📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

I’m the Only One Who Knows the Secret of the Perfect Neat and Tidy Committee Chairperson Who Lives Under One Roof Chapter 4

Second Day of Special Training - "Truly Happened! More Frightening than a Cursed Video, Her Scream"


Scene 4: Second Day of Special Training – “Truly Happened! More Frightening than a Cursed Video, Her Scream”

“Hey, you look pretty tired, boss.”

During physical education class. While watching the boys in my class who were casually playing dodgeball as part of a self-assigned task, Naru Miyamiya, who had also stepped out to the sidelines, called out to me.

Though it was called a self-assigned task, it was more like spare time due to the lesson ending early. While the girls were somewhat engaged, most of the boys lacked enthusiasm for winning or losing and were idly killing time, including those who had come out to the sidelines and were now chatting away.

“Lately, there’s been a lot.”

“Oh? Quite a lot for someone from the Going-Home Club, huh? …Ah, I see, maybe it’s finally happening – you’ve got a girl?”

“That’s not it.”

In truth, there was about a ten percent chance he was right. Anyway, shaking my head in denial, someone else joined our conversation.

“Eh, what’s this? Taa-kun finally got a girlfriend?”

That was Kasumi Kasumino, who had left the girls’ basketball court to join us.

“Kasumi Kasumino. This is the boys’ zone. Besides, shouldn’t you be in your game?”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. If I join in, it upsets the power balance.”

Indeed, Kasumi Kasumino’s athletic prowess was well-known. She had received numerous invitations from various sports clubs since entering high school.

However, she preferred not to be tied down and only occasionally helped out in different clubs.

Kasumi Kasumino then forced the conversation back on track.

“We were talking about Taa-kun’s girlfriend.”

“I told you, I don’t have one.”

“Really? But you smell different today.”


I remembered that yesterday, I had accidentally used Chika’s shampoo.

I hadn’t been worried about anyone noticing… but she had sharp senses.

“…My mom bought new shampoo. That’s why.”

“Hmm. It’s quite a nice smell, kind of girly.”

Though Kasumino was straightforward, she had a keen sense at times like this.

Still slightly skeptical of me, she crossed her arms and leaned against the wall.

“Well, okay. So Taa-kun doesn’t have a girlfriend.”

“I’ve never had one.”

“I would’ve ended our friendship if you had said otherwise.”

“Please spare me that.”

Grinning, Naru Miyamiya said this, and Kasumi Kasumino shrugged and continued.

“Naru Miyamiya’s light in many ways, but Taa-kun, you seem like you’d be popular.”

“Ha ha, nice joke.”

“No, no, it’s not a joke. You have a clean look, and your face is above average, right?”

“…I’ll take that as a compliment. But for now, no signs of a popularity phase in my life.”

Responding lightheartedly, Kasumi Kasumino chuckled and said,

“Who knows. Maybe your time will come soon, being popular.”

“That would be exciting. Shame I’d have to break off my friendship with Naru Miyamiya.”

“Hey, hey, choose friendship over girls when the time comes.”

As we casually chatted, a loud cheer came from the girls playing basketball.

Chika had just made a dunk shot.

“Kurokawa-san, nice shot!”

“Thanks, it’s all thanks to everyone.”

Surrounded by praise, Chika smiled softly. Wiping her sweat, she high-fived the other girls. Watching her, Naru Miyamiya was impressed.

“Man, the ‘Princess’ really is amazing.”

“Yeah… I didn’t know she was so athletic.”

I muttered, recalling how clumsy she used to be.

Hearing me, Naru Miyamiya shrugged, “You didn’t know?”

“It’s not just that she’s athletic, but she’s been highly sought after by sports clubs. But I’m not just amazed by that.”


He grinned and pointed towards her chest.

“Look, in a gym uniform, you can really see her figure, especially her chest armor. Just the right size, not too big, not too small.”


Kasumi Kasumino muttered in disgust, and I nodded silently.

“Ah, Taa-kun, are you betraying me? Are you a fan of small chests?”

“Eh, is that so?”

“Why are you even joining in, Kasumi Kasumino?”

Waving them off, the girls’ game seemed to have ended.

Everyone took a break, and Chika let out a small breath. Watching her, our eyes met by chance.

We made eye contact, but neither of us said anything.

Since Chika came to my house a few days ago, we kept our distance at school, speaking very little, almost like strangers — and even at home, we hardly talked.

For example, during meals.

“Chika, can you pass that?”


She silently passed the soy sauce to me. Or,

“Taa-kun, can I borrow that?”

“Sure, the charger. I’ll get it.”

…And so, our conversations remained rather curt or, to put it another way, just sufficient.

My parents would sometimes say things like “You two sure have an unusual relationship,” but it wasn’t like that.

There was a longstanding awkwardness, or rather, a distance I had felt, which hadn’t completely dissipated… Yet, after all, we were both adolescents of opposite genders.

Living under the same roof didn’t mean I could just strike up conversations recklessly, lest I be thought to have ulterior motives.

So, this was probably the best distance for us.

“…Man, the Princess is really something, isn’t she?”

While gazing at Chika, Naru Miyamiya muttered, and I nodded in agreement. Denying it outright would seem unnatural.

But then, Kasumi Kasumino suddenly stared intently at me.

“Hey, Taa-kun.”


“Do you also prefer a girl like Kurokawa-san as a girlfriend?”

It was a peculiar question and, at the same time, a somewhat troubling one.

If it was just about agreeing like before, it would have been fine, but to be asked directly and answer “yes” would make it seem like I really had feelings for her.

After a few seconds of hesitation, I chose a safe response.

“…Well, she is beautiful.”

“And has a big chest?”

“No, that’s not really…”

“Not really what? Okay.”

I didn’t understand what she was satisfied about, but Kasumi Kasumino, looking content, turned away as someone called her from the girls’ side, waving her hand and saying, “See you.”

“…What was that about?”

As I murmured to myself, Naru Miyamiya just grinned, saying nothing. Weird.


Now, after school on the day when that happened.

As usual, as soon as the classes ended, I returned home and was about to relax in my room and play some games.

“Taa-kun, it’s time for special training.”

Chika suddenly burst into my room without knocking.

Surprised by her abrupt entrance, I almost fell off my chair and turned to face her.

She had taken off her uniform jacket, wearing just a blouse and skirt. I had gotten somewhat used to seeing her in casual clothes over these past few days, but still, facing her directly like this made my heart race a little.

“What’s with you, suddenly… At least knock. What if I was doing something else?”

“Something else like what?”

“…Never mind. I misspoke.”

Waving my hands dismissively at her puzzled look, I sat back down in my chair.

“So, special training? You’ve been quiet these past few days. Why suddenly now?”

Chika sat down on my bed, crossing her long, slender legs.

“I’ve been busy with the student council after school recently. I just haven’t had the time to ask for your help… Taa-kun and Taa-kun.”

“Don’t ever say that cold joke outside, in any sense.”

While Chika was nearly cracking up at her own joke, I scratched my head, looking at her with a blank expression.

“So, you want to do the ‘overcoming fear’ thing again today?”

“That’s right.”

“My schedule?”

“Of course, I’ve considered it. But your parents said, ‘That kid is free every day,’ when I asked them.”


I couldn’t argue, frustrated at my own lifestyle.

Taking advantage of my lack of response, Chika continued with a smile.

“Your parents are out for work till tonight, right? So we have plenty of time for training… Is it okay?”

Her pleading look wasn’t intentional, but it was hard to resist, given her beautiful face and those puppy-dog eyes. Such is the nature of boys, sadly.

After a brief resistance, I slowly nodded.

“…Okay. There are certain things we can only do now, so it might be good timing.”

At my words, Chika cheered innocently and then tilted her head.

“Only do now…? What do you mean?”

“Just wait here. I need to prepare something.”


Looking curiously, Chika sat neatly on my bed.

I looked around the room, gathering the necessary items…

“Today’s task is this.”

I said, placing a heap of DVDs on the desk.

They were mostly black or red, featuring blood-covered creatures or women contorted in fear – typical horror stuff.

Looking uneasily at them, Chika hesitantly asked from the bed.

“Hey, Taa-kun. Are these… horror movies or something like that?”

“Similar, but what I prepared for today is a collection of paranormal videos.”

“Hey, Taa-kun. I generally like movies, but I really, really can’t handle horror.”

“I know that.”

Don’t make it sound like it’s a treasured secret.

As Chika moved to the edge of the bed, trying to distance herself from the DVDs, I put my hands on my hips and told her.

“As you can see, today we’re starting with a marathon of paranormal videos.”

“Why would we do that?”

“Because it’s part of your training.”

I couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty seeing Chika already teary-eyed, but since she was the one who brought it up, I had no choice but to respond with my full effort.

No holding back. I couldn’t betray her resolve, having declared at the start that she wouldn’t.

“Last time we started with scary stories to get you used to it, so the next step is videos. I’ve gathered various ones from my collection. Take your time to watch them.”

“Isn’t this too much of a leap?”

“Don’t worry, I’ve pre-selected a range from lower to higher difficulty levels.”


She seemed a bit more motivated now. To reassure her further, I continued.

“Besides, our parents won’t be back until tonight. You can scream as much as you want.”

“Just that line alone makes you sound like a huge villain…”

“It’s just your imagination… Anyway, we don’t have much time, so let’s start with the first one.”

I inserted the disc into the player and started the video.

The first thing that appeared was the production company logo—known for horror movies, featuring a creepy girl smiling, and then blood splattering on the screen to form the company name. “Gyah!?” Chika already let out a distressed scream.

“I can’t take this…”

“The main part hasn’t even started yet.”

As I said that, the main feature began.

The title was “True Recordings! The Real, Terrifying Ghost Videos!” A collection of purportedly real ghost videos.

The first thing that appeared on the silent screen was a warning. Essentially, it said that watching these videos could result in serious spiritual disturbances, and viewers assume all responsibility.

“…Taa-kun. This is bad. Really bad.”

“It’s okay. People don’t actually die from watching ghost videos.”

“There are some who do!?”

Given that my parents were exorcists and I’d heard their stories, I couldn’t completely deny it, so I ignored her comment. The main feature then started.

The first video introduced was of young people having a barbecue by the riverbank.

“In this innocuous leisure scene, something horrifying was captured…”

Chika shuddered at the eerie narration.

It was a daytime scene at a riverside sandbank. The video showed college students, partying and grilling food.

But after a while…


Chika let out a short scream. I focused on the screen, but nothing seemed amiss. However, she pointed at the screen, trembling.

“J-just now… a face, a face on that person’s shoulder!!”

“Ah, true. It’s really there.”

Sure enough, at the point where the scene changed, something that looked like a long-haired woman’s face was superimposed on one of the young men’s shoulders.

“Did you see that…?”

As the narrator spoke, the video replayed the scene in slow motion.

Despite the crowd, it was quite noticeable. The face was blatantly pixelated and color-shifted.

Honestly, it looked obviously fake… but Chika was petrified, eyes wide.

“A ghost so clearly captured…!”

“I hate to say it, but this looks fake. They say sixty percent of ghost videos are.”

“Forty percent are real!?”

I didn’t answer, and the video moved to the next one. This time, it was footage taken by young explorers in an abandoned building.

“In this building, someone committed suicide a few years ago…”


Chika was already terrified by the narration. In the video, two young men ventured through the dilapidated building with a camera.

Then, as the camera shook and scanned the surroundings, “What’s up?” “I heard a noise,” they said, pointing the camera at one of their companions. Just behind him, at the end of the hallway, a vague figure appeared.



Chika screamed louder than the people in the video, suddenly clinging to my arm.

It’s okay, I’m used to this. Desperately trying to distract myself from the soft sensation through her blouse, the narrator calmly concluded the video.

“After this, the person in the video was in an accident and left in a coma…”

“Taa-kun, Taa-kun, Taa-kunuuu… Ugoh, heh!”

“What’s that noise!?”

Startled by her bizarre cry, Chika coughed several times before sighing deeply.

“I screamed so much I choked on my phlegm…”

“Don’t say ‘phlegm’, especially not a beautiful girl like you.”

The shock of her unrefined noise made even the sensation of her chest feel trivial.

I definitely shouldn’t let anyone see her like this. If anyone saw Chika in this state, the image she had built as the “Princess” would be shattered to dust.

So, with renewed focus, we moved on to the next video. This time, it featured men and women having a drink in an apartment room.

“A shocking presence captured while friends were enjoying drinks together…”

With such a narration creating a unique atmosphere, the video continued showing men and women making silly jokes and having fun together.

What and where would something appear? Despite being scared, Chika watched the screen intently, swallowing hard…

“Did you notice it…?”

“Eh, what!?”

Before we realized it, the video had ended. Both Chika and I couldn’t help but exclaim in unison.

“Taa-kun, did you see it?”


Typically, these kinds of ghost videos have some common patterns for ‘suspicious spots’.

For example, reflections in mirrors or windows, or gaps in closets are often points where something appears.

Also, if the camera frequently swings left and right, something might briefly appear during those movements.

Not to brag, but having watched these kinds of videos in my spare time, I’m somewhat good at spotting ‘suspicious things’. However…

Even I couldn’t find anything in this video.

As we sat there puzzled, the replay began with narration.

“Please pay attention to the window right after the man stands up. There, you can see the face of a woman with a pained expression…”

The replay pointed it out. Right after a drunken man stood up from the floor, the screen zoomed in on the background, but… still, nothing was visible.

Only after the editing highlighted the supposed ‘face’ with a drawn outline did Chika and I finally mutter, “Ah…”

“…This one is not really scary, is it?”


Even Chika, who is easily scared, didn’t find this far-fetched video frightening.

Sometimes, there are videos like this, forcibly trying to link random shapes to a human face.

Nevertheless, Chika seemed to have gained some confidence from this video.

“If they’re all like this, I might be okay.”

“Oh, that’s promising.”

As I encouraged Chika, who was smugly sniffing, the next video began.

This one started differently, with an interview with the male submitter.

It was about a tape found in a second-hand VCR bought by the submitter’s married couple. The tape contained strange footage, and after watching it, the submitter’s wife went missing. Before the footage played, there was even a warning.

“If you watch this video, you may experience strong spiritual disturbances… Taa-kun, should we stop? We might get cursed.”

“If that’s true, I should have gone missing long ago after watching so many of these series…”

While we were having this conversation, the video started. It was just footage of some abandoned building… or so I thought until the screen started to show noise,


Chika let out a strange scream as a face-like figure suddenly filled the screen. It was a typical jump-scare video.

“You okay, Chika? …Chika?”

Looking at Chika, she was in a daze, her mouth half-open, making an expression that should never be seen in public.

“Chika, snap out of it. Even a beautiful girl shouldn’t make that face.”

“Huh, I… What? Taa-kun, why are you here?”

She seemed confused from the shock, but soon regained her senses and let out a deep sigh.

“…Ugh, I think that’s enough training for today, let’s stop?”

“We’ve only watched a few ghost videos. You’re getting used to it, let’s go to the next one.”

No matter what, I couldn’t let her scream or make that face at school. I was determined, but Chika silently shook her head.

Maybe it was too much. I had planned to challenge her with horror movies next, but it might be better to change our approach.

It wouldn’t make sense to deepen her trauma by overdoing it. So, I decided to implement another plan I had thought of in advance.

“Let’s switch to a different kind of training.”

Saying so, I took out the DVD and started the gaming console connected to the TV. Chika blinked with interest at the sight.

“Is that a game?”

“Yeah. The next training is this.”

I nodded and handed her the VR goggles I had picked up.

“VR game – I’ll skip the explanation since most people get the gist. Simply put, it’s an incredibly immersive game.”

“Aren’t games usually played with a controller, like, clicking buttons?”

“Nowadays, we have these. Here, this is the controller.”

As she tilted her head, I turned on the game console, peeked into the goggles to check the screen, and then handed her the gamepad and goggles.

“Do I wear this? Wow, modern games are amazing.”

It seemed her curiosity outweighed her fear of the training.

Following my lead, she put on the goggles without resistance.

The moment she did – her body stiffened.

“…Taa-kun, where is this?”

“It’s a game called ‘Death Hazard – Escape from the Murderer’s Pension’. Basically, you have to fend off crazy killers and zombies and escape.”


On the TV screen, we could see the view from her goggles. The game resumed from a save point I had prepared, right after the opening event where the protagonist is imprisoned in a basement dungeon of a remote pension.

A dark, damp stone dungeon – it felt so real, even the smell seemed tangible. And with the VR view, it would seem even more like reality.

“It’s so dark…”

“Even though it’s your idea, VR isn’t for everyone… If you feel sick, tell me immediately.”

To my words, Chika shook her head determinedly.

“I’m fine… I’ll try as far as I can go.”

“Chika… you…!”

Moved by her spirit, I watched as Chika cautiously started exploring the dungeon.

She quickly picked up the basic controls I had taught her. After all, Chika was quick to learn, and she seemed to be getting the hang of it quickly.

More importantly—despite encountering creepy crawlies and an old shelf collapsing with a loud noise, she didn’t scream at all.

“Hehe, this isn’t as scary as those videos earlier.”

“That’s great, Chika.”


As I genuinely praised her, Chika was just about to escape the dungeon by climbing a staircase.

She opened the heavy door, and from the dark, poorly lit underground, light suddenly shone in—and then,

“Hey there, why is this rat sneaking out?”


A muscular, menacing man appeared before Chika—I mean, the protagonist—and struck her with a fist.

Chika couldn’t help but scream at this sudden encounter—so I quickly reassured her.

“It’s okay, we’re on easy mode, you won’t die that easily!”

“No, no, no!?”

As the big man kept hitting the half-crying protagonist, I reassured her that in easy mode, the enemies’ attacks are weaker. The screen was red, but surprisingly, she was still alive.

“Let’s escape and regroup, Chika!”

“Okay… got it!”

Calming down a bit from my encouragement, Chika dodged the man and continued down the hallway.

“Don’t run away!”

Ignoring the angry shouts from behind, Chika ran through the shabby pension.

“But where do I run to…?”

“There should be a handgun in the warehouse; you can use it to fight him off… I think.”

“Shooting a person!?”

“He’s a zombie, it’s fine.”

I was not entirely sure if that was a good justification, but that was the way it was.

Following my instructions, Chika checked the map for the warehouse and eventually found it.


“That’s it!”

In a cluttered room, a handgun gleamed conspicuously. She picked it up, and it automatically equipped. A tutorial popped up on the screen—just then, the big man burst through the door.



She aimed and fired. The bullet struck the man’s head, and he fell to the ground.

The room fell silent—Chika asked me with a trembling voice.

“Did I defeat him? Is he down?”

“Yeah, for now, you’re safe.”

At my answer, she let out a relieved breath and stepped over the man’s body to exit the room.

“What do I do next?”

“We need to escape from the pension… that’s the goal for now.”

“Got it… Ah!”

Chika gasped. Ahead in the pension’s hallway, swarms of zombies, previously not there, were writhing.

“I forgot… when you pick up the gun, these guys appear.”

“Can I defeat them?”


At my affirmation, Chika surprisingly didn’t panic. Instead, she calmly aimed at the zombies, shooting them one by one.

Efficient shooting. Her movements were unexpectedly skilled for a first-timer.

“You’re really good.”

“Hehe. I’ve got the hang of it now! And besides…”


“Unlike those cursed videos, I can fight these guys, so they’re not scary!”

“I see.”

It made sense in a way… Watching her confidently scatter the zombies and head towards the exit, I felt oddly convinced.

Eventually, Chika reached the entrance hall and headed to the large exit doors. There, she found a strange indentation.

Investigating it revealed that she needed to find and fit a relief somewhere.

“…I wonder if you usually deal with such troublesome stuff.”

“Who knows…”

We were having this conversation when it happened.

Suddenly, a thunderous noise echoed, and the door we had just come through was kicked open—revealing the big man we had supposedly defeated earlier.

“Taa-kun, didn’t we defeat him? Why is he chasing us!?”

“That was just a temporary defeat.”

“Liars, Taa-kun…”

Technically, I hadn’t lied when I said it was only temporary. But before I could argue, the big man was already approaching.

“You really got me good earlier… time for your punishment,” he growled menacingly, wielding a chainsaw he had seemingly procured from nowhere. Chika aimed her gun at him, but then,

“Out of bullets!?”

Having enthusiastically defeated the smaller foes earlier, she had run out of ammunition.

The chainsaw struck, and a splatter of blood effect filled the screen as the protagonist stumbled backward.

“You’d normally die from this, right!?”

“Well, yeah, but…! There should be some spare handgun bullets in this hall, find them!”

Nodding at my direction, Chika scurried around the hall, picking up the handgun bullets scattered on the floor.

After reloading, she shot accurately at the big man, who stumbled and finally fell to his knees.

“Now’s your chance to finish him off, Chika!”

“Got it!”

Following my instruction, she approached and picked up the chainsaw, thrusting it at the big man in retaliation.

Flesh and other things flew everywhere, staining the surroundings with a dark liquid. The big man finally fell, and a message appeared saying, “You have obtained the relief for the door.”

“We’ve cleared this level. Well done, Chika.”



Chika was silent, still wearing the VR goggles. When I called out to her, she murmured softly without moving.

“Hey, Taa-kun.”

“What’s wrong?”

“…I suddenly feel sick now that the tension is gone.”

It seemed she was experiencing delayed VR sickness. Holding her mouth, Chika looked at me weakly.

“Can you walk to the bathroom?”

“Can’t… if I move, I’ll probably… throw up.”

“I’ll bring a basin, wait here.”

I quickly grabbed a basin from the downstairs bathroom and hurried back.

“Are you okay, Chika─”

As I opened the door to my room and called out, I found Chika sitting in her underwear.


I hastily closed the door again, holding the basin and falling silent.

Taking a deep breath, I cautiously reopened the door─and there she was, not a hallucination.

Wearing light blue, charmingly lacy undergarments, which complemented her translucent hair color… I abruptly stopped my oddly calm analysis to address her, covering her face with the basin.


“Thanks for the basin, Taa-kun…”

“Yeah. But wait, what’s going on?”

“Well, I thought it would be dirty if I did it in my uniform…”

“Why would you take off your clothes for that!?”

“But… uh…”

As she weakly tried to explain, she suddenly covered her mouth.

She gestured with her free hand as if something was about to spill over.

I had many things I wanted to say, like why didn’t she run to the bathroom if she had the strength to undress, but there was no time for discussion. A maiden’s crisis was imminent.

“Ah, crap…”

I rushed the basin to her, and she leaned forward.

…For her dignity, I’ll refrain from describing more, but let’s just say the basin was very useful.


Afterward, after really quite a lot happened…

Having regained some energy thanks to the basin, Chika and I played games normally. As it got dark outside, we finally faced the problem of hunger.

Embarrassingly, we hadn’t played together in a long time, and I was so engrossed that I completely forgot about preparing dinner.

With our parents coming home late again today, it was up to us to figure something out.

“Should we cook something? There are ingredients in the fridge.”

That’s what Chika suggested, but it didn’t seem fair to put all the burden on her alone.

So, I proposed we head to the convenience store to grab something to eat.

It was just past 7 PM. Under the dark sky, Chika and I walked side by side. Since it wasn’t appropriate to walk around in our school uniforms at this hour, Chika wore a hoodie over her skirt, and I was in my casual, worn-out shirt.

By this time, there were no students returning from school. Our house, located on the outskirts of a sparsely populated area, meant we didn’t encounter anyone else.

Perhaps feeling more relaxed, Chika, walking a bit ahead of me, opened her mouth cheerfully.

“A convenience store, huh? It’s been a while.”

“Do you not usually go to convenience stores?”

“We usually shop at the supermarket at home. Eating out on the way back from school is against school rules.”

True to her role as a member of the disciplinary committee, she strictly adhered to a rule that hardly anyone else followed.

“Staying away from convenience stores is so like a ‘Princess.'”

I muttered, causing Chika to lower her tone a bit.

“I don’t want to be called that by you, Taa-kun.”

“Oh, sorry… Is it okay for others?”

“When you say it, it feels like there’s a distance between us.”

Saying so, she turned back and looked at me.

We had been walking two meters apart to avoid suspicion if we ran into someone we knew.

Seeing her stop and wait for me, I reluctantly closed the distance to walk beside her.

“It feels like when we were kids.”

“Does it?”


She continued softly, smiling brightly.

“We always played together, holding hands. You always led me… so even in places that were a bit scary alone, I wasn’t afraid when I was with you.”

“Even though you always ended up crying.”

She pouted, then turned to me, stopping in her tracks.



“I haven’t changed.”

Her clear voice, as if seeing right through me, made me flinch.

Looking at her serene smile, not the ‘Princess’ smile she showed at school, she said childishly,

“I’ve always liked you, Taa-kun.”

Startled, I tried to remind myself she didn’t mean it romantically and replied with “Idiot.”

“Don’t say that to other guys; they’ll definitely misunderstand.”

“What do you mean?”

“Just… that.”

Recalling a similar conversation, I hesitated to say more and fell silent.

Chika, looking puzzled, then noticed the convenience store ahead.

“We’ve finally arrived at the convenience store!”

Her excitement was childlike. She practically skipped ahead, prompting me to call out,

“Hey, don’t get too excited. You’re in high school.”

With a mix of amazement and exasperation, I followed her inside.


Inside the convenience store, Chika’s eyes sparkled with excitement, reminiscent of her childhood.

She rarely visited such places, wandering the aisles in amazement, commenting on the variety of items for sale.

While watching her, I headed to the pre-made meals section, choosing some items. Just as I was about to call her over, she approached me first.

“Hey, Taa-kun. I found this, but what is it?”

She showed me something that took me a moment to identify. A box with numbers, resembling cold medicine packaging but emphasizing ‘thinness’… It was a condom.

“Put it back where you found it.”

“But I’m really curious. Do you know what it is? What’s it for?”

“Just put it back—”

At that moment, a familiar voice called out.

“Hey, isn’t that Taa-kun?”

Turning towards the voice, I saw Kasumino Matsuri standing there, not in her usual uniform but in a casual T-shirt and skirt. It was my first time seeing her in casual clothes. Distracted by this, she called out again.

“Are you smitten by my casual look?”

Her remark snapped me back to reality as I processed the unexpected encounter.

“…Ah, yes. That was surprising, in many ways.”


I half-stalled, half-serious with my response, and she looked taken aback.

Judging by her reaction, it seemed she hadn’t seen Chika, who must have been obscured by the display shelves.

Chika, too, must have realized that bumping into her now would be bad, as she had already ninja-like moved behind the shelves and distanced herself.

For now, I decided to let her leave the store first. While thinking this, Kasumino Matsuri blushed slightly and spoke up again.

“Hey, it’s rare to see you, Taa-kun, at the convenience store at this time.”

“Ah, yeah. My parents are coming home late today. I thought I’d buy some dinner.”

“I see.”

She glanced at my basket. Luckily, I had only put in my own portion of the dinner, so there was nothing suspicious…

…except that Chika had tossed in that particular item when Kasumino Matsuri approached.

“…Taa-kun? What is this…?”

“Why in English?”

I blurted out, but it was not the time for that. It seemed Chika had hastily thrown it into the basket when Kasumino Matsuri approached.

Stammering in front of me, Kasumino Matsuri looked somewhat shocked as well.

Now was the time to come up with a good excuse to get through this smoothly. I racked my brain.

“Actually, these are surprisingly handy as finger cots”… No, why would a high schooler passionately talk about using it as office supplies?

“Turn them into water balloons for fun”… Like a grade-schooler. If a high school boy was seen playing alone with that, it would be worrying in a different way.

“…Got plans to use it?”

All my efforts were in vain as Kasumino Matsuri directly went for the jugular.

Damn it, what to do. Should I try to save face? That might be an option.

Thinking this, I opened my mouth…

“…Uh, boys. They want to have them even if they don’t have plans to use them. We learned that in health and physical education.”

I blushed heavily.

“Sorry about that…”

And she even apologized.

An awkward silence followed for a few moments until Kasumino Matsuri changed the subject with a “Hey, you know.”

“Actually, I don’t usually go out at this time either… My parents are at work today, so I came to shop.”

“So, we’re in the same boat.”

“Yeah. So… since we’re both here, how about, if you’re okay with it, Taa-kun, having dinner together at my place… maybe?”

She asked, scratching her cheek and avoiding my gaze. I looked at her intently.

It was an unexpected offer and appreciated, but…

“Sorry. I don’t know when my parents will be back.”

I declined her invitation. Of course, the real reason was “because of Chika,” but that’s something I couldn’t possibly say.

Hearing my refusal, Kasumino Matsuri seemed flustered and nodded, “Right!”

“Sorry for saying something weird… just forget what I just said.”

“Ah, okay. Got it.”

Kasumino Matsuri and I are friends. Eating together as friends didn’t seem like a big deal, but she’s a curious one.

After I nodded, she left the convenience store somewhat restlessly, saying, “Well, I’ll be going then.”

…She had come to shop, but did she really need to buy nothing?

Thinking this and seeing her off with a “See you tomorrow,” Chika popped out from behind the shelves once Kasumino Matsuri was gone.

“Looks like it’s safe now.”

“Whoa, you were there?”

“Well, I haven’t picked out my dinner yet.”

Fair enough. Feeling relieved that one problem was over, Chika gazed at me intently,

“Did you want to have dinner with Kasumino Matsuri?”

It was a strange question, but I shrugged and shook my head,

“Not really. Let’s quickly pick out a bento and head home.”

As I replied, Chika nodded, “Okay,” and started looking at the bentos again.

Watching her, I stealthily returned the condom to its original shelf.

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
I’m the Only One Who Knows the Secret of the Perfect Neat and Tidy Committee Chairperson Who Lives Under One Roof

I’m the Only One Who Knows the Secret of the Perfect Neat and Tidy Committee Chairperson Who Lives Under One Roof

Hitotsu Yane no Shita de Kurasu Kanpeki Seiso Iinchou no Himitsu wo Shitte Iru no wa Ore Dake de Ii., ひとつ屋根の下で暮らす完璧清楚委員長の秘密を知っているのは俺だけでいい。
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2022 Native Language: Japan
Svetlana Kurokawa is a well-behaved, high achiever, and super chairperson of the committee. She is also my childhood friend whom I have not seen in several years.However, this seemingly perfect Kurokawa has a “certain” secret…“Tak-kun, you’re here! There’s probably something in there.”In fact, she is so timid that she cannot go to the bathroom alone at night!When Kurokawa’s parents were transferred overseas, I decided to live with her and help her overcome her weakness.“I’m afraid of …… being alone, so why don’t you sleep with me?”I’m afraid of being alone, so I’m going to sleep with you.“Hey, are you okay with my high school life!?”


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