📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

It Seems That Takane, the Current Girlfriend, Definitely Doesn’t Want to Lose to the Ex-girlfriend Epilogue

The Apology of a Carefree Person and the After School with Current and Ex-Girlfriend


Epilogue: The Apology of a Carefree Person and the After School with Current and Ex-Girlfriend

“──Nagisen, I’m sorry……”

Before the club activities had begun, in the library after school where no one else was around, I was being apologized to by Nakano-san.

“Sorry, is it about… the tickets to the public recording?”

“……I, Yui Nakano, got carried away unnecessarily. Saying it was for my friends or making any excuses, it’s all the same. I’m a terrible woman who tried to ruin someone’s happiness……!”

“No, it’s not like that at all… I mean, I never blamed Nakano-san to begin with.”

“Please blame me a lot, otherwise, I won’t be able to forgive myself. Tie me up with a rope, scold me all you want…!”

Nakano-san, displaying a sign of surrender, turns her arms behind her back──in this position, it could look scandalous to an outsider.

“Ropes and all, I never thought about that… Nakano-san, you’re reverting to your rough way of speaking.”

“Ah… sorry. Speaking like a gal at a time like this must be off-putting.”

It felt more like a delinquent than a gal, but I decided not to elaborate further.

“So… you handed me the tickets thinking I’d go, right?”

“……I noticed you getting close to Takane-san all of a sudden. I thought Nagisen was always hopelessly in love with Kirichan, so I acted rashly…”

Unrequited love──indeed, what Nakano-san said was true. I hadn’t been confessed to by Asatani-san.

Still, being called “ex-girlfriend” by Asatani-san meant she did take my confession seriously.

“……I confessed to Asatani-san and got rejected. Right after entering high school.”

“……Nagisen did? Despite being teased by seniors for being shy… a confession… what do you mean…?”

Nakano-san was genuinely confused──understandably, as I hadn’t planned to confess on the day of our graduation.

I thought I had to say it then. I feared becoming distant from Asatani-san in high school──getting in the same class wasn’t guaranteed.

“……so, I… did something unforgivable…?”

“……No. I’m thankful to Nakano-san. I had a reason to go to the public recording.”

“Is it about the rumor that fans might wait outside?”

I nodded. Then I told her about meeting Asatani-san and being together until the car came to pick her up.

“……Typical of Nagisen, doing impressive things when it counts.”

“People seem thrilled about having a celebrity in class, but……”

“You’re being modest again. You’re different to Kirichan, not just because you’re childhood friends.”

“Haha……I don’t think so. I got rejected, after all.”

I knew my voice lacked conviction, but it was hard to say, even though it was the truth.

But Nakano-san had no reason to apologize. It was my fault too, for not telling her about Asatani-san.

“……Nagisen, it’s not like you moved on from Kirichan to Takane-san, right?”

“That might seem like it, but it’s not the case.”

“Since I entered high school, too much has happened while I was wondering when to talk to Nagisen……sigh.”

Nakano-san let out a deep sigh──she had her own worries.

“And about… um, watching Kirichan’s recording, did you tell Takane-san…?”

“I did. We have plans to go home together today……”

“……If she gets mad, just blame it all on me. Say you were tricked by my vile Nakano scheme.”

“I won’t say that. Instead… I look forward to working with you again once the club activities start.”

“O-Oh… I mean, I’m also new but……”

Nakano-san initially felt responsible, but there was no need for her to blame herself──it seemed more like concern than a scheme.

The only concern now is whether Takane-san has forgiven me. I couldn’t talk much with her yesterday evening as she seemed busy.



As I was about to leave the library, I was stopped. Turning around, Nakano-san jogged up to me.

“I’m glad we could talk again. I won’t make weird assumptions anymore, can we still be friends?”

“Weird? I don’t think so. You did what you thought was best for me, I don’t feel tricked.”

After emphasizing that, Nakano-san’s eyes moistened a bit, she looked away, wiped her face with her sleeve, then looked back at me.

“You’re like that, Nagisen, always speaking well of others.”

“……When you don’t call me Nagisen, do you respect me less?”

“Ahaha, you caught me. No, no, that’s not it. I truly admire and call you Nagisen with respect. Well then, please take care of me, despite my inexperience.”

“Inexperienced, huh… well, okay.”

It was the same in middle school. We weren’t always together, but whenever we talked, it tended to be a long conversation. Nakano-san was that kind of person.

Until I left the library, Nakano-san waved goodbye cheerfully.

I thought we would become distant, but being in the same club in high school, it seems we’re bound to stick together.

Waiting at the bicycle shed as Takane-san had said. I hurried over, not wanting to make her wait──.

Takane-san stood there with her usual good posture. Next to her was Asatani-san.

This is──perhaps, it’s time for my execution.

While dating Takane-san, I went to see Asatani-san’s public recording. And even though Asatani-san might not have been aware, we shared an indirect kiss through a can of coffee──well, if Asatani-san didn’t mind, I shouldn’t tell Takane-san.

“Ah, you’re frozen. Nagi-kun, you’re cute when you do that.”

“……Ah, Asatani-san, even though we talked, that’s……”

Takane-san tried to stop her, but Asatani-san came towards us──her steps seemed light.

“Nagi-kun, sorry. I borrowed Takane-san for a bit after school yesterday.”

“……Takane-san and you, talked alone…?”

“Yes. Takane-san understands me more than I thought……and we decided to get along well. We became ‘friends’.”

“Friends”──it’s different from being “friends” with me, but I couldn’t grasp this sudden development.

The two, who seemed to be restraining each other, now appeared to be getting along. A friendship between the “current girlfriend” and “ex-girlfriend”──could such a thing happen so easily?

“We waited together to tell you that. You came to the recording, and I still haven’t thanked you enough… I want to thank you again sometime, and Takane-san said it’s okay to have tea together.”

It’s not good to go to a café alone with Asatani-san while dating Takane-san, but if Takane-san herself gave permission, I can’t refuse if I’m invited again.

“……Is it bothersome for you, Nagi-kun? If I stay close to you two like this?”

“……No, it’s not like that. If Takane-san says it’s fine, then it’s fine.”

“I’m okay with it. No matter how charming Asatani-san is, I won’t lose to her.”

Asatani-san is a friend, and Takane-san is my girlfriend──there should be no need for such declarations of “not losing.”

“So… let’s spend today just the two of us. We’re planning to go shopping with Takane-san and Yui-chan sometime soon. Nagi-kun, will you join us? We’re also planning to go to karaoke.”

“Uh… isn’t that like, a girls-only gathering…?”

“Not at all. Having Nagito-san with us… no, before that, just the two of us…”

“Right. Worrying about our first date and stuff is too mundane. I’d love to hang out together during Golden Week.”

The conversation has progressed, but why has Asatani-san’s attitude changed so much?

Sensing my question, Asatani-san steps back, pushing Takane-san in front of me.

“I support you and Nagi-kun.”

“……Thank you, Asatani-san.”

“I said that before, but now it’s a little different. It’s not just support.”

Before I could ask what she meant, Asatani-san comes closer and whispers in my ear with a cool voice.

“I told her about the indirect kiss.”


She says nothing more, just waves her hand and runs away──her sidetail flowing in the wind, her running figure alone making for an impressive scene.

“……I’m sorry, Nagito-san, for talking with Asatani-san without telling you.”

“No… I was a bit surprised, but if Takane-san wanted to do that, I’m… glad you got along.”

“We shared our true feelings a little. We both disliked each other… it’s like we were rivals, after all.”

“Rivals… Asatani-san?”

“You don’t have to worry about it now. I had my own thoughts about Asatani-san… I’m not always just kind.”

That’s not true──Takane-san is an exceptionally kind person.

“……Nagito-san. Is there anything you want to apologize for?”

“Apologize… oh, when I saw off Asatani-san… sharing the canned coffee…”

“Yes. That was terrible of you. I haven’t done anything like that yet, despite being the ‘current girlfriend.'”

Despite being admonished, her words are incredibly gentle. Being scolded so softly could become addictive──and that would mean I’m completely smitten.

I already knew that.

I like Takane-san. Even in front of Asatani-san, my feelings don’t waver.

“So… how about we play a little game?”

Bringing snacks to school doesn’t seem like something Takane-san would do. It must have been from a friend──probably Asatani-san, who was just here.

Chocolate pretzels. Takane-san takes one out and offers it to me.

“……Open wide…”

Someone might be watching, but there’s no sign of anyone around.

On the outskirts of the bicycle parking area, I’m about to eat the pretzel offered by Takane-san.

“……Got you.”

The pretzel turns sideways. Instead, a soft touch brushes against my cheek.

A kiss──Takane-san, not holding the pretzel, puts her hand on my shoulder, stretching up a bit. Her lips touch my cheek.


Takane-san doesn’t say anything, just offers the pretzel again. She eats half, and then I eat the other half.

“An indirect kiss isn’t enough to make us even……”

I’ve always thought of her as angelic. She says she likes me──giving me this indescribable happiness.

“……It’s okay. When it comes to loving Nagito-san, I won’t lose to anyone.”

Loving someone doesn’t always mean being loved back.

I used to tell myself that.

──But destiny doesn’t care if you’ve just been rejected.

It’s not a misunderstanding or a delusion. To cherish and be cherished.

Takane Nozomi, the unreachable flower in my life. Just having a connection with her feels like a miracle.

Takane Nozomi. She said she “doesn’t want to lose” for my sake.

It all started that afternoon when she smiled──and now, it continues.

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
It Seems That Takane, the Current Girlfriend, Definitely Doesn’t Want to Lose to the Ex-girlfriend

It Seems That Takane, the Current Girlfriend, Definitely Doesn’t Want to Lose to the Ex-girlfriend

Takane no Hana no Imakano wa, Zettai Motokano ni Maketakunai you desu / 高嶺の花の今カノは、絶対元カノに負けたくないようです
Score 7.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
As he graduated from junior high, Nagito Senda began dating Kiri Asatani, but he got dumped when they started high school. While recovering from his broken heart, he saw Nozomi Takane, a girl in his class, being harassed by a pushy club recruiter, and decided to help her. The two quickly grew closer as they sit together in class and go to and from school together. One day, as the two were cleaning the library, Kiri comes up to Nozomi and asks, “Can I borrow Nagi-kun?” When Nozomi asked Kiri about her relationship with Nagito… “I was Nagi-kun’s ex-girlfriend” “Well from now on I’ll be his new girlfriend.” Now that both girls have declared themselves, what will be his real intention? Sparks will fly in the game between the ex-girlfriend and the current girlfriend.


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