📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

I’m the Only One Who Knows the Secret of the Perfect Neat and Tidy Committee Chairperson Who Lives Under One Roof Chapter 1

The Childhood Friend Arrives.


Scene 1: The Childhood Friend Arrives.

That day was just like any other.

I had stayed up late playing games as usual, and while rubbing my sleepy eyes, I went to school. Dozing off during the morning classes…

“Then, Kurokawa-san, please read this English sentence aloud and translate it.”

“Yes, teacher.”

…Hearing her voice, which sounded like bells tinkling, was the first thing that woke up my half-asleep brain.

So began a typical day for me.

Calmly standing up when called by the teacher, Kurokawa Suvuetorāna fluently read the text without hesitation.

“I am a Japanese ‘Yakuza’, so I’ll never forget my boss’s favor. ‘I am a person of honor, so I will never forget the kindness I have received from my boss.'”

“Correct. The way you replaced ‘Yakuza’ with a milder term ‘person of honor’ is commendable. As expected of Kurokawa.”

I didn’t quite grasp the translation, but her voice seemed to have a waking effect on me, clearing my sleepy mind and helping me regain focus in class.

Thanks to this revitalizing effect, I shook off my drowsiness and absorbed the rest of the class content during the break.

My friend sitting to my left, Narumiya Masahito, stretched and said, “That’s over!” and promptly started talking to me.

“Kurokawa’s beautiful voice really hits the spot first thing in the morning. It feels like the day doesn’t start without it.”


I agreed briefly while glancing at her… Kurokawa.

Preparing for the next class, she was chatting and giggling with another girl. Her mature smile, coupled with her exquisite appearance, made her corner of the room look like a piece of fine art.

The extravagant nickname “Princess” that Narumiya had just used seemed fitting given her demeanor.

When I was caught staring at her… I thought our eyes met. No, they definitely did. She paused her conversation, stood up, and walked towards me.

This is bad. Well, not that I did anything wrong, but in a rush, I looked away. Then Kurokawa, standing right in front of me, looked down and murmured.


What, what? I looked up to find Kurokawa’s hand touching my head.

Her slender, fair hand gently stroked my hair a few times before she nodded, seemingly satisfied.


Hesitantly, I asked, and with an elegant smile, Kurokawa said,

“Bedhead. Be careful, or the teacher might scold you.”

She spoke softly and then returned to her seat to resume her conversation.

…What was that?

Half thrilled, half perplexed, Narumiya sighed dreamily, oblivious to my mixed feelings.

“Typical ‘Princess’, kind even to guys like us… She’s more like an angel, no, a goddess?”

“That’s quite a leap…”

A bit put off by my friend’s infatuation, Narumiya looked at me seriously and continued.

“Hey, Tanoshi, you’ve been childhood friends with the ‘Princess’ since kindergarten, right? So lucky, or rather, I’m jealous to death.”

“Don’t jump to killing me.”

I shrugged at his sudden harsh words and shook my head. By the way, “Tanoshi” is sort of my nickname.

“True, we were childhood friends. But that’s an old story… We haven’t really spoken much since upper elementary school.”

“So what was that just now?”

“Kurokawa is kind to everyone… That’s just how it is.”

Accepting my answer, Narumiya nodded and then started fiddling with his blond hair (which looked like a pudding due to a dyeing mishap).

“Ah, maybe I should mess up my hair too. I want Kurokawa to stroke it.”

Smiling wryly at his seemingly serious comment, I once again caught a glimpse of Kurokawa in my peripheral vision.

It’s true that we were childhood friends.

We used to play together every day in kindergarten, and our families were close – even now, our parents still keep in touch.

But now, that’s all there is to it. As we grew older, we naturally stopped talking, and even being in the same class doesn’t change that.

She used to be so different back then, timid and always nervous.

I remember often looking after her… but no one would believe that now.

Lost in these thoughts, I was startled by a weight on my back. Turning around, I found a girl leaning against me.

“Getting your hair stroked by Kurokawa, huh? You’re not just a nobody, are you, Tā-kun?”


Grinning at me, Kasumino Matsuri, my other friend, joined the conversation. Since becoming classmates in the first year of high school and sitting nearby, we had gotten to talk quite a bit.

“What’s this about childhood friends?”

“This guy and the ‘Princess’.”

As Narumiya pointed at me, Kasumino made an exaggerated surprised face and looked down at me.


“…Just for the record.”

At my answer, Kasumino makes a face that suggests she’s up to no good.

“Childhood friends, huh? Does that mean you guys made some kind of promise to get married when you were kids or something? What’s the deal, Ta-kun?”

“There’s nothing like that, so don’t read too much into it.”

“That’s boring.”

She has a lively demeanor, with large, expressive eyes that constantly move, giving her somewhat of a feline air. Her charming looks make her quite a beauty when seen calmly, but perhaps it’s her boyish frankness that makes her beauty less apparent.

Removing her chin from above my head, Kasumino sits at the desk next to me and starts talking.

“But it’s surprising that you and Kurokawa are childhood friends. You hardly talk to each other in class, right?”

“Well, yeah… But that’s how it is with childhood friends from when you’re little.”

“Hmm, is that so?”

“That’s how it is.”

After declaring that unilaterally, I take another glance at Kurokawa.

“Kurokawa, can you help me with the answers for the next class’s homework? I’m probably going to be called on today.”

“Sure… the answer here is correct, but it’s a bit abbreviated in the process…”

“Sorry to interrupt your conversation, Kurokawa! I’ll give you today’s student council materials after school, so please read them later!”

“Ah, senior. Understood.”

Despite it being early in the morning, her surroundings are already crowded with people who have business with her.

Meanwhile, I can only watch her from afar.

The girl I knew stopped being the one I played with in kindergarten.

Before I knew it, she had become a top student with great trust from the teachers, a class representative, and, incidentally, a student council disciplinary committee member, excelling in every way.

Because of this, to an ordinary high school boy like me, with no special skills or points of pride, her existence had become far too distant.

“Because we’re childhood friends” was no longer a good enough reason to close that gap.

Our paths, mine and hers, were unlikely to cross again.

It was a bit sad, but that’s just how it was.

At least, that’s what I thought at the time.

I may have given up and turned my eyes away from Kurokawa.

…Never imagining that such a thing would happen.


It was after classes had ended and after school had begun that I received a message from my mother.

“Remember Kurokawa? You two were close. Her mother contacted me and said she wanted to meet with you.”

Along with the message, the designated meeting place was a café near my house.

…Why Kurokawa’s mother would want to meet with me?

Despite the suddenness of it all, I had no reason to refuse, so on my way home, I decided to stop by the café.

The café, in a quiet residential area, had an antiquated, antique-like appearance. I vaguely remember eating cake here with Kurokawa when we were little as I step into the shop.

The bell at the door rings, and a woman sitting at the sofa seat by the window looks in my direction.

A woman in a business suit, with the same near-silver platinum blonde hair as Kurokawa, dazzlingly beautiful.

With vibrant skin and a matured version of her daughter’s refined features, the woman looked like a movie actress and was indeed Kurokawa’s mother.

She hadn’t changed at all from the figure I knew in my childhood. She immediately recognized me, just as I did her, and waved with a smile.

“Ah, Ta-kun. Long time no see. You’ve grown.”

Ta-kun was a nickname I had from when I was little, used by Kurokawa and others—recently, I’d been called Ta or Ta-kun, and by some, even Ta-row. The familiar address was a bit embarrassing.

“Hello… You haven’t changed at all, ma’am.”

“Oh, what a sweet thing to say.”

She smiles and calls over the waiter to take my order.

A few minutes later, as our coffee is served, she begins to speak in a relaxed tone.

“Sorry, Ta-kun, for calling you out of the blue today.”

“No… I was just surprised. It’s been a while.”

“Yes, it has. You used to play a lot with Veta, but not so much recently.”

By the way, Veta is Kurokawa’s nickname.

“I wish we could visit your family like we used to, but we’ve been busy.”

Kurokawa’s parents are both elite businessmen affiliated with the major conglomerate ‘Hanaya Group,’ busy with their global commitments.

Because of this, they were often away from home, and Kurokawa used to be left in the care of my family, who were neighbors.

“We really owe you a lot from back then. She was such a scaredy-cat that she’d cry at the slightest things, like dropping chopsticks… Oh, remember when she fainted in the haunted house at the amusement park when she was five? You carried her out on your back. Thank you for that.”

“No, it wasn’t a big deal…”

“Ah, right, haha. But I’m really grateful, you know.”

Kurokawa’s mother said this with a childlike laugh. Recalling Kurokawa’s mature smile, I started to wonder who really was the parent here.

As I pondered this, Kurokawa’s mother took a sip of her tea, sat up straight, and spoke more formally.

“Ah, sorry, sorry. I shouldn’t keep you, Tan-kun, with my idle chitchat. Let’s get to the main point.”

“The main point?”

I wondered what Kurokawa’s mother, who had become quite distant, could possibly want from me. As I tensed up, she continued with a serious look.

“Actually, I have a favor to ask of Tan-kun. Could you… look after my daughter, Veetochka, at your house for the next year?”


I froze, unable to comprehend what I was just asked. Seeing my reaction, Kurokawa’s mother looked surprised and said, “Oh, sorry, sometimes my Japanese is still a bit off… I mean, I want you to live together.”

“Live together… live together!?”

“Yes, live together – that means to stay under the same roof, right?”

She was correct. But understanding her meaning only increased my confusion.

“Uh… you mean, your daughter at our house? Not just coming over for dinner or something?”

“Yes, 24 hours a day. Going to school together in the morning and coming back together. From ‘good morning’ to ‘good night.'”

She spoke in a very fluent and natural Japanese, and I shook my head vigorously after a moment of freezing.

“Wait, wait! Live together? Why all of a sudden…”

“Actually, both of us, her parents, are going on a business trip abroad soon, for about a year. We thought it wouldn’t be good to take her with us, so we decided to ask you.”

A business trip abroad. Kurokawa’s parents often used to leave home for trips.

If it were just one of them, it might be different, but there are times when both must go. I vaguely remembered that there were times in the past when we looked after her for a short period.

“I understand the situation. But still, I can’t do this without discussing it with my parents…”

“Don’t worry about that. Your parents already happily agreed!”

Kurokawa’s mother said this while making a ‘V’ sign. I supposed that made sense, our families have been close for a long time.


“What about Kurokawa? Does she… agree to this? We are both high school students now. She’s a girl, and I’m a boy…”

At my words, Kurokawa’s mother smirked mischievously.

“Oh? Oh my? Tan-kun, are you conscious of Veetochka?”

“No, it’s not like that… Well, Kurokawa is cute, but…”

“Oh my!”

Kurokawa’s mother became even more cheerful at my slip of the tongue and continued.

“It’s okay. My husband and I trust you, Tan-kun. And Veetochka didn’t mind either.”

“Kurokawa too…?”

“Ah, are you happy? Are you pleased?”

“I’m not happy.”

I pushed back while trying to suppress the redness creeping up my face, and Kurokawa’s mother murmured with a smile, “I see,” then sipped her tea again.

After a brief silence, she looked straight at me and continued in a more serene tone.

“Well, jokes aside. She easily agreed to it. It’s terrible of us as parents to inconvenience her like this, but she was understanding.”

Her expression became slightly sad as she said this and then deeply bowed to me.

“So for her sake, I’d really like to ask you, Tan-kun. Making her leave her friends and go abroad with us… I think that wouldn’t be good for her.”

I couldn’t say anything in response to Kurokawa’s mother’s earnest words, just remained silent.

I hadn’t exchanged proper words with Kurokawa for years. She had become a distant, very distant presence to me.

But still, I know her. She’s always been hardworking and has many friends who trust her.

It wouldn’t be right to make her give all that up.

And above all, no matter how distant she’s become, she’s still my important childhood friend.

The thought of becoming even more distant from her was unbearable.

“I understand. It’s okay with me.”

“Really? Are you sure?”

“I won’t say it twice. It’s just living under the same roof, nothing more.”

As I said this to reassure myself, Kurokawa’s mother grabbed my hand and repeatedly bowed deeply.

“Thank you, thank you so much, Tan-kun!”

“Please don’t raise your voice! Everyone around is giving us weird looks!”

I hurriedly tried to calm her down, and Kurokawa’s mother, like a child shedding tears, let go of my hand and then suddenly beamed a full smile.

She really is more childlike compared to Kurokawa. Feeling somewhat awkward, I continued, “But…”

“…I’m okay with it, but doesn’t Kurokawa do just fine living alone? She’s already a high school student, and she’s very responsible and capable.”

Hearing my words, Kurokawa’s mother blinked several times in surprise and then chuckled wryly, shaking her head.

“Not at all. Sure, she acts quite mature outside compared to her past, but deep down, she hasn’t changed a bit from when she was little.”

Whether she knew what I was thinking or not, Kurokawa’s mother then glanced at her wristwatch and exclaimed, “Oh!”

“Sorry, Ta-kun, I have to go now. I’ll leave a little extra money so you can enjoy some cake slowly!”

“Uh, okay… thank you.”

“Then, we’ll come by tomorrow to greet you together with Vetochka, take care!”

“Understood… Wait, what!? Tomorrow!?”

Tomorrow!? I was aware of the plan to take Kurokawa in, but I hadn’t heard anything about it starting immediately from tomorrow.

Before I could ask what she meant, Kurokawa’s mother, like a skilled businesswoman, had already left the café with incredible swiftness.

And so, after Kurokawa’s mother left like a storm, I resignedly ordered a shortcake I hadn’t eaten in a long time. The surprise was so great that, unfortunately, I couldn’t really taste it.

…And then came the following Sunday.

Due to the shock of yesterday’s news, I hadn’t slept well and spent the morning lazily indulging in lethargy. My mother, who usually doesn’t interfere much, unusually woke me up today.

She hurriedly told me to get dressed and come to the living room. Glancing at her, she seemed dressed up more than usual, her makeup done with extra care.

Could it be relatives visiting? But there shouldn’t be any such plans around this time. With these vague thoughts, I put on a T-shirt and pants I found nearby, yawning as I went downstairs—

And there was Kurokawa.

“Good morning, Ta-kun.”

The cool voice I usually heard from a distance at school called my name—in the same way she used to when we were little.

At the sound of her voice, my drowsiness vanished reflexively. I quickly straightened up to assess the situation.

In the Japanese-style room that doubled as a guest room on the first floor of our house, there were Kurokawa and her parents, sitting opposite my own.

The situation seemed to have already been settled, with everyone but me appearing to be in the know. Kurokawa then deeply bowed on the tatami floor.

“I will be in your care for the next year. I may cause some inconvenience, but I hope for your kindness. Father, mother, and… Ta-kun.”

Thus, very quickly, dramatically, and shockingly.

Svetlana Kurokawa had come to my house.

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
I’m the Only One Who Knows the Secret of the Perfect Neat and Tidy Committee Chairperson Who Lives Under One Roof

I’m the Only One Who Knows the Secret of the Perfect Neat and Tidy Committee Chairperson Who Lives Under One Roof

Hitotsu Yane no Shita de Kurasu Kanpeki Seiso Iinchou no Himitsu wo Shitte Iru no wa Ore Dake de Ii., ひとつ屋根の下で暮らす完璧清楚委員長の秘密を知っているのは俺だけでいい。
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2022 Native Language: Japan
Svetlana Kurokawa is a well-behaved, high achiever, and super chairperson of the committee. She is also my childhood friend whom I have not seen in several years.However, this seemingly perfect Kurokawa has a “certain” secret…“Tak-kun, you’re here! There’s probably something in there.”In fact, she is so timid that she cannot go to the bathroom alone at night!When Kurokawa’s parents were transferred overseas, I decided to live with her and help her overcome her weakness.“I’m afraid of …… being alone, so why don’t you sleep with me?”I’m afraid of being alone, so I’m going to sleep with you.“Hey, are you okay with my high school life!?”


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