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There is a Backside in This Youth!

There is a Backside in This Youth!

Kono Seishun ni wa Ura ga Aru!
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The unattainable interest consists of effort and lies.

Although I had many friends but no close friends, and was average in sports and studies-I, Hanashiro Natsuhiko, a self-proclaimed ‘high school student who doesn’t pretend’, was brought to the student council room because I noticed that the student council president, Takashiro Yui, might not be wearing underwear!

The athletic club’s standout player, Hiyo Ichinose, the naturally talented and older vice president, Alice Saito, and the quiet yet intelligent Futaba Tsubaki… There, in the illustrious Fumimyo High School student council, I witnessed their “hidden truths”. ”

“There are only eight months left until graduation, Hanashiro-san, you should help too!”

“Eh! So you’re really not wearing anything!!?”

Grades, friendship, prestige-all for the sake of the ‘perfect high school life’.

They suppressed their individuality behind that dazzling youth and dragged me into their student council activities!??

Behind the enviable and joyful youth, there may be hidden efforts and lies-?

The secret time spent with (?) these perfect girls, a school romantic comedy in disguise, begins!



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