📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

The Assassin Who Reaches to a Romcom Chapter 1

Chiyo and Ema


Volume 1: Chapter 1 – Chiyo and Ema

If the total amount of luck one has in life is predetermined, then I—Kurumichi Chiyo—might have already used up all of mine.

I became the boyfriend of Ootori Ema. Can you believe it? My girlfriend is that Ootori Ema.

She receives confessions from the opposite sex every week, sometimes over a dozen in a week, and could be considered the goddess of Chokusei High School.

That kind of goddess actually confessed to someone like me and wanted to be my girlfriend.

If you ask anyone at school about me, they’d probably say, “He’s just an ordinary guy.”

I’m average in both academics and sports. My future goal is a “peaceful everyday life”… which, I guess, is quite like a high school student. As a high schooler, perhaps I should aim for something more grandiose.

Goal adjustment: Let’s change my future goal to “world peace.”

As long as there’s world peace, I can have my peaceful everyday life. In the end, it’s the same thing.

“It’s fine… It should be okay…”

With a mix of excitement and anxiety echoing in my heart, I walk to school.

Ema confessed to me last Friday. I should have taken the opportunity to invite her on a date on Saturday or Sunday, but unfortunately, I had other plans.

Saturday was a farewell party. The Tanabe couple, our neighbors, were moving overseas, and I quietly wished them well on their move. Sunday was helping with the move. I went to the Tanabes’ house to help them prepare for their long journey overseas. Dealing with neighborhood relations is tough.

Of course, I messaged Ema over the weekend, but the last time I saw her and heard her voice was in the park last Friday. Is it really okay? Though I want to believe that last week’s events were real, I can’t rule out the worst-case scenario…

“Chiyo, good morning! You’re so early… I’m so happy!”

It seems my luck is still hanging on by a thread.

With her skin as beautiful as silk slightly flushed, the girl named Ootori Ema runs towards me.

The dangerous weapon hidden in her chest… cough cough. My girlfriend, very beautiful.

“Good morning… Ema.”

Is it really okay?

Could it suddenly happen right here… No, to prevent such a scenario, I’ve already done my best.

“…Hehe. Even though I see Chiyo every day, it feels like I’m seeing your face for the first time.”

With the tension caused by my unease dissipating, the overly beautiful girl before me brings a new kind of tension.

“Me too… How should I put it, Ema seems even more special to me now than before…”


“Anyways, let’s go. We’ll be late if we stay here any longer!”

“Yeah! Uh… Please take good care of me from now on, Chiyo!”

I walk shoulder to shoulder with Ema. Just this is enough to make my heart race.


For a moment, I touch the back of Ema’s hand.

Should I hold it? But what if she rejects me… Eh, eh, what am I afraid of?

“If you don’t want to, just say so!”

“…Um! I don’t mind…”

Gathering all my courage, I hold Ema’s left hand with my right. Our palms press together, hands clasping. At this stage, attempting the more daring lovers’ hold of intertwining fingers seems too risky.

Ah, Ema’s hand is smaller than I imagined…

People get used to habits. When we met in the park, I was too nervous to know what to say, but after walking hand in hand with Ema for a while, my mindset gradually became more stable. Before I knew it, we were chatting about trivial matters just like we do at school.

“Ema, how did you spend your weekend?”

Of course, gathering information from casual conversations is essential. It’s only natural.

“Hmm, I mostly went out for walks when resting. Since I’m new to the area, I wanted to get to know the neighborhood.”

“Walks, huh… So, I should also go for a… cough cough. Do you have any recommended places?”

“I always go to Ootori Lai Temple. It’s a very quiet place that helps me relax.”

Ootori Lai Temple… a large shrine just a few steps from the station.

“So, so! Next time, I want to go with Chiyo…”

“Of course, please let me accompany you.”

I reply quicker than a blink. Going to a shrine together. In other words… hehehe.

I didn’t expect the opportunity to come so soon.

But then again, going to a shrine means…

“Does Ema want to make a wish?”

“Eh? Oh! This… actually…”

Ema’s cheeks turn crimson as she shyly looks at me.

“I want… to be with my beloved… forever…”

“Does that mean…”


Ema stares intently at me, gripping my hand even tighter. I squeeze back just as firmly.

“And, and! I also watch movies! I watch one every week on the movie website!”

“Really! What kind of movies does Ema like?”

We speak loudly as if to shake off the embarrassment from before.

“I love the Avengers series! There are so many movies, and it takes a long time to watch them all, but it’s so moving to watch ‘Endgame’ after seeing the whole series! My favorite is Iron Man! He’s a big company boss who becomes a hero protecting the world, so cool!”

“I’ve watched all of the Avengers too. ‘Endgame’ is indeed great. In that movie… I also like Iron Man the most.”

“Right! It has to be Iron Man!”

“We both… like Iron Man…”

Our words overlap. And then…

“The way he sacrifices himself to save the world is so impressive.”

“I wonder who will inherit Iron Man’s huge legacy, I’m really curious!”


It seems that although we both like the same character, our perspectives differ.

“Ah~~ Uh~~ It’s Shinobu’s turn! I have some questions for Shinobu too!”

Not good, not good. I was so focused on learning about Ema that I forgot to talk about myself. Lovers should reveal their inner selves to each other… I believe that’s fundamental for lovers.

“That’s right, what would Ema like to know?”

“Eh! Well, then…”

Ah… there’s no need to be so shy and hesitant.

“I want to know what movies Shinobu likes.”

This is naturally a trivial matter.

“My favorite movie is ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’. The back and forth between the couple in the movie is really interesting.”

“‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’, huh. Then I’ll watch it when I get home, and we can have a discussion about it!”

“Thank you. Then I look forward to hearing Ema’s thoughts.”

After this, we chatted and made our way to Chokushi High School.


“Ha! Wait a minute! What is this about?”

“No way… I can’t believe this is real…”

“Eh—!! Ema-chan and a guy holding hands… This means…”

When we arrived at school, we were met with countless stares.

The reason was simple. Ema and I, a guy, were holding hands on our way to school.

“Uh… it feels like a lot of people are watching us…”

“I won’t let go of your hand.”

“Okay, okay! Let’s keep holding hands then.”

Ema nodded vigorously, gripping my hand even tighter.

“Having Shinobu by my side… because Shinobu is with me…”

By her side, huh… Indeed, I am standing beside Ema as her lover. Definitely.

“Haah~ Why would Ema-chan be with that guy? Aren’t there better men out there?”

“Maybe because she grew up overseas, her sensibilities are different from ours?”

I know you’re all curious, and I know what you think of me—but can you not follow Ema and me? It’s like a feudal lord’s procession.


“Well, then, it’s time to part ways…”


Our procession, led by Ema and me, stopped in front of her classroom. Regrettably, even after moving up to the second year and changing classes, I wasn’t in the same class as Ema. So we had to part ways.

The procession couldn’t possibly follow us into the classroom. Some people hung their heads, others walked away with light steps, a clear display of sadness and joy.

“Ema, that…”

“Shinobu, let’s meet at the usual place during lunch break.”

Maybe today is the day I die. Gotta brace myself and face it head-on.


“My inner oasis has dried up… I’m so thirsty, my throat needs hydration… preferably with someone’s blood.”

“Even though it’s spring, it’s so cold… I want something to warm up… preferably with someone’s blood.”

Classroom. I walked to the third row by the window and sat down at my desk. Thinking about my classmates, who seemed like vampires at this point, gazing at me fervently, I must have misunderstood. I haven’t done anything to make them hate me—

“By the way, did you see the news this morning? The founder of the Kougo Group passed away.”

“Yeah, I saw it. Such a powerful person dying, if someone in our class died, it wouldn’t make the news or be questioned, right?”

“You, you’re pretty sharp.”

I saw that news too. The death of the founder of a world-class corporation is indeed shocking.

An opportunity to liven up the atmosphere with this topic… maybe not now.

“Hey, hey, Shinobu! I’m talking to you, Shinobu, Shinobu!”

Just three minutes in this murderous classroom, Kamio Aso, who had finished his morning practice, came over to me.

For a guy, he’s on the smaller side, but his baby face turns what might be a disadvantage into a plus. He’s also a member of the basketball team.

“Yeah, we’re dating.”

“I haven’t even asked yet, don’t jump the gun!”

Who told you to have that question written all over your face? Better to be efficient than to waste time on pointless talk.

“…So, is it really true?”

“Absolutely true.”

“Ah~! It’s true~! So it’s true~!”

He makes an amusing gesture, like a lively garden eel.

“Mm-hmm~! I’m feeling a bit mixed about it.”

“Aso, do you like Ema?”

“Shinobu, your eyes look scary right now.”

“Stop beating around the bush and answer my question.”

“It’s not about whether I like it or not, so don’t worry. It’s just… how should I put it? It’s like suddenly finding out that someone close to you has hit the jackpot.”

I see, an easy-to-understand analogy.

“Aww, Yamada was crying his eyes out, you know.”

By the way, this Yamada is the captain of the soccer team.

He’s not an important character, just a brief mention will do.

Yamada, a background character. That’s the end of it.

“Anyway, congratulations! You lucky guy, you make us all so jealous!”


“I didn’t come specially to congratulate you, but I was curious about the whole story. Can you enlighten me, Chiyo?”

As the flower of our male friendship was blooming, Fujimine An suddenly interrupted.

Regarding her slender figure without much curves, some people like it, some shake their heads, but she does have beautiful legs. To single-celled organisms like male high school students, seeing a beautiful face, bust, or legs is enough to get them hooked.

“What’s the big story, even I’m still trying to figure it out myself.”

“Even so, isn’t it strange that you didn’t tell me, Chiyo? After all, we’ve been childhood friends, right?”

“Can someone I met in junior high really be considered a childhood friend?”

“Whoa! Just got a girlfriend and now a childhood friend enters the picture! This is getting interesting!”

“If that’s the case, there’s another girl from the same junior high, right?”

“You mean a love quadrangle?”

“Quadrangle, my foot.”

Unexpectedly, my voice and Fujimine’s overlapped.

“How unfair! I don’t have any friends from my junior high nearby, I’m so lonely!”

“Forget about the idiot Koo full of manga fantasies. Just tell me, who confessed first?”

“Oh, about that…”

Just as I was about to answer, I noticed that the entire class’s attention (mainly the boys) was focused on me, so I paused. It felt like everyone’s ears had turned into elephant ears.

“Aiyo, Chiyo, who made the first move?”

“…It was Ema.”

I replied as quietly as possible, in a volume only the two of them could hear.

“What?! It wasn’t you, Chiyo?!”

Simultaneous shouts from Koo and Fujimine echoed in the classroom, followed by several sounds of desk banging.

So much for my concern.

“Now this is getting interesting! How did Angel-chan confess to you, Chiyo?”

“I’m not obliged to answer that.”

If I say a few more words, I might just set off all the boys.

“Eh~ Chiyo, is that how you treat me~?”


“Should I tell Angel-chan about the embarrassing things you did in junior high…?”

The relationships built in the past can be such a hassle…

“She said she likes how I look useless but always try hard with all my heart.”

“Wow! That’s so youthful! Chiyo, you actually got told that by someone?!”

“Koo! This is getting more and more exciting! Tell us, Chiyo, how did you respond to her—”

“Hey you three, Kurumichi Chiyo-kun, Ushio-kun, and Fujimine-kun.”


A languid voice came from behind. Turning around, there stood a man behind us.

Disheveled hair, slouched back, and eyes that were the complete opposite of energetic.

But at that moment, he was like a godsend to me.

“Ah! Mr. Kanou, good morning!”

“Mr. Kanou, morning~”

“Thank you, Mr. Kanou.”

Standing there was our male teacher, Mr. Kanou, our homeroom teacher.

“I didn’t come to say good morning to you… and why is Kurumichi Chiyo-kun thanking me…”

“Because you saved me from a difficult situation.”

“I don’t get it…” Mr. Kanou scratched his head in annoyance and looked at us grumpily.

“It’s time for class meeting, get back to your seats.”

“Roger that. Let’s talk later, Chiyo!”

“What a pity~ See you later then, Chiyo~”

Those two returned to their seats, oblivious to Mr. Kanou’s displeasure.

“Haah… what a hassle…”

Mr. Kanou sighed as he looked at Fujimine and Koo.

Such a statement might be against teacher’s ethics, but we broke the school rules first.


Wait, why isn’t Mr. Kanou walking back to the podium but staring at me instead?

“Is there something wrong?”

“Congratulations. Even the teachers in the staff room are talking about you.”

So it’s reached the teachers’ ears too. Ema’s popularity is astounding…

“There’s no rule against dating at our school, but remember to keep it appropriate. If anything happens, I’m the one responsible, and just thinking about it is troublesome.”

“Uh… I understand.”

“Alright then.”

After stating her piece unilaterally, Teacher Kanemi slinked back to her lectern.

“Class meeting time. Today—”

Maintaining an appropriate relationship, huh. Since we’re high school students, that’s only natural.

But do you think I’d be satisfied with just an appropriate relationship?

My girlfriend is none other than Ootori Ema. Thinking of having a measured relationship like a typical high schooler is unimaginable.

My goal is to go beyond the bounds of propriety. Things like this and that, I plan to have my way with Ema.

Of course, not now, but one day… Heh heh heh.


“Shinobu, sorry. The last class ran long…”

“Don’t worry about it, I just got here too.”

Lunch break. Ema arrived at the rooftop, panting, and I greeted her with a smile. Before we became lovers, as long as the weather was good, we’d come here for lunch. This rooftop is a somewhat special place for us.

Ah, just before lunch break, all I had were troubles.

The virus known as ‘Becoming Lovers with Ootori Ema’ spread throughout Chokushi High School in the blink of an eye, causing a massive outbreak. Many students flocked to me, the source of the virus.

Most didn’t speak to me, but came to see what kind of person I was.

Naturally, they wondered why Ema would choose a guy like me.

However, it seemed the infected didn’t get too close to the source of the virus. On the rooftop, it was just me and Ema. Opposite the entrance… there were five people. Better be cautious.

As I thought about all this, I took out my lunchbox, and then…


Ema seemed to encounter something unexpected and looked a bit flustered.

Seeing such a cute girlfriend is a privilege of being a lover.

“Umm…! What should I do…”

Ema fidgeted, and the shape of the weapons hidden in her chest became more prominent… Just kidding.

Don’t always focus on that. I should ask Ema what’s wrong…

“What happened?”

Seeing Ema sneak a peek at my lunchbox, I asked her on purpose, even though I had an idea of what she might say. After all, it would be a bit embarrassing if I got it wrong.

“Actually, I made a lunchbox for Shinobu. But…”

“Of course, I’d love to eat it.”

Though my response was prepared, the genuine emotion that welled up inside made me answer sincerely.

“Really? But you brought your own lunchbox…”

“Ema’s homemade lunchbox is obviously my first priority.”

“Tha-thank you! Here, then…”

I took the lunchbox wrapped in a pink cloth, carefully… as if defusing a bomb. To avoid disturbing the contents, I gently lifted the lid, and then…

“It’s sandwiches…”

Colorful sandwiches appeared before my eyes. Just as I said, “Then I’ll start,” I reached for a sandwich and put it in my mouth.

“…Hmm. This…”

“…How is it?”

I took a bite of the soft bread, and the sauce inside immediately spread in my mouth.

Faced with this familiar yet fresh taste, I…

“It’s delicious. Thank you, Ema.”

“That’s great! Eat a lot, Shinobu!”


“Shinobu, can I ask you something?”

Ten minutes after finishing our lunch, Ema asked me somewhat nervously.

“What is it?”

“Well… why did Shinobu agree to be my boyfriend?”

Ema’s eyes were filled with uncertainty as she carefully observed my expression.

Don’t worry, Ema. How could I possibly give an answer that would trouble you?

“I’ve always been paying attention to you. Since you transferred to our school and I saw you, I never stopped…”


“Of course. Who wouldn’t notice Ema, you’re so beautiful.”

“Beautiful… I’m not as you say… but thank you… hehe.”

“Then, remember when we talked at the beginning of this year? From that moment, my desire to get closer to you grew stronger.”

“Me too! I felt the same way!”

Ema suddenly closed the distance between us.

“I’ve always been very curious about Chiyo! I want to understand more about you. I hope you’ll tell me everything about yourself. This thought has always been in my mind… so… ah!”

At that moment, Ema realized she was too close to me, so close that we could have kissed.

She quickly pulled away to a distance where even stretching out our hands wouldn’t reach each other, leaving me feeling a bit dejected.

“I’m sorry! But, everything I said is true! I want to understand more about Chiyo!”

“Just ask whatever you want. I’ll answer any question you have.”

I lied a little bit. If Ema were to ask something sensitive, it would be better to give a vague answer.

“That’s great! Then… first off… does Chiyo have any secrets that you’ve never told anyone else… if you do, I hope you can tell me… I want to know secrets about Chiyo that only I know…”

Come to think of it, about this question… might as well use a bit of humor, given the rare opportunity.

“Actually, I’m a rich young master.”

“…Eh! Really?!”

Ema’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Then, will you inherit a huge fortune in the future…”

“It’s hard to say. But if I do get that much money, I have a dream I definitely want to fulfill first.”

“A dream? Chiyo’s dream is…”

“To be with Ema, so that the two of us can always be together.”

“—Eh! Chiyo, don’t say weird things out of the blue! You scared me!”

“I’m glad I could surprise you. So, is that the only thing you wanted to ask?”

“Ah, no, no, no! Next, I want to ask about Chiyo’s family—”

After that, Ema asked me many questions, and I answered each one.

From family composition, favorite food, to future dreams, and how I relax on weekends. The aimless chatter flowed warmly and comfortably on the rooftop. By the time I realized it, the lunch break was over.


“Then, let’s go back together… Ema.”


After school, I went to Ema’s class, took her hand again which we had let go of in the morning, and walked out of Chokusei High School. At this time, Koo was vigorously participating in the basketball club, but Ema and I weren’t part of any clubs, so we headed straight home. Everyone has their own way of enjoying their youth.

“By the way, Chiyo! Let’s try this popsicle together, shall we?”

“Good idea. Please let me join you.”

We both approached the convenience store’s freezer and bought two popsicles for one hundred yen each.

When we walked out of the store, the lazy farewell from the clerk, “Take care~”, left an impression on me.

“Hehe, eating together with two people makes it taste really good.”

“Yes. In the future, we should do things together more often… Hm?”

While eating popsicles with Ema in the park, my phone vibrated.

A message came in. After reading the message, I sighed.

“Chiyo, why are you sighing?”

“Nothing, I’m fine. Just received a weird message.”

After saying that, I put my phone back in my pocket.


“Even though we walked so slowly, we still got here… Time really flies.”

“We really did lose track of time.”

After leaving the park, we headed towards the nearest train station to Chokusei High School.

Ema and I lived in opposite directions, with the station in between.

Whether it’s our classes or residences, this tantalizingly close yet distant feeling is quite frustrating.

“Ema, it’s about time to let go…”

“I want to go to Chiyo’s house!”

“Uh eh!”

Earth-shattering. Ema’s sudden request took me by surprise, making me blurt out an odd noise.

“Let me greet your family! I don’t have any weird intentions… unless Chiyo wants to, that’s not out of the question…”

Okay. So, now is the time to invite Ema to… uh, no, that won’t do.

“I’m glad, Ema.”

“Really?! Then—”

“But not today.”

“Eh… Why, why not?”

“If you come to my house now, it will be very late by the time you get back home. Of course, I would escort you home… but the thought of Ema possibly encountering any danger on her way… it really worries me…”

There are many dangers in this world that Ema doesn’t know about, so today is not possible.

“Chiyo is too gentle… I really wanted to meet your family sooner…”

This is bad. If she continues to feel down like this and decides to end our relationship, then all my efforts would be in vain.

I have to do something… but what can I do… Ah, that’s it!

Now is the perfect time for that to make an appearance!

“Don’t look so sad. It might not be exactly appropriate to call it compensation… I hope, Ema, you can accept this.”


Kurumichi Shinobu, facing the biggest triumph or failure of his life.

With slightly trembling hands, he pulled out something from his backpack – a small, palm-sized square box.

This was the gift he had prepared for Ema.

“This, this is a gift to commemorate us becoming lovers!”

“…Eh! Shinobu prepared a gift too?!”

“Me too? Does that mean… Ah!”

Ema’s face flushed with shy delight as she gently nodded her head.

Ema carefully reached into her backpack and pulled out a similarly palm-sized square box. They exchanged gifts and upon opening them…

“Wow~! It’s a pendant!”

“It’s a bracelet.”

The small box I handed out contained a pink gold floral pendant, while the box Ema gave me held a silver bracelet. We both, as if by agreement, wore each other’s gifts.



The expressions of loss that had filled the air just moments ago were gone. Now, a girl with a shy yet blissful smile stood before me.

The thought of having created such a beautiful moment filled me with a hint of pride.

“Wearing the pendant Shinobu gave me, I feel like even when we’re apart, Shinobu is still protecting me…”

Ema’s delicate hand clutched the pendant, her gentle words resonating like the arpeggios of a piano.

Always stay by Ema’s side. Through the pendant, Ema conveyed her wish.

“Thank you, Shinobu! I will cherish it! I will definitely cherish it!”

“I will also make good use of the bracelet you gave me. So, for today…”

“Yes! See you tomorrow, Shinobu!”

Ema bounced into the station and soon disappeared from sight. After ensuring she was no longer visible, I put on my wireless headphones and started my journey home.

“I never imagined our thoughts would be so similar.”

Looking at the bracelet I received from Ema, I murmured to myself.


“Great, I made it home safely.”

The phrase ‘triumphant return’ might have been created just for moments like this. The walk from the station, which usually takes ten minutes, took me around forty-five minutes today, and now it’s 16:53. Before me stands a 40-square-meter single-family house with a parking space and a basement.

This ordinary dwelling is the Kurumichi family home. After removing my shoes in the entryway, I headed straight to the living room.

As I opened the door, my family’s ‘you’re finally back’ gazes greeted me.

“Oh, you’re back, Shinobu.”

“I’m back, Chiyo.”

This girl sprawled on the sofa, taking up three seats, is my junior high sister, Kurumichi Chiyo. Perhaps more relaxed at home, she wore short shorts revealing her thighs and a pink sleeveless top. Engrossed in her phone, she looked casual.

“I’m exhausted. Got asked so many questions today.”

“Ah ha! So you got bombarded with questions!”

Chiyo’s legs kicked towards the ceiling, and using the momentum, she stood up and came over to me.

“So, how was it, Shinobu?”

“For now, my anxiety has somewhat eased.”

“You did deliver the gift, right?”

“Yeah, I did.”

“Phew~! Look at you, the ladies’ man! Poke, poke~!”

Chiyo, elbowing me in the abdomen, sat next to me at the small table.

Across from me were my mother, Kurumichi Izuna, and father, Kurumichi Dan.

“Chiyo-chan, you shouldn’t always tease Shinobu-chan,” my mother advised with a gentle smile while writing in the household ledger. She wore form-fitting jeans and a sky-blue long shirt with buttons, topped with a classic apron featuring a giant heart.

“Eh~ I’m just worried about Shinobu, as a sister should be,” Chiyo pouted, slightly disgruntled by our mother’s remark.

“Personally, I’d like to hear more about the bracelet,” my father commented, his gaze fixed on the bracelet on my right hand while tapping on his laptop. Dressed in a suit at home, he seemed always prepared, ready for action at any moment.

I took out a notebook and mechanical pencil from my backpack.

“I received her gift… I guess we’re pretty in sync.”

“Hmm… So you mean it’s going as you hoped?”

“Going as I hoped? I’m not confident I can manage this relationship well…”

In the Kurumichi family, with a brother and sister both in their adolescence, our four-person relationship is very harmonious. We never hide anything and share everything about our school life with our family. That means Chiyo, mother, and father all know that I became Ema’s boyfriend last Friday.

“Don’t worry. Have confidence. You are our son, after all.”

“Fufufu, that’s right. Chiyo-chan is a very outstanding young man.”

“Yeah! I also think Chiyo-bro is a wonderful brother!”

So, I was probably a bit too cautious…

“Then, when will you introduce us to Miss Ootori?”

Isn’t this moving a bit too fast?

“Ah? Introduce her… Well, it will happen soon enough…”

“Hmm~? Chiyo-bro, are you hiding something?”

“Actually, Ema wanted to come and greet you all, but I refused her.”

“Eh—!! Why is that?! If she came, she would definitely get along well with us! Chiyo-bro, do you think I’m helping you just for nothing?”

I’m truly grateful for the help in preparing gifts.

But, one thing at a time.

“Chiyo-chan, I too would like to meet Ema-chan soon.”

With my mother saying this, it put me in a difficult position. Although she is gentle and wise, she can also be quite assertive…

“It’s just… bringing someone home right after starting a relationship is… I want to cherish it more…”

“Chiyo-bro, you’re overthinking it! If she came, I would definitely welcome her enthusiastically.”

“That’s right. Mom will personally cook a delicious meal.”

“Both of you calm down. Since she’s coming over specially, we should prepare thoroughly. A grand welcome is only appropriate, right?”

Despite the calm tone, their clenched fists showed how excited they were inside.

My father, usually calm and composed, became very proactive when he found out about my relationship with Ema, offering to share his knowledge from his fieldwork about convenient locations nearby.

“—So, let’s have her come over tomorrow. This way, we can all prepare adequately.”

“That’s like Dad!”

“Fufufu, not bad~”

Chiyo, Mom, Dad, all of them were so fixated on Ema that it made things difficult for me.

“Ah, ah~… about inviting Ema over, I think we should wait a bit longer.”

“Why?!” “Why is that?!” “Why?”

Four voices overlapped perfectly, leaving me at a loss for words.

“I need to mentally prepare… and, if possible, I’d like to meet Ema’s family first.”

Seeing my response, Chiyo and Mom finally showed understanding.

For now, it seems I’m safe… Hm?

“Listen, Chiyo-chan. Being cautious is good, but sometimes you need to be bold, you know?”

Maybe it was just my imagination, but the way Mom said this, smiling, seemed to carry a bit of pressure.

“Uh… what does that mean…”

“Well, that’s something you’ll need to learn in time. Let’s leave today’s matter here. Dinner will be ready soon, so go change and take a bath, Chiyo-chan.”

“Okay… I understand.”

I got up from the small four-person table and headed to my room on the second floor.

Ah, I’m really looking forward to tomorrow. I can’t wait to see Ema.

More than today, I want to take our relationship to the next level.

“Great! Made it home safely!”

Triumphant, that’s the best word to describe me right now—Ootori Ema.

A thirty-minute walk from the south exit of the station, and now it’s 16:35. I just got home and am taking off my shoes in the entrance.

My home is a 3LDK rental apartment. Thanks to its distance from the station and being an older property, the monthly rent is only 80,000 yen. [Note: 3LDK is about 25-30 square meters. 3 bedrooms + living room + dining room + kitchen]

This is where I live.

“I’m home~… Wow!”

“Ema, you’re finally back!! Are you okay? Are you hurt? Did anyone do anything strange to you?!”

“Yuki-nee, you’re worrying too much~ I’m perfectly fine and in great spirits!”

The person who couldn’t wait and hugged me in the entrance is named Nanashiro Yuki.

Although we’re not related by blood, she is someone I deeply cherish… like a sister to me.

“That’s a relief!… Ah, I forgot I’m still working! Ema, just wait a moment, okay!”


Following Yuki-nee, who hurried back into the living room, I also went into the living room.

Then I sat down on the sofa next to where Yuki-nee was working.

“Hmm~ this editing is still lacking something. Maybe I should use more…”

Yuki-nee, with an earphone in her left ear, was hard at work. She’s a video editor.

She receives videos from various video uploaders and edits them for easier viewing by the audience.

“Yuki-nee, aren’t you done yet~?”

“Just a little more. Really, just a tiny bit more…”

“Alright~ then.”

I don’t have parents. I lived in a children’s welfare home in England until I was thirteen, where Yuki-nee, then twenty-three, adopted me.

Yuki-nee is a remarkable person. She used to work for a world-class corporation, Kougo Group’s subsidiary—Kougo Pharmaceuticals London branch.

And she wasn’t just any employee. She was the head of the development department in that huge company.

Unfortunately, that’s all in the past. Last year, Yuki-nee resigned from Kougo Pharmaceuticals.

That’s when we moved to Japan, where we’ve been living ever since.

“…Telling Chiyo wouldn’t be a problem, right?”

If he finds out I have no parents, he might hate me.

But, I can’t keep this a secret forever…

“Alright. Today’s work is done♪ So, tell me about your day, okay?”


Yuki’s gentle hand tenderly stroked my head.

Just this simple gesture eased the tension in my heart.

“You’re dating Shinobu-kun, right? How is it going?”

“For now… it’s probably, well, not bad, I guess?”

My reply was hesitant, mainly because of today’s failure. I had planned to visit Shinobu’s home and greet his family, but he refused.

I thought if I sincerely pleaded, Shinobu would surely agree.

“There will definitely be an opportunity in the future…”

Kurumichi Shinobu. The boy who, as of last Friday, became my boyfriend. He is such an “ordinary boy” that it’s rare in this world. Even if his academic and athletic abilities are nothing special, and he’s not particularly handsome, I chose him to be my boyfriend.

It was my first ever confession, and I worried about what I would do if I were rejected.

However, Shinobu, with a slightly shy smile, accepted my confession.

I was really happy. And today was also very enjoyable. In the morning, Shinobu and I talked about our hobbies, we spent lunchtime together on the rooftop, and even had a little date after school.

Shinobu told me a lot about himself.

“It’s really great…”

If he hadn’t told me anything, I might have had to use it.

That amazing secret weapon that could make Shinobu’s heart race.

But Shinobu shared a lot with me. Thanks to that, the secret weapon had no chance to shine.

So, even though I wasn’t invited to his house today…

“Hehe~! Even I can do it if I try. Shinobu, this little boy, watch as I turn you into my puppet, everything about you will be mine!”

My plan with Yuki is going super smoothly!

“As expected of my adorable Ema! You will surely succeed! After all, my Ema is an absolutely gorgeous girl!”

Yuki hugged me tightly.

“Whoa! Yuki, don’t do that! I’m not that…”

“Ema, you underestimate yourself! Have more confidence! You are really cute!”

“Uh, uh. Thank you…”

I didn’t expect the plan to go this smoothly…

But this proves my efforts weren’t in vain!

I wanted to get closer to Shinobu earlier, but unfortunately, we are in different classes.

Then, I asked my classmates to let me spend the lunch break alone, finally creating an opportunity to connect with him. It really… really took so long!

“Ah! I have to put this away carefully! Though it’s a rubber bullet, it’s still dangerous to keep loaded!”

I took out the secret weapon that could make Shinobu’s heart race from the inner pocket of my school uniform.

If things ever got tough, I would use it – a small handgun to make Shinobu obediently follow my requests.

Although it was loaded with rubber bullets, a misfire could still cause a serious accident, so I carefully removed the bullets.

“…Um! Ema, put on the earphones! Hurry up or I’ll start listening alone!”

“Ah! Wait, Yuki! I want to listen too… I’ve got them on!”

I quickly put on the earphones, and through them came…

“Oh, you’re back, Shinobu.”

“I’m back, Chiyo.”

The sweet voices of Shinobu and a girl came through the earphones.

I think she is Shinobu’s sister whom he told me about today.

“I’m exhausted today. Got asked so many questions.”

“Ah ha! So you got bombarded with questions!”

“Yuki, Shinobu’s home!”

“Yes! We can hear their conversation clearly, well done!”

Yuki and I high-fived, a symbol of our successful operation.

“Good! Now I can relax a bit!”

The listening device hidden in the bracelet seems to be working well!

Last Sunday, I used my 5,000 yen allowance to buy a listening device in Akihabara. After searching many stores without success, luckily, a man sold it to me at a very cheap price.

“So, Shinobu, how was it?”

“My anxiety has eased a bit.”

“You did deliver the gift, right?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Phew~! Look at you, the ladies’ man! Poke, poke~!”

I was surprised that Shinobu had also prepared a gift for me. I’ll treasure it.

“Chiyo-chan, don’t always tease Shinobu-chan.”

The woman speaking must be Shinobu’s mother. She sounds like a kind and generous lady.

“Eh~ I’m just worried about Shinobu, as a sister should be.”

Hehe… Chiyo, you’re right. You should worry about your brother.

After all, I am…

“I’d like to hear more about the bracelet from Shinobu.”


This man with a deep voice must be Shinobu’s father.

It’s okay, right? The listening device hasn’t been discovered, has it?

“I received her gift… I think we’re quite in sync.”

“Hmm… So it’s going as you hoped?”

Great~! It hasn’t been discovered!

Speaking of which, if Chiyo and I were truly compatible, that would be a huge problem. After all, I secretly installed a listening device in the gift…

“Kukukuku! This naive boy really has no clue about the existence of the listening device! Such a hopelessly foolish guy! Ah, my stomach hurts from laughing so much!”

“If it gets discovered, then we’re really in big trouble…”

Yuki has been especially excited since a while ago.

“The ideal development? I’m not confident I can manage this relationship well…”

That’s not the case. Chiyo is doing a great job maintaining our relationship. He’s an excellent partner.

“I’m sorry, Chiyo. But…”

I don’t have romantic feelings for you. I became your girlfriend just to deceive you.

Because I know a very important secret about you.

Right, Kougo Chiyo?

“The inheritance of Kougo Hirotaka is all mine.”

Kougo Hirotaka, the founder of the world-class corporation, Kougo Group.

But now, he’s no longer with us. This morning’s news reported his obituary.

The top leader of the corporation is gone. The streets are buzzing with speculation about who will inherit his fortune and take control of the Kougo Group… However, Kougo Hirotaka never married.

So, naturally, one would think that an adopted son would inherit the Kougo Group, but…

“All of the Kougo Group will be inherited by my biological son, Kougo Chiyo. From now on, everyone will follow his orders.”

Two years ago, the bedridden Kougo Hirotaka announced this shocking fact.

The lifelong bachelor Kougo Hirotaka actually had an illegitimate child.

And this illegitimate child is Kougo Chiyo. His real name is not “Kurumichi” but “Kougo.”

Only a few people, including Kougo Hirotaka’s adopted children, know about this.

Why do I know about it? Because…

“Wuwuwuwu!! That small and adorable Ema has grown up to be so reliable! I can’t stop my tears!”

The appearance of Kougo Hirotaka — Yuki told me about it.


“I’m sorry, Ema. If only I hadn’t been disowned by the Kougo family…”

“Wah! Don’t apologize to me! Yuki has always been helping me!”

Yuki is no longer part of the Kougo family.

She caused a minor problem and was disowned by the Kougo family…

The unknown Yuki… Nanashiro Yuki. She became the Yuki I know today.

“But Ema, there’s something I’m curious about…”

“What is it, Yuki?”

“Will Chiyo-kun really inherit the fortune? What if he’s a fake heir…”

“Don’t worry! During lunch, I made him eat the lunchbox and thoroughly investigated! The lunchbox I gave to Chiyo was not ordinary. Inside that lunchbox…”

“Yuki’s truth serum is amazing! The effect was so evident!”

“I’ve got this! My experience as head of development at Kougo Pharmaceuticals wasn’t a joke! From truth serums to aphrodisiacs, there’s nothing I can’t handle! So, will Chiyo-kun really inherit the fortune…”

“It’s absolutely certain that he will inherit the fortune! After he ate the truth serum, I begged him to tell me his secret, and then he said, ‘I am actually a rich young master’!”

“Eeeeeexcellent!! Ema, how capable you are!”

Yuki hugged me tightly.

“Having confirmed this, the next thing to check is his family background! The fake name was created to hide his real identity, and he is, after all, the biological son of Father. It’s very likely he lives in a heavily guarded mansion…”

“Hehe! I’ve already thoroughly investigated that too! It’s a very ordinary family! His father is a salesman at Kougo Communications, and his mother is a housewife!”

“Maaaaarveeeeelous!! Ema, you are so reliable! Yes! According to Father’s style, he would indeed hide his own biological son in a family subordinate to the Kougo Group!”

Until last year, Chiyo was raised out of sight.

So the adopted children had no idea that Kougo Hirotaka had a biological son.

“So, has Chiyo already inherited the fortune?”

“Um! This, this… um~ hmm. It’s hard to say…”

“What do you mean?”

This morning’s news reported Kougo Hirotaka’s death.

But it just happened today. Perhaps Chiyo hasn’t yet received the inheritance.

According to Yuki, inheriting the fortune takes time, and it’s necessary to find out more about Chiyo’s current situation, but…

“I didn’t ask that far. Chiyo just said if he had money, there’s a dream he wants to fulfill…”

“A dream? Chiyo-kun’s dream is…”

“‘To be with Ema, so that the two of us can always be together’… that’s what he said…”

“That’s so~~~ gross~~~~~~!!”

Yuki shouted loudly, her voice filling the entire house.

That was indeed the reaction I expected… I was also startled at the time, my mind went blank.

“No way! Absolutely not, Ema! You can’t be with such a disgusting guy! Break up with him immediately!”

“Eh—! But if I break up with him, what about the inheritance…”

“Ah! Right… Okay! Then marry him and divorce immediately afterward!”

“Do I have to put an ‘X’ so soon?! I’m still in high school!” [Note: In Japan, a large ‘X’ is marked on the family register of those who have been divorced.]

“Don’t worry, Ema. Women have XX chromosomes. In other words, having two Xs is still safe.”


So, marrying Shinobu and then immediately divorcing is no problem… Ah, but getting married is still too soon!

Rather than that, I need to focus on figuring out how Shinobu sees me and whether he will inherit the estate or not.

For this reason, I gave him the bracelet with the listening device as a gift!

“Don’t worry. Be confident. You are our son.”

“Hehehe, that’s right. Shinobu-chan is a very fine young man.”

“Yeah! I also think Shinobu is a great brother!”

I actually don’t dislike Shinobu. Though his expressions hardly change, and I don’t know what he’s thinking, I know he’s a very hardworking and kind person.

“—So, when will you introduce us to Miss Ootori?”

Wow! Shinobu’s father wants to meet me! Then, my chance has come…

“Ah? Intro, introduce… Anyway, it’ll happen soon…”

“Hmm~? Shinobu, are you hiding something?”

“Actually, Ema mentioned wanting to come and greet you, but I refused her.”

“Eh—!! Why did you refuse?! If she came, we could definitely get along well! Shinobu, why do you think I’m helping you?”

“Shinobu-chan, Mom also wants to meet Miss Ema soon.”

Chiyo, Aunt Shinobu, good question! Right! This is exactly what I want to know now!

Tell me, Shinobu. Why didn’t you let me come to your house today?

Is it because you’re still wary of me? Or have you noticed my…

“No, it’s just that bringing someone home right after starting a relationship… I want to cherish it more…”

Cherish! Shinobu says he wants to cherish me! So, it’s because he wants to cherish me…

“Shinobu, you’re overthinking! If she came, I would definitely warmly welcome her with a lot of chatter.”

“Right. Mom would personally cook a nice meal.”

Wowwww! Chiyo and Aunt Shinobu are so kind!

“You two, calm down. Since she’s making the effort to visit, we should prepare properly. A luxurious welcome is better, right?”

“Whaaaaat!! Welcoming our Ema luxuriously is only natural, delay is Nothing!! Tell me right now ‘I hope she can come tomorrow’! That’s an order!”

That’s impossible, right…

“—So, let her come tomorrow. That way, we can all prepare adequately.”

“Not bad, Dad!”

“Hehehe, nice~”

What a miracle?! Everything is going too smoothly, making me fearful!

“Ah, ah~… Um, about inviting Ema, I think we should wait a bit.”

“Eh—!! Why?!” “Why?!” “Why is that?!” “Why?”

Surprisingly, my voice overlapped with those of Shinobu’s three family members.

“I need some mental preparation… and, if possible, I would like to first greet Ema’s family…”

He wants to come to my house first. This is troublesome. I haven’t told Shinobu that I have no parents…

“Hoho~. This boy dares to come to my castle, huh. Very well, if he dares, I’ll tell him how adorable our Ema is for a whole hour.”

Yuki’s runaway enthusiasm makes me uneasy.

Yuki is a gentle and reliable woman, but she occasionally loses control and goes on a rampage.

“Wouldn’t going too far backfire…”

“Don’t worry, Ema. A boy who doesn’t want to know how cute you are doesn’t exist in this world.”

I think that’s an exaggeration. And it would also trouble Shinobu.

“But if we rush it too much…”

“Ema, we don’t have time! For our future, we must quickly secure the inheritance! You know that, right?”

“…Hmm! You’re right! For the future, I must put in more effort!”

Yuki is right. We must secure the inheritance.

Not just with Shinobu, but also with his family, I absolutely, absolutely must secure the inheritance!

“Listen, Shinobu. Being cautious is good, but sometimes you need to be bold, you know?”

“Uh… What does that mean…”

Yes. Aunt Shinobu is right, I should also be bolder!

If I’m bolder, what should I do starting tomorrow?

We’ve already held hands after becoming a couple.

Speaking of holding hands, Shinobu’s hands were bigger than I expected, which surprised me a bit.

His hands are warm, reassuring me, and make me feel like he will always protect me…

“Ema, what’s wrong? You seem distracted…”

“…Eek! No, nothing! I have absolutely zero interest in a little boy like Shinobu! Shinobu is just an ATM at my beck and call!”

No, that’s not it! Now is not the time to be distracted!

Lying, I must deceive Chiyo.

“This, you need to learn well. That’s it for today’s matter. Dinner will be ready soon, Chiyo-chan, go change your clothes and take a bath.”

“Okay… I understand.”

Ah! Chiyo seems to be going to take a bath! Then I should join him too!

Hehe, I’m looking forward to tomorrow~ I can’t wait to see Chiyo~

This is all to seize his inheritance!

— Let’s rewind time a bit…

I—Kurumichi Chiyo, if anyone at school were asked about me, they’d probably say, “He’s just an ordinary guy.”

Ordinary in both academics and sports. There’s nothing about me that attracts attention.

“Good, arrived safely.”

16:53. After taking a long detour home, cursing my own nature, I didn’t remove the earphones from my ears and walked straight into the Kurumichi family’s living room.

Opening the door, my family members greeted me with a “you’re finally back” look.

“Oh, you’re back~ Chiyo-bro.”

“I’m home, Chiyo.”

The first to speak to me was the girl sprawled on the sofa, occupying space for three—Kurumichi Chiyo.

Like me, she wore an earphone in one ear.

“I’m exhausted today. Got asked a lot of questions.”

“Ahaha! So you were bombarded with questions!”

Chiyo laughed heartily, her thighs kicking up towards the ceiling, then using the momentum, she stood up, came over to me, and showed me the phone she had been fiddling with.

【So, everything is going as planned?】

I nodded silently.

“Yuki, Chiyo’s home!”

“Yes! I can hear their conversation clearly, well done!”

“Yes! Now I can relax a bit!”

The voices of Ootori Ema and her cohabitant, Nanashiro Yuki, came through the earphones.

Chiyo, standing by my side, gave me an “I did great, right?” look, and then said to me.

“So, what are your thoughts, Chiyo-bro?”

“Anyway, I feel a bit relieved now.”

The listening device in the pendant seems to be working properly.

“The gift was delivered properly, right?”

“Yeah. Sort of.”

“Whoo~! Look at you, the charming man! Poke poke~!”

【I told you, right? My listening device couldn’t possibly have problems!】

Chiyo, while tapping Morse code on my stomach with her elbow, sat down next to me at the small square table.

Opposite me were Kurumichi Izuna and Kurumichi Dan.

“Chiyo-chan, don’t always tease Chiyo-chan.”

Kurumichi Izuna, jotting down in a household account book with a ballpoint pen, also wore an earphone in one ear. Without making a sound, she turned the account book towards me.

【Now, we can freely gather information to our heart’s content】

Exactly. The information I couldn’t gather today, we can now get in abundance.

“Eh~ I’m worried about Chiyo-bro as a sister.”

You could at least praise the listening device I made, Chiyo showed a displeased expression.

“For me, I’m curious to hear more about the bracelet from Chiyo.”

Kurumichi Dan had been home since 17:00. Needless to say, he too wore an earphone in one ear.

He calmly moved his notebook, turning the screen towards me.

【Did they also make a move on their end?】

“I received her gift… I guess we’re quite compatible.”

I took out a notebook and a mechanical pencil from my bag.

【Right. There’s a listening device inside it.】

“Hmm… so the current situation is ideal, right?”

As Kurumichi Dan said, so far, everything has been going according to plan.

“Kukukuku! This naive boy really has no clue about the existence of the listening device! Such a hopelessly foolish guy! Ah, my stomach hurts from laughing so much!”

“If it gets discovered, then we’re really in big trouble…”

The hopeless fools have been hit by their own boomerang.

“The ideal development? I’m not confident I can manage this relationship well…”

【Without knowing Ema’s capabilities, we indeed cannot relax. We must…】

At first glance, the Kurumichi family seems like a typical family with office workers, a housewife, and a pair of siblings.

However, this is just a facade. Our true identity is…

【Systematically eliminate anyone who is an enemy of the Kougo Group】

The Kougo Group, built by Kougo Hirotaka in just one generation, is a world-class corporation.

However, the group is not united from top to bottom.

Currently, the biggest issue facing the Kougo Group… is the issue of succession.

Kougo Hirotaka never had a partner in his life. Therefore, he operated children’s welfare homes using his wealth, where he conducted special education and took the academically outstanding children as his adoptive children.

All of this was for the further development of the Kougo Group.

This choice was not wrong. The adoptive children who received elite education produced brilliant results, taking the Kougo Group step by step towards a world-class corporation… Unfortunately, those were the glories of the past.

Now, the excellence of the adoptive children has bred a huge problem.

Kougo Hirotaka had no offspring, which means the successor to the group could be one of the adoptive children.

The elites who received special education, the adoptive children, all came to this thought.

—I am the best candidate to take over the Kougo Group.

Whether openly or behind the scenes, these renowned adoptive children began a bloody and ugly war for succession.

This was not the situation Kougo Hirotaka wanted to see. So, he came up with a plan.

To create a legitimate heir who has Kougo blood.

Kougo Hirotaka had no partner but had an illegitimate child. As for the mother’s true identity, no one but he knew.

Then, two years ago. Kougo Hirotaka, bedridden with illness, summoned all his adoptive children and announced to them.

—All of the Kougo Group will be inherited by my biological son, Kougo Chiyo. From now on, everyone will follow his orders.

But this was not a means to end the succession struggle but to stop the ugly fight among the adoptive children.

Kougo Hirotaka intentionally brought up the name of the heir to direct all the adopted children’s animosity towards me. His plan worked. The adopted children stopped harming each other and focused their attention on me instead.

Not just overtly on stage, but even in the shadows… the power of spies was also employed.

As for
Hirotaka, he only said this to me:

—Complete all the tasks for me.

Codename “Shadow,” this is my other name—Kurumichi Shinobu.

Kougo Hirotaka wouldn’t naively bestow the entire Kougo Group just because I have Kougo blood. He wanted to show not only Kougo lineage but also personal strength.

I’ve been rigorously trained since I was aware, raised in secrecy.

With various honed skills, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call me a top-class spy.

By using this power and completing all assigned tasks, a true Happy End awaits me.

Of course, having to fend off assassins sent by the adopted children while completing tasks is a heavy burden, even for someone as trained as I am.

Therefore, the Kougo Group sent the Kurumichi family to assist me.

“Shinobu, tell me whatever you need immediately. I’ll do anything for you.”

Kurumichi Chiyo… Codename “Frontier.”

Chiyo specializes in developing and using electronic devices.

Not just ultra-miniature listening devices, she also manages various weapons and armor.

“Hehehe… The efforts on Sunday were not in vain. They totally fell for it.”

Kurumichi Izuna… Codename “Palette.”

An infiltration and disguise expert, Izuna learned of Ema’s desire for a listening device and suggested, “Letting them listen in on us will lower their guard.” So, on Sunday, disguised as a middle-aged man, she sold the listening device to Ema at a very low price.

“That residence can be completely subdued in ten seconds. Leave the combat to me when it’s needed.”

Kurumichi Dan… Codename “Aegis.”

A well-known codename in the underworld, he is a top-class spy.

The saying “the best defense is a good offense” seems tailor-made for him.

“Sorry, Shinobu. But Kougo Hirotaka’s inheritance is mine.”

No need to apologize to me.

For me, being targeted for my life and the Kougo Group’s inheritance is nothing new.

Rather, your actions are actually helping me.

“Wuwuwuwu!! That originally small and cute Ema has grown so reliable! I can’t stop my tears!”

“Speaking of which, I never expected Kougo… no, wait, Shichino Yuki… to be involved. She always stood out among the adopted children, having previously shown no interest in the inheritance struggle…”

“Yes, I was also taken aback. Besides, she’s no longer part of the Kougo family.”

Shichino Yuki, once the head of Kougo Pharmaceuticals’ development department.

She created various new drugs, generating huge profits for the Kougo Group, but…

“Sorry, Ema. If I hadn’t been disowned by the Kougo family…”

“Wow! Don’t apologize to me! Yuki has always been helping me!”

A year ago, she was fired from Kougo Pharmaceuticals and disowned by the Kougo family.

The reason was embezzlement. Yuki misappropriated a billion yen from the group under the guise of development funds. When it came to light, she was held accountable. I remember her saying she embezzled for “a happy life with her family.”

However, this makes me even more vigilant.

I suspect that there might be other adopted children pulling strings behind Shichino Yuki and Ootori Ema.

“Speaking of which, Ema. There’s something I’m curious about…”

“What is it, Yuki?”

“Is Shinobu really going to inherit the estate? What if he’s a fake heir…”

“Don’t worry! During lunch, I made him eat a sandwich laced with a truth serum and thoroughly investigated!”

Yes, during lunch, Ema made me eat a sandwich with a truth serum.

When she gave me the lunch, I had no idea of her real intentions. All I thought about was whether it was a bomb or tear gas. I checked the contents of the lunchbox as carefully as I possibly could.

“Yuki’s truth serum is amazing! It worked so well!”

“I’ve got it all covered! My experience as head of development at Kougo Pharmaceuticals wasn’t for nothing! From truth serums to aphrodisiacs, there’s nothing I can’t handle! So, is Shinobu really going to inherit the estate?”

Unfortunately, I have resistance to various poisons and drugs.

But speaking of which, the taste wasn’t bad. As a child, I vomited many times during training from truth serums.

Today’s new truth serum brought back childhood memories while offering a fresh taste.

“He will inherit the estate, that’s certain! After eating the truth serum, I begged him to tell me his secret, and then he said, ‘I’m actually a wealthy young master’!”

“Eeeeeexcellent!! Ema, you’re so capable!”

Hmm, this was already known information, so there was no need to hide it.

Rather, revealing the information made them let their guard down, right?

“The next thing to confirm is his family background! The fake name is to hide his real identity, plus he is the biological son of his father. It’s very likely he lives in a heavily guarded mansion…”

“Hehe! I’ve already investigated that thoroughly! It’s a very ordinary family! His father is a salesman at Kougo Communications, and his mother is a housewife!”

“Maaaaarveeeeelous!! Ema, you’re so reliable! Right! According to his father’s style, he would indeed hide his biological son in an employee’s family of the Kougo Group!”

Hmm. Our family is just an ordinary, extremely normal spy family.

“Then, has Shinobu already inherited the estate?”

“Um! That, uh… um~ well. It’s hard to say…”

“What do you mean?”

Unfortunately, I haven’t inherited the estate yet. If I need funds for a mission, the group provides them, but I cannot freely use or even request the entire assets of the group.

“I didn’t ask that far. Shinobu only said that if he had money, he had a dream he wanted to realize…”

“A dream? What is Shinobu’s dream…”

Haha, this topic. My answer was perfect, right?

I’ve been rigorously trained since I was young, raised to be a top-class spy.

Not only that, I also proactively trained in romance, a top spy in various techniques.

To Ema, who is still in the dark, my answer was perfect—

“‘To be with Ema forever,’ he said…”

“Good~~~ disgusting~~~~~~!!”

“Disgusting,” “Ugh, disgusting…” “That’s too early to say.”

It seems I’ve made a mistake. I’ll need to revise my training methods later.

No problem. There are still many girl’s comics I haven’t read as part of my training material.

“Then, when will you introduce us to Miss Ootori?”

“If it’s a matter of single capability with a monetary goal, wouldn’t it be better to take care of it sooner?”

We continued our meaningless conversation here while discussing via writing how to deal with Ema and Nanashiro Yuki.

As Kurumichi Dan said, Ema’s threat is lower than the assassins we’ve encountered so far.

The dangerous weapon hidden in her chest… the small gun in her school uniform’s inside pocket, it seems Ema has no intention of using it. We just need to invite her home, and we can immediately take control of her.

But to do something like that to her, the problem would be solved, but…

“Ah? Introduce her… Well, it will happen soon enough…”

“Hmm~? Chiyo-bro, are you hiding something?”

“Actually, Ema wanted to come and greet you, but I refused her.”

“Eh—!! Why is that?! Why did you refuse, Chiyo-bro?! If she came, she would definitely get along well with us! Chiyo-bro, why do you think I’m helping you?”

“Chiyo-chan’s new special product, I really want to try it on her! It has a range of up to seven meters!”

What on earth has this little sister made now? Better not ask for now.

“Chiyo-chan, Mom and I also want to meet Ema-chan soon.”

“It’s just… bringing someone home right after starting a relationship is… I want to cherish it more…”

“Chiyo-bro, you’re overthinking it! If she comes, I’ll definitely welcome her with open arms.”

“Don’t worry! The voltage of Chiyo-chan’s special product won’t be lethal.”

“That’s right. Mom will personally cook a great meal.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t break her hands. Just dislocate them one by one.”

I have a headache. There’s not a single reassuring element in these two’s words.

“Both of you, calm down. Since she’s coming over specially, we should prepare thoroughly. A grand welcome is only appropriate, right?”

At times like this, Kurumichi Dan is the most reliable. He’s always calm, strict—

“Whaaaaat!! A grand welcome for our Ema is only natural, delaying is nothing!! Tell me now ‘I hope she can come tomorrow’! This is an order!”

“So, let’s have her come tomorrow. That way, we can all prepare adequately.”

“If it’s an order, then there’s no way around it.”

Why has it turned out like this?

“Ah, ah~… about inviting Ema, I think we should wait a bit longer.”

“Eh—!! Why?! ” “Why?!” “Why is that?!” “Why?”

Four voices overlapped perfectly, leaving me speechless.

I actually want to resolve this matter as soon as possible.


“Are you planning to cast a longer line to check if there are other adoptive children behind them?”

“No, not exactly. Rather, it’s almost certain there are no other adoptive children behind Ema.”

“Why can you be so sure?”

To answer Kurumichi Dan’s question, I took out my phone.

“I need to mentally prepare… and, if possible, I’d like to greet Ema’s family first…”

“Take a look at this.”

The phone displayed a new mission issued by the Kougo Group.

Because of this mission, I had to change my original plan.

“Bring Ootori Ema into the Kougo Group.”

“What does this mean?”

Chiyo asked me with a puzzled look.

“I’m not sure either.”

The mission was issued just after school today. Right when I was eating popsicles with Ema in the park.

“I see. If it was a collaboration with other adoptive children, they wouldn’t have issued a mission like ‘Bring her into the Kougo Group’… But, no other information was provided besides the mission?”

I nodded.

“Kougo Group’s missions are always so baffling.”

Missions based on Kougo Hirotaka’s will always contain unexpected content.

“Finding a lost cat,” “Reviving a nearly bankrupt Chinese restaurant,” “Visiting a fortune teller in Shibuya,” many of these missions were seemingly meaningless like these.

“But considering the trend so far, could it be that Ema has some special qualities?”

All missions so far followed a pattern.

The cat’s owner was a skilled engineer whose software was urgently needed by the Kougo Group. After finding his beloved cat, as a token of gratitude, he agreed to assist the Kougo Group, furthering their development.

The near-bankrupt Chinese restaurant was suffering due to sabotage by a competing takeaway chain. Exposing their unfair practices helped the Kougo Group eliminate a business rival.

The fortune teller in Shibuya was backed by a massive fraud ring. The Kougo Group’s involvement in the exposure solidified a closer relationship with Japan’s administrative police.

Meaning, as Chiyo said, Ootori Ema might have some special qualities we don’t know about.

This special quality is closely tied to the interests of the Kougo Group.

“Ema, we don’t have time! For our future, we must quickly secure the inheritance! You know that, right?”

“…Hmm! You’re right! For the future, I need to work even harder!”

I thought today’s eavesdropping might reveal this reason, but it was fruitless.

Why exactly did the Kougo Group choose Ema…

“Although we’re unclear about the Kougo Group’s intentions, we have a ready-made good method.”

At that moment, Izuna showed a warm smile and turned the household ledger towards me.

A ready-made good method… What could it be?

“Listen, Shinobu. Being cautious is good, but sometimes being bold is necessary, right?”

“By making Shinobu and Ema a real couple, the mission would be easily accomplished.”

You’re suggesting I become a real couple with Ema?

“Uh… What does that mean…?”

“Isn’t it the quickest way to complete this mission?”

“Mom, great idea! Just like that, if Shinobu and Ema become a real couple, the mission is done!”

It makes sense, but…

“If we still don’t understand the Kougo Group’s intentions, acting directly might be risky…”

“In that case, leave it to me and Chiyo to investigate. I will thoroughly check Ootori Ema’s past. Meanwhile, Shinobu, you should win over Ema. That shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

The idea is good. But still…

“Ema, what’s wrong? You seem distracted…”

“…Eek! No, nothing at all! I have absolutely no interest in a little boy like Shinobu! He’s just an ATM at my disposal!”

“A solid ATM, do you think there’s a chance he could fall in love?”

That’s impossible. Surely, I should use other means to handle Ema—

“You lack confidence?”

Dan’s brief comment struck at my pride.

As a top-class spy, to suggest in front of me that I “lack confidence”?

“How could that be possible?”

“Then there’s no problem, right?”

“Of course.”

If Ema doesn’t fall in love with me and realizes my true identity, the mission fails.

If Ema falls in love with me and I bring her into the Kougo Group, the mission succeeds.

Ah, how I look forward to tomorrow. I can’t wait to see Ema.

Hehehe… Let her witness it.

I, Kurumichi Shinobu, as a top-class spy, will show my skills!

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
The Assassin Who Reaches to a Romcom

The Assassin Who Reaches to a Romcom

Yagate Love Comedy ni Itaru Ansatsusha, やがてラブコメに至る暗殺者
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese
“I love you, Shino! From now on, I want to be by your side as your lover!” Thus, I, a very ordinary high school boy named Kurumichi Shino, and the school’s famously beautiful girl, Emma Ootori, became lovers. Can you believe it? That Emma Ootori? The perfect beauty brimming with humor and charm, who came from England. Truly a flower on a high peak. If I were really just an ordinary person… “I’ll turn Shino into a puppet and take everything from him!” I am set to inherit a vast fortune from the world-renowned Kogou Group. She must have approached me with her eyes on that inheritance. Anyone who opposes the group will be eliminated. Emma, it’s me who will use you. I’ll turn you into a puppet and thoroughly use you. Hehehe…”


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