📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.

Hey, Do you Sleep a lot? Chapter 1

Childhood Friend, Shares a Bed


Episode 1: Childhood Friend, Shares a Bed

“Finally, I get to see her again.”

April. The morning of the entrance ceremony.

As I head to the classroom, I, unusually for me, feel restless.

The first day of high school life. New school, new classmates.

The thought of the life that’s about to begin makes me excited.

But more than that, much more than that—I was filled with anticipation.

To meet her again after five years—Mori Shizuno.

We grew up together from a young age, then separated due to our parents’ work. She was my childhood friend.

Today, she and I become students at the same school.

In Sapporo, where I moved for high school, I’m going to reunite with her.

“It feels nostalgic…”

Walking down the corridor, I reminisce about the days with her.

In a rural area in Hokkaido, I was born in a farmhouse, and she, in the house next door.

Perhaps because we were both unpretentious types, we got along since we were little, playing every day… running around until covered in mud, then getting scolded together by our parents was our daily routine.

One day, on our usual way home, I, then ten years old, made her a proposal.

“Let’s run a farm together in the future!”

It was my first-ever, wholehearted proposal.

Naive, totally oblivious to reality, an overly dreamy proposal.

But I was serious.

I genuinely wanted to marry Shizuno someday and wanted to create a farm together, living with animals.

And Shizuno, with a tension that made her seem close to tears, nodded with a smile like the sun.

“Yes! It’s a promise!”

That scene is still vivid in my mind.

Tracing back those memories, I can clearly recall Shizuno’s smiling face.

Even after she transferred schools due to family circumstances and five years passed, I never forgot about Shizuno.

She was always in the back of my mind, and I kept thinking about the day we would meet again.

We started to reconnect around the end of last year, with entrance exams looming.

Realizing we were aiming for the same high school, we supported each other while keeping a certain distance to focus on the exams—and happily, we both passed.

According to the class list, we’re even in the same class. It’s impossible not to have expectations.

But still,

“I wonder what Shizuno thinks…”

Of course, there’s anxiety.

I think she remembers the promise.

At that time, Shizuno seemed to seriously respond.

But now we are high school students. It’s entirely possible her thoughts have changed.

Whether she’ll like me now is also uncertain.

In fact, since moving to this city, I’ve been facing a certain troubling issue.

Really, it’s a problem. I need to resolve it soon, or I can’t live properly…


Talking to myself, I look at my reflection in the window.

I’ve grown a lot since those days.

Since the promise, I’ve strived to become a strong-willed man.

I used to be a weak, little kid, but if I were to manage a farm, I needed to be tough, both physically and mentally.

So, I deliberately limited phone calls and emails with Shizuno to focus on self-improvement.

Waking up in the morning, milking before school, preparing feed, doing a bit of cleaning.

And after returning home, more milking, mixing feed, preparing bedding—constantly busy.

I also managed to complete my homework in between.

As a result—I say this myself, but I think I’ve become quite a fit man for farm work.

Nearly 180 cm tall. Well-built with firm muscles.

I’m confident in my athleticism, even compared to sports club members, and my grades aren’t bad either.

With all this—I feel like I can start anew with Shizuno.

I finally reach my destination, the classroom of 1-5.

Opening the door and entering, I see that many classmates have already gathered.

Nervously, I look around.

Shizuno might be here somewhere.

My heart races faster, and sweat starts to form in my palms.

(What has she become like?)

Five years ago, Shizuno Mori was a simple girl who loved nature.

She adored the farm and the cows, and seemed perfectly at home covered in straw and dirt, an unpretentious young girl.

Since then—has she continued to learn about caring for the cows?

Maybe she’s even become tougher than me, full of physical strength. After all, back then, Shizuno was taller than me, and her arms were much stronger.

And then—,


That voice.

The nostalgic voice calling my name came from the front row near the window.

“Ōtaki… Shinobu-kun?”

Standing up from her seat, the girl walks towards me with the backlight from the window behind her.


Squinting against the brightness, I call out her name.

And then—,

“Yes, it’s me…”

She nods, confirming her identity.

“It’s been a while…”

As my eyes adjust to the light, I finally see her.

And what I see leaves me speechless.

She had become a city girl.

There stood a girl with the latest fashion, completely different from before.

Her glossy black hair was styled in a modern curl.

Her cheeks bore a faint, peach-colored blush… it seemed like she was wearing makeup.

Her beautiful eyes, always striking, now carried an even stronger presence, enhanced by long, voluminous eyelashes—probably mascara.

She was slender and petite. Her school uniform was worn with a certain sophistication.

Dressed just as stylishly as the senior students, her skirt length and the casual way she wore her ribbon set her apart from the others.

Farms and cow care seemed worlds away from this fashionable girl standing before me.

“You’ve changed so much…”

That was all I could manage to say.

“You’ve changed a lot, Shizuno.”

I had expected something different.

More practical, perhaps.

Like how I had prepared myself to be, ready to work in the barn at a moment’s notice.

But Shizuno now was not like that.

She looked like someone who would line up for bubble milk tea with friends, regularly posting photos and videos on Instagram and TikTok. Like she was born and raised in Sapporo, a city girl through and through.

Of course, there are many fashionable women in dairy farming.

Sometimes I see women who could be mistaken for models or actresses.

Maybe this Shizuno was always that type.

But at least, she was very different from what I had anticipated, and I couldn’t hide my surprise.

And why?

“Shi, Shinobu also…”

Shizuno looked at me with a surprised expression.

“You’ve changed a lot too… You look stronger, somehow…”

“Ah, yeah!”

Her words made me happy.

Finally, I could smile back at her.

“I worked hard, helping out with the family’s work every day…”

And then I continued.

“All to fulfill our promise… to start a farm together!”

Yes, that was the reason for everything.

I thought she would be happy to hear that, feeling that everything was going right.

But then.

Shizuno responded unexpectedly to my words.


With a bewildered expression, she asked.

“A farm…? What are you talking about…?”


“I was incredibly excited about this.”

Of course, why wouldn’t I be? It’s a reunion with my childhood friend.

A boy who was always by my side when we were little, but with whom I had to part ways.

Despite some troubles that started this spring.

In fact, they were quite serious, to the point where I began to panic that things could really go wrong… But the thought of meeting Shinobu made all those worries vanish.

Actually, he—he proposed to me when we were little.

On our way home, just the two of us, he said we should live together in the future.

A reunion with a childhood friend who made such a promise…

It’s like something out of a drama or a shoujo manga. Since I found out we’d be going to the same high school, I’ve been over the moon every day.

By the way—I never forgot about him for a moment since we parted.

In fact, after leaving that town and starting to live in Sapporo with my family, I made quite an effort. I kept improving myself every day to become a girl worthy of the promise I made to him.

As a result… I’m pretty confident I’ve turned out quite well.

Surely, I’ve become a girl who suits the grown-up him…

Or so I thought.


He calls my name.

His voice has a nostalgic ring to it, yet…

The boy in front of me is definitely Shinobu, but…

It’s the complete opposite.

The current me and Shinobu are polar opposites.

His hair, cut without any flair.

His neatly worn uniform.

His slightly tanned, robust physique.

To put it bluntly… he smells of the countryside.

As if he’s come from a world where the concept of sophistication doesn’t exist, rough and rugged.

As if the promise never existed.

“You’ve changed a lot… You seem stronger, or something…”

That was all I could muster.

Because… it’s strange.

The promise we made.

Considering that, it’s impossible that Shinobu would turn out like this…

And yet, to my bewildered self, he says:

“I worked hard, you know! I’ve been helping out with the family business every day.”

He begins to say this with a proud look on his face.

“To someday make our promise come true… to run a farm!”


I’m stunned for a moment.

“A farm…? What are you talking about?”

“No, no, no.”

With a face as if it’s all a joke, Shinobu laughs.

“We made a promise, remember? In the future, we’d run a farm together.”

“…I didn’t make that promise.”

Feeling like I’m in a bad dream, I respond.

“I never made that promise…”


“What we promised was—”

“To live together in Tokyo in the future…”

Yes, that’s definitely what Shinobu told me.

Back when we were elementary school students, on the way home after playing together.

It’s a distant memory now, but I clearly remember those words.

“To live together in Tokyo in the future…”

I was so happy to hear that wavering voice, thrilled that he thought of me in that way, excited about the prospect of living in the city…

So, I nodded to him with all my strength.

“Yes! It’s a promise!”

That’s why, since moving to Sapporo, I’ve tried so hard.

I endeavored to become the ideal woman who could live in the city with Shinobu, improving myself every day.

I studied fashion and makeup, taking cues from Instagram and the stylish girls in my class.

But it wasn’t just about my appearance.

I also worked to become sensitive to trends, constantly keeping my antenna up, and I practiced daily to ensure my speech and gestures didn’t come off as too rural.

As a result—I’m pretty confident I’ve managed to become a city-like girl.

Looking around now… yeah, I don’t think I stand out negatively among the other girls here.

Maybe I can’t make it in Tokyo yet, but I feel quite at home in Sapporo.

All of this, everything, was for our promise. To live together in Tokyo…

But… a farm?

Why would that come up…?

“Tokyo, you say…”

Shinobu looks bewildered in front of me.

“You never said anything like that… Because, since I was little, my dream was to run a farm…”

The classroom is beginning to fill with students.

My new classmates, starting today just like me.

They seem to have picked up on the uneasy atmosphere between us.

Some are looking over with puzzled expressions.


“I never heard anything about a farm!”

I can’t hold back any longer.

“I worked so hard because you said Tokyo!”

“Me too! I trained so hard thinking we would run a farm… Could it be a misunderstanding? Maybe you heard it wrong!”

“But that kind of misunderstanding is impossible! Tokyo and a farm are…”

“That’s true, but…”

As I speak…

Shinobu, looking flustered, and his completely different argument before me—I realize.

Oh, I see…

So Shinobu…

“Wasn’t serious.”

As I utter those words, tears start to fall from my eyes.

“Here I thought it was a real proposal! Shinobu wasn’t serious!”

That’s the only way it makes sense.

That special promise in my heart… Shinobu wasn’t serious about it!

It was just a spur-of-the-moment promise made in youth.

That’s why he doesn’t remember it correctly…

As I think, more tears roll down my cheeks.

Oh no… my makeup might run.

But I can’t stop! Tears and even snot threaten to come out, and my face is a complete mess.

“It can’t be like that!”

Shinobu, visibly upset, insists.

“I was serious too! I wouldn’t have worked so hard otherwise…”

“Then how can our memories be so different!? It’s impossible for such a misunderstanding!”

After a moment of silence, Shinobu hesitantly says to me,

“Maybe it’s your misunderstanding?”


“I definitely said I wanted to run a farm! If anything, you must have misunderstood!”

“There’s no way! How could such a misunderstanding even—”

Just as I’m about to continue,

The surrounding gazes become more painfully obvious—then an announcement plays.

“All new students, please move to the gymnasium for the entrance ceremony.”

The voice over the speaker, probably a teacher, is cheerful.

My classmates start moving hesitantly.

I need to move too…

Wiping my tears with my fingertips, I face Shinobu one more time.

I’m at my physical and emotional limit.

Too much has happened, and my mind is a blur…

And then,

“I don’t want to know Shinobu anymore!”

With those words, I turn on my heel and head toward the corridor.


“Man, that was quite a scene earlier, wasn’t it?”

After the entrance ceremony ended, while waiting for the first homeroom to begin, a familiar male voice reached my ears as I lay my head down on the desk.

“That girl… she’s the Mori you mentioned, right? That was quite a dramatic reunion.”

When I lifted my face, there he was, as expected, wearing a cool smile on his well-featured face.

Komine Ryōsuke.

He’s a friend from the neighboring town of my hometown, and we went to the same middle school. This spring, like me, he moved to Sapporo and started living alone.

Tall and slim, Ryōsuke has a sharp and composed demeanor, making him extremely popular with the girls. To me, who’s not as savvy, he’s a respected and dear friend.


“It might sound nice to call it ‘dramatic,’ but…”

Today, his light remark stung a bit more than usual.

“Why did it have to turn into an argument? We finally got to meet, but…”

I was feeling pretty down.

Honestly, I was really upset.

Well, I had a hunch it wouldn’t go smoothly from the start.

There was a good chance that things would be awkward after not seeing each other for years.

But… I never expected it to turn into a fight.

A full-on argument…

I glanced over at Shizuno’s desk.

She was talking with some girls who seemed to be her friends, not paying any attention to me.

Ever since then, it’s been like this.

Even when she came near me in the gym or we coincidentally ended up next to each other in the hallway, Shizuno completely ignored me.

It’s not like she needs to be that cold…

Sure, I get that she might be upset, but…

And then there’s the issue of that promise.

The farm and Tokyo thing.

There’s no way my memory is wrong.

I never thought about wanting to live in Tokyo.

That means Shizuno must be mistaken, but… I have a feeling that’s not very likely either.

Shizuno has a good memory.

Though I retorted in the heat of the moment, saying “Are you sure you’re not the one who’s mistaken?”… that possibility seems slim.

So, why is this happening?

Why are our memories of the promise so different?

“Hey, no need to rush things,”

With a refreshing smile on his face, Ryōsuke said.

“We’ll be in the same class for at least a year. And, if you think about it, in the same school for three years. If there’s a misunderstanding, you have time to clear it up.”

“Yeah, I guess, but…”

“Don’t worry about it. You’ll figure it out, Ōtaki. Mori’s a good girl, right?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

I nod, looking at Ryōsuke.

With a calm smile still on his face, he patted my back,

“So, no rush. Let’s take it easy.”

“Yeah, maybe you’re right.”

Realizing it, I felt much more at ease.

It’s always like this with him.

He gives sound advice and helps me relax.

I’m really grateful to have such a good friend, and it’s no wonder he’s popular with the girls.

I feel a bit envious of whoever ends up being his girlfriend.

Looking again at Shizuno, I saw her leaving the classroom with her friends.

Watching her walk away, I thought there’s no need to hurry. It’s not like we won’t see each other for five years, like when we were kids.

Then, yeah. Things will probably work out. The misunderstanding will be cleared, and we’ll be back to being the good childhood friends we were…

But then… I noticed something while watching her.

Doesn’t Shizuno look paler than before?

Could it be that I’m feeling unwell?

I seemed a bit unsteady on my feet…

Well, I can’t really talk, as I’m starting to feel pretty rough myself.

And as if reading my thoughts,

“Speaking of which, Ōtaki,”

Ryōsuke looked at me with genuine concern on his face.

“You look pretty exhausted. Is that problem still unresolved?”

“Yeah,” I replied, returning his gaze and letting out a deep breath. “Unfortunately, it’s not resolved at all.”

“Then, Ōtaki…”

Ryōsuke peered into my face, asking,

“Have you not been able to sleep at all since you moved here?”


I nodded and, overwhelmed by the strain, collapsed onto the desk.

“Almost no sleep at all…”


Since moving to Sapporo and starting to live alone, I’ve become inexplicably unable to sleep.

Back home, I never had this issue. In fact, I was a good sleeper, usually enjoying sound sleep every night. The fatigue from caring for the cows was always cured with a solid seven hours of sleep.

But now, I can’t sleep.

Even when I lie down in bed and close my eyes.

No matter how sleepy I feel, my nerves are too on edge to allow me to drift off.

It’s been nearly a week since I moved here, and the only sleep I’ve managed is light dozing.

“And with the argument earlier, I used up a lot of energy. I might actually be reaching my limit…”

“What could be the cause?” Ryōsuke wondered, crossing his arms in thought.

“Different bedding, pillows. You brought your old ones from home, but that didn’t work, right?”


“You’ve tried earplugs to block out city noises, listening to music, drinking soothing beverages, even mild sleeping pills, but nothing…”


“Have you seen a doctor?”

“Yeah, they said it’s probably psychological and gave me medication. But that didn’t work either…”

“Man, you really look pale.”

Ryōsuke’s voice grew tense as he furrowed his brows.

“Maybe you should lie down for a bit, Ōtaki?”

I could feel my strength ebbing away.

This might actually be serious.


“No, we’ve got homeroom next… I’ll rest after that.”

“It’s not the time for that. Let’s go to the nurse’s office, I’ll listen to the teacher for you.”

“But the handouts and stuff…”

“I’ll take care of all that and explain the situation. Come on.”

Saying this, Ryōsuke helped me up from the chair and offered his shoulder.

“You’ve hit your limit, man. Take a break.”

“Okay, I’ll do that.”

I nodded in defeat, feeling rather pathetic.

Today has been a total wreck…

If Shizuno saw me like this, she’d be completely disillusioned.

Looking around the classroom with these thoughts in mind—I noticed Shizuno hadn’t returned yet.

Where did she go? Homeroom is about to start…

With these thoughts, I left the classroom, assisted by Ryōsuke.


“Then, you should try to sleep as much as you can, okay?”

On the bed in the infirmary, my friend Kanon tucks me in with a blanket, speaking with a motherly smile.

“Even if you can’t sleep, just lying down will help you feel better.”

“Yeah, thanks… sorry for troubling you…”

“It’s okay! Seeing Shizuno’s smiling face is my reward!”

And with that, Kanon puffs out her chest proudly as if boasting,

“After all, Shizuno is my ‘fave’!”

“Haha, I don’t quite get it, but thanks.”

“You’re welcome!”

Nodding, Kanon then peeks at me with concern,

“I hope your insomnia gets better soon.”



That’s right.

This spring, due to some changes at home, I’ve somehow become unable to sleep.

No matter how long I stay in bed, I just can’t fall asleep.

Just when I think I’m about to doze off, the day begins anew. It’s been like this every day for the past week.

I’ve probably had less than five hours of sleep each night this week.

Honestly, I felt like collapsing on my way to school today, and after talking with Shinobu, I’ve been barely holding on.

And that’s how I ended up here, reaching my limit after the entrance ceremony, with all the tension released.

“Go lie down in the infirmary!” she had said, bringing me here.

Kanon Rokuyō, a friend since middle school, is my only best friend. She’s a bit of an oddball but a fun girl.

Despite her clean, beautiful looks, she’s edgy in style and stands out with her inner hair color and round glasses, drawing a lot of attention in class.

Moreover, she’s quite the idol otaku… calling me her ‘fave’ and grinning whenever she watches me. It’s a strange hobby, but it doesn’t bother me, which makes her an intriguing girl.

And she’s surprisingly considerate, setting up a bed for me in the nurse’s office where no teacher was present.

“Well, I should head back to class,” Kanon says, seemingly reluctant to leave.

“I wanted to stay and watch you lying here, but we have homeroom…”

“Why would you find that fun…”

“It’s super fun! Observing Shizuno! Anyway, message me when you’re going back. I’ll come to pick you up.”

“Okay, thanks…”

“See ya.”

With those words and a small wave, Kanon leaves the infirmary.

Alone now, I close my eyes tightly on the bed.

As usual, even though my mind feels hazy, I can’t seem to fall asleep. It’s a strange agony.

Actually, it’s too bright.

The sunlight filtering through the curtains is glaring.

Covering myself completely with the blanket… yeah, that’s much better.

With my vision plunged into darkness, I feel a bit calmer and start to think with my sluggish mind.

It’s not just insomnia. I have another problem.

Right, the issue with Shinobu.

What should I do about him from now on?

Honestly, I don’t feel like getting along with him right now.

I’m hurt, I’m sad, and I just can’t easily forgive him.


Turning over in bed, I wonder.

Is it going to be like this forever?

Spending three years like this in high school, then graduating, parting ways…

Never seeing each other again, dating and marrying someone unknown, and eventually, truly forgetting the promise…

Thinking about such a future makes my chest tighten.

My eyes start to burn, and I hastily press my fingers against them.

That is… yeah, no, I don’t like it.

Honestly, I don’t like it.

But after that argument, unable to find a way to settle my feelings, I was left pondering what to do with my dazed mind.

And then.

As my thoughts kept spinning, and my mind grew increasingly sluggish,

“You can stop here…”

“Is that so? Well, if something comes up, let me know again.”

From outside the nurse’s office, I could faintly hear a male voice.

Probably a male student, not a teacher…

Maybe there’s someone else who’s broken down too. The principal’s speech at the entrance ceremony was so long…

But now, there’s no teacher here. If you’re in pain, you might want to consider going to the hospital.

While I was thinking this, the door opened and a male student entered the nurse’s office.

“No one’s here?”

He spoke in a feeble voice, apparently feeling quite unwell.

But… wait? That voice sounds familiar…

I’ve heard it somewhere before, it feels nostalgic…

In the middle of the nurse’s office, the boy seemed to have stopped standing.

What’s he going to do?

Is he going back to the classroom? As I pondered this, I heard footsteps approaching me.

Ah… Is he going to lie down in a bed? Like me.


That… um…

The boy opened the curtain of the bed I was in.

Sorry, this one’s already taken.

Please move to the bed next to—,


He came in!?

Into the bed where I’m lying!

Wait, what…!?

What is he thinking!? He knows I’m here!

This can’t be happening…! Does he not realize!?

And then… the boy just casually covers himself with the blanket and lies down on the bed.


Shocked, that was the only sound I could make.

No, no, no! I’m here!

I’m in this bed!

Wait, you realize that, right?

Our bodies are close; you must be aware of my presence!

What is this guy thinking!?

Next to me, curled up and shrinking away, the boy remains motionless.

The warmth emanating from him, the rough feeling of his body…

Why isn’t this person leaving the bed!?

Normally, anyone would immediately leave the bed if they found someone else in it!

This is kind of scary…!



…Could it be?

Is this person planning to… do something violent?

Taking advantage of the teacher’s absence, is he going to do something indecent to me while I’m weakened?

…I don’t know.

But I’m certain that this is an emergency situation.

As a teenage girl, I can’t just stay here like this.

I have to escape!

For my own safety, I need to flee as soon as possible!

Okay, I’ll get up.

I’ll jump out of this bed in the infirmary and rush into the nearest classroom.

Deciding what to do, I take a deep breath.

And just as I’m about to forcefully lift my body—suddenly, a familiar scent tickles my nose.

It smells like hay, a bit earthy—a scent that brings back memories.



My body feels strangely weak…

I can’t lift my arms or legs; it’s like they’re made of lead.

And… why? My head feels unusually foggy.

It’s not the haziness of being unwell.

It’s something warm, relaxed, a strangely comforting sense of happiness…

…Why? What is this feeling?

This isn’t right. Why am I feeling like this?

I desperately reach out my hand, trying to grab something, anything, to lift myself up…

But as I think, my consciousness drifts further away.

My body grows heavier, and I can’t keep my eyelids open—


—This is bad.

In the infirmary, brought here by Ryōsuke.

With no teacher around, I lay down on a random bed and—only then did I realize.

—There’s someone here!

—There’s someone inside the bed!

And the size…

The “Eep!” sound I heard…

…A girl!

—What have I done!

The warmth and softness right next to me, under the blanket. An overwhelming sense of guilt floods me.

She must be terrified.

She was probably just resting due to feeling ill, and suddenly, a boy barges in.

If she thinks I’m a thug and calls the police, I wouldn’t have any right to complain…!

—I should apologize.

I need to get out of this bed as fast as I can and apologize to her!

After what I’ve done, I’m prepared to kneel, to do whatever it takes!


—Suddenly, I’m overwhelmed by a familiar sensation.

A small warmth.

A gentle breathing.

The joy of having that nearness—.


I can’t move my body…

It’s as if gravity has increased tenfold here, and I can’t sit up…

And why—suddenly, I feel calm.

In a situation that should be alarming, I feel my tension ebbing away in the warmth and softness…

And then, I realize.

…I’m sleepy.

Unusually… sleepy.


I’ve been unable to sleep for so long…

No matter how hard I tried, I barely felt sleepy…

But why now…?

…However, such thoughts don’t last long.

My consciousness fades away.

My eyelids close, a breath escapes my lips.

And I—.

—Sink into a deep sleep for the first time in a week.

“—Hmm, huh…?”

—The sound of a bell echoes.

An unfamiliar, prolonged chime sound.

And then… the sensation of lying in a warm blanket…

What was I doing again?

I remember being brought to the nurse’s office by Ryōsuke.

Then, I got into the bed…

But what happened after that?

There’s a strangely warm and pleasant scent, but where am I and what am I doing…


While muttering, I slowly open my eyes.

Then, right before me…

There was Shizuno Mori’s face.

The shadows of her long eyelashes fall on her closed eyelids.

Her beautifully straight nose extends like a doll’s.

Her slightly parted lips, barely letting out breaths…

Shizuno’s face, breathtakingly cute, was right there, up close.

Finally, I remember.

There was another girl in the bed I lay down in.

I panicked, thinking I should apologize profusely.

Yet, I ended up falling asleep…

Sweat started to break out.

My body temperature was soaring at an alarming rate…

This is bad.

Really bad.

I was sharing a bed with Shizuno!

I had no idea it was Shizuno in the bed! I didn’t notice at all!

But… if this gets out, it’ll be the worst, right!?

Especially after we just had an argument… This could make things much worse than just a bad impression!

I need to get out of this bed immediately.

Then either run away or apologize profusely… I have to do something right away.


I realized.

I was being embraced.

Embraced tightly in the arms of Shizuno…

I couldn’t move.

I could feel the warmth of Shizuno’s body intensely through my arms.

Even through the uniform, the softness of her body was unmistakable.

And then… Shizuno’s face right in front of me.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her, holding my breath, just staring at her.

I knew she was cute.

I’ve always liked her features, and when we reunited, I was captivated by her beauty.

But still…

This close-up cuteness was almost violently overwhelming.

Her cheeks, relaxed and unguarded, were a translucent peach color.

I had to strongly resist the urge to touch them.

Her lips… probably coated with lip gloss, shone faintly, irresistibly drawing my eyes, almost inciting improper desires.

And then…

Thank you for providing the text. Here’s the English translation, focusing on maintaining the original nuances and character names:

…Ah, but. I didn’t do anything, it’s just that, well…

“Your eyes are darting around! Are you sure you didn’t do it!?”

“No, seriously, I didn’t! But, um…”

I stumbled over my words before continuing,

“When we were drying off, she hugged me… and then, my arm, it felt something soft…”

Well, I guess that’s probably what it was.

That softness was most likely her chest.

Surprisingly large, and honestly, it left me confused.

That was, well… an accident, so sorry about that…

But then,

“She hugged you!?”

Shizuno reacted to that point.

“Did I… hug Shinobu?”

“Yeah, you clung onto my arm really tight… Don’t you remember?”


It seemed she had some recollection of it.

Shizuno pondered for a moment before her face flushed red.

“No, that’s a lie! Absolutely not! I definitely didn’t hug you!”

“But it’s true! When I woke up, Shizuno was clinging tightly to this arm…”

As I looked down at my right arm, I noticed something.

A wet stain on the sleeve of my uniform…

“Look! You drooled all over my uniform!”

“What!? No…”

“See, right here! On the arm!”

“Uh… oh, yeah…”

“This is Shizuno’s drool! It’s proof you were clinging to me!”

“That could be anything! You could’ve put it there yourself! It’s a fabrication!”

“How am I supposed to drool on my own arm in such a position!?”

Shizuno bit her lip, then said,

“But you came into my bed… That’s a fact!”

“Well, yeah, but…”

“How are you going to explain that!? It seems like you had indecent intentions!”


Cornered like this, I had nothing to say!

What am I going to do, completely cornered like this…?

Are they going to report me to the teachers for indecency?

Could it be… an early disciplinary action right after joining the school?

That’s something I want to avoid.

Definitely not something I want to happen.

So, there’s no choice left…

I wanted to keep it hidden, but…

After a long silence, I finally said,

“I haven’t been able to sleep lately!”

As a last resort, I opened up about that.

“Ever since starting high school, I haven’t been able to sleep! But somehow, when I got under the blanket earlier, I felt sleepy for the first time and could actually sleep…”

With that explanation…

The eyes that fit her small face were like large gems.

Her irises, with a hint of blue in the whites of her eyes, sparkled like starry grains.

Their deep darkness almost seemed to draw me in…


Her eyes?

…Are they open?

Are Shizuno’s eyes open?

—Is she awake?

We both blinked several times, each trying to grasp the situation.

It felt like an eternity before we understood what was happening.




We both sprang up from the bed.

We leaped to opposite sides of the blanket, maintaining a distance and facing each other, like swordsmen poised for a duel, gauging each other’s moves.

“—Wh-what are you doing, Shinobu!”

Shizuno was the first to speak.

“Trying to attack someone in their sleep… How despicable!”

“I-it’s not like that!”

I hastily countered her all too reasonable misunderstanding.

“I admit… getting into the bed by mistake was wrong! But I didn’t have any ill intentions, and I certainly didn’t do anything—”


Hiding behind the curtain dividing the bed, Shizuno raised her voice.

“Who mistakenly gets into a bed with someone else in it and doesn’t realize it? You normally wake up!”

“That’s… true, but—”

“Yet you stayed in the bed, staring at me… How can I think anything else?”


Damn it, she’s too rational!

Shizuno’s argument is unassailable! I can’t argue against it!

…What do I do!?

How do I clear this suspicion?

“…You used to be such an innocent boy!”

By now, Shizuno had tears in her eyes.

“Even seeing my panties by accident made you blush before! How did you turn into such a shameless guy!”

…Indeed, I used to be weak to those slightly risqué events.

I’d get flustered just by a kiss scene in a manga we were reading together, and I was the first to refuse to bathe together anymore.

But I’m still not good with that sort of thing,

“So, it’s really not like that… Really…”

I desperately wanted Shizuno to believe me!

I wanted her to understand that I haven’t changed from those days…!

But Shizuno wasn’t listening at all and suddenly seemed to realize something.

Then, hugging herself,

“…You didn’t do anything, did you?”


“Did you do something to me while I was asleep?”

“What do you mean…?”

“…You didn’t touch my chest or anything, did you?!”

“I didn’t!”

I cried out reflexively.

I was taken aback to be suspected of that!

For some reason, Shizuno Mori’s eyes widened.

Surprised or something else, the earlier tension seemed to fade away as she fell silent.

Seizing the opportunity, I continued speaking.

“Of course, I intended to leave immediately! I realized right away there was a girl in the bed, and I didn’t want to scare her. I know I did wrong, but it wasn’t out of malice!”

Shizuno, looking intently at me, then asked,

“You can’t sleep?”

Confirming an unexpected point.

“Shinobu, you also can’t sleep since starting high school?”

“Yeah… Wait, when you say ‘also’ does that mean—”


Shizuno cut in to ask further,

“When you got into bed earlier, did you fall asleep soundly? Even though you couldn’t sleep well at home, you could sleep here in the nurse’s office… when I was next to you?”


“Is that so?”

She said just that and fell into thought.

A strange silence filled the nurse’s office.

Then, after a breathless pause,

“Hey, where are you going?”

“Going home.”

Shizuno wobbled toward the exit of the nurse’s office.

“It’s probably after school by now, time-wise…”

Looking at the clock after her remark, it was indeed past one in the afternoon.

Today’s schedule was supposed to end in the morning, which means I had been here way past the planned time.

And Shizuno, without waving her hand or looking back, opened the door and said,

“Well then…”

With just those words, she disappeared down the corridor.

Left alone in the nurse’s office, I stood there dumbfounded.

What just happened?

Why did she react like that when I mentioned my insomnia?

And her cutting me off with “Shinobu also” implies…

Could it be that Shizuno is also suffering from insomnia?

And then,


I realized something else.

The foggy drowsiness that had clouded my mind for a while.

For the first time in over a week, it had completely cleared away.

📢 Maybe you see "V2" or "V3" and so on in the NOVEL TITLE, it means what VOLUMES the NOVEL is.
Hey, Do you Sleep a lot?

Hey, Do you Sleep a lot?

Nee, Mokkai Neyo?, ねえ、もっかい寝よ?
Score 10
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Shinobu Otaki and Shizuno Mori, who vowed to each other for the future when they were young, became separated.Even though he has been in high school for the first time in a long time, he gets into a fight because of the discrepancy in the “promises” he remembers.Insomnia due to an unfamiliar new life. Disappointing reunion. The worst start for them.But – by chance, they realize that they can sleep if they sleep together. After that, in the school infirmary, in the Shinobi room, in Shizuno’s house. I was confused by each other who grew up differently from those days, and made a “sleeping rule” for only two people ….This is a story of two childhood friends who are frustrated, frustrated, sweet and sour, but warm … they can’t be honest. The story of them sleeping together and gradually regaining their former distance.


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