he was drugged and fell asleep, waking up in the equipment room to his surprise.

Then, the assassin who was tracking us, disguised as the advisor…

“He got away.”

Kurumamichi Dan reported to us with a heavy tone.

The location indicated by the tracker was empty, with only the tracker lying there.

“Wah! My ultra-miniature tracker was detected, that’s so annoying! Shino, I’m sorry…”

“It’s me who should apologize. If I hadn’t exposed my mother…”

“You two shouldn’t be so down.”

Kurumamichi Dan said calmly.

“The fact that the enemy detected Chiyo’s tiny tracker and saw through Izuna’s insight with just a few glances, plus easily blocking Shino’s ambush, shows that our opponent is very capable. Instead of being down here, we should be more alert.”

Although my interaction with that man was brief, I also understood he was a skilled assassin.

Even without Ema, could I really have defeated that assassin?

“Don’t worry, Shino. You’re not alone, right?”

“Yes, thank you, mother…”

“Fi fi fi. You’re welcome. First of all, let’s maintain a 24-hour watch today. Chiyo, are all the cameras in place?”

“All good, mom!”

The room was equipped with several monitors.

These were the surveillance cameras that Kurumamichi Dan and I had set up in this apartment earlier.

“But why target Ema and not Shino?”

Chiyo checked every camera carefully while expressing her doubt.

“Probably to investigate Ema’s real identity. To see if she is truly Shino’s girlfriend or a spy sent by the Kurumamichi Corporation…”

“Whatever the identity, once it’s clear, the enemy can easily gain the upper hand. So, the enemy’s first target is to investigate Ema, and the second target is to capture her.”

“I see~ But isn’t that bad? Because…”

Yes, attacking Ema was a problem, but the more serious issue is…

“There are other assassins hired by Kurumamichi Yuhiro’s adopted children lurking in Kurumamichi High School.”


Today’s assassin disguised himself as the soccer club’s advisor to attack Ema.

This means he knew about Yamada’s plan to confess to Ema after school.

This kind of information is impossible for an outside assassin to know. So, there’s definitely someone inside.

There are assassins employed by Kurumamichi Yuhiro’s adopted children in Kurumamichi High School…

“So, Shino. What’s the plan for today?”

“The plan… to continue maintaining my relationship with Ema might be…”

Maybe it’s better to end it.

Even if Ema is after the inheritance, she’s just an ordinary person without training.

Dragging her into the internal strife of the Kurumamichi Corporation is…


But what about the mission? Our goal is to draw Ema into the Kurumamichi Corporation.

If we don’t accomplish this mission…

“You decide. We will follow your instructions.”

“Alright… Mother, I hope you continue to disguise yourself as a school staff member. Father and Chiyo, keep checking the cameras in Kurumamichi High School regularly. And act immediately at any suspicious movements.”


“Leave it to me.”

“Okie dokie. Ah, so I have to pretend to be a student for a while then…”

The entire Kurumamichi family mobilizing should ensure Ema’s safety.

But that alone isn’t enough. The assassin lurking within Choku High School must be identified…

“Firstly, let me… Ah, right. I have something to report. Today, while interacting with Ema, I obtained a new piece of information.”

The priority is to identify the assassin hidden in Choku High School, but there’s another matter.

We need to understand why Ema is targeting the Hikarimura Group’s inheritance.

“I speculate that the term ‘future’ holds significant meaning for Ema.”

Not just today, but in previous conversations between Ema and Nanashino Yuki, the word ‘future’ frequently came up, which I also reported.

It seems to carry some special significance…


Chiyo and Kurumamichi Dan showed a slight reaction upon hearing this.

“Look, Dad… Even though we’re in this situation, we still need to make things clear, right?”


Both spoke with a heavy tone.

It felt like they were communicating not with words but with their attitude that this fact should not be known.

“Shino, Chiyo has successfully found out the purpose of both Ema and Nanashino Yuki.”

“Really? But the Hikarimura Group didn’t provide any information, did they…”

“I found it in the call records between Ema and Yuki. It turns out… I’ve figured out what the term ‘future’ means to Ema. Actually, it is…”

“Let me continue.”

“Okay. Please go ahead, Dad. Thank you…”

After saying this, Chiyo’s face fell silent.

“What I’m about to say isn’t something pleasant. Also, even with the four of us, we might not be able to fulfill their purpose.”

“What do you mean?”

“In investigating the call records of Nanashino Yuki and Ema, we found that both of them were frequently in contact with a medical facility in the UK.”

“A medical facility? Do you mean Ema has some serious illness…”

“No, that’s wrong. If it were Ema herself who was sick, she would have gone to the hospital instead of making phone calls. She was calling to check on… to check on the condition of her sister.”

“…What! You’re saying a sister?”

“Three years ago, Nanashino Yuki adopted an orphan in the UK. But actually, she didn’t adopt just one child… but two. One of them is Ema, and the other is—”

“Ema, what do you mean by ‘attacked’!?”

Just then, as if timed, the conversation between Ema and Nanashino Yuki resounded in the room.

“Today I was not only confessed to…”

“Then the soccer team’s coach came… but it’s all right now! Shino protected me!”

“How can it be alright! That person was probably hired by one of our brothers… because Ema is Shino’s girlfriend, they wanted to capture her and use her as a hostage!”

Yuki’s voice sounded panicked. Naturally, she would react this way to her important family member being attacked.

“Ema, break up with Shino immediately! Even though we need the inheritance, we can’t put you in danger…”

“I won’t give up, Yuki! I won’t!”

“But, but!”

“I won’t give up! I absolutely won’t give up! Because if I give up now…”

“My sister… she won’t be saved in the future!!”

Speaking of which, when Ema asked me how I would use a large sum of money, she said this:

—I would use it to help others. After all, helping people in suffering requires a lot of money.

I still remember your expression at that time.

At first glance, it looked calm, but there was a strong determination in your eyes.

At that time, I didn’t understand why you had such an expression.

But now…

“If she doesn’t undergo surgery, she can only live for another year! I don’t want her to die!”


“The surgery requires a lot of money! It’s not just any surgery; it’s a very expensive one! So, I must get the inheritance! I absolutely must take Hikarimura Yutaka’s inheritance from Shino!”

Nanashino Yuki was previously fired from Hikarimura Pharmaceuticals for misappropriating company funds.

It’s likely that since then…

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
The Assassin Who Reaches to a Romcom

The Assassin Who Reaches to a Romcom

Yagate Love Comedy ni Itaru Ansatsusha, やがてラブコメに至る暗殺者
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese
“I love you, Shino! From now on, I want to be by your side as your lover!” Thus, I, a very ordinary high school boy named Kurumichi Shino, and the school’s famously beautiful girl, Emma Ootori, became lovers. Can you believe it? That Emma Ootori? The perfect beauty brimming with humor and charm, who came from England. Truly a flower on a high peak. If I were really just an ordinary person… “I’ll turn Shino into a puppet and take everything from him!” I am set to inherit a vast fortune from the world-renowned Kogou Group. She must have approached me with her eyes on that inheritance. Anyone who opposes the group will be eliminated. Emma, it’s me who will use you. I’ll turn you into a puppet and thoroughly use you. Hehehe…”


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