📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

Hey, Do you Sleep a lot? Chapter 2

Childhood Friend, Shares a Bed Again


Episode 2: Childhood Friend, Shares a Bed Again

In the morning sunlight, I found myself intently gazing at the sleeping face next to me.

A straight nose and skin as smooth as silk, with thin lips.

And then… the softly closed eyelids.

Her eyelashes were surprisingly long, and her double eyelids were as finely drawn as a calligrapher’s line.

As I was captivated by her beauty, her eyelids suddenly fluttered open.

Upon noticing me, her gem-like eyes narrowed.

And then,

“Ōtaki… you’re…”

He, Ryōsuke, said,

“…too close.”

“Ah, yeah!”

Snapping back to reality, I hastily scooted back on the blanket.

“Right, too close, sorry about that…”

Before I knew it, our faces were just about ten centimeters apart.

Waking up to my face so close must have startled Ryōsuke.

Ryōsuke sat up from the blanket, stretching and chuckling wryly.

“Why were you staring at me from such a close distance? I mean, I did say it’s fine to sleep next to each other but…”

“No, it’s just… your face, it’s really nice…”

I thought it was like a religious painting.

Ryōsuke’s sleeping face bathed in the morning sun was utterly divine.

I almost spent thirty minutes just staring, and seriously contemplated sneaking a photo with my smartphone.

“It’s flattering, but if we’re talking about raw materials, Ōtaki, you’re superior.”

Saying that, Ryōsuke ran his fingers through his hair.

“You have a better face and style than me, you just haven’t polished it.”

His appearance, coupled with his half-opened pajamas, made him look like a heartthrob from a girls’ manga.

Even if someone like him says I have superior ‘raw materials,’

“That’s a pretty bad joke.”

“It’s not a joke, Ōtaki. You should start realizing that yourself.”

That was early morning in Ryōsuke’s room.

He, like me, started living alone this spring, coming from the same middle school.

It’s rare in the mainland for high school students to live alone, but in Hokkaido, it’s relatively common.

If there’s no suitable high school in your hometown, you inevitably go to a school in another town, and if it’s far enough, you start living alone.

Our class also seemed to have a significant number of students living alone.



Looking around the room, I couldn’t help but let out a sound comparing it to my own.

Unlike me, who bought a new life furniture set from a local discount store, Ryōsuke had furnished his place with items from a trendy overseas furniture store. His room was so stylish compared to mine, which felt just for survival, that I felt somewhat guilty for being there.


Ryōsuke, starting to prepare breakfast, asked,

“Tell me, why did you suddenly want to sleep with me?”

Indeed, I hadn’t explained to him why I made such a request.

After school, I suddenly asked, “Can I stay at your place tonight?” He agreed, and when it was time to sleep, I casually suggested, “Why not sleep next to each other?”

Because—I couldn’t say it.

No way I could say, “Well, actually, I could sleep when I was with Shizuno. I thought maybe my insomnia was cured, but then I couldn’t sleep again. So I wondered if sleeping with someone would help, and I asked Ryōsuke.”

That would be bad.

The first half about sleeping with Shizuno is too risky, and the latter half of the logic is somewhat questionable. So, I had to divert the conversation somehow.

“No, haha! No particular reason!”

Pretending to watch TV, I tried to sound as natural as possible.

“It’s part of the youth experience, right? Living alone, I just wanted to try it once…”

Sorry, Ryōsuke!

I hate to take advantage of your kindness and lie, but just this once, please forgive me!


Ryōsuke brought the plates of breakfast to the low table.

His homemade breakfast: toast, scrambled eggs, a simple salad, and consommé soup.


“Oh, thanks…”

For me, right now, it was incredibly appreciated.

“Living alone, you realize how nice this is. Especially for me, I’m always too sleepy to cook in the morning…”

“Then it’s good. Let’s eat.”

“Yeah! Let’s eat!”

He nodded and started to bite into his toast.

Good, it seems I managed to divert the topic.

Relieved, I took a sip of water, but then Ryōsuke, still looking at the TV, casually asked,

“Did you sleep with someone, Ōtaki?”

I stiffened involuntarily.

However, Ryōsuke added further,

“For example—with someone like Mori-san.”

I spit out my drink.

I accidentally spat out all the water I was holding in my mouth.

Oh no… The elegant carpet is all wet now…!

Frantically using a towel to wipe it, Ryōsuke seemed unfazed as he commented,

“Looks like I hit the mark with that guess.”

“Why… How did you figure that out?” I asked, trembling as I wiped the carpet.

“Well, considering the circumstances, it seems likely you wanted to sleep next to me due to insomnia.”

Ryōsuke looked at me with a faint smile.

“Maybe you thought you could sleep if you were next to someone, or at someone’s house. But if it were just that, you would have told me straight away, right? After all, we’ve discussed so many things before.”

“Yeah, that’s true.”

“So, it must be something difficult to talk about. Like accidentally co-sleeping with someone and realizing it helped you sleep. And that person happened to be a girl. And if that’s the case, Mori-san is the prime candidate.”

“Why would you think that? There are plenty of other girls.”

“I knew about you two nearly bumping into each other in the infirmary. Rokuyō told the teacher that Mori-san was sleeping there too that day. And since you never mentioned it afterward… I figured something must have happened.”

“So, that’s how it is…”

Now that he mentioned it, that kind of reasoning did make sense.

But really… Who would notice that much?

Ryōsuke is scary…

Maybe he should become a detective or something.

While I was thinking this and took another sip of water,

“It’s a lie, actually. I stopped by the infirmary after school to check on you and saw you and Mori-san sleeping there.”

I spit out the water again.

Again, I hurriedly wiped the carpet.

Seriously, what’s with that! In the end, I haven’t even drunk a single sip of water!

“And you looked really peaceful sleeping. I didn’t have the heart to wake you up, and somehow I couldn’t bring myself to mention it till now. By the way, Rokuyō was there too, so she knows about the co-sleeping thing.”

“Seriously… Ryōsuke, you knew about it?”

So all this while, I was worrying for nothing…

Pretending like it was a big deal to ask to sleep next to him…

“Why didn’t you just tell me you knew?”

“Sorry, sorry, I wasn’t sure how to bring it up. You know, with the two of you being in a delicate situation. Didn’t want to stir things up.”

“Well, if that’s the case, can’t be helped, I guess.”

“So, how was it? Sleeping next to me?”

Ryōsuke nibbled on his toast and tilted his head slightly.

“Did you manage to get a little sleep?”

“No, not at all, actually.”

“Yeah, I figured…”

Ryōsuke gave a slightly regretful smile.

“You can tell from those bags under your eyes. You still couldn’t get any sleep last night, huh?”

“Yeah, sorry for bothering you with it…”

In the end, I couldn’t sleep last night.

The conditions seemed good.

I could feel Ryōsuke’s body heat next to me, and his breathing was soothing to my ears.

But unlike when I was with Shizuno, I couldn’t feel that same sense of security or sleepiness, and I couldn’t deeply sleep till morning.

“But that means…”

Ryōsuke took a sip of his orange juice and made a bitter face.

“It’s not just anyone who can help you sleep, right?”

“Yeah… seems like it.”

“So, what made the difference with Mori-san? Is it because she’s a girl? A childhood friend?”

“Maybe… something like that.”

“If that’s the case… that’s a problem.”

Ryōsuke leaned back, smiling bitterly.

“I can’t become either of those things for you.”

That’s the issue.

If Ryōsuke isn’t the solution, I need to think of another plan.

But I don’t have anyone else close to Shizuno that I can ask to co-sleep with me.

It’s too much of a hurdle to ask any girl, let alone a childhood friend, to co-sleep. It’s problematic to only be able to sleep next to someone like that…

In fact, it’s a near-impossible task to ask anyone to co-sleep with me.

I was only able to ask Ryōsuke this time because he was so open-minded, but it would be difficult with just any friend. It might make things awkward…

“Ah, so how about this,”

Ryōsuke suddenly brightened up with an idea.

“Why don’t you try sleeping with my sister? She’s technically a woman.”


I thought about it for a moment and then shook my head.

“No, I’ll pass on that. That would be too awkward…”

Indeed, Ryōsuke’s older sister was very kind to me during middle school.

She became a university student two years ago and is like a friendly, caring older sister figure, with features as well-defined as Ryōsuke’s.

The most approachable person right now would undoubtedly be her. Somehow, I feel she might agree.

But… that doesn’t mean I should ask her to sleep next to me, and it would be even worse if I accidentally fell asleep soundly because of it.

I might end up needing to sleep next to her frequently… somehow, that feels… I don’t know.

“Well, yeah, that’s true.”

“I’ll think about it more,” I say, standing up to take our dishes to the kitchen, including Ryōsuke’s.

After being hosted like this, the least I could do is the washing up.

“I’ll let you know if anything changes. Thanks for worrying about me.”

“No problem.”

Yet, I had little hope for any progress.

Rubbing my sleepy eyes, I start washing the dishes in Ryōsuke’s well-kept kitchen.

The classroom during break time was filled with a restless buzz.

It’s been about a week since school started. The formation of groups and relationships in class was becoming clearer, and the initial tension was slowly fading.

Amidst this, struggling against drowsiness, I browsed an online shop on my smartphone.

The products I checked were…

“…body pillows, life-sized figures… Maybe sleeping with those wouldn’t work?”

Anime merchandise, typical stuff.

Large items featuring female anime characters…

I felt desperate.

It had been a while since I slept next to Shizuno, and the discomfort was reaching its limits. I felt like I might collapse soon.

If so, I couldn’t afford to be picky. I had to find something similar to Shizuno that I could sleep with.

So, I came up with body pillows and life-sized anime character figures.

These could be somewhat similar to Shizuno… theoretically.

They’re female, after all…

If I sprayed some perfume, they might even smell nice…

Honestly, there must be a better idea.

Or rather, I was already certain, “This won’t mean anything for sleeping.”

Moreover, checking such products in the classroom is risky. It’s fine if my classmates understand such hobbies, but it might be off-putting to the more socially active types.

But I couldn’t think of anything else, so I swiped through the items, almost desperately.

Then, at that moment…

“Hmm, I see.”

Hearing the voice, I realized Shizuno was behind me.

“Body pillows and figures, huh?”

Startled, I turned around quickly.

There was Shizuno, not hiding her displeasure.

Without looking me in the eye, she glanced disdainfully at my smartphone.

“Uh, yeah…”

This was the first conversation since that time we slept together.

Since then, things had been awkward, and I hesitated to even look at Shizuno. But now she was speaking to me…

I became nervous, forcing an awkward smile on my face.

Of course, this wasn’t a sign of reconciliation for Shizuno.

Her expression and tone made it clear. Shizuno was far from forgiving me.

Crap, she saw the screen…

Shizuno leans more towards the socially active crowd, so she might be put off.

She might think I’m weird for browsing hobby goods like that…

As panic rose in me, trying to think of an excuse, she said,

“Well, I can understand why you’d think of that.”


“But if you have no other option, that’s what happens, right?”

…What does that mean?

…Do you understand? What happens? What does that mean…

However, before I could voice my questions,

“Come here for a sec.”

She gestured with her eyes towards the hallway.

It must be close to the next class time, as the hallway was sparsely populated and quiet.

What could it be? What does she want…?

But I couldn’t just refuse, so I followed Shizuno out of the classroom obediently.

Once in the hallway, Shizuno glanced around discreetly, then hesitated before saying,

“—Are you free after school today?”

“Eh, after school?… Why?”

“It doesn’t matter why. Are you free or not?”

“…I’m free, but”

“Shinobu, you live alone now, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right…”

“Okay. Then I need a bit of your time. See you later.”

“…Oh, okay.”

After saying only what she wanted to, Shizuno went back to the classroom without waiting for my response.

“What’s with her…”

I mumbled to myself as I watched her back.

What does she mean by ‘needing time’? Does she want to talk about something…? But, what exactly…?

“—Hey, where are you going…?”

After school.

I found myself being led by Shizuno, riding on a bus I’d never taken before.

It was a route from a bus stop near our school, somewhere I’d never ventured.

As the scenery gradually changed to something unfamiliar, I, who had just moved here, began to feel uneasy.

“Soon you should tell me where we’re heading with this bus…”

To that question, Shizuno finally seemed to think ignoring me was inappropriate,

“…To my house.”

She answered quietly, standing next to me.

“Just need to pick up something…”

…Something to pick up.

Was she asking me to help carry something? I’m quite built, so it makes sense.

But… would she really ask me specifically for something like that?

Couldn’t she have asked other friends or family members?

As I pondered this, we arrived at our stop.

“Let’s get off here.”

I followed Shizuno off the bus.

Looking around, I blurted out,

“…Wow, this is impressive.”

I couldn’t help but sound like a country bumpkin.

It was a high-end residential area.

Houses that looked expensive lined the quiet streets. Elaborate designs on apartments, and heavily built houses. I couldn’t help but gasp at the difference from my own neighborhood.

And… when I checked my phone’s map, it seemed quite close to my house. Close enough to walk.

I never knew such a different world existed near my home. I thought such scenery only existed in manga or movies…

As we walked in silence for a while, Shizuno finally stopped and said,


Her eyes were fixed on,


A stylish house that perfectly fit the town’s aesthetic.

A two-story building with a modern, cool, linear design. The colors were mostly monochromatic.

Shizuno’s house in our hometown was just an ordinary family house, but this was an entirely different atmosphere.

And that change… somehow seemed to overlap with the difference between the old Shizuno Mori and the current Shizuno Mori.

“Wow… you live in such a nice place?”

I couldn’t help but voice my admiration.

Shizuno’s parents are both researchers. Originally, they were doing agricultural research in our hometown, but five years ago, they were invited to a university here and moved.

So, I had an image that they were probably wealthy, but…

“I didn’t expect it to be this amazing.”

“It’s nothing special,” Shizuno said in an indifferent tone.

“Houses like this are common around here.”

Well… maybe that’s true.

Judging by the standards of this neighborhood, it might not be considered a grand mansion.

But still…

“No, but this is the result of your parents’ hard work, right?”

I reflexively responded.

“Leaving that town to build such a magnificent house here, they must be working hard. That’s truly remarkable in its own right.”

I genuinely thought so.

I too want to work hard in my future job. But I’m not sure if I could build a house like this. So without any reservations or intentions, I thought Shizuno’s parents were incredible.

But then,


At those words… Shizuno’s face twisted momentarily.

And she said as if spitting out the words,

“My parents aren’t that great, really.”

“Really? Is that so?”

“A house isn’t a measure of anything.”

“I don’t think that’s true…”

“It is.”

I was left speechless, unable to respond further.

What’s going on? Why did she become so stubborn all of a sudden?

Did I step on a landmine? If so, what did I say wrong?

Could it be something happened with her family?

Anxiously, I started to fret when Shizuno said quietly,

“Just wait here for a moment…”

She opened the gate and went into the house.


I managed to respond, but I think Shizuno clearly noticed my agitation.

And then, after a few minutes,

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

Shizuno came back out of the house.

“Welcome back…”

As I replied, I felt a little relieved.

It seemed her anger had subsided. Her expression was still stern, but the tense atmosphere from earlier was gone.

However, one thing caught my attention.

“What’s that…?”

She was carrying a huge load.

On the petite Shizuno, a large backpack looked out of place.

Not just that, she even had a bag that looked like it was for traveling… it seemed incredibly heavy.

But then,

“I’ll explain later.”

Shizuno replied somewhat coldly.

“Isn’t it okay to talk about it now?”

“It’s not possible.”

“Hmm… well, okay then.”

I sighed and decided to give up on the explanation for the moment. If she doesn’t want to talk about it, that’s fine.

But… I just can’t stand by and watch.

I couldn’t ignore Shizuno struggling with such a heavy load, trembling under its weight.

“…Let me help. I’ll carry it.”

I said and reached out my hand to her.

To her surprise, Shizuno looked at me with wide eyes.

“…Really? It’s pretty heavy. It’s just my personal stuff…”

“Yeah, it’s fine. I used to be the designated pack mule at home.”

“…But I feel bad about it.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’d feel more anxious not being able to help.”


Shizuno, still with a hesitant expression, agreed.

I took her backpack and shouldered it.

Yep, as expected, it was quite heavy.

Easy for me, but it would have been too much for Shizuno.

Really, what’s inside this thing…?

“Thank you…”

“Don’t mention it. So, where should I take this?”

Somewhere else, like a storage room?

Or does she want to take it to school, maybe?

As I pondered this, Shizuno told me an unexpected destination.


“Wow, this place…”


Shinobu brought me to this apartment.

Looking up at the ordinary building, I began to feel incredibly nervous.

Actually, I’ve been nervous since this morning…

It looked like a regular building.

The construction seemed relatively new.

Neat but simple, likely built for students and young working adults.

So this is it.

I let out a small sigh to myself.

Right now, Shinobu is living alone here.

“…So, let’s go.”


I nodded and followed Shinobu onto the property.

I wanted to bring this to Shinobu’s room.

When Shinobu asked me where I wanted to take the luggage, I replied that I needed to bring it to his apartment.

There’s a reason I need to bring this luggage to his place.

And there… I want to have an important conversation.

Shinobu looked quite surprised at my answer. “Eh!? To my place!? Why!?” He was clearly flustered. Well, that’s to be expected. There’s no connection between us at all.

But somehow, I managed to persuade him, and after a twenty-minute walk,

We arrived at this apartment. It seems that, coincidentally, my home and Shinobu’s are quite close to each other.

“It’s that room at the end of the hallway.”

“Got it…”

As Shinobu pointed to a door, I began to feel my heart racing.

Entering a boy’s apartment for the first time in my life…

What’s it going to be like? Is it full of manga?

Is there anything… you know, inappropriate in his room? I don’t really imagine Ōtaki Shinobu having such things though…

Taking a deep breath, I steeled myself for what I had to do next.

I was about to make a “Secret Confession” and a “Proposal” to Ōtaki Shinobu.

It was frustrating and embarrassing, but I had to ask him.

With my heart feeling like it was about to burst from nervousness and the fear of rejection, I took a look around his room after we arrived.

“Wow… so this is Shinobu’s room…”

Sitting near the low table, I surveyed the surroundings. Everything looked so new and somewhat fascinating.

The furniture and appliances he chose seemed to prioritize functionality. His choices were so characteristic of Shinobu.

The bookshelf was crammed with back issues of the monthly “Livestock Technology,” novels, comics, and reference books. Just as I had pictured.

And then, on top of the shelf…

“Oh, photos of his uncle and aunt… They look well. And there are so many certificates and trophies…”

“Yeah, well, I got them for various studies and sports achievements… So,” he said as he placed two cups of tea on the low table.

After hesitating for a moment, he began to speak.

“What’s with that luggage? Why did you suddenly bring it to my house?”

“It’s time to talk, I guess…”

I couldn’t delay any longer. It was time to face the main issue.

Taking a deep breath, I reached for the bag beside me and started pulling things out.

First came a bunch of towels.

A toothbrush, a comb.

Body soap, skincare products, makeup tools.

And then a small hairdryer.

I unzipped the backpack further and pulled out a pillow.

Realizing my intention, Shinobu widened his eyes.

“This means…”

He mumbled, looking shocked.

I took another deep breath and said,

“Please… I beg you, let me stay over!”

With my heart pounding violently and fighting back tears of embarrassment and anxiety, I pleaded with Shinobu.

“Please… sleep with me again… just one more time!”

Shinobu swallowed hard, and to him, I revealed,

“I can’t sleep either.”

I had to make it clear first.

“Probably like you, since entering high school… I’ve also been suffering from insomnia.”

“Really? That’s so coincidental… The same timing and everything…”

Exactly. Although it’s common for people to experience this due to new life changes, such a coincidence is rare.

But it happened to both Shinobu and me – we’re both plagued by the same trouble.

“I was able to sleep in the infirmary that day. Just like Shinobu, I slept deeply for the first time in a long while. Since then, I’ve tried various things, wondering what made it possible to sleep that day… Could I replicate it somehow?”

Shinobu listened solemnly to my story.

Biting my lip, I continued,

“But nothing worked… I even tried sleeping with Kanon, but it was no use. In fact, that night we both got so excited we stayed up all night. So basically, I haven’t slept well since that day in the infirmary…”

Nothing I tried had any effect. My insomnia remained completely untreated.

“So… maybe it’s only with Shinobu… I don’t know why, and it’s frustrating, but I might only be able to sleep when I’m with Shinobu…”

That’s the only conclusion I could come to.

There might be other people with whom I could sleep, but realistically, it’s impossible.

And I’m nearly at my limit.

That leaves only Shinobu as someone I can ask.

“Don’t worry, I won’t cause any confusion!” I hurriedly added, seeing Shinobu biting his lip.

“Your parents won’t know, and my parents are often away for research, so I’m practically living alone… There’s no risk of getting caught or any problems arising! And also…”

I hesitated, feeling awkward,

“If we accidentally touch a bit… I won’t get angry! Whether it’s my body or yours… whatever it might be…”

“Accidents like that can happen, I suppose,” I thought.

Looking back, the incident where our chests accidentally touched was indeed a mishap.

Conversely, there might be times when something of Shinobu’s might touch me… Well, various things…

Honestly, such things are embarrassingly unavoidable. I’d prefer to avoid them if possible.

But given the situation, we can’t make a fuss about every little thing…

“……So, please!” I said, facing Shinobu squarely.

“I request… please, just for one night, try sleeping beside me!”

Silence descended in the room.

A suffocating stillness, as if one could not breathe or move, enveloped us.

What will happen now?

Will he refuse? Brush it off…?

In the nurse’s office, I had said some harsh things to Shinobu.

And yet, to ask such a thing now… I might anger him.

As anxiety tightened its grip, a few seconds passed.

Then, Shinobu spoke unexpected words.

“……I’m sorry. I should have been the one to bring it up.”


“It was my responsibility to initiate this… I’m sorry for being so insensitive…”

He thought it was his responsibility to ask…?

…What does that mean?

Confused, I listened as Shinobu spoke, blaming himself.

“You know it too, Shizuno… I’m in the same situation. I haven’t slept since that day, and nothing I’ve tried has worked. So… I should have been the one to ask you. It must be incredibly hard for a girl to ask such a thing. And especially since we were somewhat at odds…”

With regret, Shinobu bit his lip.

“Sorry, it’s my lack of consideration…”

“……No, it’s not something Shinobu needs to apologize for!”

“Damn, I still have a long way to go…”

He continued to berate himself. Seeing him like this, I couldn’t help but smile faintly.

How earnest can Shinobu be? He didn’t need to be so considerate or feel so guilty…

And then… I finally realized.

Shinobu hasn’t changed.

He’s still the same kind, considerate boy, always caring about others…

I admit, my feelings were wavering a bit.

Maybe, I thought, should I just forget everything and get along with him again?

Shouldn’t we just enjoy our high school life together, normally?

Wouldn’t that be the best future for both of us…?

But then,

“……Yeah, thank you,” I said, shifting my mindset.

Straightening up, I looked at Shinobu.

“Let’s try sleeping together tonight, as a test. After dinner and a bath, I’ll come back by taxi. Get everything ready and wait for me.”

“Okay, got it.”

I couldn’t let it go. The forgotten promise was too important to me.

It was a promise that mattered a lot to me.

“I’ll see you later, then.”

“Alright, see you later.”

We parted with those words, and I left his room.

One big hurdle was now behind me.

There was a chance he could have rejected or been appalled by the idea.

I’m relieved he agreed…

And that night, past eleven, after dinner and a bath, I stood in front of Shinobu’s house.

“……Good evening,” I greeted him as he appeared from the opened front door.

“Sure, good evening,” I replied with a slight bow. Surprisingly, I felt quite calm. Maybe it was because of the usual dinner at home and a bath, but I was completely at ease, relaxed, without any tension in my shoulders.

Indeed, Ōtaki Shinobu and I were about to share a bed again. Unlike the accidental incident last time, this time it was a conscious decision. I had thought I’d be tense and unsure, remembering how chaotic it was in the infirmary… Yet, this was all for a good night’s sleep, nothing more. It’s a matter of mutual benefit, with no need for emotional turmoil. All we have to do is sleep side by side, quietly.

As I walked into his room and headed towards the bed, I felt surprisingly at ease. I was used to the room now; it seemed like a piece of cake. In fact, I was more concerned about Shinobu. He still seemed like a pure, naive country boy. Sharing a bed with a girl, he might get restless and have trouble sleeping. If that happens, I’ll have to help him. After all, he provided me a place to sleep; it’s only fair to return the favor.

That’s what I thought until the moment came.

“So, shall we sleep?” he suggested.

“Yeah, let’s,” I agreed.

After getting everything ready, Shinobu turned off the lights. I waited on the bed as he approached. The sound of his footsteps and the rustle of his clothes grew closer. I could sense his presence, feel the warmth of his body as he sat on the bed…

And then… nothing. No reaction.

But suddenly, my heart started racing. My whole body heated up, sweat forming on my skin. Was the room too hot, or was I feeling unwell? But as soon as Shinobu lay down beside me and I felt his body heat, I realized the truth.

This was a disaster. My heart was pounding uncontrollably!

What should I do? He was so close! His warmth was right there, and he even had this familiar, comforting scent that reminded me of our childhood days.

It was impossible to share a bed with a boy! But I couldn’t just get up and leave. After coming this far, I couldn’t just bail out.

Unaware of my internal struggle, Shinobu said, “Sorry it’s a bit cramped.”

“No, it’s fine! There’s enough space,” I lied blatantly, even though it was actually very cramped, and I was acutely aware of every inch of his body.

How could I stay calm in such a situation? I was in bed with a boy, and not just any boy!

Lying on my side, turning my back to Shinobu, I started to panic. How could I possibly sleep like this all night?

How should I handle the coming hours?

And why was Shinobu so calm? We were so close to each other; a little bit of confusion on his part would be reasonable. Was I the only one freaking out like this?


“Man, this is intense.”

My heart’s racing like crazy.

With the lights off in the room, lying in bed next to Shizuno, I was completely freaking out.

Why does she smell so good…?

What is this scent? Her shampoo or something!?

Does Shizuno always smell this nice? What’s the secret here?

And, why is the part of our arms that’s touching so incredibly soft and warm?

My arm’s all bony and rough, but Shizuno’s is just so round and… different.

The difference in our bodies is just unbelievable.

If just her arm feels this soft… what about the rest of her body?

By the way, Shizuno is wearing pajamas right now.

A thin shirt and pants of the same material, the typical pajamas you see in manga.

And they are… well… completely defenseless, offering zero protection.

I can see the outline of her body, and even through the thin fabric, feeling her skin against mine is almost making me stop breathing.

…And her breathing!

I can hear her quiet breathing!

Why does even her simple breathing sound so cute…?

Breathing softly like a small animal… It’s terrifying how she’s not even trying to be this adorable.

…Yeah, let’s admit it.

Honestly, Shizuno is cute.

Although she turned out a bit different from what I expected, she is incredibly cute.

Sharing a bed with such a girl, it’s impossible to stay calm.

Especially, deep sleep is out of the question…!

But, Shizuno seems so composed.

She’s been calm ever since we entered the room.

Even this close to each other, she doesn’t seem nervous or uncomfortable.

Thinking about it, I feel a bit defeated.

It’s not a competition or anything.

We just need to sleep, but it’s frustrating and hard to accept.


I can’t go on like this…

To change my mood, I should go get some water.

I need to reset if I want to make any progress…

I try to get up, putting strength into my body, trying to be as quiet as possible since Shizuno might be falling asleep.

But then…


I can’t move.

Oh, I know this.

This happened in the infirmary too.

Looks like when I’m with Shizuno…

As I think up to that point, my consciousness fades out.

I woke up to pleasant sounds and appetizing smells.

What’s happening?

It sounds and smells like cooking… like something is being fried…

I sit up, checking my phone – it’s just past six o’clock.

Morning sunlight streams through the open curtains.

And there, in a corner of my small room, near the kitchen – Shizuno, already changed into her uniform, is making breakfast.

“…Oh, good morning.”

“Sure, good evening,” Shizuno Mori replied, her voice wavering with awkwardness and embarrassment.

“…So, how was it? Did you manage to sleep, Shinobu Ōtaki?” she asked tentatively.

That question brought me back to the reality. Right, Shizuno and I had shared the bed again, this time in my house, with mutual consent.

And to her query, I answered honestly,

“…I slept.”

I started with a straightforward reply.

“To be honest—I slept incredibly well.”

It was a deep, restful sleep. Despite my initial nervousness, thinking I wouldn’t be able to shut my eyes, I surprisingly slept soundly through the night.

I hadn’t felt this light and refreshed in a long time. My head was clear, making me realize how much my performance had suffered from lack of sleep.

We must have gone to bed around eleven in the evening, meaning I managed about seven hours of sleep. This was probably the longest I had slept since starting high school.

“…And you, Shizuno? How did you sleep?”

Turning the question to her, she lowered her gaze to the frying pan she was tending.

Then, almost whispering through her slightly parted lips, she said,

“…I slept really well.”

“The initial thought was it’s impossible… but then I woke up and it was morning.”

“Ah, so pretty much the same for me then…”

“…Why is that, I wonder.”

While serving the food onto plates, Shizuno’s tone carried a hint of reluctance.

“Why is it that I can only sleep when I’m with Shinobu Ōtaki… It would make sense if we were always close, but there’s been a five-year gap…”

“That’s the thing…”

I, too, was puzzled by this.

Even yesterday, I was a bundle of nerves.

Anxious and restless, it wasn’t an ideal setup for sleep.

Yet, somehow, my body became immobile, sleepiness enveloping me swiftly, and I drifted off without realizing.

Why that happened, I had no idea.

“But what I do know is…”

After a deep sigh, mixed with resignation and confusion, I spoke to Shizuno.

“For a while… this seems to be our only option.”

I felt my face heat up with embarrassment as I spoke.

Here I was, suggesting to a classmate, a girl, to sleep together every day.

Embarrassing and awkward, unsure of how to even look at her.

Yet, I wanted to be the one to bring it up this time.

Just like Shizuno was the first to suggest sleeping together.

This time, I wanted to be the one to ask her.

“So, Shizuno—”

Lifting my gaze, I made my proposition.

“Until this insomnia is cured… I want you to sleep with me.”

Shizuno seemed a bit taken aback, fumbling for words, her eyes darting around before settling on me with a small nod.

“…Yeah, please, let’s do that.”

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
Hey, Do you Sleep a lot?

Hey, Do you Sleep a lot?

Nee, Mokkai Neyo?, ねえ、もっかい寝よ?
Score 10
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Shinobu Otaki and Shizuno Mori, who vowed to each other for the future when they were young, became separated.Even though he has been in high school for the first time in a long time, he gets into a fight because of the discrepancy in the “promises” he remembers.Insomnia due to an unfamiliar new life. Disappointing reunion. The worst start for them.But – by chance, they realize that they can sleep if they sleep together. After that, in the school infirmary, in the Shinobi room, in Shizuno’s house. I was confused by each other who grew up differently from those days, and made a “sleeping rule” for only two people ….This is a story of two childhood friends who are frustrated, frustrated, sweet and sour, but warm … they can’t be honest. The story of them sleeping together and gradually regaining their former distance.


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