📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

The Assassin Who Reaches to a Romcom Chapter 2

The Lover Mission


Volume 1, Chapter 2: The Lover Mission

So, my latest gig? Wooing Ootori Ema. Yeah, you heard it – romance, not my usual spy stuff. But hey, I’m Kurumichi Chiyo, top-notch spy. Impossible? Not in my dictionary.

Zooming to our meet-up spot, I’m huffing and puffing big time. Late? Nah, that was all part of the plan. Gotta make Ema’s heart skip a beat, right?

And there she is. Showtime.

“Morning, Ema!”

“Whoa! Chiyo, you made it!”

Sweat’s dripping off me like I’m a star under a spotlight. Flashing my killer spy smile, I think, “Mission’s practically in the bag.” But I’ve got another trick up my sleeve.

Yep, the old bread-in-mouth run. Sounds goofy, but trust me, it’s a winner. Last night’s spy school lesson swore by it. And this ain’t your corner store bread. We’re talking high-class stuff with fancy jam from Ginza. This should clinch it—

“Chiyo, you gonna eat that bread?”

Wait, what? She’s not swooning? Did I goof up? Oh, right. Ema’s English. Maybe it’s a culture clash thing.

“I’ll just eat this real quick.”

“Take your time!”

This bread? Heavenly. But Ema’s blinding smile? Out of this world.

“Great seeing you, Ema.”

And I hit her with my Spy Smile No. 2, the disarmingly harmless one.

“Ema, what’s on your mind?”

She’s got to be melting inside. I can tell.

“Let’s hit the road.”

Hang on. She’s not holding my hand like yesterday. Red alert!

“Ema, wait. Hand-holding?”

Did I just say that out loud? Smooth, Chiyo.

“Sure, why not?”

She’s beaming. And I’m thinking, “She’s good. Really good.”

We’re walking, and I’m wondering, “How’s she so adept at this?”

“Ema, what’s your take on me today?”

Classic question. And I’ve got to nail this.

“Ema, you’re smelling even better today. New shower gel?”

“You noticed! Thanks!”

Score one for me. But she’s not backing down.

“Tell me more about yourself, Chiyo.”

No dodging this one. Gotta stand my ground.

“My savings? Really?”

“Why not? Just curious!”

She’s fishing for info. But I’m not biting.

“Ema, are you money-hungry?”

“Me? No way!”

Hmm, she’s trying too hard.

“I thought my plan was foolproof…”

Should I spill some beans? Wait, is this her master plan?

“Can I ask you something, Ema?”

Best defense? Good offense.

“Me? Ask away.”

But she’s not giving in. She’s looking all vulnerable, like a delicate flower.

“I won’t fall for it. But let’s record this next time.”

“What would you do with a ton of money, Ema?”

“I’d help people. You need money to do that, right?”

Is she for real, or just playing the saint? Tough to tell.

“Chiyo, you okay? You look tense.”

Oops, my poker face slipped.

“If Ema were to receive an unimaginably large sum of money, what would

you do?”

“Um… I’d definitely use it to help others. It takes a lot of cash to make a real difference, you know.”

Ema’s answer leaves me guessing. Is she genuinely compassionate, or is this just a facade?

“Chiyo, you seem really intense right now… kinda intimidating.”

Drat, I let my guard down. Still have a lot to learn.

The mission isn’t just about making Ema fall for me. It’s a dance, a game of wits and charm. And right now, we’re both in the thick of it, each move as crucial as the next.

“Nothing, nothing. I was just considering some things.”

“Is that so? You’re not angry, are you? If I said something strange…”

The slight trembling coming through our clasped hands. I never intended to frighten her…

“Don’t worry. I will always stand by Ema’s side. How could I possibly get angry at you?”

“Always… Really?”

Great, Ema is now looking at me with expectant eyes.

This phrase is indeed effective… but don’t be complacent. When delivering the final blow to the enemy, it must be done decisively.

This moment calls for the sweet, honeyed words I learned last night after staying up all night.

“Of course. Because my reason for living… is for you, Ema.”

Strange? Why does Ema look at me as if she’s looking at trash?

Where did I go wrong?


“……Hard to understand……”

After arriving at Chokujou High School, I separated from Ema at her classroom and then sat in my seat, holding my head in confusion.

Why? Why did it turn out like this?

Although some attacks were ineffective, there were indeed a few that had an effect.

But why in the end did Ema give me a look as if I were trash, and I couldn’t improve the situation all the way until arriving at Chokujou High School?

The ultimate techniques of love… I didn’t expect them to be as ineffective as punching cotton…

“How embarrassing…”

So far, I’ve completed many missions through practical training.

Capturing international criminals, suppressing wars in conflict areas, protecting VIPs. One wrong step could mean losing my life, experiences on the edge of life and death… Thanks to this, I’ve mastered the skills of a top spy.

But even so, trying to complete this mission now seems as difficult as climbing to heaven.

Being thrown naked into a tropical grassland to survive would seem simpler by comparison.

“How odd, Shinobu actually sighing.”

I have no interest in you, but Miss here is bored, so let’s use you to kill time —— the girl who spoke to me with a voice as cold as a robot’s. Like An Fujioka, she is a classmate from junior high who advanced to Chokujou High School with me —— Rin Kageyama.

Elegant, delicate features with intellectual square glasses. With a slightly emphasized bust and braids from the last century. A standout beauty in school, but she has always given off a standoffish aura, resulting in few friends.

“So it’s Kageyama…”

“It’s Rin. How many times do I have to correct you?”

Since high school, every time I interact with Kageyama, she says this.

As she said, “Since we’ve known each other for so long, I hope you can call me by my name.”

“If others think I’m close to you, it would be troublesome, I told you before, right?”

“I would be troubled if I couldn’t talk to Shinobu, I told you before, right?”

While she spoke indignantly, she sat opposite me. That seat belongs to Dan… he seems to have morning training today.

“So, what are you worried about? Worried about becoming a celebrity?”

“I’m not a celebrity… oh, I can’t really say for sure.”

“The person who used to live in the shadows, now basking gloriously in the sun.”

“Don’t you think it’s an unfitting match for someone who used to live in the shadows?”

“I don’t think so. After all, strip away the skin, aren’t we all just skeletons?”

Such a cool and thorough thought, as if looking down on all beings.

“Look at your attitude, the reason for your sighing is not because you’re getting attention.”

Kageyama is smart. She understood so clearly after just a few words.

…Right, why don’t I consult with Kageyama for a moment?

Although I shouldn’t interact too much with her, given the current situation…


“I don’t intend to listen to what comes next.”

“I understand. Then the conversation ends here.”

“……Cowardly man.”

Kageyama showed a plainly annoyed expression, but for me, either way, it’s good.

Whether just exchanging a few words with Kageyama or getting advice from her.

“I’ll decide whether to answer you based on what you say.”

“I want to be loved by Ema. What should I do?”

“First of all, you better not use ‘be loved’ anymore.”

Kageyama’s expression suddenly turned icy. Did I choose the wrong person to consult?


“Disgusting, too heavy.”

It felt like a punch to the chest. It was as if she completely negated me from the core.

“Moreover, shouldn’t this be something you worry about before getting into a relationship?”

“Such situations do exist in the world, but I still need to worry about it even after getting into a relationship.”

“Hehe… Since it’s you, I guess so.”

Kageyama’s voice suddenly rose eight octaves. It seemed like she found something amusing.

“By the way, you became a couple on Friday, right? Didn’t you go on a date over the weekend?”

“I had other things to deal with over the weekend.”

On Saturday, there was a farewell party. The Tanabe couple, my neighbors, were assassins out to take my life, so I quietly neutralized them and sent them on their way. On Sunday, I helped with moving. I went to the Tanabe’s base to investigate if they were connected to any other foster children, but unfortunately, I found nothing. Dealing with neighborly relations is tough.

“Oh, so you haven’t been on a date yet.”

Kageyama became even more cheerful. Sometimes I really can’t understand what’s going on in her mind.

“Can I continue?”


“Wanting to be loved… and failing to be liked by Ema. Even though I studied my own methods thoroughly…”

“What did you do as a result of your study?”

“I took actions thinking they would make Ema like me. For example—”

“You don’t need to say anymore, I don’t want to listen, I understand where the problem lies.”

Incredible. Just a few pieces of information, and she understood the problem?

Could it be that Kageyama is an expert in seducing numerous men?

“……You look foolishly misunderstanding something, so let me clarify beforehand, I’ve never developed a romantic relationship with anyone. But even so, I understand why Shinobu failed.”

“You understand without experience?”

“At least better than Shinobu, who has a negative 100 love deviation value.”

A retort without a shred of kindness. But this is an undeniable truth.

“Shinobu, you said all that just to make Taiyou-san like you, right?”

Taiyou-san… must be referring to Ema Ootori.

“Yes, I believe this is the best approach.”

“That’s backward, it’s the worst method. Acting with dirty intentions, for your own sake, won’t move anyone’s heart.”


“It’s not about always thinking of yourself, but acting for others. That’s how you truly move someone, right?”

In the end, Rin Kageyama murmured softly, “Maybe I’m the only one who thinks this way.”

Yes, that’s it…

Deceiving others under the guise of goodwill, just for personal benefit.

Such rotten people, haven’t I encountered them many times?

“Plan revision. No, a reform in consciousness.”

Forget the mission for now, think about making Ema smile, focus actions on her happiness.

With that thought, first I should…

“Tomorrow morning, should I stuff bread into Ema’s mouth?”

“That idea is absolutely wrong.”

“Is there a problem? Then, what should I do…”

“Who knows? Isn’t it about trying different things?”

“If I try and fail again, then I’ll truly be helpless…”

“How about practicing with me?”

Rin Kageyama suddenly threw me a sweet temptation.

“I’m a lonely woman with hardly any friends, so I have plenty of time, you can do whatever you want with me.”

Kageyama’s words, laced with seductiveness, hard to believe coming from a girl her age. Just her slight glance in my direction quickened my heartbeat.

“No, thank you.”

“A wise decision.”

Contrary to her words, Kageyama looked annoyed. I’ve always had a knack for making her angry.

“Kageyama, thank you. Luckily, you’ve shown me a glimpse of light.”

“If that’s the case, you should also fulfill my request.”

“I’ll try.”

“If I don’t see the results of your effort, be prepared for the corresponding punishment.”

Kageyama indignantly stood up from her seat and returned to her own.

Looks like I’ve upset her again…

“Ah, found you! Hey, Ootori-san. Do you have a moment?”


During the break, I—Ema Ootori had just left the classroom when a girl called out to me.

Wow! This girl in front of me is so tall and handsome! I feel a bit of admiration.

“May I ask, you are…”

“Oh, forgot about that! I’m An Fujioka from class three! Nice to meet you!”

“Ah, um, nice to meet you. You’re in class three, which means…”

“Right! I’m in the same class as Shinobu!”

“…! The same, same class…”

“Ahaha! No need to be so guarded against me! I’m just a middle school classmate of Shinobu, our acquaintance is just a bit longer than with others.”

“A bit longer, huh…”

Shinobu~! You have such a handsome classmate, and you never told me!

She herself tells me not to be guarded, to relax, but I just can’t!

Because such a handsome person affectionately calls Shinobu “Shinobu-kun”! This is definitely someone to be wary of!

“May I ask, Fujioka-san, why are you looking for me? What’s up?”

“Ah~ I heard that deadwood Shinobu got a girlfriend, and that girlfriend is Ootori-san, isn’t that jaw-dropping? So, I just came over to ask…”

Fujioka-san examined me with a probing look.

“You really like Shinobu, right?”

“…! That, that’s obvious! If I didn’t like Shinobu, I wouldn’t be his girlfriend!”

“Oh? Your voice sounds a bit strange. Are you hiding something, Ootori-san?”

“I’m not hiding anything! I like Shinobu! This morning he was very… cough cough, although a bit strange, he always tries his hardest, he’s very gentle… Anyway, I just like Shinobu!! So I will never let Fujioka-san have him!”

“Eh? Me?”

“Yes! Fujioka-san, you’re so handsome, I can’t beat you, but I’m Shinobu’s girlfriend! So I will definitely… definitely not let you have Shinobu!”

I’m Shinobu’s girlfriend! I won’t be overpowered by Fujioka-san!

Even if you flaunt the fact that you’ve known each other longer, when it comes to who cares more, it’s definitely…

“What’s that… Ootori-san, you just shouted something super embarrassing with a loud voice, are you okay?”

“…Eh?… Ah!”

This is the hallway… I got so heated just now and didn’t notice the surroundings, and now there are students and teachers all around…


“Ahaha! Ootori-san, you’re really funny! Anyway, just relax. I’m not interested in Shinobu that way!”


So, did I misunderstand? Fujioka-san is just a friend of Shinobu’s—

“Um… probably.”

“…Probably! What does that mean?!”

“You guess, what does that mean?”

Fujioka-san gave me a meaningful smile.

She’s definitely interested in Shinobu, right?!

What to do! If Shinobu starts to like Fujioka-san…

“Ah, break time is almost over. I’m heading off~”

“Ah! Wait! I still want to ask—”

“Not waiting, not waiting~”

Even though I loudly protested, Fujioka An didn’t pay me any heed and just left.

Wuuuuh! Just when things were going so smoothly, a love rival appeared at this critical moment!

It’s so unfair of Shinobu not to tell me about Fujioka An!

During lunch today, I’ll definitely get to the bottom of this!

Lunchtime. I, Kurumichi Shinobu, met up with Ema on the rooftop to have lunch together.

As I left the classroom, our homeroom teacher, Mr. Nomi, seeing me heading to the rooftop, lazily commented, “Ah, youth~”. Today’s observers… there are seven. That’s a few more than yesterday.

But it’s fine. There’s no need to pay special attention to them, better to focus on having lunch with Ema—

“Shinobu! What’s your relationship with Fujioka An?!”


“You were middle school classmates, right?! She came to talk to me during the break today!”

What on earth is that woman thinking?

I never expected Fujioka An to make direct contact with Ema…

“We’re just middle school classmates. We’re not that close…”

“Wuuu~! Then why does Fujioka An call you ‘Shinobu-chan’?”

Tears swirling in her eyes, Ema voiced her dissatisfaction. How am I supposed to explain this…

“I think there’s no special reason for that. Fujioka An just likes to call everyone by their names, regardless of gender…”

“Eh? Really?”


In fact, it’s not just me. She calls Koya by his name too.

“That’s good~! Then I don’t have to worry!… Ah, no, I can’t be complacent!”

Wait, since Ema wanted to ask me about Fujioka An, wouldn’t it be more effective to make me take the truth serum like yesterday and then ask?

“Listen, Shinobu. I’m your girlfriend! So, you are my boyfriend!”

“Yes, I’m Ema’s boyfriend.”

“Hmph! Well said!”

Anyway, Ema’s mood seems to be pacified for now. But for some reason, I suddenly feel very drained.

Love really is a complex subject…

“Actually, I made lunch for you today, Shinobu!”

“Is that so? Thank you…”

“Hmph! Yesterday it was sandwiches, so I changed it up today and made rice balls!”

Rice balls with tamagoyaki and little sausages.

At first glance, it’s an ordinary lunchbox. But inside…

“Eat it all! Then after ten minutes, I want Shinobu to answer my questions!”

Looks like today’s lunch also has a truth serum mixed in.

The effect will take ten minutes, which means that before then—



A cute rumbling sound echoed on the rooftop.

“~~~~ Ugh!”

Ema, her face flushed red, covered her stomach. From her reaction, it was easy to guess the source of the sound.

“Ema, where’s your own lunch?”

“Eh? Ah! That, umm…”

Wait… thinking back, Ema didn’t bring her own lunch yesterday, did she?

But I didn’t care and ate Ema’s lunchbox, not to mention the one Kurumichi Izumi made for me…

“I-I’m on a diet! So, Shinobu, don’t worry about me!”

She’s lying. Ema on a diet? I’ve never received such information.

“Okay, okay! Don’t worry about me, just eat… Ah!~~~~ Ugh!”

Ema’s stomach protested once again.

What to do? The best way is to give the lunchbox back to Ema.

I brought my own lunchbox, so Ema should eat hers—unquestionable justice.

Moreover, Ema’s lunchbox has a truth serum mixed in. If Ema eats it, I could get a lot of information out of her. “Why are you after the inheritance?” “Who’s pulling your strings?” “How much do you really like me?” “What’s your type in guys?”

The eagerly awaited information is too much to count.

Alright, since it’s decided then…

“If you don’t mind, Ema, do you want to eat my lunchbox? It’s a bit too much for me alone.”

I shouldn’t just think of myself, I need to act for the sake of others.

This is the time to practice what Kageyama Rin taught me.

“Eh? Can I?”

“Don’t force yourself if you’re on a diet. So, Ema, you eat it.”

“Wah~! Thank you, Shinobu!”

I know my actions are highly inefficient.

Even so, I think the smile Ema shows me at this moment is more valuable than the information I’m after.



“Thank you for the meal! Thank you, Shinobu! Your bento was delicious! …Ah! Wait, there’s one grain of rice left!”

Ema Ootori picked up the last grain of rice from the bento box and popped it into her mouth, then showed a blissful smile.

I also finished the bento Ema made for me. It’s been about ten minutes since I ingested the truth serum. I thought Ema would launch an offensive today, questioning me incessantly, but…


For some reason, Ema didn’t ask anything.

She looked at the empty bento box, a troubled expression on her face.

“Shinobu… my bento… it wasn’t good at all, was it?”

“Not at all, I didn’t find it unpalatable.”

Considering I might have developed resistance to yesterday’s formula, today’s truth serum was a different concoction. Truly a craftsperson’s skill. Yuki Nanashino’s drug-making technique is indeed admirable.

“You don’t have to sugarcoat it for me. I know my cooking is terrible…”


Headache. I wasn’t lying…

“But Shinobu’s bento and mine are entirely different. Yours is not only delicious but also filled with warmth…”

“I thought the bento was already cold…”

“Pfft… I’m not talking about that kind of warmth. It means the bento is filled with the love of the person who made it for you.”

Hearing Ema say this, I suddenly felt a bit shy.

“I think Shinobu’s family must really like him.”

“Really? …If that’s true, I’m glad.”

“Hehehe. Shinobu likes your family too, right?”

“Yes. And I owe them a debt of gratitude.”

It’s all for Koumichi Corporation.

Ever since I was young, Koumichi Yutaka repeatedly told me this.

I had no doubts about this statement, living a life that’s too tragic to be merely described as miserable.

“What kind of debt?”

“A debt of gratitude…”

My daily life was a hair’s breadth from death. But even in such a life, there was human warmth.

When I nearly lost my life on a mission, Dan Kurumichi stood up to protect me.

When I sighed over my insufficient abilities, Izumi Kurumichi tenderly held me in her arms.

When I lost trust in others, Chiyo Kurumichi always believed in me.

“They are the beacons of my life.”

Dan Kurumichi, Izumi Kurumichi, and Chiyo Kurumichi.

Because they are by my side, I can keep my heart as a person in this world.

Therefore, I will complete all the missions given by Koumichi Corporation.

Because at the moment of completing the mission, perhaps what I’m waiting for will be there.

My dream, “to live a peaceful life with my family,” is waiting for me.

“It feels like you’re a lot like me.”

“A lot like?”

“Yes… In the past, I had someone by my side too. The food that person made for me was also delicious, filled with warm love. That person was also my beacon.”

“They’re not here now?”

“Yes, they’re gone. They went to a distant place…”

Ema was raised in a child welfare home operated by Koumichi Corporation in England.

Is the person she mentioned someone she met there?

But why does Ema look so melancholic…

“Shinobu, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, nothing.”

It seems there’s still a lot I don’t know about Ema…

“Shinobu, I have something I want to ask you.”

“What is it?”

I thought it was time for her to question me like yesterday.

I did hope to close the distance with Ema, but maybe I was being too greedy.

After all, I’m just an ordinary boy with no distinguishing features.

If it weren’t for Koumichi Yutaka’s will, I’d be worthless in Ema’s eyes.

I understand, of course, I understand this logic, but I…

“I don’t have parents.”


What Ema was about to say was completely different from what I expected.

“I lived in a children’s home until I was thirteen, and then a volunteer became my foster mother. Now I live with her…”

“Is that so…”

Ema and Yuki Nanashino live together, and I already knew that they are not related by blood.

But why tell me all this now?

“People at school always say I ‘come from a good background’ or ‘look like a rich girl,’ but the real me is not what my classmates imagine.”

Don’t worry about what others think, just be yourself.

I hesitated to say this, but in the end, I didn’t… no, I couldn’t say it.

Because I wasn’t sure if Ema would be happy to hear it.

“Will people hate a girl with no parents?”

“Why would they hate? Is there a need to?”

“Why wouldn’t they? I’m a girl with no parents, aren’t I? Not the kind of girl Shinobu imagines, am I?”

“I never thought of Ema as that kind of girl. Besides, in Ema’s heart, your adoptive mother is a cherished family member, right?”

“Yes… she is the family I love and cherish the most…”

“Then there’s no problem. What’s important is not blood relation, but the connection of hearts.”

“Really? Does Shinobu really think that way?”

“Of course. To me, the most important thing is Ema herself. Since those experiences have shaped the Ema of today, I have no reason to dislike those experiences.”


Perhaps still not trusting me, Ema slightly distanced herself from me.

“Ema, I’m not lying to you. All of this is my true thoughts.”

“Just, even if you say it’s true…”

It’s really hard to convey one’s true feelings to someone…

“……Ah! Wait!”

Suddenly, Ema’s sapphire-like blue eyes noticed the lunchbox in my hand, the one she gave me.

Why bring this up now… Right. It’s this.

“Really! Shinobu really didn’t lie to me!”

Ema’s lunchbox contained a truth serum. Although it didn’t work on me due to my resistance, Ema didn’t know this. In other words, Ema could only think that what I just said was all true.

“I’m so happy! Shinobu, I’m really happy!”


Expressing one’s feelings through words. Ema, with the brightest smile, threw herself into my arms.

“Maybe I can trust Shinobu… if it’s Shinobu…”

Ema’s sweet breath and whispered words against my chest made me feel immensely satisfied.

This is the first time I realized… that making a woman happy could bring such joy to oneself.

“Although I’m still a bit scared, someday… someday, I want to talk about the future with Shinobu…”

“The future?”

“Ah! No, nothing! Nothing… not that there’s nothing, just that I can’t say it yet!”

The unspeakable thing. Probably about her eyeing the inheritance of Hirotaka Mitsukoshi.

“It’s okay. Your words are enough for me.”

“……Thank you.”

I held Ema’s hands even tighter.

Speaking of which.

“Gentle Shinobu. Accepting Shinobu. I must tell Yuki about this quickly…”

Judging by Ema’s attitude now, I must have gained quite a bit of favor, right?

Compared to this morning, it’s like night and day. This is all thanks to Rin’s advice.

Indeed, she is an expert in captivating countless men.

Great. Now Ema will surely start seeing me as a romantic interest—

“Shinobu is like my brother!”

The journey is long…


After school HR ended, Ema and I headed home together. Just at the school building’s entrance, we ran into Dan, who casually commented, “Yo! You two are even more lovey-dovey than yesterday!” making my heart incredibly heavy.

Compared to Ema, who held my hand and smiled radiantly, I was deeply wounded by the last phrase during the lunch break and hadn’t recovered yet.

I returned to the Kurumichi house with a gloomy face. Entering the living room with heavy steps, I saw Chiyo occupying the sofa. Izumi was preparing dinner in the kitchen, and Dan was typing on a laptop on the table.

“Welcome back, Shinobu… uh, what’s up with you?”

“I evolved from ‘solid ATM’ to ‘brother’.”

“What’s that?”

Hearing my vague response, Chiyo Kurumichi tilted her head in confusion.

I carefully observed Chiyo with her head tilted.

Chiyo Kurumichi. Fourteen years old, in her second year of junior high school. She stands at 150 cm.

With round little eyes and short hair reaching her ears, her slightly bulging chest made the light blue sleeveless shirt seem more provocative. Glancing at her slightly lifted yellow miniskirt, one could catch a glimpse of the fabric underneath.

Despite her casual attire, Chiyo is a genuine spy.

This relaxed demeanor of Chiyo is something she only shows at home.

That means…

“Ah? What’s up, Shinobu?”

“Shinobu, are you troubled by something?”

Seeing me not speaking, both Dan Kurumichi and Izumi Kurumichi expressed their concerns.

“What’s wrong, Shinobu brother?”

Chiyo too looked at me with a worried gaze.

When asked if I feel any feminine allure from Chiyo, my answer is no.

After all, I have always viewed her as family. But does this conform to the general public’s perception?

Perhaps it’s because of my unique situation. So, I needed to confirm.

“Chiyo, I love you. What do you think of me?”

“Ah? Eh? Ehhh—?!”

Her cheeks flushed, eyes flustered. Her heartbeat must have increased significantly.

“Answer me. I need to know no matter what.”

“Ah, well…”

Chiyo adjusted her rolled-up miniskirt, her face a mix of embarrassment and confusion.

Fortunately, it seemed my thoughts were conveyed to her. She clenched her fists tightly, then…

“Of course, I love Shinobu brother the most…”

A response that made me elated, but it wasn’t enough.

During lunch, Ema said, “Shinobu is like my brother.”

I needed to thoroughly verify whether there was any romantic affection from Ema towards me in that statement.

“I’d be very happy if your answer contained a sexual connotation.” “How’s that?

“Sex ……! “Shinobu, Shinobu?”

“If so, I’d like to see you naked. If possible, it would be ideal to add kisses and other options.”

I don’t feel any female charms towards Ji Yu, probably because I don’t have any physical relationship with her. As a first class spy, I have to try all the possibilities.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah… ……”

Why is Chiyo stepping away from me with teary eyes?

I just wanted to know if Aimo would fall in love with me after being labeled as “like a brother”…

“Mom, ahhhh—!! Brother Shinobu, you’ve finally crossed the line and turned into a crazy sister-con!!”

“Chiyo, hurry and get away from Shinobu!”

“Could he have been fed some sort of drug…! Shinobu, stay right there, don’t move!”

In the next moment, Chiyo ran away crying loudly. Izumi Kurumichi didn’t give me any chance to resist and locked me up straight away, and Dan Kurumichi delivered a powerful palm strike to my abdomen without saying a word.

…My family, I don’t understand.

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
The Assassin Who Reaches to a Romcom

The Assassin Who Reaches to a Romcom

Yagate Love Comedy ni Itaru Ansatsusha, やがてラブコメに至る暗殺者
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese
“I love you, Shino! From now on, I want to be by your side as your lover!” Thus, I, a very ordinary high school boy named Kurumichi Shino, and the school’s famously beautiful girl, Emma Ootori, became lovers. Can you believe it? That Emma Ootori? The perfect beauty brimming with humor and charm, who came from England. Truly a flower on a high peak. If I were really just an ordinary person… “I’ll turn Shino into a puppet and take everything from him!” I am set to inherit a vast fortune from the world-renowned Kogou Group. She must have approached me with her eyes on that inheritance. Anyone who opposes the group will be eliminated. Emma, it’s me who will use you. I’ll turn you into a puppet and thoroughly use you. Hehehe…”


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